Gangstalking Log, Turlock, CA and Crestone, CO: Professor Eric T. Karlstrom

Gangstalking Log (i.e., Counterintelligence and Contract Stalking; Zersetzung Log): 2000-2021

Dr. Eric T. Karlstrom, Emeritus Professor of Geography, California State University

General Comments: It is difficult to determine just when my profiling, “active surveillance,” tracking, targeting, organized stalking, zersetzung, no-touch torture, electronic harassment, and use as a nonconsensual biomedical experimentee began. Initially, I thought it began in the fall of 2013. However, upon examining different gangstalking manuals and documents, reading reports by other TIs (targeted individuals), and learning more about organized stalking-electronic harassment protocols, I now track it back at least to 2003, based on my experiences.

Posting these records of past events may help me to discern if my surveillance/counterintelligence-electronic harassment stalking extends further back than 2003. Currently, I can identify possibly-related, suspicious occurrences back to 1987, 1985, 1972, and possibly even to my childhood, perhaps going back to about 1959 when I as 10 years old. Thus, I must keep open the possibility that I may have been a nonconsensual human experimentee in top-secret government mind control programs such as the CIA’s MKULTRA. Alternatively, it is possible I was flagged as a “domestic threat” in the CIA’s MH CHAOS program and/or was placed on an FBI COINTELPRO black list in the late 1960’s and early 1970s. I opposed the Vietnam War and was an environmental activist during that time frame, when these programs were operational but top-secret.

Regarding the possible tie-in with the MKULTRA mind control experiments (1953-onward), my uncle, Dr. LeRoy Otto Karlstrom, was an analyst for the CIA. I was born in 1949 and grew up in the Washington, D.C. area, my father worked for the government (U.S. Geological Survey), and my family lived very close to my CIA uncle’s family between 1950 and 1965. I do not rule out these possibilities.

Research and the testimony of many TIs indicates that this citizen torture-murder-nonconsensual human experimentee program we often call “gangstalking” is carried out by the US military-intelligence establishment and cooperating government agencies in coordination with myriad corporate and private sector and civilian groups. It deploys highly advanced military-intelligence surveillance, psychological warfare, and directed energy and neuroweapon weaponry against “watchlisted” citizens without their knowledge or consent.

Regardless of just when my targeting began, I can say with assurance that, over the past two decades, I have been tracked, followed, and stalked by “Texas Ranger” vigilante types in Colorado, Texas, Baja California, and Wyoming. I have been workplace mobbed at California State University Stanislaus (1990-2011). I believe I was the target of an elaborate CIA-type sting to oust me from the faculty of Northern Arizona University in 1985.

Adult gangstalker groups who have harassed me include Jews in Washington, Virginia, Colorado, and Mexico; Mason-types in North Carolina and Mexico; American, Mexican, and British thugs and ex-pats in these locations and others, and spies, dupes, spotters, street thugs and cell-phone zombies pretty much wherever I have gone since 2013. I believe I have been silently attacked with “Havanna Syndrome”-type directed energy and neuroweapons since about 2003; the most violent and damaging attacks occurred in 2016 in Crestone, in 2006 in Turlock, CA, and in about 2003 in Jamestown, CA. I have experienced tinnitus, spinning at night, and various other symptoms common to electromagnetic exposure for well over a decade. These include sleep deprivation, innumerable temporary body pains probably due to electronic weaponry, having dreams that seemed more like implanted movie clips than natural dreams.

I have seen drones (parked) at my Crestone home and flying near my travel trailer while camping in Saguache County, Colorado. A black helicopter hovered for many minutes over my home in Crestone, CO. I have been “stalked” and strafed by helicopters and other aerial vehicles in Colorado and Mexico. Whenever and wherever I go camping with my trailer in Baja California, Mexico, a helicopter generally flies directly over my camper. My computer has been hacked by someone (a cyber stalker named “Andrew” with “Edu Net”) from South Africa who posed as another TI. I have experienced an apparently scripted near-auto wreck in Yosemite Park, California. I routinely have my mail, especially books, stolen in Colorado and Mexico. I have had “destructive dentistry” practiced on my teeth in Mexico. I have been the victim of consistent delaying tactics and bad service by auto and trailer mechanics, etc. I have experienced innumerable encounters with nasty almost zombie-like stalkers. And on and on. .

In short, there have been sustained, coordinated efforts to intimidate and harass me over a period of many years by strangers. Harassment has been by land, sea, air, space, and cyber space. As one accumulates these usually negative experiences over time, one begins to discern recurring patterns. As one studies the work of others, one can recognize the signs of a deliberate “psychological warfare”/”low intensity conflict” warfare program being used to target/neutralize/incapacitate civilians. Research indicates that totalitarian governments/elites have waged war against “domestic dissidents” for over a century; among these civilian torture-murder programs are similar programs conducted in the Soviet Union, communist Germany, and Nazi Germany by the GRU (Soviet military intelligence organization), Stasi police, and Gestapo, respectively. American totalitarians have also targeted civilians in Vietnam, South and Central America, the Middle East, and now in the “homeland” through the CIA’s Phoenix Program/Operation Condor in Vietnam and Latin America, and now throughout the “homeland” and the world through the DHS, FBI, CIA, NSA, DOD, NASA, NATO, and their corporate and private subcontrators.

Gradually, through experience and research, one begins to understand the goals, methods, technologies, and perpetrators, of “the program.” Maintaining this website has been one important strategy by which I have sought to educate myself and others about this deeply unconstitutional, unAmerican and indeed, Satanic program. This website is my chief “countermeasure” and I sincerely hope it helps other TIs to survive this “hidden evil” as well. Acquiring this knowledge through protracted study has certainly helped me.

The “program” is an expanding, for-profit business that requires an ever-expanding number of targets. It is designed so that each psychological attack is protected by “plausible deniability.” I.e., “perps” will always have a fabricated story prepared to explain their actions. Their actions and words are scripted. No one incident by itself provides sufficient evidence to prove the scope of the criminal activity. But taken together, there is no doubt that these crimes are being committed, they are malevolent in intent, and that they constitute “crimes against humanity” up to and including torture, murder, and treason. In America, it is treason to violate the civil liberties of other American citizens.

A TI’s life is continually disrupted and manipulated through “lies, spies, setups, and psy-ops.” It is all cleverly done. It may take days, weeks, years, or even decades after actual events occur, for the purposes and methodolgies of particular set-ups and psychological attacks to become evident to the TI. According to various expert sources (Mark M. Rich’s “New World War: Revolutionary Methods For Political Control,” 2011), “psy-acts” are scripted by military psychological operations groups (POGs). The messages are generally negative and specifically designed to degrade, destabilize, deceive, deny, and destroy (the “5 Ds” of GCHQ). They are executed and orchestrated in real life and real time by legions of crisis actors, surveillance role players, counterterrorism specialists, special operations forces, criminals on parole, and street thugs who have cut deals with local law enforcement and the FBI, who are generally given instructions through their cell phone apps.

Thus, the goal of “street theater” (psy-acts) is to deliver pain, defeat, psychological intimidation, harassment, and/or confusion to the target. Having maintained this website since 2016, which now includes over 1700 posts on all aspects of “the program,” I feel I now understand enough about this diabolical program that I feel comfortable sharing this gangstalking log.

Based on my experience and that of innumerable other TIs, the major objectives of the “program” include the disruption and destruction of the relationships, support systems, and reputations of TIs as well as the discreditation and degradation of TI’s the lives. Agents of GCHQ, Britain’s NSA, and their subsection, the Joint Threat Response Intelligence Group, or JTRIG, practice the 5 D’s of deceive, degrade, deny, disrupt, and destroy. Thus, I believe the “program” is best understood as a form of covert psychological and electronic (psychotronic) warfare. It is one element of “unconventional warfare” waged by governments against their internal enemies, who are typically whistleblowers, “dissidents,” patriots, veterans, constitutionalists, Christians, etc.

This covert “warfare” program is a “for profit” business carried out mainly by trained military and intelligence agents in conjunction with their private sector and civilian “partners.” In particular, primary perpetrators are “special operations forces” (SOFs of US SOCCOM) in collusion with psychiatrists/psychologists (psychological opeations groups, or POGs), who execute extraordinarily cruel and criminal abuses of power. Nonconsensual biomedical experimentation and extra-judicial removal of civil liberties are typical adjuncts to the process of destruction of targeted civilians. As author and TI, Mark M. Rich, states, the program’s managers seek to completely surveille (24/7), monitor, control, and where possible, degrade, all aspects of a TI’s life.

Thus, I now believe that many, perhaps most, encounters I have with strangers are in fact scripted, skewed, manipulated, and controlled. The intended result, apparently, is that it becomes impossible for a TI to live a genuine and fulfilling life. In other words, while the TI is left alive, while his/her life is systematically deconstructed and destroyed by professional psychologists, spies, operatives, mercenaries, sadists, thugs, etc. The people on the ground that “swarm” the TI, irrevocably altering the tenor and quality of his/her life, include “surveillance role players,” spotters, crisis actors, trackers, etc. Many others, however, are hidden from the TIs view. These “mirage men” remotely and electronically surveille and manipulate the TIs mind, moods, and behavior using “remote neural monitoring” technologies. These operators/manipulators appear to be electronically measuring the TI’s responses to the “stimuli”- i.e. negative incidents, that they orchestrate in the life of the TI. Indeed, in many cases, including mine, the goal seems to be the mapping of TI’s brains in order to make digital copies, or “human digital twins,” thereof.

In this sense, being a TI is akin to being a lab rat and to being imprisoned in an invisible, electronic concentration camp. Unseen, state-sanctioned authority figures and experts manipulate and coach those whom the TI encounters, much as in the Stanley Milgram “obedience to authority” experiments in the 1960s at Yale University.

The Big Lie: The entire “program” is justified on the basis of preserving “national security” and waging the phony “war on terrorism.” DHS, FBI, CIA, NSA, DOD and a host of other government agencies, often termed “the interagency,” are involved in executing the program in coordination with a host of private security and intelligence subcontrators and a host of civilian vigilante groups. This kind of program that targets internal political enemies for elimination is characteristic of totalitarian governments such as the Soviet Union, communist East Germany, and fascist Germany, and indeed, these governments had similar programs.

This black and black market program is funded mostly by taxpayer’s money. Apparently, it is not difficult for “authority figures” such FBI or police to garner the cooperation and/or active complicity of innumerable civilians and neighbors of targets simply by smearing them with lies and disinformation. Such is their cowardly and unquestioning “obedience to authority figures.”

Major questions I deal with include the following, in rough chronological order:

1) Have I been gangstalked in the U.S. and Mexico since I became aware I was being gangstalked? Yes.

2) Was I systematically gangstalked-harassed-and hit with DEW in Crestone, CO after retiring from California State University, Stanislaus and moving there full-time in 2011? Absolutely. These incidents became considerably more frequent and malicious after 2013.

3) Was I gangstalked at my second residence in Crestone (971 Peaceful Way, Crestone, CO 81131), Colorado after completing the building of my residence there in 2001 (between 2001 and 2011)? Yes.

4) Was I subjected to stalking/work place mobbing when I was working as a professor at CSUS (1990-2011)? My answer now is yes, for a multitude of reasons.

5) Was I subjected to this kind of organized harassment or counterintelligence targeting when I was a professor at Northern Arizona University from 1981 to 86? Again, I believe the answer is yes. Indeed, in 1985, I believe I was subjected to a highly coordinated CIA-type sting to get me to quit my job which occurred at about at about the same time that my father, Dr. Thor N.V. Karlstrom, a research geologist at the U.S. Geological Survey in Flagstaff, Arizona, was hounded out of his position in 1984. At the time, we were both highly motivated faculty in a newly formed Quaternary Studies Masters Degree program at NAU.

6) Was I gangstalked during the period between resigning from Northern Arizona University in the spring of 1986 and my taking my position at California State University, Stanislaus in January of 1990. Right now, I believe that while there may have been some tracking during that time period, malicious targeting was not conducted.

Daily Log:

12/16/2019: El Centenario, BCS: Walking on the Malecon with Molly and Bodie, many are taking photos of me. We walked out onto a wooden pier and youngish, probably spy-guy held up his iphone and was photographing me…. I waved at him to stop and he persisted, smiling. Then I chewed him out and asked him if he was a spy? And told him as best I could in Spanish that gangstalkers were very low. He maintained his smiling demeanor. I took his photo from up close. When I asked him where he was from he said he was local and was photographing something or other. I said “no se.” He held his ground, I walked off the pier first…. He followed shortly afterward.

As he walked off I got the impression he was a gangstalker- or police- or intelligence guy. I was photographed about 5-10 times on that particular trip.

Another time, a 20-something Mex. Girl was awkwardly riding a bicycle and kept circling around…. I think to see if I would approach…. I kept my distance and found a bench looking at the Bay of La Paz… Then she rode up along the bike path and was taking my picture with her iphone and smiling as she did it. This seems to incorporate two new strategies…. Using young pretty girls as honey traps and lots of picture taking.

12/10 or so: Walking with Bodie and Molly on Playa 2 near the Instituto Biologico, a chubby anglo woman was riding a bike alongside a short Mexican guy, with both coming in my direction. He had several dogs (Mexican mutts) off leash…. and was screaming at one of them to “vamos” (let’s go). A brown short-haired dog (a little smaller than Bodie) ignored him and came up Bodie and Molly and started a fight. I dropped the leash to allow Bodie to defend himself. At this point, the Mexican Guy started screaming more….

He started actually hitting Bodie to try to break up the fight. I was letting the fight go because I didn’t notice that either of the dogs were hurting the other. The Mexican guy repeatedly screamed at me: “Fucking asshole,: over and over. Then the girl (who is actually blond gringa, and overweight) started chiming in “Gringo, go home.”

I had noticed this couple on a walk in this place before and noticed that the fat girl had blond hair and was a actually white. This time it seemed her skin was browner and she had a hat on which concealed her brown hair.

So as they walk off: I replied to her: “I think you are a gringo.” Another setup, very clearly.

12/8 or so: I lost my Aventa credit card at Walmart when I was shopping. I was taking money out of the ATM and a couple of police/security guards were then attending to the machine…. I got my cash but before I could retrieve my credit card from the machine… A cop had put a sign on the ATM saying closed. I did my shopping and then realized I did not get my credit card back. I had great difficulty finding someone in Walmart who knew English who could or would help me…. But eventually figured out to call Aventa and ask them to cancel the credit card.

The girl who finally helped me showed me where the bank was that maintains the ATM… So I went there and asked if my credit card was turned in. The male teller was most unhelpful and suggested I make a phone call and apparently someone on the other end would answer my questions. All I got was a recorded message in Spanish with numerous options- none of which seemed to apply. Then I got back in the line. This time a 35-40ish British guy was behind me in line and acted very aloof. But I asked him anyway if he knew Spanish and could help me. He tried and we got the same response from the teller, but this time he helped me with the phone and finally got through to someone in Mexico City who spoke English.

I got the impression that perhaps John, the British guy, is MI6 or some spy now overseeing Operation Eric Karlstrom. He was friendly enough… but still, I have questions.

I have seen for the first time really, other British looking guys around town.

En route home in Centenario from Colorado, I stopped at a restaurant and campsite just south of Muleje….. There is a relatively tall well-built blond-haired guy, about my age or a little younger talking to someone. I move to the other side of the restaurant and order. Later he comes over with a big smile and says he wants to get some affection from Lexie. We have a conversation. He says he’s a builder who lives on a boat. Seems like an intelligence guy to me…. Charming, good looking, well built, and talkative.

Then he leaves and soon thereafter a red, newish vehicle pulls up…. A jewish looking guy is driving and there is a jewish woman in the passenger seat. As he gets out of the vehicle he loudly says (apparently to her or to nobody or to me) “Lo Siento,” “I’m sorry.”

Then when I go to pay the bill I have to walk past them they are standing and looking at me…. With another American guy- sitting alone at a table. They are apparently looking at me to see how I will react…. They kind of smile. Another provocation????? This scene only makes some sense if I factor in that I had recently done a podcast with Ramola D on the topic of ganstalking in which I had vigorously pronounced: I do not consent to being a human guinea pig.

Early Nov: Trying to find someone to collect my mail, I went down and Betsy Becraft at the Delightful Dome- formerly Mark Hammer’s place now owned by a guy in Nederland, CO- very tall and very friendly- perfect CIA cutout type. He put up a large camera in the front yard directed right towards my house. Betsy is the lady who supposedly cleans at the Delightful Dome she said she’d do it but wanted to be paid up front…. (she says all her 35 clients in Crestone pay her up front- these include the various spiritual centers). Her background is in sociology and she is from Boulder, CO.

She seems kind of strange but friendly….. Looking sideways when she asks probing questions.

I decided to go ahead with it anyway- even though I was uncomfortable with her asking for the money (we agreed on $200 which she said was generous) up front….. Then I gave her my mail box key and my contact information.

But I slept on it and felt uncomfortable- thinking she probably is a spy. So I called her up and asked for the key back….. She came the next day and chewed me out and told me never to come to the Delightful Dome again because it is a place of business. (I’ve heard that same argument before.) She was quite aggressive.

Then Eddie Bierly offered to do it for free.

In the process, I did go into the Delightful Dome and now I have the clear sense it may be a safe house for targeting…. Me. I had talked to quite a few vacationers there who often seemed to be young military people from Colorado Springs. A young female “couple”- apparently lesbians- one of whom was military and living in Colorado Springs and the other was a doctor from Iceland…… hmm.. this combination of medical and military seems to be a recurring theme. This might be explained by the ongoing (nightly) operations going at the Delightful Dome safe house. Whatever is happening, I believe, could be irradiating or monitoring me or both…..

So I generally have been waiting until near dusk to find an isolated cul de sac to parky my Viking- and try to have a peaceful night’s sleep.

The pain I have been feeling in my chest has gotten worse and worse over the past several months…. Sometimes at night it is excruciating. One always is uncertain whether these pains are natural or induced by frequencies. Certainly, they can be induced by frequencies.

11/1: At Don Richmond’s studio after a 2 week recording stint…. Now have the outline of a musical audio book (on thumb drive?) more or less entitled:

“A musical and informational lifeline for Targeted Individuals, their families and friends, and other humans.”

Have now 65 cuts- 10 songs (7 new), 40 narrations over background music- and 15 narrations only- mostly from my website- as an alternative way to get the word out?

Not sure this is going to be worth the approx. $2,000 I’ll spend. Oh well.

10/21-24 and 10/28-11/1: My recording project with Don. Even though the project is being completed near the end of October, there were two occasions, when there was unusually dangerous glare ice on highway 17 along with dense fog…. So the driving was quite unpleasant and a bit hazardous. Gosh.

The pain I have been feeling in my chest has gotten worse and worse over the past several months…. Sometimes at night it is excruciating. Even once in the cul de sac behind my house. I get the sense that they have located and pin pointed many of the places where I have slept previously. Hence, I need to keep finding new spots where I can usually sleep well. Of course, I usually use the anti-tinnitus CD both at home and in the Viking. But not always.

10/10: I return to Crestone…. Phenomenal weather (warfare?)…. While weather during the entire trip was quite unseasonably hot (VA temps in the middle 90s), as soon as I got to Colorado, winter slammed down…. With snow and well below freezing temps from Trinidad onward.

Made it back to Crestone that night and slept in the cul de sac behind my house…. It got down to lower than 17 degrees that night!!!! And it stayed extremely cold throughout my recording project that went from 10/21-24 and 10/28-11/1. On two occasions, there was glare ice on highway 17 and dense fog…. So the driving was quite unpleasant and a bit hazardous. Gosh.

Catch up on 10/5 at Motel 6 in Cooksville, TN:

10/5 (Saturday):

10/4: Drove from Edinburg, VA to Cooksville, TN. Lousy fall colors- colors are late this year and still a couple weeks away. There were about 5 stalking incidents. Glad I don’t live out East. As I check into Motel 6 at about 8:30 pm a guy comes in who says he lives in California and now visiting home in Reston, VA. He was friendly… wanted to engage in conversation. As I walk up to my room, a woman is standing a couple doors down with her cell phone out. All very typical. A small white car nearly hits me from the right side as he comes out onto freeway (81), instinctively I swerve left which forces a big truck to also swerve…. No doubt all scripted. I’m getting to where I can almost sense the autos that are stalking/tailing me. I generally take some kind of evasive action of course- it’s not worth a car wreck.

10/3: Drove from Edinburg, VA to Arlington and saw Glen Carlyn and the old home place. 5728 2nd St. So., Arlington, 4, VA looked pretty good… Must be a century old now. Not much activity in the neighborhood. 2nd and 3rd street desperately need re-paving- other streets are re-paved. Saw a guy with green vest who claimed to be an energy efficiency guy- with N. Carolina plates- he sure seemed like a stalker. Saw a woman on a corner looking at her cell phone- as soon as I turn away she points it at me…. To get my location I guess. Such is the privatized army of phone stalkers in cities.

10/2: Drove from Raquette Lake to Edinburg VA. Strange stalking en route. A guy jogs out onto the road just to get my attention. (This is commonplace- especially in Centenario- people moving strangely, walking jerkily, pretty girls, etc.- they want to periodically get your attention.

10/1: Had interview with Andy Hitchcock…. Found nice little restaurant with an empty back room at Raquette Lake…. Half way through the interview, a workman comes in and starts throwing chairs around. The guy seemed like a half-hearted stalker. Always looking down of course. Fortunately, by this time the rain had stopped and I was able to finish the interview outside where there were other tables and nobody there. Turns out Raquette lake is a vacation spot for the super wealthy elite… Carnegies etc. Was Kathe Mengleberg Illuminati? She had a place there that our family visited when I was young.

9/27: I leave note at Rolf and Paige’s place thanking them…. Also left short 5 page description of the program later. Seems they know and want to avoid the topic. Never a response.

I drive up to Raquette Lake -where the fall colors are nice- and enjoy about a day mostly free of stalking. Then things heat up.

9/20: Arrive in Amherst in the early evening. Have nice visit for a week. Basically, mostly stalking free.

9/18: In Motel 6 east of Chicago on I-80.

