How The CIA Broke America (Ted Kaczynski, Frankfurt School Jews, and MKULTRA mind control) (Amazing Polly, 5/3/20)

How The CIA Broke America; Amazing Polly, May 3, 2020

Webmaster’s Comment: Brilliant, Amazing Polly! Kaczynski’s prescient message: Technology (technocracy) in the hands of “the left” (Jews) will be disastrous. This is where we are today.

Amazing Polly: .. it’s the same way they tried to break Ted Kaczynski. The bad news is it looks like the CIA purposely introduced sadistic, self-hating collectivists into the deepest of the deep state. The good news is that after 75 years of trying they have yet to succeed.

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Gramma K
1 year ago (edited)
My ex- husband was very young when he was basically pushed into going into the military. After he was discharged he came to live down the street from my sister. I was 15. We were married and he started telling me things about what he and many others were subjected too while he was there. He would wake up in sweats, have nightmares, would be choking me and he didn’t even remember it. We were divorced after 4 long years but were still able to remain friends. Many years later he started having severe trauma attacks and much depression to the point where he was unable to continue to work. When he signed up to get his veterans pension they made him go to court which I found very odd. I asked him what was going on and he told me that they made him sign a paper stating he would never, ever speak about the things that he and some of the others were put through during their time there and if the found out that he had been talking they would take away his pension and make sure that he would no longer be able to talk about what he had experienced. All I can say is what was done to these soldiers was horrendous. I was stunned to hear about these things. So I believe that we are nothing more than someone they can do their experiments on and they get away with it. The only difference is the technology of today is far greater than what it was when he was in the service.

God bless you, sweetie!! Thank you for another amazing video. Looking forward to seeing much more to come. Take care! Have a very blessed night!

Matthieu Sylvester
1 year ago
Allen Dulles, who had been been fired by John F. Kennedy when he was director of the CIA , was one of the members of the Warren Commission investigating the assassination of Kennedy…

Tom Hodges
11 months ago
Keep informing everyone “Amazing Polly” when people are aware and wake up the rats will run…

Marky mark and the bunky funch
1 year ago (edited)
I’ve said this for a long time.. The CIA is the biggest threat to democracy on this planet..That’s the swamp trump needs to drain.

baja joes
11 months ago
JFK was right about the [C_A] almost 60 years ago when he said “break it into a thousand pieces & scatter it to the wind”!!! Did “they” kill him first?

Kristi Helsper
1 year ago
The hive can’t handle anybody being strong and intelligent… they must break them down and destroy them.

Robin Anderson
8 months ago
Scientology has a course to where they Insult you, and attack you, belittle you! It didn’t work on me, and I thank God I am no longer apart of that “EVIL CULT”

Laura Stern
9 months ago
“… in the midst of wolves, so be wise as serpents and innocent as doves.”
Matt 10:16

Tom Clark
10 months ago (edited)
“I tried to warn you all…” – Ted Kaczynski

“Imagine…If you will, a group of people so disgusting, they have to make laws, making it illegal to hate them.”

95% of world terrorism is carried out by the (((CIA))). Vladimir Putin

“The whole aim of practical politics is to keep the populace alarmed (and hence clamorous to be led to safety) by menacing it with an endless series of hobgoblins, all of them imaginary.” – H. L. Mencken

The government encouraged the manufacture and importation of military firearms for the criminals to use. This is intended to foster a feeling of insecurity, which would lead the American people to voluntarily disarm themselves by passing laws against firearms. Using drugs and hypnosis on mental patients in a process called Orion, the CIA inculcated the desire in these people to open fire on schoolyards and thus inflame the antigun lobby. This plan is well under way, and so far is working perfectly. The middle class is begging the government to do away with the 2nd amendment. – Cooper, Milton William. (1991). “Behold a Pale Horse”, Light Technology Publications, page 225

American Pravda: How the CIA Invented “Conspiracy Theories”

Terry Grenke
8 months ago
Time to down size government don’t need cia .

Peanut Head Slicker than bad Johnny
1 year ago
I like how you break the sociology down on this one

1 year ago
I wonder what happened to my nephew who went away to school in California and came back troubled.

Stuntman 223 Stuntman223
1 year ago

Ma’am, I am a self proclaimed and described Democrat. I have many liberal views. But I have many similar thoughts as you. I have suspected for a long time things are not as they are presented in our media, nor are the schools and higher learning institutions teaching American children and young adults the truth about many things. I know from personal experience what you have described about the tearing down of individuality. I also have been a victim of the MK Ultra experimentation. I am in the end stages of a serious illness, and nothing can change that. I have always believed that my illness was a result of my social, and physical programming. I believe you are correct about how those individualists among us are not only targeted for destruction, but there is a governmental effort ongoing to continue to weed out and cull those of us who wish to remain individualists. My mind was destroyed many years ago. My physical body has been destroyed as well. I see many people each day in the same or similar circumstances. The American Dream is damn near dead. Most will never realize their full potential. I am a true patriot. As angry as I am at the current state of affairs, I am still a patriot. I feel so sad that we are about to embark on another world war. Or at least it appears so. All of my fellows who fought and died for this country, and the ideals many of us hold dear, have done so seemingly in vain. And I see no solution. No way forward. It seems a waste of effort. For a lie. I hope you and others like you continue to be heard. Perhaps someday we will actually be free.

Peace be with you young lady. And may God Bless You.

TD Reha
1 year ago
If you aren’t aware, research Norman Dodd. I believe G. Edward Griffin’s interview is online. Transcript too. America’s future is collectivist, directed by the White House and controlled by the Money Masters. History has shown time and again that this is what happens when we turn our backs on our Creator. We reap what we sow. Regardless of the details of how its accomplished.
I like your videos I have seen so far. Subscribed too. I like people that seek Truth. 👴👍

Steve Wits
1 year ago (edited)
Read his manifesto, Kaczynski understood things decades ago that many of us are only beginning to understand now. He was right about technology and leftism.

Joy Burton
1 year ago
I had no idea. We were kept in the dark. Makes me wonder about the depression that many have experienced, to include myself. God bless you, Polly. Thank you.

1 year ago (edited)
JFK was wanting to put a hurt on the CIA. They put a hurt on him first. (Going after the Federal Reserve, ending the Vietnam War and seriously shrinking the CIA got him some very powerful enemies.)

Kenny Dee
1 year ago
I don’t know much about your Ted Koczynski story but was the question ever asked whether he actually did send all the bombs or is it possible that he was the classic false flag p a t s y ? 🇦🇺

Efrem Norwood
1 year ago
The C I A is the enemy

12B Oregonian74
8 months ago
This is why the CIA and other deep state servants of the government absolutely hate Donald Trump.

gwynn romano
1 year ago (edited)
The CIA doesn’t work for the American people, it works for the New World Order

incredulous kirk
1 year ago
thank you polly. i never knew this stuff about Kaczynski. very interesting.

1 year ago
Adam Lanza, Parkand Shooter, Batman Shooter, all brilliant, genius level kids victims of pharmaceutical drugs, Voice to skull, harassment, mobbing and bullying, all for an “agenda” and profit. Thank you for reporting on this important topic and bring justice to Ted Kaczynski. This is being done NOW to the population called “targeted individuals”, the all illegal felonies of brutal gang stalking, electronic weapons, home break ins, surveillance of innocent people.

