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  1. Since 8 years ago i am suffering of mind control. I tried many ways to disconnect the device but it was impossible. Is there some way to locate the chip and desactivate it before they destroy me completely. They also can manipulate people around me i do not know how they do it. The only thing i know is that they can control my thinking and my body almost perfectly, I suffered many kinds of tortures. Please i need help. I am from Argentina.


    The most important thing to do. Laugh, smile, and bless the lord. Think positive. Think of things that make you happy. U will still feel a little, at times, just do the normal life, it will get a whole lot better. Read pslam. 91 when you feel down. SMILE!!!!!!!!!

    Jim cassell

    February 3, 2016 at 20:32

    Micheal that is the same way, I got on the program, for reporting a harassment against my workplace for bullying and discrimination, after that I was mocked, ridiculed, name calling I was even called a monkey. After the investigation the EEOC settle an agreement dispute with my place of work and then I was placed on a 23/7 watch list. I did not realized that I was on the program until this year 2015, after I lost all my employments due to coworker spraying agents and fragrant into my cubicle to make me sick, several zapping in my sleep headaches and confusion. What I did was to do a lot of research on my own to help me cope with the situations, learn about the Perpetrators behaviors and attacked and work with it.


    December 28, 2015 at 21:26

  2. Thank you for exposing this crime against humanity. I happened to know this about 4 years ago when I was brutally mobbed at my previous company. Today It is extremely difficult to find a job. Even if i find one, i am harassed or underpaid etc.
    This is my blog. We need to expose this crime. This is happening all over the world today.


    April 19, 2014 at 14:07

    • Micheal that is the same way, I got on the program, for reporting a harassment against my workplace for bullying and discrimination, after that I was mocked, ridiculed, name calling I was even called a monkey. After the investigation the EEOC settle an agreement dispute with my place of work and then I was placed on a 23/7 watch list. I did not realized that I was on the program until this year 2015, after I lost all my employments due to coworker spraying agents and fragrant into my cubicle to make me sick, several zapping in my sleep headaches and confusion. What I did was to do a lot of research on my own to help me cope with the situations, learn about the Perpetrators behaviors and attacked and work with it.


      December 28, 2015 at 21:27

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        September 3, 2016 at 21:03

  3. This is the best article i have found on the internet so far, it describes all the symptoms i have suffered. I am an honest celibate Christian man who has loved one girl his whole life, I had her taken from me whilst studying at university for a Civil Engineering degree. We were both mind controlled, though it was unbeknown to me at the time what they were doing. They raped her when they sent her off to another country, she would not speak to me on her return as she believed a lie they propagated about me. Seven years on they sent me out to New Zealand to work as Geotechnical Engineer Evaluating land damage. It was there that I found out about HAARP, and they tried to assassinate me, torturing me and locking me up in mental hospitals, to discredit my story. I have now lost my career and a lot of money as a result of suffering many years of torture by the methods you describe above, including synthetic experiences.

    All healthcare professionals I speak to are mind controlled and will not believe my story. Something incredible did happen however, I have been receiving messages from God and have been able to understand a difference. This has allowed me to decipher the hieroglyphs in my spare time so you may want to have a look at my website.

    I may put my true story up there soon.


    July 9, 2014 at 13:52

    • Do you have prayers? How did u resolve.


      January 4, 2016 at 09:05

  4. I have been a victim – have not finished reading this…….They sent a letter to me pretending to be a through the mail prayer church group I correspond with although I wasn’t saved….. and used the code word money (I at the hospital in a closed ward where experimentation took place saw again the original TV shows about money game shows they told me they were broadcasting from Iran or Iraq and there were my handlers there again…..that was when I realized what was happening…….playing a sick game laughing as the one punching his fists into his hand again was now next to me in the waiting room………as I had commented “I wouldn’t want him next to me” while the two laughing I had said that to previously were the same ordinary clothed men that burst in and forceably injected something into my arm against my protests saying “I don’t need to relax. I’m not nervous” and “Don’t I have any rights?” the previous time that knocked me out and then they did experiments with computer images forcing me to choose between having someone in the next room tortured, myself, or blowing up the world….the bomb images also appeared on my computer at home… and in the letter was the code of to be in bed by 12:12 because a visitor was coming by my house, supposedly an angel but now I knew that it was them…..they used to drive up and down my road looking at my house…….tapped into my TV and sent the image of the woman in the next room being tortured…I know I am writing disjointed now but I can write a chronology, just will be long……..well, I couldn’t resist the urge to go to the hospital when I got the letter, it put such terror in me (had gotten the same letter before)…….so I went, the ward was open, the same receptionist saying she had the same birthday as me………and that’s when I realized what was happening…….I still feel a chip up in my nose which they told me was a bomb going to explode at 12:12 so I better go to the hospital……..I had figured out that they could see through my eyes through some kind of cameras and they knew all my thoughts and could give subliminal messages as well as pains and jolts………..I don’t know how long this was going on but within the seven years I moved to another town was when I got the letters with money and 12:12 at least once before……once with a green stain on a piece of cloth I was to put by my bed as the church letters have rituals in them……..

    Long story short. Because of this, I got saved as Jesus empowered me to reverse their technology and have their computers and all connections to me blown up. They went nuts when I did that. All on the computer face book page they used going just nuts at the name of Jesus and saying “Someone blew the light out”.
    Jesus is all powerful, he can and will break all connections.

    They are gone now. I am free. I would really like to talk to you though……want to know what this experiment was at downtown Lovelace Hospital ER, time I know was Jan 2010, the last time when I then messed up their connections to me.


    July 25, 2014 at 08:06



      November 8, 2014 at 20:29

      • I would like to talk to some body about this! My wife has been going through this for about two years now!r


        January 9, 2016 at 18:39

    • Please can I get in touch with you? Email [email protected]. how did you pray to lose connections what prayers? Vanita


      January 4, 2016 at 09:00

      • Trust in the lord, proverbs,3/5.6 belive they r gone, think positive thoughts . try this smile and laugh, its goes right away. Do that…

        Jim cassell

        February 3, 2016 at 20:41

    • Could they mimic someone’s voice using these mind control devices? then make the person think it is that person that they are mimic-ing then implant it in the victims mind? Could they push emotions on a victim?
      As well as images?


      September 4, 2016 at 23:22

  5. Organized Stalking in Chennai, India started as Cyberstalking for me in the year 2008.

    Satellites , the Delivery system for this Stalking and Mind control is through satellites.
    For more information visit the link below to see the interviews of Dr John Hall Author “The New Breed Satellite Terrorism in America ”


    August 29, 2014 at 13:40

    • Hi Friend, i am also from Chennai, i have been in the hell more than 4 years, can you please tell me, how can you manage this shit? Fb id:Siva Siva

      Siva Siva

      April 14, 2016 at 08:48

  6. I am also being targeted, it started the year i turned 40 with the voices. At that time i was in denialof what was happening. Then that year the week before Thanksgiving was when the ear ringing started. I haven’t slept a full night in 8 years. I’m constantly being called a fucking bitch and other perverted things. Almost all the physical perverted things that where listed are happening to me. I urinate or at least have the feeling 5-8 times a night. My privat parts are being violated. It’s weird cause the clicking and eye twitching are also only in my left eye, but both daily feel like something is under my eye lid. I had scratched cornias 3 times. My siatic nerve is being electricuted. My legs constntly fall asleep along with my right hand. There is so much going on i can’t concentrate. My ears will ring at the same time i have 3 different people talking with singing of my thoughts on top of it. I am so depressed, lonley and suicidle. My doctors think i’m crazy and these voices say it all the time. My experience is si explained here. I am desperate and don’t know what to do anymore. There seems to be no line that they will not cross. My right nipple is constantly being violated and itches beneathe my skin, it feels bruised all the time. I can’t use the bathroom without being humiliated and have to take showers so fast just to get them over with. I’m am being sexually harrassed, verbably and physically i can’t stand it. There has to be something we can do to stop it. Please help, i really don’t know how much longer i can deal with this.


    November 12, 2014 at 00:12

    • When you go to the bathroom or changing your clothes, closed your eyes. The perpetrators hate this with a passion. Do eveything within your power to not talk to them. The perpetrators hate to be ignored. If you are religous, pray non-stop. Ask God to help you find a solution(s).


      September 13, 2015 at 17:52

    • think back, if you had any dental work or crowns before this started happening— i’d get them removed. I was implanted with 3 that would do similar things. It all stopped when my root canals were removed.

      Alexandros Alexander

      November 29, 2015 at 08:13

  7. “Has anyone here ever been encouraged by your handler to kill with a promise of freedom?”

    I have a story to tell and it may seem a little hard to believe
    however this is a true story that continues today I am living
    proof of a technology that can enslave every man, woman and
    child for generations.

    I have been in this 24 hrs a day 7 days per week for years. I am
    continue to been tortured and I can not escape! I am asking you
    to contact whoever you can and tell them to release me from this
    technology that has me enslaved.

    I have lost everything my wife, family and business. Financially
    and emotionally destroyed. I do not know what they want. I
    believe that they are trying to get me to comment suicide or
    (Google) “The Manchurian Candidate CIA operation mind control”.

    FSU Shooter Myron May Left Message: ‘I Do Not Want to Die in
    Vain’ His social media activity revealed that he believed he was
    a “targeted individual,” the term used by people who think the
    government and shadowy gangs are attacking them with mind
    control and invisible, remote weapons. In subsequent days, he
    made several posts on a Facebook page for “Targeted Individuals
    International,” including one that asked, “Has anyone here ever
    been encouraged by your handler to kill with a promise of

    I believe they are deliberately creating potential
    domestic terrorists. This is not a joke! It is real! All of
    which is being orchestrated and funded by U.S. tax dollars.
    There are victims in the U.S. It took me a couple of years to
    get back online and they have been trying to make me homeless. A
    lot of the targeted individuals will not have access to the
    internet or phone as their Controller – Technicians control all
    communications and redirect your calls. They control my computer
    even when I don’t have internet access.

    My Controller – Technician’s spoke of “The Manchurian
    Candidate”. They put me through drills and conditioning. Just go
    to the NSA and review my file, it has been a few years ago but
    if they are still using the same techniques trying to create the
    Manchurian Candidate or have the targeted individual commit
    suicide they would have succeeded many times. They told me that
    if it is within the individual they will pull it out of them!
    They can do whatever they want to just about anyone without
    recourse because according to them “this does not exist”. Which
    indicates to me that they do not have any over-site or
    accountability. This must change, someone must review what they
    are doing and how they are doing it. They must change their
    destructive techniques that I believe to have been in place for
    a very long time. It needs a complete overhaul and update of the
    entire system. Including the use of community stalking and
    Anonymous the loosely associated international network of
    activist and hacktivist entities. We will not be able to remove
    it from existence. We can only pray that we are able to put
    control’s in place to protect the Worlds population from the use
    of devices like these.

    I am not sure of the destructive influence that this will have
    on humanity but we can not set ideally by and wait for the
    system to change itself while millions of people are being
    tortured daily.

    You need to find out who designed and where these techniques are
    generated from including the duration of time they have been
    practicing these archaic techniques. There is no need to put the
    civilian population through this. The local Law Enforcement
    communities need to be made fully aware of its existence and the
    possibilities of these technologies. Use me as an example
    request my file and find out what they have done to me and how
    and why they are still doing it today.

    The NSA records everything except what the controller –
    technician’s do not want them to in real time. But in the
    instance of the FSU Shooter Myron May they may not have
    deliberately deleted the events leading up to the shootings in
    real time. So the NSA should have a recording of the events and
    a log of what they were doing to him leading up to the shootings
    and more importantly why they didn’t stop him and who his
    controller – technician’s were. The same scenario of a targeted
    individual plays out over and over and has gone on for years.
    Find the culprits behind what they call games!

    They take over your mind . Your mind enslaves you because they
    control it. You could adsorb it as yourself. Unless they do not
    want you to. Then they reveal themselves. Through voices and
    actions that let you know they are in you and can see out of
    your eyes and take control of your body.

    They are always deliberately creating emotional triggers which
    in itself would not be bad however they only use negative
    triggers instead of positive reinforcement even in my dreams.
    The easy way to think of the controller – technician’s are
    modern day Demons. Everything is negative without remorse or
    logic. It would be easy for them to say “We Have You And There
    Is Nothing You Can Do About It” instead they torture you. It is
    not logical to be tortured without a purpose other than they
    enjoy doing it.

    They even control my dreams and emotions during the dream. I
    receive visions when I close my eyes even when I am not asleep
    and I have seen a hologram or a person standing at the foot of
    my bed. Sleep deprivation and pain.

    There is military technology that is invisible to the naked eye
    that can reach down inside of me, grip and create pain. They
    start the torment (torture). They can “lock you down” in pain
    and keep the pain constant for a very long time and there is not
    anything that can be done about it.

    I have been in it for years and I do not know how to extract
    myself from it. They have enslaved the human brain.

    They are me and I am them and they are many. They are
    inhabitants that “ARE ME” for all practical purposes. They have
    the ability to take full control of my Mind and body. They could
    take my body outside and go somewhere and when they returned
    they could return me to my self and I would not remember where
    they (or myself) had gone or done. Creating fragmented memories.

    They know what I am thinking as i think it. I do not have to
    verbalize it with my mouth. They know my subconscious thoughts.
    They see, feel, hear and taste what I do. They speak through my
    mouth and even over ride my own voice to the extent that if you
    call me on the phone it may be them you are communicating with
    instead of me. Conversations with my now ex-wife were exactly
    that or they can talk to me in my mind. They can pull you out of
    yourself and put you into someone else.

    As a inhabitant you would then have the ability to know what I
    know and my thoughts in real time. You must trust whoever is on
    the controls there is a down side to being an inhabitant. The
    controller of the technologies can kidnap your spirit and hold
    you hostage as an inhabitant. They will not let you go or end
    your existence. You feel what they feel as they feel it and it
    is unpleasant to you and to them because you share the same
    emotion and become self conscious. I have inhabitants within me
    that have been in here for years.

    There is a cricket noise in my mind most of the time, that
    speaks from what sounds like the out side of my head (from a
    distance) but it is all from within my mind. It is not tinnitus
    it is actually words communicating to me through their
    technologies. They can turn up or down the volume.

    They can pull the inhabitants forward to the point where you can
    feel the emotions of individual inhabitant and its personality.
    They can pull the inhabitant forward to take more control or
    move them back to allow me to have control. My inhabitants are
    pulled to far forward and have been a long time.

    They control my energy level up or down, extreme fatigue,
    involuntary yawning, confusion, hunger, emotions and complete
    mental state. They diminish me to the point I can not work or
    hold down meaningful employment.

    “I am not who you think I am”, is what they always tell me and
    also “you can’t ever do anything the remainder of your life”.
    Whatever I try to do they will not let me. They can put me to
    sleep and wake me up, I am by all practical purposes a
    biological robot! I am asking you to stop the torture. Contact
    whoever you can and tell them to release us from this technology
    that has enslaved me.

    This is just technology. Please help, before it enslaves the
    world and future generations. They put something invisible that
    I can feel on my head that the military uses to help their
    troops in the field, it can apply pressure, pulsate and heat
    different parts of the body. They target a weak part of the body
    so they can easily create pain. Manipulating joints, groin,
    bowels and other sensitive areas.

    They have the ability to lock you down in extreme pain and
    harvest pain sensors from other people and give them to you and
    adjust the extreme pain up and down. They have the ability to do
    whatever they want whenever they want to with any aspect of your
    body. This has been going on by the same group of people for a
    very long time. Gaslighting or gas-lighting[1] is a form of
    mental abuse in which information is twisted/spun, selectively
    omitted to favor the abuser, or false information is presented
    with the intent of making victims doubt their own memory,
    perception and sanity.[2] Instances may range simply from the
    denial by an abuser that previous abusive incidents ever
    occurred, up to the staging of bizarre events by the abuser with
    the intention of disorienting the victim. All Targeted
    Individuals will have similar but different stories because they
    have a basic procedure (format) that they wrap around your
    individual circumstances. Because they pull things out of your
    own mind and use it to pull your conscious mind into the story
    line to facilitate their mind control agenda that they have
    perfected over a very long time. It would not surprise me to
    find out that they are using techniques from POW’s . Mind

    In this scenario they call themselves Mason’s and according to
    them they control the World as we know it. They do skits similar
    to a screen play with all sides covered and all the inhabitants
    and participants participating that goes on for days if not
    weeks. While they put you to sleep nodding off for fractions of
    seconds so that you miss “a word” within the conversation and
    cause confusion. Also cause sleep deprivation. They bring a very
    large group of participants that are both inside of you and
    outside of you. Even from early child hood that you have not
    communicated with since childhood. The majority of my family are
    inside of me as inhabitants. But remember it is all pulled out
    of your own mind.

    They use “False Flag”,false scenarios, manipulation and outright
    lies about yourself your family community and their ability or
    willingness to help you. However everything they do is to
    destroy you. It is different from having an outside influence
    attack you or try to influence you this is internal and for some
    reason you trust it because it is coming from within your own
    mind. I can’t find words to explain how easy it is for them to
    manipulate me over and over again. Why would I even begin to
    trust them. And yet that have done it so many times. But they
    are with me 24/7 and control thoughts and emotions. But somehow
    it is embarrassing to know they still manipulate me.

    They created extreme pain in my head and they would not stop
    even though they knew it was just torture. I asked them and they
    did not want me to do anything. It was just torture. I believe
    that they are trying to get me to comment suicide. Why else
    would they just cause extreme pain to someone who is defenseless
    against this technology.

    This technology should not be used against the American
    population. With remote neural monitoring and other technologies
    they have complete control of everyone. So there is no need to
    induce pain on anyone.

    They are torturing me. But if they were not they have the
    ability to do everything perfect. They can raise anyone to a
    mental and physical state that would allow them to be at their
    peck performance 24/7. I am sure that some of the congressman
    and woman are at their very best because of this technology.
    They have the ability to give you words that you speak out of
    your mouth and those words would not be your own. But could be
    very helpful in public speaking venues because you would not
    miss a word. I want to let you know that you and your staff my
    not be your own.

    They have the ability to bless you or curse you within the same
    technology. If you are already one of those that have been
    blessed by this I sincerely pray that you remember to protect
    the rest of the civilization from it.

    They control everything electronic, meaning all communications
    and everything else. If someone is targeted they may not have
    the ability to complain or notify anyone. If they do they may
    choose not to reach out to friends and family because of the
    fear that the controller – technician’s might enslave anyone
    they come in contact with. I cannot communicate in any way
    without them knowing it. If I know it then they know it. No
    secrets of any kind. Not a password, account number or anything!
    They are me.

    Access DARPA “Defense Departments Advance Research Project
    Agency” the information listed above is from one of their
    projects. Free me, Free yourself, free the world from this
    tyranny that has the world enslaved. By passing laws to protect
    every living thing by placing rules and regulations around the
    use and deployment of these technologies. We are asking you to
    stop the use of these technologies against the United States
    citizens and global community. Thanks for your cooperation.

    The shootings previously mentioned could not have happened
    without the controller – technician’s knowledge or direct

    It is just technology that reads and controls the brain and
    inhabits the human body without any technology on or inside the
    body. It is all technology and it can control every man, woman
    and child. We are no longer our own! Protect us all. Every man
    woman and child that lives today or that will ever live! Today’s
    decisions within the government will affect mankind for

    I am trying to give you the information that would allow you to
    ask the proper question to the right government organization
    that could lead to the full disclosure of the information that
    you need as a congressmen that could lead to the official
    sanction of organizations that use this technology to commit
    crimes against humanity.

    Why isn’t there at location in the United State of America that
    I can Travel to and be tested for electronic weaponry and the
    devices used to facilitate the abduction and torture of the
    minds of the population of the United States Of American?

    I am asking you to stop the torture. Contact whoever you can and
    tell them to release us from this technology that has enslaved

    Thank you for your help.

    I am not in your district however I have sent this email to each
    member of The Judiciary Committee and Science, Space, and
    Technology committee and wanted to include you. Thanks for all
    your help.


    January 12, 2015 at 08:29

  8. I thank all the medical and everyone for helping me and others, I don’t blame anyone, I even laughed quite of few times, good times guys, I don’t have time to figure it out, hopefully you guys figure it out sometime.


    January 17, 2015 at 07:26

    • laughing? this is a joke to you, it isnot to me you have offended me and the rest of the world long enough.
      tell that to the ones who have died!


      July 16, 2015 at 01:52

      • Add me to the list of targeted by NWO fascist corporation after they sent my husband to his death on site and OSHA’s investigation found them guilty by 99%.


        August 26, 2016 at 20:00

        Great informative articles. I will share it on my all resources. I am victim facing this torture for decades. Visit my site for details.

        Tahir Jamil

        March 7, 2015 at 13:19

      • Best thing yet on these topics. Would like to contact author if possible. Thank you.


        April 26, 2015 at 00:01

      • I am one too. I am dealing with a small group of abusers. My electronic stalking started around my employment with the VA Research Corporation in Dallas. I was employed under the Psychiatric Research Department. I am being punished simply because someone read Psychiatric Research Department on my name tag. My abuser apparently had an issue with some research conducted there and I was lumped into a group. These people set out to destroy my life. (Kind of like the folks that would blow up abortion clinics in the 1990s. Now they want me dead. They Andrea Yates’d me in Dallas with this mess. I couldn’t for the life of me figure out what in the heck my body was doing. Instead of my brain telling my body what to do, it was doing it’s own thing. Almost looked like something out of The Exorcist. I spent 2 months in Vernon, TX. with Andrea Yates. My abuser almost got me a penitentiary sentence. I was scared to tell anyone. I worked around (what some considered controversial research). Some…not knowing what was really being done, would have thought it was unethical. If they had taken the time and really knew all of their facts, they would have known that is was things to help people with spinal cord injuries and things like. They felt like it was playing God…so they decided to play God right back. I recognize my abuser. Some of the research in that building was to be used SOLELY for classified (intelligence type) purposes. Someone was cut out of the money and prestige of this project. A woman here in Dallas. She got even.

