167 Other Names For Organized Stalking – Electronic Torture From This Website

What Is Organized Gangstalking- Electronic Torture- Remote Mind and Behavioral Control- Human Trafficking and Experimentation- Targeted Individual (TI) Program?

“A rose by any other name is still a rose” (From Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet 2:2)

These 167 Synonyms/Descriptors for Organized Gangstalking-Electronic Harassment-Targeted Individual Program (aka “The Program”), Featured In Articles and Books Referenced on This Website, Help Reveal Its Horrific Nature and Purposes:

1) covert transhumanism
2) directed energy weapon terrorism
3) cognitive warfare: “a new form of combat that makes everyone a weapon”
4) “a domestic security architecture concentrating on offensive measures on single adversaries” (Aspen Security Group of Homeland Security (DHS) report to House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence, 2012)
5) “a whole of nation approach for acquisition of information for actionable entities (civilian-military forces to) target (and) mitigate adversaries'” (Dr. James Giordano, Georgetown University neuroweaponologist and DARPA advisor)
6) Cognitive Warfare* (CW), 6th (human) domain of warfare of Department of Defense (DoD) and NATO (*weapons of ALL 6 warfare domains (air, land, sea, space, cyberspace, and cognitive) are secretly deployed against innocent civilians (“Targeted Individuals” or “TIs”), individually and in combination.) (See #106-8 below.)
7) “the battle for your brain”
8) “the militarization of brain science”
9) “the weaponization of people”
10) “Mastering the Human Domain” (per Jade Helm 15 and UWEX (unconventional warfare)-16 military exercises)
11) “militarization of all aspects of human relationships and human society”
12) “integration of hybrid warfare (economic, cyber, information, and psychological warfare), disinformation/misinformation, psychological, and social-engineering capabilities.”
13) perpetual warfare w/ no geographic boundaries, time limit, beginning or end, or respite
14) counter-terrorism
15) Security Services Stalking
16) U.S. government Unacknowledged Special Access Program (USAP)/black project

Also known as the following today and in previous versions:

17) “Organized community surveillance”
18) “Targeted Individual” Program
19) secret, government no-touch torture program targeting civilians watchlisted as domestic, political enemies by FBI and Department of Homeland Security. All civil liberties secretly removed from “targets.”
20) “cleverly disguised torture/murder program to eliminate enemies of the New World Order”
21) Community-Oriented Policing (COPs) and Citizens on Patrol Federal, State, and County-Sanctioned Gangstalking Program by Department of Justice (DOJ), FBI, DHS, NSA, CIA, White House, Sheriff’s Departments, local police, etc.
22) Global Government Gangstalking Genocide Gestapo-Gulag (G6)
23) Nazi-CIA human medical experiments
24) covert, in-community continuation of CIA MKULTRA and MKDELTA mind control projects
25) human trafficking of civilians into government +/or corporate “terminal,” nonconsensual medical experiments and weapons testing programs
26) disposal program for human subjects used in “terminal,” nonconsensual medical experimentees (as in CIA’s Project MKULTRA, 1953 onward)
27) global MONARCH program (DoD militarized and operational MKULTRA mind control; trauma-based mind control-cybernetic enslavement); creation of multiple personality and Manchurian Candidates, assassins, mass shooters, terrorists, sex-slaves, couriers, spies, and supersoldiers through a variety of electronic directed energy, chemical, neurological, and biological weapons and trauma-based mind control techniques
28) FBI COINTELPRO (COunter INtelligence PROgram, 1956-1971) Version 2.0, covert terrorism against political enemies
29) CIA MHCHAOS Program (1967-1974) Version 2.0, covert, illegal watchlisting and terrorism against domestic political activists (“dissidents”) in America
30) Global CIA Phoenix Program (1968-1972 in Vietnam); i.e., “interagency” citizen-targeting-torture-suppression-elimination program applied throughout the world by American Empire aka Operation Condor/Salvador Option/Pink Plan/”dirty war” in Latin America, Iraq, Afghanistan, and other US military-invaded and occupied war zones
31) Operation Gladio/Stay Behind Secret Armies (covert CIA, MI6, NATO program of terror waged against leftist, domestic political enemies in Western Europe/Italy between 1956-1990); Version 2.0
32) NSA-CIA-FBI-DHS’ SIGINT (signals intelligence) and HUMINT (human intelligence) tracking and targeting of “enemies”/”potential enemies”/”threats”/”potential threats”/”enemy noncombatants”/”non-investigative subjects”/”code 4-silent hits”/black project experimentees
33) FBI and DHS’s (Department of Homeland Security) National Fusion Center Association (NFCA) “Kill Contracts” on innocent civilians granted to private security services
34) NSA PRISM/ECHELON Tracking/Targeting of Civilians
35) “identity suppression” and psycho-political warfare by Special Forces’ “Signature Reduction” (SIGREDUX) Program and other civilian-military special forces (USSOCOM)
36) Zersetzung (Version 2.0) (German for “decomposition”-“disintegration” of political enemies’ lives and psychological/physical/life-support systems) carried out by Stasi military police in communist East Germany in the 1970’s and 1980’s
37) psychotronic (psychological + electronic) warfare (Soviet Union term) by “NSA’s Global Spy Network” (including NATO, Five-Eyes, 42-Eyes, 105-Eyes, Britain’s GCHQ and JTRIG- Joint Threat Response Intelligence Group)
38) democide (murder by government/National Security Racketeering Network)
39) DoD’s domestic and global hybrid-psychological-electronic-civilian-military-cyber warfare against civilians
40) “largest black and black market operation in history”
41) (Department of Defense’s) Information Operations (IO)
42) Total Individual Control Technology
43) human trafficking
44) contract stalking
45) citizen-based stalking
46) vigilante stalking
47) terrorist stalking
48) cause stalking
49) “bad-guy hunting business”
50) satellite torture/terrorism