9/15: I climbed Medicine Bow Peak…… met many people- it was a Sunday…. But I think many of the encounters were staged/scripted (as had happened before on Mt. Democrat). I must have met 50 others on the hike. One chubby young lady (Megan from Wheatland now living in Denver) was hiking by herself and seemed interested in talking at length- she is a former pig farmer now working as a recruiter for social workers to help the disabled…. (a good cover story?)….. She mentioned she was hiking the loop. I also decided to hike the loop- and when we encountered again (we were going opposite directions)- the first thing she said was “Round 2.” Then when I asked more about her job she was quick to say “I’ll let you go.” These young scum bags are paid actors.

Also, I encountered several others with questions….. one young co-ed, who I actually saw again in Laramie. It seems the battlespace had been thoroughly prepared. I talked with her long enough to learn she is a psychology student at UW. Wow. Could she make money and get credit stalking me?

I had dinner in Laramie…. Then drove out to camp at Veedavoo…. Where I camped near a rig that looked a lot like mine. Utah plates. A bearded guy smoking a cigarette and his wife…. (looked like Masons or ex-military, ex-cop vigilantes). Came up behind me and asked me what kinds of dogs I had. Got the impression that he’s an operative- ex-military or something. I handed him the 5-page description of gangstalking I had typed up from Mark Rich’s “The Hidden Evil.” No reaction of course. People have turned into zombies.

9/14: Left Crestone for MA. Drove up to Saratoga Hot Springs. Beautiful drive. Got to HS- and blonde woman came up and asked me if the HS was open. I replied that it was use at your own risk…… Just Q&A probably.

I had extended conversation with a couple of young “ladies” (lesbians?) from S. Carolina who had been on the road for 7 months discovering America (stalking?). One was mullato (Natalie). They were friendly. Were they a stalking couple?

9/10: Had the serpentine belt replaced on my truck at Alamosa Car Center today. There, Jim told me the belt was in pretty good shape and that it must have been a “critter” that did this when the truck was parked in my driveway (since it was working fine that morning)- and was all of a sudden not working at about 1:00 pm when I left for the library. To which I replied “James Bond.”

9/9: Walked downtown today- got there about noon. En route, passed a woman by the name of Ora on Moonlight Way- who was going to go for a hike.

My plan to use the internet at Bob’s was thwarted when the internet didn’t work (I think this was controlled?). So I went to Elephant Cloud instead where internet worked…. I started using computer in glassed in porch- and turning to check Bodie and Molly, I saw young blonde with blue shirt or dress looking in from outside at me- she was behind me and didn’t’ expect me to look at her- she had gone outside and was I think getting my location.

So I moved inside- and took the only available seat next to the stage…. When things are full… that’s a red flag…. I saw a fellow with a laptop sitting right across from me who looked a lot like CIA-guy Kevin Shipp. Then I saw woman in black dress- fairly attractive- I talked with her- Jenny from Sweden, who had come to do a retreat with Reggie Rae supposedly. Could also have been a spy, who knows. We talked for a while- then she seemed bored. I know I’m sounding quite suspicious- overly so….. But just keeping track of strange doings in Crestone. Felt like it could have been a set up.

The guy with the laptop who looked like Shipp- was quite pasty-faced and never looked up. As I left, Cora told me there were three complaints about noise from my dogs. Hmmm…..

9/9: So I’m more or less stranded at home without the use of my truck for the time being…. Do an interview with Ramola D on Friday. It comes out well. I walk to town several times to use the computer, eat meals, etc. Usual set ups are low key and almost not noteworthy. People keep asking me what my dog’s names are.

9/8: Consistently strange doings at 940 Peaceful Way (“the Delightful Dome” B&B) across the way. Most recently, I walk outside after working on a document – and large black, windowless van with Texas plates slowly drives up the road- timing it so the driver sees me (line of sight by a SO guy?). A few hours later the same van drives down Peaceful way to 940. I watch to see who will come out…… No one comes out for a couple minutes- then I see two fairly short people get out of the van on the drivers’ side. Later I only see the one male driver. I believe the other person was a woman- somewhat smaller.

Also, I watched another vehicle there- again a couple- the (woman?) in the passenger seat poked her head out briefly just about the time that Bodie and Lexie- who were standing close to me outside near the patio table jumped and made high pitch noises… Were we zapped at that point.

It is not uncommon that the lights in the sun room flicker in the evening….. probably related to microwave radiation directed toward the house.

Also, I notice that the Russian sage growth patterns around my house are very strange. After about 10 years or so of growth some are completely stunted and unhealthy- these happen to be in a direct line from the front of the yard to my bedroom (where I sleep) and I lie on the couch- and on the east side of the house in a straight line to my kitchen table. What is striking is that half of the plants are fairly healthy while in these particular they are stunted.

9/3: I found a nice cul de sac to camp at on the eve of 9/2- then park my truck in my driveway the following morning (9/3?)…. No problem… Then as I’m about to drive to the library to use my computer, all of a sudden I have no power steering or power brakes.

I drive around the block and park the car in my front driveway. Then make some calls to Alamosa to try to get it fixed. Daniel Brown, the computer guy, calls me- and asks me what is wrong with my truck. He suggests it might be the serpentine belt. (Turns out he’s good with cars too???!!!!). He acts authoritative- doesn’t smile- his wife Tina has black finger nails…. Seems like an intelligence guy.

I call Jim at Alamosa Car Care Center and he suggests I try to find someone who knows something about cars and ask them if they see something wrong- like a missing belt. I call Daniel back and he agrees to come over for $40 to inspect the car. As he and his wife are turning down Moonlight to Peaceful Way (supposedly) they find the serpentine belt on the road…. Turns out he also has one in his car because he had just replaced one on his jeep a couple weeks ago…… (?)

All this is just too strange. I thank Daniel and give him the $40 and tell him I’ll call about the computer after the truck is fixed. But he does ask whether I want him to fix the computer at this time.

Could this all be an elaborate plan to get hold of my computer- to download more data files or scramble it or whatever? I believe so. These guys never stop or tire of their ridiculous games.

8/31-9/2: Labor Day weekend. My plans to climb another peak or to another lake over the weekend are thwarted when I have to run to break up a fight between Mollie and Lexi….. This aggravates the pain I have in the groin- and it’s painful to even walk…. So I lay low.

I go over to Celeste Mary’s house on Sunday hoping to finally get a cell phone where I have internet service so I can finish restoring the data to my computer that had been wiped when I was going back and forth with the Apple people-

Note: the problem with the computer lasted most of the summer. Basically, when I needed to update operating systems from High Sierra to Mojave – this happened before my birthday (6/22)…. The computer couldn’t do it because of the foreign (OWC) internal hard drive.

I had the impression at first I needed to replace either the internal hard drive or the logic board. Later I realized the computer works just fine when I’m not at home. Hence, just like in La Paz- the cyber warfare guys have been screwing with my internet service.

Along the way, I wiped the internal hard drive clean and then began restoring data. Didn’t get all the way through restoring the data because of the recurrent spinning beachball…. Anyway, still need to migrate data from the external hard drive to the computer.

Sunday- had long talk with Celeste Mary Mcsomethig- who is very interesting and very strange. Didn’t get around to calling apple- but asked her if it would be OK for me to return next day- Labor Day Monday to do that. So I came back then but Apple was closed- (I bet it wasn’t). Then tried again the next day and for the first time ever her phone didn’t work. Clearly, the powers that be continue to thwart my computer efforts.

At one point, Celeste offers me essentially the third temptation of Christ- thou shalt not test the Lord thy God…. something about making sure her cell phone worked.

She also pulled out lots of her new age books to show me – JJ Hurtak’s YHWH and other BS new age books. I’m afraid she is either possessed or mind controlled- as she talked about losing time periods of her life and other indications of mind control. She says she’s talked with Arcturians, and Jesus and all the masters- does so almost daily. And has seen an 8 foot black Satan with red eyes at her door. I think she’s a spy or under mind control- or both- an asset.

She recommends a computer guy to me named Daniel Brown and gave me his number. I call but get no answer and leave a message.

8/14 and/or 21 and/or 28: I attend Bible study at Baptist church. Strange doings. Eddy goes on and on about my age (in reference to our climb)- this obviously is the “message” of my psycho handlers (POG)…. And I get this message from various and sundry locations- like at my eye appointment at Abba in Alamosa.

On the 21st, a strange woman named Hanna shows up. Sits next to me… She is tall and blonde and from Manitou Springs, then camping in Crestone area to get away from a difficult situation she tells us about. She is married but has a lover named Stephan…. The group assures her that she needs to break up with Stephan. Somehow I get the notion that this woman is representing Marilu’s dilema…..

8/27: I climb Mt. Hayden (12,129’) and Elkhorn Peak (12,030’) really shitty talus all around the mountain sides…. So going up was a pain. But nice view from the top.

8/26: In the evening I drive up to near Bonanza and find a campsite.

8/23: I drive up the Alma area and camp near Mt. Bross/Democrat/Lincoln- a group of easy 14ers. I climb Mt. Democrat 14,148’. It was like the Alaska gold rush…. Lots of people. I watched a young couple come up from behind me…. The guy kind of pocketed his cell phone when he saw me looking. When they got up to me, I asked how the reception was… though I had a pretty good idea they were stalkers. The girl said Verizon gets two bars and the other service of the guy got only one. I asked to take their picture- attractive couple. Then they get ahead of me, and as I’m hiking along I look to the side to see that the girl is sneaking a picture of me while I’m not looking. Yup, stalkers. I haven’t quite got the stuff yet to blow the whistle on them.

8/20: I decide to go up to Willow Lake- that had been a summer objective that Eddie Bierly and I had been training for. I call Eddie and he joins me. We make it up to the lake in about 5 hours on a nice day- it takes about 5 hours to make the return trip.

I get more and more the sense that Eddy is a spy….. Still, I share lots of thoughts with him. Probably stupid to do that. Nothing seems to phase him. He seems to have that “invincible ignorance” the Jesuits talk about- he believes he’s saved and most everyone else is damned so he’s happy with what he knows.

I accidentally leave Molly’s leash on a large rock…. Eddie and I have a gentleman’s bet on how many people we’ll meet. He bets 4, and I say 8. We stopped counting at about 15. One of the people we meet was an attractive girl (Philipino soccer player named Malone) who is going up to find something. And I ask her to look for Molly’s leash and tell her my address just in case she finds it. She actually shows up at the house as the sun is going down. She’s from Colorado Springs she says. We talk- I demonstrate an interest in seeing her again. He does not reciprocate. Always have to wonder if she is a “stalker.”

8/17: I return to Crested Butte area—this time to climb Mount Owen (12,000+ feet) which I had scoped out from the summit of Ruby Peak. A long windy mining road takes you up to the saddle between Ruby and Owen. In my attempt to circumvent the many “No Trespassing” signs, I take a small dirt road and met a Jewish guy with a bunch of friends, who were taking a small hike. He apparently had bought a plot of land. One house near the base of the climb- seemed particularly aggressive in putting up no trespassing signs- and so I had to go around the dirt roads to a series of small mines that this person evidently had purchased.

The wind was really strong at the saddle between Ruby and Owen so I backed down. While waiting around on the extremely blustery saddle for a change in the weather (no change, it stayed really windy), I spied a large group of hiker/climbers coming up the mining road…. But they must have gotten discouraged when they encountered the large patches of snow that were crossing the road- and that you have to cross.

8/16? For this my third trip up to the same area- I tried to camp up a different drainage- the Lake drainage. Couldn’t find a good spot up there- and so returned to Slate River drainage. By 5:00 pm, there was a lonely tent placed at campsite 5, and when I walked up the road to check for other decent campsites, a couple girls drive by and took the last site- site 13.

Kind of standard stalking setups in Crested Butte- as I try to decide whether or not to climb this day. Since it’s cloudy and kind of threatening rain, I drop into a coffee shop…. Where there is a setup- a young tattooed, rude girl who says she’s “on the clock” was working on her computer near where I was sitting with mine. I tried to listen to a youtube with the volume turned down as low as possible. This girl complained and the guy at the counter told me I had overstayed my welcome. I believe this was a setup.

8/9: After a day of rest, I climb Ruby Peak (12,644’) which is just west of Crested Butte. I see cars that seem to be stalking me at the beginning and end of the day on the approach- but that’s pretty much it.

8/7: I go back up to Crested Butte area to bag some more peaks. This day, I climb Mt. Gothic- a really nice climb at 12,625’. I meet a group of nice retirees and a nice young couple…… otherwise, it’s pretty quiet.

7/31: I give myself a day of rest and then climb Mt. Baldy (12,805’) on the other side of Paradise Divide- It feels great to be on mountains again. It’s slow going upward- but I can really cruise on the straitaway and downhill. No incidents here and I meet nobody on this trip. It’s just a long, long scenic ridge and the threat of early afternoon rain gets me going fast on the return route.

7/29: I go up to the Crested Butte area, camp at Slate River campsite 5 (my favorite). Drive up steep, narrow dirt road to Paradise Divide in the early afternoon. Am followed closely by black SUV with Texas plates. Then I climb Mt. Cinammon (12,237’) from the pass (11,250’). The four passengers, two couples, in the Texas SUV follow me up the mountain and near the top I get the strong intuition that they are zapping me, trying to read my mind, etc. I spend about half an hour on the top and going down, I encounter the guy who was driving. I ask him if he was with the group from Texas that followed me up. He said yes. Then he asked me, with a big grin, if a particular peak he pointed to was Crystal Peak. Being too impetuous, I said, I’d been thinking the same. I think that was the point he was trying make- that they could read my mind.

I got down first and waited around to talk to the first woman of the group to get back down to the cars. She was cussing out her dog on the way. I didn’t quite get up the nerve to ask if they were neuroscientists…. But I probed her for information. She said they lived in Austin and had a condo in Crested Butte. And that they all liked to climb. Interesting that they weren’t faster than me…. Perhaps climbing was not the main point of the expedition for them.

July 17: Hiked up to S. Crestone Creek moraine yesterday….. came back and felt very strange…… Then last night, very poor sleep, dizzy, thirsty. Could well be DEW attack. The gray dodge van moved out of the delightful dome on the 15th and a small red car moved in…. seems it could be a DEW attack- certainly feels like it.

July 15: Gray dodge van still here at 940- the Delightful Dome- so I camped in a nearby cul de sac overnight with my trailer. Went to Westcliffe bluegrass festival Friday-Sunday. – and now realize the game is smiley-faced Q&A. Friday (12th), skinny guy with bleach blonde hair sits near me at workshop- and starts asking questions. Then next day, Saturday, I walk into town…. Woman in huge white p.u. from Arizona with British guy passenger (MI6?) ask me questions. Then two lesbo women, Jennifer and Stephania, in the camp site next to me ask me lots of questions, the one, Stephania, is supposedly co-authoring a book with a doctor. Then on Sunday, I went to talk to Lara, who again is presiding over sale of her father’s estate for the second year. When I leave her she is doing that Jewish-grinning thing (like Sally’s son, Jaden.) So there we have, all in one weekend, a Special Ops guy on Friday, a British spy, two lesbian psychologists and a Jew. But I was fooled each time and only realized later what had happened!

July 11: A gray Dodge van with CA plates: BEKM486 has been staying at Mark’s old place- the Delightful Dome B&B now (940 Peaceful Way) for over the past week (since about July 1). Four skinny guys (probably Jews and/or military are evidently “staking out” the block from this “safe house.

July 10: The two white windowless vans are gone by the time I leave the camping area about 7:30 am… I do believe both are “working” as perp/stalkers/controllers via DEW.

July 9, 2019: I go to Colo. Springs to bring in the Macbook Air computer to City Mac. Again, they wanted to delay to do the diagnostics (after they told me I didn’t need an appointment). So I didn’t leave it there. Hardly anyone there- but they said this was the busiest day in months. Some guys my age sitting around listening/spying?

I camped on the night of the 8th at road into Bonanza- there was white van without side windows. Then on night of the 9th- there were two…. These seem to be the new stalking vehicles.

June-July- computer problems: Many spinning beachball events. They seem to happen when I’m online- is this cyberwarfare? I have lost updates on my gangstalking log two or more times.

June 25-July 8: gangstalking log updataes lost due to computer problems.

June 28: I go to get dental surgery from Dr. Todd Rogers in Colorado Springs. It takes all day. A couple days later, I notice that two or three of my electronic guitar tuners are missing. Presumed house broken into.

June 21, 22, 23, 24: I drive to Taos on 21st…. Meet group of young Colorado kids- 20 somethings…. Camping next to me with lots of dogs. Frank was from New York and Claire was from Indiana- now going to Regis College in Denver.

Went to Karl’s house on morning of 22nd- had birthday celebration… Then on to Celebration of Life service for Joan Spencer. Then evening party- then Sunday evening party at Sally Spencer’s land. Then try to get computer fixed in Albuquerque, NM on Monday… and dinner at Karl’s house.

June 21: Before I leave for Sante Fe, etc. Lexie ran away… I found her on Rendezvous Way. I see someone is at Chuck and Theano’s house. I go to the dorr. Theano appears and says, “May I help you?” She does not recognize me. Is she under mind control? Has she been told terrible things about me? She says she is under a lot of stress preparing for guests. And she can’t talk now. She says’s she’s sorry for the state she’s in.

On the way out of town, I drop off a couple of my CDs as a present… Actually, I knock again and she does not come to the door, so I leave the outside her door.

I stop at the Mosca Pit stop gas station and while inside- I believe a beardedguy (Jew?) in the truck that pulled up behind me must have separated the tin siding on my Viking- on the way south near San Antonio Mountain, I notice that it is separating- and I stop to fix it, screwing it back together.

Gassing up at the edge of Taos, a skinny guy comes up to me out of the blue and asks me if I like the trailer and then quiz me about the merits of one or two axles in Mexico! I blow him off… didn’t even answer based on Patent # 6011991-

There was another skinny guy gassing up at the same gas station who seemed very interested but did not say anything. He is smiling vaguely and looking at the Viking. Seems like a psychologist/perp.

Then when I pull into Penaco CG along the Rio Grande- a large group of Colorado 20 somethings and their dogs are there.

Guy and 3 girls pull up in a p.u. pulling kind of a boat rigging trailer and asks me abou the bugs.. It looks like they can track me everywhere. And then get their creeps to ask me questions as per #6011991. TURN IT AROUND.

June 20: While having coffee at Elephant Cloud, I see “Roy” the New York Jew cop- just standing next to his vehicle. He just stood there for 5 minutes or so. I guess the idea is to measure my response remotely. Having coffee outside on a beautiful morning- a woman and her daughter sit at the table next to me… I start a conversation- very minor- she leaves….. Another younger woman walks back and forth outside across the street between two white cars- and then walks into Elephant Cloud- I follow in to put away my cup- she tries to open the door for me- I hold it for her. She is a thin young lady with a round nose ring.

June 19: Eddie Bierly and I hike up to S. Crestone moraine in the morning. Interesting talks as usual. But he sure asked lots and lots of questions…. Was he instructed to do this? Last thing, he asked me what I was doing for the rest of the day. (Now that’s a bit strange.) I went to Bible study this evening- full room…. But Rita and Lynn were not there. Interesting discussion- Denny found verses about trials and tribulations being a gift from God- and that we should be grateful! Hmmm. Joe and Earl’s facial expressions are a bit strange—are they alerted to what is going on- and not quite comfortable? I am more and more amazed at how these people are so Bible-centered they are easy to fool and propagandize by the media and the government. They are extremely ignorant about most other things.

June 13: 3.5 phone call from Laura Petrescu- who claims to be Romanian-French professor of psychology and communications- as well as TI. I took notes.

I have transcribed a couple of DJ Welsh’s ( youtubes that describe two patents: 6011991 (2000) and 395134 (1976)- The former uses the term “monitored individual” and very closely describes the processes being used to map my brain…. Very important patents.

The comments of Laura Petrescu (Romanian-French psychologist-communications expert-TI?) may help explain the Marilu and Barb (and Sahndra) phenomena…… she talked about programmed “satanic whores” that are part of your programming and act as go-between between TI and handlers.

Later, like so many others who claim to be tortured victims of DEW, she became quite aggressive.

Note Dumas’ role in setting up my relationship with both Barb and also Marilu. And he and I go back to Flag High…. So that argues for early targeting. What about Shirley Nelson? Patty Parker? With Marilu, there was sex magic (1) squeezing penis so I couldn’t come- that’s the pre-orgasmic moment and that’s domination too, 2) her eyes boring into my eyes while she is on top of me) and magic in general.

General Note: Look out for the Spiritual Warfare aspects of the program! (Eloise Adams states: “I believe whatever pharmaceutical shot they gave me is related to the pineal gland (the third eye). I believe with every fiber of my being it’s black magic using the chakras, pineal gland, and kundalini medicine research. (Also) brain research and population control research.”) How much of this is related to Crestone and local CIA operations here? – And how much goes way back before I bought land in Crestone? I bought my land here in 1994. Was I remotely influenced to buy land here so as to be part of the guinea pig pool?

6/17: I pick up my new eyeglasses at ABBA Eye Care center- at first, Ashlee Jones, the lady who sold me the glasses wasn’t there- had just gone to lunch. With the intent of asking her out, I went and did errands and came back an hour later. When I did get back and she was helping me fit my new glasses, there were at least two spies who were just sitting there listening to us—a young girl with a cell phone sat about 14 feet away… and a Mex. Am. Guy sat in the seat where I had originally ordered glasses from Ashlee. Was I being monitored? Will they spin some story. I did ask her if she was single, she said yes, but living with another guy…. So no date. But are they doing verification programs and reading my thoughts? Seems like.

6/16?: I have coffee at Elephant Cloud- while standing in line a fellow named “Medford” asks if he can stand in line behind me (that’s 6011991)- then we talk outside- he starts out saying he’s a Buddhist looking for a place to live…. Blah blah. Then turns sharp and leaves. Then I see Vince Palermo and Lee Temple there. Join them briefly- they mention 5G, remote viewing, B-C-I- and the SLVREC. Interesting.

6/11: I take hike up to moraine on Willow Creek Trail in the morning. I see two guys from Indiana while going up (they’re coming down because lots of snow near the lake), then on the way down, I see about 5 different parties….. Roger a local computer guy, a young British couple, then a strange Jewish looking trio- with one guy (girl?) wearing a black mask!!! And the other two being a young Jewish couple…. Then a single guy hiker… then a stock broker kind of guy talking about doing trades on his phone and sitting on a fence rail near the bottom of the trail. Sometimes this stuff seems to dumb to write down- but the guy with the black mask is something you don’t see every day. I believe these were Jewish stalkers- though the pretty girl smiled at me in a fetching way.