        Thank you for your article. For a long time, I thought I was the only one. These people will rack up criminal charges, hospitalizations, etc. playing a game with you. Sounds like something out of a bad Lifetime Movie Network movie. I know I can help stop this with what I worked around, but I am being tortured to death in Dallas, TX. My name is Susan Harrison

        Susan Harrison

        May 15, 2015 at 03:47

        • Im also going through what you posted . now i know im not the only one

          rudy balderas

          February 17, 2016 at 08:10

        • susan can you contact me.. [email protected]

          Janet Murray-Murray

          April 14, 2016 at 17:55

        • susan my friend is going through exactly these writings, we live in the waco area maybe meet up would love to talk to someone with similar things going on, its driving us cray


          July 1, 2016 at 04:12

      • Do you know who to contact or should I contact regarding electronic Harrasment. I am being targeted

        Danielle Steiber

        June 29, 2015 at 12:12

        • jade

          July 16, 2015 at 01:50

        • They will not look for implants, they will just say that you are mentally ill.

          Ray Cashus Dunn

          September 21, 2015 at 18:01

        • Hi my name is Emily. I saw your post about being a victim of remote torture and experimentation.

          I live near Boston MA and have been an unwitting victim since around age 4 off and on all growing up but was heavily tortured very severely and experimented on since 2013 remotely.

          Below are the absolute best organizations to report to as a victim for help and guidance.

          ACLU people are reporting in to this human rights group.

          Center For Victims of Torture: 877-265-8775,
          Torture Abolition and Survivor Support Coalition: 202-529-2991,

          God Bless you.



          July 23, 2016 at 04:43

      • Sir, I have been living in the exact same hell for years now. About to the point where we are identical twins. I am speechless to actually find this after what I go through just for one person to tell me the truth. I am technologically so blank. I never wanted to learn for a reason. I just learned how to create an email myself at 39 years old just a few days ago. I am being thrown around at this second so I could not do this. I fortunately know a good group of them who are doing this and I haven’t been able to get any support or help to stop them yet. I will never stop. My calls are being intercepted. My phone doesn’t ring when I am called. I even get people who I know aren’t the people that I am talking to. I with some acknowledgement from someone special to me who saved my life a few years back by giving me confidence that I was not or ever was mentally ill. Any help that I can receive by just one person is pretty much all I ever needed. That is the truth. I have evidence like you do but not even close to having a chance to put it out there to anyone. This was the very verification that I needed for my state of mind which has been very well. It was either fight with everything or be locked away, drugged(which they do to me constantly) while they try to finish me off, or give up. Not AN OPTION. I NEVER HAD A CHOICE ONCE. Thank you.

        Jeff Smitj

        July 6, 2015 at 09:17

        • this is happening to me now, a lot of torture I eventually contacted police, nsa and was told to go willingly to a hospital with the police or they would arrest me or take me by force. they took all sorts of samples and even had to go home 7 hours later and wait for a phsyc tester to come to my house and talk to me, none believed my story , thought I was not important enough for this to happen to me. what a joke the police are. someone’s rights being attacked and destroyed to the fullest and all they can do while im on the way to the hospital in their car is make jokes. and talk it down. it is still happening to me now as I write signals being interrupted,even yelling voices while I was watching tv. I would be startled by someone actually yelling into my ear . I was so scared it has been happening to me for around 7 years now, all sorts of weird stuff. I think this is happening on a massive scale. they are using us as tests,seeing how we react to it, even controlling others and then making them interact with others that it is happening to. I contacted the n.s.a. America and Australia. no response but to “get my head read” police local and interstate, private investigators, the problem is none of these have the equiptment to see or prove it. nsa would have but they wont do a thing because they do it themselves and my be involved. they obviously have clearance to do it for so long without being questioned or confronted. I do need help in stopping them. aus. aged 37 jade.


          July 16, 2015 at 01:05

          • jade

            July 16, 2015 at 01:50

        • This has happened to me as well. I am not crazy but feel like my life as i knew it is over. no one will ever believe me.


          July 26, 2015 at 06:19

        • yeah me again. they keep taking out my body parts and prevent me from having any life whatsoever when they aren’t trying to kill me every 5 second. oh forgot drug me. don’t ask me how. all that I keep as evidence which is a lot, with videos and pictures, its not good enough. I have all the trouble in the world to get to doctors and procedures that I desperately need and its almost impossible. when a surgery was completed, not even 24 hours I was being microwaved again. my foot was fractured when I was laying in bed not doing anything for gods sake. if this is the usa then I do not care for my beloved country anymore. it is full with homegrown terrorists who attack their own people for power and profit and discredit the victims with mental health and so called illnesses. I have never been more confident in my life about anything and any competent medical professional that doesn’t get their rocks off on this shit can speak the truth and be a hero to so many unfortunate people who will never know what has, is, and will happen to them for the rest of their lives. you know damn well this powerful treatment of human life does cause suicides and people hear voices through that technology. I have been reading very reputable literature from the best in the world. where do you go to find and honest human being who cares for others? MONEY IS GOOD IN LIFE I GUESS BUT NOT AT THE EXPENSE ON INNOCENT PEOPLE. EVEN THE WORST DONT DESERVE SOME OF THIS TORTURE. I HAVE NOTHING TO LOSE. THEY TOOK EVERYTHING AND ALMOST MY LIFE YEARS AGO. IM NOT A VIOLENT PERSON, I JUST HAVE TO BREATH AND HOPE. I HAVE BEAUTIFUL EYES. I SHOULD BE IN A TECHNOLOGICAL CARNIVAL AS A ROBOTIC HUMAN AT THIS FN STAGE. TERRORISTS

          JEFF SMITH

          September 16, 2015 at 04:11

        • Hello My Name is Ray Cashus Dunn, I too, am a victim of mind coercion/control, with implant with the capability of making it feel like there is an earth quake, bad breath, nasty taste, gag ability, and the ability to make it feel like you are being shocked with a Taser, recordings of what a corpse feels like, feeling microwaved, and much more, had a bad ear infection when I was about 10, I think that’s when they put the implants in my ears, but weren’t blatant until the last few years , I believe a lot of people do not even realize that this is happening to them, they could have kept it a secret from me if every one involved wanted to, but they have me isolated/ living alone so they can assault me without myself having a witness other than GOD, ” that’s who they think they are” but GOD new that the devil could never take his place and so do I .

          Ray Cashus Dunn

          September 21, 2015 at 17:49

        • hi my name is ron i just want to tell you that I experience everything in your paper if you have more web sites or blogs or papers on such matters I would love to read them because I am target as well


          November 5, 2015 at 20:49

        • ultrasonic frequency helps tremendously from their attacks be advised


          November 23, 2015 at 04:23

        • also also I would suggest you submit your brain to different frequencies to get your brain ready for the frequencies that I be admitted by the transponder however I’m serious ultrasonic frequency will block their attacksyou can download something right off of Google apps


          November 23, 2015 at 04:27

        • well folks you can actually walk around your house without getting pin pricks sneezing irritable bowel syndrome this is crazy ultrasonic frequency that’s how simple it was folks I’m letting you know this because I was punished for 8 years and by god I’m sick of it


          November 23, 2015 at 04:33

        • I’ll tell you what else I do folks I put a doo rag on my head and yes I can still feel the waves coming into the brain however it don’t penetrate pass to do rag however I put the doo rag on my head put on a battery operated AM FM headphones but my TV on captiondo rag has to be made out of silk or satin these are secrets I’ve learned through the years of having to put up with their interrogations needle pricks sneezingbody attacks you know what I mean anyway then I put on the ultrasonic frequency while I have the all these things on my head I listen to music and read the captions from TV and I have no problems Thank God


          November 23, 2015 at 04:59

        • hi folks it’s Ron again I want to tell you somethingI was struck down 8 years ago by an electromagnetic frequency I called lightningafter that I learned about a few things that the Angels no and was able to convey this information by the past through watching television and manifesting my voice the same as your handlers do however I don’t need the use of their software or the computers I do this with my brain I’m sorry that they use this information against us however I’m serious when I tell you that ultra sonic frequency obviously blocks the effects of their targetinglet’s build a transponder for us that would meet this ultrasonic frequency so that we can walk freely in our home and then possibly a smaller one that we can put in our pocket and walk freely among those fallen angelsI don’t want any money for telling you this secret I’ve kept it a secret for a while acceptor to my psychiatrist because you like U I was proclaimed schizophrenichowever we know we’re not and there is actually people targeting us now we know this and this time we fight back by putting back on them the same frequency that they put up on us comes through your TV or radio any electronic device they put that video chip in made by DAKA Out of Africa again I would like to submit my formal apology to all those that these folks have used that information against us I gave them through the years against us now it’s time to fight back you build this transponder there’s psychic weigh will pick up this frequency a lot easier and be used against them that would be the best defense I can figure that means that they won’t be able to use their power to manipulate or torture us anymore I hope you copy and yes I am former everything transponder for us


          November 23, 2015 at 05:21

        • I just want to advise you folks that you need to unplug your electronics in the home when you go to sleep such as your TV stereo all the associated electronics with that as well as your radio I suggest you get battery operated items and perhaps this will help secure us from there and salts or assaults interrogations or torture


          November 23, 2015 at 05:46

        • good morning now I’d like to reiterate the ultrasonic frequency interferes with the electromagnetic field coming from their brain over the years I’ve grown adeptto calling that the halo remember to do you research and know that we are human beings we’re not dogs we don’t hear the in audible frequency our brain will not pick that up at 50,000 hurts or 100,000 hurts or not dogs are bats got to be an audible frequency so as to interfere with another human being trying to inflict bodily harm via there hello as I stated we need to come together figure out a way to build a transponderthat emits this ultrasonic frequency


          November 23, 2015 at 15:31

        • be advised 12 kilohertz or possibly short their chip in the chip in your body


          November 25, 2015 at 03:01

        • I beg you to contact me at [email protected] I need some information on this.


          December 1, 2015 at 00:47

          • Im a victim as well contact me with any info it can help me i truely believe my pacemaker somehow got connected to my brain . i hear like never before. I hear the words remote , bluetooth , facebook , youtube also internet . i also feel like my family and nieghboors know of my situation and keeping it a secret from me like if they are monitoring me.

            rudy b

            February 17, 2016 at 08:22

      • today in my class, i experienced invisible spikes sort being penetrated in my body and on head(scalp,etc), but physically no body was touching or doing anything to me, then when i used to touch any of my body parts where i felt penetration and itchy a person (one of person in my contact as a new friend) used to cough as if he was having strong pain in his mouth or so and i did it multiple times so there is no coincidence in it. Then i tried touching other such points on my body where i was feeling itchy, and again someone or other would start coughing. This all started when i was trying to study what was being taught in class(Maths), I was having great problem in studying maths since many days, as if whenever i used to try to study maths i used to feel either sleepy or no thoughts would come to me or any negative thoughts would come, but today when the teacher was teaching maths that to the topic which i was having problem in, a thought started coming to my mind that i am not understanding whatever is being taught – But then somehow i thought NO I am understanding whatever is being taught, and repeated it in my mind many times – and then it all started it was feeling penetrating and itchy at places on my body like on my thigh, below knee, on forehead, etc. then when the lecture was over and i left the building where my class was going on and was WI-FI enabled i started feeling relieved from those problems as i was going away from the wi-fi enabled building. Sort of this happened to me earlier in 2012 in my college where i took admission to study MCA there the technical students would read my mind whatever i was thinking and my past day thoughts also. i was feeling as if i was some sort of machine(Humanoid or so), so i left the college as i was having difficulty in thinking and many things. Thought to share it here because, today it all happened in an apparently normal building with wi-fi and some computers. and when i was home i shared it with my family and they said it might be because of any other reasons so i began searching for causes on internet and i found this article here…Thank you

        Vaibhav Ramteke

        July 11, 2015 at 16:15

        • I am from India – and i think all this happens because of misuse of Quantum Physics which is done in/by people controlling/creating temples all around and so on…

          Vaibhav Ramteke

          July 11, 2015 at 16:17

      • Please help me. I am a TI and have been for over 2 years. Does anyone know of a human rights group who can help? I gave contacted the police and FBI and nothing was done. The police put me in a mental hospital. I hear voices and I am tortured all the time. Some times the torture is so painful I think I am going to die. I have not had 60 seconds of silence in 2 years. They threaten to kill me and my Mother every day. There is a gang and another group called “The Cause” who are involved in this harassment. I am not mentally ill. I am a retired businessman. Does anyone know how to record the voices or have a recommendation on how to end this hideous barbaric shameful act of aggression?

        Rob Roy

        July 12, 2015 at 07:11

      • I can tell how it is done from someone who doesn’t like you, They will always prefer to be behind you in public or in classrooms, they will use there Quantum Devices(Mobiles,etc) to and in some way they will try to enter some keywords in your mind ( by pretending of talking to friend, etc.) so as to connect to your subconscious mind( The Keywords are generally the words against your beliefs/ some words you might be familiar with/ words that identify you or your community, so that your subconscious is set to listen to them, then they will program whatever they wish and generally you will follow what they want) In This way they control minds of people in India most of times….

        Vaibhav Ramteke

        July 14, 2015 at 10:56

      • Do you know which kind of RDIF tags are most commenely used with these types of people? Or at least, which range of frequencies? I am looking into buying a detector, however one is for below 1 Hz frequency, and the other one is for 1 Hz to 6Hz.


        July 14, 2015 at 16:08

      • There’s nothing you can do to stop Novus ordo seclorum! Hitler was just the beginning! This world will be controlled, and the real terror will begin! There’s no way of defeating them, and nothing you can do! Enjoy your lives, and stay weak! I’m also being harassed, and I will keep on living until they kill me, or I die! I was born dead anyway!

        Lucifer Del Infierno

        July 19, 2015 at 07:33

        • i believe in that…

          Mark Turnbow

          May 27, 2016 at 05:27

      • hi friends iam from iraq infortuntly the mind control reached to iraq . but my friends . the bad luck of all peopls in iraq it became the hands of whom more evil than evil . from whom gangs only . they use it to thier bnifit .and established dangeruos gruops . . they kill peopls in sun shine .nobody here in iraq know about this gangs and this secret weapon .that it use . . and realy this envention . its so good if used to serve humanty by medicaland care thiem from disease . but here in iraq it suppose not be . cause we here in iraq know that this must not be each . in past sadam hussen have chimical weapon .and this weapons not so development .in spite of this he fast to throw its on kurdish peopls . and peopls dead . there for .the same happned in this secret weapon . , thanks alot


        August 5, 2015 at 11:34

      • I myself have been a victim of electronic harassment for quite some time. I can relate to most of these things talked about. It’s true that they do not exercise too many of the horrible acts at the same time or one in particular for too long of a period continuously. I started researching this subliminal terrorism in 2008 and everything I have learned I had already sensed was happening. It was a relief to have a sense of sanity after my research supported all this bizarreness. I understand some of the motive for why a person could be targeted, although most reasons aren’t good enough to render a person to tortuous receiving. For instance, a person doing something horribly wrong under criminal investigation of some sort may be under surveillance. However, I am having a hard time connecting in my brain the motive of why someone or a group of people would participate in torturing a person time over time and again, spending time breaking another person down, vibrating their groin and rechanneling the communications they have with others. I just know that most people don’t participate in things that take time and energy without a personal motive. I guess getting paid would be more important to some people over and above any concern for the well-being of another. But, driving someone to suicide or losing their kids or friends or eventually prompting a visit to the mental hospital, or driving them to do horrible things to other people like killing somebody because they thought they were the devil or something weird like that……it just makes sense there has to be a tremendous motive, even if it is simply to contribute to a greedy appetite for wealth. Could there be some racketeering groups hungry for land and they are trying to run people off of it.

        I learned to keep my mouth shut for the most part and not tell too many people about the things that go on with me. A person who has not experience the receiving end of this terror simply cannot understand…..Hell, some who do understand still kind of don’t. Like me…I know what’s going on, but I just can’t understand why I am being targeted. Most of the time I can laugh off the things “they” do to me….but sometimes it’s very hard because of certain techniques with unbearable effects. Sometimes I will have a really really bad day where I feel like I just want to kill myself….I will have unbearable sadness overwhelm my existence. I just try to rest and get to the next day because I know I don’t want to kill myself. I want to catch the evil terrorists….but unless I know who, why and how it will be hard to do.

        L Brown

        August 10, 2015 at 07:14

      • Some of your information is useful and gives another perspective about what is happening to some individuals. From my research, their are devices that are piezoelectric powered, which means they can be powered by the movements by the body. One of the things to consider about the ear pieces is how are they powered every single day? One of the answers could be they are piezoelectricly powered, move formally known as powered by the movement of the lower jaw every time that person moves their jaw. The place of the device could be in the middle ear, partly in the eustachian tubes. For example, another individual has been able to get a record of objects in their ears. Another site, (at the bottom) informs about hearing aids (not TI’s type of “hearing aids”) that are powered by the jaw. This principal could apply to the devices that are in our ears. One of the ideas for the buzzing I am researching is that it is just a back feed of the devices.
        For the part about the RDIF tags, There is most likely two of them in me, which is a good reason to bring up the questions, how many RDIFs do you have, or think you have? Is one more accessible to get out, and the other one (or more) implanted so that they would be close to impossible to get out? (and was it also implanted in a more hidden way?) Have you heard anything while they were implanting it, or anything about it before/after? For, me, (19) and (20) were a part of it, and drugs/ technology to check if it worked or not. However, they were not the only ones a part of the group as the organizaiton consist of people who have knowledge of technology (computer, radio (like ham radio) medical technology (more up to date than the typical hospital), RDIF implanters, drugs, and the millitary).
        You had a part about automated computer-to brain interfacing. I have also noticed that they have similiar words. It becomes more interesting when they don’t use the same words and it often helps distinguish, among other techniques, what is an artifical intelligence program, and the words/ sentences said by the real people. Do you have any idea of what is code yellow?
        Capabilities of prepetrators of ESMC:
        (3) What were the comment about the TV show? I have watched one tv show wiht a voice commenting (male) about it. Which gender said it and what year did it happened? It happend in 2005-2006 for me.
        (4) I usually have differnet people come in during the night, and only following during the day, not approaching expect for the occasional ones.
        V2K can be recored:
        Is there a new technology that can record it, eg. types of phones? Or is the only thing that you have tried is the specific type of recorder? Do you know how to tell the range that device can record to?
        To Dialogue or Not to Dialogue (with your handlers):
        They work in shifts. There are some patterns that can be noticed, expecially along the lines of being followed, when sorting through how I am bieng followed. There are differnet ways of bieng followed that I have seen. One of them being using vehicles marking them as a part of the government, and those not. (marked- liscnecs plate says it is owned by the government (April 2014), and a sticker in a vehcial stating it is the DOD’s. (West Point Nebraska, June 27 2014) There are other ways that I have been followed. Techniques that they have used include hand signals (whether in a vehical or not) physical signals (possibly fireworks), using drops, and driving techniques (how they drive, how many, how to switch places, ect.).
        For the group that I have been dealing with they can be divided into groups, the smallest category is their inner families then coworkers, then which groups interact with eachother. What they do, and what type of personality also helps distinguish who’s doing what and when.
        Education-some are from the millitary who then works with this differnet organization. (2) (33) and (95) could be some of them. There are some with knoweldge in the medical field, (think of it as a range, not just knoweldge- not in any specific order) (1), (4) (24) (19) (20) (18) (93?) (24) (35) (16) (15) (33).
        Computer knowledge (2) (37).
        They also work in teams of husband/wife/ children (even though it’s illegal).
        Some are better at using lies than others. Some of the people I have observed as really terrible as using cover stories (eg. who has families, and children, and what they do).
        The Handler’s Strategy:
        Intersting idea about tape recorder. Have you researched about ham radios/ frequencies?

        The Handler’s Accomplices:
        gas lighting- I have expereniced some during the nights, depending on who is comming in, and what procedures they are doing (eg. full search- 5-7-14), drugging/ sugeries (various days thoughtout differnet years). There has also been evidence it during certian days, when my family and I are out of the house.


        August 18, 2015 at 18:40

      • can someone PLEASE help me.. I am hanging on by a thread.. I am electrocuted over my entire body 247 with stinging electrical pain at screaming level. they turned it up so high my mind cracked and it is like sitting in an electric chair. My mind is being altered. my heart, my emotions. I cannot put clothes on, I pace and cry non stop. I was targeted for years but did not know until I came to the usa from Canada to marry my husband. I took 3 vacinnes and 60 levaquin.. a few months later my body blew like a electrical storm, electricity all through me. then the electric stinging started is over my entire body at screaming level . I thought it was neuapthy but it is not.. it is everywhere. my heart is altered every morning like a script, I am in induced flight or fight response 247. I cannot think to talk as my words are changed. They have me on mind thought control. THen at the same time I got morgellans horrifically inside me. my stools is nothing but swamp water with alien like things with fiber and antenas on it.. I love my husband so much and am trying to hang on but I cant.. I cant do anything but lie perfectly still in torture.. I am hysterical. Going to a mental hospital would be horrible as I am sane but my husband is afraid I will take my life and so am I but they will not stop torturing me anywhere.. I fear for my soul. it would kill my husband but I am not even me, I cant function, the stinging is entire body and face at a level about 90 all the time 100 is cant hold. They told me 1000 times to kill myself when it went to that level. I have NEVER heard of anyone being this tortured without a break . Please can anyone help me. Please.. [email protected]

        Janet Murray-Murray

        September 6, 2015 at 14:15

        • A friend sent me a wonderful cd by Patricia King and Steve Swanson called “Spiritual Cleanse”. It’s great to
          listen to when you go to sleep, or just feel refreshed during the day. It’s very peaceful! i think it would help!