Patrick Goncalves
1 year ago
CIA just want control. They don’t care about stopping Drug Cartels in Latin America, they just want to control them.

6 months ago
Ted Kaczynski was the canary-in-the-coalmine for the rest of “us…” (FTG!…)

ET2 Carbon
1 year ago
As always Polly, impressive work. We’ve all been betrayed

Colleen Muller
11 months ago
This is where the “white guilt” came from. Now I get it.

Laurence Clark Crossen
1 year ago
Law enforcement uses the same methods when subjecting suspects to entrapment. They call them “stressors.”

Alex Fleming
1 year ago
Unfortunately this system has been in place from the inception of this country. Freedumb and liberty are just words in a constitution thats been suspended for almost 100 yrs.

Rose Lynn
1 year ago
My husband and myself have talked about him many times on how he was in the know way before us all. He was so right!

Christy Alvarado
1 year ago
* You would be SHOCKED at the number of people on antidepressants, anti-anxiety medications and mind altering drugs…. Vaccines designed to make us human magnets…

Jerry Shunk
1 year ago
The reason you were floored is that we were programmed by U.S. schools & Hollywood. Holy Spirit easily pierces the web or deception IF we want it & allow it to !!!

Klaus Uhlig
1 year ago
I always thought there was something fishy about this highly educated genius going of the deep end till I found out about about the experiments they did on him when he was still a child,
That rings alarm bells,
My best advice in school was from my guidance counselor get the hell out, and I did I was lucky to have brains enough to lead a good life,
But I love technologies I bet ur research couldn’t be done without it,
Pick and choose,

Bill Sterling
1 year ago
“I’m going to stop talking now.”
Good luck with that! ; )

9 months ago
I saw this on set. 27, 2019. The morning after I heard about the latest stunt of the CIA……… WOW!

Master Builder
1 year ago
Polly. Excellent as always
You have no idea how much you do for us
The world needs MOAR Amazing Polly’s

Patrick Racosky
1 year ago
Along came Polly as if you haven’t heard that before…Thanks for your vigilence great commentary..
You wow me…

1 year ago
New to your channel,, I noticed Herbert Marcuse on that list of OSS recruited professors… That is New info to me… interesting times. Thank you Polly

Forrest Franks
1 year ago
We now have a two pronged attack. From the left, media deplatforming, censorship, and bank account removal.
The right using Zionism. And unconstitutional Communist anti-Semitism laws.

Alvin Coulter
1 year ago
a house devided by its self cannot stand knowing this we must disband the commy demacrates that are harming our country!!!

Binks Webelf
1 year ago (edited)
What a horrible destructive waste of young Ted’s life. Deconstructionism is a destructive con.

Jamie Rueffer
1 year ago
William Donovan was also involved in the investigation of the LINDBURGH KIDNAPPING which is still in question to this day

Lewis Bey
1 year ago
Like I said, it is not left or right. Not even R or D. It is about where their interest is and loyalty is!

Michael Wilson
1 year ago (edited)
So if the original “American structure is “IN GOD WE TRUST”…..who is this “Frankfort” system “trusting”….DEEPER THAN WE WANT TO KNOW

uclamotte -Wisdom Core
1 year ago
Awesome video, thank you. I am a targeted Individual and yes, the Leftist directed energy technology has injured me.

Rebecca Murdock
1 year ago
The CIA has been the most destructive force in America. I hope to one day soon, see their crimes, brought out from the dark, and into the light. So that our country can come together, and be what it once was, a land of opportunity and freedom for all Americans. I feel bad for Kaczynski. He deserved better. We all do. Thank you for your work.

Diane Lipartito
1 year ago
You do good research, but should leave the politics out of it. This kind of power mongering, control and deviance knows no party or side. There is evil on both sides.

Jay Warren Clark
1 year ago
Perhaps as middle class he was disposable at Harvard.

1 year ago
Where have you been? Everything ok ❤

Rudy Baldovino
1 year ago
Brilliant! Thank you so much for the information well done!

Binks Webelf
1 year ago
Timothy Leary said the CIA was in on his experiments with LSD.

Cobalt Blue
1 year ago
Wow! Some of the best investigative reporting I’ve heard!

John Wudarcki
8 months ago
Now I see why they want free college. It’s to further the mind control/indoctrination process

Laura McNeal
1 year ago
Where are you Amazing Polly,, we miss you❤

Fred Marrinan
1 year ago
Thank You very much Ms. Amazing Polly, Fred Marrinan, PhD, abd from FSU, Undergrad and Masters from Northern State University all degrees in Educational Design and Brain Configuration.

J Sev
1 year ago
This is a huge insight into the sad lives so many torture victims endure

charlie ryan
1 year ago
Glad I found your channel just subscribed

1 year ago
“First we take Manhattan…then we take Berlin.” -Leonard Cohen

Scott Reynolds
1 year ago
I think FDR would be rolling in his grave if he knew the monster that he allowed to materialize!

scott nyc
8 months ago
McVeigh fell victim to the Deep State.He was just another patsy takedown when in reality the actual bad actors were never spoken of.

Brandi Guarino
1 year ago
Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram can be an exercise in humiliation.

1 year ago
I am really glad I found your channel just a month or so ago! You truly are amazing and just seem to outdo yourself one segment after another! Great work! I just wish YouTube would notify me when you release a new video. seems no matter how many times I re-click the subscribe and bell button, I still never get notified. I don’t want to miss your thoughts and informed comments.

Alice Phillips
4 months ago
The CIA has been preparing ‘us’ for THE BEAST SYSTEM, as in the ‘AntiChrist’ to come! It’s working. Great video, Polly!!!

William Fotiou
2 months ago
In the height of the “cold war” when I was still a teenager, I always said we were “fighting ” communism to better it! I was a visionary!!!

Greg Swaim
1 year ago
Can you say ” Gaslighting”?
Sure you can…lol

J Sev
1 year ago
the press and authorites painted him as a sick loner – as if being a loner is inherently depraved

Glenda Langley
8 months ago
You really are amazing Polly. I knew when this happened to Ted there was more to the story than what we were being told. You’ve put the stories together for us so we may see the results of what has been happening for a long time. I’ve researched MK-Ultra and Tavistock is right in there. Thank you. Appreciate you.

Lisa Outrequin
11 months ago
Turns out getting into Harvard is based on various criteria, few of them intellectual

10 months ago
I think that the director of the CIA’s title should be changed to US Ambassador to the CIA. The US government has no control over the CIA, and hopes no one will notice.

1 year ago
more like how the CIA usurped the Republic. Its a rogue agency that needs to brought to heel and restructured after it has fully went under internal audit of its activities.

11 months ago

Stomm X
8 months ago
Jaysus this stuff is absolutely amazing. Love from Ireland x

1 year ago
” Greater is he who is in you than he who is in the world.” God

Ty McCullough
1 year ago
I’ve been attacked by it since I was a child and now I’m being framed as one.

Kris Baran
1 year ago
Well, situation with Las Vegas shooter and connection to CIA.