When I return home I see my sprinkler hose is tipped over and eroding my new soil…. Have to get more seed and soil…. Was this accident or not?

6/9: Sunday: went to Villa Grove trade to hear music and have dinner. Had no appetite- and couldn’t eat a bite of the dinner I ordered. Was I being zapped? The band, Dry Country, from Taos was mostly Mexican American. I camped out in the woods.

6/8: (Saturday) Went up to Buena Vista for camping and dinner at the Lariat on the main street- stayed for evening music- extremely lively scene…. Was there swarming? The place was packed. At 11:00 I left the Lariat to find a place to camp.

6/5: Just now starting to put all the pieces together more and more. Eloise Adams sent, and I posted, job announcements for surveillance role players….. Wow, they’ve privatized this “black operation” to a large extent. General Dynamics, Inc., advertises for Surveillance Role Players and tests directed energy weapons! Other corporations involved as well. Once you realize how the system works, it is much less intimidating. I go to Bible study and there is Bill Peck! I leave rather than stay.

6/4: I did show with Andy Hitchcock- who says he gets half a million viewers a month- but I guess there’s no way to tell how many plays our interviews get. Anyway, I read out my new statement from my website (5/30/19 synopsis) and we called it: “Mafia States’ Gangstalking, Torture, and Terrorism of Civilians.” I think it was one of the best interviews we’ve done. I read the new 5/30/19 synopsis off the home page of my website (also known as

6/3/19: I did talk to Betsy who is the house cleaner at 980 Peaceful Way- Mark’s place- now called the Delightful Dome- owned by a couple in Nederland. She is very nice and cute for 56… says her background is in social work. This dome is full almost every night- and I wonder if my stalkers stay there to monitor and attack me from that location. The “Delightful Dome” as it is now called is owned by a proprietor in Nederland, CO….. I met him once- he’s tall and friendly- which doesn’t mean anything really.

6/2: Bill Peck shows up at church- I’m pretty sure he is a fake TI/perp…. Why? Well, he stalks me that’s why. He just doesn’t ring true—I email him that that is my opinion. He writes back that he respects that and that he’s going to talk to Denny. Later he shows up at 5:00 pm to talk to Denny an hour before Wed. night Bible study at 6 pm. I walk in and when I see him there with Denny and an unidentified woman, I leave.—Haven’t seen him again. He did invite me over to compare our “memory problems.” It seems that part of the game is to make you think you are crazy. This is gas lighting.

5/31/19: Afternoon walk on Moonlight Way- there are the two strange neighbors, a couple about my age, a blond woman and her husband, living on the corner of Brookview and Moonlight with their big Doberman. The lady is just standing outside holding her dog… and her husband is kind of hiding in the shade under a nearby tree. They say nothing- as per usual. I ask if the dog is guarding their place and she smiles and says yes. Gang stalkers I reckon. Is all this to somehow intimidate me? Not working.

I walk down to Mark’s old place, the yellow dome, 980 Peaceful Way, now called “The Delightful Dome B&B” about 3:30 pm to try to talk to the gal who cleans it every day. She drives a black Subaru. The door was open but she was talking to someone, another woman (or another woman was talking to her) on the computer, so I didn’t interrupt. Along comes two women in a very shiny red car…. They are apparently a little early- the check in time is 4:00 pm. So I talk with them…. One, the driver, is a hispanic-looking gal from Colorado Springs who works with the military. The other is a nurse/skin diving instructor from Switzerland. They say they are friends and met in Iceland. The Swiss gal, Denise, is wearing a wedding ring- I guess they are a couple? Anyway, military and a nurse…. Could well be assigned here. And the yellow dome could well be a CIA-Military safe house. (A nurse and a military person would be a likely configuration).

Found a fine place to camp last night on the other side of Saguache- even while the with the blond in the black dress in the black station wagon stayed across the street in Mark’s old place now an Air B&B that fills up every night. However, when I returned, it seemed that my W. door was open…. Did I leave it like that? I must be much more careful each time I leave. Was there a break-in?

As I’m coming out on the dirt road- I see a silver pickup with a small bearded Hispanic man driving- and another person in the passenger seat. This is the same man and truck that followed me going into Saguache on 284 and then pulled into the Forest Service compound just west of Saguache. It was 7:45 am. I had the impression both times I saw him that he was a stalker. He stopped to let me pass but did not wave or look at me as I slowly passed him.

5/30/19- I had injected dreams last night. Here’s what Max Harrison Williams emailed everybody about induced dreaming- interesting:

Max Harrison Williams:

Almost everybody dreams, which is quite natural. Targeted individuals, however, often experience dreams that are not natural. Many targets state that their attackers induce and then orchestrate those dreams. Like many aspects of targeting, induced dreams have gone unstudied for many years.

I have been subjected to induced dreaming for years. Since being targeted, I do not seem to experience natural dreams any longer. Now, they are all seemingly induced.

Induced dreaming is not employed for the amusement of the attackers. It is a targeting tool–and a formidable one—that is only one facet of the overall remote electronic attack system.

Although the attackers attempt to delete the dreams from memory after the targets awake, I usually remember the themes of those dreams and record them in my journal. Often, however, I cannot remember details of those dreams. The deletion of those dreams suggests that the attackers intentionally do not want the targets to remember them. Hypnosis could play a role in the inability of targets to remember those dreams.

Most targets probably dismiss the significance of those dreams and consider them harmless. They are anything but harmless. In my opinion, induced dreaming not only serves as a harassment mechanism by the attackers but is also utilized to experiment to find effective methods for that harassment. Some of the induced dreaming is probably generic and applied to all targets; nevertheless, it eventually is tailored to each target.

I also believe that the attackers seek to determine the differences in human reactions to the effects of targeting as relates to age, gender, race, ethnicity, social status, education, economic level, certain occupations and professions, and other characteristics. What better way to do so than by inducing dreams in which targets become the main characters or one of the actors and studying those reactions.

Do not discount the harm of induced dreaming to targets. Induced dreams are purposeful and conducted for multiple purposes, all of them to the detriment of the targets. Here are some of them.

01. Identify phobias and fears.

02. Introduce phobias and fears in targets.

03. Test the ability of targets at problem solving.

04. Study the reactions of targets to situations introduced in the dreams.

05. Define and interrogate targets’ relationships with selected persons, targets’ thoughts about various topics, and other areas of targets’ lives.

06. Identify people from targets’ pasts and the feelings of targets about those persons.

07. Probe the strengths and weaknesses of targets.

08. Program targets through repetitive themes presented in those induced dreams.

09. Create anxiety in targets through disturbing topics.

10. Find the most vulnerable qualities of targets.

11. Plant doubts about relatives, friends, and neighbors.

12. Explore and exploit targets’ sexuality.

13. Prevent restful sleep.

14. Reinforce negative thoughts and practices.

15. Undermine targets’ self esteem and self-confidence.

16. Inject false memories into the mind.

17. Reinforce previous hypnosis and hypnotic codes.

18. Trigger painful past memories.

19. Confuse and clutter targets’ minds .

20. Destroy targets’ religious belief system.

21. Modify targets’ thoughts and behavior through introduced themes.

22. Weaken targets’ nervous systems through brain manipulation.

23. Build upon the concept of dual personalities.

24. Instill dream patterns into the minds of targets.

Similarities between many of the objectives of induced dreaming and the interjection of voices into the targets’ brains/ears lead me to believe that the two targeting effects are quite possibly interrelated. To find out more about that probable relationship, we need to study the former. The very same device used to project voices may be the same one used to induce dreaming. If so, a study of induced dreaming could help us identify the device that the attackers utilize.

I shall be studying induced dreaming to elucidate and add to the purposes stated above. I invite other targets to offer observations about their own dreams and induced dreaming in general. Let’s work to expose induced dreaming as still another debilitating element of targeting.

Yesterday, I noticed a black station wagon backing in slowly to Mark’s old house— I turned to look and nobody got out of the car- there was a blond in the passenger’s seat- finally she got out, but I never saw anyone get out of drivers seat.

People have been staying at that house every night for at least 2 weeks despite cold, lousy, wintery weather. Seems to be a “safe house” for their operation?

Between 6 and 8:00- I had very weird and strange dreams- LeRoy was in one. Wish I could remember the other- these are not natural, normal dreams at all.

Today, went to Crestone lumberyard- and 3 guy customers converge- a guy from Florida- a Jewish looking guy who spoke loud and an older guy. Long conversation, meanwhile Chris Long (the former leader of native American religion) was looking down at paperwork the whole time- to let the scene play on.

5/29: Meet three cute young ladies on N. Crestone Creek trail- Adrea, Kate and Mary- two of whom are psychology types- Mary from Denver- clinical psychologist and the other two from Chicago. Had nice long conversation. They seemed to be waiting for me in the parking lot- not sure. Two kinds of people to avoid- psychologists and lawyers.

5/29: Denny Ertle helps me finish the electric fence- it does seem to be getting juice. Paid him $175.

Of course, I am noticing many set ups- presumably to measure my brain responses to same…. How far does this pattern go back? When did the 5Ds kick in?

If they have tried to control me- I think they have not done a very good job of controlling me. I continue to resist. If I am under “mind control” why do I continue to resist? I don’t think I’m under complete mind control… perhaps partial mind control.


This morning in the Baptist church, for the second Sunday in a row, a single military fellow came late… and later I felt as if I was being bombarded with EMFs. This morning I felt fuzzy and unusually sleepy during the service and at the end of the service, another parishoner, Michael, got very dizzy and had to sit down at the end of service rather than feint and fall over. Last week, while sitting in my usual spot, I felt very hot and uncomfortable. It could be a bit dangerous to keep going to church here!


Today, while modifying my homepage to I accidentally wrote over Gangstalking log4.docx that had daily records of much of my recent winter season in Mexico! Yikes. This is the second time I’ve lost this gangstalking log- (or perhaps 2nd time I had it stolen?)…. the first being when Jamin installed a larger memory hard-drive in my new macbook air- and stalled an extra day- and two “agents”/friends of his apparently removed the best and most complete log at that time (Nov. 2017). And one wonders if there was some computer manipulation going on from external sources this time as well- as in cyberhacking- cyber spying- cyber warfare. I looked for ways to restore previous versions- but to no avail. My calls to Simply Mac and My Apple experts did not fix the problem either. The My Apple expert went on and on about photographs… as if he could see my screen.

Since I returned to Crestone from Baja in early April to do my taxes, pay POA dues, etc., the weather has been much like winter. Alternating windy, snow, hail, cold….. but I have still managed to get the cross beam up over my gate with Denny Ertle- and spread 24 cubic yards of Rocky Mountain top soil over my “lawn” and gardens. I’m now waiting for slightly higher temps to plant the buffalo grass.

A guy named Ron McClure from Del Norte called up this morning asking for banjo lessons. Not sure if he’s legit or not, but seems like a nice fellow. We’ll see.

About a week ago, I was camping west of Saguache (and did manage to find peace and solitude) and when I came into Saguache at about 7:15 am- I went into the 4th Street Diner and there was a poster advertising for “bounty hunters”. I figure this was a psy act… I reacted (that’s what they want right?) to the waitress about the criminal nature of the poster- she said she hadn’t noticed the sign. There was a lawyer (watch out for those lawyers) sitting there named Bill Lamphere- and he engaged me in conversation- agreeing with my point and asked me to come over to where he was sitting to talk. He was quite an interesting guy. A young guy who was looking at his cell phone the whole time was sitting at the counter quite close to us and no doubt listening to our extensive (1.5 hour?) conversation. Pretty obvious he was a spotter in on the set up. Bill floated the idea of me joining him for the Friday breakfasts in Crestone. I told him that you couldn’t get more than two people together over here without getting infiltrated. I told him about my websites and my research on Crestone/Baca.

Late April, I’m walking Lexie down Panorama Way, and this tall skinny guy with dark glasses softly called out to me- he was in Terry and Sky’s yard on a big rock with a little dog. And we exchanged a few words. He said he had moved into the house and his name was Terry also. I haven’t seen any sign of anybody there since then. He sure looked like a spook- very lean and pointy jaw and nose. Grinning devil.

I’ve seen Bill Peck a few times- riding bicycle down Peaceful Way, in the Merc, and he has emailed me several times. Seems to be a stalker to me.

I asked a local realtor, Vivia Lawson, downtown in Crestone, for the names of some cleaning ladies. I called a gal by the name of Kristi O’Haver, who has been married several times and claims to have been raped and mind controlled as a child and as an adult. She has been coming over to clean my house. She has come four times now and does a good job for $20/hour. We have very interesting conversations and she is quite nice…. is she controlled? She has asked me to go hiking and to Crystal Hill with her… We went hiking once.

Scenario XXII. I was remotely influenced to buy the Ford F-250 for the same reasons.

4/23: I purchase 2008 Ford F-250 King Ranch Super Duty Diesel (6.4 l engine).

When doing errands about a month ago (4/23), I was getting the oil changed on my Ford F-150 in Monte Vista- happened to stop in at Gateway Motors- an auto dealer where they sell trucks and vehicles and do oil changes. Waiting around to have the oil changed, I started “kicking tires” out of boredom- and pretty soon had purchased a 2008 Ford F-250 ¾ ton diesel, Super Duty, 6.4 l power stroke engine, King Ranch model. As before, I didn’t barter- kind of stupid… and purchased on the spur of the moment. You have to ask if I was controlled and manipulated through implanted thoughts or whatever…. Anyway, it’s a great truck. Now I get to pay it off. I rationalized the purchase because it’s a diesel with only 92K miles- and will last a long time.

Due to the loss of so much gangstalking log detail with the loss of the gangstalking log4.docx yesterday, it looks like I’d better make this “journaling” and recording a much higher priority. My website is now in very good shape…. So that’s the good news. The bad news is that I lost a record of what happened in Mexico this last winter. And lots has happened. It is a bizarre world- I almost hate to document it, it sounds so stupid. But I have to. So many setups. Still I enjoy Mexico though. And it seems the psy-acts are always structured so that there is some doubt about whether they are setups or not.

The house across the street on Peaceful Way- Mark’s old place is filling up virtually every night- and I reckon many of those people are surveilling me. It’s a B&B now. This morning a guy in a white Jeep or Hummer timed his leaving to coincide with me coming out to work on the fence. I’ve seen this same vehicle there before. A woman in a black short station wagon comes to clean it after each use- which means daily, usually.

It’s hard to gauge what I lost by losing the Gangstalking log4.doc- – but I think a lot.

What I need now is proof. And the way to do that is to document, document, document. Find the patterns. Take photos and videos.

The most important lessons are- ALWAYS carry a camera and a camcorder. ALWAYS be ready to document. We look for the big and the little patterns. And build a case for restitution. I believe that my computer may be hacked- just as my house has been broken into several times over the past several years.

I think I need to “go dark now”….. With little to no emailing beyond absolute necessity. I must assume that there is “brain mapping/stealing” going on- that they have the capability of locking on to my brainwaves with their “technology”. And so I need to keep reading.

It seems the main pattern they use is to provoke me with bizarre setups-psy-acts and then measure my responses remotely- via EEG- or MEG. They will try to stall everything appointment- so they can do their set up – then their “play” runs. This is what happened with Jamin when I asked him to load the expanded hard drive into my new computer (the silly thing cost about $600!).

Mexico- mid October, 1918- early April, 2019

What stands out about my experiences in Mexico from Oct. 2018 to April, 2019?

Many more Mexicans are doing the stalking now. And I am getting lots of setups and drive-bys (often with new vehicles driving very slow) near my house- lots of drive-bys by both Mexicans and gringos, as well as when I’m travelling. Some are evidently scripted or controlled to be hostile- many seem to be just there to spy and perhaps make me feel intimidated. Are they paid and propagandized or are they mind-controlled to do these things?

Next door neighbors, Alberto and Regina, have been much less friendly lately- now they are kind of weird. Several times, they have been asking me where I’m going, where I’m going camping etc. Alberto just happened to be tinkering around on his roof when I was talking with Rolf and Paige up in the Palapa…. So I introduced them and of course they talked biology- both a interested in Zebra fish. Was this to gauge/predict my response?

Jesus hasn’t come around for a long time- though he said he was going to patch the palapa with new palm fronds, he stopped coming before he finished the job. He did fix the door latch. Jackie no longer comes to either give lessons or clean. Pablo could be pulling strings in the background- as before.

I was more or less kicked out of doing the music at the Madero farmers market on Saturdays and Tuesday mornings when Luis, the guy who runs it, asked me if I had a work permit. Apparently, on the previous Tuesday, police had come around and asked him if everyone had a work permit. I later went downtown to the tax building and followed up by asking Sarai (the lawyer with Gisella) about that- and she said I could get the modification to my green card but that I would have to do taxes every year… so I backed off of that plan….

I did park in front of a Jewish guys house and he came over to my tent while I was playing banjo at the market and he started yelling at me that he’s going to call the police, etc. I’m beginning to be confirmed in my belief that “Jews are behind the whole thing,” as Alan Landis told me several years ago. When I tried to find him later to have a one-on-one discussion about this, there was a Mexican guard standing outside. They cover themselves pretty well.

Based on the new reality of needing a work permit, I backed off my music career strategy and started driving and camping to lots of different places to camp. Usually within a half hour of my house. And generally leaving about 30 to 60 minutes before dark so they couldn’t set up.

By doing this, I sometimes felt I did manage to get out of their surveillance on some nights. It seemed I just slept better there. And no one did midnight drive-bys….. Like they have done in some areas.

Sometimes I didn’t “escape” their surveillance…. It seemed there were helicopters flying all over- some at night- trying to get a fix on my position. This occurred at night when I was camping and also when I was walking on the beach. There were lots of white pickup trucks everywhere- I guess that’s the color-coding for NLP. It has very little effect on me though.

One night when I was camping in the trees on a ranch near the beach, a couple Mexican guys walked up to me and told me they had car trouble…. They wanted me to take them to El Centenario, where they said they lived. I said it was a good evening for walking, figuring it was a set up. Molly barking helps alert me of these things.

Much unusually heavy traffic generally accompanies my early evening drives to the beaches….. I have taken a defensive posture and assumed that any one of these vehicles could be spotting where I am going. So I have been very patient and often waited by the side of the road until traffic thins out….. Sometimes I have waited over half an hour for traffic to thin out.

Strange, temporary pains (heart and little finger): One time I climbed a small volcanic hill near Tecalote…. A couple weeks later, I went back to climb another one- and this hike/climb was a bit hazardous because there were small pebbles (cinders/lapilli) on top of hard volcanic rock- making the whole thing kind of like ball bearings- and hard to walk on…. Add to that, there was cactus everywhere….. Suddenly, I slipped and fell down on my side. It was almost as if my feet just were swept out from under me- and I landed with a thud on my side….

For the following month or more, I had a chest pains more or less on the side where I landed- and I couldn’t tell if it was heart attack related or just a strained muscle. I tried to contact a couple doctors in Mexico and Colorado- but couldn’t contact anyone. So I wound up not getting it looked at. Just as well…. Then the pain disappeared- like so many of them do.

On one of my many walks around the blocks near my house with the dogs, I encountered some furious dogs- the old pit bull west of my house is particular a pain…. His owner is never around… and he comes out into the street in a very furious manner. I’ve thrown rocks at him and even kicked him- but it doesn’t slow him down. Once when I threw a rock at him, I got a “strained” pinky on the left hand…. This was probably in March or so. Since then, this has made it hard to play banjo… How did that happen? Maybe I had my hand in my pocket and it got strained from to torsion of my upper body when I threw the rock? The pain has subsided quite a bit- but I still feel it some 2-4 months later.

I have read that “the technology” can not only control humans but also animals!!!! The look in that dogs eyes was quite demonic.

I saw a number of gringo neighbors with South Dakota plates who were definitely following me in their white pickup trucks. One tall skinny guy in a white pickup was just stopped in front of my house looking into it- when I was standing across the street between my truck and camper- so I got a good look at him while he was spying on me. Next time I’ll get the license numbers.

Some guitar player gringos my age- one American, Thomas, and one Canadian, Leon, wanted to get a weekly jam session going with me- but I didn’t follow up. The Americano was from Whidbey Island and seemed suspiciously like ex-military to me. The Canadian seemed pretty OK.

Drive Up to Colorado

I came back to Crestone in early April to pay my taxes…. and it was a very event-filled drive, especially on the second day from Guerrero Negro area up to the border. Lots of stalking, staring, following… in and amongst the terrible and brutal pot holes on the drive. In San Felipe, I was able to find a mechanic to fix the Viking- which needed part of the frame fixed. I had stopped and had lunch and the waiter there told me where I could get it fixed…. I managed to drive down there BEFORE the owner/mechanic/proprietor could be alerted not to help me…. So he got the project going immediately- and got it done fast and very cheap- maybe $50.

But even as he was doing the work, I was swarmed by several American stalkers who showed up- looking like tough guys. Also, I bought some nuts and pop and ice cream next door at a small tienda to give a tip for the mechanic….. The lady there gave me a bag of nuts- almonds- and inside they put about 6 or seven sewing needles. This seemed like a strange, satanic message.


A gringo man and woman and about an 11-year old boy were waiting at the El Centenario main building for Spanish lessons at 5 pm. Jackie had stopped coming and I wanted to find a new teacher. The man, was a medium sized, well built, middle aged blonde fellow who said he was a minister/missionary who had been to Iraq and Iran…. He stated that he and his wife and boy now they lived locally and wanted to improve their Spanish. He seemed a lot more like a special ops guy to me than a minister. There’s a look to military guys and he had it. The teacher who showed up was a lawyer from La Paz- so I left there pretty quick. A lawyer and special ops guy… hmmm.

I did get lessons going with a lady named Zaira……. I got her name from Margarita at the breakfast-lunch stand across from Sappa “downtown” El Centenario. It was fine, she was a good, smart teacher…. But later on the way back to US, I realized that my Spanish language level had been cessed out by “the enemy”- one way or another- so they could continue to do the provocations. One of the young military inspectors used the word “cochino” to describe the inside of my Viking travel trailer. I had the distinct impression this was a provocation to see how and if I would react. If that is the case, they are “locked on” to my brain waves. How do they control him? Mind control or instructions via cell phone?

