In “4 Myths about Targeting:” Targeted Justice, Inc. asserts TIs are “expensive experiments” who provide “valuable data” (January, 2024) w/ my comments

Introduction: Webmaster comment 1: Targeted Justice (TJ) recently posted the below information regarding “4 myths about targeting.” They state: “We did not make the rules. We just figured them out.”

They claim TIs are “expensive experiments” being experimented on by “government criminals” whose goal is to acquire their “valuable data” and get them to “self-neutralize”, i.e., commit suicide. They recommend that TIs must “fight back.”

I do have some comments below, as it seems like this terminology may be simply the linguistic cover story for government-sponsored no-touch torture/murder and doing MKULTRA “terminal-type” experiments under the guise of collecting data. What continues to amaze me is that these government criminals are allowed to continue “these experiments” in view of the increasingly widespread understanding of these criminal activities. Can this government gaslighting and stone-walling go on indefinitely. The number of government and non-governmental criminals involved in carrying out these “expensive experiments” must be staggering. I believe the sheer size and scope of this operation protects it from being exposed and neutralized.

See my second comment below regarding how historically, despotic governments use “scientific experiments” to torture/murder political enemies. My other comments below supply additional insights.

4 Myths about Targeting

JAN 15, 2024

Targeted Justice’s goal is to shut down the illegal targeting program. In the meantime, we want to provide the TI community with information and tools.

Given the substantial experience we have had with TI’s over the years, we have recognized some common erroneous beliefs that may hinder your ability to fight back.

Some common myths…

Myth 1

Every week, we receive emails from a Targeted Individual claiming to be “the most targeted person in the world.”


You are not the most targeted person in the world. You are an experiment and your data is important, not you.
You are not a member of the National Security Counsel. You do not have access to the nuclear launch codes.
You are not a member of Congress.
You do not have the personal cell phone numbers to military Generals, wealthy billionaires, or Prime Ministers of foreign governments.
We have TI cases that have been severely burned with microwave weapons for more than 30+ years. We have a TI case with more than 140 implant locations. We have a TI case with V2K from hundreds of different voices. We have cases from women that have been DEW-raped and trafficked for 15+ years.
You are not the first or the worst. You are a valuable and expensive experiment. The government criminals care about their experiment – not you personally.
Instead of making comparisons about who suffers the most, we urge you to focus on helping us end the program.

Myth 2

They are trying to kill you.


The goal of the program is to get you to “surrender” or neutralize yourself. If you kill yourself, then you have also neutralized yourself. The CIA considers that to be a success story. Do not do it.
The US military operates at least 9 different weapon systems in orbit. Any one of these weapon systems can be used to kill you instantly without leaving a trace. There are frequencies that can make your heart stop by interrupting the signal from your brain. No one will know, it was anything other than an ordinary heart attack.
In addition, the US Govt has Top Secret assassination teams. If they really wanted you dead, then you would be dead. VP Dick Cheney is also rumored to have operated a global Death Squad.
Some of the torture appears to be life-threatening, but the purpose remains – to get you to neutralize yourself. If you stopped fighting back – then you have been neutralized. Does that sound like you?
Yes, a small percent of TI’s appear to have been murdered. We are aware of that. We also have TI’s that have been in the program more than 35 years. Our average member has been a Targeted Individual for more than 7 years. Do you really believe they missed the target for 7 years?
You are an expensive experiment – if you are dead, then there is no data.

Myth 3

The V2K sometimes gives me helpful or truthful information.


If you do receive truthful information from the V2K, then it is setting you up for another lie. Don’t fall for it.
Some of the best advice from Dr John Hall and Dr Len Ber: Ignore the V2K. Or learn to ignore it. Don’t respond.
Whether AI or a real person is behind your V2K, they are criminals that are paid to torture you. Why would you trust a criminal?

Myth 4

If I sit on my couch and don’t fight back, then maybe they will leave me alone.


