Understanding and Defeating Gang Stalking: Interview with Dave Case, Inventor of the “Anti-Tinnitus”/Gang Stalking CD Countermeasure

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I would like to update every one on my jammer CD. It has been studied by a neurologist in the United Kingdom . it has been found that the sound file produces 2.8mhz of ultra-sonics when played on koss ktx-pro1 headphones. It is stopping tinnitus, stopping hyperacusis, stopping TTTS, stopping the hearing of voices, gives deeper sleep. This CD is causing neuroplasticity (neural healing) , this is why it jams v2k and targeting equipment. The jammer CD has now helped over 1000 people stop electronic torture and is still free at antitinnitusv2k.com

Understanding and Defeating Gang Stalking: Interview With Dave Case, Inventor of the Anti-tinnitus-Gang Stalking CD Countermeasure

By Dr. Eric Karlstrom, Emeritus Professor, Department of Geography, CSUS, August, 2017

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To contact Dave for more information or for a free copy of his CD to counter tinnitus, please send him a text message with your name and mailing address at 573-300-1579. The CD should be played using KOSS KTX-PRO1 headphones on CD players with a repeat function such as Jensen CD-60C):

1) Can you tell us about your professional background that is pertinent to this invention?

Case: I got interested in electronics at 6 years of age, and by age 10 I had torn apart a remote control plane and calculator and had begun inventing various things. I received my Associate in Electrical Engineering at ITT (International Telecom Tech) in St. Louis. I am currently self-employed and making money from inventions, electronic repair, rental properties, etc.

2) When and why did you become targeted?

During the last month of 1996, I noticed I began to be followed. This had to do with a light operated (photonic) computer that I had invented. I had a patent search done and later found out that the NSA already had light-operated computers.

(From Ramola D’s interview with Dave Case: Dave Case’s “anti-tinnitus” CD gang stalking countermeasure ): “While trying to patent the photonic processor I was attacked by an agency with extremely high technology, I got an electronic sounding tinnitus (pulse code modulation) in both ears debilitating me. I lost everything and could not make a living. I found out later that the NSA already has light-operating computers and it was classified top secret.

I knew that the electronics they were using (on me) could be stopped but how, so I began to make something that sounded just like the tinnitus to confuse their attack system. I built a new type of oscillator that made a similar sound and as soon as I put on the headphones and played the strange sound I was free. I have since cured over 130 people by sending this sound on CDs for free to any one with the artificial tinnitus.”

I was tortured for 3.5 years. In 2000, I invented the anti-tinnitus CD. I began using it then and I am now cured for 17 years. I still use it every night and often during the day.

3) How does your anti-tinnitus CD counter-measure work?

The sounds on the CD are similar to the tinnitus, which is a pulse-width modulation produced by the supercomputer. The CD sounds are so similar to the waveform of the equipment that it confuses the equipment. To create the sounds on the CD, I used two 555 oscillator chips. The whole device cost less than a dollar.

(From Ramola D interview): “It uses a phase-modulated sound produced by an oscillator that disrupts the bio-relevant feedback loop that relays the physiological data of the target back to the supercomputer. The distorted signal on the CD prevents the external (supercomputer) signal from accessing the bio-relevant feedback loop. Without access to the bio-relevant feedback loop, the supercomputer cannot access any useful data.

A person’s skin acts as a transducer. It absorbs electromagnetic frequencies from the supercomputer and transforms these to audio signals that travel across the body and impact the brain… “

We take back our skin by inserting the CD sound that contaminates and hinders their ability to use our skin as a transducer. Standard analogue sounds are very easy to reverse wave out…. But the CD includes square, saw-tooth and other waveforms and many different frequencies. It is a sporadic signal and makes it harder for computer programmers to predict what it will do next. It is harder for them to remove.

There are different mixes of the CD. If you put the CD player on random, you get more variation. You want unpredictability in order to disrupt their mind control technology. I now have physical evidence of the waves, the headphone cords of my countermeasure are aging at a phenomenal rate from the radiation, the attack equipment is trying to attack my headphones instead of my skull. The rubber cord becomes hard as glass after just a few weeks. This is occurring on the cords of other victims also.

