T. Hursey, TI Statement

3/21/22 email to Webmaster from Braveheart on “Story o Gangstalking”:

I found your site while browsing for additional information on what I have been experiencing since late 2019. I wanted to share my story so maybe it helps someone or I gain answers. This started off with hacking of my computer while employed and afterwards, phones and business websites. Cell phones would burn out and everywhere I went their internet went out. I went to a cell store and their internet was hacked while I was there. I called the police and the store denied anything happened yet they were on tape going through some stuff. The issue now is something is inflicting to my head, my back, ears and legs only at asked certain times of the day. This lets me know that the pain is not normal but synthetic. It feels like a hard electric shock but more so causes involuntary body movements. I then have sharp dull pain in my face and sides, at times there is nausea, nose bleeds and unexplained marks on legs. I have not fallen or had any accidents. This pulsating and repeat throbbing and vibrations continue to occur in the back of my head and right side of my head. It’s not natural because it appears aimed or targeted. The majority of the time this pain occurs which creates severe issues with breathing I start coughing. I have noticed multiple websites with incorrect spelling, phrases and wrong sentence structure. The ads appear targeted meaning purposely sent through my web traffic. The odd thing is the people in the news story are doing the exact same things the public is doing. Everyone I meet attempts to utilize a phrase several times like a pattern or repeat themselves multiple times. People will walk past ad repeat something I said and then walk quickly in another direction. At work employers will actually position themselves on calls to do something I did or maybe said or someone said it to me. Most times people can’t look me in my face directly and stutter once they realize I know they are gaslighting. I have seen people acting very nervous and and sweating in my presence. Its like they are hiding something or scared.

I will be driving and suddenly lose control of my vehicle as my vision would become blurry out of nowhere. I would get several severe chest palpitations. It’s not an illness or paranoia as my son would say a few times a week. I finally stopped talking to him because he spends his time trying to make not believe what I am seeing, hearing and feeling. There is consistent noise in the house, ceiling, floors and frames. In my home, there has been several power outages and issues with wifi and appliances. My power is turned out several times a week with the electric stating they are not shutting the power off. Constant light flicking on and off. I have to ware headphones daily to stop some noise so I can rest. It took e a minute but discovered this projected sound by some means remotely. I also did research on RF Radio Frequency. If used correctly frequency and be use to make sounds and even move things. I have had people follow me or cut down a side street and end of at my location, the same person ad vehicle. Last year an officer witnessed a vehicle behind me just before an issue happened. I tried to get the license plate and was pulled over and told the other person was going to fast. This is why she pulled me over because I was closer. The Officer stated they saw the vehicle take off at a high rate of speed. I have had large rigs literally high beam me for miles and then slowly pull along side me and nearly run me off the road. They take of a max speeds switching lanes like crazy.

The timing of this gang stalking which it appears this is with employees calling and hanging up on me all times of day and night, hacking of my site and my business phones started right after termination of a job. Upon filing suit against this previous employer, the attacks of pain, noise, hacking, work place mobbing, lies and rumors intensified. Identify thief was discovered through the the IRS in March 2020 when someone filed fake electronic tax returns for both state and federal while still employed by the same employer I am suing. I do not believe this is a coincidence. Outside of all of this, I have endured property vandalism several times and home intrusion. My sons bank account was emptied out as well by someone using his information. He has now turned against me although he witnessed the hacking and fake accounts.

I have tried to speak with the government and filed several times for help with cyber intrusion. All 5 of my complaints went ignored. Because I have exhausted every avenue through government and police, I have no choice to stop this electronic attacks and hacking but to utilize ethical hackers or humanitarian groups to assist with tracing who is doing this. People also call this phenomenon symptoms of Havana syndrome which was a microwave attack that struck FBI agents. My primary goal is to find out the origin of this attacks since the agencies never responded.

I have contacted the state dept, the FBI, Homeland Security and I think even the CIA after a year no one responded. I tried the police over 15 times and honestly seems like they are involved so they won’t do anything which places me in jeopardy. I have also tried a private investigator who spent time explaining gang stalking and sent me an article. When I had some money and was ready to track down who is streaming, hackings and infringing upon my human rights, invading my privacy and ignoring my constitutional rights, the private investigator declined to assist via email. This is the link the private investigator sent me regarding gang stalking.


T. Hursey

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  1. T. Hursey explains to a literal exact ‘T’ how gangstalking started towards me. It was in regards to a lawsuit that was 99-100% Judge and OSHA proven I’d win. It took me years to learn that the law firm hired to go up against me was the number one contractor and at times government (their words on their website) out of Virginia, DC and Maryland, Whiteford, Taylor and Prestion. And a HDS officer did in fact put a contract on me. Its on record in Baltimore, MD thanks to very awaken police who knew better and their detective. That HDS officer’s attempt to have me killed with a shotgun failed. He stupidly showed-up leaving a trail of recorded incident reports behind that followed me.

    When I was chased out of town by their weaponized machine known as SKYNET 5G AI, everywhere I landed detectives would fast learn what happened, and know I was innocent. Some thanked me stating if it had not been for my landing in their area, they would not had known that 911 was an inside job. They told me they were lied to about these weapons, and how they’d be used, and on whom… they we’re told it was 911 terrorists, not their own people.

    I truly appreciate all your writings, documenting these horrendous crimes against humanity, especially we targets on the front-line of a barbaric new world order. I take no delight in stating I’ve tried awakening the public. Yet, I’ve given-up. The other day, I tried to explain the dangers of all the wireless to a young lady, but like so many others, she kept her head down refusing to look-up, even when I explained to her that innocent people in her community are being torturously slow-killed by all the wireless (smart grid). This mirrors most responses I’ve encountered with the general public. Online, I seem to have more luck with non-targeted whom are also trying to awaken the public to the horrendously grim events that are transpiring.

    As you well know, I too am a victim of direct energy weapons, bio-weapons and super computers (AI) 5G as Bryan Kofron alludes to and the above author. I intend to continue my website, after a much needed break, assuming it would slow down the attacks, to no avail. This is not how I intended to live my life. But like you, I want to leave as much behind in the recorded histories as possible.

    Thanks for posting this, Eric.

    Appreciate all you continue to do.

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