Ep. 51: Bonus Episode. Dr. Len Ber’s Conversation with Anab Whitehouse – “Hijacking Phenomenology”

Ep. 51: Bonus Episode. Conversation with Anab Whitehouse – “Hijacking Phenomenology”

I highly recommend setting aside 2.5 hours and listening to this insightful mind-provoking and truly fascinating conversation with a Canadian author Anab (William) Whitehouse. While Anab is not a Targeted Individual. I’ve never met a non-TI who understand the program in such depth. He also offers his own unique point of view of Targeting from historic and philosophical perspective.

Anab’s books are available for free at: https://www.billwhitehouse.com/press.htm or at

Anab put together a number of video documentaries, along with some other sorts of entries on his Bitchute channel called DrAnab https://www.bitchute.com/channel/Y2CA…
Academia page: https://utoronto.academia.edu/AnabWhi…

Anab was nice enough to provide written answers to the questions asked during the conversation in a form of a PDF which is available at https://drive.proton.me/urls/4DYVTKK0.

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Len Ber MD, PSardonicus on X

27 minutes ago
Great information and thanks Len for your work and time you invest in this nightmare we survive daily with out relent..🙏🏻👍🏼

2 minutes ago
Thank you so much for your video.