Nihilist John
1 year ago
This is the first time that I have watched any of your videos. My initial reaction was: “Oh here we go. Another bat-sh$& rant on YouTube. Should make for some great entertainment.” A quarter in, I have to agree 100% with all of your conclusions.


Good work. Very informative.

JoBird Snedy
1 year ago
Hey girl where are you???? I keep looking for your input on the crazy news this week!! I miss you 😞

Jackie Stroud
1 year ago
Amazing – again! Thanks Polly! How marvelous that you and so many others are airing the Truth!!! God bless you.

Ms Nada
1 year ago (edited)

Greg Alkema
1 year ago
1984 Was 1948 transposed, to show us what Zionism would bring the world.

Mr. Smoothchild
1 year ago
Prior to trench warfare, war consisted of walking tightly packed into live fire under orders from gentlemen. who saw it as sport.

nelson bran
1 year ago
Love you pretty lady! You’re brilliant… thank you for gumming it all together for us. 😉

8 months ago
Polly, i´d like to inform you, allthough you maybe know as well, that the libertarian philosophy is also antipositive (nature law)
So maybe its not all bad about antipositivism… 😉

Marilyn Moore
1 year ago
Wow. Just wow. You never fail to expand my thinking. I hope you know how appreciated you are. Thank you.

Jon Cranon
1 year ago
Well done Polly. Thank you, and keep up the good work. I suspect there is an answer to this decay: secession of the creative and speciation at the periphery.

Ann Belmonti
8 months ago
God bless you Polly. This info is amazing! I would like to add that Dr. Murray did include data on the potential disruptive effects of the minority underclass who were intelligent and resourceful in The Bell Curve. Silly me I thought he was paying us a compliment and was admiring these people.

My Uncle was a Mathematics student at Berkley when Kosinski was a professor at the time. He had joined the weekend warrior troops, forget the name during Viet Nam, stateside. He was put into military intelligence. Later he became a CPA and founded an HMO group, right around the time he was going to Bohemian Grove and was a member of the Bohemian Club in San Francisco. It was for wealthy people and artists. He said he was a photographer. And he called himself an existentialist!

In my early twenties I was pulled aside at a gathering pf their neighbors by the wife of a famous psychiatrist who td me her husband wanted to warn me to get away from him because he was very dangerous And a psychopath. She asked if I would throw it in his face because it would put them in danger so she wanted to know. I promised not to. She said she had to know because if I did they would have to move away themselves.

I am so grateful for your work and that of other youtubers for reminding me how much I have survived.

2112 Bangkok
1 year ago
Who provided the scholarship? Never heard of psychological test requirement before funding/admission

M. Jones
10 months ago
With that definition of existentialist attitude, who doesn’t have it? Who doesn’t think this is an absurd world?

Kno Name777
1 year ago (edited)
Did NAZIsm truly die back in 1944 or did it just get revised & repackaged as socialism/globalism? That war never truly just went covert

Paula Mills
1 year ago
Awesome and Amazing Polly ! I learn so much from you !

Steve Brule PhDMD, Esq
1 year ago
I just have to say that I was watching this and my 6 month old was smiling at laughing at you Polly. 😍🤣

Fascinating video tho.

Arnie Willis
11 months ago
Watched again always learning more from you, amazing thank you.

j makara makara
1 year ago
Character: That’s what makes your work so impressive. Thanks, Polly.

jennifer manchester
1 year ago (edited)
. We have become their enemy.they rewrote the history books.. i love your broadcasts. your very bright and intuitive.Well done. Thank you.

Georg Asmussen
4 months ago
You should also take a look at the psychology of Learned Helplessness: Years and years of research by Mr Seligman et al., trying to figure out how to transform confident individuals into sad human cabbage.

2 months ago
Watching the documentary about him I mostly remembered that he was part of a group initially where people would get “eliminated” and every time there was an elimination the remaining group was told “you survived that elimination”. So when he was left they told him he was the most special one.
Turned out they were looking for people most suitable for manipulation.
I don’t find the public school systems very different.

Ash Kavash
3 months ago
Thank you Amazing Polly, You’ve opened my eyes again, it looks like they implemented this action on Donald Trump.

JoPa GeRi
11 months ago
I’m just blown away by your content Polly. You truly are amazing!!!

Richard Raymond
1 year ago (edited)
Very interesting, thanks!
So Ted was a whistleblower but no one was listening; who knew?
How many others that were never were acknowledged?

Shoot First
7 months ago
“the Frankfurt School were German emigres…” JEWISH German emigres. FIFY.

8 months ago
You’re truly amazing!! May God bless you!!

Luther Golden
11 months ago
Thanks Polly. I know the feeling of finally waking up and realizing the evils for which out goverment has been responsible.

Dale Hutchings
1 year ago
Highly informative video, one of the best I’ve watched concerning the Deep State from a truthful historical account. Excellent work, thumbs up, I salute you.

Mireya VanAmee
10 months ago
Thank you for all your research and great choices to share!. U r one of my favs

1 year ago (edited)
Dare I say, the way you and most Americans think that collectivism, an ideology rooted in solidarity, makes people easier to control by outside forces, is evidence that the real “CIA program” has been extremely effective in fracturing and confusing all of us into believing that individualism makes us stronger. This is the real elite brainwashing that weakens popular movements. Been going on since the beginning of the Cold War. Even further back, with the development of the “science” of public relations by Edward Bernays in the 1910s and 20s, effectively a form of mind control for the American public. Destroy resistance by enhancing the selfish desire for products and belonging in elite status consumer groups. The documentary “Century of The Self” is relevant here.

1 year ago (edited)
Love how informative your videos are. I totally agree about tech. I do not believe that the word left as a pejorative is helpful or accurate, as if the right is without fault. Oligarchs and monopolists are not leftists. it’s another false dichotomy that is meant to divide us. It is meaningless in elite circles.

Kelli In Texas
1 year ago
Amazing Polly your a WONDERFUL PERSON!! I wish knew you in real life 🥰😘😘😘🤩👌👌

1 year ago
They probably cannot break our adult spirit, but with their communist unionized teachers in public school, they are breaking the spirit of our children. They are transforming our children into traitors, and destroyers of families.

2 weeks ago
Would love to hear your thoughts on Ted Kazinsski’s bombing targets. Thank you Polly, very informative. Shame most people believe they have freedom of choice.

William Wezenter
1 year ago
your name fits you! So smart, so Beautiful. Thanks for putting yourself on the front line for Humanity.

reno cool
1 year ago
Your mistake is labeling these people as “leftits “.any groups fighting for power will behave a certain way. If anything, what you’re describing sounds more like right winged fascism.
1 year ago
Thank you for your information, it is very valuable, Thanks again.

Jim C. Goodfellas
1 year ago
Not to mention that now we have the FBI spying on active presidential campaigns

Margaret Fawcett
8 months ago
Polly, you are amazing and I celebrate that you know it. Thank you for the encouragement. I am a new supporter and would like to know a way to give an automatic contribution monthly. So far, I have noticed the way to make an individual contribution. I resonate with all your conscientious research and admire and appreciate your delivery. You are one of the best independent researchers. I’m glad to be a recipient of your devotion. Fondly, Margaret

Tp Smith
8 months ago (edited)
Wow! Miss Polly, You are simply amazing, intelligent, smart, eat up with common sense and… goooood l👀king. I have learned so much from you. Keep up the good work.many many thanks. TP. #lizcrokin

Patrick Alaggio
8 months ago
So glad I found your voice. Thank you.