One thing about these perps, they rarely if ever look at you. There’s just something dark and robotic about many of them. Almost as if they are not human. But not all of them are dark- I think Jackie was a perp and she was mostly very sweet… and also maybe Zaira…. Then the question is are they scripted or mind controlled? And who pays them? I think Pablo has been very involved in “handling” both me and Jackie in the past- and possibly also Augustine.

Jackie stopped coming as cleaner and Spanish teacher…. When she shared a couple 4th grade readers of one of her sons with me, she chose two short stories about dying old men. I figured that this was her message to me. I think she was maybe prompted to do this.

One day, I got up the gumption to ask beautiful, sexy young Alexa (wow!) at the Intercam Bank to join me for dinner at Palermos. I wrote the question down on paper and gave her the choice of yes, no, or later. She replied some other time. And subsequently, every time I went into the bank for cash, she was surrounded by operatives. Sometimes men who loiter in the outer room, and often it’s a woman who is sitting next to her on the other side of the counter.

It seems there is lots of mind control and handling going on.

It all doesn’t bother me so much…. But I’m concerned that they are getting what they want anyway somehow. Somehow, they seem to be measuring my brain activity. Always provoking and probably always measuring and recording my brain responses. Bryan’s comment- to avoid long conversations with strangers- is probably a good one. I still get lots of emails from strangers asking me to call them. I generally don’t…. And I’m down to about 1-3 interviews a month.

I went to Cabo Pulmo- Molly and Lexie were fighting like bears at that time. Two American professors came up to me where I was camped next to the beach- and asked me some innocuous questions- the one who was in a biology department seemed to have slit eyes, as it seemed out of the corner of my eye, he seemed to be about 50 years old. The other was certainly a Jew, probably about 75 years old. I’m pretty sure they were studying me- did they come all the way up here to encounter me? Seems quite impossible. They were quite friendly- wish I’d taken their photos.

The strangest thing was how fast a speed boat came up to “lock in on me” as I walked along the coast. I tried to walk around the side of a hill so as to avoid direct eye contact…. But they came toward the shoreline so fast, they “caught” me anyway. The phrase “line of sight” seems to explain a lot of their activity. It was very surreal.

I am ever watchful for planes, helicopters, boats, cars that seem to want to monitor and or harass or “terrorize” me. Sometimes these aircraft fly straight overhead several times- as has happened as I’m walking the beaches with my dogs. I started a photographic gang stalking log on my website- and will continue it now.

Many of the helicopters seem new- as if the US had donated these to the Mexican government- or perhaps American security contractors are flooding the country with their operatives and equipment. So many, many, of my stalkers are driving brand new vehicles- and this is Mexico!!!!

Rolf, Paige, and Hattie came and we had a nice several days. But I got the distinct impression that Paige knew what was going on…. Again the Jewish thing.

However, it became obvious that one of my neighbors- who has a Ph.D. in chemistry (Alberto and Regina) was becoming part of the setups. He started asking me where I was going to camp. I started replying that I didn’t know- and would figure it out on the way there.

Big problem with the program is you stop trusting people…. I’m sure that’s intentional- to isolate you.

Sometime around Christmas, I went to the usual English/Spanish church that normally features Peter Horn as minister. This time Peter and his Mexican wife were away visiting America, and the owner of the place, a very Jewish looking guy named Mitchell or something like that, gave the “sermon.” It was the weirdest, sickest sermon I ever heard. He talked about a lot of psychological things- as if he were a psychologist- one term he used was “scanning” or something like that……- he shouted the word “fight” during the sermon, and he showed a stupid little cartoon movie. It was the last time I went to that church. I felt like he was definitely playing a role in my “stalking.”

One time, before Christmas, I was shopping at Home Depot and this short lady, wearing sun glasses and all in black, came up to sell me some cheese cake. I bought it and asked her if she’d like to join me for dinner some time. Her name was Cristina, and she had good command of English- we did go to dinner….. but I just felt that it was more than possible that she was a “plant.” So I didn’t ask her out again. She had grown up in Oaxaca and lived for quite some time in Cabo San Lucas- where evidently, she learned English.


November, 27, Tuesday: I’m trying to be faithful with this journal now for a while. Slept poorly, difficulty breathing, but went to Tuesday Madero farmers market anyway…. I set up my tent and CDs next to Becky and across from Paula and her husband, Said. Turns out “Paula,” who knows perfect English, was reading F. Scott Fitzgerald, and had a pretty smile and friendly demeanor, has an all-seeing eye tattooed on her arm. She was so pleasant… I was playing the banjo- no sales at all- and this guy comes up and asks me if I’m the guy from Colorado. I parked in front of his driveway and he acted really pissed off. Now I think it was another set up. He seemed like a Jew from New York. Total asshole. I went to see if I could pay him a visit after I broke down my table- I couldn’t find a speaker button- but there was a security guy (from Santa Rosalia) hanging around and watching me. It’s then I kind of knew the whole thing was a set up. These jews are super cowards.

Met another fellow named Paul from LA by way of Kansas…. Mr. personality and seemed very nice… but now that I’m watching very closely, I can’t tell who is for real anymore.

Becky emailed me with a list of all the farmer’s markets opportunities. I can see this is going to be challenging… but once I find several choices then I can pop into one irregularly- maybe one or two a week max. So far there seem to be several choices. Las Barriles on Saturday. La Ventana on Wed. A Marina on Wed. Sunday at Big R. and Tuesday and Saturday at Madero Market. Now maybe I can find some elsewhere too like at Todos Santos and Cabo San Lucas and San Jose Del Cabo.

If I had 7 to choose from that would be great.

November 26, Monday: Ramola D and I had made a plan to do an interview this morning at 10:00 am. She forgot about it- (again) and apologized and suggested we postpone until Wed. I agree, but with more and more misgivings that she is an agent herself. I posted my new article on my website and also sent her a copy via skype: GISTAPO-66 “Death Squads”. It is a compilation of 55 of my website articles that show who is behind it.

I walk on the beach- at playa 5, my favorite. A brand new yellow helicopter flies in bee line toward me- going northward up the beach about 200 feet above me. As soon as he flies over me, he turns off and returns back toward La Paz.

When I go back to the house, I call Jacky and tell her I don’t want her to come this week for lessons or cleaning, but that next Saturday would be good.

Play lots of banjo and tighten the head of both….. Both sound really fantastic now. When I ride my mountain bike I see a new white Lincoln van first going toward La Paz, then coming back- as I was going toward La Paz and then coming back. As I turned off the Transpeninsular a white ratty Mex. P.u. was pulling off the dirt road without a stop- going pretty fast…. I turned toward him rather than away.

Lots of gas intestinally- and even tightness in my chest. I’m feeling lots of weird little pains all over- maybe better cut out the coffee and milk entirely. So I don’t know if I’m being zapped from Carlos’ wife (a doctor who supposedly works for Coca Cola) or what. It could just be that playing lots of banjo is very bad for my posture.

November 25, Sunday: OK, now that the pattern is starting to be established- and they have advance notice (from Jacky) that I’ll be at Centenario farmer’s market, they seemed to be ready… I set up in the corner…. Not much traffic at all. Sold one CD to a lady. But what happened was the old 1-2. First an old fellow named Jay started talking to me about music, then another old guy named Chase pulled up a chair and sat next to me and talked my ear off for about 2 hours. Seems he’s quite a con man and runs a cancer treatment center that he says heals everyone. So I didn’t play the banjo but listened to this amazing instead. Then I had lunch with Becky who is the one that got a lot of the Madero FM folks to come to this one. Becky seems nice but she could be the good cop of good cop bad cop.

November 24, Saturday: I play my banjo at Madero Farmer’s Market in La Paz. One white guy bought one CD, The Mountain. A small Mexican lady with a big smile was talking and talking on the phone near me as I played…. She was dressed in black and her T-shirt said: The Game Is On. A Jewish lady who says she worked at a woman’s resource center across the street looked at all the CDs and said she wanted to buy one for her mother, but couldn’t decide which one. So that took a lot of time. She said she would come back another time and wanted to hear them on my boom box so she could make a decision. Another member of the tribe.

I got back to the house about 1:30…. Jacky came by at about 3:00 pm, and asked me where I had been and what I was doing the next day, Sunday. I realized then (for about the 4th time), that information gathering was a big part of her m.o. I told her I’d be going to the farmers market at R Place and sure enough there were lots of setups there…. It was the pleasant, skilful way that Jacky quickly extracted information from me that really struck me this time.

I think she must be a “double agent” in the sense she is working for me- and for someone else- to gather information about me. That would help explain why her family moved out of their old trailer and into a nicer house?

November 21: I wait until about 3:30 pm to leave the house with my Viking. I don’t have a specific location in mind to camp, except that I am going toward Constitution and want to find a place to camp on the beach, finding a small dirt road to the coast. I stop at the convenience store on the way out of town, and there is Augustine having a beer…. He asks me twice where I’m going. So much for that “friend.”

I drive westward. The roads on the map are no longer functional. I get to 100 km mark then turn around…. On the way back, I see the turnoff to El Conejos, so I take that dirt road. I get to a nice informal place to camp, with lots of options, slightly after dark. I really believe I lost them. I listen carefully for the tinnitus- and it seems extremely faint.

However, the next morning, as I walk on the beach, I meet an American woman (Lisa) and her child and we talk and have an extended and pleasant conversation (always a bad idea). They are from Hood River Oregon. She says her husband is surfing. But as I walk back to my trailer, I see him sprinting (covertly like) from the playa back toward the trees. A few minutes later I see him sprinting the other way. Supremely strange. They had pulled in the evening before after me… showing how amazingly quick these people are to surround you no matter where you go. (We’ll see about that.)

Lisa tells me about a road that goes south to another beach and town. I take it- but I decide not to try to take my trailer up a portion that is washed out. So I turn around, and see a big Dodge van stuck in the sand. A woman (Justine) walks up and asks me to help them get out of the sand. Her partner is a skinny fellow named Martin from the Czech Republic. I help them digging etc. Martin seems pretty clueless about how to get a vehicle out of the sand. (Now I realize he was sabatoging the effort.) At one point, Justine said they hadn’t eaten- so we take a break and I went swimming. I remember thinking what kind of people get a vehicle stuck, get someone to help them, and then take a lunch break? Well, this kind of people- perps.

Eventually, I get a tow rope and hitch it up to my truck. We pulled the vehicle for a while, but then Martin managed to get the van stuck again- evidently he let go of the wheel and it got really stuck this time. Finally some others came by, and we pushed it out.

Later, Justine from Belgium invited me to join them for dinner. I did and it came out that she has a masters degree in psychology! About that time, I realize the whole thing was a set up. It was friendly enough…. But of course, it turns out they are vegans, and like to play with “motion toys” on the beach.

Sept. 13: Took dogs up N. Crestone Creek, with Molly and Lexie on leashes. Less than ½ mile up the creek, there is a single woman and two big dogs sitting at the creek. She’s got her cell phone out. No confrontation because Molly and Lexie are leashed.

Coming down I run into guy with big unleashed dog and woman (Meagan- supposed yoga instructor living in Moffat) sitting on rock in middle of trail. She has an unleashed dog. We talk.

I got to the Crestone Brewry for dinner at 5 pm. Outside on the deck all tables are full….. Jennifer is just about to leave- she’s now living in Crestone- from Texas by way of LA (corporate), seems nice and we chat. Don’t know if this was set up or not.

Sept. 2, 2018: I get an email from Richard Lighthouse, supposedly the engineering genius behind Targeted Justice. He wants to talk on the phone re: Targeted Justice. Reluctantly, I agree (reluctantly, because I suspected he is one of the “them.”). Turns out his real name is Owen Winter Calvert or something like that. I should have hung up when I saw his real name displayed. It was basically a “debriefing,”- i.e, he’s probably a Jew or intelligence guy….. He was saying that two members of TJ are concerned that I’m anti-semitic and he needs something he can take with him to argue for my remaining on the advisory board. I tell him I don’t care about being on the advisory board. But we talk for nearly 1.5 hours. I now realize that he is bogus. He asked me if I “hate the Jews.”—He said he looked all through my websites and couldn’t find that. I mentioned Agenda 21 as the impetus behind all this…. No response whatsoever. Rather, the m.o. for this kind of intelligence debriefing seems to be that he throws out a series of provocative statements and then gauges my response to them. If I go off-script….. he doesn’t go there. Next morning (today) I remove TJs website and “Richard Lighthouse” articles from my website. Last night I wrote an email saying I wish to be removed from the TJ advisory board.

I conclude “Owen” aka Richard Lighthouse is another fake TI, Jew, and/or intelligence guy. Towards the end of our conversation, he mentioned that he was meeting lots of women who are MONARCH “split personalities.” Interesting, since I have just given some interviews that discuss this- and since I am wondering if Marilu is a programmed monarch.

I get frequent emails from strangers saying they want to talk on the phone. It seems the pattern…. So must say now from now on.

August 27, 2018: I finally put it together in my mind. Marilu must have been part of my original stalking. And Steve Stryker. And John and Pilar Almy. Dave Dumas. Nitton Pattel. (Or were all these just friends that were helping me?- Hard to say.) So one wonders…. If they “dirty you up”- and get you into an extra-marital affair- do they believe they have license to put you in the program? Could be. If so, Dumas dirtied me up with Barb….. and then he dirtied me up again by having an affair with Barb… which propelled me to Marilu… Was it all a setup?

August 26, 2018. I write email to Marilu saying we’d better call off our plans for her to visit Crestone in October and La Paz in December. More or less a breakup email…. Following two previous such breakup emails. Much too dangerous- she’s married and I’m single. She had maneuvered me into her coming Oct. 4-Nov. 4. That would include Halloween in Crestone? I hate to do this… .but after all, she is still living with henry and is still married.

August, 2018: Steve Haynes has been inviting me for breakfast/lunches for a couple years. We usually go to the (Jew-owned, by Esther) Fourth Street Diner in Saguache. There is usually a set up there of some kind and Steve is generally talking non-stop… re: conspiracy stuff. Evidently trying to pump me for information, impressions, opinions, etc.

When the subject of Jews has come up, he has said things like: “Ok, let’s lay some ground rules here.” Last time we were at Fourth Street diner, there was an obvious setup wherein Cassandra, the waitress, stalled and stalled and wouldn’t give my bill. There was a spotter (single guy looking at me) sitting at the counter. Again, another provocation to gauge my response.

August, 2018: I go to Lake City, CO for a camping/hiking/climbing trip with the Viking. A beautiful blonde, named April, keeps walking in my path…. So I say hi, etc. These are setups I believe. At least I get to meet some good looking women now! But she has kids and is on vacation from Texas. So nothing comes of that.

July, 2018: I’m back in Crestone….. I email Ben and say let’s get together for a climb. Of course, he brings Suzie. The setup at Mt. Princeton campground….. Ben and Suzie are very late to campground- due to well, just dragging their feet, and a hail storm at Fairplay. A couple ex-military guys start an unpleasant exchange because Molly barked too loud for their taste. One complained of “noise pollution,” called me an asshole, and said he was going to complain to the camp host (of course, he did). I called him an asshole and said they were too delicate. Just another day as a TI.

Suzie goes on and on about how bad dogs are. I figure, finally, she must be a Jew.

July: Marilu tells me she wants to see Karen and Woodora when she comes to Crestone in the fall….. She’s intrigued with Woodora’s astrology skills.

Several times Marilu has demonstrated that she either could read my mind- or her handlers were telling her what I’d been doing- perhaps because they control both of us…. She mentioned the black woman I talked to on the phone (Renee)- even when she was over 1000 miles away…. It could be she is mind controlled? Not sure.

June: Marilu, speaking over the phone, says that we should get a ticket to the next world together…. Yikes, which world would that be?

May. Marilu visits me for the entire month in El Centenario…. As usual, we have a great time. Visit many places and she is very happy. We are talking in bed. I’m trying to explain the program to her. I say that I now realize that my stalking began as earlier (or earlier than) 2004, and point out that she and I got together in 2006. She kind of laughs and then says, “Well, that proves it.!” Later she says “Everything is possible.” She offers to continue the conversation that night, but we decide to get some sleep and talk about it the next morning. Next morning, she doesn’t feel like walking on the beach with me… and when I ask her to pick up the story from “Everything is possible”- she goes into a long story of her life and how bleak it was when she was in her 30’s and how she just wishes she had known me then. This is all pretty vague but makes me wonder if she did something drastic like sell her soul to the devil when she was in her 30s.

At another point, in bed, she smiles and says: “I’m an angel.” When I say goodbye to her at the airport- again I look into her eyes and now it seems like the colors are moving all around…. Almost like the gourd she painted of herself- the black woman playing guitar with the stars all around..

She also says, in bed, “why we don’t get married?” She also mentioned that “the Jewish side of the family spells their name with one “a.”

When she leaves- at the airport and as we say good bye- I look into her eyes and see the colors moving. Many colors.

February. Marilu comes to visit me in La Paz for 3 weeks. I pick her up at the San Jose Del Cabo airport. Amazingly (or not), Steve Anderson and his lady friend, Loretta, arrive at the same time. Steve nosily asks: Are you two back together?

When she leaves, I take her to the airport, and as we say goodbye, I see her pupils roll back in her sockets- so that her eyes are all white.

We discuss our future- and I agree that maybe we can see each other half time… 6 months per year. The plan was for us to meet in Crestone in the fall and then go down to Mexico together- but I have so many second thoughts later, I cancel. I kept hearing this voice over and over telling me no…. I hope it was God’s/the Holy Spirit’s voice.

Add it up, white eyes, black eyes, tongue moving back and forth, eyes swimming with colors, the shape shifting I saw, many other things…. This is too dangerous, I’m afraid.

Earlier, Marilu starts emailing me and suggesting we give things another try…. I agree after seeing how bleak the prospects are in Mexico. _______________________________________________________________________


11/7/17: Walking the three dogs on my regular route, a large PU truck is parked in my spot. So I drive toward the Park on the driveway road…. En route meet two older women and their scrappy looking dogs. I actually asked if they were their dogs. We walk down creek-bed of Cottonwood Creek and the dogs encounter a Jewish woman … she is screaming at the dogs and freaking out. She claims that one of her dogs, that I never saw, had had surgery. I am meeting lots of screaming women with dogs. Their dogs are never on a leash either.

11/5/17: I am at Walmart in Alamosa on a Sunday before my concert performance at Home Lake Veterans Center…. A Mexican couple and their baby and another guy (who looks Jewish) fight me for a place in line. It gets ugly and he stands in my way and cusses at me.

10/17: When getting a Forest Service fire wood cutting permit, the dumb black guy who works there can’t stop calling me Karl.

10/17: On phone, (Jew pretending to be Christian) Joseph 777 calls me “Karl” twice… this is a standard part of my protocol. He claims to be a TI. There are lots and lots and lots of these fake TIs.

9/17 I bring the Viking (with a bent axle) to Monte Vista Machine Tool on Highway 285 (just north of Monte Vista) and after talking with Bryan, I leave it there to have the axle replaced with a Dexter this time rather than a Lippert (they work with Dexter). It stays there for a couple months because, according to Bryan, he went hunting. I take it back to Crestone. Finally in November, they get in an axle and they put it on…. But they put it on (underslung rather than overslung or vice versa. The father, owner, of the place was friendly…. I looked under the Trailer and noticed it had no camber and even measured it…. At this point the father noticed that the axle was put on incorrectly- and got someone to fix it. By the time I got back from Baja in the Spring, the axle was bent again- this time without having a flat tire.

August, 2017: I’m about to go camping up in Gunnison area on the next day, a Sunday. I get a call from Barbara Harrison on a Saturday night who tells me she may be coming to Telluride in a few days to finish her divorce settlement issues with a lawyer there. She wants me to meet her there. We talk for many hours on the phone…. She always wants to talk about her implants. I get her phone number and agree to come to Telluride and meet her there. I get there and call the phone number she gives me about 6 times. She never answers. But at the campground where I stay (Sunshine Mt. Campground) there is a tall Mercedes camper van with an older couple that seem very standoffish…. Like psychologists might be.

I decide later that the whole thing was a set up.

August, 2017. One night while waiting for the computer issue to get resolved…. I go up on Grand Mesa to camp. There at lodge, I see guy with two women from Maryland (NSA headquarters). He’s obviously military. We don’t say much. The younger woman is attractive and we exchange a few words only. Was he establishing “line of sight?”

That night, I attempt to find a lonesome, secluded camp site- but trucks seem to find me in most places I go anyway. Finally, I go off the dirt roads and find a place in the trees.

July and November, 2017: I purchase a new computer, a Macbook Air, in Grand Junction at Simply Apple in July. But there are obviously Jews working there, and I get a very creepy feeling there. Saleswoman Rachael (probably Jewish) is very pushy and unfriendly- high pressure. So I ask Jamin (who had worked with Karen and Dad, with a funny last name in White River, CO… jaminT76 . or to transfer the data from my hard drive to the New Macbook Aire. He tells me I need to get 1 Terrabyte memory device from OWC in order to keep my photos and itunes. I pay $600 for that and bring the computer and the unit back to him….

The process takes a day longer than anticipated and when I arrive at his house in the morning there are two guys there…. One burly with tattoos. I now figure these are Homeland Security guys…..

When I get back home I find that the Gangstalking log2 document is missing from the computer. It seems to be the only document missing. These guys did their work… they had the computer for a whole day…. They could have installed who knows what back door surveillance equipment on the computer. Also, Jamin wiped the original hard drive clean- so it couldn’t be accessed from that either.

Late June, 2017: Coming back to Colorado from La Paz with Viking Travel Trailer, I stay at Motel in Blythe, CA. I check in then go to my room, then need to go back to the office, and I pass a guy walking the other way…. He’s stocky and a bit shorter than me. He keeps his head down in passing as I say Hi. Then I turned around and said to him, “its not that hard to say Hi”. Then he smiles weirdly and says “Bye, Bye.” At that point, I actually recognize him as a high level Freemason who was featured in several DVDs. Morris is his name. And he was staying in the room right next to mine. So I changed rooms three times to get a distance from him. On getting up, I see his motorcycle outside my window.

