Amy Holem, Digital Forensic Investigator For Targeted Individuals: “Protestors, Whistleblowers & Dissidents Cooked By Radio Waves” & 5 Other Interviews (2021 & 2022)

Amy Holem’s Website:

I. Protestors, Whistleblowers & Dissidents Cooked By Radio Waves (Stew Peters/Amy Holem Interview, 7/28/22)

Excerpts From Interview:

Stew Peters: Microwaves can be used to hurt people. For years, police and would-be tyrants have been developing their own heat waves….. Microwave canons that can force protesters to disperse by cooking them from the inside. They used them in Australia against anti-lockdown protesters and you’d better believe they will use them here too… A supposed medical ailment called the Havana Syndrome where US spies and diplomats are coming down with mysterious illnesses is thought by some to be caused by a similar microwave weapon. What if these attacks are being made by our own government?

(Webmaster: Correction! Microwaves certainly do create heating effects and sensations. However, most of the harmful biological effects of microwave weapons are based on their “non-linear, non-thermal effects.” This knowledge has been known and suppressed by governments for well over half a century. See the excellent articles by Cheryl Welsh on this website in this regard.)

Amy Holem is the owner of Amy’s Audio, Subliminal-Acoustic Fingerprinting ( ). She specializes in digital forensic investigations and is on the Board of Directors for the Direct Energy Weapons Agency. She is also a US Army veteran, specifically in the military police who would deploy devices like we just named.

Amy Holem:
4G and 5G and electromagnetic weapons systems have been used since 1932. So it’s been over 80 years that they have been developing these technologies. I have helped over 3500 victims worldwide. Over 2500 within the US. And over 1200 in other countries.

Stew Peters:
How are these weapons being deployed? Who are these people doing this? Who are their targets? And why? How do they decide who to target? I’m very curious.

Amy Holem: Depending on how they are decided, the DoD and the FBI have a list of people who have been chipped and implanted. A lot of those lists go down to using the DHS Fusion Centers to local police officers to target and harass them (the targeted individuals, TIs) and to use these different types of technologies. Most of them are deployed through either drones, planes, or satellite systems that are actually connected or air-to-air missile defense systems, for air-to-surface, air-to-ground, ground-to-ground vehicles that are used to attack the victims on a daily basis.

Stew Peters: (Actor) Isaak Kappi (1977-2019) had said he was a victim of a weapon like this. Later, he was dead, it was very mysterious, we don’t believe he killed himself. He was blowing the whistle on the Satanic pedophilia cabal.

Do you have to be implanted with some kind of a chip in order for these kinds of weapons to be used against you?

Amy Holem: You don’t have to be chipped or implanted to be attacked by these frequencies. In fact, our own bodies produce frequencies. So technically, they can zone in on those personal frequencies and hit you with those radio waves. A lot of this is being done through sub-carrier waves and AM and FM radio broadcasting systems. Your cell towers, radio towers are all used to attack you.

Stew Peters:
Who has their finger on the trigger of this technology?

Amy Holem: A lot of it is US military. Any foreign military owns these weapons systems, from NATO to the British Royal military, to the Russians, to Chinese government systems, to even our own US. They are basically using US NORTHCOM systems along with NATO and they are selling the links to the child-human sex trafficking rings using third party contractors. So they gain access to these links to the satellite systems. And they use a catalogue system of the victims, and they pick and choose the victims that they either want to child-human sex traffick, rape, torture to get off, and they are using cryptocurrency and a bunch of other different methods to attack the victims.

I have audio evidence. When I do the audio analysis of the victims, I capture communications within their videos and audios that they send me to analyze. So I capture all the radio frequencies and telecommunications of these criminal network systems.

I have created a patent to live stream and broadcast their communications. It is not released yet but it will be. People will be able to download it and will be able to track and trace and live stream and broadcast these criminals in real time. This will be released and available to the public in December of this year.

Stew Peters:
I’m assuming that you have been able to identify the perpetrators of these crimes? Who are some of these people?

Amy Holem: A lot of these are major elites. They are popular criminals. Right now, a lot of them are between the Biden Administration and the Obama Administration. The Clintons’ are running 348,628 children in child-human sex trafficking rings. They deal with companies and corporations like Starlink, Amazon, Synergy, Illumina, Biotech, Pfizer Companies… who are all involved with this. There are different companies and corporations from NATO and US Department of Energy….