Roberto Vargas
8 months ago
Finally, Teddy boy revisited! God bless you. We are the Bears of CA.

1 year ago (edited)
Wow, Polly. This gives me chills. We are already “there”. What happens now??!!!
EDIT: I should know by now NOT to post a comment before you’re done talking, Polly! You are RIGHT…..there are MORE OF US than there are OF THEM. It may not seem like it some days, but it’s true. We learn our enemy and fight like he11 for what WE KNOW IS RIGHT. Never Give Up. NEVER SURRENDER!! Thank you, Polly.

8 months ago
Great perspective Polly, your work is much appreciated. Thanks again.

Latitude North
8 months ago
Thanks for sharing your pertinent insights, A.P. You finish this segment w the statement “..we just have to know our enemy”. So true, but I’d like to add: AND our God-given Selves .

10 months ago
The CIA is a stand alone agency, unaccountable to anyone. I think this is the most serious issue we as a humans face. Bravo for discussing it and raising awareness…. I

Joe Blow
11 months ago
Kazinski – incredible mathematician… beyond even smart math students. He is correct about abuses of technology. Machined his own screws so FBI couldnt catch him.

Rural Juror Red Bluff
1 year ago
Another amazing video Amazing Polly. The research, as usual, is superb. Thank you

Mick Long
1 year ago
26:49 unbreakable??? I see my nation as conformity extraordinary ! Jeans! Tats! Body piercings! Smokey eyes make up? In the right light u look like a skull! Lots of examples of conformity! I disagree! I see division! Not conformity!

Patty OConnell
2 months ago
This was so enlightening I never knew the background of this young man Ted K.

1 year ago

Olola Bear
1 year ago
Pete Santilli1 send me back to Amazing Polly’s Excellent Video with Invaluable Information.

Charlotte Lawrence
1 year ago
And they killed Breitbart.

Lizard King
8 months ago
The pictures of Ted….

Even after all the years in prison, you could see that he is still a bright guy.

He has a spark to him…

Poor Ted just obviously need some help from MARSOC Marines, properly placing his explosive devices in close proximity to the enemy…CIA

p Lopez
3 months ago
Like it, I love you, your program.😀

1 year ago
how have I never heard any of this or of you? Very interesting, good job

Official Tru-Dru
1 year ago
Amerikkka Destroyed this Man he just degraded it’s such a shame!

Daniel Cunningham
1 year ago
Thank you, Polly! Yes, MKULTRA is a C_,A operation that supposedly stopped in 1973 but IT DID NOT STOP. I have a book from a survivor of this horrendous program. She doesn’t hold back much, except for names. Horrible stuff she went through. THESE MIND CONTROL SCUMBAGS NEED TO BE ARRESTED AND PROSECUTED FOR WHAT THEY DID TO INNOCENT PEOPLE! WWG1WGALL!

Ron Banks
8 months ago
Beautiful smart Polly. I love you’re channel.
Michael Fielder
1 year ago
Powerful message.
Subscribed !

Norma Castillo
1 year ago
Great information Polly. Thank you 🙏🏼

rick rodgers
10 months ago
Thank you Polly for all the information you make available. I ask my God to protect you. The world is a better place with you in it. Peace

Mike Miller
1 year ago
I’m from the government and I’m here to help…. Run like hell!

john paul
11 months ago
CHOMSKY: The concept “anti-American” is an interesting one. The counterpart is used only in totalitarian states or military dictatorships, something I wrote about many years ago (see my book Letters from Lexington). Thus, in the old Soviet Union, dissidents were condemned as “anti-Soviet.” That’s a natural usage among people with deeply rooted totalitarian instincts, which identify state policy with the society, the people, the culture. In contrast, people with even the slightest concept of democracy treat such notions with ridicule and contempt. Suppose someone in Italy who criticizes Italian state policy were condemned as “anti-Italian.” It would be regarded as too ridiculous even to merit laughter. Maybe under Mussolini, but surely not otherwise.

Actually the concept has earlier origins. It was used in the Bible by King Ahab, the epitome of evil, to condemn those who sought justice as “anti-Israel” (“ocher Yisrael,” in the original Hebrew, roughly “hater of Israel,” or “disturber of Israel”). His specific target was Elijah.

It’s interesting to see the tradition in which the people you refer to choose to place themselves. The idea of leaving America because one opposes state policy is another reflection of deep totalitarian commitments. Solzhenitsyn, for example, was forced to leave Russia, against his will, by people with beliefs very much like those you are quoting.

QUESTION: Do you think the United States government has justified war against Iraq?

CHOMSKY: No. Not even close. And they know it.

1 year ago (edited)
Polly, you are amazing. What a great presentation, thank you so much! I still often think of one of the very few liberal arts courses I had in college, a “colloquium in 20th century thought” given by the head of the history and economics department. In presenting my term paper the professor, who was goggle eyed and the spitting image of Jean Sartre, was insistent I reference Marcuse, and then more Marcuse. i was only 21 years old, but I knew Marcuse was a fraud. Just as you said, nothing would satisfy this type. He was basically just a nasty soul. I was tickled by he irony of this “cultural” Marxist decrying the “Democratization of Culture”. What, like the great unwashed masses, the proletariat listening to Bach or going to a Cezanne exhibit and thereby debasing the art? No, i imagined he resented his wife listening to Bach in the kitchen while he was writing this tome. Marcuse was the mentor of Angela Davis at Berkeley, the young black woman who became the darling of black, leftist activism. I voted socialist in 1964. By 1972 I was calling myself a conservative. I moved right in reaction to the leftist student movement and “modern liberalism” in general, sensing it was not a true advance, and that the activists were superficial and selfish. Indeed! Remember Jerry Rubin joining Wall Street not too many years after his hell raising at Columbia University? So what I saw in the sixties in the student movement has now metastasized, the selfish kids became professors spreading the ideology of cultural relativism and now the entire body politic is sick and the country is being destroyed. Ah, yes, the Berkeley “Free Speech Movement”, what has become of this? As one might have predicted, it has become its antithesis. At Berkeley now, no speakers are allowed on campus to speak in any manner different from the accepted norms, first laid down by the 1960s student activists.

Doc Brown
1 month ago
Polly, I absolutely love what you do and I thank you.

9 months ago
Amazing Polly keeps on amazing me. You’re awesome. I saw the word MOB right away. Now we know where the word comes from.

8 months ago
Thank you Polly always amazing!

Gretta Rebardi
11 months ago
I can be watching TV and look across the room and see a whole scene of devil’s and kids…I Kno it’s not real

Saiful Rimkeit
11 months ago
Poly, I remember hearing the name of Herbert Marcuse during the early 1960s at San Francisco and Berkeley Bay Area apartment meetings I attended along with Anarchists, Woblies, proto-Nazi wannabes and some Leftist sex deviants. Personally I only attended the meetings because I was a 16 year old curious guy.

thedrloboski stevens
11 months ago
This all started back in the 1950’s

The Famous Hungarians
1 year ago
Heartbreaking true report. Thank you Amazing Polly.