Late June, 2017: En route to Crestone returning from Baja and Flagstaff, going uphill about 15 or so miles “south” of Tuba City, a see a young blond girl riding a bicycle. The temp is 106 degrees F. I turn around and give her a ride and drop her off in Tuba City. I see her a day later near South Fork Colo. Riding on the back of a motor cycle. She was one of them- a stalker! I got that firm sense when she quizzed me about how I felt about NAU and Flagstaff.

April, 2017: I return to La Paz to finish purchasing my house in El Centenario. When I am parked in La Paz near the CFE (electrical untility company) to pay my electric bill, my computer and camera are stolen. I had left my window open just a crack and someone broke into the truck and stole the items.

I filled out complaints at the local police and returned there many times to check, to no avail of course.

April, 2017: Back in America to do taxes, get the bank loan straightened out for purchase of El Centenario home. I try to get my Viking axle straightened in Albuquerque. Take it to a machine shop downtown. They leave the cap off the axle and it spews axle grease all the way down to Aqua Prieta, Mexico. Fortunately, for me, the guy who owned the hotel in Agua Prieta saw the grease on the tire and helped me get a new cap. Obviously, if this had gone unattended much longer, the axle would have seized. The guy seems to be Jewish.

March, 2017: I park my car

Scenario XXI: The whole fall in love with Crystal and buy a house in La Paz was a setup to get me out of Crestone, out of the country and in debt.

Jan- March: 2017: I go to Baja and buy a $70,000 house in El Centenario (1220 Palo Blanco), 20 minutes drive from La Paz. Yes, after initial freedom via “cleaning run,” the stalking is continued. I’m downtown La Paz on the day of Carnival…. And park my car in front of a bar…. The entire bar is covered in black messages about hate, etc. Seems like a Mossad or a Jew Op. Then Kenny, my realtor, is in panic mode and tells me that the cops wanted to fine me $30,000 for leaving my dogs in the truck. He says, “leave, leave, leave.” It felt like a set up. Kenny is Jewish, it’s pretty obvious.

The whole set up with Crystal Garcia, who worked at a coffee shop (El Exquisito) where I was camping with my TT. Roger, her Oregon-based, white “father” and handler, seems to have been pulling strings behind the scenes. When I returned in April, hopefully to see April again, she was no longer working at El Exquisito…. When I called her she stood me up and then stopped answering the phone. She did tell me she was working at a hotel, Siri, she said. I wonder if she meant SERE?

The setup at “Mi Cantina” with Pablo- who wanted me to play music there- for Jackie’s benefit for her son who had supposedly been blinded in one eye. After gig, everyone left, as I was finally sitting down to my dinner.


Fall, 2016, I go camping in Viking at remote campground in La Garita and it starts raining…. And the Viking starts leaking over the bed. Later, a couple comes in about my age or older- I’m getting wise to their techniques now- these are hive mind teams?

Next day I go up to Grand Junction to get it fixed…. It’s on the left side of the road as you go north (south of GJ). People there say there are many holes and rips and long tears in the roof. They say they it might have been because I hit a tree.

I don’t remember hitting a tree- and think it’s vandalism…. There is an approximately 3 foot tear right along the side seem of the roof…. Looks like it’s been cut with a knife. I reckon they’ve bugged it. They charge me $200-300 dollars.

There are extra people there from somewhere, smiling, an attractive lady…. Stalking perps?

Fall, 2016: My health bounces back and I put in front lawn and gate and build Laramie buck fence. To build the fence, I get a permit to cut green lodgepole pines up north of Buena Vista… and drive about 20 truck loads full of these poles to the house and put up the fence.

When Matt Potter and I were pounding the fence together near Paki’s house she was playing loud and angry rock music. She was quite upset with the fact that the fence was going so near her property. She implied that I was encroaching on her land. I showed her where her boundary pins are (she only has one 0.5 acre lot) and indeed, as per POA regulations, I set back the fence 10 feet from our mutual boundary line. She still managed to make the situation confrontational and hostile. Apparently, she is under orders from her Jewish handlers. Or maybe she’s just a Jewish bitch.

Also, many Crestonians dropped by during the building process…. Christine Dupre, Steve Anderson walked by with Loreta to say it looked “foo, foo.” Lori came by…. No longer the friendly neighbor she was before. (Are these people mind controlled? Or carrying out instructions?)

Scenario XX. (2016): Worst DEW attacks yet…. Yet no positive diagnosis…. Extreme fatigue, dizziness, diarrhea, loss of strength and balance.

Summer, 2016: Really bad health problems, including lots of atrial fib., being knocked down off my feet (by DEW probably) in my home on the day before Thad and Sue have a small bluegrass festival planned (July 1, 2018)….in the stuga and in the house, and having abnormally high and low blood pressure. (See Appendix 1) On July 1, I was sleeping in the stuga and when I tried to stand up I collapsed on the floor, with terrible diahrea. The following month, I was too weak to go anywhere…. Even to the refrigerator. The up side is that I lost a lot of weight.

Tiara Lusk, a good looking Mormon woman, asked to “make contact” via email about this time… After a couple weeks, when I got my voice back, we talked over the phone. I believe now that she was a spy and was “monitoring” my progress after the attack. “Tiara Lusk”- her phone ID said Brigham Young University, but she said she lived in Idaho. She was quite a talker… obviously, in hind sight, she was assigned to get as much information as possible about my condition after the DEW attack. Was this a beta test to try to bring me to the brink of death? Or were they trying to ensure I would stay at home and they could work on me with RNM?

I was also hit, electronically, in my house….. It felt like a blunt object hit the back of my head once.

June 30, 2016:

Recent symptoms off an on with greater frequency over last month or so:

1) atrial fibrillation fairly common- at night, sometimes after eating, or some exertion. This has happened occasionally before.
2) terrible digestion- bloating, burping, some diarrhea (but have been smoothy-fasting to lose weight). This something I’ve dealt with for a long time
3) chest pain and hard to breathe- or constricted chest, at night especially
4) hot flushed red face- for long periods. This is new. (It also happened several times I did interviews with Ramola D- you can see the red face on the videos.)
5) 2 (mini) “stroke” episodes- Sunday afternoon driving home from performing- vision was strange- everything seemed too bright. Monday evening as I stood up to go to bathroom I suddenly got weak-kneed, dizzy and then felt two knocks on the back of my head. This is new.
6) Also, have experienced vertigo type spinning of the room. Have experienced in the past.

There have been occasions in the past when I’ve experienced all of these symptoms (except hot, flushed face and knocks on the head). Back in about 2003 (estimate), I was diagnosed with atrial fibrillation. Back in about 2006, I suddenly felt extremely dizzy and nauseous and I called 9/11 and spent the night in a hospital. Four heart doctors checked me out and told me that my heart was OK. One ventured to guess that I might have suffered a Trans-Ischemic Attack. Marilu and Chris visited me in the hospital. My bill for spending the night there (after insurance paid most of it) was about $5,000.

Blood Pressure record- Eric Karlstrom- 7/27- 7/31

Wrist cuff measurements show that I have unusually low and then unusually high blood pressure. The highest blood pressure occurs when I’m hiking up Wild Cherry Creek with Carolyn Victoria:

Date Time Diastolic Systolic Beats/Minute Irregular H.B.

7/27 9:45 am 97 49 85 –

7/28 6:00 am 126 70 76 –
110 61 75 –
107 70 75 –

Shopping Trip to Alamosa to buy better cuff (8:00 am to 12:00 noon): Purchase “Premium Arm Blood Pressure Monitor” Bluetooth Smart at Walgreens- $79

Wrist cuff: (this is the last wrist cuff measurement)
2:00 pm 106/66 89

Arm cuff measurements: (all measurements below are with arm cuff)

2:00 pm 121 96 91 (this is last arm cuff measurement)

take nap
5:45 pm 140 81 64 yes
113 84 76 (3 measurements ave) yes

7:45 pm 115 74 73 (3 measurement ave.) yes
7:45 pm 107 74 104 yes

7/29 5:45 am 102 62 81 –
5:45 am 99 78 77 (3 measurement ave) –

12:05 pm 90 62 82 (3 measurement ave) –
90 61 88 –
take nap
3:40 pm 104 74 79 –

6:15 pm 101 74 80 –
6:15 pm 112 88 77 (3 measurement ave) –

7:30 am 6:30 am 133 83 66 –
6:30 am 117 79 70 (3 measurement ave.) –
6:30 am 113 78 71 –

11:50 am 102 73 87 –
11:50 am 101 76 83 (3 measurement ave.) –

8:00 pm 116 78 81 –

I spend the night in my Viking camper which is my driveway

1/31 7:00 am 134 83 83 – 7:00 am 105 76 86 –

take nap

4:40 pm 106 69 104 (3 measurement ave.) –

8:15 pm 99 69 106 (3 measurement ave.) –

8/1- more less slept all day- too exhausted to take blood pressure readings

8/2 – first three attempts to get reading yield “error”

9:25 am 88 69 76

Hi, can I answer your health question? Please type your question here..

Hello, I’m Eric Karlstrom 67 year old retired geography professor living in the country (Crestone,Colorado).. I do have mice in my tool shed, sometimes I see some at home, and also in a spare bedroom cabin, where I sometimes sleep.

My symptoms are I’m very tired, I have flushed and hot face, and much difficulty breathing, especially lying down, and some diarhea and nausea. Don’t seem to want to eat anything. I also have had atrial fib kick in numerous times in past two to three weeks. The hot face is relatively new. I’ve had the other symptoms occasionally in the past.. Normally, I walk an hour or so a day easily. Now, with heat and mosquitos being so unpleasant, I’m not walking today (did yesterday).

We’ve had a terrible mosquito season here in Crestone. Perhaps it is related to Dengue and Chicungunga?

They also swarm on my Akitas every day.

Let me know if you think I should go to doctor or ER- and perhaps how fast?

Thanks a lot,

Eric Karlstrom

Dr. Martin Sowards, my doctor, is not very helpful. Does not know what to make of my symptoms. I do not say I suspect DEW. He refers me to a cardiologist, a big fat guy, who vaguely suggested I go to pharmacy to get some cumadin and offers to put me on blood thinner. I reject both offers. (Dr. Sowards later tells me that if you take Cumadin when you have low blood pressure, this can kill you.)

4/10/16: About 9 am, I go downtown in the morning to put up some notices re: gang stalking.. And met the most ferocious gang stalking I’d yet seen. An older guy and his wife pull in front of me in downtown (town hall) as I’m putting up flyers. They very slowly walk around up the street to the Mercantile. I put a flier under their windshield. They had a SUV with New Mexico plates. The look on the woman’s face (passenger’s seat) was well, an evil gang stalker face look.

Next I put up some more fliers at the free box. While doing so, a guy (the guy with the motor cycle and dog that attacked Bob Garnett, POA president, and came into the POA meeting that time, Larry something), all dressed in black and on his black motor cycle drives slowly past me. On the spur of the moment, I walk up to him and say: “I’ve got some free stuff for you. This is a great website, check it out.” And hand him the bumper-sticker I was about to put on the stop sign at that corner. He says nothing and drives off.

Then a blue SUV slowly turns into the driveway next to where I’m putting the notices on the free box. The driveway goes to the back of Lonnie’s crystal shop. Slowly a woman walks out and goes into Lonnie’s house- was this Aspen? She looked too big to be Aspen. So I go up to the driver trying to give him a flier…. He says (sounds rehearsed) “I don’t want anything, I don’t need anything.” I think its Nathan Good, the chimney sweep guy who had threatened to kill Bruce McDonald.

Then I drive to kiosk to put a few flyers there- and an older woman in white Subaru station wagon drives to stop sign and then turns back around into the Baca again. I follow her and get her plates: CO 883 DQV

Then I go to the Fire Dept. and South Crestone Creek park and put up fliers there as well. In order of stalkers (I think).

1) New Mexico plates and old couple
2) my neighbor with the gray sedan compact and SOX plates
3) the black motor cycle guy, Larry
4) Nathan Good
5) the woman in the white SUV.

Also, one time walking along Cottonwood Creek- “Sandia” was parked a couple hundred yards west along the road (Camino Del Ray)- I drove toward her –at which point she started driving toward me- and I asked her “Are you lost?” She angily replied “no” and sped up. About a week later I saw the same lady reporting the Saguache County Commissioners meeting (April 5, 2015). Small, ugly lady. Jewish I’m sure. Safia? (Sept/2018: I see her with Peggy Godfrey at Walmart—Peggy is very friendly…. Is she “handling” Peggy?).

Somewhere in here, Dumas was visiting me in Crestone- and he kept playing a song- “He was a friend of mine.” He said he would sing it at my funeral, and eulogize me. He said this several times. Very strange…. Really ended our friendship as far as I’m concerned…. So I wrote him he needed to get help. Again, the death thing. Satan is into death I guess.

This is not gang stalking: But I talked with Joe Atwill last night on the phone- he’s a radio commentator. At first I thought he was great because he talked knowledgably about the British invasion, the Beatles, etc. After the conversation, I realized he’s probably a Jew or crypto-jew- and does many “limited hangouts”- “a half truth is worse than a whole lie.”

4/9-10: Joy of JoyMark- Cowboy Church- calls me mid-week and asks me to play at the Cowboy church- but tells me that it will be held in a different place. She gives me directions and asks me to play because Sue has arthritis. I have a practice/dinner with Thad and Sue on Wednesday- they haven’t been told about the change of place. I decide not to go…. Sounds like it could be a set up. Mark Sweeney had preached about Masonry in one of his sermons.

Early March, 2016: Ami Coehn often just hangs around- I see him at the Hooper pool – early March, 2016

The same technique has been used by Ted Brumm, River, and Boone. Ted Brumm had stolen a couple gigs of mine- at the Steel Horse Grill and the Yak n Cracker. He’s a very obnoxious, lousy singer/songer writer and house painter from Texas, but loud and full of false confidence. He started riding around in a new white Harley Davidson- so I reckon this gang stalking thing may be lucrative. He has probably been in the vicinity where I was 15 or 20 times. River seems to have three new Harley Davidsons- and also seems to have made a point of being where I am. I ask him how much they cost… $50,000 each!

Finally Boon or someone like him, the weird Satanist, has been in town lately. Most recent was the day I drove to Colorado Springs to pick up Lexie. It was about 7 am and as I’m about to put gas in the truck at Elephant Cloud, he walks around the corner from the Free Box screaming as loud as he could, “I’m going to kill you. Shut up, I’m going to kill you, shut up…..” etc. Seems he really may be possessed. Or perhaps it’s just a gang stalking script?

2/27/16; Obviously there has been a lull in the gang stalking diary. So I’ll hit the high points:

Several people (mostly Jews it seems) have made it a point to be wherever I was in Crestone area. The first noticeable one was Ami Cohen. He had twice insulted me by flashing or giving me a one dollar bill- once at PO saying he only would buy CDs for a dollar, second time at Yak n’ Cracker when I was playing there and he put a dollar on the table and said that he and his group had come to talk (hence, I should be quiet).

Anyway, later, in the PO, I returned a dollar to him from the Yak n Cracker tip. After that, he appeared all around town when I was there. Sometimes walking on the main drag, sometimes at the PO, sometimes at the store, at Yak N Cracker, etc. Never saying anything- this is the Jewish stalking technique.

(Stalker-pain in the ass, Bill Peck, later tells me that Ami has been “given” a house to live in Crestone….. I suspect other stalkers may also be financially supported in interesting ways here.)

2/27/16: I take the three dogs for a walk- on a dirt road to Cottonwood Ck. That is off of Camino Del Ray. As I return to truck and put the dogs in the back, I notice a gray SUV fairly new (plates 224 MQA- CO) with headlights on just parked about 100 yards west of me. I drive towards it, see it is one of the Jewish old lady librarians at the POA…. I roll down my window and she starts driving toward me. I ask her if she’s lost. And she replies loudly, NO. I then follow her back up Two Trees road and she turns left onto Antelope Way- at the lower of the two trees. Turns out it is Safia (Sandia) who is the county court-Crestone Eagle reporter for the County Commissioners- and a Jew to be sure.

Jan-Feb. 2016: My trip to South Padre Island and Big Bend National Park. After weathering the hideous weather of “Winter Storm Goliath” which chased me from Colorado all the way down to the Gulf Coast, I spent a couple weeks at South Padre Island. A retired military guy named Leonard- seemed very friendly. But he had invited me to go to church with him and as I pulled out on a Sunday, he raced to catch me to ask me where I was going. I said, west… should have said “over yonder.”

The real fix was at Big Bend National Park. As I pulled into general store at main Rio campground…. There is a 68-year old guy sitting on a picnic table in front of the store. He gets real friendly (I should be learning to be suspicious). He says his name is Jim…. Says he is a former mechanic from Louisville, KY now living in Almagordo, NM. He is quite talkative and friendly. Pretty soon he is telling me about how he has been living out of his vehicle and is looking to buy a place… and is trying to convince me I should move to Canton, North Carolina. He’s got his computer out and is looking at real estate online. When I go to do laundry next morning, there he is, doing the same thing.

Then we go for a 3.3 mile hike up to hot springs…. Quite enjoyable, good company. But he seems smarter than a mechanic… Meet a couple ladies our age on the return trip…. He seems to know them already. Next day I do a hike in the Park- and am followed by a Park Service police officer- who does the identical hike that I do. Says his name is Raif. Then I go to the hot springs- and meet 7 people who are very strange.

I realize I am being stalked and leave the Park, leaving a “Gang Stalking is Murder” bumper sticker on the bumper of Jim’s new black Volvo. (He claimed he had been living out of his car for three years… but it was spotless and new as was his cheap Walmart-style tent). Obviously, he’s CIA or an intelligence contractor of some sort. On the return to Crestone, I am intensely stalked. There are several setups along the way.


Two times I see drone spying vehicles- one time in my back yard at night across the small arroyo behind my house- one when camping en route to Lake City…. In the first instance, it was on the ground (at night) and in the second, it was obviously flying- it was bobbing up and down over a canyon behind where I was camped with my trailer.

Fall, 2015? I ask a lady in Del Norte, Becky, of Master Print and Web Design, to redesign my website in wordpress. She has several daughters who help her do the work. It took forever…. And then my checks that I sent to her in the mail were delayed by at least a month (in other words, the mail misplaced or rerouted these letters for many weeks.)

Late July, The Property: Family memorial celebration for Thor and LeRoy. Mostly uneventful. When Jan and I drive in two vehicles to deposit Dad’s ashes at his parents grave site cemetery in Seattle- I explosive diarrhea- where there are no gas stations in Seatlle. Guy in van (obviously Jewish) flipped me the bird.

July, 2015(?) A New York Jew by the name of Artie, was hanging around town for a couple months with a great big fighting dog that he had obviously adopted somewhere. It had a funny name…. Canary Island Fighting Dog, I think…. But the dog was fairly docile – Molly and Bodie were much more assertive. Funny, skinny guy with a thick New YoK accent.

End of June, 2015: As I park my Viking trailer in front of Steve Stryker’s house….. There is an intelligence-looking guy just standing outside in the neighbor’s driveway, looking at me….. His hat looked like the kind of turned down sailor’s hat that LeRoy used to wear.

I leave Marilu in Turlock. She looks beautiful as we have breakfast…. She says she didn’t sleep the night before. She was now back in her apartment- and I think she was bound to go back east to see her son Enrique, as well as her grandson, Sebastian, and his mother and father, Valerie and Jaime in New Jersey.

Steve, Marilu and I go to Yosemite together… Steve talks about himself and his Minears disease much or most of the time.

Another time, Steve and I go take a hike at Savage Trading Post- and Fork River…. A woman with a baseball cap passes us – we’re starting and she’s finishing the hike. After she passes, Steve says her cap says CIA. I hadn’t noticed.

End of June, 2015: Driving across Sierra- through Yosemite- up near Tuolomne Meadows- beautiful summer day. Marilu is driving her car behind me. I’m hauling the pop-top tent trailer behind my 2002 Toyota Tacoma. The traffic moving is along at 55 to 60 miles/hour. All of a sudden an oldish blue Jeep Cherokee comes to a dead stop in the middle of the road. It is about 5 cars ahead of me. The small cars between the Jeep Cherokee and me all stop OK, but with the trailer behind me, I couldn’t stop…. And had to just jump into the left lane and pass all the stopped cars. Obviously, if there had been a car coming toward me, it would have been a wreck. I felt something was quite wrong about the situation and I caught up to the Jeep Cherokee at the gas station on Hiway 120 in the park. The Jeep driver was a swarthy skinny guy about 30 years old, obviously foreign, plus a woman and another guy. He said they lived in Berkeley. He spoke with a foreign accent. I asked him where he was from. He said Italy- but I’m pretty sure he was from Israel, in retrospect. He said he stopped because a coyote was crossing the road, “a big one.” I don’t really believe that. It might have been a gang stalking set up designed to cause a wreck.

An interesting incident. Early summer, 2015. I got to play music with Thad and Sue at some Saguache town function on an afternoon. I see former Sheriff Norris walking out of the building as I go in…. Thad and Sue not there yet. People sitting around margins of large square room…. Nobody talking. Then the Crestone belly dancers dance….. Debra Easley makes a big point of hugging me and talking to me…. I get the sense that the whole room is watching. She asks me about my recent endeavors, I tell her I’d been to Mexico and North Carolina. She says she could still see the glow of Mexico— implied… the glow of being with Marilu or Mexico? Very strange.

Rio Bravo campground:

I was camping with Marilu in “casita”. There was a guy with yellow, tall, closed-in van across the way. I got tremendously dizzy with great pain in my left ear. Wes, the campground host who was usually friendly, was weird that day.

Taos Ski Valley gig: Martha Burke called me out of the blue – was the gig a set up? She flashed me a peace sign as I played. Marilu is with me. Meanwhile, there was a big party going on next door where everyone goes to taste free beer. This may have been a set up for me to fail like at the Steel Horse Grill- when they scheduled me on the same weekends as Fib Arc or the Crestone Music Festival.

My youngish blond, Peaceful Way neighbors- Alma and Marcia- both contrive to babysit friends dogs and walk them in front of Molly… Kind of angling for a dog incident. They never have their dogs on a leash. Cindy Reinhardt loans her dog to Marcia Huested on Moonlight Way….. who drives the dog up to her house just as Molly and Bodie and I are walking past. Molly goes after the dog. Cindy then refers to the “dog attack.” There are lots of orchestrated dog incidents.