Some official and unofficial military, intelligence, government bureaucracies, law enforcement, medical (National Institutes of Health, etc.) academic, and corporate terms/jargon for handling extra-judicially and secretly blacklisted American citizens for human research, torture, abuse and murder include:

51) “targeted individual” (used to de-humanize citizen)
52) “Code 4 Silent Hit” (police/law enforcement classification for targeted individuals)
53) “non-investigative subject” (FBI classification for targeted individuals on Terrorism Watch List)
54) test subjects for Pentagon Torture Protocols 1-5 (at least)
55) active surveillance
56) counter-surveillance
57) counter-intelligence stalking
58) bio-hacking
59) electronic and biometric data gathering
60) test subjects for human experimentation
61) threat assessment
62) risk assessment/risk management
63) social engineering

Some Hollywood and “elite” terms for “targeted individuals” and “the program” include:

64) “the surviving game”
65) “the most dangerous game”
66) “hunger games”
67) “the hunting game”

“The program” is actually:

68) government-sponsored civilian-military “domestic terrorism” and torture of innocent civilians (felony up to capital crime (murder) per 18 U.S. Code 2331 and 75 other federal laws)
69) 24/7 active (full spectrum) warrantless surveillance of “TIs”
70) authoritarian political/psychological (psycho-political) warfare against civilians
71) CIA no-touch torture; soft-kill, slow-kill, silent kill operations
72) covert technological murder
73) remote brain targeting
74) NSA’s “total population control”
75) Expanding, privatized, for profit-business by the National Security Racketeering Network
76) “covert physical and psychological intervention ops” as “risk management” for “central banking/warfare system’s” “global control grid”
77) Masonic-Illuminati satanic ritual abuse (SRA) and satanic ritual murder (SRM) aka Jewish Ritual Murder
78) asset forfeiture of TIs (targeted individuals) property by organized crime (theft of physical, intellectual, creative property, inventions, and souls)
79) unconventional/asymmetric/hybrid warfare against civilians stripped of civil and reclassified as “enemy non-combatants”/”potential terrorist threats/”TIs”
80) Fourth Generation Warfare (hybrid, unconventional war against non-state actors (i.e., anyone, anywhere, any time)
81) “Revolution in Military Affairs” (based on deployment of exotic, “non-lethal,” directed energy and neuroweapons on the “electronic battlefield”)
82) The New World War military-policing system
83) UN Agenda 2030-New World Order-SMART City “geo-spatial intelligence” (GEOINT) military-intelligence-policing system
84) extra-judicial, covert torture and murder by states and non-state actors against civilians
85) “torture voyeurism”/”radical gaming” by elites and organized crime wherein victim’s suffering is viewed by countless subscribers online
86) cyber torture (UN term for gangstalking-electronic harassment)
87) cyber-stalking
88) cyber warfare
89) cyber terrorism
90) part of IIA (Interactive Internet Activities) operations deploying crisis actors, surveillance role players, street theatre, Barham Psychodrama Technique, etc.
91) Computer Network Operations (CNO)
92) electronic warfare (EW)
93) Social Media Influence Operations
94) stress-conditioning techniques/gaslighting
95) induced psychological “learned helplessness” as conducted at Guantanamo Bay torture facility
96) lethal and non-lethal targeting in COIN (US COunterINsurgency) cyber warfare
97) comprehensive coercion
98) Project Beta
99) political suppression, retaliation, and persecution of domestic enemies
100) “military operations other than war” (MOOTW)
101) “low-intensity conflict” (military term for asymmetrical warfare against civilians)
102) government-inflicted “cruel and unusual punishment” on civilians and others without due process of law
103) “domestic security architecture concentrating on offensive measures against single adversaries” (Aspen Institute)
104) “Stalking Someone To Ruin: A Jewish cultural phenomenon known to all Jews above a certain age”
105) the “white glove”-silent dagger-slow dagger-secret dagger of Masonic ritual murder and revenge
106) “fair game” – Scientology cults’ (i.e., British and American intelligence) term
107) “most important policy of the United States Government” (Dr. Rauni Kilde)
108) U.S. Government’s Selective Depopulation/Purging Program
109) war crimes
110) crimes against humanity
111) treason