Laura Tarnowski
1 year ago
Wow, love your work…deep

Dr. Elizabeth Martin
8 months ago
THANK-YOU, also, A.Polly, for this deep expose re: Ted K. – I was too young to know anything about him. The BEST& THE BRIGHTEST “THEY” WANT TO DESTROY. Stay safe & healthy, dear one. You are lovely & you ARE LOVED.

Marie Jeanne Würrer
4 months ago
O , my , incredible, shocking .
Thank you Polly

David Priscak
1 year ago
Thanks for all your hard work it says here that this video was made a week ago was just wondering if they’re not posting your videos. Hope all is well

1 year ago
This is the most significant video on air. You are Amazing, Polly. 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

Greg Olsen
8 months ago
How Amazing Polly broke the CIA? 🙂

Betty H
1 year ago
“There, from the fall of 1959 through the spring of 1962, Harvard psychologists, led by Henry A. Murray, conducted a disturbing and what would now be seen as ethically indefensible experiment on twenty-two undergraduates. To preserve the anonymity of these student guinea pigs, experimenters referred to individuals by code name only. One of these students, whom they dubbed “Lawful,” was Theodore John Kaczynski, who would one day be known as the Unabomber, and who would later mail or deliver sixteen package bombs to scientists, academicians, and others over seventeen years, killing three people and injuring twenty-three.”

Renate Zorlu
1 year ago (edited)
Why isn’t the torture the Unabomber endured made public? Very good expose Polly!

Sonia Szenay
1 year ago
I have to do this Linked In a two-part series I sending this to you I think you’ll like it

Elisa Lenz
1 year ago
This is vital information. You’ve done a wonderful service by exposing this.

Jasper Garcia
10 months ago
When I see you I see me.