2015: Black car driving very slowly at Kit Carson Campground in Flagstaff. It seems to have been meant to look demonic. I’m near the outdoor bathroom and just stare at him. He parks in front of a trailer, very slowly and stays there. Obviously, a stalker.

Trip to Merlefest and Kruger Brothers Academy, April and May, 2015:

At (last) Kruger Bros. Academy before getting up on stage, I hear voice/“think” “why should I perform for these people?” I screw up.

Return from Baja and California Trip”

3/10/15: Return to Crestone midday. Shop at Walmart where, on leaving with groceries, Tiana (of Yak n’ Cracker) walks directly toward me on her way to the bathroom. She is dressed to the tee- and looks like a 20 year old girl! I say: “Hi Tiana, how are you?”- she gives a tightlipped smile and says nothing and goes into the bathroom. Was she supposed to entice me into an affair?

On driving back into Baca I see Alyssa and ….. of Yak n Cracker selling things at the kiosk. Perhaps one or both are leaving? I did not stop. Once, I see Alyssa with her face painted up with black lips to look devilish.

Alma, one of the renters from across the street, who is from New Mexico, rides up the street on her bike with her friend’s Irish Setter dog unleashed. Molly barks from her line and Bodhi goes up wagging tail. I wave and she waves back. I walk out toward the road and she picks up her cell phone- the new way for women to say I don’t want to talk to you.

Otherwise, uneventful…. I unpack the statues from Baja into my new Viking park. And begin unpacking. Play some banjo.

The across the street neighbors…. Are extremely hostile…. A lady named Crystal and her baby. A Jewish fellow named Marcus. For a while there was Alma and Kalew, daughter of . Marcus had a Rhodesian Ridgeback cross dog named Delila, who ran into the yard and attacked Molly. Eventually Molly showed her who was boss. This certainly turned Molly into an amazing and fierce fighter.

About 47 cents is found at base of my Buddha statue, so someone came in the yard while I was gone

3/11/15: 8:07 am new goldish SUV flash drives by downhill fast on Peaceful Way. About 40 mph. 8:08 am gray sedan drives by downhill fast on peaceful way. About 40 mph.

On afternoon walk in north side of Great Sand Dunes Park- off road of Camino Del Rey- at about 3:45 and 3:46 pm, two planes flew over me, the first at about 1000 feet and the second at about 200 hundred feet. The second one has red tips on wings of plane. Approximate direction: Moffat to Deadman Creek mouth of canyon- or Great Sand Dunes. Was it park service, intelligence, etc?

Thursday, 3/12: I get mail- now have 3 bumper stickers- ‘gangstalkers go to hell,’ ‘gangtalking is murder’ and ‘stop US aid to Israel.’ Male teller is friendly. Tall skinny blond lady comes in as I leave. Ami Cohn (gang stalking coordinator?) was there too.

Early afternoon. I deposit $14,000 check (from Dad’s insurance) and teller mistakes it for $1400. I go back to make sure the numbers are corrected and there is Ami Cohen.

Friday, 3/13: I head toward Montrose to bring in Viking for repairs,, etc., first heading to Crestone to get a little gas- about 9 am. There is Mark Jacobi standing at gas pumps in front of Elephant Cloud. Within a couple minutes there is Ami Cohen again in his red Suburu station wagon.

I got Montrose- return camper to Colorado RV- and have pleasant lunch with Karen and Curtis (nice guy, it seems, but former Fire Chief in Montrose, so he could be not only a perp, but Karen’s handler as well, yikes). Back before dark.

3/15 Sunday. I go to church then into town to check mail and eat at new restaurant (Bob’s). As I drive to P.O., there’s Ami walking from Cloud area to the Mercantile. In restaurant, there’s no-one I recognize except the cook is the dirty looking guy who was at Shambala in its last days. Also, it seems like there was Jesse Re and her blond haired husband eating and three cute high schoolish girls. On route to a walk starting from POA building – a green Suburu station wagon is following me at a distance. As I pull over he passes, and proceeds extremely slowly as if he doesn’t want to lose sight of my truck. On the way back of the walk, that is- near end of life project, a greenish van with squeaky brakes pulls into the dump area. Then returns and I get a look at her. And she looks at me. Stern but she waves. Brown hair and about my age- probably a Jew? Then when I drop off some letters at the PO., there is the same woman. License plates of her green van are 140 RNU.

Trip to Baja, January and Feb. 2015 (with Marilu):

2/16/15: We arrive in Encinada and go to La Jolla Beach RV place of Alex Pabloff: Diary: Last night I had a bad case of dizziness/vertigo(?). And as of 9/44 this morning, I still have some. Marilu says it could be related to the inner ear and that it is fairly common. And it also could be related to digestion, liver, since I’ve had quite a few beers and coke, it could be that as well.

Also, it could be related to gangstalking DEW. A guy with a large, brand new, 2-axle Rage1 travel trailer with a slide out bed and a front/gray new p.u. truck and California plates pulled in last night- just after dark. And he pulled out very early. Just as “Taz” (British guy who claimed be a surfer) did a few nights ago. I put truck between our campers but the “TIA” (dizziness) extended from 12:30 am to 7:30 am and at 9:45 am I still feel it. So there are several possible explanations for it.

2/20/15: We move to new spot at edge of campground. A green Honda sedan- (BG 13-71) parked 40 yards to south with no visible owner.

There is also a Jewish-looking guy who claims to be a professional bicycle racer who claims to be on a surfing trip. He is driving a van with no windows. He looks too chunky to be a pro bicycle racer…. He invites me to look in his van… which is strange. When Marilu, all concerned and heated, comes up to try to “protect me,” he mentions that “he (meaning me) can take care of himself.”

Potential gang stalking events on trip- looking back:

1) Heading south to El Rosario, a strange money situation occurs at a gas station- an American inserts himself into my gas purchase- he wanted change for $100- said it’s all he had to go home with. It got pretty crazy and confusing. Now, it seems like a set up.

2) “surfer” Taz” – British guy at La Jolla campground- I talked with him and put my vehicle between his and our Viking.

3) Most notable was that three other RVs pulled up very close to mine at Ensenada campground. One was a brand new big one, the brand was Rage. I got very, very dizzy that night. He pulled in late and left early so I don’t think I got a good look at him. Although it might have been the Jewish looking guy I saw at the shower.

Another was a (Jewish) guy who said he was a former bicycle racer. An assertive, aggressive Jewish type. I talked to him for a while. He said I could look in his van to see what was in there. By this time I was suspicious of people perhaps with DEW appliances on board. All in all, it was strange. I don’t believe he was a former bicycle rider. He was short and stocky, not long and lean.

Of course, I got a flat tire and bent the axle to the Viking as we were driving south of San Quintin…. It was actually more of an explosion than a blowout. A Mexican guy came along to help get us going again. Nice people. But after that, the axle was bent and we turned around to spend the next two weeks at the La Jolla beach site in Ensenada, where the elder Russian-Jewish-Mexican, Alex, was quite friendly, wanted to take us out to dinner, and showed us how he used his dowsing rod.

On our return to Colorado, Summers’ RV in Monte Vista did not honor the warrantee. Several of the people that were originally there when I bought the Viking had left or were fired. Mary, the sales-lady that sold me the trailer was gone. They got a new service manager, John, ex-military, who hemmed and hawed and said that they could get me “out the door” with a replacement axle for about $1100. He said this was the cost of the axle… and that Summers (aka Rocky Mountain RV) would do the work for free. (I later found out this was a lie.)

Later, when I talked with Joanie, the owner, she told me the axle cost about $250. So they lied to me and cheated me.

1/15: Mostly, due to Marilu’s concerns about going to Mexico with the “casita,” she and I look for more robust trailers in Montrose, at Summers RV Dealer that is run by young Joanie Summers. I decide to buy a 17’ Viking (17 BH) Travel Trailer for about $15 grand total.

January, 2015: I print out 10 copies of my extended series of articles, “Is Crestone/Baca the Vatican City of the New World Order; An Expose of the New World Religion,” in Alamosa at the Xerox place on Main Street (Main Copy Center?). It’s a big job- and numerous nasty looking people drop in and just stare at me while I’m working. The proprietress, , is gone at the time I believe.


Sept. 14(?) A tall guy named Alan Landis has been writing me letters- claims to have been implanted at least 40 years ago and having been hit by microwaves for all that time. He calls up and says he is in town- can we meet? We get together at what is now the Crestone Brewry….. and have coffee on the deck…. Shortly, we are surrounded by very strange and unfriendly looking people….. I get up and leave…. Saying (perhaps appropriately) “The psychologists tell us that 4% of us are psychopaths, and the rest aren’t.”

He tells me: “Jews are behind the whole (gangstalking) thing.” And “they make psychopaths.”

September, 2014: Dad dies in Grand Junction: I write the obituary for the Flagstaff Daily Sun and put together a volume of his important scientific papers for the family and various libraries.

Spring, 2014 (Merlefest and Kruger Bros. Academy): Camping near Floyd, VA and meeting Ames at Daddy Rabbits RV Park, I remember the Jewish guy with all the Jewish bumper stickers who just stood up outside the cabin and stared at me. This is an obvious example of Jewish gang stalking.

Either 2014 or 2015, I recall camping south of Ashville, and broke one of the wooden camp signs. I went into Wal-Mart to get material to fix it, and as I pull in, I see beautiful blonde haired girl standing outside near her p.u. truck. I am about to pull in next to her and talk to her, with the very strange and great feeling that this will be a great meeting, when a lady screeches into the parking spot next to us, with such hostility (actually laying a patch of burned rubber on the parking lot), that I’m kind of in shock and don’t have the whatever it takes to talk to the young lady. This even puzzled me for quite a while… but now that I understand the gang stalking program…. Evidently she was a stalker who was notified to quickly mobilize to the scene to prevent a postive encounter I might have!

Bill Romansky music set-up:

Spring and Summer, 2014:? Very strange. This fellow named Bill Romansky, supposedly from Ohio and now living with his wife and older son near San Luis, calls me up during one of my Ballads and Bluegrass shows at KRZA and says he’s a professional musician and would like to do some picking with me. This starts out fairly normal with us practicing at my house and in Alamosa at the coffee shop there. But then he starts wearing a kilt and going bare foot- then pretty soon, he’s carrying a side pistol. (He claims he’s epileptic and is suffering from these seizures.) This is the way he showed up at practices and gigs. He and I and Thad and Sue put together a little band and played some – one was at the opening of a new building for the fire department in Villa Grove. One night I invite him to join me where I’m playing at the Steel Horse Grill restaurant. That night his wife got stinking drunk, and dropped her gun on the floor. This makes me seem crazy by association. I believe this was all a set up. His wife was talking with two Air Force people who said they lived in Crestone….. He said he was a nuclear physicist. Now I think this was part of the setup.

2013-14: Dad has strange scalp problems for past several years of his life- could be mind control related.

Summer, 2014: Forest service dog incident/complaint- at head of North Crestone Creek Trail. A strange guy is standing at the trailhead of North Crestone Creek with a mangy looking dog on a leash. He stands there and starts yelling at me to put my dogs on a leash. He says he’s going to complain to the forest service and the police. There was a skinny bearded guy sitting on a rock witnessing all this (a Jewish spotter?) scene. The guy did make the complaint, which brought a police out to my house later… (And probably resulted in a police report that kept me on a surveillance list!).

Bodie got sick with kennel cough later- probably this loser had just adopted a sick dog from the pound to complete this assignment. I also talked to the Forest Service guy about this incident. The guy disappeared back to the Front Range and never followed up his complaint.

Feb.-March, 2014: Trip to Big Bend National Park in March

Amazing set up in Terlingua, TX, just outside of Big Bend National Park. I’m on my way out of the park after staying there over a week at one of the campgrounds. I go to the main hotel there because I’d heard there was often good music there. It was Sunday afternoon and a very old cowboy was singing and playing very well. His name was Gil Prather (I got his CD). Seems he was being overseen and managed by a Jewish guy (Sayanim or Mossad?). There was also an Australian couple staying there- he with some kind of global financial group- seeing how Americans are responding to the economic downturn…. Weird. Probably another Jew.

I pull out the banjo and have a reasonably good jam session with Gil and another one or two. There is a cute waitress and a short, stout brown haired lady by the name of Judy Pierce.

The owner asks if I’ll put together (commandeer) a band for that evening- and I would get to stay at the hotel for free. I decline because I want to camp at nearby RV park on account of the dogs.

When I go to check into the Park, Judy also checks in at the same time- and immediately says she wants to marry me in front of the front desk of the RV park…. This is quite strange and it puts me off guard.

Anyway, I deduce later that she is one of the (CIA) psychologist “shock troops” that Sir John Rawlings Reese talked about. She said she had been a professor of English at a Jr. College in Virginia. But later it was clear that she had been in the DC area on 9/11. So I figure she’s a CIA or subcontracting psychologist.

I’m so open that I had a couple meals with her anyway- and I’m sure she got a pretty good “profile” of me. She left me her name and number— and after I figured out what/who she was I sent her an email with links to various gang stalking sites. Never heard back of course. There was another camper there at the site…. A Jewish guy of course…. He joined us for dinner. As per usual with Jews, he talked about his problems.

Did Judy profile me for the Stalking Operations? Probably

Sat. 3/14: Lone guy (or gal) walks uphill on Peaceful way covered by blue down jacket including hood…. I can’t see his face. At about 8:30 am. It’s actually pretty warm. He/she has skinny white/brown dog on leash. Molly is inside. Bodie goes up to greet dog, friendly as always, with tail wagging. Person acts frightened and stops and hesitates. But no dog incident ensues. 2:40 pm lone guy walks downhill on Peaceful Way with military fatigues, hat and walking stick.

There is lots of this kind of anomalous activity on Peaceful Way…. People walking by with dogs. Anna Louise my neighbor walks by a couple times, the only time she ever walks on the road she complains about my dogs.

(2018) she has sold her house to Pundarika foundation.


September, 2013: I go up to Glacier-Waterton Parks to show Leif Anderson and Melissa Foster the site where I sampled. Leif had more or less conned me into doing this with the prospect of a new fangled dating technique on the Mokowan Butte section. Turns out that technique didn’t work on these soils/diamicts. However, Melissa did get a chance to sample the soils and take samples back to UC Boulder. Leif had told me he and she didn’t know much about soils….. turns out this was not true and she was a frequent associate of Peter Birkeland? So now I suspect an Illuminati-science set up to discredit my work…. We’ll see.

I had made presentation at GSA meeting on the implications of the soils that climates were warmer…. Leif talked on and on in his presentation- a real bullshitter- he seemed to be running for office. And after the conference, he approached me with this idea of going to Mokowan Butte to sample the paleosols for a new dating technique. He had already written a proposal to do that. It seems his handler may have been Andy May- an MIT geologist who was quite confident you could exactly determine the level of sea levels in previous interglacials. We disagreed about that.

Johnson’s Restaurant and Campground is now bought and taken over by new unfriendly owners. People extremely hostile.

Spring, 2013: Go back east for Merle Fest and first Kruger Bros. academy.

At Kruger Bros. Academy- Jens seems to know to play some of the songs I know while we are jamming. How would he know that I know Dixie Hoedown? Are we “hived” in somehow?

April, 2013: At Merlefest barn dance, I meet cute redhead from Georgia who suggested I come to their campsite later…. Was this a honey pot setup?

2013: I send Mom my article Mind Control: History and Applications… No response.

Scenario XXII: Martin McCauley is one of Crestone’s handlers and works for MI6.

2013: Martin McCauley’s letter to the Crestone Eagle when I was running for POA. He claimed I was Dr. Karlstrom and Mr. Hyde (schizophrenic) and an anti-semitic conspiracy theorist. These are standard intelligence agency ploys.

April, 2013: At Merlefest, the attractive woman singer-song writer more or less seems to flirt with me as I sit in the audience. Was this a set up too? I get the sense she is a Satanist.

Scenario XXI: Mom and Dad also knew I was in a mind control program.

2013: Mom comes to visit Dad at Grand Junction retirement center….. Their eyes both drop when I mention near death experiences and the hand of God saving me….. (the near fatal car wreck in Wales in 1982).

Scenario XX: LeRoy knew about my CFS all along because I was enrolled in a “program.”

2013: LeRoy’s eyes drop down when I mention CFS in conversation with Dad, LeRoy, and Esther. Esther is pushing encyclopedia’s as end all of knowledge medical… I mentioned the possibility that Dad had strange new disease.

April, 2013: The strange case of laughing/mocking employee at Park Service (seems like a JewS) at Great Smokey National Park en route to first Kruger Bros. Academy.

2013?: At Crestone, Mercantile, two guys say, in the next aisle, loud enough to hear: “that guy is the devil.”

2013: At the first of three Kruger Brothers academies attend, I met a small blond haired lady-banjo player from the ADL- Anti-Defamation League- who got a phone call at lunch while we were talking- she excused herself because she had to “handle” a new situation….. (she was a spin doctor). I think the situation was the Israeli invasion of Syria! How was it handled? On my way back to Crestone, I noticed that every restaurant and motel where I stopped that had TV stories- all had stories about a couple of mind control slaves/victims of a guy in a house back east…. The female victims had been controlled for years. Very strange.

2013?: The first of a number of dog incident set ups occurs at the trailhead to North Crestone Creek. A guy is standing at the trailhead with a dog on a leash. He starts screaming at me to put my dogs on a leash. He said his dog had been in a fight and beaten up. There was a (Jewish-looking bearded spotter sitting on a nearby rock). He reports the incident to the Forest Service and local police. A local police comes to visit the house. Was this an incident used to get me under surveillance? Bodie gets “kennel cough” afterwards…. The dog probably was just adopted from a kennel and then tossed away.

2013, Spring?: While camping in the Great Smokey Mountains Park, a guy camps next to me… plain clothes, but probably military, who tells me my job is to have fun and enjoy myself. Seems like a message to back off my research.

2013: south of Ashville area- I go to a Walmart- and see a beautiful blonde in the parking lot- it is one of the instances where I know we will have a nice conversation and something good will happen. Just as I pull in next to her- another lady, incredibly intense, screeches (literally) up next to us with her small car, laying a patch on the ground…. She is extremely angry- and this dispelled the positive energy of the moment… I think now that this was gang stalking- I was being closely monitored. This is a strange inexplicable event. I think it may be evidence of 24/7 surveillance- and I temporarily escaped that and then was put back in.


2012?: There is the strange case of Illuminati-tattooed pasty-faced young sexy blond on the rim of the Rio Grand Gorge near Pilar, NM (was she a honey-trap?). She came up to me while I was taking a piss and asked directions. An obvious officer/scout was nearby on the road next to the Rio Grande. Her pale face was like a mask.

2012: I get Akita puppy, Molly, born Nov., 2011. I get her in Elizabeth, CO in Jan. 2012 at 8 weeks. About 4 months later, she is poisoned in Crestone. My Vet, Dr. Ben Konishi, mentions that a deficiency of vitamin K commonly is symptomatic of an animal that has eaten rat poison. She couldn’t even stand up. I drove her down to visit Konishi that evening and he fixes her up. Perhaps this is why she never had puppies.

2011: Fall, I go to Nashcamp in October…. (Dumas accompanies me?) Dumas accompanies….. He gets us backstage at the Ryman theatre when Ricky Skaggs is playing. He finds girls as always everywhere. He tries to set us up with a girl in Louisiana who has a big house. I don’t find her attractive, but am friendly.

We visit New Orleans together… Stay in a weird noisy hotel…. I go downstairs in the middle of the night to confront the noise makers. Dumas stays in bed. I remember walking through some shops in New Orleans and seeing a poster or a card that showed a young man playing chess with the devil, who had red eyes and a smile. On a spontaneous urge, I pointed this out to Dumas, who smiled…. It only took a split second- but seemed to encapsulate our relationship.

We also visited the Lower 9th Ward where the destruction from Hurricane Katrina was still evident- homes not rebuilt were in very bad shape.

Somewhere along the way, I remember driving blind into the sunset… I get the impression that Dumas wants me to crash and die.

Also, Dumas plays Popular Mechanics tape’s explanation of 9/11 (obvious B.S.).

I get Molly as an 8 month old Akita from Elizabeth, CO. 6 months later she is poisoned with rat poison. Fortunately, Dr. Konishi was able to see her for the emergency- and help her recover. (Was this gang stalking or local Crestone witchcraft?)

2011: In the fall, I impromptu decide to retire and leave CSUS and M’s house, and move permanently back to Crestone home. She is in Venezuela at the time.

Spring, 2011: I feel very uncomfortable to be living at M’s house, and move out. Even as I’m about to move items out of the house, Steve shows up and helps Marilu talk me into returning. I recall seeing her black eyes when she was sitting in the garden- and also earlier, waking up from a nap with her beside me, holding my arms, but with her eyes deeply sunken and her tongue moving back and forth rapidly in her mouth…. Like, well, a serpent.


2010?: M and I are visiting LeRoy. She gets dizzy in the “casita” and we go inside the house to sleep where LeRoy and Esther had prepared a bed for us. This suggests that she is also under attack.

2010 or so: I’m staying at Pilar and John Almy’s house and have Steve, Chris, Randy, and Dave D. over…. M is there. Randy picks a fight with me….. To gauge my response? When I take him up on it, everyone gets mad at me and not Randy. Steve and Chris leave in indignation.

2010:? On a number of occasions I notice small stolen items from my home in Crestone- one of these was the Linda Hunt book on Operation Paperclip, a TV remote, a coaster. Another time, I notice my copy of “Bluebird” by Dr. A. Collin Ross was turned backwards, pages out. My place may have been bugged at this time?

Bruce Polock, a spook or change agent for sure who had taken a modest interest in the water quality issue (chlorine and OPP found in our local water), begs a ride up to my house to fix door. He may have broken in thereafter. He must have stayed around Crestone for over a year… staying with Dean Lloyd, the Jewish quack doctor, and towards the end of his stay he more or less planted himself in downtown Crestone all day every day (like the UFO man). One time, after I had been ignoring him for quite awhile (he actually spent all his days in downtown Crestone staking the place out), Bruce called up to talk to me for over an hour on the phone. In this conversation he tells me that Crestone/Baca is a “Continuity of Government” site.