There is a benefit by playing the CD acoustically; it can vibrate your skin at a distance. But for full benefit you must use all night with KOSS KTX-PRO1 headphones. Again, the longer you use it, the more positive effects it will have in reducing tinnitus, gang stalking, mind control, etc.

And the name of the military operation that attacked me was Operation “Clean Sweep”. In my opinion, the Gwen emergency network tower system also uses these pulse-modulations. If there were to be a national revolt, for example, the Gwen towers can emit a psychotronic signal which will debilitate every citizen and put them on the ground. There are 100 different frequencies, 100 different techniques, 100 different effects that they can use to control the population. The Marines bought Beta wave incapacitators that put you sleep. They can also use other signals to achieve different crowd control effects.

(Many people also get positive benefits from connecting to a metal bracelet hooked to the wire that goes to the ground. This grounding pole or rod drains static electricity and removes free radicals.)

4) Does the anti-tinnitus CD stop gang stalking completely so that there is no more street theater? No more Remote Neural Attacks? So that they are no longer able to map your brain?

I get testimonial letters from people who have used the CD telling me: “You have saved my life… all of it is gone,” etc. This applies to about half the people who contact me. Then about 40 to 50% of the people I hear from tell me that the CD reduces the tinnitus and stalking by 50% or something like that.

Basically, the longer you’ve been targeted, the longer you need to use the CD to get the benefits. If you’ve been targeted for 20 years, it takes longer to get rid of it than if you’ve been targeted for one year, etc. Most people need to use it for 2 to 3 weeks to show positive results. One of the people I cured says she was born in an Air Force hospital and has been targeted since birth.

For this reason, “they” will try to stop people from using the CD any way they can.

Check out the work of Royal Raymond Rife. In the 20s and 30s, he did experiments on harmonic resonances and he learned how to cure diseases from a distance with different frequencies. He found that by using certain electronic frequencies he could cure diseases such as cancer and hepatitis. In terms of our biology, there are good frequencies and bad frequencies. Some frequencies promote growth of neural cells, etc. There seem to be frequencies on the CD that help heal the neural process.

The bottom line is that the gang stalking/electronic harassment equipment is damaging our brains. The CD stops the electronic harassment and allows the brain to heal itself. Some TIs have told me that it reduces the pain they have around the ears and neck. And some people say it helps them sleep. We all must get sleep. Sleep deprivation can kill you. I have two forms of sleep apnea and I have inventions for both.

I play the CD every night all night long. And I play it during the day as well, for example, on one speaker on my TV. It works best with the KOSS KTX-PRO1 ear phones, but you can also play it as background on your stereo, TV, or computer during day and get positive effects.

5) Who is doing the gang stalking and electronic targeting?

In my opinion, the Kennedy assassination was a military coup. The shadow government that took control of America in 1963 after the JFK assassination wants an electronically-controlled society. President Kennedy uncovered a plan to enslave every man woman and child and he vowed he would expose this plan. He said this in a speech a week before he was publicly assassinated. JFK had found out that the CIA was operating out of their own black budgets and was starting conflicts around the world and selling arms to both sides. He vowed to break the CIA into a thousand pieces.

Also, just two years prior to the JFK assassination, President Eisenhower had warned us about the military-industrial complex. Today, the President probably doesn’t really know what’s going on. Nor does Congress. This is a rogue CIA, NSA, and military establishment that is doing this. They do what they want because they can. Essentially it’s a mafia; anything goes. It’s like a monster destabilizing the world for profit..

The government got really scared in the 1960s. Independent thought is what it fears most. Look how they treated John Lennon. Protest is very dangerous to their power structure. So we are only allowed to have the illusion of freedom.

In 1991, the National security Alumni stated that there is a clear and present danger that the high tech class of people will take over the low class tech of people. Essentially, this is the 1% controlling the 99% (ETK: as more or less described in George Orwell’s book, 1984).

6) Why are they doing this gang stalking program?

