42 Original & Informational-Musical Narrations That Explain The Global Gangstalking – Electronic Torture – Nonconsensual Human Mind-Behavior Experimentation Program (by Dr. Eric Karlstrom)

Forty-Two Informational-Musical Narrations That Explain The Global Gangstalking – Electronic Torture – Nonconsensual Human Mind-Behavior Experimentation Program (Part 2 of “Musical and Informational Lifeline For TIs, Their Families, and Other Human Beings” by Dr. Eric Karlstrom)

Dr. Eric T. Karlstom, Emeritus Professor of Geography, California State University (Webmaster)

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Organized gangstalking, electronic torture, and nonconsensual human experimentation comprise “the greatest crime in American history,” “a cleverly disguised program of torture and murder,” and a silent genocide of innocent civilians. “The program” also provides the means for secretly mapping, copying, and in essence, stealing human minds and souls. On the street level, “the program” is the high-tech equivalent of stoning, lynching, and human sacrifice; and one of its primary goals is to transform good people into psychopaths who can be mind-controlled and manipulated into committing scripted acts of violence, thereby perpetuating the contrived, and highly-profitable “War on Terrorism.”

In actuality, this global “program” comprises “Fourth Generation Warfare” waged against individuals and groups within civilian populations. It deploys invisible, directed energy (“nonlethal”) weapons and neuro-weapons as well as the use of civilians (gangstalkers or “perps”) as “irregular forces.”
Citizens, politicians, and others who are covertly blacklisted and “targeted” under the auspices of the phony “War on Terrorism,” “national security,” “Terrorism Watch Lists,” etc., are attacked through a sophisticated CIA “no-touch torture”- psychological warfare weapons systems that degrade, demean, destroy, and deceive virtually all its participants and its victims.

“Perps” (perpetrators) within the military, intelligence agencies, police, private security firms, psychology-neuroscience-medical professions, and Neighborhood Watch/Citizens on Patrol/vigilante street thugs are embedded within society and, in effect, form secret, proxy armies for the US government and its handlers/controllers. Individuals within these groups apparently derive much satisfaction from hunting and torturing others; it is a lifestyle for them. These individuals tend to be predatory psychopaths, sociopaths, narcissists, cowards, and bullies.

The many synonyms for “organized stalking” include community-based stalking, contract stalking, counterintelligence stalking, counterterrorism, cause stalking, workplace mobbing, gaslighting, bio-telemetry, Remote Neural Monitoring, civilian-military warfare, unconventional warfare, asymmetrical warfare, network-centric warfare, cyber warfare, information warfare, military operations other than war, and low-intensity conflict. Regardless of what it’s called, “the program” constitutes domestic terrorism, torture, and murder in combination with illegal, nonconsensual and “terminal” experimentation upon innocent civilians. Individuals and groups “watchlisted” and thus “targeted” as “enemies of the state” commonly include political, environmental, and animal rights activists, so-called “dissidents,” whistleblowers, and minority groups such as Muslims and Blacks.

As a retired university professor of geography and a “targeted individual” (TI) myself, I have studied this weapons system from both an academic perspective and from personal experience. I believe that one of the best “counter-measures” or defenses against this program is education. Toward that end, this website includes nearly 1200 posts, including articles, interviews, TI testimonies, and youtubes that explore, explain, and expose various elements of this diabolical program.

Blacklisted and “Targeted Individuals” (TIs) experience profound confusion and disorientation, especially during the initial “shock and awe” phases of their attacks. For them, especially, the information and insights provided on this website and in this post can be life-saving.

Because “the program” is enormously complex and multi-faceted, coming to grips with the information on this website alone requires weeks to months of dedicated study. In hopes of streamlining this process for those TIs whose lives are in immediate danger, I herein condense some of the most important information and insights, “the headlines,” from this website, in 42 musical-narrations spanning 4 hours and 7 minutes. For those requiring an even more succinct but still highly accurate summary of “the program,” I recommend listening to all six parts of Stephen O’Keefe’s extraordinarily insightful TI Testimony (tracks VII.d-f; 42:04 minutes) first.

