Brain Jabbed – 3 videos (2/22), Webmaster’s Transcription, & Relevant Research

Evidence Of Graphene in Covid-19 “Vaccines” and Blood Samples of “Vaxxed” Humans and Model Explanation of Intracorporal Nanonetwork:



II. Intracorporal Nanonetwork by Mik Andersen Brief Summary

INTRACORPORAL NANONETWORK: A Brief Summary by Mik Anderson (Dec. 10, 2021)

Intra-body Nanonetwork A Brief Summary Mik Anderson

Intracorporal Nanonetwork Mik Andersen Brief summary

III. Potential Nanotech in Vaccines by David Fergusson 1/2/2022 v2.0

Potential Nanotech in Vaccines David Fergusson 1/2/2022 v2.0

IV. website of “Mik Anderson”

Richard D. Hall Interiew of Mik Anderson

An important communicator and disseminator, Richard D. Hall, responsible for the program and the website contacted Corona2Inspect in February 2022, to conduct an interview with Mik Andersen, in relation to the discoveries, indications and evidence that the observation of the Coronavirus vaccines throws up. Richard produced a very comprehensive and interesting documentary, entitled “Brain Jabbed” [parts 1, 2 and 3], which explains many of the issues addressed in the interview. On this occasion, although belatedly, I would like to share the text of the interview, which is still relevant at this time. I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your work and effort, for disseminating the work that has been done, in favor of clarifying the truth. I also take this opportunity to convey an affectionate greeting to all the followers of Corona2Inspect, thanking them for their loyalty, despite these weeks with apparent inactivity. Corona2Inspect continues

BRAIN JABBED SERIES 3 Videos, Feb. 2022 Richard D. Hall and David Fergusson

V. Brain Jabbed Part 1 of 3; Feb. 16, 2022

Evidence is mounting by the day, which shows that every make of COVID-19 jab is packed with carbon nanotubes and associated self-assembling intra-body nano network technology. In today’s show we present evidence from many independent studies, produced in several different countries, which have carefully examined the contents of the so-called vaccines. From this evidence we are confident that the jabs main purpose is not a vaccine. It’s quite difficult to explain the evidence to a lay person, because most people are not familiar with recent advances in intra-body nano technology. In the show we explain several of the major developments within nano technology, and describe the characteristics of various components that are now in use or have been developed. We then show that these components can be identified within the ‘vaccines’ across all the manufacturers. We need to move quickly to get this evidence to the public and to police forces, so that the vaccine centres can be closed down and quarantined, and the perpetrators arrested and sentenced with assault and grievous bodily harm with intent.

VI. Brain Jabbed Part 2 of 3

VII. Brain Jabbed Part 3 of 3

VIII. Partial Transcription of “Brain Jabbed” Parts 1, 2, and 3 (Feb. 2022) videos by webmaster:

A. Brain Jabbed 1 of 3. Rich Planet TV, Richard D. Hall with David Ferguson:

Feb. 16, 2022

David Ferguson Bio: Has academic degree in history and 25 year-career as software developer, worked on engineering projects, network programming (relevant to technology).

Ferguson: Numerous studies of the vaccine itself show that nanotechnology is included in the vaccine. The relevant aspect is construction of a “Nano body communication network” within the body. Flowchart goes: 1) application manager (central computer; Pentagon/Microsoft cloud computer), 2) internet (the Pentagon/Microsoft cloud), 3) gateway (cell phones/smart phones), 4) wireless body network within human body constructed by graphene carbon nano tubules, etc. in all 80 organs plus the brain.

Protocol stacks, OSI, wireless body networks stacks. Full intra-body networks.

Richard Hall: If we want to solve a crime, we must forensically examine the weapons used (“murder weapon” in many cases).

Governments now believe they have 80% of the population jabbed. They know the remaining 20% will not willingly comply.

Studies of the vaccines themselves and blood samples of the “vaxxed” show.

Is the whole mRNA-spike protein narrative misleading people from the really important aspects of the jabs?

Ferguson: “Microbiology accounts for about a third of the technology in the vaccine. IT, microprocessor technology (software), logic arrays of hardware makes up the other 2/3.

We don’t know what this technology is. We are trying to interpret it based on what is in a series of papers (studies). These are generally not being discussed in the alternative media. We are looking for common characteristics.”

Hall: It is extremely difficult to actually obtain unopened vials of the vaccines. There are national vaccine protocols in all nations and facilities to destroy every vial at the end of every day.