Today, in my opinion, the CIA is the true government. It wants to rule by electronic proxy, that is, by controlling governments and populations through electronic mind control. One of the CIA mind control scientists, Dr. Jose Delgado, author of “Physical Control of the Mind: Toward a Psycho-Civilized Society” (1971), predicted that in the future generals and armies would be controlled by Electronic Stimulation of the Brain (ESB). This has come true. But today, this is not only true for the military but for the entire civilization.

Delgado believed, and stated, that man does not have the right to develop his own mind. Here is the comment he made:

“We need a program of psychosurgery for political control of our society. The purpose of physical control of the mind: everyone who deviates from the given norm can be surgically mutilated. The individual may think that the most important reality is his own existence but this is only his own personal point of view. Man does not have the right to develop his own mind. We must electronically control the brain. Some day army’s and generals will be controlled by electronic stimulation of the brain.”

(Dr. Jose Delgado, Director of Neuropsychiatry, Yale University Medical School, Congressional Record No. 26, Vol. 118, Feb., 24, 1974.)

Thus, free thought is considered very dangerous to these proxy electronic governments. They want to stop it by taking over the thought process of individuals. Just by being a free thinker, you are the enemy of our hidden government.

So the goal of this “star wars mind control experimentation system” is to remove certain people from civilization without bothering with the legal process. Just by pushing buttons they want to make targeted individuals self-destruct and to be diagnosed as delusional, schizophrenic, etc. Because the gang stalking/electronic harassment program is intentionally deceptive, targeted individuals will often confront their neighbors and accuse them of harassing them. So they are tricking people’s perceptions.

Again, the goal of the targeting is to make targeted individuals destroy their own lives. This is how they do an end run around the legal system. The constitution is supposed to protect us from criminals, but if the criminals have these technologies, they can get around the court system entirely.

7) How are they doing the gang stalking?

In my opinion, I believe they are using the satellite GPS (Global Positioning Signal) signal because it surrounds the skull. There are at least 16 to 24 different satellites hitting your skull from the GPS system at any given instant. It is a surround sound, 16 to 24 directional (using group force waves helical, self-tuning system that delivers neural information using constructive interference. The GPS is most likely hooked to a “magic tree” system….. They are using “incidental radiation intelligence” that comes from all the radio stations, cell towers, and even 60 Hz signal that comes from your house wiring that go through your body. These radio waves go through the body and the heart, etc. When the heart beats, for example, this causes tiny changes in the radio frequency waves passing through. Keep going with that and you can get the person’s temperature and brainwave signature or any other parameter. In this way, they are able to collect our biological information for signals intelligence. We all have different brain wave signatures. The “electronic radiation signature intelligence” is how they tell people apart.

And we, the American people, paid for this whole system with our tax dollars.

When I began studying this kind of technology, I never thought it was great. But after I was attacked, I realized it is being used against the American people.

Another reason they are targeting US citizens is to develop psychotronic weapons that they then sell to other countries. The State Department used to sell these crowd control tapes to other countries and they still may be doing that. They need lots of guinea pigs to test these weapons on and that is the TI community.

Also, I believe they are sending subliminal messages electronically to the street perpetrators. These gang stalkers don’t know they are receiving subliminal messages. They just think, “let’s go have some fun.” So there are varying degrees of control. Certainly, they do also pay some perps as contractors. But these are not as common as most TIs (Targeted Individuals) are thinking.

Thus, most of the street theater is highly likely conducted by artificial intelligence. Most of the crowd is given subliminal messages that they think are their own thoughts. The “psy-acts”/”psy-attacks”/street theater are specifically designed to provoke TIs and create highly disturbed consciousness in the TI.

They trick the perceptions of the targeted individual. I’ve come to this conclusion after so many years of being tortured myself and then curing myself with the CD and getting so many testimonials,. If the government were hiring millions of perps to follow millions of TIs, someone would talk. But the Artificial Intelligence (AI) is being used to create the illusion that nearly everyone is a perp (perpetrator), that TIs (Targeted Individuals) are being followed, etc. This is AI. So I estimate that 80 to 90% of perps are acting on subliminal messages sent from the AI. That said, the government does hire subcontractors and they will follow people too.

8) How do they get other nations to agree to cooperate with this program?

