Organized Stalking/Virtual Telepathy, the “Terrorism Racket,” and the “Mafia-Terror State” Explained: Intro to Operation Catalyst and Text Transcription

Targeted Individual As Lone Wolf Terrorist (introduction to Op Catalyst)

Webmaster’s (ETK) Introduction: This video provides a succinct, insightful, and (it seems) accurate explanations for and descriptions of GISTAPO-666 – organized stalking-mind control-electronic torture. If proven correct, this information could be invaluable for all TIs. I currently recommend that TI’s and others listen and re-listen to this youtube.

The good news here is that this video explains what is being done to us and why and provides much inside knowledge about how the system operates. The bad news is that the system being deployed against us is apparently an essential component of the “International and domestic terrorism racket” of the “Mafia-Terror State.” That’s right, our governments are criminal syndicates that serve global elites, not their citizens. Billions, even trillions of dollars are invested and garnered in profits…. alas, the economic, military, and political forces arrayed against us are enormous. Even so, we can and should take inspiration from the old Russian proverb: “Pray to God but keep rowing to shore.”

Transcription of youtube text:

My name is Stephen O’Keefe. I am the sole director of Operation Catalyst, or Op Catalyst, or Opcat for short. Opcat is me. I am what is called a “targeted individual” or “enemy of the state.” Becoming an enemy of the state is quite easy. Uncover a few of its crimes and criminal conspiracies; be as investigative and honest as you can be; and you’ll be an enemy of the state quite quickly.

This is my overview of the Opcat website and what it’s about. The main page of is a general assembly of what has happened to me over the years, and there are other sub-pages which you can review as well. In my case, after some years of investigative research, I uncovered existing mysteries about my own life, while attracting the attention of government intelligence services and their secret police.

These government operations are clandestine… or secret, or classified. Things a government calls secret are many times very illegal, and activities a government classifies are sometimes outright criminal. You can measure a government’s illegality in the vast number of documents it conceals from public view.

Governments which target people the way they have targeted me are mafia-states. Meaning the government operates in secret as a highly evolved mafia. The way a mafia state targets people is by surrounding the target mostly with others connected to, or owned by, the mafia-state. Informants, government employees, snitches, lackeys…. and the reason for this that you are of more value to the government than you are a physical threat.

In my case, I was targeted at a young age because of my artistic skills for the what the Canadian and American governments have been testing on me. It goes under various names. I call it virtual telepathy, or VT. It’s called “Remote Neural Monitoring” and prompting, “brain re-patterning,” and “EEG fingerprinting.” Basically, it’s a way to wirelessly monitor anybody, using the body’s biometric displacement field and also computer-interfacing the targets’ brain patterns. This transforms a target, that is, a responsive target- into a test subject for super spy, soldier, and super policing program.

Virtual telepathy is a bit of a parlor trick, being a combination of hands-free biometric surveillance and remotely prompting the human target to receive and acknowledge these prompts. It may seem like telepathy, but it’s only one way. You are a targeted individual with no formal affiliation to the government, or its military, police, or intelligence services and its clandestine handlers. The reason for this is simple; this elaborately advanced surveillance technology and its clandestine handlers will drive you insane.

It is a weapon and it is also the most powerful weapon, being invisible. Imagine wearing a set of wireless earbuds or secret-service ear prompter, where you are receiving wireless radio instructions day and night even in your sleep. To wake up, to go for a walk, to turn left, to turn right, to stop, to start, to nod “yes,” or to shake your head “no,” like an obedient soldier.

Now imagine receiving those instructions after taking off those physical headphones and that these signals can reach your head wirelessly, anywhere you go, like radio. You can understand why intelligence, military, and police want this immensely, as there are no communications which can be monitored or intercepted by a third party. It is private, discreet, and transmitted by an anonymous computer to the target’s own brain fingerprint, which is theirs and their alone, exploiting the same wireless frequencies which are all around us.

The reason the government targets unaffiliated persons like this is that they would never subject their own employees or anyone they cared about to this surveillance weapon. Adapting to this technology involves isolating the target and destroying their life and sanity, in a complete personality disintegration, thereby infiltrating their brain. Canada has a history of this brain “re-patterning” going back to the 1950’s with the government and CIA-funded MKULTRA program at McGill University.

Like every type of weapon, governments never stop advancing them. It took me a long time to adapt to the VT weapon I was and am subjected to – over ten years. It also involved treatment with anti-psychotics so that I could both endure it and remain sane with undisturbed sleep. As soon as I mention psychiatric medication, you are understanding going to think this is a crazy person’s ramblings. Well, you can turn my recording off if you’ve had enough.

