“ORDER the shut down of the Fusion Centers IMMEDIATELY as IMMINENT THREATS, apprehend the employees as Domestic Terrorists:” Karen M. Stewart, NSA Intel Analyst, Ret. (TI) (Nov. 25, 2020, SOTN)

Warning Letter from Karen M. Stewart, NSA Intel Analyst, Ret.

November 25, 2020

Dear Sir/Madam,

I would like to express my gratitude for your unimaginably hard work in ferreting out and collecting solid evidence of massive voter fraud. No doubt our Constitutional Republic is under what our enemies hope is a lethal attack. I well understand the immediacy of your endeavors. I would however like to notify you of a matter of immediacy that is a hair away from being just as important, this is not only a paramount threat to our country’s existence, but a daily threat to hundreds of thousands/millions of innocent citizens, but could easily threaten you all now. Bear this in mind as you may come under actual physical attack at any time from this ominous high tech threat.

The Deep State has been using FBI Fusion Centers as a beach head to covertly destroy America, to cull our population, to weed out people of integrity, weed out whistleblowers, truthful journalists, and patriots as well as use random people to bloat the fraud Terrorist Watchlist in order to give our Military Industrial Complex and contractors scapegoats to sadistically test horrific electronic weapons on, similar to those used on our own diplomats in Cuba (2017) and China (2018). For almost two decades the FBI has been fraudulently acquiring FISA warrants against known innocent citizens using fabricated dossiers, fake evidence, and false accusations in order to set-up this class of “expendable” scapegoats whose Constitutional, Human, and Civil Rights have thereby been stripped and nullified… secretly. They are then tortured and murdered over months or years so these companies can tell their investors how very effective their weapons are either for covert assassination or mass extermination. And so self-proclaimed elite criminals can put contract kills on inconvenient people with confidence.

One specific supplier of such weapons to the Fusion Centers, who gives them out to civilian vigilantes (INFRAGARD) made into a secret covert standing guerrilla army hidden among the populace, is the Naval Security Group located in Pensacola, Florida but headquartered on Ft. George G. Meade, MD. collocated with the National Security Agency. NSA among other many Federal agencies, uses the services of the FBI Fusion Centers to torture, injure, and murder whistleblowers such as William Binney and myself. We both are still under vicious attack with police told by Fusion Centers to “butt out”. I have been giving interviews about this for years, Mr. Binney is now also speaking about his continuing torture and injury by NSA, to include the murder of his wife. There is a WAR going on 24/7 right now under your noses. Innocent people are being injured, tortured, and murdered by high tech electronic weapons. Our neighbors are given gift cards to aim these weapons at us 24/7. Low-life civilians are paid to follow us by car to aim these weapons at us at grocery stores, doctors’ offices, friends’ homes, etc. to keep us exposed as long as possible in order to injure and kill us as quickly as possible.

Anyone the Deep State feels threatened by, may indeed be “targeted” like we are. All of you now seriously threaten the Deep State’s last ditch efforts to avoid criminal exposure. I urge you to ORDER the shut down of the Fusion Centers IMMEDIATELY as IMMINENT THREATS, apprehend the employees as Domestic Terrorists, cut off their funding, pick up their civilian guerrilla vigilantes. Or you and your families and your co-workers could come under serious, silent, invisible, lethal threat. In the first 6 months of my attacks, I went from a life of perfect health to bleeding in the brain, blood clots filling my throat from sinus/brain bleeds, a brain cyst (from a plasma projectile), vision damage, heart damage, multiple cases of radiation dermatitis, etc.

Your enemy is more formidable than you know. Move on this for the sake of their first victims who suffer 24/7, but also for yourselves and your loved ones. I cannot imagine they are not planning to move against you in this way. Do not ignore this insight and warning.

Karen M. Stewart
(850 408 7104 / Kams56@me.com)
National Security Agency, ret.

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  1. One more reason for signing Chng.it/PgsdqrRyW2

    Targeted Individuals Demand Formal ODNI Probe Into Radio Frequency (RF) Terrorism


    Petition ‘Snapshot’: Tell Director of National Intelligence Avril Danica Haines she must not omit ‘Radio Frequency (RF) Terrorism’ from the “comprehensive threat assessment” of Domestic Violent Extremism the White House appointed her—we learn Jan. 22 from Psaki—to oversee (and tell SHSA you need a PIN).

  2. I have been targeted for years. I am willing to offer support and connect on any basis for action to create justice.

    There are plenty of things to do to avoid these criminals, but we need to fix corruption at the source as well

    Go blessed, be blessed! May the spirit of Love protect us in our hardest moments

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