          May 22, 2016 at 06:04

      • I there,
        To whom it may concern,
        I need some help please. I have been living a nightmare for a while now. I have spent lot of money learning and researching about this cruel and heartless mind game. From threats to my self, my family, lies about co-worker being dead and not been able to sleep. Please help me or guide me where to go. All this came from where I used to live at Park Sorrento Apartments in Bakersfield CA 93306
        Please contact me at [email protected]
        I’m a good person and I have never been arrested or any kind or trouble with the law.

        Your Sincerely,
        Hector Solis


        September 12, 2015 at 10:37

      • They literally made me talk like I had the Holy Ghost / In tongues, forward and backwards, at first I thought that they were just numbing up my face, until they started playing the signals threw me like I was a tape player or something .

        Ray Cashus Dunn

        September 21, 2015 at 17:58

      • I imagine this is simple technology with todays science, the body works off an electrical nervous system .

        Ray Cashus Dunn

        September 21, 2015 at 18:09

      • I am trying to collect evidence to sue, but the Government would probably kill you off before that could happen, but the wool will be uncovered eventually !!! I have donated my body to science because of this torture .

        Ray Cashus Dunn

        September 21, 2015 at 18:13

      • “It is amazing technology” “but technology it is”, !!! And I did not agree to have this done to me .

        Ray Cashus Dunn

        September 21, 2015 at 18:17

      • Remote neural monitoring satellite harassment terrorism and human experimentation of Brazil

        My name is Marisa am a victim of human minds trafficking ring operating in southers Brazil, i have an intracranial implant an i’m being tortured. I need help to save my life means to break free of this harassment. Criminals step into the human brain 24hs the connection an come from several People at the same time, reading the visual córtex through the computer brain interface using mobile phone masts and satellite. The mental grocery prison of life, torture or brain radar signature.There is a software created and based on neurosciense of the brain and humam mind that is being used to torture People. This weapons uses Neuroeletronicas brain frequency of 3hz to 50hz distance to torture victim by sending intracranial voices plague victims who be come human guinea pigs in the hands of entire gangs that are usurping these bodies victims need to try a faraday cage p try to get rid of this harassment.

        Please help me blocking remote neural monitoring,

        [email protected]
        Porto Alegre – RS / Brazil


        October 24, 2015 at 18:41

        • For Marisa [[email protected]
          Porto Alegre – RS / Brazil]

          You may collect evidence or some facts and apply for United Nations organization, claiming the psychiatry abuse and violation of the Human Rights; the address for the High Commissioner for Human Rights is on the web site of

          Actually, the claim has two kinds: first the Urgent Attention, when people dye or when it is direct therat to the people lives. The other claim may be long term as like Letter of Allegations.

          You may file up claim into Swiss or into New York City office of the Human Rights.
          Actually, they are all the same – never responding – because they are scaring the 9-11 terrorism attack on the Trade Center and police abuse on Patriotic Act 107/53, which allowing to arrest remotely the citizens computers, phones, bank accounts, and have silent hidden investigation on the citizens background IF – those citizens involved into terrorism of became suspects in the mentioned matter.

          Anyway, the address in the Geneva is:

          FAX; +41 22 917 90 06
          e-mail: [email protected]

          post ,mail:
          Quick Response Desk
          Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights
          United Nations Office at Geneva
          8-14 avenue de la Paix
          1211 Geneva 10
          ————— this address was retrieved from web site in 2010 year.

          Actually, to be listened and to achieve that your complain will be registered, the claim must have proof that all the means were used in the country of the repression. The claim has no effect of the complain into police – it is just legal sued process against the COUNTRY. If the country violated the International LAw of accepted Conventions or ratified protocols, so ,the country may be asked to respond within time period to bring answer from your country federals or from even president. The group[ of the state must send answer to UN court and it may be listened in the applied region as like Asian – Europe – America. The Americas Court may be in Puerto Rico. I do not know too much. But the Canadian Queen was in charge in around 2004-2006.
          —————you may obtain the different address and phone number if you search in web site.

          In real way, nobody needs something in modern world; the money is the only incentive. If their business cost such efforts, the violators may even kill. But nobody will do something at all if may cost extra. They may just drop. If somebody sell you for scientists, that medical health experiments may qualify as like HUMAN TRAFFICKING. So, you may have the chance to get out the problem. But mostly, the police officers just selling humans for the free or cheap laborers needs. So, if it is not just surgeon need to cut out your heart or kidney to sell for transplantation medicine, probably, you will be “o’key”. The other threat may be from drug and narcotics dealers selling streets radio-hypnosis simulators. The threat is in the organized crime coverage from police bribery. Therefore, the gangsters may shoot into death. Be careful . Any way, try to communicate with the Human Rights group.

          P.S.: I am NOT any spy or agent of the government system; I am the claimant only – in the Human Rights problem. If you need, use the address to connect with International Law professionals. Good Luck.

          Alexander Leonov

          April 25, 2016 at 16:26

      • My name is Marisa am a victim of torture eletromagnetic of Brazil, i have an intracranial implant an i’m being tortured. I need help to save my life. Please help me blocking remote neural monitoring,

        [email protected]


        October 24, 2015 at 18:49

      • Large Mutiny Underway by a Covert Wicked Gang of Mostly Hispanic Stalkers Targeting me and Countless Other Disinformed Victims Using Remote Electroencephalograph (E.E.G.) Neuronal Monitoring Transmitters Usually Mounted with Directed Energy Weapon (D.E.W.) Assaults and Counterfeit Sound Broadcasts by Carrier Current Overlapping and Heterodyning Thoughts Massively Desecrating Humanity In America By The Criminals Covertly Planted Devices
        . Last Revised November 16th, 2015

        After a electroencephalograph (EEG) mobile, covertly planted transmitter with militant directed energy weapon was covertly placed in our homes ductwork early 2011, I am extremely targeted by several criminals racist, Satanist, totalitarian ‘hate’ scanning and mutilation of a very important and now exposed biological matter: Nervous Systems Electromagnetic Energy. The most common result of crooks using Remote Neuronal Monitoring (RNM) that I’ve had to witness is the lying our community culture and lives to waste in the name of false teaching, wicked behavior, racketeering and arbitrary racism.

        Stalkers established a cruel criminal setup to assassinate or drive me to desperate measures and have planked isolated sections of our youthful society to sinfulness. Gangstalkers are so intent on stealing the mind, spirit and independence of man and Earth they poisoned my immediate family over 150 times with nerve toxins. Also recently, our 1/2 mile neighbors hedge mostly had weeds until we weed pulled, rototilled and planted native grass seeds. They were hand watered during our wettest season I’ve seen in New Mexico in 30 years. Ten days later, Gangstalkers also poisoned and killed over half the hedge grass seedlings in the cover of night, August 31st 2015.

        Definition: Gangstalking is cowardly and deceitfully spreading misery, crime, ugly racism, poisons, pointed thinking, racketeering, whore mongering, mutilation and disease in a wicked conspiracy destroying millions of lives and thoughts in the name of ganging up for evil liberty and oppression with remote neuronal monitoring, heterodyning thoughts, replacing words and environmental sounds produced and/or heard using carrier current frequencies dishonorably for fear mongering and covertly enforcing transmitters with directed energy weapons on tellers of the truth, and no matter how bad “IT” is showing the minimal remorse.

        After they sinisterly and remotely created a ‘breakdown’ and minor accident in my home in November 2011, with EEG (electroencephalographed) me by external transmitters, they’ve tortured and defemated me around town everyday. In Jan. 2014, they had UNM ER intravenously sneak their latest EEG weapon that mobily made its way to my spinal cord (see 1951 US inventions secrecy act, 2001 Patriot Act, 1917 Espionage act and over 20,000 satellites currently used to experiment, target and silence people worldwide).

        Now over 20 different Hispanics, 5 Italians, 5 Mexican-Indians and 10 divergent Caucasians have remotely used experimental and criminal remote spinal cord device snuck intravenously into me to study and mutilate many of my thoughts and movements in my body. All while escalating false inflammatory libel of me all around town everyday and particularly through young grade students at both schools bordering our property. The adults take turns torturing me and keeping me up about 3 nights a week. Its more like being kidnapped in a technocratic Midevil Spanish Inquisition.

        I was traited by liars who are always gross whoremongers, deceivers and even pedophiles in my town who worked their way up the chain and saw me a total opposite to their principles (i.e. they are passionately evil, wrongful, sinful gang of very unethical liars with a handler global mission) and sought the opportunity to entrap me (I.e. poisoning me and destroying my last four vehicles) to scan all my thoughts and body reactions to hundreds of thousands of their harassment techniques, environmental changes, assaults, mutiny, molestation and more hideous crimes of their horrible criminal regime and mental tyranny.

        I am an active resident of New Mexico and a graduate of NMSU, 2005. While working in my field of wildlife ecosystems management, I moved back home to Albuquerque from Las Cruces, NM, in 2009. Here, since early 2011, I have been criminally Electroencephalographed (E.E.G.) by remote, covert criminals transmitters, scanned out, harassed and tortured daily by Directed Energy Weapons (DEW’s) cell frequency transmitters and break-ins to our property and body’s. The targeting on me grew more noticeable to very loud and frequent after sabotaged November 2011 by gang stalkers plot to frame/ neutralize me and experiment on my nerves and neuronal information using transmitters gathering massive amounts of information from our home/ body’s . All while stealing electromagnetic energy information by E.E.G. covertly placed transmitters used hideously all times of the day. They have had over 26 EEG with DEW transmitters in our home, our one acre of land in Los Ranchos and counting the two recently placed malicious transmitters in my old 91′ Toyota Camry. Additionally, this gang has covertly planted thousands and thousands of EEG transmitters all around Albuquerque the last 5 years.

        The first criminally placed EEG with DEW transmitter, in our home was placed mid 2011 in our homes ductwork. In early 2013, to prevent me from reporting thousands of the gang of remote stalkers crimes, they proceeded to plant malicious transmitters in any part of the property I sought to find sleep and computer typing/ emailing/ reporting.

        Satanic technocrats not only tip of the iceburg theft of U.S. thoughts, but also overlapping the sounds and school of thought in our community using a gamut of sophisticated technology (electromagnetic radiation, cell and radio frequencies, transmitters, very low frequency carrier current, E.L.F., H.A.A.R.P, etc) that is depernatural, sinister, foolish, deceptively laid back but rapacious while always used very unethically and downright grotesque. I am sick of being tormented, debilitated, discredited with loads of evidence and testimony and then more tortured by insensitive, remote liars. Its not just a temporary passing, and based on 1000’s of other victims testimony, nearly a 1000 pages of my reporting, plus tons of evidence of sneaky evildoers crimes, Ive also obtained a knowledge of covert criminal campaigns, that no one else currently has. For much of the day, I am nerve information scanned by smart ass, belittling, heartless punks also combining insane assaults by their array of break-ins to poison food when I’m not home and Directed Energy Weapons on covertly placed transmitters.

        After being slipped nervous system toxins/ poisons multiple times, since mid-2011, I’ve been nearly incapacitated on numerous occasions and nearly murdered around a hundred times. Essentially, I should now have a vendetta, after mutilated and framed by Satanic, piggish sneaks who still come at me in many ways with different hurtful devices, depernatural words and noise campaigns, al the way to Minnesota, when I moved October 25th, 2015. I have a justice to restore the truth. Gangstalkers are loaded with shameless crimes like transmitting assault by newer directed energy weapons (DEW) and sometimes minut projectiles fired at me after voice transmitting death threats, false libel, slandering and gross mass deceit and corruption.

        They (Illuminati or other mob) have poisoned my mom over ten times and me over a hundred times with low-medium amounts of neurological toxins such as tasteless paint thinner and insecticides. They also poisoned my brother and many more to unetically research and profit from making discoveries on the nervous systems funtion and recovery. This started on me, early July 2011, before I knew what gang stalkers were equipped with.

        After a sinister setup by a sabotage to kill or neutralize me November 1 to 14 2011, they framed me, set-me-up for being completely stolen from, defemated and mutilated while they still slander me all around Albuquerque everyday. What comes with this nasty gang framing me (descibed below) is massive frequent brain scanning to steal and monstrously deceive public, whilst physically torturing me to gain more unethical research profits and social brute and deceived power.

        Gang stalkers care nothing about thier millionss of lies and destructions (multitude of crimes) and often act excited about covertly placing transmitters with E.E.G. and D.E.W. all around the country, being a ruthless, psychotic, sociopathic gang of spoiled thieves and thugs with a set of satellites to supercomputers of human and animal targets neuronal energy/information stolen, stored and re-manipulated, corrupted, defiled, deceieved, retained and stored for wicked psycho gangs well integrated new world order data base (similar to a 21st century worst nightmare database system)..

        These very evil stalkers are mostly career criminals remotely heterodyning and strategically group stalking Albuquerque. I honestly try to ignore the gang component that frequently involves mostly Hispanics voices, remote rape rape and transmitting harassment while imitating with computer simulating others voices over sounds in the environment and radio broadcasts. Very Low Frequency Carrier Currents and Radio/ Electromagnetic Radiation are at least two methods of intercepting, overlapping, heterodyning, altering, and replacing ‘news of words and sounds’. Power mongering, evil, corrupted, twisted, deceived and even complicit people are behind this mutiny of minds, sense, laws and souls.

        Gangstalkers in the U.S. with remote nervous system energy monitoring, or R.N.M., heterodyning brains with counterfeit sound/news broadcasts all over town, are always ‘loading the deck’. I’ve been a primary target, victim and witness of a highly unethical business, directed by career criminals, for over four years. I would tell the story from my facts and upbringing more more composed had I not lost over half my memory, time and space being neutralized and then mutilated by a gang of chumps known as gangstalkers. Anyhow, they harness much sophisticated technologies unwieldy and used in a dishonorable and grotesque fashion of crime.

        For hundreds of all no-good-reasons, and no good or value reasons, gangstalkers are still targeting me extremely for over 4.5 years. They have targeted me, while some members deeply harass me threatening to shoot me with H.I.V. tainted minut projectiles 3-4 times a week since July, 2014. After being sabotaged and set-up by rapacious racists racketeering all day, it seems the more I report, the more witnessing and being a victim of their uncountable (>1 million) crimes.

        Remotely tricking people could be considered cruel based on purpose and severity. Ulteriorily, scanning people’s thoughts remotely with Electroencephalograph, a.k.a. E.E.G. transmitters, while voice transmitting death threats and also shooting someone you dont know from wicked enmity while transmitting in their home, microwave, laser and electromagnetic radiation pulsing directed energy weapons, a.k.a. D.E.W., on any precisely aimed part of their body to disrupt their nervous system electron structure/ complexes all while replacing natural environmental sounds and electronically broadcast words, news and sounds, is an extreme abomination!

        This all to the tune of an evil gangs racketeering and corruption, minute-by-minute, is just greedy, glutinous, cruel and dishonorable stalking loaded with sneaky and prejudiced assaults.

        Frequently heterodyning millions of Americans thoughts with deceit, defemation, violence, and covert misrepresentation of both speaker and targeted receiver is an abomination. They have been discounting everyone with remote secret technology, planting false words, thougts, sounds and images on over a million citizens a day.

        Spanish Inquisition – Established 1478 – and not definitively abolished until 1834. Denunciation of citizens, detention, theft of property/credibility/life and torture paid for by claiming goods of those denunciated and detained under Spanish Inquisition. Denunciations were based on genuine concerns of religious crimes (Catholicism), rivalries and personal jealousy (corruption). The queen and king in charge of starting it, targeted mostly Jews, Muslims and protestants. The general targeted pool were often rich people whose property stolen paid for their detainment and torture.

        Gang stalkers targeted me because they are forging a most atrocius government charged by prejudism, theft, remote rape and mutilation while burying the truth.

        A constant barage of bad messages sent illegally, remotely heterodyning thoughts (conscious and unconscious), while remotely destroying good messages produced or heard by the brain. The covert and dishonorable gang satalkers that set me up for being brain and body trafficked, through and through with mutilating my expression’s, while trafficking everyones thoughts around me with nothing but corruptness, wicked counterfeit thoughts, deteriorated souls, should now gather their demoniacal selves and run over a cliff. The gang stalkers targeting me and poisoning minds in a variety of ways every day act as bad as caprimulgous warewolves.

        Nearly every day I am harassed by gang stalkers and group stalkers next door and driving by me with harassing gesturing and assaults. Another regularly occurring barage on me, is malicious gesturing and remote nerve impulses to force a bad image and response from me. There are hundreds who are aware of and involved in the gang stalking business.

        I don’t like them gang stalkers… they destroyed around half my mom and my memories, and also poisoned my older brother Patrick Hopkins. There are way too many crimes committed a day by this wicked secret society and witnesses in order for many to have already been held accountable for their criminals and crimes. This sad phenomenon is somtimes known as a criminal campaign. It is difficult calling them out on being way out of line because I usually don’t have a way of seeing how the perpetrators are remotely committing cyber instantiated crimes.

        Although they talk with threats, lies, deceit, heterodyning and insults in a quite wicked short-hand, experimental, intrusive, insulting and disturbing protocol most of the day, I have still recorded thousands of crimes they committed (by the figures) against me.

        It is very important that I add here that many millions more people are being remotely scanned without their knowing. It all occurs belittling and piggishly and by dishonorable and arbitrarily prejudiced stalkers with remote E.E.G. transmitters surveillance of people’s nervous system electromagnetic energy field of communication. This large, two-faced gang of evildoers are also intercepting countless electronic communications with some of their other TECHNOLOGIES combined.

        The type of very intrusively used surveillance on my neighborhood is through covertly and illegally planted transmitters equipped with a ‘secret’, more advanced and sophisticated electrode bank, form of electronicencephalogram (EEG) scanning that over months to years, detects most electromagnetic activity in the brain. All the nerves of the body emit electromagnetic energy at 1-50 Hertz whenever they communicate with another nerve or set of nerves. This information is stolen off us and transmitted via cell frequencies to a very large and high tech computer for interpreting the data stolen and monitored by criminal stalkers.

        The first of this type of transmitter planted on our property was placed sometime between early to middle 2011, in our homes ductwork system. It includes mobility, a directed energy weapon (DEW) and subject specific voice transmitter. It is used by the most cruel and greedy spies imaginable.

        Also known as perpetrators or ‘perps’ for short, stalkers target individuals (TI’s) and I am still a targeted individual of gang stalking. A very misleading and heinous act they regularly partake in unsuspecting humans and animals is heterodyning subjects thoughts and adding sound deceptions, and sometimes remote assaults with a Directed Energy Weapon (DEW) by exposing and tracking subjects electromagnetic energy field.

        Members are obsessed with verbally harassing me and shooting me with microwave directed energies. When I get closer to detecting and reporting their many crimes, on many occasions, they have broken into our home when we were gone for poisoning food, to debilitate me. While I still hold over 20 of the stalker poisoned food items, all the law enforcement agecies I reported gang stalking to, denied reviewing my evidence. The FBI denied my testimonyvand evidence over 30 different phone calls to them as did the NSA and Jake at the Bureau of Alcohol and Tobacco. While stalkers shoot me with DEW (i.e. microwaves, electromagnetic radiation, lasers, etc..), whenever I sheild the part of my body being shot, I.e., my hand or a metal object, the pain/agitation recedes immediately.

        To name a few of the many other crimes they commit regularly, I have witnessed this group of organized stalkers remotely molesting and defiling hundreds of grade students a day next door at North Valley Academy in Los Ranchos, NM. They scan and pillage nerve energies in real time to to unethically, plot, pillage, profit and corrupt as total evildoers. They frequently corral the students thoughts to have them slander and harass me. This is even heard while I’m in my house and totally out of view and usually for a couple hours a day. Their false teaching and many other deplorable acts with children has gone on for over four years and usually reached a higher amount of character assassination as soon as I stepped outside..

        Most deplorable is when these stalker gangsters have medical personnel intravenously slipping multifunctional EEG microchips into people. I’ve witnessed at least six people microchipped by the way they’re body’s were jerked, contirted or stimulated suddenlt and their expressions were shocked by the transmitting device on their spinal cord raping and assaulting nerves in their body. I discuss later, whats happened since UNM ER intravenously microchipped me January 4th, 2014.

        Another secret of this spying community is E.E.G. remote nerve energy monitoring/recording and overlapping just about any sounds around subjects and then overlapping many thoughts on subjects (I.e. covert radio frequency heterodyning) after spying long enough. To tremendously stifle matters, they are covertly overlapping most sounds made in my environment with such technologies as Very Low Frequency Carrier Currents and H.A.A.R.P. project from powerful electronic/cell towers.