1 year ago
<3 +1up ... incredible nonuseraware 1 year ago Amazing analysis! Janis Hewes 8 months ago As usual, you were simply Marvelous ..I learn so much from you and your energy is so compatible to mine..Namaste' I am an Empath and I am very careful with others' energy. TYVM for being SPECIAL Polly as well as over to PayPal.Ciao Bella! daughter of patriots 1 year ago Thank you, eye opening dissertation. CIA - nothing good comes from it. 🦅🍿⏱ Pedro Centeio 1 year ago thank you for this video , they have programs at Harvard that is evil. Tim Mungovan 8 months ago Polly another Quantified / Empirical segment of "The AP Great Awakening" Thanks Kiddo..!!! Tom Griffiths 1 year ago Right, good to have you on the team.👍 Gretta Rebardi 11 months ago I understand it's a physicological experiment that I have often thought I am a TI John Beasley 1 year ago that is what the military does, they break a person, humiliate them and then build them back up to be who the military wants them to be. Cherie2017 R-M 11 months ago Thank you so much! Randall Gray 1 year ago ❤‼ irving goldberg 1 year ago My friends, The only way we are going to have food in the near future is if we are growing it ourselves. Even if you only have a little soil or maybe you have a little room to do Aquaponics. GET STARTED!!! Talk with neighbors so maybe you can get your neighborhood or development involved. A few people growing different crops could ensure that everyone has what they need by share/barter. If you want to go to heaven, you will need to accept the free gift of salvation that is only found in the blood of Jesus Christ. It is as easy as A,B,C. A. Admit your a sinner. B. Believe that Jesus Christ is the Lord. C. Call upon the name of the Lord Jesus Christ to save you from the pit of hell. Get saved/born again. Only Jesus Christ shed his blood for your sins. If you accept Jesus Christ, he will accept you; that is a fair deal. If you reject the blood that Jesus Christ shed for your sins, he will reject you; that is also a fair deal. Then you will have to pay for your sins in the pit of hell. Jesus Christ makes it easy!!! Will you accept him today my friend???????? Anastasia Maria 1 year ago Great narrative Polly. Thanks for raising awareness on this level. Liked and subd Wizdomtrek 1 year ago "Technology is a major threat to mankind", prophetic! Anne Ross 5 months ago Absolutely brilliant Polly! Your research and delivery are as good as any out there. You go girl❗️🌷 BlueSkyBear 1 year ago Excellent video, thank you! Big Daddy 5 months ago (edited) Polly, I love your videos. I love for you to do a deep dive of all the Ivy League fraternity’s. And how they are all connected to cia. And other elite clubs. Bohemian grove and other government job positions .. Deek Johnson Deek Johnson 1 year ago I hope u r ok, polly 3 ricfly52 ricfly52 1 year ago Ruby Ridge, Idaho was a great example of the government killers destroying a family killing the wife and son, and then moving on. I am an Idahoan, and my butt still burns over that one. 43 ozzie ozzie 1 year ago Nice video, earn you a new subscriber. 🙂 JPD White JPD White 8 months ago I felt touched, thank you. Peace to you Belskisfast Lance Belskisfast Lance 1 year ago thank you I am so glad I discovered your channel Medici Bajic Medici Bajic 1 year ago Thank you for all your hard work mosfet404 mosfet404 1 year ago The AMAZING, Wonderful, Polly. I've noticed this evil creep in amongst us for some time now. That crazy conspiracy guy we all used to know, doesn't seem so crazy anymore, does he? 36 emya098 emya098 1 year ago You are amazing! TY E.T. Preppin E.T. Preppin 1 year ago I just came back to watch the end of this amazing video because I realized I haven’t seen a post from you lately and wanted to make sure YouTube didn’t drop my sub and notifications. They didn’t so what’s up. Are you doing ok. Sincerely Concerned Chip !!! 1 rae mcneal rae mcneal 9 months ago BRAVO Woman most Excellent Thank YOU ✋ Julie H Julie H 1 year ago Amazing that your talking about TK. For some reason I have had him in my mind for awhile now. How he warned us about technology running our lives. I don’t even know if I truly believe the story of him sending the bombs. Wouldn’t b surprised if we found out that was a set up too. They always destroy ppl who are trying to free us. Love your work Polly. You are my favorite tuber! Zippy The Clown Zippy The Clown 1 year ago I wonder if Ted's brother has any idea about this information. He was really torn up over his brother. This might answer some of his questions. 30 Steven Clark Steven Clark 1 week ago We obviously know that see Peter Joseph on Zeitgeit addendum and moving forward there is one final way that this could be done. A lot of "junk" that needs to be moved away first. I see a Way Milla 4 Milla 4 1 year ago You are quite something, Amazing Polly! So happy I never liked leftism and socialism. Thank God, that being said, I don't think Trump and Salvini are any better either. We need something better - we need to do a better job! Grammys a PEEP Grammys a PEEP 8 months ago Eye opening. Thank you for what you do 1 Sunny Thymes Sunny Thymes 1 year ago Powerful!! 🌟🌞🐥🤗💚🌻🍃subbed🐥 RC in KY RC in KY 1 year ago Great work here! Thank you so much for your videos, your work, your dedication! ♥️✝️🇺🇸 81 Alicat 72 Alicat 72 1 year ago It’s called mind controlled. You’re just seeing the tip of the ice berg. I’ve been following the white rabbit down the hole, and the hole goes very, very deep indeed. It is sinister, it is dangerous, and more and more people are either waking up, catching on, seeing the truth, or sadly, freaking out from triggers because the whole thing has gotten entirely out of control. We haven’t seen anything yet. Just wait until AI becomes fused with our minds..... then the game really gets intense. Belialith Belialith 1 year ago Where's Amazing Polly? I hope everything is alright. Are you ok? Are you there? We already miss you. Come back! 4 Michael Journeyman Michael Journeyman 8 months ago When my mother was killed on 9/11, i sensed very strongly that something was off about the story. Eventually I received the truth and became aware of the obvious questions that remain unanswered. Thank you for spreading the truth. Right now truth knowledge is supreme power. Collectively we all rise into joint power 2 mike .D mike .D 8 months ago Nailed it, I also think in the background it’s a psychotic gene that we should have expunged long time ago 1 Ice and Snow Ice and Snow 1 year ago Dang Polly, you’ve got a gift. Much respect! 113 Steven Wenner Steven Wenner 1 year ago Just discovered you great information!!!! Vickie Garri Vickie Garri 11 months ago I went back and read the manifesto. . I was lead to believe it was the rantings of a mad man, but not at all, he was speaking the truth, makes me question everything about his case now. MeMc MeMc 1 year ago Polly, thank you for this francis cooper francis cooper 1 year ago cut and smart, keep up the good work.... Tinker Bell Tinker Bell 1 year ago Wow Sister, you have it going on. My gosh, you are spookingly brilliant. Stay safe, and keep exposing this stuff. 189 Schlau Urheber Schlau Urheber 9 months ago You have before you two choices: Life or death (eternal). Chose Life. Here's the deal: life is about choices; make the wrong ones and suffer the consequences. Bruce George Bruce George 10 months ago Great talk thank you. From Me From Me 3 weeks ago I cannot stop watching your videos. Every single one is informative & helpful. I thank you. Kat Kat 11 months ago Now I wonder if he really sent bombs or were they planted by the CLOWNS. They will not win. Claire Casey Claire Casey 1 year ago You are spot on Polly , also Very,very Amazing, much <3 & prayers... 65 Riaz Ahmed Riaz Ahmed 1 year ago Watch your back too sweetheart 🌹 J B J B 10 months ago I was googling the internal medicine doctor's name today along wirh the words malpractice and a bunch of russian sites popped up. Eventually I gave up because I think I was about to be hacked. Oh and every link went to the same story about Amazon. Maybe they use the loosh energy to boost business. Bertus Kamphof Bertus Kamphof 1 year ago Interesting very interesting thank you very much , but i have got a question : Which side killed Mossadegh Arbenz Hammerskjold Lumumba JFK Malcolm X MLK RFK Fred Hampton The Black Panthers Salvador Allende Olav Palme John Lennon JFK Jr which side arrested Mandela ? The rightish or leftish ? Which side wanted to tear apart The CIA into 1000 pieces ? Dante Cortez Dante Cortez 1 year ago It seems that this is now the confusion that we all feel through media, even our devices of socially connecting us to one another, Facebook, Twitter. Trevor Hoppenworth Trevor Hoppenworth 1 year ago Here is a Ted pill. Don't do college credits outside of the classroom. 