In my opinion, it’s like in the old Michael Douglas movie, “Star Chamber,” where a few select world bankers and elites are going to each country and telling the leaders of those countries: “Either join us or we’ll destroy you.” And so today, China, Russia, the US, Australia, and other nations are all working together to form a world secret proxy electronic control system. In this system, individuals and groups can be controlled from a distance.

The CIA and NSA, the higher levels of the elite system, etc., want us to believe we are in a psychotronic war with Russia. But actually the people in control of the system control both the U.S. and Russia. And behind the scenes, the U.S. shares its technologies with Russia an vice versa. By appearing to pit Russia against America, and the CIA against the NSA, etc., the elite manages to control the whole system. In other words, we are not at war with Russia, but they want us to think that we are. We are being tricked into believing that. (ETK note: this same dynamic occurred during the nuclear arms race of past decades.)

Many enemies of the U.S. are manufactured by the government; the more dangerous the world is the money the CIA makes.

9) What can you tell us about Remote Neural Monitoring and Remote Neural Manipulation (RNM) or another kinds of subliminal mind control? Do you think these are being used on the entire population?

There are two major components to the system in my opinion. They are using the SQUID technology, the “Superconducting Quantum Interference Detection” device on secret satellites as the passive system that receives information via electromagnetic transmission. I believe the transmitting part is the GPS (Global Positioning System) signal. The GPS system is shared by all agencies, including the CIA, NSA, military, etc.

As these frequencies and wavelengths of electromagnetic radiation enter our body, they twist our atoms according to the pre-programmed transmissions. It’s like an MRI; it detects movement of atoms in your body, their electronic spin, etc. They now have satellites that can monitor the atoms in your body. Each atom will sing out with a harmonic resonance of itself and this device in space can map these. They can now change your skin atoms into logic circuits when you have an MRI done at a doctor’s office.

I have many of the scientific journals of the scientists that invented this equipment. In the near future, RNM could become a micro-device. They want to design a bacteria that will contain all of this as nanotechnology. Nanotech is really advancing this evil technology.

There are some amazing quotes by these people in these journals. For example, there is an article in a 1973 issue of Mindnet Journal, in which Persinger, Ludwig, and Ossenkopp state:

“Within the last two decades a potential has emerged which was improbable but which is now feasible. This potential is the technical capability to directly influence the major portion of the approximately 6 billion brains of the human species without medication through classical sensory modalities by generating neural information within a physical medium within which all members of the species are immersed.”

(Case: They’re talking about the earth’s magnetic flux lines here (ETK: in the “Schumann Cavity” which occurs between the earth’s surface and the ionosphere.)

“The historical emergence of such possibilities which have ranged from gunpowder to atomic fission have resulted in major changes in the social evolution that occurred inordinately quickly after the implementation. Reduction of the risk of the inappropriate application of these technologies requires the continued and open of their realistic feasibility and implications within the scientific and public domain.”

10) Can you tell us more about conscious supercomputers (AI)?

The supercomputers, probably arranged in the “magic tree” system, are the most important piece of equipment involved. And yes, they probably are in deep underground military bases, like NORAD is in a nuke-proof mountain. All this is super, super secret and it is all handled by black op government types.

Each supercomputer has a composite of 60 to 100 of these already mapped personalities that have been mapped and downloaded. (ETK: These “personalities” are termed “souls” in Dr. Robert Duncan’s book “Project Soul Catcher; Secrets of Cyber and Cybernetic Warfare Revealed” (2010). They can download or store many types of personalities and use them at will for different projects. Just imagine if you could form a corporation with 100 different personalities within a 100th of the second!

11) Bryan Tew, himself a “Targeted Individual,” talks about “hive mind teams” of neuroscientists at various universities that are using the conscious supercomputers and directing in the brain mapping-behavioral control aspects of the program. Do you agree?

Yes, but this program is so top-secret that universities are probably not involved in the actual implementation of the program. These would be black government programs.

12) In your estimation, is the gang stalking program more of a weapons testing system, a behavior modification system, or a Phoenix Program-type system to terrorize the public into submission, mind stealing?