1. No TI has ever been released from the program because they “surrendered.” In general, your targeting will continue to increase if you don’t fight back using legal methods, such as flyers, and writing your Congressman. We do have numerous examples of reduced gangstalking when people use effective methods to fight back.

We did not make the rules. We just figured them out.
Here is the gangstalking training manual for reference. The use of British spellings, suggest that it may have been originally written by British Intelligence agents.—training-manual.html

Please provide your comments below.

Webmaster’s 2nd comment: In response to these 4 myths about targeting, I sent the following message to an email list of Tis:

Hi all,

I’m mining (again) Dr. Rauni Kilde’s book, Bright Light on Black Shadows (2015)….. Found this quote which puts things in perspective- especially TJ’s recent admonition to TIs that we’re just an expensive experiment……. We are certainly dealing with Orwellian language here.

“Despots of the world take note: If you categorize torture and murder as classified medical and scientific experimentation on “willing” human subjects, you too can justify crimes against humanity on the basis that they advance human knowledge.”

Dr. Rauni Kilde, former Chief Medical Officer of Northern Finland, TI, and author of “Bright Light on Black Shadows” (2015)

FBI section chief (and TI), Ted Gunderson, clarified things this way:

“Gangstalking is a self-harm term for what is actually a government no-touch torture eugenics program.”

To address the persistent “baffle them (Orwellian) bullshit” tactic- please see the following post I’ve put together for this website:

Cutting Through “Smokescreen Terminology:” 501 Names & Descriptions Reveal Truth Of Gangstalking/Civilian Targeting/”Dissident Hunting” War Crimes/Crimes Against Humanity

You may notice that of the 501 synonyms and descriptors for the organized stalking-electronic harassment (OS-EH) (or TI) program that I have assembled, “expensive experiment” or “valuable and expensive experiment” were NOT among them. This could have to do with perspective. I imagine that the idea that TIs are “valuable and expensive experiments” “whose data are valuable” would be the perspective of the military-industrial-scientific-medical complex.


Eric Karlstrom

Comment #3: In researching my 2012 article “Mind Control: History and Applications,” I recall reading that the UK’s Tavistock Institute’s military mind-behaviorial scientists were obsessed with quantifying the exact moment and conditions under which they succeeded in “breaking the will” of their test subjects/victims. (An analogy might be to imagine white-lab coated scientists counting and measuring the straws that collectively “break the camel’s back” in order to identify which straw actually finished off the camel.) Perhaps the US military-intelligence complex has brought a version of this sadistic “scientific experiment” into “the field,” or “into the wild,” as they like to put it, with the TI program.

If one regards all conflict, particularly all military conflict, as a contest of wills, as various military-“academic” authors assert in their papers on neocortical/cognitive warfare, discovering the “formulae” for breaking your opponents becomes a primary objective.

As an example, Chess Grand Master, Bobby Fischer, once stated that the most satisfying moment he experienced as a chess player was the moment he “crushed (his) opponent’s ego.” So we can infer that these “expensive experiments” are designed to collect as much “data” as possible relevant to the breaking of an “adversary’s” will using a whole variety of cognitive-information-psychological-electronic-network centric warfare techniques against them “in the wild.”

It may be relevant that Bobby Fischer was the son of two Jews. And that Jews’ sole purpose in life seems to be to conquer and destroy non-jews (aka goyim) for their god, Lucifer.

4th comment: TJ asserts: “The goal of the program is to get you to “surrender” or neutralize yourself. If you kill yourself, then you have also neutralized yourself. The CIA considers that to be a success story.”

Here, TJ identifies the “government criminals” as being the CIA. In addition, it suggests that if you kill yourself, the CIA/government criminals regards that as a success or victory.

The Catholic Church regards suicide as the “one unforgivable sin,” i.e., a one-way ticket to hell. Thus, for Catholics and other Christians at least, we have evidence that the CIA is a diabolical and satanically-energized cult doing Satan’s work for him.

Given that much or most of the American political spectrum and civilian population support or actually participate in the program, what does this say about them?