Here we will look at multiple studies of these features. And we will look at about 12 of these nano features.

I. Carbon nanotubes

Ferguson: Carbon nanotubes, discovered in 1991, are synthetic allotropes of carbon. They can be created by folding a graphene nano-ribbon. This is probably the method being used to create carbon nanotubes both in the vaccine and in vaccinated humans.

They are also to be found on the surgical masks and the swabs being used for the PCR test. Image shown shows interlocking hexagrams forming the tube and ends of tubes have jagged edges.

Hall: Carbon nanotubes are 100 times stronger than steal. They have properties of metals in that they can conduct electricity and heat. They have very high surface area, high elasticity, ultra-light weight and excellent chemical and thermal stability. And they can cross biological barriers, such as blood-brain barrier. They can be used for delivery of drugs and bio-sensing. They integrate well with existing cells, and are “bio-compatible” because they are made of carbon and our bodies are made of carbon.

They are used for neural sensing, neuro-activation, neuro-modulation. They can be used as a transducer, I.e., they can receive information and can convert electrical signals to movement or the release of chemicals from the surface.

Carbon nanotubes are essentially two-dimensional objects, created from graphene sheets, typically one-atom thick. This enables them into cells and past the blood-brain barrier. They are extremely sensitive and flexible. They have enormous surface area and flexibility . Can pick up any neural activity and translate that into an electrical current- as in a transducer. And signals sent to them can be used as an electron process to actually stimulate neurons.

Hall: Let’s just spell that out. That means they can read what you are thinking and make you think something.

Ferguson: Yes, I think that’s the intention.

Hall: Under the microscope, these carbon nanotubes look more biological- they aren’t straight.

Ferguson: They kind of look like a parasite creature. But they are more like a very sensitive transducer. They can react to electrical stimulus and heat.

Referring to David Ferguson’s document:

So in David Ferguson’s document, he shows the images of these features under the microscope in a series of 19 studies, many of which have appeared online.

Study 2-001. The images show carbon nanotube from Dr. Pablo Campra (2021). It looks like a Morgellons fiber. But Morgellons are much larger fibers. Morgellons you can see with your naked eye. You can’t see carbon nanotubes with your naked eye.

These have different colors but often have flayed ends. Others have more tapered ends. Campra found these features in all four of the major vaccine types. Campra also did some micro spectroscopy analysis that showed that all these nanotubes are graphene-based.

Study 6. Dr. John B’s completely independent study of Pfizer vaccine also finds carbon nanotubes within the vaccine.

Note that 50 um is one half a mm so this one is quite long.

All the masks have these structures in them.

Study 9 image 7 (in negative). The Austrian study. Boland. This carbon nanotube has another smaller one crossing it.

Without graphene they couldn’t do any of this. It is the essential material for all of these features.

Carbon nanotube in the blood surrounded by blood cells lose their negative charge and start clotting together.

Study 18-004. Dr. Robert Young’s images show the CNT in the blood.

EM radiation also causes blood clotting like this. What could be happening here is the attraction of the negatively charged blood cells to the positively charged carbon nanotube.

This is dried blood clotting with carbon nanotube:

Image 5.002 also shows clotted blood cells and carbon nanotube. This image is from German researchers and their video.

What you see here is a carbon nanotube in the blood with this blood formation known as Rouleau, or “sticky blood,” where the red blood cells lose their negative charge and start stacking together or clotting. In a natural state, the blood cells would be completely separate.

These images are from the work of Dr. Axel Boland, a German. They show the same Rouleau effect (sticky blood, clotting) on the blood where you have CNT.

In this image there is a carbon nanotube and the blood is not quite so badly Rouleau’ed; from Dr. Xandre Botha on the Stew Peters Show:

2) Hall: Now we’re going to talk about Carbon Nanofiber Octopuses, the second major type of nanotech in the “vaccines.”

These carbon nanofibers are solid cylinders of carbon or graphene. They can grow as octopus like structures. These could be useful to create connections or contacts for supercapacitors or as junctions for synapse connections. So when they grow carbon nanotubes they can grow with different topologies. They can make them look like a study.

I remember when these images first came out people were comparing them with parasites or creatures. What are your thoughts on that David?

Fergusson: Initially, this was identified as a Hydro vulgaris by a few people. Now in the scientific literature, we are fairly sure this is a carbon nano-fiber octopus.