        Four years ago I had barely a clue our house was in the middle of predatory perpetrators remote hell. I still can not shake them after: sabotages on my last 5 vehicles, repeated attempts on my life, family unity and home division’s remotely, my memory erodid by stalkers slipping paint thinner and other neurotoxins in my foof, shattering my good reputation, depleting my high physical fitness, my time wasted and my mind frequently abused. These many crimes by strategic Satanists are covertly lined up and include an extremely long list of: deceptions, perjury, sabotages, thefts, assaults, harassment, massive false libel, rape and distortion of many environmental and societal participals and perceptions.

        So why me? I am a law abiding Christian whose a sinner, but not sinful. I am a gaurdian of nature while gang stalkers much tend to be depernatural in reality and mutilators in nature. I find most liberty in the truth, not in lying to get away with more and I have a common wisdom in the way of their common maladies. It escalates on me because of my location and excellent observation skills and knowledge. (First 6 of 12 page blog)

        Marcus George Hopkins (Descendent i f Mayflower)

        November 18, 2015 at 03:51

      • I am a victim of mind control and torture through teeth. I have an image of a tooth crown that I wish I could upload here- a lot of people might not believe in this stuff, but it is 100 percent true. I went to a University to have dental work- they pretty much ruined my life with 3 teeth devices. One was a tooth implant which had a microphone to hear every word I said & a device in the titanium screw which tracked my where abouts. The second tooth controlled my movements and could actually my me say things they wanted me to say. The third tooth was chipped with a device in the root of the tooth that controlled my heart beat. I had that removed and I am now normal. My advice- don’t get any crown work done. Just go toothless.

        Alexandros Alexander

        November 29, 2015 at 08:06

      • GSWx2 to the head, (closed-loop) verichip platform V2K= to ensure conntinuity of fiber optical frequency transmissions (closed-loop)Deep Brain Stimulating (DBS) cell-phone Binary Command Intermuxture (BCI) for real time seizure control. CDC NSA STO, Ironicly eveident synappsis telephone out-source. LC filter, Frey Effect amplifier electromagnetic brain scanner, together they absorb the SAR effect to modulate with the whitenoise or amplified Frey effect. If you are 68 then you’ll rember 1961. dental implants? indistant comercialess music? probability not. the rules of engagement, the cops didnt catch the ones i didnt kill that night, you can only shoot them once? until you lived through the Verichip you wont understand the science. implanted (Closed- loop) NAST to hear my child die at the hands of a sexual sadist caniable because of who i killed that night, many, but not all of them. a mistake my child shouldnt have payed for. he hunted with a bluetooth, 5 children, the ones asking for help said they could hear his voice before.. so if anybody deserved to know how this worked it was me. so I found the science, it turned me in to a pathtoligost. So now CID, S2I, FBI, AND INTERPOL are investigating the doctors but any one who tries. Bio-terrorism, not just (memory loss) hyper agressive dorsal streams, and absense of visoactive intestinal peptide production, by blood loss to the brain. a fire frequencys of terminal super rabbies symptoms in humans worked along side labors that leveled 250,000 unmarked grave stones for the military. i recovered by terminal sympoms by donating blood and plasma. The only option is to remove the tumor benith their skull and temporal tumor and all tooth fragments. the veri chip is mal-practicioning in it finest. I know how pervasive this is, but, live in hope, they can only comply once filed complaint of a crime. they need multipule filled complaints to be realistic. we must do are part as citizens, and force the goverment to realize the are public sevents and the are just as reponsible for their descisions, even if that descisions my never effect them directly, now G20 notification is aware of military technology, training, and resources are being used against civilians as a weopan. slaves to the broadband network? Rember they are JUST PUBLIC Servents elected to serve on are behalf.


        December 1, 2015 at 18:48

        • I agree with all you said. I am a victim myself of this evil criminal act. I am listening to 3 Brazilians, all started here in the Bay Area. They are projecting the voices and also I am suffering the consequences of the attacks to my body and brain.
          Sometimes they try to convince me that what they are doing to me is just spiritual and I will never be able to put them in jail, nor find out how they are doing it.
          I am the only victim posting online that the Brazilian mafia is behind this evil satanic crime. I have no doubts of what I am tal;king here. I am under attacker and they tell me that they will continue until I kill myself. I told them that it will never happen, because I am a God believe and with my faith I will research all this Brazilian mafia goiania around SF, Daly City , San Bruno, San Jose, Emeryville, Hayward and Bay Area. I listen a phone ring and I can tell is a T-mobile device, I hear a car door when they are going out, usually Fridays and Saturdays nights. The people that I am listening are 3, a man , and two women. I will describe them. The youth Brazilian has black hair, tiny guy and I remember seeing him at the mall in San Francisco when I was already listening to the voice and they asked me for money. They told me to take the money to a friend of my. I did, she did want to received the $2,000 and while I was giving the check and talking to her that the group that was projecting the voice asked me to give her the $2,000 that they would turn off the device. Then I saw a youth couple standing a few meters away. I am sure they were there to make sure if the girl would receive the money. I comment with her ” Do you know the couple over there looking at us and disfarce holding a white dog, she said with a scary voice” I do not know them and I do not want the money.” And since then she told me that our friendship was over and her life became an inferno. I told her I am not accusing you I am just asking the you know the couple, until today our friendship of more than 10 years is hurt. She never answer my phones calls and if she is at her house in San Francisco when I try to talk to her she never answer the door. Even though I know she is at home , because the voices of the Brazilians tell me ” We already told her that you are coming to her house, she cannot talk or meet with you anymore. I am sure that this Brazilian mafia is the one that prohibit her to talk to me.

          She just told a friend of mine that she believes that the voices that I am listening is Spiritual. I am here curious to ask her in person why she believes such a thing. and why she is avoiding talk to me in person, if we knew each other for so many years. I am sure she is scare of this Brazilian mafia. Because when I visited her and stayed at her place she used to tell me when I went out in San Francisco, ” be careful with the Brazilian mafia goiania, watch over your drinks, so people do not put sleep cinderella”

          I am sure the my harass is not that far from me, and so or later I will catch them, I need the help from other victim to support my case and take it to the FBI. I talked to a psychologist for a year in order to have a letter from her to support my case when I take it to justice. I already have the letter in my hands, to prove to the society that I am not crazy, I am a victim of a Brazilian mafia that are destroying the lives of innocent people here in North California.


          November 14, 2016 at 07:52

      • If you’ve been implanted with a chip or you just wish to protect our freedom from such threats, now you can help. I’m a physicist and raising money on indiegogo for a research project on detecting and disabling implanted chips. The link is . Please help


        December 10, 2015 at 09:42

      • Microwave Leakage Detector will indicate time of attacks.
        A must have, very accurate


        December 11, 2015 at 19:26

      • Microwave Leakage Detector. …
        Will indicate time of DEW arttack.


        December 12, 2015 at 00:21

      • Microwave Leakage Detector. ..
        Will indicate when DEW attack..m


        December 12, 2015 at 00:24

      • I hate how our government is letting this violence happen to our minds, bodies, and souls. They just push us aside. They let us and the people we love believe we are nuts. I’m dying because of the people that openly, in public, call me their hostage and say they can do what ever they want to me. Russia banned all mind control weapons in their country in 2012 to protect their citizens. Now they are talking about getting rid of anyone they catch with mind control/ body manipulation technology, as if they have a leathal weapon pointed at someone, before they can press another button. Our government doesn’t care about us at all. All I have left on my side is the Creator of the Universe. He hates the souls of those that love violence. This is nothing but violence.


        December 21, 2015 at 19:04

      • I hate the phrase ‘mind control’. Why would corporate businesses not want ‘mind control’ devices used for marketing strategies? Unethical, absolutely. It’s not so much ‘mind control’ it’s neurology and sound engineering at it’s best. There are certain sound levels where your perception changes because your brain is not conditioned to it. The level of sound between ‘hearing’ and ‘thinking’ is extremely delicate.
        When you read a book in your head, are you ‘hearing’ or ‘thinking’? Do you breathe in and out as though your are speaking it out loud…only your mouth is shut? I wondered why little kids would speak out loud what I was thinking. They haven’t been conditioned 8 hours a day for 12 years in our education system and have not started reading or their heads yet. What was really happening, was that we were both hearing the same thing spoken at the same time. While children’s impulses in speech and language are not yet conditioned, they may blurt what they hear nearly inaudibly from low frequencies as opposed to someone with weak impulse control as an adult and that’s just language. While it ‘feels’ like we’re ‘thinking’ we are actually just hearing external sound nearly inaudibly. It’s an excuse to pill victims and keep them sedated or make them sick by telling them they need anti-psychotics or schizophrenia meds that are not necessary. It’s almost 2016 and the DSM is way out of date. Yet, in the Torah and the Bible you have people getting prophetic visions and hearing voices way before technology and if you read the Bible, it always worked to their advantage as a form if communication from God going through Spirit and into their heads. Now, you have to try hearing and seeing God with modern technology and nearly inaudible distractions making you cluster f****d and discern clearly if the people targeting you are not being torturous. There was a cognitively disabled individual who told me he hears ‘voices’. If he’s hearing voices, he was most likely conditioned to and is a victim. Just assume anyone anywhere is a victim of cyber stalking or victims to a pathetic group of sociopaths or psychopaths with money, masturbating to the suffering of their victims. While you cannot record them on an audio device to save your life or to keep some psychiatrist from pilling you with poison so they can test new drugs on you ‘voluntarily’ because the DSM is full of complete bullshit in some areas, education is comforting. Again, it’s not telepathy, it’s just sound engineering, physics, and neurology. Your brain is conditioned because they can expose you to the sound frequencies for long periods of time as opposed to any other person. Unless, two people are conditioned the same, they probably will not hear it or feel it because they were not conditioned to. Don’t believe the audio hallucination bull****. Oh and the new ‘vibration hallucination’….seriously, sound engineering, conditioning, and neurology. Your CNS is connected through your brain. With time and conditioning, they’ll fry your nerves in your ears and head until your CNS sends electrical impulses into your legs and make them spasm or tingle or even give you ‘restless legs syndrome’ or force you to seizure. They can cause areas of your brain to swell and effect your mood becaus your neurotransmitters are no longer going through areas of your brain properly. If you try to take anti-psychotics or schizophrenia medication to make other people stop hurting you, you may as well drink whiskey instead and be drunk everyday, sedated, and if your abusers someday get bored with violating you because God and the Dixie Chicks knows that you can file a restraining order if you can ever get a name, home address, and phone number, but they can still walk straight through your firewall or place a microchip an 1/8 of the size of your cell phone with it’s own battery on your roof, in the side panels of your home, oh! And at distances. Think about how we have watches now with wifi, yeah… and that’s not even the classified software.
        Why is it amplified? Sound wave acoutics and conditioned areas of the brain. One night, I woke up to them talking in my dream so loudly they were disutrbing it. I came out of my ‘loud’ dream and when I sat up, it was actually coming from the wall at a distance. Still the same person speaking, only they sounded completely different because my brain waves changed or the areas of my brain was processing the sound naturally for sleep changed and switched to condtioned neuro pathways, so the sound was perceived differently. It’s a gift to have a high functioning brain if you survive conditioning and the torture. I would suspect individuals who finance major laboratories who crank out new drugs and need to test them on ‘volunteers’ when they go running to a Doctor in their near area who just happens to be doing trials. Also, just psychopaths and sociopaths in general. Terrorist groups trying to harass military personnel for blowing up their uncle derka derka, absolutely. Using low frequencies and such to convince the to ‘go get the gun’ and ‘pull the trigger’ ‘pull the trigger!’ I have experienced how sick terrorists are especially if they want revenge. There were over 80,000 military suicides…I wonder if subliminal mind rape and torture had something to do with it. Do not buy into the bull$&& the DSM has in it. Terrorists can change your neurological processing with conditioning and give you symptoms of whatever they want to and then make YOU look like the sick one with the DSM covering the terrorists @$$. Education about sound engineering, physics, and neurology goes a long way. I wish they didn’t give me so much brain damage and memory loss, maybe I would have remembered what I studied. Ha Ha

        Meh If They Do Try To Kill Me I’ll Go Down Kicking And Screaming About Jesus…and Other Profanities…I’m Working On That

        December 27, 2015 at 02:53

      • I’m looking for someone to help me detect and remove my implant . It’s been a long road but I will never quit. I need help. Someone please help before they win.


        December 28, 2015 at 00:52

        • i want t0 find out the same too. i need what help i can get .. no one understands or anything ..i need someone that might b going though the same . message me asap please ..

          Sneauxy Dahn

          May 16, 2016 at 12:43


          NANO implant technology or even memory changer or behavioral implants can be illegal if you are setup with a implant that changes the outcome of the investigation for their own use or abuse or if it hurts you in any way health or mind wise! You could sue for “Aggravated assault and Torture maybe even RAPE if they use this type or language for threats to get what they want you to say!” Especially with an unknown implant not done with authority or top leaders and or military or through patient and your family comes first with the knowledge of your health” and confidentiality this is code of ethics in the law book and the world! Read all about electronic harassment law/ N.C.C. laws! There is a signed bill also about electronics harassment, it’s all in how you read the information! Just as a note! These is a spy implant/.listening wire /cell phone implant/2-way Nano C.B./Cochlear hearing aid of such that has been updated to fit the criminals wants, not in all cases but future will definitely play a role in criminal activity! So please be aware and know all the laws because there are a whole load of them out there! These could be used as unauthourised and illegal mind criteria technology and this is frightening as heck!


          January 10, 2016 at 22:59

      • I have been attacked and harassed since the 1980’s. Part of it was electronic done perhaps by Masons linked with the underworld. Most of it was done by the satanic darkside society which destroys good people. They have the powers often ascribed to electronic operators.

        Everyone has a darkside which works with bacteria (includes viruses, fungi etc) within. The human body is 90% bacterial cells. Diets of meat carbs and sugars have caused this proliferation. The Bacteria (usually bad ones, viruses etc) are transmitters and receivers for the darkside forces. The bacteria have invisible bodies for this purpose. So, destroy the bad bacteria and repopulate with good bacteria and voices etc go away slowly. You have to fight the voices too. Just harden your heart and see them only as enemies to be destroyed. And use voice, even internally, to battle. Adjust your diet to use aminos, minerals, vitamins, leafy juices, few carbs, etc. Always be alkaline. Use Magnesium plentifully… can google the Milk of Magnesia method.

        One year ago, I started being targeted with the cooking and heating electronics from the room below me. The Health Dept, The EPA and Police did nothing. I have no sleep unless I drink alcohol. But that is out as I discovered I had palpitations, high blod pressure and diabetes. EMFs cause type 3 diabetes and the heart problems. The medication works to ease symptoms. But, the answer is to eliminate the EMFs…the real cause! If you can’t block the energy, convert it to good energy. Orgonite works ie a power wand. But, you need a few of them or a couple really powerful ones. But, people like me are always broke because the darkside society or the evil majority living around me want it so.

        I do a blog on the darkside and how to fight back. Those needing understanding or help could check it and hopefully conquer the darkside/bacteria combo. You have to fight the energy of the EMFs too.



        January 12, 2016 at 03:02

      • I’ve experienced such for 25-29 years and desired to test the distance such could be transmitted. The real break thru occurred when I discovered that other religions peoples and beings had one of the many parts of their religion as their electronic mind and that there were some who were nongen beings: meaning those that could not do anything but evil, wrong or predatory thoughts to another. They did not have the ability. The same such cultures or political systems did not recognize women as equals, meaning they owned women. I had been plagued by such in the USA when I had been put into their state facilities to be taken from or for specific politicians who put me there to be given to. I had also remembered that the USA did not go into their parts of the world because they were considered barbaric regimes and also had heard in the 50’s following the wars that we did not read minds while others did. IT IS TIME THAT THE USA RECLAIM IT CIVILIZED SELF AND GOVERNMENTS AND TAKE ACTION AGAINST SUCH ELECTRONIC MIND READING AND THEFT OF INTELLECT. I also understand that the law of dismemberment or amputations is applied rightfully in those parts of the world for trespassing into another’s space with their electronic mind reading.


        January 13, 2016 at 22:06

      • OK first of all I have learned a few things not mentioned as I am going through this. Firstly it is tiny transmitters within your ear that both receive and transmit . Secondly as you suggested they enter your thought process it is true, but in this way . Apparently they can get a piece of equipment so deep into your brain that they receive your thoughts before you even process them , as well as suggest their own thoughts in this zone. After doing this there is apparently an area of your brain that makes you repeat things you hear no matter the volume of what you are hearing. The computer theory is also correct as I have heard my own voice regenerated by computer (cg) . As you call them (your handlers )voices are also cg. Another way to provoke thought is through pictures , I have a hard time believing I see what my ( mind’s eye is doing so I believe there is another implant directly in the eye to send these pictures and to turn your thoughts to picture. I believe there to be a multi part system for the body attacks as well their are things as tiny as a flea within your body that can also be propelled through the skin . Another piece of equipment I have felt is sort of like a watch battery cemetrically and in size. These cause the vibrations you speak of. In addition there is a silicone type thing within our bodies that is used as the top layer and can be heated or cooled which allows repositioning of there illegal chips. When heated most likely something is moving and also can be used to constrict most notably for me on my lungs. As well as in my chest cavity. Also on muscles and tenants as well producing cramps on said muscles. As for the brain I believe they enter at the back of the head bottom center , as you can get under the skull here. You also made mention of the sinuses I have felt my mucus being taken from the back of my throat and moved towards my lungs.In addition you can be given any smell that you previously smelled at anytime through 1 of these pieces. In addition the (handlers) can also create their own body gas , I had an instance where my stomach swelled to nearly twice it’s size in about ten seconds. Meaning what you see exteriorly. I have no doubt as to it being doctors as it is too involved for the layman to accomplish. I have been going through this since Dec. 24, 2012. Everyday even in a state of semi-conciousness ie. Light sleep waking up or just dosing off and being presented images to manipulate what you think at first is a dream. I have been shown images of my daughter being raped by a biker gang , if their was any doubt as to (the handlers) character. So to summarize little watch battery type things , little things the size of a flea which can be propelled, a silicone type substance and what I neglected to say was a central overall transmitter. 1 last thing I just remembered that flea type thing went in my dogs eye and burnt itself into his eye , looking unrecoverable to me.


        January 21, 2016 at 20:36

      • USA needs a ( Step later harassment level law) that starts with the lowest level of harassment then goes all the way up to the highest and that would be internal implant harassment! another words..1st level a warning, 2nd level a fine and then fine goes up on every level then jail excetra… if the trouble does not stop, but now with technology going internally this is frightening because of terrorism and this might not even be the other countries, it might be a set up also for them we all have to be careful with this type of internal implant and or brain or cell phone communications system technology! We need everyone who works with this stuff, including hospitals and dentists monitored for any type of (Communications)implant technology because people are learning how to hack this to cause big trouble! Detectives and Universities need to have classes on how to detect and report internal and electronic harassment devices and have systems, so we know when and where our country is being spied on or our people and other country people might intruded or being harassed!


        January 24, 2016 at 16:31



          February 22, 2016 at 22:30

        • If you know of anyone or group of people where there is any type of info or class I must be part, there are two individuals in my building trying very hard to hurt me, & my dog in the way you say implanted. It’s not an easy situation & can be scary not knowing how far they will go to the level of pain & everything else we have experienced.
          Please, HELP.


