One Reply to “Who is Funding Miranda’s Stalking, Torture, Harassment, Slow Kill Via Electronic Weapons? Possible Pertinent DOD Contracts”

  1. This is great Eric. I keep wondering how do I find out who in my town is getting DOD contracts? I would like to find out which psychologists and mental institutions are getting them and how. And what other types of contracts are they getting? How does one find this out? How do you find out what contracts or monies the police are getting? Does anyone have a database on gift card awards? How about revealing how secret trusts work and how are they taking people’s properties? Midge Mathis could help us out on that. And then Kenneth Dost is working on government filings for rectifying government fraud across the board, including birth certificated names. He’s on facebook.

    This would be a super helpful thing for TI’s to do – to start a research website where people could contribute their knowledge on how map the financial ecosystem of this beast. Catherine Austin Fitts has that entire methodology outlined on her website for subscribers. I downloaded it once, but they have wiped all my computers and emails. I would be happy to work with anyone who wants to put something like this together. (I’ve got a enterprise website development background – I just need a programmer.)

    I heard:,,
    you can find out in each state what life insurance policies have been fraudulently taken out on you.

    Here’s a cell tower lookup site:

    Apparently Midge of TJ, her husband owns this company which controls the grid:

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