5th comment: What TIs also need to understand: “The TI program” is state-sponsored terrorism against and murder of designated enemies and it is essentially run out of Sheriff’s departments using military grade technologies. Special forces, regular forces, and irregular forces (citizen-based agents, including Neighborhood Watch, First Responders, etc.) are directly involved in carrying it out. All branches of the military are involved in this “Cognitive Warfare” (CW) program, which now constitutes a 6th warfare domain that incorporates the other five domains of land, sea, air, space and cyberspace. All these domains operate simultaneously against targets via “hybrid”- specifically, electronic-drone-netcentric-psychological-cyber warfare against TIs. Military “psychological operations groups” (POGs) are involved in designing psychological attacks against TIs and measuring and managing their responses in real time with C5ISR technologies.

6th comment: Based on my at least 10 years as a TI in “the program,” I can state that the “program” consists of unrelenting cruelty or cruel and unusual punishment and that governments and their military-intelligence-science-academic-medical complex investors, partners, and “vendors” will spend any amount of money and use any all means and resources necessary to defeat TIs. Welcome to hell. As TJ acknowledged, people are paid to torture you.

7th comment: TIs should also know that trauma-based mind control aka Satanic Ritual Abuse and other MKULTRA mind control techniques are incorporated into the attacks against TIs. There is widespread participation (stalking) by individuals involved in satanic cults, including Freemasonry and various Judaic religions (Jewry, Mormonism, 7th Day Adventism, Jehovah’s Witnesses), witchcraft covens, and other mercenary and ideological groups.

8th Comment: TIs should also understand the centrality of involvement of the Tavistock Institute (London, England), MI6, NATO, NASA and other globalist/military organizations.

9th Comment: TIs should also know about Brain-Computer-Interface (BCI), Brain-Brain Interface, a host of other non-invasive remote mind and behavioral control technologies, or using TV, radio, and wifi electromagnetic frequency bands to communicate with and alter perceptions of those who are targeted.

Per the Psinergy odysee channel insights of Sabrina Wallace, we are all “on the internet” as nodes in the DoD’s (and NATO’s) Global Information Grid (GIG) netcentric warfare. Dr. Rauni Kilde refers to this process as neural-electromagnetic telecommunications or cybernetics. These technologies allow computer network engineers and others to play other humans (TIs, etc.) with remotes like sims in a video game using 3G, 4G, 5G, 6G telecommunications. Radio frequencies and optogenetics allow operator/scientist/military communication on the nano-scale with the human biofield (wireless body area network) and bio-sensor networks within targets. I believe this is sometimes euphemistically termed, cyber-terrorism, cyber-stalking, and cyber-warfare.

(This stuff is very complicated and I do not pretend to understand it all. Suffice it to say, all this has a very long and very secret (military-intelligence-scientific-academic-corporate) history going back to the 1940s and earlier.

10th Comment: Except identifying the CIA as “government criminals,” TJ does not inform us as to who is carrying out this “expensive experiment” or how they do it or how long it has been running or what parts of the world it occurs in or for what it’s purposes or how many TIs there are worldwide.

11th Comment: Targeted Justice, Inc’s website states:

“Targeted Justice is the world’s leading information resource for Targeted Individuals. If we have helped you, please consider a donation of $3.50 per month. (That’s less than your expensive cup of coffee.)”

As webmaster of this website, I dispute this claim. For perspective, the TJ website includes about 100 posts, many of which are very informative and worthwhile. However, this website (, which is not monetized and which I began a couple years before Targeted Justice came into being, now has about 2,350 posts on gangstalking, mind control, cults and related subjects. You can do the math about which website could be the “world’s leading information resource for Targeted Individuals.” Additionally, many of the posts on this (my) website, go into considerably more depth on various subjects surrounding these topics.

12th comment: It is hard for me to avoid the speculation/conclusion that TJ is part of the linguistic cover-up of state-sponsored torture and murder of its citizens.