The “Hive Mind” Is Here?! Signs you are waking up and recognizing the mind control responses of friends and family

Signs you are waking up and recognising the mind control responses of friends and family

Signs you are waking up and recognising the mind control responses of friends and family

This article is about recognising some of the signs that you are waking up, and coming to the realisation, that those around you, are deeply under mind control. So what are some of the signs that you are waking up.

Everyone seems pre-scripted, you find that people are having the same conversations, no matter who they are, like they are pre-recorded conversations. If you sit on a bench in your community and listen in on these conversations, you will clearly see that people are pre-programmed, just like robots. Within these conversations, there is nothing of value or intelligence, they are often focused around media, work, weather and gossip, trivial unimportant topics. These people will be the ones who talk the most, and the loudest. They will cut you dead, in the middle of sentence, they will change the subject, or even walk away, and distract themselves with something trivia, rather than listen to you.

No one seems unique, like they are all cloned. Of course not in body but in mind, this is hive mind. They repeat word for word, sentences that have been programmed, into them, via the media. If you trigger someone, they will regurgitate that which, they have heard from someone else. These are not their own thoughts, they have no unique thoughts, any more. They are convinced that these thoughts, are their own, yet you can clearly see, they are pre-programmed responses, because you hear them everywhere.

There is no room for your opinion, even when you are going to agree with them. It is as if they subconsciously know, you are going to say something, which will trigger them. So they set up a defense, even before you have uttered a word. They will tell you their opinion, as if everyone on the planet, has the same opinion, as them. At this stage, they will often refer to themselves as “We”. This is a classic emotional intimidation tactic, if they can get you to think that everyone has the same opinion as them, then you are isolated, alone, and this is threat to your survival. Even though they may not actually do anything, to threaten you physically, you will most definitely feel the energetic attack, which comes with this. You will feel that punch in the stomach and solar plexus, this is a direct reaction, to someone sending you negative hostile and aggressive energy. Most awake people cannot stand this feeling, and often will become disempowered, and will deny their own perception, in order to fit in, with the herd mentality. This is programmed into us, it is a survival mechanism, and it is hard to turn off.

You simply cannot join in on boring conversations. You find that you cannot listen, to those who are still sleeping, you try hard to concentrate, to be polite but as you have heard that story, a thousand times before it is hard to stay interested. Those who are sleeping will repeat the same story, over and over again, with no awareness, that you know this story already, and could probably tell it better than they do.

The arrogant laugh. You will notice that if challenged they will begin this strange arrogant laugh. They are blatantly mocking you to your face. This makes them feel superior, and whilst they are feeling superior, they are distracting themselves, from feeling uncomfortable with, what you are exposing them to. Mocking you and making jokes of serious matters, is another distraction tactic.

Answering a question with a question. If you challenge their perception of reality, they will throw wildly out of context questions at you, and refuse to answer your simple questions. This is such a childish response, you see children of about the age of seven, will go through a stage, whereby they will deny the truth, and argue just for the hell of it. Walk away, do not engage with such a person, they are not going to answer you, because they know they will lose, what they perceive to be a fight. Anyone who threatens their world view, is an enemy to them.

People begin to talk about you behind your back, they glory in the idea, that their opinion of you, is correct, as they manipulate others to take their side, and after all there is comfort in numbers. This can be very difficult to handle, especially when it is your own family. You have to remember, these people are mind controlled, and they are not themselves.

People who are triggered, will try to say that you have lost your mind, and will tag on to you stupid and untrue conspiracies, just to be able to paint a bad picture of you , implying you believe anything, you read on the internet.

Talking about the internet, this is classic preprogramed response. You can’t believe everything you read on the internet, whilst they flick through, their main stream newspaper. They cannot see, how they are the ones, who are believing the elite’s propaganda, with no filter in place. These people have completely lost, all ability to think for themselves.

When you expose the truth to them, they will say you are the one being aggressive towards them, not because you are being aggressive, but because they aggressively denying the truth. They have too much to lose. They are not used to being so truthful, they act in passive aggressive ways with everyone, they cannot stand you are different, and you are not reacting, in what they perceive to be a normal way. After all the whole of society is operating, from this passive aggressive stance.

Most people are not real psychopaths, you may think their reactions to the truth, is strange but this is not the real them, it is the programme running. However sometimes you do come across, a real psychopath, and they can make it their mission, to ridicule you and spread lies and malicious gossip about you, if you trigger them. I lost one friend in particular, who took an extreme offence to me, trying to expose the chemtrails. She spread lies about me to anyone who would listen, and tried to blacken my name, and stalked me with sarcastic and nasty remarks on Facebook. If you wake up be prepared to lose some friends.

As you wake up you begin to realise no matter how hard you try to not to bring up a subject which will trigger them, it seems that everything out of your mouth is triggering. So you play a game of dancing around the subject, because you do not want to confront everybody, all of the time. However it is as if on a subconscious level, they know you are trying to avoid the subject and they, themselves, will bring it up. For example they will bring up a news report, which you know is totally fake, and will state their opinion about it very loudly, and will include you in their opinion too. They will state that you, have the same opinion. So you find you are in a very tricky situation, because now you not only have to tell them, they are wrong, as you do not have the same opinion, as them but you also, have to expose, what you know to be the truth.

As you wake up, you suddenly find you have an in -built lie detector. This is difficult because you want to shout from the roof tops, and expose the lie. Having to keep quiet and pretend you do not know is horrible, it will make the body feel very uncomfortable. The more truth you align with, the more the lies, become obvious. You have to watch, you do not become a truth monster, tread lightly when exposing the truth, you have to be respectful of other people’s process, and their pace of awakening.