It’s psychological warfare. Only quicker, faster, better. The goal is world takeover, control of civilizations. They have plans to take over all possibilities and to create fake randomness that we will interpret as reality. Then they will know all things before they occur.

This is the BEAST system. In Revelations, the system is described as having many heads. But there’s no way Russia and China would allow this GPS system to surround the earth unless they were part of it. The myth that this is country is battling that country for supremacy just helps to advance the technology more rapidly. At upper level, elites have access to all the information. They refer to “the five eyes” countries, in which intelligence communities of five nations cooperate to spy on the public. (Wikipedia: The “Five Eyes” (FVEY) refer to an alliance comprising Australia, Canada, New Zealand, the United Kingdom and the United States. These countries are bound by the multilateral UK-USA Agreement for joint cooperation in signals intelligence, military intelligence, and human intelligence.)

But I don’t believe the Creator will not put up with this for long. Many past civilizations have had very advanced technology and were destroyed.

13) How many TIs do you think there are in America and in the world?

There are more and more every year…. Years ago, I learned that 40 million Americans have tinnitus…. They are also able to scan people’s brains and without sending the tinnitus.

I’d guess that up to 20 to 30% of the world’s population are either targeted or monitored. Most TIs are probably unaware of the fact they are being targeted.

They select TIs for this or that experiment. I’d say up to 10 to 20% of world’s population is targeted in some way. (ETK: That’s 700,000 to 1.4 billion people!) And there are constant memory improvements of in these computer systems. The goal is to monitor and control all of the world’s population.

This requires a tremendous amount of data. Just one TI has about 1000 different parameters, including body temp, brain waves, pH, that must be measured in order for the system to work. Again, my CD removes the ability of the supercomputers to retrieve this (bio-relevant feedback loop) data.

14) Do you know how many individuals have successfully gotten out of the program?

Other than those people who have used my CD, I don’t know of anyone who has gotten out of the program. Based on the letters I have received from TIs, over 120 have recovered completely from the program. But I’ve lost exclusive control of the CD. I know, for example, that in Japan, people are duplicating it and sharing it with others. And I’ve given permission for people to duplicate it. My best guess is that about 350 people have been totally cured, but I can’t be sure of this number.

All of this evidence will be used to prosecute the people responsible. I consider these to be high crimes and treason to use weapons of warfare on your own people for monetary and scientific gain.

15) How old is the program? Is this merely an extension of previous government mind control programs?

The first “voice to skull” transmission occurred in the 1940s when a Navy ship radar guy forgot to turn off the radar when cleaning the dish. He heard voices and told the captain about this and the military started doing research.

In 1959, a 15-year old kid invented the neurophone. CIA immediately took over the patent and developed the remote neurophone, which is V2K (“voice to skull” or synthetic telepathy).

16) Is the medical establishment cooperating with this program?

Yes, in my opinion the medical industry is working with the military on this. Every time a target is misdiagnosed (as delusional or schizophrenic or whatever) and more pharmaceuticals are sold. A former CIA said that it’s an unwritten law that the medical industry is the beneficiary of everyone’s wealth in the U.S.

And yes, institutions like the NSA can steal inventions, intellectual property, etc.

17) Can concerned citizens can stop this program? How can we educate the public about this? How can we best to defeat this system? What is our best strategy?

As I said, this system is designed to target and eliminate citizens and skirt around the court system. By giving out the CD for free, I’m also bypassing the court system and I’m effectively destroying their equipment. For this reason, I suggest that counter measures such as the CD are the way to go. The CD is legal and there’s nothing they can do to stop me.

Of course, I have experienced some harassment. They put a KGB uniform in my closet a few years ago, for example…. This was a message that they might try to frame me….

Probably the best method would be to assemble a number of smart engineers and lawyers and invent countermeasures that turns their equipment into jelly. This can be done legally. My CD, for example, that cost 99 cents to produce, makes trillions of dollars worth of equipment useless. in other words you can build the biggest gun in the world but if someone breaks off the sights, you cant aim it, so it becomes useless.

The creator made the universe this way. There have been many times when one person has changed history. The underdog can win. It’s a matter of finding the right niche, the right countermeasure, to knock out these very large systems. And the feedback loop is one of the weakest points in electronics.