Dr. Zalwisky, a geologist in Poland, grew this octopus from an egg that he found in the Pfizer…. In four days the tentacles grew to about 2.5 mm in length. Some say you can grow these from adhesive tape.

It’s not really synthetic biology. At the end of the day it is carbon mixed with some metallic substances. It’s just a chemical process. There may be DNA placed somewhere.

17.001. This is Ricardo Delgado’s image from one of the (vaccine) vials he examined.

And we have images from Dr. Carey Madeh as well from the Moderna “vaccine”:

We are talking about in vivo nanotechnology- which is put inside your body and performs some sort of function.

3) Graphene Quantum Dots (GQD). The next type of structure is graphene quantum dots (GQD). These are small particles whose properties improve due the effect of quantum hall. They amplify electromagnetic signals and with it emission distance, especially in environments such as the human body, enabling an analogue wireless transceiver. The semi-conducting properties of GQDs enable them to form a network through which they can monitor and effectively neuro-modulate as neuro-transducers. GQDs are variable and many properties, including the degree of surface oxidation, surface charge densities, doping status, or links with polymers can be dramatically different yielding different interaction behaviors with bio-molecules. They can be created through the degradation of graphene sheets. So again, this requires graphene as the base component.

GQDs can acquire various morphologies. For hexagonal, triangular, circular or irregular polygon. They can penetrate cell membranes, emit florescence and so are used in drug delivery, bio-sensing, and imaging with blue or green luminescence. GQDs can be used in a similar way as we use logic gates in electronics.

Fergusson: You can think of them of the building blocks of this nanotechnology. Without GQDs, none of this would work.

Hall: You can create a long chain which functions like a wire.

Fergusson: That’s the GQD autometer, which is similar to logic gates you find in microprocessors. Without using electricity, they use quantum characteristics and graphene at the quantum level.

Fergusson: What you can see in this image is the quantum dots, which are luminscent, actually penetrating the red blood cells.

4) Quantum Dot Cellular Autometer (QDCA):

Hall: An autometer can store and process information. It’s not a chip or a circuit board…. It can do what a microprocessor can do in a computer. It consists of 4 GQDCs in a square array coupled by tunnels barriers. These are cell-based circuits. Two electrons are injected into the cell which are free to tunnel. When the GQDC cells are combined, cables and circuits are created, inverters, cross-overs and logic gates are created enabling transisters, processors, multiplexers, de-multiplexers, and consequently of any router. So it performs the same functions as many electronic devices, but there is no need for positive and negative and electronic circuits. Information can be transferred through wires without electrical current flow. They are suggesting they will be using this stuff inside your body, but it could be used for all computing devices, right?

Fergusson: They are going to be putting this everywhere. This is what they call intelligent smart dust.

Hall: To develop nano-routers requires cable crossings.

What they are describing is something that can go inside your body and is completely unseen and which can do the same job that a computer can do. Conventional micro-electronics would not be able to roam around your body and your blood whereas this stuff can. Here are some images that might be consistent with a Quantum Dot Cellular Autometer.

Fergusson: This is probably the first image that we saw that looks something like a chip. We are talking about these features as being sensors.

Then we get to the “submarine” from Bolands presentation and which was weaving around quite purposefully as if it was on a mission. There are signs here that it self-assembled.

The vaccines in Russia (Sputnik) and China (Sinopharm) also have the same characteristics.

Hall: Then we get to the Phizer images of Dr. Pablo Campra in Spain. These straight edges are striking. It looks like self-assembly. They’ve been working on this for a long time.

Fergusson: Here we see a big field of these small rectangular objects.

Here we see a combination of a fractal process and a natural process. It’s hybrid formation.

You see this chip taking on a surface structure. It could be QCA related.

Just to remind people about what the nano-scale is: A micron is one thousandth of a millimeter. (And a millionth of a meter). A nanometer is one thousanth of a micrometer. So, one millionth of a mm or one billionth of a meter.

This almost three-dimensional like a pyramid. The next one, you can see very clear structure forming on the “chip.”

Mik Anderson identified this as sort of nano-router. He has matched up the images with designs of nano-routers.

Hall: Mik Anderson has done the most in terms of interpreting these images.

Fergusson: Yes, we are following in his footsteps here.


