Andrea Metz (Tortured and Murdered Colorado TI): Comments And Letter to President Trump

Andrea Mae Metz. (June 7, 1959 – May 16, 2020). Artist; “Targeted Individual” Tortured and murdered through organized stalking/electronic torture.

Obituary for Andrea Metz:

Andrea Metz was born in Denver, Colorado and she comes from three generations of artists. She worked in NYC and lived in Athens for a period of time, studying both the history and art of the region. The Greek culture became a major influence, rich in ancient mythology and classic archetypes. When she moved to Seattle in 1989 she found similar information embedded in the tribal cultures of the west coast. She spent time in Alaska and settled in Grand Junction where she continued to work on her art. Within the forms she created, she captured the struggle and grace that make a ‘heroic’ life.

Talented, kind, generous, empathetic and a gentle soul, she was greatly loved and will always be missed.

Webmaster’s Comment: Notice that the obituary does not mention that she was tortured for ten years and then murdered by a criminal government-sponsored black operation which is despicable and heinous beyond imagining. This is a serious oversight. However, her own testimonies make this fact crystal clear. Andrea’s torturers and murders are still at large. Serious clues to the identify of Andrea’s torturers and murders are to be found in this post. Based on email correspondence and skype conversations with me, she was a brilliant, sweet, kind, and brave woman. America, what kind of loathsome monster have you become? Her murder cries out for justice.

I. January 30, 2019: Comment to: Confessions of a High-Level Perp: Dr. James Giordano – Battlespace/Organized Stalking Applications of Neuroscience and Neuroweapons (2017 youtube lecture, my transcription and notes, and pdf)

It becomes abundantly clear from this post that the real people who SHOULD be the targets are the people who thought it up and made it real. The rest of us who have become targets would never, ever in our wildest dreams have either come up with this filth, or used this ultimate evil and demonic insanity made real on other people. These people are living breathing monsters. They have no place in society.

It’s like saying “We’re Cats. And here’s a bunch of mice. Therefore, we must do everything possible to experiment on torturing and mutilating and murdering them. Because they are our adversaries.” Right.

We are far more the people who want good things for everyone – for things to become more comfortable and happy. We would sit around all day designing good food and drinks, pleasurable circumstances in which to meet one another and converse, good music and art, ways to play together. That’s why we are the ones protesting the horrors of this entire cabal of people – long before we became targets, because we didn’t like where they were going – an it was hurting us then.

Now they have made a human dominant system. Actually a human indefeatable system. It’s absolutely 100% overwhelming and way too much for any human soul or mind or body. I dare any one of these arrogant, inhuman murderers to go through what I went through and see how “Resilient” they are – including my doctors and psychologists who shattered my brain.

I was told my targeter made $10-100 billion off of my family and me, alone. (“For the next 1000 years…”) Think about that. THAT, is the REAL reason for this eternally perpetually infinitely horrific program. MONEY. And the entertainment and Satanic pleasure of hurting and killing other people. That is all. Nothing more. It serves no other purpose, because we were never adversaries. We were only nice kind people. I deny and reject 100% their definitions of us. It comes from their own severe mental illness in the form of bloody carcinogenic, cruel, dangerous, destructive, fatal, harmful, lethal, evil, mortal, murderous, noxious, pernicious, poisonous, savage, suicidal, toxic, violent, virulent, baleful, baneful, bloodthirsty, cannibalistic, death-dealing, deathly, deleterious, destroying, grim, homicidal, injurious, internecine, killing, mortiferous, pestiferous, pestilent, ruthless, slaying, unrelenting, venomous, diseased, malignant, pathological, sadistic, sexually perverted, bloated and bubonic laden psychopathy.

II. February 4, 2019: Referencing Stephen O’Keefe’s Article posted on my website: Organized Stalking/Virtual Telepathy, the “Terrorism Racket,” and the “Mafia-Terror State” Explained: Intro to Operation Catalyst and Text Transcription

A terrific find Eric! You say in the first paragraph: ‘ If proven correct, this information could be invaluable for all TIs.’

Not sure what you mean by this. There is no need for proof. I can testify it’s ALL correct – and there is much much more – as you also evidenced by posting on Ahmed from

Of course this guy is right. Absolutely 100,000% correct. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. DARPA has created a 100% INDEFEATABLE human interface weapon. This is why I haven’t personally spoken out yet on a video or anything else, besides the fact that I’ve also been severely brain damaged by the torture. I don’t know how to speak out without getting discredited and shut down.

Evidence for such things is impossible to get without the technology to get it. But there’s good news! There is technology, we just need to access it!