2009/10 I get the renter from hell, Pam Richie. A lawyer moved into the house across the street (John Davidson- who was a good pianist). He and his new wife were kind of befriended by M and me, but especially M, of course. M also befriends Pam. Pam trashes the place and stops paying the bills. Was this a set up? Sure feels like it. The several potential renters before Pam acted extremely crazy. And Pam seemed like a real solid citizen by comparison. This was a stalking operation for sure. She flashed a bunch of new bills showing that she would pay in cash.

I was afraid that I wasn’t going to be able to get Pam to move out of the house in the spring.

Here’s the letter I wrote to Pam Ritchie after returning.

Dear Pam, June 29, 2010: Regarding your request for returned damage deposit

(Terms of the Rental/lease agreement

For the past several years I have been teaching at a California university during the academic year. During this time, I have rented my Crestone home at 971 Peaceful Way for a very low rate of $500 per month plus utilities. As someone who has stated she was a landlady in Chicago for 22 years, you must know that this is an extremely low and reasonable rate relative to other properties in the country. In fact, the $500 per month is well below my monthly payment. I have offered this “good deal” with the understanding that those who rent my place would keep it up, respect my property and personal items, and do their best to maintain the beauty of my home. (I am the owner builder and my partner, Marilu, and I have built and designed a home of exceptional beauty, we think). Previous tenants have done a fine job of maintaining the place and paying the bills in a timely manner and I have always been happy to refund them their full damage deposit.

As of late August, when you moved in to my home, you appeared to be delighted with the condition and the amenities of my home. You informed us then that you had worked 13 years in the Chicago public schools, were coming out of a very difficult divorce, and had been taken advantage of. (You made no mention then of having been a landlady for 22 years). You seemed very happy to be renting a beautiful furnished house, full of my treasures, since you had sold most of your things in Chicago and you were simply wanting to get to know the Crestone community at this time. You stated then that you had gotten rid of most of your books, etc. We expressed our happiness to be able to help you find a new home in Crestone. We even invited you over to dinner twice to meet some of our friends and took you with us to the mass at the Carmelite monastery here in Crestone.
At that time, you volunteered to pay cash up front for the entire 9 months, plus the damage deposit. This totaled $5000.

I have sent you a copy of the 9-month rental agreement/lease for my home at 971 Peaceful Way that you signed on Aug. 31, 2009. Please note that you agreed to the following terms: 1) pay a damage deposit of $500 up front to cover the cost of any damages that might accrue during your stay, 2) pay each month’s rent each month in a timely way, 3) stay for at least 9 months, 4) pay utilities (water, electric, and phone/computer) each month in a timely way, 5) replace firewood that you use, 6) replace any food you use and fix things that are broken, 7) not smoke in the house, with the caveat that if the house smells of smoke when I return the $500 would be forfeit, 8) dispose of the garbage.

During your stay, unfortunately, you violated the terms of the lease in several ways. First, you failed to pay utility bills in a timely way, including the phone/computer bill for the entire 9-month period, and at least 6 months of water and sanitation bills. When we left for California, I gave you the addresses and phone numbers of the utility companies that I use in the home and we agreed that these utility bills would be sent to your post office box in Crestone as soon as possible and that you would pay them. There was never any suggestion that you could or would use alternative utility companies that would better suit your fancy.

Although just before we left for California (and after you had signed the lease), you attempted to argue that you shouldn’t have to pay for the phone/computer because that was “for me,” you did, in fact, agree before I gave you the keys in late August, that by signing the lease you had agreed to pay all the utilities, including the phone/computer. I recall you sitting at the kitchen table and nodding your head that yes, you had agreed to this. Had you not done so, I would not have turned the keys over to you on that day.

In September you called my office in California and demanded (very forcefully) that I call Fairpoint Communication and tell them I want to add a wireless modum so that you could “use the computer in bed.” I decided against this because 1) I had established a perfectly good system whereby the computer can be plugged in and used at the desk in the study. This system has worked fine for me for years., 2) I did not know what was involved with a wireless modum and was not sure I wanted it in my house, and 3) you had already signed a lease agreeing to pay the utilities as they were then established. This phone conversation got very heated, voices were raised, and it terminated when you hung up on me when I did not agree to your demands. You never paid any of the Fairpoint Communication phone/computer bills, although I have records to show you made long distance phone calls in September and October. Because you refused to pay the phone/computer bill altogether, I wound up paying $297.16. during the months in which you rented the house. This includes your full September and October bills ($179.19) plus the “vacation rate” of $20.47 per month that I paid for the remaining months.

In early March, you called me in California and informed me that since you were low on funds you wanted me to pay your water bill, stating that I should deduct this from the damage deposit. (I did this because I had learned that if this bill goes unpaid for several months, the Water and Sanitation department can put a lean on your house. Hence, this was essentially extortion.) Thus, on March 9th, I paid your December through February water bill ($131.63) by credit card, and upon returning to Crestone in early June, I paid your March through May water bill by check ($126). Your total unpaid water bills amount to $257.63. Altogether, then, I have paid $555 to cover utility bills that you refused to pay. Hence, unless and until you reimburse me for this amount, there is no damage deposit to discuss.

Second, on our return to 971 Peaceful Way, we found only approximately half as much firewood on the premises as was there was when we left. I had paid $60 for the load of firewood I left you, so, based on the terms of the lease, you owe an additional $30. I won’t bother with the fact that there was quite a bit more in the fridge when we left than when we returned, although the lease agreement also specifies that you replace what you use.

In addition, in February, 2010, you called to inform me that I needed to send you a check for $95 to cover your costs for having someone come to the house and fix a problem with the sink and close an upstairs window. I did so, despite my feeling that this was not at all fair. In fact, your “friend” that closed the window made a mess with foam insulation that we had to clean up upon our return. I then wrote you, telling you that you were not authorized to hire “friends” or workmen to do work at my home.

On April 22, 2010, I sent a certified letter to you, informing you of our plans to return to Crestone by June 1. I asked you to meet us on June 1 to return the keys and walk through the place with me so that I could inspect it at that time. Although you had found another rental in Crestone by this time, you did not show up on June 1 to return the front door key to me and do the walk through. Instead, you were driving to Chicago. It is curious to me that someone who claims not to be able to afford to pay their utility bills can nonetheless afford to rent another place and take a month-long road trip to Chicago.

Damage and Cleaning Costs

When we returned (late afternoon on May 31st), we found the place was very dirty and had been completely re-organized. We found considerable damage. You did not restore the house to the pristine condition in which we left it to you. Rather, you put dirty pots and pans in the cupboards. There was so much dirt and soot throughout the house that we had to wash and repaint many of the walls. The place stunk of smoke and soot. The bathroom stall had a gritty, white film that had obviously been hastily rubbed on- but was nonetheless had not removed the extensive grease and grime underneath Some of the woodwork, which had clearly not been maintained, also had this greasy white film. Astonishingly, you had re-arranged all my personal effects, including my approximately 1000 books, and most of my furniture so completely that it took Marilu and I, working together, about a week to restore the place to the order and condition in which we had left it to you. Our sauna and the laundry room closet were chaotically stuffed with items taken from all over the house.

Some of the damages we had/have to contend with include:

Four Smith and Noble window shades were broken and are no longer operable. You put the many loose, discarded cords together in a pile in the sauna. We are having to have these fixed at the dealer’s. (Estimated cost of repair is about $400)
The upstairs fan is broken and inoperable. (Cost to replace is about $75)
We have had to fill and repair approximately 10 new holes and dents in the rather delicate poured adobe floor in the living room. You had obviously dragged my two large juniper coffee tables across the poured adobe floor, leaving deep and extensive grooves, which remain there today because there is nothing we can do to fix them. In the nine months in which you stayed here, you did more damage to the floor than I’ve done since the house was built in 2001. (Estimated cost to fix: $60). Before we left, I had informed you about the delicate nature of the floor and the delicate treatment that it requires.
The lid to the firewood box was broken and detached from the box and will have to be fixed. (Estimated cost in labor and materials: $100)
A mirror that Marilu had purchased and painted and which was in the bathroom was broken and in several pieces. You also put large scratch marks on the bathroom wall paint behind the mirror. This mirror has had to be repaired. (Time and materials are about $50)
The violin I purchased from a Tarajumara Indian at the bottom of Copper Canyon, Mexico some 30 years ago has been damaged. (This is not replaceable or repairable at all- estimated damage cost about $100).
We found dog claw marks (smaller than could have been made by my dog) on one of the window sills. (Damage cost about $100). You informed when we rented the place to you that you did not have a dog.
We found a film of black soot throughout the house. This was so bad in the bathroom and in the upstairs hall that we had to wash and then repaint these walls. (Time and materials: $150).
We also found a thick, greasy black (soot?) film on the upstairs hallway banister and on the upstairs window shades. On washing all the windows, I discovered, for the first time ever, that they were dirtier on the inside than on the outside due to a great amount of soot.
We found roundish, gray smudge marks on the staircase and living room walls and had to wash and repaint portions of these walls. We finally deduced that you had been throwing a dirty tennis ball while playing fetch with your dog- inside the house.
We found a 2- by 3-inch hole in the wall above the desk in the study. This has needed paint. (Time and materials about $20)
We found the outside hose cut in two pieces, as if were cut by a knife. (Approximately $20 to replace).
The interior of the house smelled like smoke when we returned. Clearly, you had serious problems operating the wood stove though I had given you thorough instructions in how to operate it.
Recall that in the lease agreement, it states that if the house smells like smoke when we return, the damage deposit is forfeit.

Total physical damages are estimated at about $1075.

Our cleaning costs

M and I, working together, spent about one week (100 hours each) working to clean, re-arrange, and re-decorate our house to restore it to the condition in which we left it to you. If we paid ourselves $20/hour for our labor, this amounts to $4000 in labor costs. We had to spend much of the first three days to restore the items and furniture of the house to the places where they were when we left. You had moved all my books and personal items to various odd corners. We finally discovered my encyclopedias in the cabinets above the refrigerator, for example. Some items were eventually discovered in the outside garbage box. You had moved most of the living room furniture outside to the back patio. You had moved a $300 Amish rocking chair to the edge of the arroyo where it was exposed to the elements for months. You moved outside furniture into the living room, exposing the poured adobe floor to scuffing, denting, and pocking. You dragged my two large juniper coffee tables across the floor leaving long and unsightly gouges in the poured adobe floor that we cannot repair.

And we still have not found a 4’ X 6’ maroon, patterned rug that I purchased in India in 1997 (and which is the companion piece with the larger living room rug).

It seems ironic that although you did paid your rent and deposit ($5000) up front last fall, the total costs that I have had to pay to subsidize your stay in Crestone, as summarized below, actually exceeds that amount.

Your unpaid bills: $555.00
Unreplaced firewood: 30.00
Physical damages $1075.00
Your “repair” expenses $95.00
Cleaning expenses $4000.00

Total: $5,755.00

To recap my perception of our situation: Marilu and I were happy to help you land on your feet in Crestone, even inviting you over for dinners and introducing you to our friends. We worked hard to leave the house immaculate and clean when we left for California last fall. During your stay, you turned things completely upside down, completely re-arranged my furniture, and re-organized my personal items into odd corners and nooks and crannies. And you did considerable damage to the house and my personal items. I had to pay $555 to cover your utility bills because you refused to pay them. If you did not like the house as it was when you rented it and did not intend to abide by the terms of the lease, you should not have rented it.

Again, you informed me (after rather than before moving in to my home), that you had been a landlady for some 22 years in Chicago. This is a rather extraordinary admission and suggests to me that you perhaps have had a sense, all along, of just how to “work the system” and take advantage of me. As it turns out, you were also successful in getting Colorado LEAP (Low Income Energy Assistance Program) program to pay over $600+ of your energy bills. Between the state and me, then. you managed to live essentially without paying any utility bills at all. I would suggest you might consider being grateful for having had the chance to live in such a beautiful home in such a beautiful place for 9 months at such a very low rate. But it seems that no matter how good a deal you get, you are prepared to fight and do whatever it takes to take more.

I would be happy to return your $500 deposit, as I have happily returned it to previous renters, had you paid your utility bills and had you restored my home to me in the condition in which we left it to you. The fact is, however, that you forced me to use the amount of the damage deposit to pay your utility bills. When you reimburse me for the amount of the utility bills I paid for you, I will be in a position decide what portion of the damage deposit, if any, should be returned.

You have twice threatened to take me to court if I do not return the damage/security deposit. However, I have spoken to a real estate attorney and believe that since you violated the terms of the lease and since I had to pay your utility bills (an amount that exceeds the damage deposit) that you do not have a winning case. On the contrary, perhaps a judge would discern that you have not honored your part of the lease agreement and that you have exhibited a rather exceptional disrespect for my property and therefore decree that you must reimburse me for my costs. I have the pertinent photographs and receipts.

Pam Ritchie
P.O. Box 968
Crestone, CO 81131

Dear Pam, June 30, 2010

Since preparing the letter I sent you on June 29, 2010, I have discovered and recalled additional costs that I incurred during and resulting from the time you rented my house, 971 Peaceful Way, Crestone, CO 81131 between Sept. 1, 2009 and May 31, 2010. So this is an addendum to that letter to clarify those issues.

So far, I now document that I paid $554.79 for utility bills on your behalf because you refused to pay them. Before I left for California to resume my university teaching, I provided you with the names and addresses of the utility services that I use in the house and you agreed to have these bills sent to your address and pay them. The lease/rental agreement that you signed specified that you would pay these bills in a timely way. There was never a suggestion that you could or would find alternative utility companies that better suit you. By not paying these bills, you broke the terms of the lease. These additional expenses are:

Because I have just learned that Fairpoint Communication bills at the beginning of each month for that month’s service, the amount that I spent on phone/computer on your behalf was $297.16 rather than the $222.82 that I stated in my June 29 letter. I arrive at this figure by adding the September bill ($94.81) and subtracting the amount of the June bill ($20.47). I can provide a copy of the September bill as well as statements that show that you made long distance phone calls on my phone in September and October.
Due to these changes, the total for utility bills I had to pay for you increases from the $480.45 I stated in June 29 letter to $554.79.

Condition of the home and items missing from my house when I returned:

Upon our return from California, Marilu and I found the house and it’s contents radically reorganized, very dirty (soot and grease all over), and with considerable damages (walls in need of repainting, floors in need of repairing, numerous broken items, etc.). The two of us, working together, had to spend over a week to clean the place, effect repairs, and restore things to the places where I left them last fall. After this extensive cleaning and re-organization process, I find I am missing one maroon, patterned 4’ x 6’ rug (made in Pakistan?) that I purchased in Dharamsala, India in 1997. I have a larger companion piece at home under the coffee table in the living room that has essentially the same pattern and degree of wear and tear/fading, etc. I gave an identical rug to a good friend in California and can provide photos of both of these. I paid $75 for this missing item, in addition to transport costs in 1997. To replace this item, however, would probably cost at least $400. I believe you owe me this amount if you do not return this rug to me. When we left for California, I believe this rug was adorning the top of the file cabinet in the living room. When we came to deliver another file cabinet to my Crestone home last spring, I noticed you were using this rug to cover the bookshelves (and many of my books) in that same (southwest) corner of the living room, directly above the file cabinet.

Costs incurred to as result of your not returning to me my front door key:

4) At the end of April, I wrote you a letter, requesting that you join me for a walk through of the place and return the keys to me at that time. You had left Crestone at that time and were en route to Chicago where you spent nearly the entire month of June. Of course, I surmise that it was you that left two keys on the ETS heater. However, these two keys did not include the key to the front door. So, on June 30, I went to a locksmith in Alamosa and got new keys made for the locks in my house. The cost was $52.83. I have the receipt.

As noted above, because you refused to pay utility bills of 971 Peaceful Way (as you agreed to pay in our rental/lease agreement), I was forced to pay at least $554.79 to cover your utility bills. I am also noting the additional costs of a missing rug and making new keys (about $452.83). After you have reimbursed me for this amount ($1007.62), or alternatively, return the rug and reimburse me for $607.62, then, will I be in a position to determine what portion of the original damage deposit ($500) will need to be used to cover the costs of restoring my home and its contents to the condition in which I left them to you last fall.

Sincerely, Eric Karlstrom

John Davison (real name?), a semi-retired lawyer, had moved across the street (980 Peaceful Way)- he said he only had a few clients left… Was he helping her to take my house?


2009: Fall, first trip to Nashcamp. Dumas comes along. En route, he is playing me tape of Popular Mechanic’s interpretation of 9/11.

2009: While visiting San Juan Bautista with M, M encourages me to go inside Masonic lodge near the Mission Church. Bodie instinctively knows better and starts whining when we go to main room…. We leave and don’t go upstairs, as we were invited to do.

Three psychology/psychiatry types are in Crestone to profile residents. Will Miles was a psych. Professor at a university in Alaska. He and I hike several times. Across the sand dunes- and up to Cottonwood Lake at base of Crestone Peak and Needle. I recall he invited me over for coffee and was most hospitable- later wouldn’t bother to talk to me. Then there is the psychiatrist, Phil Schecter, fomer medical who became a psychiatrist, who put an add in the Crestone Eagle asking for people who felt disturbed and traumatized by 9/11 to come to him for counseling. I had lunch with Sue Vaughan (father, 32nd degree mason) and Phil, who claimed to be a judo or karate expert. Also there is Jan Norris (?), who is a psychologist, and who was on the Board of KEAP with me, the Khmer Buddhist Educational Assistance Program, led by Peter Gyallay-Pap, another Jew, who worked for the World Bank in Cambodia, and married Nhat there. He brought Nhat back to the US and they were raising a boy in Crestone for a while, and then moved to Sante Fe.


2008/2009: I’m on sabbatical in Crestone, ostensibly to study alternative energy strategies. When it becomes known that a Canadian gas exploration company, Lexam, is applying for permits to drill three 13,000’ test gas wells on the Baca National Wildlife Refuge, I get involved with Water Watch Alliance and decide to study this situation and put together a website on topic.

I had previously met Aurielle Andhara in about 2006, who was just sitting in the tall flowers along the South Crestone Creek trail. We had become friends and I let her use my computer etc. and I recall she had some useful suggestions for my movie, “An Awakening Journey, Songs and Voices from the Earth”… So we must have known each other in the fall of 2006.

At the tail end of a WWA meeting at my house, she screams at me and slaps me. She had been late for a meeting we had had of the WWA “steering committee” (Lisa Cyriaks, Aurielle, the lady from New York and Puna, India, and myself) that had been set up by Lisa Cyriaks, and the lady from New York. Lisa has to have been behind it.

I left Crestone for a three week trip back to the southeast in the fall for a banjo camp with Sonny Osborne, and while I’m gone, Aurielle set up another group, became its leader and stole the entire Water Watcher Alliance group! Amazing. Even Vince and Mary defected to the new group, San Luis Valley …..

The time I was driving up Two Tree Road to the intersection with Dream Way- and Lopan (the Bhutanese Buddhist teacher at yeshe Khorlo), slowly turned his head toward me in a surreal manner…. Actually quite demonic.

Carline Macarrah was staying at Yeshe Khorlo with Lopan and his Canadian wife,

2008?: Driving up two trees road with Marilu, Lopan is driving northward on Dream Way. He slowly and demonically turns his head toward me…. Very surreal.

“UFO man”- Ron, the Jewish ex-cop from New York City- and obvious Crestone spy- tries to get me to buy automatic weapons and then drops off two DVDs about UFOs.

2009:? The time M talked me out of going to AMQUA on my way home to Turlock from Crestone- it was on the way. Why? Control?

2008?: M and I are at Bluegrass festival in Colorado. Kruger brothers are playing at Paoinia, CO(?) and are totally awesome.

The time M talked me out of returning to Turlock via going to AMQUA meeting in Laramie, which I could have done. This is enough right here to dump her.

2008: Strange case when I was driving up the T road to Dream Way and “Lopan”- the teacher at Yeshe Khorlo- slowly turned his head and looked at me while he was driving N. on Dream Way. Carolyn had stayed at Yeshe Khorlo.

Chris Chandler reports that Tsoknyi Rinpoche had stated that he was going to cast a net over Crestone.

2007 or 2008: The strange case of sexual harassment charges against me by three females in my Geomorphology class. I had a laser pointer and one girl claimed I had pointed it at her breasts. I certainly don’t remember doing that, I might have waved the pointer around the class but did not to point at her breasts- which were quite mediocre. But this necessitated a trial with Dean and higher ups at which the Union Rep. Larry Giventer insisted I remain silent. I was then “disciplined,” a letter went into mile, and I was made to watch a ridiculous series of computer on sensitivity. Was this subliminal programming? In retrospect, the whole scene appears like a set-up…. An early stalking set up that involved many university people.

Back in Crestone, Bob Smith drops off a video of at my house on the “Disclosure Project”- the alien thing – and every time he can, he talks to anyone he can corner and extols the seriousness of the global warming emergency.

Another guy, a Jewish ex-cop from New York, named Ron or Rob, M and I called him the “UFO man” kept trying to get me to believe in UFOs as well.

This same individual began walking up Peaceful Way every day presumably to go climbing in the mountains.

2008: (?) Dave D. and his brother Andy visit and take me on a drive…. Andy is smoking and rolls up the windows. The cab is smoke filled. To gauge my response? I feel like it’s a test.

2008(?): The Strange case of the Mormon student I took out a couple times at CSUS- she was a friend of Ida Bowers. Was this a “Honey-Trap” set up by Bowers and her CIA husband Jim? She poked her head into my office and wanted to buy one of my CDs (a ruse that Bill Peck used about a decade later?)

2008 or so: strange case of trying meet Leuren Moret (radio conspiracy buff) in Berekely. There was a lady at the lunch counter dressed as a spy in “spy v. spy” of Mad Magazine. It was so strange, I didn’t talk to her and ate my lunch by myself… It was at the Mediterranean Café on College Ave.

Winter-Spring, 2008: I was invited to stay again at Pilar and John Almy’s farm house at 5519 Griffen Drive. Marilu “rented” their other nearby house across a small orchard from the main house.

I remember one time I wanted to go take a banjo lesson from Brian Anderson in the Twain Harte area, and I wanted to go without her. She wanted to go. So I left one half hour before the original plan…. But she showed up just as I was leaving and came along…. I dropped her off in Sonora while I went to the lesson.

