Maxwell, Epstein and the Control of Science since WW2 (Amazing Polly,

Maxwell, Epstein and the Control of Science since WW2 (July 11, 2020)

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Mark Patton
1 week ago
“Self directed evolution of man”, that being “man as god”, is about as satanic as it gets.

Webmaster’s Comment: Amazing Polly hits another one out of the park, cutting through the lies that have bound our nation and world since WWII and presenting us with the truth: Eugenicists have long striven and now have mostly achieved their cybernetic-technocratic population control dream…. “the control of the human population,” “the self-directed evolution of man”…. “It’s always been about biology and the mind.”

As per some of the comments, this is not a human agenda…. this is Satan’s agenda. Thank you, Polly.

Amazing Polly
2 weeks ago

I hope this wasn’t too much at once. Things are really coming clear now & it’s thanks to the GREAT AWAKENING! You’re all part of it. ♥
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Vlad on Flat Earth
2 weeks ago
Your research, the way you put the puzzle pieces together and presentation is simply outstanding. No fear mongering at all = just facts and logical reasoning. One MASSIVE THANK YOU for all your work!

Ron Buckner
1 week ago
Controlling the narrative. This isn’t even about China’s wish to control. This is Satan.

1 week ago (edited)
I, as a German, woke up in 2015. When- without any reasonable cause- started an invasion of men from Africa and Near East to Germany. And our chancellor Merkel DID NOT want to stop it- in opposite- she forced it and it doesn’t stop until today. I- as German- am ashamed of those things you discover. All those lies and betrayal which seem to origin from my country ( and if digging deeper-from persons of a special believe, who received a country of their own after WW2). We all have to do everything that is possible to stop the “Great Reset” which is planned by the World Economic Forum. We have to wake up others- and I am so thankful for your work. I spread it everywhere I can

j M
1 week ago
This woman right here is one legendary Queen

The open mind
1 week ago
They have always invented an enemy when none existed to engender fear. Fear makes it easier to control people than anything else. We have seen that clearly very recently.

Elaine Fontaine
2 weeks ago
My favorite “truth archeologist”
She never stops digging for truth..
Thank you

Michael Lay
1 week ago
My red pill moment was when I was told to apologize for making a joke about sock puppets attacking people. My supervisor said my joke could be construed as racist. Her ensuing explanation was so weird, and it felt so unreal I had to take a hard look at what the hell is going on.

1 week ago
Satan has NEVER given up on his first Lie and intention: “I will be as the Most High, I will be AS GOD”. And throughout History, there has NEVER been a shortage of Self-Absorbed, Evil Bastards who will sell their very Soul to help him fulfill that goal. You wanna see who’s Truly Demonic, just look at who’s playing God!

Mark Patton
1 week ago
“Self directed evolution of man”, that being “man as god”, is about as satanic as it gets.

Raven Cole
1 week ago
Has anyone noticed the Democrat slogan, “Build Back Better,” is the same as the World Economic Forum and their Great Reset plan?

Noelle McGrath DePaula
2 weeks ago
Polly is doing yeoman’s work on exposing the roots of the Deep State.
Lucky to have her out there!

Geert Kok
1 week ago
When i became Christian God revealed truth and it has only intensified. Your research brings forth its fruit. Blessings!!

1 week ago (edited)
Polly and James Corbett, Shaun Atwood, Really Graceful. 4 of most detailed out there.

1 week ago
Michael Crichton discovered all that and wrote the novel “State of Fear” and got himself killed for doing so.

Terry H
21 hours ago
That’s why Dr. Judy Mikovits was arrested by NIH and asked to retract her research and article….read her Book..Plague of Corruption

Stephen Thorburn
2 weeks ago
Nursing homes are the new death camps.