          March 8, 2016 at 14:19

      •  iam student, Bhopal Madhya-pradesh, belonging lower cast minority (Atheist /Buddhist by family) , not hv any enemy In life. , suddenly one day- abusing sound started coming in my Ear.

        iam also victim of this type of “sound” from two years I think from “feb 2014”, that sound this “very –very minute” and continuously coming, ……. at that time i think that’s sound coming from some1 mobile , but few day latter rapidly growing 24X7 & continuously coming…… – commenting, abusing me, . That sound is very tiny/micro coming all DAY & NIGHT. And ………..when any bike , car , vichel going infront of me – that’ sound increases , that’s illusion me – that someone from bike/car saying to me. …… And when I going to crowed — sound like “MOB try to attack me” coming ? .. due to this i very Disturbed , mind confuses , and heart fill with FEAR. …. When I talk about this they said you meet a Doctor !!!

        some day latter i going 800 km far from my home town -to give my iit interview – that abusing sound till coming , I really amaze ? how much distance , bt due this I not give my iit interview properly
        Due to fear train accident happen — > few moth latter iam going to meet my relative by train – that sound still coming and very badly abusing like, So due to fear I try to come-out from train (I said their- when I enter in crowd – sound changes like mob ) .. So I fear badly , so when train speed is slow– I try to out and fallen in forest ! …. Head injury happed and …. Train guard call the “doctor”
        Then i search in internet , I found very detailed information about that sound,- usb polygraph machin, pseudoscience and entropy are involved in it. – and – it runs by HINDU upper cast mandir peoples against me …… and “some beam like instrument/radar type” they mount in “Mobile tower” – I don’t know its range …but it travels more – I think mobile tower— to– towers ?? well im still searching many article on it go get proper and full knwlg on this ….
        And about usb polygraph machine – with two “bellows” mount on human body which act as transduser , that human transduser , passes the signal to targeted one but, i dnot know how much distance that cover up ??…. because they indirectly torchering by giving signal to me – ulcer, stomach pain, omatting, happen which this (i mean by transducer signal)……… I KNOW ALL THIS after 1 year and all this – that all doing by my neighbours play his hide game. ( i still struggle to complaint this hindu mandir neighbours – they bastard allway target who live by rent in their area )

        Shrikkant J Raut

        January 26, 2016 at 21:15

      • iam student, Bhopal Madhya-pradesh, belonging lower cast minority (Atheist /Buddhist by family) , not hv any enemy In life. , suddenly one day- abusing sound started coming in my Ear.
        iam also victim of this type of “sound” from two years I think from “feb 2014”, that sound this “very –very minute” and continuously coming, ……. at that time i think that’s sound coming from some1 mobile , but few day latter rapidly growing 24X7 & continuously coming…… – commenting, abusing me, . That sound is very tiny/micro coming all DAY & NIGHT. And ………..when any bike , car , vichel going infront of me – that’ sound increases , that’s illusion me – that someone from bike/car saying to me. …… And when I going to crowed — sound like “MOB try to attack me” coming ? .. due to this i very Disturbed , mind confuses , and heart fill with FEAR. …. When I talk about this they said you meet a Doctor !!!
        some day latter i going 800 km far from my home town -to give my iit interview – that abusing sound till coming , I really amaze ? how much distance , bt due this I not give my iit interview properly
        Due to fear train accident happen — > few moth latter iam going to meet my relative by train – that sound still coming and very badly abusing like, So due to fear I try to come-out from train (I said their- when I enter in crowd – sound changes like mob ) .. So I fear badly , so when train speed is slow– I try to out and fallen in forest ! …. Head injury happed and …. Train guard call the “doctor”
        Then i search in internet , I found very detailed information about that sound,- usb polygraph machin, pseudoscience and entropy are involved in it. – and – it runs by HINDU upper cast mandir peoples against me …… and “some beam like instrument/radar type” they mount in “Mobile tower” – I don’t know its range …but it travels more – I think mobile tower— to– towers ?? well im still searching many article on it go get proper and full knwlg on this ….
        And about usb polygraph machine – with two “bellows” mount on human body which act as transduser , that human transduser , passes the signal to targeted one but, i dnot know how much distance that cover up ??…. because they indirectly torchering by giving signal to me – ulcer, stomach pain, omatting, happen which this (i mean by transducer signal)……… I KNOW ALL THIS after 1 year and all this – that all doing by my neighbours play his hide game. ( i still struggle to complaint this hindu mandir neighbours – they bastard allway target who live by rent in their area )

        Shrikkant J Raut

        January 26, 2016 at 21:16

      • Central Wisconsin area needs a couple of good electronic harassment investigative detectives who can find the signals of ( Nano 2-way communications ….Nano internal phone or radio ) or a ( subliminal) messaging implant harassment, because this is happening now and it is done through a dental operation or unacknowledged implant during a annual health visit! This is real and it is happening for what -ever reason and it is not being spoken about and ignored! This is ileagle and frightening because a person does not know what will happen upon the future and if this is for fraud case including money advantage situations or privacy and or ID theft issues or of a slavery initiation like take over! There is also a REVENGE type (subliminal messaging) type signal implantation being talked about in some gang type settings for revenge purposes they call it the Quote: (I will GET YOU SET UP!) a hidden under the blanket hired gun type of situation and this is getting worse everyday! We have no protection and they also add a noise campaign that is called gas firing. A aggravation setup with dangerous nonstop intimidation noise aggravation game ( beeping horns, property damage, phone games and mind games also… situations! There has also been unexplained fires and even a missing person situations(?) because they figured out what was going on type of thing, this is a very dangerous situation and it needs to stop! This would mean neglect if this did not stop or it was being totally ignored by law or top authority! We need new state laws that will impact the person(S) who are doing this in a revenge or unauthorized or unacknowledged by our government situation! Documented as of this da 1-27-2016!


        January 27, 2016 at 15:11

        • I am the target of a horrendous attack that started November 2013 and is still in progress and it is now February 10, 2016 in Saint George, Utah-The attack is coming from 277 South 1000 East, Saint George, Utah 84780.
          I am so depleted and sick all the time. If you are capable of honing in on the perpetrators and calling the police to help me, please HELP! I have lost three amazing loved ones to actual physical death in a years time.
          The man narrating this attack claims to have instigated the Amanda Gaeke murder through another man David Web-King in the San Diego, Mission hills/ Hillcrest area.
          I have a nine year old little girl and I am so terrified! HELP ME!!!!!!!!

          Julie Fowler

          February 10, 2016 at 07:12

      • You are right here it is the truth! …You are not crazy if you hear what sounds like people internally through a SPY synthetic telepathic implants in your mouth, jaw or ears (IT IS ALL INTERNALLY DONE!)…, this information says it all, they can screw you over with a false offender case as a way to revenge a situation they want to hurt you with!, The criminal implants you and makes you their slave of what ever they want or base ball bat you anytime with threats and verbal abuse till you are crying in pain!… and make life a yelling match with people telepathically connected to a separate type internet all through the …this is what they mean by a s new internet line is not internet like your computer….. it’s a Single line of implanted people all on the same telepathic implant signal like a phone line ,but through that one same implant signal and it is so very illegal and dangerous to all for electric storm shocks and causing unknown harm to frequencies maybe form heart monitors in patients and so on! It’s the same as cross electric wave or lines or frequencies! I guess our country is going off the dark side and going into the evilness that we don’t want here in our country!

        Read the last few lines and you have your answer!


        January 31, 2016 at 00:29

        • Here’s the best I can do to help and don’t be stingy or fall for those bastards to make you feel like you know better or I’m wrong, all that same Ol shit they do every damn day.
          1. Y’all are all off on the technology of how they do this. It is frequencies and nano technology but you brain can not begin to even comprehend how advanced this is. So stop. They suggest stuff to you non stop. Remember they are controlling your brain. They are very very good at manipulating, so quit falling for there bs and realize right now YOU WILL NOT FIGURE THIS OUT. Stop.. They are laughing at you trying and feed off making you think you can.
          2. Quit falling for there paranoia BS. That’s there main thing, no one out there is out to get you and there is no big conspiracy around you. (Remember how powerful the brain is)
          3. Take responsibility for your own actions. You know the difference between right and wrong and they cannot take that away. They will try to encourage you to do stupid things and even persuade but you do not have to make a terrible decision. If it’s wrong and you know it’s wrong (do not fall for there bs of making you think that’s it’s your thought) You know better.
          4. Keep in mind that, if they wanted you dead or in jail or in a permanent physc ward, you would have already been there. They are going to put you in some really really tough spots but keep in mind, they will stop before it goes to far. There is always a handler listening that has sense and know when enough is enough. It that little shit hole evil prick that doesn’t stop and that’s why he does this. He is weak minded and miserable and these guys know that. They use the dumbasses because they know how stupid and miserable they are but no matter what you think or he makes you think. The evil crazy ones that won’t shut up are not in charge. They are just pawns.

          I could go on and on but the main thing is to stop thinking you are going to outsmart them or fall for there (this is almost over) bs. It’s not. They feed off making you think that. They feed off your hope being smashed.
          Do the best you can. Calm down, and pray. God will not give you more than you can handle. Don’t fall for their bs. Keep faith.
          Live your life.. They will try to embarrass you but they can’t tell anybody a damn thing.


          June 12, 2016 at 11:31

      • OMG!!!
        (You are right here it is the truth! …You are not crazy if you hear what sounds like people internally through a SPY synthetic telepathic implants in your mouth, jaw or ears (IT IS ALL INTERNALLY DONE!)…, this information says it all, they can screw you over with a false offender case as a way to revenge a situation they want to hurt you with!, The criminal implants you and makes you their slave of what ever they want or base ball bat you anytime with threats and verbal abuse till you are crying in pain!… and make life a yelling match with people telepathically connected to a separate type internet all through the …this is what they mean by a s new internet line is not internet like your computer….. it’s a Single line of implanted people all on the same telepathic implant signal like a phone line ,but through that one same implant signal and it is so very illegal and dangerous to all for electric storm shocks and causing unknown harm to frequencies maybe form heart monitors in patients and so on! It’s the same as cross electric wave or lines or frequencies! I guess our country is going off the dark side and going into the evilness that we don’t want here in our country!)

        Read the last few lines and you have your answer!


        January 31, 2016 at 00:32

      • Iunderstooditallanditsgood

        Charles Taliaferro

        February 5, 2016 at 13:05

      • Thank you very much for this information. My family and I are experiencing a lot of the things that you mentioned and now are happy that this can be described..

        Jacintha Burns

        March 1, 2016 at 08:10

      • yeh i had the same from some people 4 in total doing i know who they are and are actually doing this .! 3 males and 1 female . Arron Alexis was one of them .! murdered 13 navy personnel .! but i know did it .! i am in conversation with the F.B.I .over this matter .! #no bull

      • one of the way they use to achieve their goals harasing you is, by provinding people who surround you with information they know about you to make you unconfortable or upset, to a point that you can start to believe that you are the problem or have mental problems. I finally found some valuable information to base my suspicions. I was suspecting that my conversations on the phone were being heard because 24 hours later they were talking about the same issues I had talked about on the phone. So, I played counter-intelligence, I started talking on purpose about some custionable issues on purpose to expose them and confirm my suspicions and erase from my memory the thoughts of just coincidences or I was going crazy, they swallow the bait. Next thing I did was to insul them and exposed their names and activities over the phone and I knew they heard it because they stopped the harassment, at least in the way they used too. I am talking about my employer ARMOUR ECKRICH MEATS.


        March 11, 2016 at 03:04

      • I have been thinking that something like this is what is causing people to snap in the workplace or public places in killing rampage, and the “experts” on tv, they are quick to say that is demential, an unfitted or so.


        March 11, 2016 at 03:10

      • Yes my name is Chris Loftice and I am going through this electronic stalking and called the fib and reported it to the police and my family thinks I’m crazy. I NEED to have your help and others that have been through this to help me get my life back. Since they say they are deleting my emails I’m giving you my grandparents number. It is 9724424464 and my email is [email protected]. on medical leave from work from all this and need your help asap Thank you

        Chris loftice

        March 12, 2016 at 16:01

        • my family thinks im crazy .. i would like to talk asap if possible . please email me..

          Sneauxy Dahn

          May 16, 2016 at 12:27

      • I am also victim of this mind control. One day i got a dream, a tall alien came and asked grow their child, i said no, from that i am getting voices in my head and not able to sleep, concentrate in work etc. Some time i feel electric charge in my head and tongue. I am not able to believe my own thoughts because it can also speak my mind voice. Now i am doing meditation and feel a little well.
        From my experience:
        1. They are monitoring our thoughts
        2. They can predict our thoughts
        3. They can also control animals too
        4. I feel they are using nano technology or they can manipulate us through natural brainwaves
        5. They can control anyone
        6. They are creating our dreams and nightmares
        7. We can distract nightmares by hearing brainwave musics.
        8. Some very very powerful artificial intelligence controlling it and it might be beyond human tech.
        9. The machines knows our weakness, i feel, it took list of my weakness and creating nightmare each day from the list.
        10. The machine torturing people who might be against their agenda.


        April 4, 2016 at 16:09

      • Thank you for your article. I’ve been in this program for about 12 years of hell. I was told I’m in here in jail because my cat peed on the rug in two of my apartments. I paid for the rug and left apartment as I found it when I moved. My manager was ok about it. I thought this programming was done by big real estate but now I realize it’s government. Then rough looking people came into my shop to check me out and they were playing a word game based on information from my thoughts and opinions. It was a humilifest. Not to mention the physical discomfort and mind control and constant chattering sometimes. I’ve been diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia when I told the judge I was in a Psy Ops program. I was put into a mental institution for about a month. I lost my corporate job of ten years and I was utterly humiliated on a daily basis by my group and other employees from other departments. The same thing is happening to me on my current job ten years later. I think my thoughts are going into a blog of sorts and the periphery of people are reading it and then playing a word game with me based on my words in the blog. I’ve cut myself off of everyone except my Pastor at church. He preached about the Woe of exploitation one sunday and the Lawlessness of man the next. I pray a lot. God has allowed me to go through this. I do believe that justice will be served one day. The best to you and all others in this program. Wikipedia has an article about Psychological Warfare. That’s how I first found out.


        April 6, 2016 at 05:26

      • Children with Autism and Aspergers are known for covering their ears. We know as fact that children with Autism can sense things in the environment that others may not sense. Now consider that things are going on around us that are “secret” but proven to be true and are also extremely controversial. When these programs exist but have zero tranparency, you can bet they aren’t good for us. Chemtrails are the most obvious. You can see them and you can’t deny it. They are real. We also don’t get any answers about it from the people behind the program. So accepting this as fact, you really can’t discount that other programs such as DARPA’s mind control using “silent sound”. This may be the reason why the Autistic sometimes feel the need to cover their ears. What are they actually hearing? The “professionals” (and I seriously question that term) say that those with Autism sometimes have trouble comforatbly disserning some sounds and their action of covering their ears is a way for them to soften what they are receiving. My question is this – What exactly are they hearing???

        John Klein

        April 7, 2016 at 16:50

      • we know who it is ? 3 people they live in the U.K the N.S.A know they looking for them .i know them personally i dont like them either .! 2 males 1 female .hes a previous Gov Asset for M.I.6 he did the Navy Yard Shooting in Washington D.C which caught him out .! half of your government is looking for them to bring them to justice im collecting Evidence .Its a Tesla HAARP device . Cellular Radio Frequency Scanner .that bounces off Gwen Towers which are 200 miles apart it costs 100k to buy . old spook technology they had it for 10 years at least .seriously we know whos got it and collected all comments up .everything thanks .! good luck .wont be long now .!

      • I believe this statements from Mr. Max Williams the culprits behind this should be punished no matter where they work. Torturing innocent children , people is against humanity, one day their own kids family members will be targets that is how life cycle work. So who do this are the worst kind of humans next to filth. So god alone will give them a answer.


        May 1, 2016 at 05:56

      • My name is Joel Edmund Mansell Jr.
        I have a horrific true account that is very serious in nature regarding mind control. I am certain that I have an implant. I am being tortured by the means described and have ” bad programming” sent to me by ” program agents” .
        I was Esentually taken over in August of 2015 and sent west out of Vincennes Indiana to I70. I was kept awake for days ending up In Utah. I was horrified and not expecting such a violent response to Facebook posts that regarded people who I spotted during the summer of 2012. I was I’m told, yes believe the artificial telepathy communicating, truly believe it, it is REAL.
        My account is still going on. I made it back to Indiana in February. I was tortured abd interrogated on the streets of Los Angeles. I had a very very powerful overtaking of my mind, elaborate scenarios such as a military courtmarshal and alien agenda control. I had my respiratory taken from me I though I was dying and believe that the Lafayette park had other implanted people. I broke down one day in November three months into my interrogation, I was crying on the ground begging for my life. The program agents were taking my respiratory, I couldn’t breath. A black woman about 30 feet away dropped down abd began mimicking copying my actions my outburst of terror abd emotion. She was a homeless woman I had noticed as the ” organization” told me to walk around the park every day. I was not going to dispute them at that time.
        The city of Santa Monica bought me a Greyhound bus ticket. West Coast Care arranged the way back to Yorktown Indiana. I have been communicated to all day to day and have been since last August. They sting my body and raise blood pressure. They put me into very bad states of mind. I’m on Facebook and don’t care I’ve just decided to try get help. I’m considered a “bad implanted ” person. I have a hole through the skin in the center of my forehead. My girlfriend Doreen first noticed it way back in 2000. It is very obvious and my tale of manipulation over the years is all that could be done while I still live. I had a bad alcohol usage problem exiting my adolescence I subsequently had driving charges leaving bars. I have my license now.
        In 2012 I worked on a construction crew. Two of the men I worked with were manufacturing meth. I have never been arrested for drug charges and I don’t go to bars or drive intoxicated anymore. I spotted my handler trust me they are fucking pissed and I went on Facebook talking about it abd the dope heads I hate very much. That is what culminated into ” a bad time in Los Angeles.”
        That’s how the female self proclaimed ” program agent explained my 5 month of hell in the LA area.
        Thank God for my mother and her husband who have given me a place to live for now. I was jerked out of life last August my job residence I was renting and my paid for vehicle lost to the desert.

        Joel Mansell Jr.

        May 1, 2016 at 21:09

        • can you help me find or stop this.?

          Sneauxy Dahn

          May 16, 2016 at 12:21

        • idk if this site is real but i hear you and i feel like we are going through the same thing.

          Mark Turnbow

          May 27, 2016 at 05:01

      • believe in God will be always be helpful.


        May 6, 2016 at 18:34

        • True, we must believe, accept and follow the rulings of the God-Allah Almighty,

          Let them (the enemies of the one God-Allah) do whatever they do, they will be tired, fail, and frustrated they are in process to fail themselves. I am against them whoever they are whatever the technology and whatever network they use, final Victory is for the people who struggling to establish the Peace and Justice for all. The day is near they will be fail, and I was/am always their Enemy, they must aware they have no success therefore they have to surrender themselves to the truthful people.

          Khan 1

          May 16, 2016 at 10:09

      • The Dalt Hotel is complicit in every wrong doing to make me look like I must be guilty of things I do not do because the same words and phrases are repeated at low volume or while other people not involved are not around to notice or witness. I am being called things that don’t apply to me and aren’t true everywhere I go and if I react and keep saying I’m not and that’s not my thing repeatedly it makes me look somehow guilty. It’s only because all day everyday the same lies are told about me to make me mad. I yell swear tell them to shut up complain, nothing works! I’m bothered many other ways as well outside in public at stores restaurants on the street etc. Lying denying and protection of all the criminals who keep calling me what they are is all I get. The Dalt Hotel lets people accuse me of imagining things being crazy etc. All the bull all the time! They are all complicit, those who work there and some who live there and they know it! Turk street in San Francisco is where this awful stuff is allowed to happen with many other problems that repeatedly happen etc. to me and other tenants as well.I should worry something will happen to me if I complain but this place deserves to be complained about, repeatedly!


        May 19, 2016 at 01:36

      • I was commenting on The Dalt Hotel in San Francisco on Turk street. They do all the targeting bull on me. The Dalt hotel via the people who work there plus some tenants call me names and say words that do not fit into any normal sentence when they say it. I’m hurt and annoyed about the many ways The Dalt Hotel in San Francisco has ruined my life. It’s not just them and started ages ago but in a later noticeable phase where the target is made aware that the awful stuff that is happening is “organized” and done on purpose with the whole bunch working together to destroy me. My credibility due to saying I’m crazy imagining things etc. All the name calling and low volume insults and no-one who would otherwise help around to witness,you know the score! Also constantly breaking and messed up various different things in that hotel and people blaming me for broken washing machines(only once) since I told them off so much! or messed up bathrooms not really blamed on me but making me have nothing nice to look at. Making me have only a dirty kitchen to look at and whomever purposely making a bathroom all messed up so I’ll be upset all the time about awful things to see that of course should be cleaned by maintanence cleaning women/men etc. Door lock that need fixing doors that need fixing to close properly and many other problems. Always someone tries to start arguments /fights with me. My clothes get put in a different washer so I had to pay twice with all those quarters. Other tenants have to put up with constantly broken or messed up various things around the hotel, elevator all the time etc. I get called a crazy woman and imagine or make phony complaints, constant denial of everything etc. These people the ones who live and work there support and protect the criminals/drug dealers drug addicts alcoholics etc. I get called something those people are and there is no way I do any illegal or hard drugs. I get called fat and ugly etc. Many women there who are much fatter obviously don’t seem to have that problem but I got picked on and I’m not nearly as fat as some of the women there or outside on the street. Anyway, I’m made to feel hot sweating and aches and pains that come and go so that is weird. Hellicoptors planes always overhead, not that unusual and traffic reports or cops looking for escaped badmen whatever and keeping track of parades and special events on the street make hellicopters an excuse to be overhead where I live all the time, whatever!That’s enough, I hope these people know they deserve this complaint, other tenants there have many problems with constantly breaking motorized wheel chairs and people threatening to kill them etc. I’m lucky I’m not afraid and get no feeling of any real threat of violence for some reason but all the name calling and constant sirens emergency vehicles fire alarms /smoke alarms noise harassment all over the place etc. I know moving won’t help as targeted individuals have the same problem follow them around when there is a phase 2 and 3 so moving will of course not help.All of my communications messed with and no privacy at all. It’s embarrassing to explain the no privacy part but just guess OKAY?


        May 19, 2016 at 02:13

        • don’t move place to place, everything is hacked by NATO u.s. bitches.
          get microwave meter
          ground shield over windows


          May 28, 2016 at 00:27

      • I was target assaulted by a Detective and others from the Citrus County Sheriff’s DEPT. In Beverly HILLS, FL. They are using a field lie detector test focusing on the auditory area if my brain and I am hooked (somehow) into a national subwoofing network. Yes, they do communicate with you and others this way. No one will stop AND it was after I heard him looking through my bathroom window. THEY also B&E’d the shut out of my house and hurt my dog that led to his early demise. I am constantly harrased and have Bern made to lose everything because they went rouge on their jobs and stepped outside of the line of duty. They keep telling me to die and commit suicide birch. This is disgusting but, I will tell you that a famous person works for that department and is a member if the Church of Scientology and they may ‘ve the one’s participating. I am not sure. At this point they have PHYSICALLY threatened me from a DISTANCE and told me flat out that I was going to die. This is sick, disgusting, reprehensible behavior. I saw them, heard them and know the who, where, why and how (pretty damn close enough). Need some support. Tgry follow me everywhere abd it is sick abd I want my life back. Me having a valid noise complaint and warning them of someone else looking to shoot someone (them) on his property should NOT put me where I am today. They also threatened law enforcement I have in my win family which is the most disgusting. They are saying I am a case of disrespect and they are the one’s disrespecting everyone else. They say they are reps of the FBI (THEY THE HELL ARE NOT) I SAW AND HEARD THEM. They lie l the time abd this problem is much simpler than people think. It is a field lie detector focused on the auditory area of your brain hooked somehow into a mucrophone , stereo and subwoofers and these ASSHOLES are brazen enough to put themselves right in front if your ducking face and disappear. They are what I call “The Rich Boy Human Hunting Club” followed up BY their damn rich ass disrespectful fucking kids. I am NOT JOKING OR LYING AND HAVE HAD IT WITH THEIR SHIT.