Probable Cause for Stalking: My activism with Water Watch Aliance- black military helicopter over my house.

In 2008, I was a full professor of Geography, at California State University, Stanislaus, then living in Crestone, Colorado during my sabbatical year, Academic Year (AY) 2007-2008. During that time, the Crestone/Baca community learned that Lexam, Inc., a Canadian natural gas exploration company, had obtained a permit from the state of Colorado to drill three 13,000’-deep gas test wells on the newly designated, Baca National Wildlife Refuge, which borders our community in the San Luis Valley of southern Colorado. Lexam had some powerful partners in the venture, including ConocoPhillips, which planned to run the gas operations if Lexam’s exploratory drilling confirmed that a commercially-viable natural gas resource was present.

I became leader of a group, Water Watch Alliance, that began to study the potential impacts of such gas exploration and extraction operations in our region, with particular focus on the potential effects of associated pollution on the huge, pristine, and priceless freshwater aquifer that underlies our valley. Our first assignment, as requested by officials at the Baca National Wildlife Refuge, was to recommend “Best Management Practices” that would minimize and mitigate the negative environmental impacts of the drilling. Our second assignment, which we generated for ourselves in defense of our community and local environment, was to try to stop the drilling altogether in order to protect our priceless water resource (worth an estimated trillions of dollars!) from hydrocarbon pollution.

So I devoted my sabbatical to researching the major issues surrounding the potential impacts of gas drilling in our area. The product of my (and our) efforts, was a website that I created entitled (now changed to I self-published the contents of the website in a booklet (entitled “Water Watch Alliance”) and gifted these to local libraries and to personnel at the Baca National Wildlife Refuge.

In the spring of 2008, while I was engaged in this project, a military helicopter hovered within 20 – 30’ above my home for about 15 minutes. I was inside the house at the time and my across-the-street neighbor, Mark Hammer, confirmed to me later that he saw and heard the helicopter that was hovering just immediately above my house. I assumed then, as now, that this was an intimidation tactic used to dissuade me from my activities with Water Watch Alliance regarding the Lexam, Inc. gas drilling operation on the Baca Wildlife Refuge. Of course, it didn’t work. What struck me at the time, and still does today, is that military aircraft would be utilized to intimidate/retaliate AGAINST private citizen activists who are operating within the law and ON BEHALF of private corporations. Come to think of it, that’s a pretty good description of the dynamics underlying the Global Gestapo gang stalking operations!!!!

Subsequently, I learned that a homeowner is within his/her rights to shoot down any aircraft that invades the space within 300 feet above their dwelling. Next time!

Dumas and I play up in Salida at a café on evening. There is only a very small audience. A woman sitting in the audience by herself winds up talking- mainly to Dumas- her name is Maya (that’s the hindu word for confusion). It turns out, she claims to have been a “remote viewer” working for the government in the past. Dumas gets a relationship going with her, of course, and contrives for her to come over to my house—where she gives him a massage therapy session…. And he contrives for us to drive off together- leaving her inside my house! I was pretty naïve. Who knows what she accomplished while I was gone.

One time we are having lunch- Dumas, Maya, and I, and she goes on and on about how important it is to have Bodie’s balls cut off. She says the average life span of a male dog not neutered is only 6 years old. Well, as of 2019- Bodie is 12 years old.

I correspond a lot with Chris Chandler who later wrote the book about Buddhists in Crestone. She mentioned that Tsokyni Rinpoche said he would “cast a net over Crestone.”

I have sabbatical in 2007-2008 which I spend in Crestone

2007: Melodee Hallet of Truth Frequency Radio at KHEN radio in Salida, pesters me with lots of emails- in which she is always sharing links. She convinces me to come on as co-host of her radio show…. The main reason I agree is that I’m hoping to get an interview with Dr. Judy Wood. That happens a couple years later. Meanwhile, we interview many people and these interviews are posted on her website. I now believe that she was kind of an agent— and so were many of the people we interviewed… in Alfred Webre, Leuren Moret, and others.

Was this alt-radio a CIA-sponsored event? She always seemed robotic…. And sometimes even seemed like she was getting her words from some internal source. “What about…………. Oxygen?” she said in a very stupid question to Dr. Tim Ball.

2007: I go to 9/11 conference at Chandler, AZ… Stay at Dumas’ house there. There, I hear Dr. Jim Fetzer (who I believe is an agent) extol the work of Dr. Judy Wood.

2006? Dave and I do a gig at Taos- Sagebrush Inn- his brother Andy comes up for it. Somehow we wound up staying the night at Andy’s house in Sante Fe – like Dumas’ second home in Cottonwood, it was a complete and total mess. I dream he’s walking around naked in the house.

Spring, 2006? I was taking banjo lessons up in Sonora with Brian Anderson. I knew that M wanted to go along. She was living across the orchard in Pilar and John’s other smaller home. Instead of leaving at my normal time, I left half an hour earlier so as to leave before she got there. But she came half an hour early- in time to go along with me.

Could she read my mind? Or perhaps, could someone else read both my mind and hers?

SCENARIO XIX. Next DEW attack?- Get records from Emanual Hospital in Turlock. I go to Emergency Room- no diagnosis. Cost: $5000 to me.

2nd DEW ATTACK: Violently dizzy, explosive diahrea, violently nauseous….. ultrasound… Went to ER… Cost $5,000.

Winter-Spring, 2006: In the fall of 2006, I talk to M on the phone and she set it up for me to rent her friend Pilar Almy’s house that spring. I was watching TV after work one evening. All of a sudden, the room started spinning violently, I was violently nauseous, and had explosive diarrhea. I had to lie down immediately. … I called the Strykers and Chris tells me to call 911 because it might be a stroke or heart attack. I get taken to the Emmanuel Hospital about 6 – 7:00 pm and get checked into a room with no one attending it. Nobody came to bring water or check in on me until about 3:00 am. Then finally in the wee hours of the night a male nurse who walked in and angrily demanded: “What are you doing here?” He didn’t bring any water either.

Eventually, in the wee hours, four cardiologists check out my heart and tell me that it is fine. One of them finally debriefs me and tells me that they don’t know what the problem was but that it might be a TIA, Trans-Eschemic Attack (mini-stroke). I remember Chris and Marilu come and visit me when I’m there. Marilu with a strange smile on her face as she stands looking down at me. I get checked out the next morning. This ambulance, emergency room, one-night hospital stay wound up costing me $5000 out of pocket. I can’t remember what the total bill was…. As insurance paid the most of it.

Was I then in the “Program” and this was a directed energy weapons attack?

If we look at the symptoms of DEW attacks, yes, it was. Also the fact that nothing was identified is suggestive of that.

Spring, 2006: I move into Pilar Almy’s house- which Marilu arranged. It was a very big year- with breakups and new lady friends and a very big DEW attack?


Fall, 2005: That summer/fall in Crestone, I meet and really fall in love with Carolyn Macarrah, who is an extremely upscale, well-educated (high school, Exeter, college University of Montana and then grad school at Stanford) and beautiful 30-year old Buddhist.

I lose my camera at the stupa when we were walking up there, with nary a trace. (Strange- was it stolen?)

I give Carolyn my favorite sweater, she seems very delighted to receive it, and then she completely disappears too. She sends my sweater back in box via mail with no explanation. She did her degrees in chemistry/pharmacology… and was a lab tech for scientists who wrote papers about pharmacological methods to change people’s moods, etc. I now wonder if she was an intelligence agent/spy. Was she in charge of putting chemicals in the water- as per neuro-weapons? Was she a CIA agent? Seems very likely.

She was friends with a Canadian lady named Shauna- who married a Bhutanese Buddist called Lopan. They lived up at the Bhutanese temple.

I tried and tried to find Carolyn- I looked all over but she just disappeared. But I did ask around and managed to track down one of her fellow meditators- a curly reddish haired fellow who called himself Yeshe Dorje- I remember he didn’t meditate with a straight back- but rather highly slumped over… Also he had a walkie-talkie and was staying at an empty house and was very unhappy that I found him. Incidentally, there were four people in Crestone at the time with the name Yeshe Dorje!!!! I’m guessing this Yeshe Dorje- the friend of Carolyn, was a CIA spy. And/or a Jew.

I’m also guessing that Caroline’s story- that she was a Buddhist learning Buddhism- was a cover story…. And that what she was doing in Crestone/Baca had something to do with her pharmacology background. After all, this was about the time of the OPP/chlorine in the water issue.

A few years later, I see her once again on the stupa road (and she seems to have had a breast reduction done) but as I was with Marilu, didn’t talk to her.

Fall, 2005? Somewhere along in here, I am visiting a group at John Milton’s sacred earth- John is taking everyone for a meditation on the side of the hill. In the evening as it’s getting darker and darker, he doddles and doddles. He seems to be interested in seeing if I can find my way back in the twilight….. He seemed to be testing my outdoor skills.

Fall, 2005: I make the movie, “An Awakening Journey: Songs and Voices from the Earth” with Danny Ledonne. I am in a state of shock as we begin, since Barb had just left. But she left so definitively that I persevered with the project.

Late summer: After Barb left, I meet Sahndra in Alamosa…. She drives up from La Jara area and comes over….. We have dinner at restaurant in Crestone….. The only other patrons are all women (witches) who say nothing throughout the dinner! There are lots of candles lit on the tables. Sue Vaughan is there. I remember lots of candle lights and the complete silence in the room except for Sahndra and I. We sleep together that evening…. Perhaps it’s all a set up with some kind of Satanic objective? I remember an ugly scar in her abdomen area…. Was she a breeder? This event seems more sinister than just “gang stalking”- it seems like there is witchcraft/Satanism going on. Is she one of the “Satanic whores?”

Fall, 2005: I drive through Cottonwood to drop off Barb’s father’s hand made jewelry-neckties. I stay over at Dumas’ new house in Cottonwood- it is a complete mess. Strange dreams that night.

Summer, 2005: That summer, I resume the relationship with Barb. I believe it is near my birthday when we are at my Crestone home relaxing by the pond/fountain. I remember I was thinking, “OK, now this is really great, I’ve finally got it made.” Within an hour or so of that rare moment of calm peace and satisfaction, M calls twice in a row from Venezuela when we are having lunch…..

On the phone, M is distraught, saying “Sophie drowned.” Then she called me back to remind me not to tell anyone. Barb insists on knowing who it was that called and interrupted our lunch twice. I tell her it was M and on Barb’s insistent demands, I confess about the tet-a-tet between M and I. Barb immediately freaks out and leaves for her Arizona home. She would not listen to me. She left right away. For some time, I’m broken hearted, and very disoriented, but decide to continue to make my movie with Danny Ledonne as already planned…. “An Awakening Journey: Songs and Voices from the Earth.”

This is a real trauma- was this a set up to measure my emotional responses via EMF and the technology?

Scenario XVIII. First sex with M was accompanied by thunderclap—weather modification/warfare mind control or more supernatural occurrence. Was M a “satanic whore”- used to program me?

Spring, 2005: M had invited me over to her house one morning before my classes began….. I didn’t want to go but she was very insistent. She actually offered me a snort of some liquor and I believe I took it. And because Barb had earlier given me permission to have a dalliance too, I was inspired to sleep with her…. And she very enthusiastically helped arrange it.

Our first time was a dramatic afternoon event at my apartment near the Turlock health club and was accompanied by very loud thunderclaps above us and a tornado that was nearby in the Central Valley, CA! It was a dramatic event and my watch stopped because there was so much moisture in it from the sweat. And most probably loud, passionate noises from M. Was there a tear in reality for me with this event? If so was it witchcraft related?

One of our first trips together that late spring was over to the Mono Lake area on the East side of the Sierras. She jumped into a creek (being a water baby all her life) and I see a snake floating in the water next to her (she apparently didn’t notice or care) and then see the snake get on a nearby rock (she apparently didn’t notice or care). Witchcraft again?

2005 or 6? Driving through Bluff, Utah, I decide to take a walk through an RV campground to see the river. As I’m walking through the trailers, a Mex-Am. guy actually jumps up, horizontally, from the bed- like a quick super pushup- next to his window and says, “I see dead people.”

*Definite gang stalking event.

2005-6 (guessing): I was driving somewhere in California (near LA?), I pass this fat guy in a truck…. He jerks around with extraordinary anger and flips me off…… No apparent reason, I could see. Was he mind controlled? Did I have an unpleasant face on? Or was he mind controlled. Gang stalking? Mind control?

2005:? Dave asked me to join our band and play in Cottonwood at a benefit for a deceased student- whom he gloriously and extravagantly eulogized (it was actually a lot of grandstanding b.s.). Larry Peterson had my microphone turned off for our entire set and then some other musician came and played the rest of the evening. Was this a set up?

Summer, 2004: Barb and I are going to a bluegrass festival in Telluride. We were with her friends- Patsy and ?- and stayed at their nice place nearby that they had built. Just before we leave, Barb admits to me that she and Dave Dumas had had a brief tet-a-tet. This really hurts me but she is strangely smiling throughout. I remember she told me just before we went to a Telluride Bluegrass Festival….. So it must have been around June. She then “gives me permission” to have an affair too.

2004: I try to entice David Meens to get the UC Boulder radio station to play “White Blues” that Jason Winfree and I had recorded. He got very strange and passive aggressive- was this email spoofing.

2004-5: About this time I go up for full professor. I remember having a nice lunch in Jamestown with Barb, Steve and Chris….. Steve starts yelling at me for having the audacity to go up for full professor. What’s that about? Is Steve Stryker, former ONI, my “handler”? Why would be angry that I’m going up for full professor?

I get full professor at CSUS about this time.

SCENARIO XVII: My stalking beings in 2004, as per the Gang stalking manual used in the NATO Stay Behind Armies and published in Dr. Rauni Kilde’s book. It occurred at a motel near where the Dalai Lama was speaking in southern California…. Barb didn’t hear it, but someone paced loudly across the floor of the room above our room all night long.

April 13-15, 2004: Barb and I go to a teaching of the Dalai Lama teaching at Pasadena Civic Auditorium). While we are in a motel, someone was pacing the floor loudly in the room above of us for the whole night. This must have been gang stalking related! And it is the first incident I can for sure recognize as such.

Karlstrom HARP: In the 1980’s while I was still teaching at NAU, LeRoy had passed along his mother’s folk harp, in pieces, telling me not to buy a harp because I could have his mother’s old harp up in the attic. I had had the HARP fixed in Flagstaff at a luthier there. But about this time, LeRoy was lobbying hard for me to return the harp to him. He even sent me a letter telling me why it should be with him. About this time I return it to him.

2003: Carmelite’s have mutiny/breakup- started by Colleen and the lawyer friends of the Carmelites- who got Nora, the nun from Ireland, to complain that Fr. William’s letters were sexual harassment. Fr. Thomas, John and others left- including Tessa and Fr. Dave…. Fr. Eric, Connie and Suzie stayed.

I believe my Crestone handlers/profilers were Will Miles (who I hiked across the sand dunes with and up to Cottonwood Lake), Dr. Phil Schecter (physician turned psychologist)- short guy with big dogs, and Jan Norris of KHEAP. The first two, at least, I believe, are Jews.

About this time, Dr. Nitton Patel, Mason, cardiologist, and native of India, offers to do free work up of my heart- he has just opened his own heart clinic. Later, Barb and I invite him over for breakfast and he recommends the movie, The Game…. In retrospect, probably, Patel and Dumas and possibly Dr. Jeff Arnold were in on enrolling me in the program at this point.

* Definite gangstalking event, according to the Stay Behind NATO/CIA/MI6 manual.

SCENARIO XI: Was this another directed energy weapons fired at me in the Jamestown apartments? (California episode continuation of Laramie Episode of 1976-77?) If so, the stalking/electronic harassment/weapons testing has begun anew.

Spring, 2003(?)- check date:

EM attack? I am living in an apartment complex in Jamestown and have an episode of atrial fibrillation. I call Barb, who is a nurse, and tell her about it. She tells me to check into an ER in a hospital. I check into a Seventh Day Adventist Hospital in Sonora and the a-fib is converted chemically overnight. The doctor who I see acts like I’ve done something wrong. He continues to stare at me very seriously.

2002 or 2003? I help Barb fix up her new place in Cottonwood, AZ. And she helps me with my place in Crestone. Life is good.

SCENARIO X: Does this health workup signal early stages of my entering Masonic “the game?” I think Nitton’s Masonic connections could be important here. Dumas is a Jewish name. Nitton was/is a Mason…. This could be consistent with being MKULTRA’s and being “Trumaned.”

Dr. Nitton Patel, a cardiologist and doctor partner of Jeff Arnold in Cottonwood, and a Mason, offers to do a complete heart workup on me. He assures me my heart is doing great. When Barb and I invite him over for breakfast, he recommends watching the movie, “The Game.” Was this the beginning of being put into “the program?” If so, were Dumas, Patel, Jeff Arnold involved? Or was it some other party that got to Dumas, etc.

Barb tells me that Nitton wanted his wife, Vasu, to have sex with Jeff. Also, that Vasu got so fed up she left home- and Nitton came and picked her up on the highway near Prescott.

SCENARIO XIV: My paper on 9/11 (Reflections on the Origins of 9/11: Three Scenarios”)- got onto the internet in 2002 helped get me into the “potential terrorist threat” black list of Bush-Cheney’s new massive NSA-DHS police state.


Probable Cause for political targeting?:

I wrote a paper entitled “Reflections on the Origins of 9/11: Three Scenarios”-
We had a little Peace group in Crestone- and there was an elderly couple in it who hardly ever spoke (spies?) and they evidently loaded this paper onto the internet. Mattie Belle Lakish was in the group- and based on what I know now I’d say she was a spy. Subsequently, Dad told me that a friend of his where he lived on Fauntleroy Way had a son who shared the paper with him and his friend.

On reflection, this sounds like a cover story—more likely LeRoy got wind of it from his CIA friends.

About 2000 to 2002?:

2001-2-3: After 9/11 (and my paper on that subject?) I’m getting lots of emails from past friends and acquaintances. Andy Odell, former physics prof at NAU- launches huge debate with me to tell me that the building collapse theory is correct. Was this really Andy? Anyway, he says he gets so mad at me that he takes me off his email list. Big deal.

Also, the archeologist from BMAP, Stone, and the cute undergrad female at UW who was a good musician. Email Spoofing?

While on a trip across southern Colorado to California with Barb in a U-haul trailer, an entire box of political cassette tapes that I had built up over several years (from Alternative Radio, etc.) just disappeared from the moving van I was driving. This happens near Pagosa Springs.

Gang Stalking: Stealth Theft Event

Sept. 11, 2001: I am taking the fall semester off from CSUS and am building my house. I remember talking to Barb on the phone while she was watching TV that day and she kept saying “Oh my God” over and over. The owner builder of the spec house next to me from Crested Butte came over and we had a cup of tea and he went home- taking the day off. A Buddhist bought this house…. Then Paki Wright later bought this house.

2000/2001: I am owner-builder of my Crestone home. I get an 18 month- Construction loan from the Vectra bank. Many different people help me on the project: For starters, the lot is leveled and the plumbing is put in by (that’s $6,000 to Kenny Skoglund), then Jeff Chapman (a young arrogant guy who helped me with the plans) starts helping me with foundation and framing but he quits by the time the first floor is framed- then moves to Boulder with his wife. Then the (Melanie) Snyder crew comes in with a bid (Alan LaMaster and Jeff Hibshman are involved) and they bang up the second story and the roof. Then various people help- with Joe McAllick and Pete Williams helping me do the final finish work.

By this time, I have managed to get 1/3 release time without pay from CSUS so I can get extra time here in Crestone to build and finish my house.

Summer, 2000 through fall, 2001. I am owner-builder of my Crestone home. I take out a construction loan with Vectra Bank (which is quickly sold off to Bank of America). Several of the builders who helped me walked off the job…. These include:

Jeff Chapman, who started the place with me and drew up the plans
Frank….., a German carpenter, who was more or less stolen off the job site by a local contractor named Robert Hamburger. Frank was working on the finished part of the inside, making the frames for the windows
Joe McCallick picked up where Frank left off, but soon he too left, complaining of “bad vibes.”

All this was fairly inexplicable to me at the time. But now I wonder if it might have been part of my “targeting”… to keep me from moving to Crestone…. Or at least make it difficult. More behind the scenes “counter-intelligence stalking?”

The Snyder crew, headed by Alan LaMasters, put up the second story and roof after Jeff Chapman walked off the job. Jeff Hibschman took over for a while and made some pretty big goofs. One was the small bay window, which is not proportionately correct in its measurements, and the other was he started to put the roof up on the upstairs bedroom and neglected to put the main horizontal rafters on first. Fortunately, I caught the mistake in time.

Clyde Lovett, who was a beginning electrician then working with Alpine Electric in Alamosa, did the electrical wiring.

Steve Haynes, who had just moved to Crestone from the Bay Area, and who was not yet licensed as a plumber here, did most of the plumbing. He and Clyde converge here on one day, have a good time visiting each other (this was not what I wanted), and get some things reversed.

Jerry Eicholtz did a little of the plumbing and did the tiles in the bathroom.

Scenario XIII: While at CSUS, I studied the criminal activities of the US Military/Intelligence and develop a segment of my Human Ecology course entitled “Terrorism and War.” I showed School of Americas Watch videos to my students. One time a fat middle-aged man came to my class (uninvited- not a student) and mentioned to me after class that it’s obvious that we need the School of the Americas.

2000. I started teaching my Human Ecology course from a “right-wing” viewpoint- and my enrollments went down from about 100-125 per semester- with TV courses, to about 20. Amazing.

Dr. Ida Bowers, and perhaps her husband Jim, exerted a lot of behind the scenes control over department matters- as well as, I speculate, frameups for me.

Probable Cause? Political Targeting.

While at CSUS, I studied the criminal activities of the US Military/Intelligence and develop a segment of my Human Ecology course entitled “Terrorism and War.” I showed School of Americas Watch videos to my students. One time a fat middle aged man came to my class (uninvited- not a student) and mentioned to me after class that we need the School of the Americas.

Dec, 31, 1999-Jan.1, 2000: Barb and I celebrate Y2K by spending the night on the Hopi Reservation-