Bill Cooper Provides Essential Inside Information On Criminal-Intelligence Operations (1992 Youtube Interview)

Excerpt from Interview on Kennedy Assassination at 24:30 Minutes:

Cooper: “In the documents I saw, which really was literally two or three file cabinets of documents called “Operation Majority,” I saw documents which told me what happened in Dallas (i.e., JFK’s assassination in 1963) and why. Basically, the documents said that the intelligence community felt that John F. Kennedy was a “threat to the national security-” which, translated into reality, means they thought John F. Kennedy was a threat to the New World Order, the one-world government, which they were actively in the process of forming.

…. According to the documents I saw, his (JFK’s) assassination was ordered by the Policy Committee of the Bildergroup Group, which is really the secret world government. And it was carried out by agents of Division 5 of the FBI, the Secret Service, the Central Intelligence Agency, and the Office of Naval Intelligence, of which I was a part – in Dallas. And it said that the assassin, the man who actually administered the head wound, was the driver of the car, William Greer, a Secret Service agent, who used an assassination gun built by the CIA for assassinations.

….. It is not our government though, you have to understand, that is doing these things. It is not our government that is failing us. It is not the Constitution or the Bill of Rights that’s a bad instrument.

It is a group of men who belong to secret societies, who have infiltrated our society and our government at all levels and are destroying it and subverting it from within. And every member of Naval Intelligence that I knew, who was an officer, was a 32nd or a 33rd degree Freemason. And I asked my commanding officer at one point, I said, “Why are all you guys Masons?”

He said, “Masons are used to keeping secrets; it’s part of their fraternity… So if you want someone who already knows how to keep a secret you recruit Freemasons.”

Well, later on, I found out what the truth is; the truth is that you are not going to be a Naval Intelligence officer unless you are Freemason or an order of the Ancient Order of the Rose and Cross, but you have to be high degrees for that…. I think the reason they recruited me as an enlisted man was that I was a member of Demolay Society when I was a teenager. That’s sort of the first level of Masons.”

Interviewer: Why are you still alive?

Cooper…. (I was attacked by Defense Investigative Service people and my life was threatened, and I agreed to keep silent) …..And I did until I found this UFO magazine in a bookstore that indicated they had implemented the contingency plan called “Majestic.”

Regarding “Targeting”

But if you want to know what I think….. I think there are several reasons. Number one, they’ve had a plan that’s been in force since the 40’s to debunk, ridicule, destroy anyone who ever talks about these subjects. And the public has been thoroughly indoctrinated that if you talk about any of these things I’m talking about you’re just another nut. So the public, by and large, doesn’t pay any attention to it.

…. (All the information) you need is available to the public. Public libraries are overflowing with the proof of what’s really going on in the world. So in my book (“Behold a Pale Horse”), I’ve put (the critical information) together for people so they can see the overall picture. Nothing is isolated. It’s all part of a big puzzle. And when the puzzle is assembled it’s going to be a one world, totalitarian, socialist government that nobody’s going to like except the people that are running it. It’s Hitler all over again. And the rationalization is that “we’re going to create the perfect world without war… the utopia…” But they will never create the utopia because there will never be a world without war, or rape, or killing, or robbery, until they deal with the inherent flaw in each person that makes us do the things that we do.

They fully intend to kill a minimum of 2 billion people by the year 2000. AIDS was man-made for this purpose.

The pet implant program is not about finding lost pets…. There now is a satellite up there tracking implanted pets. They are testing this program on pets that is going to be used on human beings.

In the LA Times, in 1989, they ran article on “Ten Forecasts for the Coming Decade”. Number 5 of those ten forecasts was: “Chemical Or Electronic Implants to Control Individual Behavior On a 24-hour Basis.” It’s not hidden. It’s there for anyone to look for.

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  1. At 1:42 Cooper says it’s not the Jews. That it’s just men from all over the world in secret societies. What do you think Eric? It seems Cooper has some pieces mixed up – either that or they have twisted up the original game plan where possible for confusion.

    He also talks about the solution is to first lock up the secret societies, (esp the fed) and change the money. I agree. Although they are the ones who now own the lock-up capabilities.

    There is something else afoot, which is a renewal of the birth certificated name into a thousand pieces, from what Kenneth Dost is saying. Commoditize everything about a human being and sell it on the stock exchange, thus generating new revenues under bitcoin “blockchain”. Blockchain being, I suspect, the commoditization of all human resources within a human body – intellectual property, mind clone, DNA, blood, bone, organs, clones, soul. All reproducible. Essentially, if you hit the DNA jackpot you’re wealthy – unless someone put you in the program and ripped it all off before you get to home base. Which is what happened to me. It will take more money than I have to recover the fraud and theft. And prosecute the 10 million crimes I was subjected to.

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