There’s much to comment on regarding how they do some of the trickier things OpCatalyst talks about. Thank you for posting his work.

But for the instantaneous, fully 100% truthful video evidence of moment to moment ops, all you need is the Mind Cloned world of human beings and the AI(s) that manage them. That’s it. And we’ve all been mind cloned, bet on it.

All you would have to do then is query the AI for any event, any split second of time since an individual was mind cloned, and then work backwards to identify every individual they came in contact with in their lives and access their memories, and find all the linked individuals with their memories, add infinitum. Ask any question. Within seconds you’ll know who did everything to the TI, who ordered them to do it, when where, why, how much was spent, who developed the technologies to do it from day one, all the budgets, etc etc etc. ANYTHING. Ask it anything and it will tell you because the aI will now have access to every piece of knowledge on the planet.

Everything. 100% absolutely accurate and exact information.

Why aren’t people talking about this? Martine Rothblatt: Virtually Human, the Promise and Peril of Digital Immortality

Bluffdale Utah? Is that where they are?

III. Comment to: Cybernetics & Totalitarian Brain Science in America: The Psychopathic Institutions and Neuroscientists Behind The “Psycho-Civilized Society”; Dr. Eric Karlstrom’s Transcription and Notes From “The Minds of Men ” by A. & M. Dykes” (2018 documentary)/

Eric – please remove the previous comment and replace with this one. Thanks. –

The “Minds of Men” video is very difficult for me to watch. I have made it to Dr. Peter Breggin’s testimony at 2:10.

As a Target, I was tortured severely over 8 months. These tortures of mock execution – choking to death in my sleep, a medical rape to obtain DNA tissue as a fake “pap smear” (cloning?), induced terror over 8 months, culminating in a week of terror ramps that repeated over and over, escalating each day starting at 2:30pm from the height of where they left off the day before, resulting in the sacrifice of something I loved – my goldfish in the local lake, I fell on the ground screaming and crying in horrific brain terror and torment, radical chaos and induced high anxiety and peril. Within a few days I was tortured to suicide at 4 am. This procedure shattered the neural pathways in my brain, and it bled for a long time. They put me on disability right away.

Within one year, I was sitting at my table in the kitchen when I could feel the tug of thought pathways to the very center of my brain – just above my back teeth, which seemed to vanish through a melting or dispersement experience of those pathways there. They just disappeared like melted plastic over a stove. There were about 8 or 10 of them within 30 seconds or so that just completely dissolved and disappeared, and then my brain began to become completely, absolutely numb for 3 years. It was the most horrifying, frustrating, terrifying disgusting abominable experience I have ever had. I screamed and cried, but my crying was stopped.

I was no longer able to cry. All my moods have disappeared. I have emotions, but they all seem to come from the middle of the two halves of my brain about an inch back from the outside of my forehead. I believe I have a brain chip in front of the pineal gland. My mind is now like a cement prison cell with one light bulb hanging from the ceiling. There are no moods. I was an artist. I have no motivation to be an artist anymore. I had a most beautiful sensitive brain. No more.

What the psychosurgery has done, is that it had murdered part my personality. I no longer experience beautiful music, views, art, intimacy, ecstasy of any kind. I am dead in those areas of my brain. I still can get angry – but I think it’s all coming from a computer program that engages when I begin to think certain thoughts. I also have a neural lace, from what I’ve researched. (I had a telepathic Satanic “Tell” in which the person told me that that they did changed the way I “think”.)

My doctor’s office who I believe did this, is now the 8th highest money generator in my small home town. The staff has grown to over 350. I have not been able to escape from the absolute isolation and threats of the people in my town to get out to tell my story anywhere. I have contacted Dr. Breggin repeatedly (30+ times) but I don’t think he ever gets my messages. I’m not sure this post will go to your website, Dr. Karlstrom.

But I write it anyway. To tell others of the real life horrors they are conducting, and then stealing back and changing all the records I have, which I have guarded faithfully, but they can get me up in my sleep and have me open my locked home in the night to them, while remaining sound asleep. They know the moment I am gone – there is a tracking chip in my brain and they often come in when I’m asleep and place one in my nose (I think this is law enforcement that does this).

They have stolen ALL of my evidence. I feel extremely discouraged to try and do anything about all of it because I have lost my proof. I did call Boston Hospital and the Harvard Medical Clinic and try to get evaluated by those psychosurgeons. But all my efforts to escape and get evidence outside of my town have been met with solid death threats, car accidents, breakdowns, misdirection to doctors who are on the side of the torturers. Block my email and mail, phone calls and messages. I am 100% under lockdown at all times.