        Tamara McCauley

        May 20, 2016 at 08:34

        • blockquote, div.yahoo_quoted { margin-left: 0 !important; border-left:1px #715FFA solid !important; padding-left:1ex !important; background-color:white !important; } Hey, I have something to share with you to end the voice to skull. This really works. Contact me as soon as you can please. Thank you.

          Sent from Yahoo Mail for iPhone

          Hector Solis

          May 24, 2016 at 04:52

      • My friend sent me a wonderful CD by Patricia King and Steve Swanson that is just beautiful and brings such peace to my home. It’s great to play when you want to go to sleep or just feel refreshed in the day. It’s called “The Spiritual Cleanse” by Patricia King and Steve Swanson If you’re desperate, try this!


        May 22, 2016 at 06:19

        • September 23, 2016 at 09:06

    • My name is Roxana Smith, of Colorado Springs, Colorado, and I am a victim of this elctromagnetic mind control and I do believe I am being tortured by a woman of the name of Brandy Sanchez which lives on 545 Fleming st. , Colorado Springs, Colorado, 80911; and her brother Jason Sanchez whom lives at the Lelaray apts.#313, Colorado Springs, Colorado, 80909; these are the siblings of my husband in which they did and are doing everything and anything they can to hurt and destroy my family as for the children in my family and pets also, I am only a 35yr old female and they are constantly messing with my heart and breathing as well as for my mental health, I live at 2751 aqualane drive, Colorado Springs, Colorado, 80906; and my email address is [email protected], so please contact me and help me save me and my family immediately, they are totally invading and treating my life and others as if we are just their toys, and they are not of government agencies at all, they are ex convicted murderers and drug addicts and pedafiles of the worst , so plz contact me asap, and blesses they will be whom ever helps us.

      Roxana Smith

      May 24, 2016 at 14:29

    • . Mu greeting .friends .first I introduce my self I not journal or writer .I don’t have any organisation .I am not have any position in Iraq ..I not chief of my trib .I am not in government .also not in police .not in political . .represent myself only .Not have any one follow me .or do what I said .. I am so poor .nearly I am nothing .In same meaning .also I didn’t said I am know hide things . I am not intelgent .also . Not have any position in security . I am just normal so simple person in Iraq .Every thing opposite this facts .A biggest lies .. .now let start .This dangerous subject .and I talk about it and I am middle this dangerous . no one tell me .But I hear and see .. .also I please you .to make sure about what I Will say . Yes friends .I know my be you never read and subject before some one wrote it .For example story or news from some place and who write ask from any one read to make sure about the truth of what he wrote .but I did .I want you to read and make sure by your self about what you readed . How . By one so easy way .And I know the brothers in nato alliance so coperate with any one have some thing may be save life of human . . .yes I want you to request from nato alliance to observe this place in Iraq by satellite .The place . ( Iraq .diwanyah city .afak town ) this place . And all what I Will talk now will be so covered .. now let start this so 2 so danger subject . It’s like nightmare refuse end . In Iraq there is . So big satanic net .evil him self lead it . This biggest spy net .its like organisation . Of gangs .connect directly with satellite .This gangs .use so new technology . .Some thing so strange .thing how this gangs flee from any legal observation of use satellites . .you can say about it gangs use new technology . So different from any others gangs . .There members have big security position also .In Iraq they use them . This gangs have electronic airplanes . .They use its .also they have killing machine no any weapons like it ..that is mind control .weapons .The secret death . No one did this in Iraq history at all . . This gangs killed and still kill by this machine . No any evidence . .also their members in high position in Iraq cover . If there are some one open his mouth .beside they use money also to close the mouths . Cause Iraq state number one by curreeption . .any so easy to like this gangs by its money to sale any one .any honor . Also it’s have some thing so strange .fake machine .This machine can so easy faked any documents to any one .made him work in police .or chief or responsible in government .any thing and picture they want .But all this just fake only . This net use lies so much .This satanic organisation .have so evil style to mange it’s members in side this gangs organisation. Who lead this gangs . 3 use hide them self .and use some one body . So funny ways .but it’s real my friends .those take some one and putted on him spy tool . And use his body to lead their members . And it give their orders also by using his body ..I know this biggest break to human rights .but those gangs never respect any rights . .They give their orders to their members to say that person who putted spy tool on him our manger . .This plan to made it self hide no one cover it’s .. . Also those fabricated . Big lie that is know hide things . This also to make its trick . By using some body to some one .For example when it give order to one of their members .its said this from the person who carry spy tool . How .cause he Eat or drink else and this mean order . By they way even if this who carry the spy tool say I just eat no any order .The hide manger who spy on him didn’t care about his tongue . Cause this person just trick only .This gangs so smart .cause if this person who carry spy tool . Know .He will be lead the members .of this gangs .but those put this point also in their plan how . Cause their are some one made him self secratey to him or represent him .He give orders . But he said that who carry spy tool said not me . All members take their direct orders from this who made him self represent that person . But no obey the person him self . Like manger and deputy ..For example. The manger 4 closed his room and didn’t know any one in the office .and the deputy alone he lead .but he said the manger tell him .But the fact is not the manger but the deputy he give this orders ..The more funny that deputy order all whom in office . To not obey any word from the manger . Just take order from him only .If the manger him self get out to them and said I am not your manger . The deputy said to them don’t care . I give you order and you must say the manger told us .or this our manger . In spite he deny . Now the same way for this example this gangs work .Just if we put this if deputy put spy tool on manger and the manger didn’t stay in this office but this evil deputy still cheat .The deputy from this gangs and the manger who carry spy tool not manger at all but just normal person only . But gangs use this style for hide only . Also it use masked it self by cloth of any organisation . I mean hide it self and use any name of other organisation . Cause all what it do out of any laws . .. This gangs . Fabricated it’s rules . Satanic rules . Like kill who fired from it .. and this of course article you can find it in any others gangs . Also eat and drink and take things or money or talk .It think .yes friends think do you hear by some one mange by think . Or you hate some one and think bad against him but you didn’t say .and you find some one evil go to him and tell6 and tell him that you think bad against him .And he will end his relationship with you cause you think . Those gangs use their satanic technology to this evil aims . It’s like it’s have show their evil able… .also talk and even stay in shadow of tree to them . .. also know hide things . Else from silly articles . As u said this organisation like cloud follow some one carry spy tool .. This organisation . Have administration .and manger but all those hide themselves . As I said .and use bodies of others by putting spy tools on them .and lead using their bodies . This organisation contain many committee belong to it . Like Satan arms . Every branch of this organisation .have same satanic rules same money given to it from head organisation . Also there is some one evil work in police he have authority to lead any branch in this organisation whatever he want . . All branch obey the head organisation and never reject any orders . It’s obey so strange it’s like slaves and their master . I tried a lot to tell them that all your articles not legal and you are out of any laws .but those never hear any word from Me . And obey the satanic articles more than obey god . . . In any way .This branch Satan use its so successful . And play games . All them like his arms ..He made one arm good and the other bad .And play on minds .and made fake problems between his arms .also made one as 7 trick to the friends of coalition troops . And USA . How cause .He order one of his arm .to made it self friend to coalition troops . But it’s just trick .only to make evil gangs hurt them and kill them . Cause this arm .not independent organisation . Like what it be from shape but it’s truth arm of Satan .its name and record and every thing it do .between Satan hands .cause it’s belong to satanic organisation . .didn’t have any thing like slave only . . Now let me say what this organisation did . It’s killed the members of collation troops armies whom liberated Iraq . And this big crimanl . Terrorist . Also hurt France and Belgium recently and all you heard by this terrorism deed . But may be you don’t know who did . Now you know . .what I want from you not be silence after you make sure of course .by what I told you how you make sure . .my friends I never stopped warn others from this gangs I told Un and in every place but unfortunately this gangs in Iraq hide itself like snake . Masked itself every day by different mask ..I asked from Un to remove the satellite that this gangs use to cut its arm .also it’s use for satellite not legal cause it’s gangs and this break to the laws . .but no change . This gangs still . This gangs play in Iraq faked and cheat . And steal . About me as I said I am not represent laws .not in englic church .not have any one follow me .No
      8 not members of this gangs or manger to any of its branch’s . Also not have organisation .not in police not chief of trib not in government . Not in political . No entelegent .beside I am so poor . Those gangs spy on me . And play .like there is no one can do some thing against its . They made my family and their wife son and their home .As dogs to them and made them a branch to its . Dogs only . And play so funny games . As I said it’s have many branches . . This branch .play as fake hurt to others branches . By electronic airplanes .attack others branch to same organisation . All branches in same net in same organisation .The same evil he lead all . And he responsible about this fake hurt by electronic airplanes . This organisation .prevent by its money .any one to punish it . And use trick . By made branch punish other branch . So evil way to flee . Let me more explain for example I now tell you .The gangs spy on me ..This will give one of their branch order .what kind of order nothing like mother come to heir dear son and kiss him only . Yes friends . But this mother didn’t allow to any one to come near heir son .just hier . Cause any one good if he come will punish them .cause every thing wrong it’s gangs only .The first wrong the spy on me . Also .This gangs want their cheat still no cover ..I mean they faked a wrong pictures about me .And pictured me .As chief of trib or9 or chief on my family and their wife son .but this fake only I am just living only cause I am poor didn’t have money to get another place to live . Beside I don’t have any organisation to can use this and take help from any members .. to live or take money from him …yes friends this is facts .If any one good come he will cover this cheat .but if the branches of this evil organisation putting it’s ugly noise this will be legal cause my family and their wife son and their home .The branch number one .. and all branches .like thief’s very one have agreement with others . He see the steal so normal and lies and fake .cause he the same also . .yes .In spite I reapeted every few I am just some one normal I am not responsible I am not belong to whom spy don’t believe them . Even when I eat or drink or take money or things or think or talk .else this not mean I belong or I want to belong . But this gangs didn’t care about my tongue . And do what Satan given them from silly articles . Only . Cause all branches just slaves only .cows didn’t have any minds . Satan choice whom no mind and poor to cheat them .by throwing bone to them like dogs and they jumping around him .All branches the same . .Add I use my strong before and hut one of my family and their wife son .but those putted me in jail . They insulted me a lot I became silence . .cause Satan give them orders . .yet now I barely
      10 barely control on my self cause they still insult also . I just wait if I have money .cause I hut some one from them I must leave the place . Cause all in this home same .One didn’t want see his brother hurt by me .cause all branch number one for Satan organisation . also I can’t go to any of others branches of Satan organisation . Cause all have deal between them .One respect the victim of others . And I and the branch number one have wide revenge .cause those killed my brother in coalition troops and did against France and bilguim . .This mean no way at all . There for the others branches of satanic organisation . I never expect any kind of help from its .In reverse I expect hurt more than any thing good . And I can trust by its .cause my enemy their brother . Cause all branches bothers in Satan family I mean Satan organisation . Beside the rest branches will give this branch legal . But not legal as we all know .but thief give another thief legal for steal . Only . For example the branch number one use killing machine of mind Control . The others branches see this normal . Cause my friends if you read about gangs or thief’s .you will know some style .that every thief have his place .He free by it .steal and kill else . All his friends from thief’s respect this right .to him . Yes friends all problems come from this satanic organisation .that it became like fork .12 thorn .nail .needle on Iraq heart . . It’s putted all democracy under its feet and walk . and use satanic articles instead of its . Thief’s dealing between each other . Gambling on others life . Thinking them self something . Using cheating to flee . As I said I don’t have any organisation at all .and those like wolf’s howling .I am not chief of trib .not in elngilc church .not in government .not political not police or entelgent . Beside I didn’t have any relation with this ugliest organisation . And never be manger to it or any branch for it .and I refuse this . This satanic organisation leaded by Satan and some one evil with him work in police . Not me at all .cause I don’t have any organisation . Also this gangs feel safe in Iraq .but I wish cut its legs if it get out like what I did against France and bliguim recently . This satanic organisation must surrounded .In Iraq .cause the only safe place to it .Here in Iraq .no rule .curreption .who represent laws from them . Donkey he give forgiveness . .and say because I eat or drink else . As I said the fake pictures . They faked this . In spite I am so normal person .This who represent law so liers . Cause he know I don’t have any organisation . And this satanic organisation not my organisation . And it’s spy on me .only . How can I enter myself on some thing I didn’t have any relation with .also I am not manger to any branch to this net13 also big lies that this satanic organisation will remove when I use my hands against them hut or insult them . Cause they want this .. those out of any laws . But there is no law in Iraq . This make this gangs became some thing . Spy and mind control so enough .to take action .but who take action of course not one branches belong to this organisation not thief made him self try to punish other thief . Cause he steal not mother punish her son . Yes friends .This unfortunately .happing . Cause any one belong to this Satan organisation will never do some thing . And for example what those did against France and bliguim . Did a kiss to who did enough .yes the others branches see this cause who did their brothers .and whom die not their brothers . .those think like this . Do you expect good from any branches now .of course not every branch respect the place of other branch and he see he free . To use the technology of this Satan organisation to hurt and do any thing he want . This satanic net must remove . Thanks
      this is my phone number but do not call cause iam under spy 0781821070


      May 25, 2016 at 10:09

    • Those implant persons are dangerous…. Those persons who are not authorized(?), trained ,schooled, real doctors of certain disorders that may be caused by someone else’s ignorance or Controlling attitudes and not military or professional or Presidential advised to put these in you!They say they will put you in a institution or do you damage or even illuminate you under covert activity and without your family doctor even knowing and will force the family to give you up in a DEADLY force and it’s all set up with a revenge controller artist who wants you out of the picture because of family back ground, nationality, color, if you are a snoop or whistle blower or a witness, or you have a different way of thinking and they feel it’s embarrassing but not to anyone else, Those people ( The Implanters!)should be put away because they don’t have an open mind and are illegally setting you up for a place YOU don’t deserve!
      Because real doctors have CODES OF ETHICS, State and Federal and Electric .Harassment /HACKING Laws, PRIVACY/SPYING LAWS, SAFTEY and know the State laws and ALL laws including HEALTH Issues that pertain to this type of activity with different or unusual implantation activities!!
      Those all need updating and specifications put in for personal use and professional; to patient and their family informed knowledge of Nano implanted use!


      May 26, 2016 at 19:28

    • i appreciate your page but im afraid you have a few missing lengths, im a afraid your underestimating them bud. im one of the lower class citizens but i hardly feel human anymore, after all i have no human rights. i cant even begin to explain the physical and mental pain they put me through but i know who i am and what i should be. find me on fb bc the most deadly thing to them is two of us joining, [email protected] im 24 and im desperate to feel normal. they took every thing from me. i was top of my college class and now im an alcoholic going to live a short life. i hate this. i didnt sign up for this. i want to be normal. you are very intelligent but im sure if i wasnt supposed to see this page i wouldnt be able to. i dont know whats real and whats not! i just know that this isnt fair even if everyone who partisipates thinks they are doing good. im a new gen of this and yeah im confused. ive read your page and it seems to me that you guys only know what they let you know. we got to make a stand. doubt this page is even real and im probably wasting my time typing bc they are in control of all this. i dont have the money to fight for my rights but i have the desire and the heart.

      Mark Turnbow

      May 27, 2016 at 04:57

    • i appreciate your page but im afraid you have a few missing lengths, im a afraid your underestimating them bud. im one of the lower class citizens but i hardly feel human anymore, after all i have no human rights. i cant even begin to explain the physical and mental pain they put me through but i know who i am and what i should be. find me on fb bc the most deadly thing to them is two of us joining, [email protected] im 24 and im desperate to feel normal. they took every thing from me. i was top of my college class and now im an alcoholic going to live a short life. i hate this. i didnt sign up for this. i want to be normal. you are very intelligent but im sure if i wasnt supposed to see this page i wouldnt be able to. i dont know whats real and whats not! i just know that this isnt fair even if everyone who partisipates thinks they are doing good. im a new gen of this and yeah im confused. ive read your page and it seems to me that you guys only know what they let you know. we got to make a stand. doubt this page is even real and im probably wasting my time typing bc they are in control of all this. i dont have the money to fight for my rights but i have the desire and the heart. Good luck brothers and sisters, we dont stand a chance we have alredy been chosen. 1-217-220-9636 text only until after the 1st

      Mark Turnbow

      May 27, 2016 at 05:10

    • stay strong brother, we are dealing with gov. pussy’s.
      they have tech advantage only.


      May 27, 2016 at 23:42

    • We are dealing with u.s. NATO pussy’s, they have the money and technology only.


      May 27, 2016 at 23:55

    • let me know? possible to short them out?
      gps don’t work
      radar shield possibly


      May 28, 2016 at 00:31

    • My name is Kristine Swanson and I am a targeted individual and I read every word you wrote and now believe there is hope. To make a long story short, I bought or had a double-wides built and the man I bought the home from is the head parasite. I didn’t know it at the time when I had it placed in his park. It is a very nice mobile home park, but it started 2 or 3 days after I moved in and from there he placed everyone around me quickly and have been been tormented 24-7. My car has been unlocked and driven while I sleep, due to my milage. They are now dinting and scratching my vehicle, and since law-enforcement is not doing anything about it, I guess I have to sit back and watch it get destroyed. Then they will continue to destroy my home. I work very hard for these things and now I have to watch it get destroyed. Why is there even law enforcement here in Windber when they will not do their job? I am angry, very angry. I am originally from the south, but my husband is from Windber PA, and I hate this state. I’m sorry, I am usually am a happy, individual. For almost 2 years now, I have been a target and barely maintain my sanity. My husband does not understand , he states he can’t believe what I am saying, but I know it’s happening. I am very aware of what’s going on, but don’t know why, exactly. I do feel much better reading your story and I do feel there is a ray of hope. I have to remain positive, I know that. Your article inspired me. Thank-you!!!!!!????

      Kristine Swanson

      May 31, 2016 at 04:45

    • I’m tired of it too. These are the Special Forces, with their perfect smiles/fake teeth. They never stop violating and raping us. This has been happening to me for a very long time.

      They send their people in to pretend to be involved with you, just so they can wave up to them! They never stop raping and violating you on every level.

      They’ve tortured me so long that I’ve become disabled and completely isolated. I’m sure their goal is to get me to commit suicide. I’d rather cut their throats.

      SGT M, A

      May 31, 2016 at 16:18

    • I believe you Sis, there are thousands amongst us dealing with government stalking.
      Be strong.


      June 6, 2016 at 23:56

      • I reported the break ins and had video of them and the officer JP Ritter terrorized me in the station with insults and name calling until I was in tears and threw me out. I have every belief he intended on me being killed then he handled the case. Alpena is as dirty as Flint Michigans water Supply.


        June 15, 2016 at 08:16

    • My goodness… More and more people are going to be trapped by this technology, it’s inevitable.

      In 2012 and 2013, I was shot by what is likely stealth drones at the face and I believe that I’ve been hit in the back of the neck through the same method. There is an entry wound to be detected. It resembles a very sore little pimple but it’s a blister. The ideal aim is up the nose or straight into the eye. (If you hear a subliminal suggestion to look up, be careful) The substance is biologically active and it spreads throughout the brain region (eye included) with time and it’s radio-receptive. I was first shot on the morning of massive student protest in Montreal. I was in my backyard at that time but throughout the summer months of 2013, I was in various backyards of the same greater urban area when the lone blisters suddenly appeared. When a direct hit through the orifices of the head occur, the person experiences an optical shock which is characterized by temporary silver/metalic optical disturbance and fainting. Over time, 100 meter telecommunication towers have been implanted everywhere and these are being used to emit frequency for mass subliminal suggestion and new interpersonal applications ( you have to wonder what ‘their’ long-term plan is ) – in what seems to be in combination with the smart grid infrastructure.

      People are being shot at with the greatest of ease, most especially in dense electro-magnetic environments.


      June 15, 2016 at 12:27

    • But you told that you are a victim of this thing …if so, how were you able to write this blog with this thing inside you and they, the “so called enemies” who do regular air scan and web scans still keep this post wide open and unnoticed or cleared from the search pages.

      How did you do that??

      Godwin George

      June 21, 2016 at 07:25

      • This sucks when you have to be subjected to this, no I am going to tell the truths, I an a Christian. In an apartment complex, Pinecrest Village that is full of basements, which of course has ghosts, an demons coming up vent the air vents, because of grease, and oil that that are refinery underground. They set my apartment up to make it worse. While I was gone for a few days, due to I knew, I was being watched by them also. That’s against the law. You can not spy on people. And this Government sat I kill items, hit the outside, not in my apartment. I will post on twitter exactly what you are doing. Turn it off. NOW..