39 John Otness John Otness 6 months ago Thank You.... A Mishel A Mishel 1 year ago Great research! kudos to you. yoda3988 yoda3988 1 year ago I do believe your work is valid. Thank you! YSANROCHE OfficialYT YSANROCHE OfficialYT 1 year ago (edited) You are very right about this and you speak my mind. I learned so much from your videos. Contempt is the right word to use when you talk how people feel about the "ordinary crowd." Beatrice Silver Beatrice Silver 1 year ago I recently began to think about Mr Kazinski (in the last year) and him being the 1st mkultra case. He was an eccentric, gifted person who was experimented upon to achieve a desired result. I would say he was the 1st Timothy McVeigh. 30 joseph cohee joseph cohee 11 months ago u r amazing Stuart Doblin Stuart Doblin 1 year ago 4:48 "How Leftism is a severe a destructive force in society...+" Polly, A criminal is not both a leftest or a rightest or a centrist and a criminal, they are only Criminals! A criminal violates their precepts whether: left, right, or center. Ergo, you cannot place a criminal in a category other than depraved. You cannot speak of a leftist criminal, or a rightest criminal or a centrist criminal as a criminal, only depraved. cat power cat power 1 year ago Spring break, my freshman year was 1996. I drove home to Great Falls from Missoula and passed through Lincoln as I always did, but I took some mushrooms before leaving the dorm. As I drove through Lincoln I was unaware what was happening there, but I knew something was up. On arrival in Great Falls I heard the news of his capture as the 'shrooms took hold. It was a bizarre day. Jesus Christ King Of Kings Lord of Lords Jesus Christ King Of Kings Lord of Lords 1 year ago I would love to see them try and break me...I have the power of the almighty God in me, and all these people are, are Satan in human form! And we all know who wins in the end! I wear the armor of God and as long as I stand strong in that armor, which is 100% mental, they couldn't touch me!! To God be the glory! Christy Alvarado Christy Alvarado 1 year ago * The CIA needs dismantled.........IMMEDIATELY. They are the enemy of the People. The FBI is pushing their way to that point as well.... And the DoJ is right behind them... 36 HKashaf HKashaf 1 year ago This is a serious question and I really want to know the answer. In 2019, if we don't have a collective front against mega corporations how are we going to stand a chance??? Corporatist are not really leftist. Trump got elected because of Cambridge Analytical. How is Fox News any different than CNN or CNBC ? They are both colorations that lie and decieve their audience and promote war and confusion. It is like you said the Golden boy of American exceptionalism invited Frankfurt School of thought into Amercian. Nancy Kuehn Nancy Kuehn 5 months ago Appreciate your in-depth thorough research! Thank you Polly Whatdoiknow Smith Whatdoiknow Smith 1 year ago Wow, this explains so much. Thankyou. This is just what my psyche needs to keep fighting these empty people. From Australia, thanks. Lancelot Dufrane Lancelot Dufrane 1 year ago Great Work! Hollie Pierce Hollie Pierce 1 year ago (edited) Yes I had heard he was experimented on. No wonder he became mentally ill. So sad! Kinda like NXIVM / MK Ultra cult. Love all your posts one of the best keep it up! Appreciate you!! 42 Paul S. Kearns Paul S. Kearns 1 year ago Great work tcarable tcarable 1 year ago Thank for the imformation Mike forTrump Mike forTrump 10 months ago Thank you. ken krausse ken krausse 1 year ago Thank you rich hall rich hall 1 year ago I hope you are over on Bitchute. You should begin prepping your YouTube audience to quickly migrate there as well onto other alt-tech platforms. 35 Carl Tilley Carl Tilley 1 year ago We know our enemy, now we must destroy them and everything they stand for. Tracy Virruso Tracy Virruso 11 months ago Guy from my home town allon33 allon33 11 months ago Just break up Google like the Bell phone company, and the Left will come undone, like a stack of cards. And then close down the CIA and cut funding to Israel. Problem solved. syyhkyrotta syyhkyrotta 8 months ago You are truly amazing. Suz Anders Suz Anders 1 year ago Polly, you are so good at what you do. You draw attention to yourself. I'm praying for your protection always. I'd like to ask others to pray for you too. I guess it's the price for your brilliance. God bless 27 Zed2323 Zed2323 Zed2323 Zed2323 1 year ago Great work, Polly. Greetings from Poland. Steve Rubeor Steve Rubeor 1 year ago You’re very brave Farhad Kazemi Farhad Kazemi 1 year ago Pretty good research...thank you. Maria Lourdes Gauci Maria Lourdes Gauci 1 year ago The free country is a myth dear continue the good work thank you Dr. B Dr. B 1 year ago I love your work Polly. You really are amazing. One of the best researchers on YouTube! 608 fgkpev fgkpev 1 year ago When was Ted Kaczynski "self sufficient"? Louis In Name Only Louis In Name Only 11 months ago Very good seeing Brightbart predicting future from the grave. Great job Patti Pilcher Patti Pilcher 8 months ago It's the Nazi World Order! They had to hude what the "N" stood fir! David M David M 11 months ago (edited) "...change us into the types of people whom they (the Deep State) can manipulate and deceive)...Spread to the larger population. How do Fakebook, Goolag, and Twiddle fit into this? Look at the Democrats lately? Edelwiess&Ivy Edelwiess&Ivy 1 year ago Spot On Polly. Thank you so much for your voice and research. Foxboro Consulting Group, Inc. Foxboro Consulting Group, Inc. 8 months ago Great job Polly!🤩😘 Jan Behaeghel Jan Behaeghel 8 months ago You nailed it, Polly! Brilliant! 1 year ago Was this apart of Operation paper clip? Great work DJ Milligan DJ Milligan 1 year ago You are so incredibly beautiful Myke Carter Myke Carter 9 months ago Excellent stuff. Thanks! Rebecca Nyseth Rebecca Nyseth 8 months ago WOW WAS HE RIGHT!!! Vicki McGregor McGregor Vicki McGregor McGregor 9 months ago Always great information. Charles Reichert Charles Reichert 1 year ago Also check out Dr Cameron in Canada who worked with CIA and was my first awakening to MKultra. 24 John Pittman John Pittman 9 months ago Thank you for your share . VIRUSTT Trinidad VIRUSTT Trinidad 1 year ago we love you Polly , so into it ,,,,, John Harris John Harris 1 year ago Beautiful and smart great videos MrShmanckles MrShmanckles 9 months ago Thanks Robert Babcock Robert Babcock 1 year ago Excellent description of todays ' Leftist ' parties . Good show Polly. 128 Daniel Young Daniel Young 1 week ago brilliant! Laurence Clark Crossen Laurence Clark Crossen 1 year ago The laws against entrapment (in the U.S.) are so weak that law enforcement practically entirely disregards them. Rex Johnson Rex Johnson 8 months ago Wow! Jeff Ray Jeff Ray 1 year ago I love all people .they have payback on their minds . amberlynn's urologist amberlynn's urologist 1 year ago Somehow anonymity is one of the last bastions of freedom 29 M M M M 1 year ago Oklahoma bomber, the only one executed with no witnesses, I'll guess he is still alive and kickin' 😉 Bye Bye Bye Bye 1 year ago What a brilliant piece, and your delivery is perfect, and by that I mean your integrity, sincerity, and force of will shine through. Timothy Smith Timothy Smith 1 year ago Force confession through mind control. Then it seems the one controlling the mind is the one making the confession, not the suspect and victim. Michael Clayton Michael Clayton 6 days ago Your investigative was a very welcomed boost. Thank you Polly. Northern Lights Northern Lights 1 year ago Hello, Amazing Polly. Glad to catch another one of your fantastic video's. I so appreciate all your hard work and research. 246 Norman Zimmerman Norman Zimmerman 1 year ago Keep shining the light! Charles Goehring Charles Goehring 11 months ago (edited) Disturbing! PoTA: "They cut up his brain!" Daniel Johns Daniel Johns 8 months ago Polly, read this one, it will add a lot to help connect the dots - The Brothers: John Foster Dulles, Allen Dulles, and Their Secret World War - by Stephen Kinzer Micky Long Micky Long 8 months ago 26:37 ??? What if they chose him to set him up? What professors were targeted? Removing professors who would under mine socialism! Myguess that man was bombarded with sound! There probably were cameras on him! He was a chosen subject!!!! Mkultra ? They would not stop after Berkeley! He was suppose to send the letter bums!!!!! He was a lab rat... Janice McKenzie Janice McKenzie 1 year ago I n the 60s I worked along side with a Psych nurse who said Oleary headed drug experiments in SASKATCHEWAN PSYCHIATRIC HOSPITAL where she had worked. So Olearys work areas are more expansive than thought 38 WhyAmIAmazed WhyAmIAmazed 1 year ago (edited) Every time "the enemy" is used by Donovan, it really stood for "useless feeders", the populace in general. "The Authoritarian Personality" by Theadore Adorno is an example of how they intended to destroy the family structure. H. M H. M 1 year ago Pretty scary stuff 👀🤔😱 David Hutchins David Hutchins 8 months ago Excellent. Simply Excellent. 