Hall: So our next feature is nano-antennas which have been developed and that work inside your body. These involve simultaneous wireless information and power transfer. Since EM waves carry not only information but also energy, antennas capable of converting an AM signal into a direct current using an ultra high speed rectifying diode are required. Rectifying antennas, or “rectennas,” based on carbon nanotube arrays, have been of proposed since the discovery of the unique antenna capabilities of carbon nanotubes in 2004. In 2015, Cola et al provided the first demonstration of optical rectification using a forest of vertically-aligned carbon nanotubes which act as nanoscale antennas. …. . Achievable energy conversion is approximately 85%.

These carbon antennas approximately 1 micrometer long resonate in the band of 0.1 to 10 Terahertz (THZ). 5G is 29 GHZ. So this is 10 times faster than 5G. This is because these features are so small.

So you have a mini-wireless network inside your body… the EM waves are going through your skin at Thz frequencies. And they have developed these nano-networks that will fit inside your body working at the Thz frequencies. And it’s all based on graphene. These are self-powered systems through these rectennas. They can operate in an array, and in series.

Nano Bow ties collect energy from the IR (infrared) spectrum (physical heat of the body) which guarantees a steady supply of energy. They are self-powered systems. Graphene nanomesh could act as a capacitor. Capacitors can store energy that can run these so-called circuits.

The approximage output power of a nano-antenna is 1.11 nanowatts.

So… you’ve got non-tech in your body and you’ve got biosensors in each of your 80 organs. And they will communicate what they find in those organs to a central wireless network. And an autometer could know what is going on in each of these organs and that information is being harvested and possibly sent out to an external source (computer). Anderson reckons the system is split into two distinct areas… one monitors your body, and the other monitors your brain.

Fergusson: They have two options for antennas. They can use arrays of carbon nanotubes. Or they can use these bowtie antennas.

Hall: Here is a figure from one of Mik Anderson’s papers where he compares the bow antennae with one of Dr. Pablo Campra’s images and it is pretty similar.

Fergusson: In that image, there’s another option for antennas- and that’s fractal antennas. These have the advantage of being able to simultaneously transmit and receive in different frequencies. They require fewer components to control them. They respond to radiation from all directions. We see a carbon nanotube stradling a chip on the right hand side. So it looks like you have an autometer connected to a wire.

Hall: We mentioned self-assembly before. One solution to get these features into the body is to inject it and those parts self-assemble.

They are trying to mimic biology and they are using DNA as the core tool to get things to self-assemble. They use synthetic or biological materials. Bottom up fabrication exploits the instrinsic properties of atoms and molecules to direct their self-organization. DNA oragami is a technique that uses hundreds to short DNA oligo-nucleatides to fold a long single stranded DNA which is called a scaffold strand. The structures are 100 nm in diameter and produce a whole series of DNA shapes. DNAs three-D double helix structure helps guide nano-particles to 3-d features.

So they are engineering nano-scale devices using these components and techniques.

Fergusson: Mik Anderson has proposed they use a technique known as Tesla ferrisis, which involves a Tesla Coil to generate a very high voltage. They use voltage to direct tiny particles into self-assemble a chain. You can watch videos on youtube to see how this works. According to Dr. Axel Boland the below image became the next image in 3 months. 80003 became 8004. I suspect it joined up with other components. In this image it looks like a sort of scoring on the surface.

This could be piezoelectric power generating this. You’d need more power to communicate outside the body to communicate within the body. So here we speculate.

Clearly this chain is self-assembly. And we see the same thing in the Astrazenica vaccine as well.

Fergusson: Here we have a carbon nanotube that seems to have some relationship with the chips. Dr. John B notices some similar types of features:

Fergusson: Dr. Campra noticed this 1415 peak and it is probably polyvinal alcohol hydrogel. This is used to coat carbon nanotubes to make them more bio-compatable and for turning them into electrodes. This hydrogel may also help in the self-assembly process and as a mechanism for communication between the different components.

We see hydrogel blobs here.

Hall: Other components of these in vivo nanotechnology are sensors and actuators. So if this technology is going to interface with the body they have to be able sense what is happening in the body and make things happen in the body. A node is something that takes information and then sends it on its way.

“A generic nanosensor node includes an energy harvester, a communication mechanism, some processing logic with nano memory, and a module for sensing and actuation. Nanodes include graphene quantum nano dot swimmers or graphene nano ribbons. These have all been observed in blood samples from vaccinated people. The sensor is able to detect an optical, biological, or mechanical event with high sensitivity and converts the response to an output electrical signal. The carbon nanotube can be used to build a field effect transistor whose on-off threshold voltage depends on the carbon nanotubes properties such as shape and temperature. The large surface area and the excellent electrical conductivity of graphene allows rapid electron transfer …. etc.