These 42 tracks are a part of a recording project I began in October, 2019, tentatively named: “Informational and Musical Narrations for Targeted Individuals (TIs), Their Families, and Other Human Beings.” My goal is to complete this project within another year or two and to produce a flashdrive with about 100 tracks of songs, narrations, and musical-narrations which will be available for purchase.

These 42 tracks combine my narrations of key information and insights from some of the most credible and brilliant TIs and other experts that I have discovered with some of my piano, guitar, and banjo instrumentals which are added to provide a soothing background. Incidentally, I find that listening, playing and composing uplifting music is a great anti-dote (“counter-measure”) to the generally highly negative attacks one experiences as a target. See erickarlstrom.com for a nearly complete listing of my CDs.

Experts (including TIs and others) whose testimonies are featured in these narrations include Dr. Rauni Kilde, Kay Griggs, Harlan Girard, Robert Naeslund, Professor (Dr.) Alfred McCoy, Stephen O’Keefe, William Binney (ex-NSA whistleblower), Mark M. Rich, Marshall Thomas, D.J. Welsh, Preston James, Ph.D., “Dr. XKeyscore,” Douglas Valentine, Col. L. Fletcher Prouty, Dr. James Giordano, George W. Hunt, and others. In my opinion, all TIs and indeed, all humanity will be very well-served by coming to grips with the essential information and insights provided in these tracks and on this website.

TIs who spend time educating themselves about the complexities of this diabolical program through listening to these “musical-narrations” and studying the factual materials assembled on this and other websites and books, etc., will, I believe, have a far better chance of surviving it. Once we “targets” gain a basic understanding of the program and learn how to survive these “soft-kill,” “silent-kill”, “slow-kill” assaults, it is incumbent upon us to try to educate the pubic at large.

Texts for these tracks are provided in Texts For 42 Informational – Musical Narrations That Explain The Global Gangstalking – Electronic Torture – Nonconsensual Human Mind And Behavior Experimentation Program (G5) Program (By Dr. Eric T. Karlstrom )

If there is a “silver lining” behind this evil program it is that in studying it and trying to unravel the “who, what, when, where, why, and how” of this ‘crime against humanity,’ one is forced to confront the satanically-energized “High Cabal” that is ultimately behind this program AND the “World Revolution Movement,” of which it is a part. Overwhelming evidence proves that this “High Cabal” has infiltrated and stolen the United States government as well as that of many other nations.

May God bless and strengthen all TIs. Because my research (also featured in my extensive 911nwo.com, naturalclimatechange.org, and sanluisvalleywaterwatch.com websites) indicates that all humans are under attack by an “alien” race of psychopaths driven by lust for world dominion. The capture and theft of human minds and souls is the devil’s work, is it not? But, of course, satan is a spirit and can do very little without his human agents.

Although this program is officially denied by the authorities, evidence provided here suggests that what is being covertly constructed here is no less than a “satanic hive mind” which has the potential to control and enslave all of humanity. Thus, in my opinion, this program comprises the greatest affront to God, humanity, and the “natural order”, and hence, the greatest crime, in all of history. Free will, civilization, and indeed, the future of humanity are in grave peril as most of us sleep-walk into an age of cybernetics, mind control, cyborgs, and bio-robotized slaves.

