How I Stopped My Gangstalking (pdf)

How I Stopped My Gangstalking/Why Is This Happening To People Worldwide (, 5/17/22)

Hi Dr. Karlstrom,

I have been a TI since 2004. My mom for a time was also a TI when I was growing up as she was leaving a Luciferian cult and becoming a Christian. I actually had a informant come into my family and this person ended up befriending my mother as her best friend. A few years later this informant person became my step-mother after my father divorced my mother. My step-mother is from a masonic family from Los Angeles. I cut off all contact with her years ago as I believe she is a satanist. I have created a PDF you can find on my website about how I have mostly stopped my gang stalking campaign. Since I adopted the measures I put into my “How I stopped my Gang Stalking” document a lot of the stuff that has been happening to me has stopped. There is still some area-wide activities which you might call blanketing or canvasing in an attempt to intercept my movements and insert a event into my timeline to harass me. This though, has mostly stopped although it still happens occasionally.

I live in South Denver. I think a lot of my targeting comes from the DHS Fusion Center in Centennial and/or Buckley AFB in Aurora. I have heard there are actually two separate targeting programs there is one run by the DHS through the Fusion Centers using the FBI Terrorist Screening Center Database and the TIDE database. I have heard about the nomination process to be put into this database by Jeremy Scahill who leaked the March 2013 Watchlist Guidance document. My understanding I have obtained thought some contacts I have is that there is another higher-level targeting program that operates through the CIA as a SCI special access project. This may be the program that targets anti-NWO activists and christians. I think this program may also be tied into the Main Core FEMA database to be used during a martial law or continuity of government scenario. Tim Shorrock talked about this on the Democracy Now program. Hope this helps your research.