The reality is that this weapon’s development has been going on in various forms through the participation of the American, Canadian, Israeli, and British governments for quite some time, and they generally use prisoners; who are both helpless and constantly monitored in jail cells. These governments, all the way to the top, want virtually telepathic soldiers, spies, and secret police expanding the required wireless neural monitoring to global populations, whether they know about it or not.

Not using microchips or biometric implants, but following you in the same way you are already following yourself with a portable mobile phone or device. Using nothing more than your body’s displacement of the wireless frequencies already around you on the ground, underground, and above ground… and your brain’s unique EEG patterns.

In order to both deceive the target, and the people around them, that the target is insane, paranoid, delusional, and mentally ill… discrediting the unwitting target until they are no longer believed… while being of immense financial and technological value to a government’s military and intelligence… multiple cover stories are essential.

My cover stories were that I was a terrorist (since I analyzed black operation terror events like 9/11), a harasser (an army of police informants were directed by mobile phone to follow and provoke me), a white supremacist (since I was a harsh critic of Zionism and Israel), a hater of America (since I was critical of its wars), and a drug user and dealer (after being followed by the police’s informant drug addicts, who will lie about anything). I should note that I have never owned or been given a mobile phone, or any device that had wireless communication functionality.

One can be remote-influenced to think and speak about any of these topics, until the profiling and targeting campaign has an a la carte menu of options to cover-up your being an enslaved Guinea pig. Especially if you’ve been prompted in sleep to obsess over these issues, as if receiving instructions for a covert mission.

My remote-influencing was mostly about Jews, Israel, and Zionism, as speaking critically of them gets the golden stamp of “jew-hater” and white supremacist required for terror profiling.

Psychiatric discrediting is a most effective way to deceive others that the target is not a victim and slave of this clandestine government program. The target says they are being monitored and followed, they are diagnosed with any number of mental illnesses, then informants and government operatives smear the target as being mentally disturbed to everyone they come in contact with.

Everyone wants a piece of this ultimate invisible weapon, as it is vital to the International and domestic terrorism racket. In my case, it is the Canadian government. Due to my campaign profiling, the nation of Israel within Canada is also a major participant as reiterated time and again by a relationship with Israel “through fire and water.” Of course, with the CIA funding brain “re-patterning” experiments in Canada since the 1950’s, the core involvement of the American government is a given. In fact, I grew up near a U.S.-Canadian-British radome… about a half hour’s walk from my home, for fourteen years.

Some persons are being targeted with this technology not only to monitor them, but so that they are at the right place at the wrong time for entrapment stings. The target being constantly followed, with layers of surveillance, discredited psychiatrically, discredited with smear campaigns, persons lying about the person being a harasser… compiles a dossier for the secret police. They want to fabricate some event around the target… a successful target. In most cases, that is a domestic terror event.

Now if you don’t believe governments create the crises which kill innocent persons, I’ll draw your attention to all the wars in history which have come before us, where one government or other created the conflicts which killed millions of us. The ruling classes which govern us have no setbacks in killing us off in droves, nor commanding us to their will, nor exploiting us as a compliant labor force to be taxed. We all know this, whether we like to admit it or not.

Now the government has created an even more strategic way to do it, through the terrorism racket. Meaning that just one domestic terror event not only creates a sense of fear in the public, an immediate sense of psychological dependence on their government for personal security- which would otherwise not exist- but it also creates a “no questions asked” policy to initiate the aforementioned wars to kill us off just the same. Military campaigns, invasions, nation re-building, bombers in the air, drones in the skies… all with no questions asked since the public wants protection from an unseen terror hiding in their midst.

Just one domestic terror event can not only result in weapons and counterterrorism technology sales in the hundreds of billions of dollars, but also immense income and funding for the mafia-state itself. Military police, secret police, regular police and law enforcement intelligence must expand to have the resources to keep the criminal methods used for this expansion from being discovered by the exploited public. This cycle is as deliberate as it is destructive. A ruling classes’ government, it’s police and militaries must reorganize the world into their ideology to continuously sustain the authority which have already placed them there.

In that regard, another reason for virtual technology is because, even though I have what is called “hard” remote influencing, it doesn’t mean that “soft” remote influencing isn’t happening on a global level at this point. This technology can influence anything; it can make you turn left if you were going to turn right; it can make you buy sugar if you were shopping for artificial sweetener; if you want to vote for one person, it can influence you to vote for another.