Synonyms/Descriptors For Electronic Torture-Murder, Directed Energy and Neuroweapons Testing and Deployment for Biomedical and Political Targeting and Enslavement:

112) neurowarfare (= cognitive warfare, Neocortical warfare, Mind War)
113) remote brain targeting
114) covert neuroweapons (NeuroS/T) testing, research & development, and deployment on nonconsensual civilians
115) depopulation by microwave radiation
116) “remote (electronic) activation of the human subject” (phrase from MKULTRA Subproject 119; Dr. Saul B. Sells, PI, Texas Christian University, 1959)
117) Havana Syndrome
118) STRAHLENFOLTER STALKING (radiation torture/electronic surveillance and abuse)
119) electromagnetic neuro-telecommunications (Dr. Rauni Kilde)
120) bio-neuro-electromagnetic cybernetic control of humans and animals
121) Pentagon’s Brain System
122) remote mind-influencing technology
123) “Electrical Stimulation of the Brain” (ESB)
124) electronic concentration camp
125) remote electronic torture
126) cybernetics (“steersman”)/man-machine integrations
127) bio-telemetry (telemetry)
128) remote neural monitoring and manipulation (RNM)
129) brain-to-brain interface
130) brain-to-computer interface
131) Voice of God/voice-to-skull (V2K)/synthetic telepathy/microwave hearing
132) Radio-Hypnotic Intra-cerebral Control (RHIC); deployed during JFK assassination, 1963
133) Electronic Dissolution of Memory (EDOM); deployed during JFK assassination, 1963
134) transhumanism
135) CIA’s S.A.T.A.N. (Silent Assassination Through Adaptive (Neural) Networks)
136) CIA, DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency), EU Human Brain Project, U.S. B.R.A.I.N. Initiative, and N.I.H (National Institutes of Health) brain-mapping projects to digitize human consciousness, improve cybernetic (human-machine) capabilities to enhance human (supersolders), and increase AI capacities, etc.
137) technology to entrain and monitor human brains and nervous systems to AI-based Pentagon Cloud-AI-quantum supercomputers and create neural “hive mind”/total control grid
138) technology for brain mapping and creation of “digital twins” in Sentient World Simulation (SWS)
139) technology to create immortal, digital, “godlike,” omniscient, silicon-based robot replacements for humanity
140) bio-engineering experimentation for developing life-extension/immortality technologies
141) weapons of mass destruction
142) biometric tyranny
143) shadow government gangstalking program
144) ESCHELON-electrical bioweapons system-Havana Syndrome-Signals Intelligence
145) social engineering and research and development program run by U.S. government that utilizes all elements of society to advance eugenics, hate, racism, and total control of population
146) giant, for profit, international ponzi scheme run out of FBI and DHS-affiliated National Fusion Center Association (NFCA)
147) State Crime Against Democracy (SCAD; like Oklahoma City Bombing, 9/11, JFK assassination, and other false-flag terror events)
148) Joint Special Operations Command (JSOC) “Hunter-Killer Teams”/Covert Civilian-Military Death Squads
149) TETRA Systems brain-computer interactive operations
150) “A boot stomping on a human face, forever” (per George Orwell’s “1984)
151) cannibalism
152) human sacrifice
153) Judeo/Masonic/Satanic pagan human blood sacrifice
154) silent genocide
155) silent holocaust
156) selective culling the herd portion of “replacement migration”
157) Techno-enslavement of humanity
158) Experiments in Remote Torture
159) Beta Test Bio-Engineering Experiments for Central Bankers’ “Go-Direct to Digital Currency” System
160) Electronic Bioweapons System
161) International Gang Stalking – Asset Stripping Operations (aka “Policing For Profit”)
163) FBI’s Reign of Terror
164) Monarch: The New Phoenix Program
165) The Invisible War: 21st Century Targeting
166) Murder of a Human Being’s Life
167) “Project Soul Catcher” (Cyber and Cybernetic Warfare)