    • Glad you are here. we will work together to bring them to pure and holy public humiliation! by the nae of the only God of Israel and this word- Yahweh

      Fonzay Onterel Knight

      June 21, 2016 at 22:28

    • I am an victim also of this inhuman evil crime. I am a Brazilian here in the Bay Area going through hell and fighting hard to survive the suffering and consequences of what this electronic harassment are doing to me. The group that are projecting the voices to my brain are BRAZILIANS, a men and 2 women voices. They are trying to play the devil with me using psychological terrorism. I just don’t understand why the Americans victims here in California thinks that the government and the FBI, NSA intelligence agency is the ones behind the projection of voices to skull here in the United States.
      I am 100 % sure the if can get the support of some victims here together we can get to this Brazilian mafia. I personally will never give up on looking for who are this Brazilians mafia doing this disgrace to me. What this evil Brazilians mafia are doing to me, to my health, my mind, my professional life, my married and relationship with the ones close to me is too much to just accept it, like they asked me every day. this is what the demonic Brazilian mafia group say, ” You have to accept it, because we won’t explain to anyone how you do the voices” then the voice of the woman says ” we already told you it is a microchip”
      Sometimes they also makes jokes and tell me that what they are doing is spiritual and if if I found out they are not going to jail because there is no law that can punish them for doing Black Magic to a person.


      June 24, 2016 at 15:43

    • We should and we can handle it…using our connecting love…..If life is the Game!!!!!!! God gave us “Love is the prize” ???

      Sayird Safdar Hussain

      June 24, 2016 at 20:00

    • I am from Texas, and i stumble on this writing, and it is my best friends life to every detail. He has been dealing with this on his own, would be great to have people going through same thing to talk too. have emaled everyone that left emails but you can email me at [email protected] he would be dong this but honestly all the computers stop working any time he trys to do anything. please email us


      July 1, 2016 at 04:21

    • Yes would love too..I know he needs an outlet it’s getting worse everyday…can’t wait to tell him he Will be here soon..


      July 2, 2016 at 07:26

    • I have guns bump after reading your paper.i will write you in details. I am a big victim of ESMC.

      elodie botaka

      July 8, 2016 at 23:29

    • Very well written. I would like to touch base with you and other individuals going through this horrific torture. This should be made into a book or a movie. I searched for months for testimony like this. [email protected] Thanks

      Patrick Grimes

      July 12, 2016 at 07:04

    • I need help what if my life is similar to an extent and my symptoms are a little different what should I do to get rid of this with me I would like to experience life in a different light.

      timothy t wise

      July 23, 2016 at 02:14

      • I’m from India i am also going through what you have mentioned above. Let me know how to get this stopped.


        July 23, 2016 at 12:52

    • Hi I’m suffering the same what you have experienced, any suggestions on how to get it stopped. I’m from India.


      July 23, 2016 at 12:46

    • Hi, I am going through what you have gone through. Help me on how to get it stopped.


      July 23, 2016 at 12:48

    • over 6 years at least I have been battling these people and they literally tried and try to kill me and I know who almost all of them are. At least the most important ones that were truly unbelievable and the most brutal, backstabbing, and heartbreaking of them all. To get help, get an attorney of any kind if you get lucky enough to find one before they sabotage you so you don’t have a chance. I got put into a psych hospital twice for making appointments so that says a whole lot. Its old, its cold, and it cant last forever because if you have hope like I do then only one kind person who is observing this might have a heart and help or you have to sacrifice your life and face it head on with everything you have if nobody will help you like my situation. Good luck. The good always wins in the end.


      July 27, 2016 at 19:15

    • I am writing from Australia
      we have mind control down here as well.Its been going on for years.The people who do it are nazi groups. Its a very cruel technology and perpetrators, its really a mass murder technology. Its a big event that this has been going on around the world, not really sure why I have been targeted.I feel sympathy for all you’re going through- I write to the government every day complaining about it.


      August 1, 2016 at 00:36

      • Personally targeted in 3 u.s. states, it’s global.
        NATO nations involved.


        August 12, 2016 at 16:21

    • my name is sandra archambault and i am currently a victim of mind control, if you can help me please call me at 978-848-8616. I am scared. I am broke have no family and everyone around me deserted me and thinks im crazy due to the energy pouring out of me that is sending bad signals of sex. I need help bad and have no where to turn, my email is [email protected]


      August 3, 2016 at 13:28

    • I am from Dracut, ma, my name is sandra and I am under mind control and being electronically sexually harnessed. I need help . if you can help call me at 978-848-8616


      August 3, 2016 at 14:10

      • sandra, you can try first with skylar’s blankets which you can buy in some Walgreens or on they are very inexpensive and can help. if they don’t help then you will need to build faraday cage. you can use copper mesh or not so expensive steel mesh. there are many products at the market – even raynolds wrap that you can buy in target will help. you can use it to shield the walls or windows or you can create some sort of the cap and wear it once the attack start.


        August 6, 2016 at 16:29

    • I am a victum from this same stuff who can i get in touch with it about it.

      Brian Agee

      August 4, 2016 at 22:57

    • I am trying to get answers I have no idea maybe an ethical nueroscientist will do some type experiment to see if there is a anomoly in the firing of nerons in the brain to see if there is something there. I cant get anyone to help me though


      August 6, 2016 at 19:27

    • I need to gwt intouch with somebody im being tortured this technology its making me do things in my niebor hood that i wouldnt normally do i live in tampa fla plusthey using some type of voice transmitter thar can b used thru cell phones and tv, also they useing the implants to heat my body up and stop my train of thought and cause my bodyfucntions alot of pain i have a phone from boost theve hacked into that-

      Brian Agee

      August 6, 2016 at 22:25

    • I need help please tell someone to contact me

      Brian Agee

      August 7, 2016 at 17:50

      • Hi Brian,
        can you contact me at [email protected]. I understand completely your horror. Not that anybody can truly help you. First grab voice recorder – whatever you find, you can upload easy voice recorder application to your cell phone. If you start to be extremely aggressive with no cause you might be able to record pops or other sounds around your ears. This is for diagnostic purpose.

        Second: leave your all gadgets at home and go at some deserted place – best if it is a forest or park with a lot of trees. As you are from Tampa – beach would be an option too. Don’t bring anything of electronics with you. Then you will for sure now what is happening.


        August 10, 2016 at 12:56

        • Hi my name is David A Rodriguez I am too a victim of this mind control for 30 years i see other posts and i know that there others in my same position So i am here at the age of 30 asking for help how can we get help so us the victims in the posts can live good wealthy lives rich lives so we can be happy for once free from the mind control and its domain of control is there anybody out there Good God of the Sun of Light there is one good God please help us i pray that you help all the individuals in these posts i pray you bring them and myself happiness put in end to this mind control that is negatively effecting our lives please bring us happiness bring us wealth so we can enjoy the fruits of life without the threat control or dying please good God of the Sun of light water to the trees and earth help us if there is anybody that can help me or anybody in these posts please do so i can be contacted through this email http://[email protected]

          David A Rodriguez

          August 15, 2016 at 05:03

    • Hi my name is David A Rodriguez i have been a victim of this mind control for thirty 30 years only the Good God of the Sun of light water to earth and the green trees there is only one good God of the Light of the Sun i pray you help us put a end to this torture of mind control bring us happiness make us rich wealthy so we can enjoy the fruits of life without worrying about nothing financially put a end to these evil acts of mind control so we dont have to worry about electronic inslavement or anybody trying to kill us protect us please aanswer my prayers good God of the Sun of light water to earth help us if there is anybody can help please do my email is http://[email protected]

      David A Rodriguez

      August 15, 2016 at 05:15

    • We are in North Kingstown, Rhode Island, USA. We also hear high pitch noise for the past many years. We complained to many authorities about it and there were no help or not even a response from them. What is this all about? From our analysis, it may very well be coming from low orbiting weather satellites as the noise becomes more prevalent whenever there is an impending storm or inclement weather. Even otherwise, we hear this high pitch noise at a low tonal strength or volume, especially, at night causing sleep deprivation. We were able to record this noise using a software and it is not something we hear out of nothing or inside the ear Some class mates of our daughter who live in this town mentioned to her that they also hear high pitch noise. In essence, the entire community may be helpless in resolving the high pitch noise. What is more irritable about this noise nuisance is that it causes sleep deprivation.

      Is there any federal agency we could contact to complain about this noise disturbance as this is a nuisance not only to us but also the people living in the community.

      If we can’t anticipate help from federal agencies to stop this nuisance, how do we stop it with some method? We used tin foil in our bedroom and it stopped for some time but it became ineffective after sometime. We then used tin foil and Mylar type insulators and it stopped for some time. It is not effective any longer. This is why I searched google to find some help to stop this high pitch noise nuisance.


      August 18, 2016 at 00:19

      • I am been murder ( microchip remote neural monitoring) slowly here in los angeles many spots on my skin losing weight eyesight debilitated chronic fatigue desire to sleep sudently without reason changes in my mood (i had been quiet calm person for 48 years) car vandalism house vandalism illegal surveillance monitoring electronic torture morgellons desease pains on my legs like hurt my bones in a rock red spots on my skin love ones in brazil dont trust on me calling me esquizophrenic destroyed finnancially psichologic phisically reputation ruined blocked to work immigration deny me to have a green card when my wife is american mechanics refusing to fix my car turn homeless reseda with devonshire san fernando valley los angeles street theater when i do exercise agents operating in mcdonalds and starbucks implants feed by Uavs satelites trying to change my state of mind – mood them agents has been used as “witness” of the effects – mind control is them used to make me appear a “mental case” in front of them
        Laser beans against my eyes losing eyesight fast poisoned my intestinal so the cheat become hard like rock to damage the anus food water poisoning cars follow me and my wife intimidation and electronic attack while i drive a car trying to put me ti sleep and cause accidents please help 8184791814 they operates in brazil to block financial help from my family someone write to [email protected] and let my son and former wife knows what is happen here she say implants dont exist that i am crazy etc she dont have information that the technology in fact exist the torture increases inside biuldings maybe wire system have something to do with it thanks somebody that lives in los angeles and know what is going on ex other victms please help i need natural suplements vitamin d fish oil alpha lipoid acid zink gluthatione become skinny no money to finance my treathment God bless you all

        Ana maria suazo

        August 23, 2016 at 02:50

    • It is happening to me too, big time, and it’s very destructive. A couple of pieces you are missing that might put the puzzle a little more together are the “implants” and you mentioned that they may be able to see what we see with our eye.

      Everyone has the implant(s) because the machine that is making this all possible is Networks of DNA Naniotubes that are growing inside of our bodoes. The chemtrails contain DNA Nano. This is a fact, and I was at Cal Tech for 2 years in the Nanotech Dept proving it. A simple implant would not allow them to literally get inside of our brains, no matter what frequency or cool device they had. Research DNA Nanotech. I could go on for an hour or two on how this is all happening in conjunction with these networks which we have gotten into our bodies simply by breathing. So if any of you still think chemtrails contrails, then you just need to step out of the conversation. Serious shit.

      Carly LeBrun

      August 20, 2016 at 14:40

    • The “implants” are not implants at all This is all being carried out by networks of DNA Nanotech that is growing inside of our bodies. It is synthetic DNA that is some of the most high tech stuff on earth, and the technology in which they are using this DNA Nano is about 20 year beyond current science.
      The DNA Nano is in the chemtrails, along with a bunch of other nauseating shit. Not as much in some states yet, but Arizona was saturated with it from 2010-2012. During this time, I was taking air sample into the nano lab at Cal Tech and studying them. So I didn’t get my info from a YouTube video or on a website.

      So you breathe in the chemtail DNA Nano, which by the way is what causes the chemtrails to look like they have boob in the lines. Google DNA Nanotech/Nanotubes. They feed off lipids, fats, proteins and frequencies. They form intricate networks and can also cross the blook brain barrier.

      Long story short: When you body is saturated enough, you are programmed via your cell phone. This is why Obama gave everyone a phone. He doesnt give 2 shits if you can call your mommy or boyfriend.

      You will feel a vibration in your abdomen or in that proximity, and it will feel like you cell is vibrating in your pocket, but it will not be on your body anywhere. It will happen a few times, and you will just laugh it off, and say, “Wow, weird, it feels like my phone is vibrating but it’s not in my pocket. ” You have now been programmed. Since all DNA Nano has a unique identifier, they store that I assume in a database with everything else they know about you. If and when they decide to fuck wiith you, they can program and do amazing things with the network growing inside of your body.

      It’s very dark well orchestrated thing that they have accomplished here while the sheeple sleep\

      Carly Lebrun

      August 25, 2016 at 00:35

      • If you live in LA, contact [email protected], expose the government scum roaches!
        From my experience these guys are all PUTO*s!


        August 30, 2016 at 00:59

    • Please email me I have one to share

      Theresa taylor

      August 26, 2016 at 05:04

      • My name legally is Dominina K. Callaghan. I read with amazement two articles; this one and another on cybertech or information written by someone who went through same experience I had and still going on.

        I know implants are castile on my head, my ear and even maybe my teeth.

        It’s been hell living like I have. It started in 2010 in June at Straub Clinic And Hospital in Honolulu. I was there for Colonoscopy. That is not what happened to me.

        I specifically asked the nurse after thought now i believe she was not a nurse. A special handler to infuse IV without my approval. I told her not to start the sedatives until I had chance to talk to doctor.

        Well I was put to sleep without my consent. Yes, for the procedure I signed consent. Distinctly I asked to talk to the doctor before I was sedated. But, when I was awoke I was still sitting on the wheel chair. The handler or real nurse said wake up its all done.

        I said, “How can this be done when I’m still siting on this wheel chair”?. I realized too late that something odd just happened to me. The bed in front me is unmade. The room now looked rather unkempt and dirty.

        The two military looking guys are gone. My care taker asked why did the two military guys came in there? Of course I had no idea. How strange that additionally when I asked for my Disc of the procedure. There was none. I was given slides.

        The slides i brought to Guam and the made up history and physical I opened bank safety deposit only in my name. I flew to Manila and had real Colonoscopy done. Nice normal and flew to Palau and bought Heavy expensive Safe. It was placed in my home on second floor. I carefully placed my VCR and report on Colonoscopy inside. I flew back to Guam where I live.

        To my surprise in my bank of Hawaii safety deposit box, missing now the slides and in place was 5×8 size life picture of one part of my colon. The written hosted and physical has changed. It said that I’m was 8n risk of cancer.

        How odd I thought. One from Manila was normal. Now I’m high risk for colon cancer.

        Story behind this remark I that maybe now that I’m experiencing continual sensitivity to electronics, mechanical and radial pain must come from tiny needle or dust size microchips implants.

        Because the big implants were deactivated by three helicopters in Honolulu in January 6, 2016, the only plausible explantation is the continued electromagnetic pain to me has meant there are still implants in my brain.

        Therefore, I blamed back in 2010 at what happened to me in Honolulu.

        The big implants removed electronically via TV I was watching should have solved my insensitivity to radios, cell phones, microwaves, computers, Internet, and even landlines phones. I got rid of cordless phones but my landline phone still gives me pain today.

        These were implanted while I was being diagnosed for the injury that came in my answering my cell phone late at night at home. No one at the other end of the phone but a massive jolts to my left ear hurt me. I thought my head would literally detached from my neck.

        I had symptoms of mild stroke. Later when I started to have massive pain in my head and my neck, muscles and joints. My muscles in my neck and my joints were like hard as a cement. I realized that injury was to see out medical attention and reason now why I needed an MRI.

        It was where implants were strategically placed in my head. I was experiencing so much pain especially inside the airplane was deadly.

        I now still get shootings into my homes, my car and my cell phone. The pain can be so bad I’d I did not have foil covering my head with scarf to mask foil on my head.

        Pain massive comes through the car. I learned drones shooting modified energy in the car and I become the target.

        Before big implants got deactivated I could not sleep well inside my homes in Guam and Palau. Microwaves would shoot long and far reaching out clearly into the bedroom.

        Florescent lights would shoot very painful pain to me and police sitting inside my home in Guam.

        Lots of experience to say but it has to be another time.

        Dominina callaghan

        August 31, 2016 at 10:38

        • I got in a car accidents 17 years ago and now I have somebody looking down from satellite harassing me telling me he’s going to kill my kids shocking me I’m getting hot freaking flashes is hot things my heart’s like to do do do and he’s like oh no one’s going to believe you he wants his money he’s going to kill me the car accident happened on burn in hell in the guy that was stalking me probably like 17 years ago maybe less than that has black hair brown eyes dark brown eyes I believe he’s in the military was in the military so that’s why he’s got the equipment to do it he’s f****** doing to me right now that’s why I like this subject up because he’s working keeps on freaking f****** with my heart shocking me and I could feel the shock is on my legs he’s like giving me a warning and I’m selling the f*** you go to court God kill me you stupid f****** idiot you’re not getting the f****** money wants to go to court take me to court because of a car accident and you just so happen to be into in the army

          glady s marchand

          September 5, 2016 at 02:55

    • contact: [email protected] if you live in LA.
      fight government scum….


      August 30, 2016 at 01:01

    • I’ve had a satellite stalker but I haven’t talked about it because no one will believe me I’ve been shocked my heart’s been shocked my body I feel shocks on my legs and my body hot really hot I get hot all the sudden and I get shocked and it’s happens to be a person that’s in the Army and I just so happen to hit his car and I owe you $3,000 he he talks to me all the time I’m 50 years old I’ve never had four voices in my whole f****** life so he wants me to meet him so I can stop giving him money wants like $300 a month I’m on SSI I saw him on Belmont Street in Worcester he was pissed off I knew I had some but I just didn’t know who and then after that day when I saw him on Belmont Street he’s got black semi long hair dark brown eyes I believe he’s Latino and obviously he’s got a military background boy did I hit the wrong person I got a psycho on my hands so he’s going to wait till he f**** with my heart until I die make it look like it was make it look like natural like like it just happened because I wasn’t healthy or something but I am healthy how can people get away with doing stuff like this

      gladys Marchand

      September 5, 2016 at 03:12

      • My name is Molz. I’m scared to even post here with my real name. I’m sitting here crying because I’m in shock that 99% of this applies to me right now. I’m a military Veteran with many distinguished. Honors, former international. Flight Attendant I spent years flying all branches of the military into some very odd places including Djubuti, Uzbekistan, Afghanistan, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Turkey to name a few. While in the military my MOST was 98J/MMi was an NO i worked among other things in an elite satellite surveillance unit in Korea. Called an Etut. My first invasive surgery was in an Army hospital in Massachusetts in 1984 others followed. My symptoms started to. Haunt me in 1985. It has worsened over the years. One of my ex husbands is in the CIA ex marine corps officer. Special Ops Robert Bradley Deardorff. I lived in San Antonio TX. From 9/14 to 11/15. My job took me all over TX and Louisiana especially. To the border towns and alto of time in Houston. I returned to Weyers Cave VIA last November. It is very close to Sugar Grove Naval Base WW which is a nuke base that is land locked in the mountains near my home. My house is continually broken in to, items moved, voices, all phones and computers have been hacked, eve been recorded bombarded and threatened. I had a complete “psychotic break” in Nov of 13 in this same house. My husbands ex wife was and is connected in some way. My husband now believes. Me and has had some similar experiences. He is a maintenance. Engineer for A large corporate hospital. I need help. In currently seeing a psycharist ..complete waste of time. . I don’t know where to turn or what to do. Vie been suicidal for a while. Vie been diagnosed. With everything from ANA negative LUPUS to fibromyalgia to schizoeffective bipolar disorder, with disassociattive personality disorder. In in constant pain with no help in sight. Please help me. Email is below

        Rhiannon Smith

        September 18, 2016 at 16:09

        • I am going through almost the same thing.. screaming pain in every nerve in body.. pounding heart. phychotic break . Started in the 80’s once in awhile, in 2011 full blast like electrocuted.. I have vibrations surge through my core 247. Screaming level spine pain ( I have no injury) over heat, terror II am stuck in terror like you were falling off a cliff.. I would like to talk with you.. [email protected]

          Janet Murray

          September 24, 2016 at 22:59

        • I am the same as you, I would like to talk with you. can you contact me..
          [email protected]

          Janet Murray

          September 24, 2016 at 23:25

      • I am a Brazilian and I am listening to 3 evil satanic Brazilians. I believe that all those voices that has been projected into people heads comes from the same Brazilian groups, the only difference is that they have a group that speak Portuguese and a group that speak in English. I have been constantly electronic harass and suffering greatly from persecution of the evil Brazilian black magic. They can create weird smell to mimic mental illness. People need to recognize the difference of mental illness vs electronic harassment and Black Magic. I am 100% sure I will get to the Brazilian group here in the Bay Area that are doing this disgrace to me. Because before those evil satanic Brazilian started projecting the voice to my head, I was staying with a Brazilian that I thought was a real friend of mine for more than 10 years, and while I was staying at her place I saw a black Brazilian men putting a dead rat at her place, at that moment I asked her if someone was threatened her life she pretended that she did not listen to my question and shows a scary face. at that moment I thought , in Brazil when someone put a dead rat at your house, that mean that they want you to participate in some crime with them or they will kill you. After I started listening to this evil Brazilian group I realized that the rat message was for her to help them to do this disgrace with me. Then she started telling me ” oh you cannot stay here anymore, even thought she was the one to invited me to stay with her until I find my place. I moved out and a few days that I had moved out I woke up in the middle of the night and I had the feeling that someone just left my bed side and I was listening to this 3 Brazilians telling me this ” the FBI is at your door go down and talk to them , you will be deported and you will go to jail” It was the worse night of my life, I felt I had been drugged, even though I never ever try any drugs, not even cigarettes. Then the worse started the end up in Good Samaritan Emergency and then they locked me up in a clinic. My life became the inferno, we had to pay a detective to take me from Good Samaritan clinic, because the first day I got there, a Black lady pushed me on the wall to take my picture, I asked her let me take a shower and organize my hair, she replied no, and said there there welcome to the crazy people. I was unsure if I was safe there or my life was in dangerous, I started praying to God protected while I was on the hands of people that I was scary to death to believe, because they did not believe what I told them. That I was drugged by a group of Brazilians. Then I heard she is delusional, I told them we can say what ever you want, I know what is going on with me. I am a victim of a bunch of criminals, they still did not care. I can write a book about the inferno i am living and suffering in the hands of this Brazilian group here in the Bay Area, all started in San Francisco. I hope that none of the victims never loose faith to find the evil satanic that are doing it to them, because I will never have peace until I face the Brazilians that are make my life miserable. I have faith and I do believe that the USA government needs to step in to help the victims to find the evil ones behind those crimes. As we are not sure how they are doing it, we must to search all tips: Electronic harassment, voice to skull, witchcraft , Brazilian Black Magic. Whatever this satanic crime is, it is hurting my everyday live, my brain, my heath.