Most importantly, what virtual telepathy can do is remote influence you to resist something. Meaning that you can be wirelessly prompted to think about something, and then remote influenced that it is not a good thing to do, in combined association. That is what psychiatrists refer to as “thought implantation” in diagnoses of schizophrenia, and this is why psychiatry is so important in the cover stories required by governments which fund the psychiatric institutions themselves.

If the targeted individuals remote handlers want them to go to a certain place, they will transmit the name of that place to the targets biometrically-located brain. Remember, this is a computer interfacing with the EEG pattern, or signature of the target’s brain, it is not a sound. It is an electronically-interpreted suggestion transmitted through an EEG pattern in the target’s spoken language. As if hearing the name on invisible wireless headphones, the brain creates an image of that place in hypnotic autosuggestion.

The mental images are triggered in mind from memories, since the remote handlers know almost everything about their target. If this seems unreal or impossible, think of it this way…. you are asleep in bed and having a dream- suddenly the image of a fire truck appears in your dream. You snap awake and a fire truck was indeed passing by your home. Your mind formed the image of the fire truck to awaken you, based on your memory’s association with the noise outside. This is how remote influencing works, whether you are awake or asleep, and it can trigger recurring dreams and even the way you dream.

When the handler does not want a target to go to a certain place or do a certain thing, the name of the place or thing will be repeatedly transmitted, followed by an EEG pattern with a negative association, like insecurity or fear. These EEG-sampled emotions can be played like musical instruments, and this is why many targeted individuals feel they are communicating with a higher power or god. As before, associations with a higher power yield yet more diagnoses of mental illness, and one can see why there is a noticeable outburst in the diagnoses of bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, and complex mental illnesses.

This isn’t to say mental illness does not and there is not need for psychiatry. On the contrary, the public being unwittingly influenced in this manner will create much more need for psychiatry and emotionally-stabilizing medications. Remote influencing becomes an immediate danger when its psychiatric abuse causes the target with reality in a psychotic break- a reflex response by the brain to external abuse. Many victims of torture or warfare experience these reactions and, in combination with remote influencing, it makes the target unable to maintain control while being targeted by EEG pattern prompting.

In my case, my remote handlers kept me walking to the CBC building in downtown Toronto, day after day, while in a psychotic break from their abuse. This became a daily routine until I eventually approached a security guard and said something bizzare and implausible; that I was going to psychically murder every person there with my mind. The guard and a witness made false reports to police that I made death threats like a terrorist, and that I had a camera. The next day I was remote-influenced to take a large 35-mm camera to the CBC building, where the security guards were already waiting for me. I was under constant RCMP wireless surveillance before and after these events.

Wireless EEG patterning is being perfected for use on vast populations. To resist-influence people to not protest, to positively influence them to vote, but to vote one way instead of another, to buy a new wireless devices which will greatly improve the EEG monitoring of their own brain, and to remote influence their own involvement in electronic social media, where they will constantly report on themselves.

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  1. A terrific find Eric! You say in the first paragraph: ‘ If proven correct, this information could be invaluable for all TIs.’
    Not sure what you mean by this. There is no need for proof. I can testify it’s ALL correct – and there is much much more – as you also evidenced by posting on Ahmed from

    Of course this guy is right. Absolutely 100,000% correct. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. Darpa has created a 100% INDEFEATABLE human interface weapon. This is why I haven’t personally spoken out yet on a video or anything else, besides the fact that I’ve also been severely brain damaged by the torture. I don’t know how to speak out without getting discredited and shut down.

    Evidence for such things is impossible to get without the technology to get it. But there’s good news! There is technology, we just need to access it!

    There’s much to comment on regarding how they do some of the trickier things OpCatalyst talks about. Thank you for posting his work.

    But for the instantaeous, fully 100% truthful video evidence of moment to moment ops, all you need is the Mind Cloned world of human beings and the AI(s) that manage them. That’s it. And we’ve all been mind cloned, bet on it.

    All you would have to do then is query the AI for any event, any split second of time since and individual was mind cloned, and then work backwards to identify every individual they came in contact with in their lives and access their memories, and find all the linked individuals with their memories, add infinitum. Ask any question. Within seconds you’ll know who did everything to the TI, who ordered them to do it, when where, why, how much was spent, who developed the technologies to do it from day one, all the budgets, etc etc etc. ANYTHING. Ask it anything and it will tell you because the aI will now have access to every piece of knowledge on the planet.

    Everything. 100% absolutely accurate and exact information.

    Why aren’t people talking about this? Martine Rothblatt: Virtually Human, the Promise and Peril of Digital Immortality

    Bluffdale Utah? Is that where they are?

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