😊 p Lopez p Lopez 3 months ago Yeah back in the 50's, but now too many Frankfurt, Idots running around. Changing our country. God help us. J Sev J Sev 1 year ago The press didn't reveal anything personal about him, did they? 45 David Smith David Smith 11 months ago It looks like the CIA was successful in getting to you. You're so obsessed with American intelligence agency. pretorious700 pretorious700 11 months ago Great content, subscribed. Tom Morrissey Tom Morrissey 1 year ago This is one of your best videos..... Herman Velarde Herman Velarde 2 months ago YO ARE TALKING HEGALIAN DIALECTIC (CREATE A PROBLEM) ( WATCH THE REACTION TO THE PROBLEM) (COME IN WITH A SOLUTION) "NEVER LET A GOOD CRISIS GO TO WASTE." 9wen Wilson 9wen Wilson 1 year ago I remember being mid 20's- seeing all, something odd then, Thanks for topic Polly 20 Revision TV82 Revision TV82 1 year ago You channel might be careful..😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂 John Marino John Marino 1 year ago Great work. blackopman1 blackopman1 8 months ago Dear Polly, your work is amazing , your research is impeccable and your delivery is fantastic. thank you very much for all you ,do love from Australia. P. S God Bless and keep you and yours. I’m going back to Church tomorrow as I need a lift after watching this evil now for years. Is there any one that isn’t corrupt?? Judy Dupree Judy Dupree 10 months ago Unbelievable!! How long have we been lied to? Like you said “I’m floored”! I’m almost 70 and I can’t believe I’ve lived with all this corruption without knowing before this time. You are amazing! I’m really getting an education! Mike Perkins Mike Perkins 1 year ago Awesome 👍 ! You are rapidly approaching MY FAVORITE 😍 48 therodz8 therodz8 1 year ago Thx for these info.... 1 16161645 16161645 1 year ago ##.. I understand what your talking about .reguarding THE C.I.A . Im JUST. NOT SURE. THAT TED . Is a good example. There are much Better well known examples. Lee Harvey , sir han sir han. The problem is , how do you , go after a government. That Basically is Controling the Known government. Unfortunately just having this kind of Conforsation.Makes people appear not credible. I 've worked for the Treasury Department. So I totally see your argument. I wish I had. A good answer for you. I do not.? 4 Karl Topfer Karl Topfer 1 year ago How can you confuse everything to mint it into an anti l ft argument? Kim Gordon Kim Gordon 1 day ago Targeted resources for the empire Daniel Vargo Daniel Vargo 1 year ago (edited) CIA IS CORPORATE INTELLIGENCE AGENCY! WORKING FOR BANKS AND OIL AND CORPORATIONS!! USA IS A CORPORATION! GOVT. IS CHARTER ENFORCING THE RULES OF CORPORATIONS!😒 58 Victor Valdez Victor Valdez 11 months ago You are great my dear Lazarus Seven Lazarus Seven 11 months ago even when young I could see something was not what it seemed, schools were not for your learning but to program us. Chris Greene Chris Greene 1 year ago In her words-" we fought wars against dictators and despots? Oh how little you really do know about history Cherry Blossom Cherry Blossom 1 year ago Totally amazing Polly. Jay Jay 1 year ago Excellent work Poly - really useful summary - was amazed recently that a long term friend was unaware of trauma based mind control and also has "liberal" progamming! Thanks for this. 26 Francisldrake Zurdo Francisldrake Zurdo 1 year ago (edited) And why he participate in the study? At first you say he knew it, then it was with out his knowledge. imladyt imladyt 8 months ago Eat em n Smile Eat em n Smile 1 year ago Law is great for some especially if you twist it to fit Chad Fasching Chad Fasching 1 year ago Wow phil shea phil shea 1 year ago When the US government provided sanctuary to all those nazi scientists and technicians and engineers post WW2 , " Operation Paperclip " was it ? they were,nt all just rocket scientists ,some of them had other more " unique " talents 27 JR T JR T 9 months ago David Kelly David Kelly 1 year ago Since when have we lived in a free country? Moto Life Crisis Moto Life Crisis 1 year ago Compelling information. RON GHAFARY RON GHAFARY 1 year ago It is a first time I have watched a video(Partially) from Poly. I thought this lady was informed about the truth rather than being brainwashed like most of the society till hearing her making comments about going to all these wars across the Globe freeing people from all the dictators. Then I knew she is a sheeple too. Davina Marshall Davina Marshall 1 year ago Terrific stuff Polly. Now I have insight into PM trudeau's mindset. He is a disciple of the Frankfurt school. He is a true believer and that's what makes him so dangerous. 39 Gul Majeed Gul Majeed 1 year ago Excellent video as I always say the females are much more intelligent Jim Mines Jim Mines 1 year ago I resisted watching this for over a week. I'm grateful that I gave in. Polly, thank you for an awesome presentation. Kevin Frenyea Kevin Frenyea 1 year ago Thankyou so much . xVSupremacy xVSupremacy 7 months ago This is interesting because it reminds me of Rachel Megan Markle. Prince 🤴 Harry is her MK Ultra Subject. Megan Markle boasted she had removed Prince Harrys identity and has mad him lose his identity he is now just H 😜 Robert Landy Robert Landy 1 year ago Wow, there’s a shocker! Well maybe not but, I did not know this either. What a dig! You are an intelligent and brave woman and I appreciate the knowledge. 17 Eric Klotz Eric Klotz 1 year ago god bless Tom Spanne Tom Spanne 11 months ago Bullseye! Woodrow Wilson Woodrow Wilson 1 year ago Ted knew that they was after him. That is why he move to the woods ,in a. Log carbon .his brother turned him in. matchalatte matchalatte 8 months ago I always wondered whether Ted Kasinsky was a targeted individual, or if he was framed. Thanks for the throwback! jeff deathrage jeff deathrage 1 year ago (edited) Ok- you've went from bein a great commentator to doin research n knocked it out. Amazing, BADASS Polly! Really! 19 Eric Kane Eric Kane 1 year ago (edited) Very good overview, especially the “born a sinner” scheme. I have held the Catholic Churches Black Magic book in my own hands, shown to me by an excommunicated arch bishop from Canada who got excommunicated because he started using native drumming and other native practices of high spiritual nature. Also the breaking of most highly civilized and advanced Native Cultures by the same methods, and the sophisticated use of them for employment though the public school system of America. Sonia Szenay Sonia Szenay 1 year ago Revival Jim Revival Jim 1 year ago wow great work. Jeffery Lewis Jeffery Lewis 1 year ago Your pretty hot! Smart too! Sorry! All respect! Just sayin! Benjamin Pectol Benjamin Pectol 1 year ago (edited) Polly you're the best. 💯 Aurora Colorado shooter James Eagan Holmes who blasted the theater at the Batman movie also was subject to psychological testing in college. Also if you haven't researched the Simon and Garfunkle song Sound Of Silence. Sound Of Silence is a mind control weapon. 37 Carlos Amonimus Carlos Amonimus 1 year ago as you see the guy eco the image of establishment of his time , Orwell was leftist and he wrote animal farm as critical analysis of Stalinist but also 1984 as critical of corporation capitalistic western society Research Bear Research Bear 8 months ago I'm starting to be convinced that project paperclip brought rich jews and academic jews from Germany NOT NAZI from the Hitler group.... Ginny Hobby Ginny Hobby 9 months ago Polly , you are indeed Amazing. Lynn Lamont Lynn Lamont 11 months ago John Adam's referred to the enemy as damnable Jesuits. General Lafayette had interesting comments too. drslappytittles drslappytittles 1 year ago I havent been floored by many things but this video shows you what the left is doing. They must be stopped. 124 Amazing Polly Kathleen Fuller Kathleen Fuller 8 months ago I loved it. 1 Bdh2019 Bdh2019 11 months ago Many of the techniques you describe used against Ted sound much like present day Scientology. Research that can of worms. TJ TJ 11 months ago (edited) That’s treason, you would think! jazzfreek jazzfreek 1 year ago Wow, blown away! Wish I could frame this video and hang it where the whole world could see it. Everything becomes a bit clearer now, the way you put together the disparate pieces is extremely impressive, educational and ALMOST your finest attribute! Thanks again, Polly. Lewis Bey Lewis Bey 11 months ago Well said RV! Ophelia Rolle Ophelia Rolle 1 year ago Dap Dunlap Music Dap Dunlap Music 1 year ago Listening to this, reminds me of the movie, with Timothy Robbins, Joan Cusack & Beau Bridges. When Tim & Joan characters, framed Beau's character for a bombing. Sun shine Sun shine 8 months ago Great review and analysis. In the 60s they opposed spying. Now they used against us. Leftist are egoist that cannot see beatiful eyes on some else. To find solace they punish others until they feel they have suffered more. Satan betrayed God and was the first lier. So are the leftist, his disciples. Rabbit Hole Rabbit Hole 1 year ago Love ya' Polly! Thanks for all your work! 37 David Mackrell David Mackrell 8 months ago The states let in the scientists of Germany come and it has been hell ever since,not for much longer. GeorgenotSmith2

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