So within this nano tech some features are capable of carrying drugs or something to various parts of the body and deliver them there.

If you aren’t you getting this folks, we are talking about the greatest crime against humanity ever committed. We are talking introduction of a body-control system into their bodies without their permission of the world’s population and against their wishes.

What we are showing you is what the weapon consists of. This is where the debate needs to be. Most scientists haven’t bothered to look inside the vial. If you’ve got this in your body you need to think carefully about all this. Are you just going to sit there and accept this?

At some point in time, there are going to be some effects introduced… it could be anything, a brain hemorage, stoppage of blood flow, it could be anything.

Fergusson: We’ve talked about carbon nanotubes- but these can link up with other components of the nanotech… They are ideal for transporting drugs to various parts of the body.

Here we have Dr. John B looking at the Moderna vaccine. These are described as colloidal beads; these are swimmers with a sort of flagular motion. They are being assembled. They have a swimming motion. The next image shows the same things. These are ideal for transporting drugs and other things to different parts of the body.

11.0001. Dr. Andre Botha presented these on the Stew Peters Show. These are micro-bubbles that give a sort of magnetic quality whcih allows them to be directed electromagnetically. These are your classic actuators. They are guided using ultra sound or EM frequencies and using a certain frequency they burst and deliver their payload.

So there could be a payload of drugs within these features from the vaccine that are dormant and waiting to be released…. It could be a drug that helps or one that kills you.

02003: Dr. Campra image from the Pfizer vaccine.

Fergusson: Here we see carbon nanotubes with crystalized (crystalline) structures on one or both ends.. These crystalized structures present more of an electrode capability. They are potentially sensors or activators.

Hall: In the scientific literature, the carbon nanotubes are often associated with brain interfacing, connecting to existing neurons. And forming a sort of net or mesh.

Fergusson: They replace axons actually. They short circuit axons in the Brain. They are actually more efficient than axons that connect the neurons normally. They talk about that in their own literature.

This image above shows the spherical components to the carbon nanotubes to create these swimmers, where they can swim like sperm or something like that.

It seems like a tail structure for swimming and a head that might be in construction from the graphene.

Hall: 50001: We’ve got blood cells in there all lined up again.

Fergusson: Yes, we found these micro-swimmers in the blood. You can see the Rouleau’ed blood. These seem to have formed from hydogel… I think the “micronator” is the name that McAllison used to desribed these. The florescent nature of the image suggests a carbon based construction. The doctors who have examined blood for years have never seen these kinds of structures in blood samples before.

This image (0800a) is from Dr. Boland. The image on the left is blood before vaccination, the image in the center is 4 hours after vaccination. The image on the right is one week after vaccination. This blood is highly Rouleau’ed (sticky blood). Probably this clotting is caused by the combination of EM and graphene oxide.

This image is by Dr. Robert Young ((01)004). He identified this as a microorganism known as a tripalesona cruisi (?). It may be a synthetic swimmer designed based on the tripalesona cruisi.

These have been identified as microbubbles.

This is from Ricardo Delgado’s video on his website. Where he talks about carbon nanotubes and how they react to the presence of something organic like human breath. He also described this nanotube as having a red color.

It has been suggested by Mik Anderson that this (02018) feature could be a meso porous carbon sphere… used to deliver drugs. So that could be a payload of drugs from the vaccine that could be released at some later time.

It could also function as a capacitor…

Hall: I’ll mention some of my own images of a Pfizer vaccine now, which goes under the name comernity (6/2022). Someone sent me 3 vials of it.

Carbon nanotubes under the microscope of Richard D. Hall, program moderator:

I observed the carbon nanotube strands under the microscope and I recorded movement in a lot of the carbon nanotubes. They look a little like parasites- and they appear to respond to human breath or movement. You can also stimulate them electromagnetically, according to Anderson.

Hall: To summarize our own evidence at this time. We know that carbon nanotubes can be used for brain modulation but it is unclear how this would be achieved with the evidence we have thus far.

BRAIN JABBED Part 3 of 3

Hall: Obviously, if someone gets this stuff injected into them, there are lots of parts that spread throughout the body. There is a wireless network that runs throughout the body and all these parts communicate with each other continously.