The locals, after finding out who it was that targeted me, have become militant and treat me like a mass murderer. They have all banded together to steal every shred of evidence and protect each other. I suspect they have prepared numerous set ups to place me in a Guardianship of sorts, or find contraband in my home, or some kind of crimes on my computer – all of which would be under false pretenses and setups, to lock me away forever. I’ve already been placed in so many setups and sent to jail, or the mental hospital, restraining orders, community service, forced works, etc. I cannot list them all or remember them all anymore.

I would love to talk with TruthStream Media to confirm that all of what they have said in this video is true and happening through wireless means today. What an incredible job, an evidence producing video this is. Thank you so much for posting it. Thank you to TruthStream – I find all your videos compelling and provocative – eyeopening and mind blowing. Thank you for all your incredibly brave work.

IV. Comment to: “The Organization” And Its Methods and Goals Exposed by Dr. Rauni Kilde (M.D.)

Time for some Eustace Mullins. (Of course, Eric was on to him too.). He mapped it out before it got to the next level Rauni is speaking about.

Here’s his “last words” video, explaining the mental institution/nursing home ruse, KGB style, among other things….

Before that was Ezra Pound. A synopsis history of these two would be helpful.

I wish we could do a video together with all those who now know – connecting all the pieces of this evil program. A timeline of sorts. A discovery by those who have had insights through their targeting of what / who is connected.

It’s hard not to conclude that it is at least directed by the most popular Rothschild culprit.

V. Who is Funding Miranda’s Stalking, Torture, Harassment, Slow Kill Via Electronic Weapons? Possible Pertinent DOD Contracts:

This is great Eric. I keep wondering how do I find out who in my town is getting DOD contracts? I would like to find out which psychologists and mental institutions are getting them and how. And what other types of contracts are they getting? How does one find this out? How do you find out what contracts or monies the police are getting? Does anyone have a database on gift card awards? How about revealing how secret trusts work and how are they taking people’s properties? Midge Mathis could help us out on that. And then Kenneth Dost is working on government filings for rectifying government fraud across the board, including birth certificated names. He’s on facebook.

This would be a super helpful thing for TI’s to do – to start a research website where people could contribute their knowledge on how map the financial ecosystem of this beast. Catherine Austin Fitts has that entire methodology outlined on her website for subscribers. I downloaded it once, but they have wiped all my computers and emails. I would be happy to work with anyone who wants to put something like this together. (I’ve got a enterprise website development background – I just need a programmer.)

I heard:,,
you can find out in each state what life insurance policies have been fraudulently taken out on you.

Here’s a cell tower lookup site:

Apparently Midge of TJ, her husband owns this company which controls the grid:

VI. In Response to: Bill Cooper Provides Essential Inside Information On Criminal-Intelligence Operations (1992 Youtube Interview)

At 1:42 Cooper says it’s not the Jews. That it’s just men from all over the world in secret societies. What do you think Eric? It seems Cooper has some pieces mixed up – either that or they have twisted up the original game plan where possible for confusion.

He also talks about the solution is to first lock up the secret societies, (especially the Fed) and change the money. I agree. Although they are the ones who now own the lock-up capabilities.

There is something else afoot, which is a renewal of the birth certificated name into a thousand pieces, from what Kenneth Dost is saying. Commoditize everything about a human being and sell it on the stock exchange, thus generating new revenues under bitcoin “blockchain”.

Blockchain being, I suspect, the commoditization of all human resources within a human body – intellectual property, mind clone, DNA, blood, bone, organs, clones, soul. All reproducible. Essentially, if you hit the DNA jackpot you’re wealthy – unless someone put you in the program and ripped it all off before you get to home base. Which is what happened to me. It will take more money than I have to recover the fraud and theft. And prosecute the 10 million crimes I was subjected to.

VII. Why is no one reporting They are the NIH’s psychiatric psychopathic political control pogrom. Trauma Informed Care Centers. Military run. (DOD human experiment contracts? VA hospital across the street… on and on. huge.) Which could be CIA infiltration? One in my town. They threw me in 5 times for profits… I’m a ti. There were 2 excellent documents that have now been scrubbed – Leading Change and Change 2.0. 100 pgs ea. Talked about TI program and remite viewing w/o using actual words. Part of the medical home, integrated care, behavioral health i.e. Scientology program for Obamacare – Cheneycare???

There’s also a great book on the Italian experience which describes much of this ti progrom. Puppetmasters by Philip Willan. Its very good. Difficult reading at time due to the complex underworld and the need not to come out and say things directly. But it talks about US Nato UN involvement and the P2 mafia and the Russian commie setup that’s been going on since ‘47. Very important book!!