        September 26, 2016 at 21:02

    • Stay with me derell so that we can keep shopping to all the life we eat to save each other Now Nick 51986498397419816198 dip to apology for the ones who couldn’t down me so wat ever dob519864983 Debbie is a sleaz bag forever

      Laquanda v Shockley

      September 17, 2016 at 13:25

    • THANKS !!! God bless you. Stay strong and safe. YOU ARE NOT ALONE. Good people are winning.!!! The real things is to be and still being a good human people always and transparent in our civil rights and human being with positive motives and values. GOOD Government agents, others TI individuals and good motives organizations are going to support us. In a silent war communication is essential.

      Debby Harlinger

      September 24, 2016 at 18:42

    • Hey All. Lionel Edward Price. I’ve posted here before but perhaps with one of my email names. They started [what i believe] is the end phase of their targeting me in 2011. Although, like most TIs i realize that they have been manipulating me since i was a child. I believe that they have started the process of eliminating loose ends (us) for the fastly approaching time when they can no longer hide these technologies and will need to fully implement them into society. Hollywood, Mainstream Media, and Yes, Social Media are playing a vital role in glossing and preparing the deserved masses for the New World Order of Universal Surveillance/Share Everything (we can only be safe when we know everything about you down to your atomic level) and Transcendence beyond the Human Form and Capability. As we know, it is nothing but a mass deception that will lead to utter ruin, but until then they can continue to torture, torment, disrupt, breach, and destroy those of us labeled as “less than the worst of humanity”, by their “halo-ist” standards. Anyway, speaking of “destroy” i bought a computer about two to three months ago. When i first powered up (i did not do so until a week or two after buying it) the first thing that our enemies did was disable my wireless, i was savvy enough to find and reload the drivers and got it back once but then they disabled it to where i could not use despite software and driver reload. I bought an external wireless system and they disabled that. I bought a external ethernet cable usb device but they soon disabled that i reloaded the software and was able to get the ethernet to work again but not the external wireless system. However, today they just dwstroyed my computer so it won’t boot up. The message gotten is “inaccessible boot device”. Makes no sense to repair or to buy a new computer because the “Intelligence Syndicate” in my case, will just do the something similar. Just another day in the life of a Targeted Individual. All the best to you all: Pray frequently, maintain faith, resist anger, try to stay as healthy as possible, smile much but don’t turn foolish, and be patient even if it is needed for the rest of your life. We should love and care for one another in our solidarity. Remember we are all religions and not, all colors and cultures, all races and political leanings, most age groups both male and female. Donot despair ever regarding those that do what they do to us, or the reasons that they tell themselves and try to tell us. They do not possess the high ground of morality and justice. They master deception but only deceive themselves. Take care all.

      Lionel E. Price

      September 28, 2016 at 15:18

    • I am a victim of attacks by electromagnetic weapons miroondas and other atrocities committed by the police of my country and carried out by ordinary which people through largesse exert lethal actions against me and my family, I I live in Mexico shitty country which does not give me any guarantee super experience, ignore my request for help, we are leaving basely die before the eyes of society and corrupt authorities

      Oscar Jimenez

      October 3, 2016 at 14:50

    • I am a victim who lives in Michigan, I have suffered profoundly for about 2 years now. These people have not stopped since they began, using a satellite with a remote neural monitor, and ELF signal. I have heard them and my own inner voice outside of my head, home and vehicle and being played through engines, fans, anything with a constant noise, sounding like an interment camp all day and night broadcasting with no one else hearing this as if they put a microphone in front of a speaker. I cannot even drown out the voices they just get louder depending on how loud my surroundings are. Their problems with me according to them range from being called a veterans affairs junkie, to being accused of ridiculous crimes like rape, and even jokes about having kids I was not aware of outside of my marriage. They say they get paid by someone but I do not really think so for what point there is not to this problem. They repeat themselves until you think with your third eye and then they say “its legit video evidence now”! They have tried to blackmail me with torture into committing suicide, murder, and trying to trick me into committing crimes like rape by telling me they will leave me alone if I do these things to have dirt on video record in order for them to leave or something like that. They also make horrible threats all day against my family. I do not think I know these people from the real world like some of you wrote that you were certain about who did this to you. These people have used different voices of people that iv known over the years and pretend to be people from my family and people I served in the military with in order to try and make people look stupid. These people NEVER LEAVE the satellite controls or take a break so keep that in mind when thinking about publishing old friends or neighbors names and addresses. these people appear to be either amphetamine addicts or mentally ill for how much time they spend doing nothing but. i have made several formal complaints to the FBI, and sheriff department only to be dismissed as being a mental health problem. Some important knowledge I have learned is that they are using stolen government satellite’s, probably department of defense. In my case this group calling themselves the WOOT without my knowledge or consent at some point committed home invasion and kidnapping to implant items they use into my body, mainly what they call “dick lifts” and to my knowledge they are really thin strings with a snare on one end that holds onto a body part, and a small screw on the other end that gets either drilled in a bone or in between joints. the screw end gets manipulated by a magnetic laser on the satellite to tighten or loosen the string in order to alter your appearance, bodily function such as bowel movements, genital function, cause your eyes to see blurry or double, and teeth to break and even to alter to your brain activity. I recommend that you touch a magnet to your body to see if you feel metal pulling under your skin, or a loosening sensation. with most of the implanted devices and objects including electrodes that these criminals use on people cannot be manipulated by them unless it has magnetic properties. They also use the magnetic laser to place small metal pins into parts of your brain to cause your brain to move in such a manner when they hit it with the magnetic laser that it mimics a minor brain injury to that particular area of the brain causing you to stop thinking or forget things, particularly when you try to tell people about this problem especially law enforcement to make you look like your on drugs or crazy with no credibility. They call this “scoping out” and according to them they also use this technique to temporarily make people blind and deaf by wiggling a pin in your brain stem in order to make people vulnerable to further crimes like home invasion, theft, rape, trafficking ect. I do not know any longer what to do about this problem, I go to work, go to sleep, celebrate holidays, and everything else while dealing with this torture that never gets a break. The government needs to audit and monitor their satellite fleet like they do with WMD’s and secure them from criminals. Not only are they being used to torture people and ruin peoples health, but These satellites happen to be a major threat to national security as well.


      October 6, 2016 at 22:10

    • my name is GEOFFREY OMONDI also a victim of this torture and has experienced most of this symptoms for the last 10 years am from kenya.

      Geoffrey Omondi

      October 8, 2016 at 06:58

    • Hi. My name is Anthea Julie comerford and I live in the UK. I am also a victim of stalking, harassment and inserted which seems my ears, yes, nose, head, face, feet etc. It started when I moved to Hemel Hempstead and when I worked for IngramMicro I noticed phone hacked, car trashed and something put in the car which came out the vents. Also doing the hacking to friends and family and if I turn up they will stand in the garden and also push some form of substance through the letter box, I have also seen it being swirled on the garden and on washing which takes forever to dry. they will hack your email and every machine and went to great lengths on gang stalking, driving me out of my home and also ensuring I had to run up debt to trap me. I decided to go away on holiday and that’s where they really got me, however previously in the house I was renting. I can go Pisces I haven’t Beene before and it feels normal until they catch up. Otherwise I am in constant pain. They seek out at tension as they believe you should do anything. I used to work with some of the people that did this and lived close by. If anyone else has also experienced anything like this, especially in the UK. Please stand united. The only reason they will try to keep you moving is to isolate you, rip your body apart and change your favial features is so they can carry on and get away with what they are doing. They even walked through customs at hat wick airport in January and I know the only way they can keep this going is to drug you.
      I slip up with my partner because of what happened as there isn’t enough information or legal entity in the UK in relation to stopping this kind of attack. They won’t stop because they want to see how far they can get. If you often find a odd familiar smell at home, car, friends whilst you are out then you know that this is what is keeping it all workiNg. Coming from IT and software I can say that no one goes to these lengths u less it’s human trafficking. Their aim is to keep you quiet and keep killing your body. I won’t go into too much as everyone has explained a lot already. Does the UK government really want this tripe of thing happening in their back yard. How secure are satalites and if one insults me with any form of mental health I challenge them to check for this technology within my body. I can actually feel the inserts move and pick them up. So please contact. My phone is hacked and maybe our telecom friends should look at this closely. There is no point telling people and then not telling the whole world what’s happened and stand up to the people who in their delusional minds and world that they have no right to distroy your life and your health. Mine is quite rapid as they have push so many in. I remember my attacks, I know what they have done. There pain they caused in my head and all other parts of my body to try and ensure there is damage everywhere. This is a family and people they know.
      They continue to try and isolate and change my facial features. I look a lot older and they will constantly use technology against me.
      My concern is what data are they stealing from this country and business by being able to hack their networks. Even my work laptop and phone was ha key and they a tally would get quite close and shout abuse outside my home, other areas and places of work to where other people noticed.
      Anthea Julie comerford

      Anthea Julie comerford

      October 10, 2016 at 11:14

      • I know all my attackers . Need advice it’s not government it’s really actually people doing this to people.

        Fay centers

        October 16, 2016 at 12:12

      • Need someone to plz listen I know my attackers personally and the fact that I do know them they often showed there selfs in person


        October 16, 2016 at 12:20

    • And my Name is Marcus Edwards I have been a victim of mind control for 25 years now.

      Marcus Edwards

      October 18, 2016 at 16:04

    • I would love to talk with you. Been going through this issue for 2 years. My harasser’s have give me their name and which inturn notify the FBI. They hacked into my tablet and phone also audible recordings. Please contact me via email. Thank you and would like to discuss my issues with you.

      Lucy Sorensen

      October 22, 2016 at 20:20

      • It started with the x marine harassing me and my neighbor. Then local Law enforcement. Then came the electronic harassment and burning of us.killing my pets and making the rest sick. Making us sick.Portland Oregon is where we live. I moved 2 hours away and it continus. Its Portland police and fire Departments. They burnt me so bad they beat me to the ER. Lying to the Doctor & name calling to cover up their abuse. I have evidence police refuse to take because of their involvement. Hurting innocent women in the attempt to obstruct justice. It still goes on. All my electronic communication is watched and monitored and my car has a GPS. I hired a PI and we have more evidence of the facts. When being stalked or harassed by anyone local police are supposed to help not in this case they enhanced it by giving this man the lead way to do as he pleased. I am a 63 year old woman who is handicapped and I am being abused by Oregon Police. For reasons that they’re covering up crimes for other men to commit against women. Beware of the Portland police department they’ll tell lies and cover for their friends. They do nothing for the innocent women.
        Except tell lies about their victims for a coverup.. Calling you crazy, a drug addict, & alcoholic believing in conspiracy theories. When none of its true. Defamation of character. Gaslighting.old term of expression used for keeping women’s from speaking out against their abusers. In my years of experience I’ve never seen anything like this. These abusers need some jail time.


        October 26, 2016 at 06:03

    • I did not read the whole thing because it brought back memories and made me really mad this started happening to me in the mid 90s 1994 to be exact and I new immediately I was being targeted for mind control it was in Phoenix Arizona nobody of course believed me my family still don’t think the believe me it took my wife years until she finally seen it but she won’t talk about it I did find a speck of black I’m assuming some kind of brittle metal and the only reason I found it is because I was battling them in my head and pissed them off and they turned up the juice on it and it shocked me like a 9 volt battery when you touch it on your tongue but it was on my arm I could here some one saying turn it down he’s going to find it and I did and when I found it I immediately left my apartment I didn’t have a phone and I wanted to call my mom and tell her well they new what I was doing cause not only are they talking to you they no what your thinking to and there telling me it won’t work that they will interfere with the phone and they did when ever I call my mom she always answers the phone but that time and it was a payphone all it did was ring and I could here them telling me that see it didn’t work I could go on for years about what happened to me but to get to some kind of a point the black metal type thing was one way they do it and it’s the military I’m sure and I believe it’s origin is in Virginia or west Virginia where their behavioral military headquarters is and I could here my daughter at the time was three or four talking to them to and I could here them talking back to her I seen them manipulating people right Infront of me in San Diego California before and it was more powerful in Phoenix Arizona, and when I moved literally to get away from them it was weaker in San Diego at first but by the time I moved from San Diego it was just as powerful as in Arizona and that was 10 years 1996 to 2006 I then moved to get away again to Colorado and I haven’t really heard anything from them at all I think but the drive to here I heard them all through California to Nevada and through Nevada telling me I’m not going anywhere to turn around and such and it ended somewhere before Utah and I also know that the Navy in San Diego does this to the population when were not in war time instead they have war with the civilians of the United States

      Not going to give my name

      November 6, 2016 at 04:40

    • I did not read the whole thing because it brought back memories and made me really mad this started happening to me in the mid 90s 1994 to be exact and I new immediately I was being targeted for mind control it was in Phoenix Arizona nobody of course believed me my family still don’t think the believe me it took my wife years until she finally seen it but she won’t talk about it I did find a speck of black I’m assuming some kind of brittle metal and the only reason I found it is because I was battling them in my head and pissed them off and they turned up the juice on it and it shocked me like a 9 volt battery when you touch it on your tongue but it was on my arm I could here some one saying turn it down he’s going to find it and I did and when I found it I immediately left my apartment I didn’t have a phone and I wanted to call my mom and tell her well they new what I was doing cause not only are they talking to you they no what your thinking to and there telling me it won’t work that they will interfere with the phone and they did when ever I call my mom she always answers the phone but that time and it was a payphone all it did was ring and I could here them telling me that see it didn’t work I could go on for years about what happened to me but to get to some kind of a point the black metal type thing was one way they do it and it’s the military I’m sure and I believe it’s origin is in Virginia or west Virginia where their behavioral military headquarters is and I could here my daughter at the time was three or four talking to them to and I could here them talking back to her I seen them manipulating people right Infront of me in San Diego California before and it was more powerful in Phoenix Arizona, and when I moved literally to get away from them it was weaker in San Diego at first but by the time I moved from San Diego it was just as powerful as in Arizona and that was 10 years 1996 to 2006 I then moved to get away again to Colorado and I haven’t really heard anything from them at all I think but the drive to here I heard them all through California to Nevada and through Nevada telling me I’m not going anywhere to turn around and such and it ended somewhere before Utah and I also know that the Navy in San Diego does this to the population when were not in war time instead they have war with the civilians of the United States and personally I think they should be killed and they owe me a bunch of money for using me and I don’t want to leave my name or email but I will since it won’t post unless I do but if you turn out to be one of them just to get people to write there experience then I hope your killed in a very painful death but if your not which I will never know then I apologize


      November 6, 2016 at 04:48

      • I am suffering here in the Bay Area with the voices of 3 evil Brazilians. He youth man voice tells me that his brother served the Navy in San Diego. I believe that this Brazilian mafia that are doing this satanic evil crime of projecting voices to my head are using technology that is not suppose to be on the hands of illegal. I am wondering if his brother just served the Navy in order to get the Green Card. I have no doubt that a Brazilian that was my friend for more than 10 years help this mafia group get to me to harass me with this voices in my brain and reading my thoughts. People in my close circle do not believe that I am suffering with this disgrace, I need help to catch those Brazilians and put them on the hands of the FBI. They deserve to go to jail. What they are doing here in American with innocent victims like me and you. Those people are cruel, harsh, inhumane, barbaric. Today they cooked my brain while I was sleeping and every day they make my heart suffer tremendous pain and palpitations, then they laughed and enjoyed the cruel act that they are doing to me.
        I am impressed about the persistence and audacity of this Brazilian mafia here in San Francisco, Daly City and Bay Area.
        I hope the new president will deport a hand full of those Brazilians.


        November 14, 2016 at 06:29

    • OH Gee WIZ now ANYONE can put these in the Presidents…. also without him or her knowing and we get all our secret information stolen and when fighting a war we loose cause they know the war plan, stolen bank and insider information in the market and take over of our country through brain control and slavery mind take over …. OMG were screwed! And they were the ones who stared this stuff way back in the 1800s in the other countries if you do your history research! Dah they use them all the time over there also!… and now USA is screwed cause we don’t know who has them for what and where in whom!! And this was the plan an WE took the bate! OH BIN laden is laughing in his grave I bet! And Hitler’s cousin’s is probably just waiting until we all turn into mind broken zombies slaves!
      AND we want this to happen!? ONH GEE WIZ! and USA goes broke and we can’t figure it out! BUT they did! when it all started back then! and that is how we lost the Vietnam war telepathy was not in us it was in them!



  1. I am experiencing a targeted attack in my personal life with EMF radiation making me unable to think from a high pitch screaming noise and online through my website.

    I was able to link the online attack to this website:

  2. Thanks a lot for sharing this with all of us you actually know what you are talking about! Bookmarked. Kindly also visit my site =). We could have a link exchange arrangement between us!

  3. Is it legal for a Non law person ….( like gang member or neighbor… who hates you.. they hire relative to implant you mocking offender investigator and judge and block your life with threats and harassment and isolation attacks…… .and doing it with stolen law technology?) they implant and track the hated person “labling them and telling everyone who they can.. so you can’t get a job or lose all your money excetra…”sex offender”… because of hate or revenge and because they want to “get them” for calling cops on them year ago so???
    A unknown group in Wisconsin was talking about how they were using them like this without cops or lawyer or judges authorization and knowledge and just to ruin their life and family and anything they love and to put them in a mental hospital also if they can and they did not care if anyone else would be hurt also because of it!
    Does anyone else find this disturbing and would you want that for anyone you knew?!?

  4. They are flippers and reverse set up intimidator, electric harassment implanted and problem people also.. You found something out about them and they can’t do anything to you, because you haven’t done anything, so they plan to make you the same thing, get you arrested or look like a sex offender, murderer or thug or animal abuser, husband abuser and they do everything they can and watch your every move to see if they can get you…thus blocks you from saying anything or getting any help through real law enforcement or get you sick or in a accident by their pressures and even if it gets someone else hurt while doing this to you, the insults, stalking’s, spreading rumors and doing stuff to everything you have, even your money, T.V. and computer use, or even at your job to make you think the people you work for is in with it, and make you nervous hoping to make it look like you really are what they said! It’s no stop harassment, stalking and mind boggling surround attacks and your own family has no idea what is going on hoping they will think your nuts or something!!!But “their family and group “backs them up like mocking military or police strata gee!…So both sides should get warning and told next call you both get a law siute, or huge fine from the FBI or Police or Military for interference and mocking, impersonating physiatrist and law and military authorities!!

  5. Dr. Karlstrom, I have not seen any information on the israeli mind mapping program. They map out the way your brain works in order to manipulate it. I wake up at the strangest times and then something signifigant will happen on social media or on tv or in other situations. I will fall asleep for no reason, not being tired, watching something the cabal hates. An airplane sprayed me with some chemical for years, almost everyday of the week for 3 or 4 years, and I felt sick afterwards. I am trying to figure out how to jam their program without poisoning myself even more. It sound nuts, but other people have sent me acknowledgement that these things go on.
    If you have any information you can give me other than seeking God, I am not sure if that would do it, I have been offered a big pharma drugs, but they are dangerous. Thanks,

  6. Just wondering who is in charge of the israeli mind/body mapping program. I was put in this program, I don’t know how long ago, but I know recently they sprayed me from an airplane 6 nights a week for about 4 years with this thick sticky poison and I would feel sick. The plane hardly ever comes over my house anymore. I fall asleep watching certain programs the cabal hates, I wake up at certain times that there is a social media
    event playing that seems to have a specific pattern. I would like to know how tojam their program and if there are any books out there to help. I was offered pharmaceuticals, but that is what the cabal wants. to discredit me. Thank you for the work you do.

  7. Think about this for a long time!!!
    Our police and military and law enforcement, investigative personal government, courts need our support and someone does not want only you to ???? ! !and people visiting our country also want our support they give us money and great ideas and are really good people also and don’t want the blame for this situation!!

    Scenario but true facts !
    Read about the man who implanted stereo Radio Nano implants under his ear lobes nothing noticed on the outside of his ear…. He hears a everything crystal clear, but NO one around him can hear a thing that he can hear….nothing!!!!!and they revenge you and you get the assaults while he laughs walking away thinking just l little more and job gone and off to the mental hospital and then they say military and FBI thinks your a mental case They twist the wording hinting they got you how some are doing this to make everyone look bad and “a gang leader talked about the problem on CBS news we thank him for his brave HERO generosity they could really help our country. Right everyone!!? !!!!!!”… it’s medical fraud activity revenge, Hate group. Or a personal revenge attack( ?) maybe and it was secretly put in you just for that reason alone?
    That might mean the person who was put in the nut house is a phone implant victim and police where duked, maybe making them look bad…they both should sue the implanter criminal right?!! Just my opinion but eyes and ears open folks don’t let your guard down!
    I thank those who keep our country safe in every areas dealing with law, FBI, and higher and including those in Washington D.C. and thank you visitors we are grateful for your support also!!!Salute to you all!

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