When you first wake up, you want to tell everyone, you are ill prepared for their reaction and can become angry yourself. This can turn to resentment, because you realise, you have wasted your life, living someone else’s lies. Don’t take out your resentment, on your sleeping family, instead get active and productive, and use your warrior energy, to do some good in the world, instead of arguing with your family, as they sleep. There will come a time, when you can say I told you so, but for now be humble.

Watch for your own ego kicking in, I have noticed that some who wake up and become educated, will use their knowledge, as a way of boosting their ego. You see this a lot, in on- line hangouts, of those who think they are awake. People will argue about one theory or another, this too is a distraction, and is not productive. No one has a monopoly on the truth. Waking up is an ongoing process, no one can say they are completely awake, and free of the mind control, not just yet.

Then of course we have the new age programming, which is there to catch people, as they wake up. The new age programming is a little harder to spot, so let me break it down for you.

The idea that everyone is a mirror of yourself. This is especially damaging, as it cultivates selfishness and narcissism. Instead of looking at someone, who is suffering and helping them , those with the new age programming running, will instead tell themselves, that this suffering person , is a reflection of them self. So instead of taking action, and helping that person, they will instead only work, on themselves. This does nothing of value to the other person, and is pure selfishness. Gives the person an excuse not to take any action.

It is all meant to be, their soul must have chosen it. This is especially manipulative, because in a way it partly true, your soul did chose to come here. However to look at a child who has been abused, and tell them they must have chosen this, is simply adding to the abuse. Again it gives the person an excuse, to turn to the other cheek.

Do not react emotionally to anything, you must heal and process out all emotions. As we wake up we realise, we are damaged, we all carry baggage and when we wake up, we want to heal it. However this has been taken too far, the new age programme, wants you not to feel anything, especially when you see atrocities, this is a desensitising tactic.

I create my own reality , if I turn my back on the negative in the world, I can convince myself, that it is not going on, because it is not in my reality , this is very selfish.

If you are seeing negativity in your reality, it must say something about you. These people go home and look to heal themselves, instead of dealing with the negative, in their outside world. Again turning the other cheek and doing nothing.

If you focus on the negative you are adding to it. This is designed to make you do nothing. To turn away from other people’s suffering. If I sit in meditation and think about healing the world, that is enough. This is designed to stop you from taking action.

Projection, they will project negative problems or issues on to you that they can then analyse, in order to take the focus away from them and place it on to you. This is an extreme form of passive aggression, you will see people who are in therapists do this, if you trigger them. Not only does this take the focus away from them but it is a way of disempowering you to make you shut up and at the same time it gives them an ego boost because they have sorted you out. Wow what amazing healer they are. It is all about them getting an ego boost.

You just have to love everyone, unconditionally, and not judge anyone, even a paedophile. Can you see how dangerous this new age thinking is? Each to his own, is a free licence, to turn your back, on the evil in the world.

Saviour programming, of course those in the new age have swopped, Jesus for a Pleiadian Ambassador. It is a religious programme, designed to make you sit back, do nothing, and wait for the clouds to part, and for the hero to save the day. We can obviously, see this programme running, in the religions especially Christianity, but it is also an active programme running, in the new age community too.

Look for the positive, even in a sea of negative. This is a dangerous part of the programme, because it makes a person ignore the evil in the world, as they look for a scrap of positive, in a sea of negative. Those with this running, will accuse you of being negative, paranoid, delusional and mistrustful, again this is a form of emotional intimidation. They tell you not to judge and then spend their whole time judging you.

So I hope you this video helps you as you awaken, to recognise the signs that your friends and family are under mind control, because only through waking up, can we change this world, for the better.

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  1. This is possibily one of the best posts, yet. Yes, I see the taking over of humanity. Some days moreso than others. This global Getstopo organized NWO neural electronic surveillance slavery tracking torture terrorism and tyrannical control system is so huge, its refer to as the beast system.

    The way I chose to see this in a healthy manner is to realize the public is targeted as well. The difference between us and them is

    1) They’re obviously unaware of the data programming in the ether (AI quauntum computers) whereas…
    2) We are aware, as painfully orwellian as it seems and that can only mean one thing:

    For whatever reason we we’re/are chosen to be the one’s that are remnants of a society, the entire humanity, the Biblical remnants possibly? Insiders refer to this monolithic worldwide targeting system as the ‘beast system.’ The beast is mentioned in Revelation 13. The Saints are mentioned in reference to the beast in Revelation 14.

    This is an obvious war declared, however covertly, and at times overtly, against TIs, yet no one else seemingly hears or sees a thing. The technogical weapons are too far out there.


    This just makes sense, regardless of religious beliefs. Is this another program?

    Revelation 13:7 KJV: And it was given unto him to make war …
    Search domain

    It was given to him to make war with the saints, and to overcome them. Authority over every tribe, people, language, and nation was given to him. Young’s Literal Translation and there was given to it to make war with the saints, and to overcome them, and there was given to it authority over every tribe, and tongue, and nation. Revelation 13:7 …

    and — REVELATION 14:12 KJV “Here is the patience of the saints …
    Search domain

    14:12 Here is the patience of the saints – Seen, in suffering all things rather than receive this mark. Who keep the commandments of God – The character of all true saints; and particularly the great command to believe in Jesus.

    They’ve weaponized every literal everything and humanity itself against the TI. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: ‘When going through HELL, keep on going.’ — Churchill.

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