Technocalypse! Our 60th Show; Dr. Eric Karlstrom on ACH Show 8/24/21

ACH (1587) Dr. Eric Karlstrom – Our 60th Show: Technocalypse!

We discussed: how what we are experiencing throughout the world is not about a virus but about ushering in medical tyranny, technocratic fascism, and the Anti-Christ system; the ultimate dream of many scientists and elites to be able to transfer their minds to a device so that they can live forever and attain digital omniscience; transhumanism and post-humanism as the real story behind the “frankenshots”; how both the Targeted Individual program and the “response” to the covid plandemic are part of 1) unconventional warfare, 2) demicide (mass murder/depopulation by governments), 3) nonconsensual human experimentation (in violation of the Nuremberg Code), and 4) the “go-direct” plan for central banks and the military to remotely and electronically monitor all brain and behavioral functions and allot digital currency to those who behave properly as good slaves; why for us the truth will set us free, but as far as the elites are concerned, “the truth will get you dead;” the secretive revolutionary group that has been terrorizing humanity for centuries; the stark choice people have today, which is whether to serve God or Satan; the possibility that the nephilm have returned to the earth per Biblical prophecy; how the psychopathic elite gain sustenance off of other peoples’ blood and torture; interesting topics on the agendas of the last few Bilderberg Meetings; ways to proceed legally, including implementation of Nuremberg 2.0 trials, and many other topics.


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