Did you know that The Zionist Alinsky, who Obama followed, organizes and incited the have-nots to rise up against the Jews so as to validate their power? He figured all attention was good attention – especially for the satanists.

Thanks for your tireless reporting Eric.

I’m wondering if you could do any stories on the nexus of mental institutions, fusion centers and trauma informed care – the program developed by SAMHAA of the NIH? In Grand Junction we have one of SAMHSA’s 37 trauma informed care centers.

SAMHSA (Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration) is run my army personnel and is a mental health arm of the NIH. They make policy on how to recover a population after a catastrophic event. Also trauma can be torture. Dick Cheney has a ranch in Rifle not far away. I read in an annual report of Mind Springs Health they made $450 M one of the first years their doors were opened.

They now hide their true numbers. (That $450m needs to be verified- but I remember checking it several times as I was shocked to see it. The report is now scrubbed. I also wonder if they may house the local fusion center?) Mind springs is the name of Courtney Brown’s now defunct website. He was a top CIA remote viewer. SAMHSA talks in their Change 2.0 pdf about being able to monitor whether or not their patients take their meds at home alone. V2k? See through eyes and ears? Experiment on patients who are now wards of the state?

Okay. So that’s where this pogrom is coming from. At least for the mental patients. They work here with DHS – Dept of Health. Ironic monicker eh? Obamacare was incorrectly named. It should actually be ChaneyCare. Behavioral Health is really Scientology and Trauma Informed Care. Normals do not have the same mirror neurons as psychopaths and do not recognize threats of violence as something to run from. Lots more but that’s.a start.

Maybe I’m missing something here. Why hasn’t anyone done any reporting on SAMHSA before? Or the trauma informed care program? I also googled “Mind Clones in Behavioral Health” and got as the top 3 links: 1. Mind Springs Health, St. Mary’s Hospital, and Grand Junction VA Hospital. With a mind clone of everyone on servers, it would take an AI minutes to tell the entire true story of the TI, and ai identify everyone who has ever worked on MK Ultra – including everything each one of them has done and how much they were paid. It is truest an incredible technology. See Martine Rothblatt’s “Virtually Human -The Promise and Peril of Digital Immortality.”

We would know it wasn’t Israel or the “Jews” doing this, and if the Holocaust really murdered 6M, if they came forward and stood up for TI’s as a united front, protesting both the Holocaust and the American Stasi.


VIII. P. 260

In 1956, Dr Milton Greenblatt conducted 116 lobotomies on schizophrenic patients. (Women)

The documents describe the criteria for selection of the patients for the VSH-UVM research:

“Nearly all of them had been declared financially incapable of paying anything for their own care and were committed to the hospital at state expense. They were middle-aged, poorly educated, lower class individuals…”\

They were seldom visited by friends or relatives. They received very few packages or letters. We feel that nearly all of these patients could reasonably be considered to be hopeless cases as far as any social recovery and establishment in homes and jobs outside the hospital are concerned.”

…I spoke with a person (who requested anonymity) who attended a conference held in Vermont years ago when Dr. Milton Greenblatt was the featured speaker: This person told me that Greenblatt bragged about all of the lobotomies conducted at VSH. Greenblatt’s 1956 Boston Psychopathic hospital Special Project funded the lobotomies of the 116 “schizophrenic” patients. The CIA was interested in the use of lobotomies as part of their experiments on how to induce amnesia.

The patients being used without their knowledge or consent were contained on the locked adult women’s ward and were the most severely mentally ill VH patients.

IX. Dear Mr. President Trump –

March 8, 2019

I would like to call for an investigation to the New government sponsored MK Ultra Monarch / Phoenix / Asset stripping of entire families – including all property and intellectual property and DNA – patenting and experimentations of all kinds / Nazi Concentration Camp / Cloning for commerce of all stripes / Mind Control / Mind Cloning program.

Especially in Grand Junction, Colorado with ABC counseling and associates, Mind Springs Health, Western Colorado Primary Care Partners, and Mesa County Sheriff, St. Mary’s Hospital, and the City Council, Mesa County Commissioners.

Please declassify all information related to “The Program” by the Organization for all Americans to see the abject horrors of what is being done to good, innocent, kind people who are helpless against the multiple team onslaughts of mob psychologists/psychiatrists and police, doctors and thugs, hospitals and criminal elements in the “Shared Responsibility” social engineering programs in our town.

Fiscal Year 2018 Annual Report

Patrick Page, MD

Thank you to all who gave incredible testimony in this video above.

Thank you Dr. Karlstrom for posting this!!