II. US Army Military Police Veteran Targeted With Direct Energy Weapons Fights Back To Help Others & Bring Justice To Perpetrators

US Army Military Police Veteran Targeted With Direct Energy Weapons Fights Back To Help Others & Bring Justice To Perpetrators (Video)

Amy Holem is a US Army veteran who served as a military police officer. However, she became a target of direct energy weapons. Though she is indeed a victim of that targeting, she chose to educate herself through college to understand what was going on and now she uses her education to help others who have been targeted by our government and local law enforcement with these weapons. This is an incredibly fascinating interview that demands the People stand up and deal with the criminals in our midst acting in places of authority. Stay tuned, on Monday, we’re bringing Amy back on for part two with even more shocking information that demands a response.

See more here:…rators-video/

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Release date:
25 May 2022

III. TM Broadcasting Presents! ICATOR l Alison Smith and Amy Holem

May 6, 2022

IV. TMNEC Tonight! Amy Holem Digital Forensic Specialist 2021 05 01 285

May 30, 2022

Targeted Massachusetts

Tonight! Frank Interviews Amy Holem, a spectacular guest with new insights into the world of capturing your recordings of perps, isolating their voices, making the recording audible, and ready for the court system. This is a “Don’t Miss it”

Kevin Callahan
1 year ago
Great work, Highly appreciated, …..I have been on the receiving end of the low pulsed waves for 10 years, extremely low pulsed head pressure for 80% of the time , since April 4 2011….. No touch policies….. Canada.

Iaman Empoweredone
1 year ago
Sometimes I’ve thought that this was a system designed to posses bodies that do not belong to these malefactors.

Iaman Empoweredone
1 year ago
There is a device that is used to turn off electrical devices remotely. The key to keeping your covert audio/video device working is to shield it somehow with electronic shielding material such as “Swiss shield”.

Hannah Havana
1 year ago
Nice logo Frank 👍😉 Thanks for your work and for Amy’s 🙌🙌🙌
Targeted Massachusetts

Iaman Empoweredone
1 year ago
We humans (TIs) spend our lives trying to connect dots, both imaginary and real, trying to make sense of what is happening to us.

T.I. Jenny
1 year ago
I have been a target for 10 plus years and 3 years ago they took my children from me. They framed me in court like this woman here is speaking of. They havent actually shown any proof of me being guilty of anything but they told me they would go there if I ever put up enough of a stink about this. Basically

Tried & Proven
1 year ago
And the guy with the bluetooth mouse that moves around. There’s 2 things at play.

The bluetooth interferes with the LRAD signal especially if we are directly between the beam path. Many of you may have noticed that your bluetooth headphones will crackle and distort if you cover your phone up with a large body part. Its interference from the charge they are hitting us with.

Also windows system is compromised from the svchost process to windows defender they are all designed to remotely access your computer. You can harden it off as much as possible but the back door is in they system folder dlls.

They broke the drivers on the mouse to drive everyone crazy with a unresponsive jumpy mouse. I dont know why but turning on the mouse trail shadow helps the mouse behave somewhat better.

Tried & Proven
1 year ago
They sent a Emergency Alert phone call to her phone to delete her history. They can dead your phone with a phone call aswell if they can’t get into it or can’t track you with it. I believe they send a processor kill code through the coms receiver. They actually killed my old Galaxy note 3 because I had unlocked the bootloader and was running custom roms with custom kernles they couldn’t hack into.

Tried & Proven
1 year ago
The woman who says her ADD meds help her. Its because it alters your brain patterns so the AI doesn’t know exactly what your mind is doing it has to revert back into learning mode. It works the same with most mind altering drugs. Simply because the AI is not use to your brain readings in that state.

Iaman Empoweredone
1 year ago
This lady sounds sincere but her answer to the guy being hit while flying across country is wrong. The plane itself is connected to satellite communications. The planes speed creates too much Havac with connecting with cell towers on the ground.

V. Direct Energy Targeting Expert Analyzes Texas School Shooting False Flag & More – Guest: Amy Holem

May 30, 2022

Subliminal acoustic expert and target of government direct energy weapons Amy Holem joins me in a second interview in which she points out some of the tell-tale signs that the school shooting in Texas was a false flag event. We’ll also provide some examples of her work in picking up government entities’ conversations regarding her, as well as some “voice of God” recordings she has captured.

V. Free America Podcast: Episode 48: Amy Holem

Perpetrators mentioned:

Clinton Foundation (Clinton Crime Family)
Biden Crime Family
Department of Energy
Department of Defense
Dept. of Homeland Security
Dept. of Geography (does survey analyses on American people for mass population data collection- to track, target, trace, monitor victims)
Lumina (Corporation), government contractor run by Jebediah Bush, DOD, and CIA (some companies can target 3500 TIs at once)- companies have access to military files for human experimentation
Biotech, Pfizer Companies…
Mark Zuckerberg