17 Original Videos From The Lifeline Project Help Explain Global Organized Stalking Program!

The following 17 original youtube videos are derived from the 74 tracks of the “Lifeline Project” (“Lifeline: Essential Insights and Healing Music for Illegally Targeted Civilians”) which is being released in October, 2020.

The entire project or individual tracks from “The Lifeline Project” can be viewed and purchased here:

The Lifeline Project

Videos by Dr. Eric T. Karlstrom that showcase his “info-musical narrations” from “Lifeline: Essential Insights and Healing Music For Illegally Targeted Civilians”

1) Behind the Lies That Blind

2) The Global Gestapo: Introduction by Dr. Eric Karlstrom

3) A Race of Cybernetic Slaves

4) Dr. Rauni Kilde’s Warning To Humanity

5) The National Security Racketeering Network

6) Converstion Between a Perp and a Target (from “Bright Light On Black Shadows,” 2015)

7) On Recruits (Perps) By Dr. Rauni Kilde

8) Testimony of Stephen O’Keefe (Targeted Individual)

9) TI Tom Dooley (Targeted Individual)

10) Mama Don’t Allow No Gangstalkin’ Round Here

11) Spy

12) I Want To Map Your Brain

13) Laws of God and Man Violated By Global Organized Stalking Operations

14) Organized Gangstalking Manual Part 1 of 3

15) Organized Gangstalking Manual Part 2 of 3

16) Organized Gangstalking Manual Part 3 of 3

17) The “Good News” From The Lifeline Project and Gospel Refrain

4 Replies to “17 Original Videos From The Lifeline Project Help Explain Global Organized Stalking Program!”

  1. Belleville, ontario beside CFB Trenton. They have the entire town operating synchronized as bio slaves. I can put my phone on record and wave it past a gathering at a grocery store and 50 people will all jerk/twitch all at once. They simply mimmic of say the last thing I look at, think of, or said … using this as thier material. They are first shattering the psyche of the people, creating a narcissistic persona, or lack their of due to emotional breakdown or ego death, afterwhich they are bottled by this technology and used as puppets at any moment and/or all moments.

    1. I’m seeing the same exact The public has become the singularity… mind hived. Where does that leave us (TIs)? Why are we aware?

      Dr. Robert Duncan, former CIA Scientist, gives a presentation on the ‘singularity’ of humanity–what we’re witnessing. Its heartbreaking. A constant nightmare.

      Today, as they loudly zoomed by, and I continued on with my yard work, I realized whatever it was they we’re doing to me, in part biologically related (despicable), that the damage I was sustaining on my brain, body and soul was suffering from is a horrendous form of psychological torture; psychological terrorism. A neurological rape. Not one neighbor hears or sees a thing or is controlled on the dime to torture you further. What we’re witnessing is the loss of freewill. Complete totalitarian.Total control of humanity. Its sadly hideous to watch. I feel so helpless.This is a nightmare.A complete annihilation of humanity, while we’re being tortured to death (no-touch torture).

      Dr Robert Duncan Full MIT Presentation on Neuroweapons used on American Civilians
      He shows how they’re controlling everyone. Soul theft.

      God be with us.

      Thank you, Dr. Karlstrom for healing music. Its needed, desperately.

  2. Wow.Thank you for sharing the Lifeline Project — excellent. You’re very talented.You’ve lived a full life. Your music is healing.I feel better after listening. Missing the old days. But thanks for the reminder that we’ll be crossing over to the other side. The better side. I plan on seeing you there, Eric with a hard-earned smile.

  3. Everyone needs to listen to all of these videos, please. Especially TIs. Amazing. Excellent work, Dr. Karlstrom: 13) Laws of God and Man Violated By Global Organized Stalking Operations. Thank you.

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