Public education…. Has a value of course. But it is hard to sue the government and win, except under title 42-1983. We should educate each other.
It’s a matter of finding the right niche, the right sound, to knock out these very large systems.

Public education…. has a value of course. But it is hard to sue the government and win, except under title 42-1983. We should educate each other. Title 42 1983 tells us that we have to sue the actual persons involved that are using their official positions to conduct illegal activity. Like the head of NSA, because he could and should have known that these “nonlethal” systems actually are extremely lethal and violate the highest premise of law.

Something has to be done very quickly. This system is increasing exponentially. It is a very dangerous situation for everyone. In my opinion, GPS systems on satellites are being used to do brain scans. So there is nowhere you can go on earth without being scanned.

With AI, there is the clear and present danger that the computer could take over the operators and break loose and gain control of the system. Many corporations have AI and they have started inventing their own languages and had to be shut down. Elon Musk has been imploring tech leaders not to build artificial intelligences. It’s possible today that some A.I. has broken loose (ETK: and we are beginning to reach the “singularity” in which computers begin to control humans rather than vice versa).

If this happens, then everyone becomes an unwitting slave under subliminal control. The computers could even take over NSA, CIA personnel, etc., and those people would perceive that everything is fine, when, in fact, they are carrying out the AI’s instructions and reinforcing the AIs body.

General concluding comment: My Bible study teacher believes that technology must be used to bring down the Beast system. The Creator will help us if we start to help ourselves. We have to be bold, faithful and courageous and HE will back us up. It is not a question of money. Simplicity cuts through complexity like a hot knife cuts through butter.

There is now a great danger of our government knowing what it is not supposed to know; of knowing what God knows. Every civilization has been where we are at and has been destroyed because of it.

And yes, this is part of a global system. HAARP facilities (ionospheric heaters) and supercomputers are spread all over the world. The chemtrail spraying, originally used to reflect sunlight from the earth, could have to do with HAARP, with one major goal being mind control of entire populations. They can form cloud networks that are generating storms. It takes 100 to 200 miles of artificially created clouds to do this. These clouds certainly decrease my solar generating power. The spraying is all done by military planes where I live. This consumes a tremendous amount of jet fuel to turn a clear blue sky into overcast.

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  1. Dr. Karlstrom, Dave Case is right. This beast system has rapidly become increasing violent, especially towards women, self-included. It is a very dangerous situation indeed, not that it wasn’t prior, rather now its far far worse. Like you wrote, I’m battling most days for my very life. Humanity is in seriously grave trouble.

    The AI is controlling the nanites shooting 100s if not 00s straight into me and more. No lady should have to spend her days like this. And to think, I donated my late husband’s medical records to the US military to save lives in Iraqi, and how do they repay one? By robbing and asset stripping me, chasing me from my home, coming off military bases after me, shooting me til I’m almost dead, gangstalking me twenty four seven, and more. Most of my loved-ones and all my precious pets (like family) have been shot from the low lying, spaced based AI controlled weapon systems. As I sit here trying to understand how shooting and maiming defenseless women and our pets is so vital to these monsters.

    This is worse than horrendous.

  2. Note: I’m once again listening to Dave Case’s CD. It does in fact work. Had I listened to his CD as per instructed, I would not be dealing with the painful experiences, as I noted above. It was my own fault. Dave’s CD is nothing less than a miracle and its free. I promise the following leaves you, seemingly overnight, but you have to stick to it. I learned the hard-way.

    V2K/V2S and synthetic thoughts
    Ringing in ears / brain
    Pain (neurons): I was able to walk normal again, with no pain.
    Brain Fog – You’ll think clearer
    Sonic / Sound – gone
    Gang-stalking (completely gone)… Street theater–gone; neighborhood, including neighbors. Life will become normal again.
    DEW’s start to noticeably lesson in power; eventually, there are none.

    No two people are alike, nor situations. It may take you longer than others. The key is to not give up. What have you got to loose, besides your life and sanity?

    Thank you, Dr. Karlstrom for all you’ve done and continue to. I agree completely with your findings, and am eternally grateful.

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