Clearly, the complete exposure and dismantling of this “program” and “the technology” are required. However, because the “High Cabal” elite, governments, militaries, and intelligence services are so highly invested in “the program,” the pressure to roll it back must come from a well-informed and awakened citizenry. /strong>


strong>I. Introduction

a. Introductory Statement to TIs (8:36)
b. Dr. Rauni Kilde’s Warning to Humanity (5:59)
c. Soldiers Lament (6:36)

II. The Global Government Gangstalking-Genocide GESTAPO (G5) Program

a. G5: Global Government Gangstalking-Genocide Gestapo (5:29)
b. Structure and Goals of “The Hidden Evil” (10:24)
c. Monarch IS The New Phoenix Program
d. The Global Phoenix Program (3:22)
e. The National Security Racketeering Network (3:42)
f. Laws of God and Man Violated By Global Stalking-Mind Control Operations (4:37)
g. Mind Control Symptoms (7:32)
h. Gangstalking and Government Jobs (5:26)

III. The New World Order and Mind and Behavioral Control

a. Fourth World Wilderness of the Mind (6:01)
b. Behind the Lies That Blind and Bind (5:44)
c. Geospatial Intelligence and the Automated Battlefield (7:25)
d. YOU Are THE ENEMY (6:00)
e. A Race of Cybernetic Slaves? (1:39)
f. The Brotherhood (10:16)
g. Ruby Ridge and the Military Police State (5:36)
h. Ruby Ridge and Military Mind Control (7:22)

IV. The Science and Technology

a. Electromagneticneurotelecommunication and Cybernetics (10:49)
b. Neuroelectromagnetictelecommunication (3:29)
c. Bio-Electromagnetic Weapons (6:51)
d. The Human Brain Project (5:34)

IV. CIA Mind Control, No-Touch Torture and Criminality

a. The Secret Team and the High Cabal (4:40)
b. Quotes on CIA Mind Control Operations (5:27)
c. CIA No-Touch Torture (6:31)
d. Confessions of CIA Operatives (4:05)
e. CIA As Organized Crime (4:07)
f. Ode to Jimmy- The Backstory (3:16)

V. Testimony of Whistleblower

a. William Binney, Ex-NSA on Operation Stellar Wind (3:22)

VI. Testimony of a Perpetrator

a. Dr. James Giordano, Neuroscientist

VII. Testimonies of Targeted Individuals

a. Kay Grigg’s Testimony (5:20)
b. Dr. Rauni Kilde’s Testimony Part 1 (7:43)
c. Dr. Rauni Kilde’s Testimony Part 2 (7:43)
d. Stephen O’Keefe’s Testimony Part 1 (6:12)
e. Stephen O’Keefe Testimony Part 2 (5:58)
f. Stephen O’Keefe Testimony Part 3 (8:07)
g. Stephen O’Keefe Testimony Part 4 (7:49)
h. Stephen O’Keefe Testimony Part 5 (8:14)
i. Stephen O’Keefe Testimony Part 6 (5:34)

VIII. Testimony TI’s Family Members

a. Letter From Andrew’s Father (5:40)

IX. Voices of Hope and Inspiration

a. Voices of Hope and Inspiration (3:43)


All narrations are based on text included in various posts on this website.

See: The Lifeline Project Online

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  1. Amazing work. Everything Dr. Karlstrom write of herewithin, every agency including the military came out and made themselves public to me. My eyes are opened even more and humbly glad I chose to continue posting so as to awaken others, and lend hope to fellow targeted citizens.

    We as TIs can thank Dr. Eric Karlstrom for publizing on the horrendous progams we have been placed on. I am a targeted citizen attacked 247 with satellite weapons, cellphones, cell towers, chemical biotech, nanotech, microwaves, RF, EMF, ground based super computers, HAARP and much more. This is the devil’s work. Count on it. There’s no getting around it — only deranged minds could come up with this and carry it through. And if that isn’t a luciferian mind, placing us into an unwarranted, non-consenting, torture rendition and mind-destruction AI cyberwar I am unsure what is.

    We’re fighting for our very soul’s.. our minds, our spirit. “When going thru HELL, keep on going.” — Churchill

  2. who can help me iv been to sike ward 10 times diagnosed scitzofectife but im very streets smart an know when im being followed ppl doing signals an i have strong gut feeling house buged tvs talk an taunt me decribeing my life . harresed on social media ppl make fake groups an comments shooting slugs at me my family says im crazy its my illness its all in my head even when i show them proof

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