The next feature is nano-antennas.

Fergusson: There has to be some kind of intra-body network structure.

The software element of it requires a whole new approach. Two ways are talked about. 1) molecular and 2) wireless, using EM frequencies in the THz range. If you are using molecular communication you are using the biology of the body. You can create neuronal structures. You can use calcium signalling for inter-cellular communication.

The wireless communications are what they focus on the most. This can only happen with graphene attennas to do this. Molecular absorbtion and scattering losses can pose problems. So they can only transmit within a mm range within the body. So you need a lot of these nodes (transceivers)…. many thousands throughout the body.

So you might have thousands of nanodes in the heart monitoring the various tissues in the heart and then router nodes that receive and send transmissions to clusters of nanodes.

You can’t give every nanode an address so you would have to address them in clusters…

You might want to flood a message out.. for example, release chemicals now.

Hall: There are hundreds of scientific papers that discuss what we are discussing now. But they are being written with the purpose of developing technology to help people in legitimate medical purposes. It boggles the mind how far they’ve gone if you start reading these papers. So we aren’t saying that the scientists are doing evil intentionally. They don’t realize that some hidden group has taken all this technology and used it for their own world domination purposes.

I wrote to Dr. Mark Leeson, who is a senior member of the IEEE, and I’ve asked him if he is aware that his rectennas are inside the jabs. His reply was that the research was led by his Ph.D. student and I doubt that anything like that has found it’s way into the vaccines.

Fergusson: There are probably at least a dozen different schemes that have been put forward to solve some of the problems involved in making this system work. There can be multiple systems within the body concurrently.

Hall: You believe that they are not yet ready to accomplish this based on the scienific literature?

Fergusson: In some recent papers, they give a timeline… they have created simulation software where they try to simulate conditions within the body.. and they evaluate their proposals that way. But that’s a long way from being a deployable system. At the moment I’m not convinced there is any external to the body system. But there could be a group that is further ahead than we know.

Hall: Dr. Pablo Campra has been sharing his images with a person called Mik Anderson, who is not using his name for security reasons. he might work for the government or the government. He has published about 20 papers that look at Dr. Campra’s image and he is comparing the features found in the vaccines and the blood of the vaxxed and comparing these with a whole host of scientific papers that are describing how this intra-body nano network systems work, based on his analysis of dozens and dozens of papers.

I wrote him a letter and he replied with a long letter. David has summarized some of Anderson’s papers in his own paper.

Fergusson: He mentions that carbon nanotubes are used for neuro-modulation. That is an area where these are functional now and that’s why they are in the vaccines.

Carbon nanotubes are usually produced by degradation of graphene sheets.

Hall: A few of Anderson’s papers were to pulled off the internet in December, 2021. He positively identifies the antennas.

Fergusson: There is a definite match there I think. He talks about the 3 different methods of self-assembly that use DNA. They also use some of these processes for manufacturing purposes. Anderson has done fantastic work. We wouldn’t be where we are without his work. He’s covering a lot of areas of technology with a lot of knowledge. His work can be found here:


Hall: I asked Anderson what he thought are the strongest evidences that communications-based nanotechnology is inside the Covid 19 vaccine. He replied as follows:

He said there were three clear pieces of evidence include:

1) detection of rectangular and quadrangular objects that respond to a morphology of micro/nano bow tie antennas or double or quadruple leaf antennas
2) detection of objects with apparent circumscribed circuitry with an important similarity to demux circuits of nano-routers
3) the location of graphic evidence of epitexial self-assembly based on synthetic or artificial DNA templates

Fergusson: Yes, I was referring to the crystal growith, and the tree-like structures being used as antennas.

Hall: He is remaining fairly anonymous. And he calls for more research in this area. I asked him how could they manufacture all these materials in 5 billions vaccines.

He replied:

(To summarize, it is not a problem for modern science).

I asked Anderson who he thought was behind the Covid 19 plandemic/scamdemic, he replied:

Summary: Global planning, coordination, execution, and cover-up associated with this event indicate it is The New World Order. Almost all countries are complicit. The vaccine is an instrument of terror to change the order of things.

I asked Anderson how people can get rid of the poison in the vaccines now in their system. He replied that ironically it may require another injection specifically engineered to kill everything in the first injections. But the pharmaceutical companies aren’t going to make that.

We’ve asked him several other questions. This email Anderson recently sent me could provide the answer and the proof of what is inside the injections.