Bandana Sharma
2 days ago
Red Pill – env sci teachers telling us there is a population problem which is why they go to small villages in India and tell people to stop having babies (not patronizing at all!) So they can save their own environment. Also got involved with activists and realized they are not real people and do not engage emotionally, something deeply sick in humans psychology, then researching sra, mk ultra, cults. Heard a lot Nazis won the war. Also heard about viewing mirrors to see the future. I find they are mimicking what they see us do in future in a sick way. This is why these “movements” seem organic and for humans/environment on first glance. They are bad imitations of us, the originals.

Think Mackay
1 week ago
“Operation Paperclip” is a good book about this taking in Nazis scientists operation!

Spam Email
1 week ago
Most of what we are told by our governments are lies.

Patty Sullivan
1 week ago
Standing in my truth: just back from picking up groceries, and I m not sure if it was this episode that you encouraged pushing back on the mandatory mask wearing in Ontario, but I went into the big yellow L chain with its floor stickers and hand wiping greeter, without a mask. What I did go in with was a big smile and cheery attitude. However, most people avoided my eye contact. Did not avoid me just looking at my face. I got one smile from a young man also not wearing a face covering. Thank you for your encouragement

Life of Riley
2 weeks ago
Gov Murphy of NJ, who forced covid infected elderly into care homes, was the US ambassador to Germany under Obama.

Debbie Zoppina
1 week ago
Now they are trying to break our souls too by shutting down our churches and religious leaders aren’t fighting back. 😢😢😢

1 week ago
My red pill moment was 9/11 when I watched mainstream media — the newswires — omit, edit, and suppress information provided on the ground in NY in real time.

CSAcitizen Feather
1 week ago
Bill Gates’ father is who created and established Planned Parenthood (PP) – the baby killing factories world wide !

Qristi Louie
1 day ago
I believe in the end it’s all about the Battle for the human soul. This is just a spiritual showdown in my humble opinion

Janice Bell
2 weeks ago
The “Elite” are all insane!!! They are the ones who need to be eliminated!

Orlando Arrom
1 week ago
My red pill moment was forty years ago when my uncle Mario gave me a little book published by the John Birch Society called None Dare Call It a Conspiracy and asked me to read it.

Dororthy Crutison
1 day ago
It’s starting to make sense Polly in the Bible it talks about inventors of evil things. Thank You”. They are of the Devil evil puppets.

Nora Daly
1 week ago
This video has been monumental to me. I’m showing it to everyone who will listen. Even my children. Thank you for being the ONLY true journalist. I trust your work. Discernment is screaming your name. I’ll watch this several times until I learn it. So many thanks to you. ❤️

Juan Garcia
1 week ago (edited)
Germany DID plan on losing the war
Just ask Vice-Admiral Wilhelm Canaris.

*Besides, all roads lead to Rome, the City of London and Wall Street.

Mike Cavallaro
2 weeks ago
I expected Polly to put all the pieces together. She usually does.

23 hours ago
I could spend hours reading the comments. We all have a story of being Red Pilled. Mine happen back in the early 80s when my first husband told me be careful what you buy, be careful what you order, be careful of anything that you do because they are watching you and could be put on a black list. But my newest is the pedo world and how deep it goes and the suspicion even Disney Thank you Polly I’m glad IPOT sent me in your direction. Fan I did have a heart ache to think all tie into Fertility Mortality and Migration.

nancy p
1 week ago
my red pill moment was when m daughter was injured from a vaccine. Started doing research an was astonished at all the lies an poisons that they put in vaccines. This lead me to want to know more, bless you for showing us the truth.

Carola Elsiedotter
1 week ago (edited)
Red pill for me was when i heard about the moon landing (im born 1969). Ive been red-pilled since i was very young and been sceptic by authoroties as long as i can remeber! And of course, people allways said that im different and kept their distance but with curiosity (sorry bout miss spelling)😶 a new world opened up with internet when I found you all at YT – Im not alone – you are not alone – we ate not alone👍 Thank you Amazing Polly you are great🙏 much love and light to you from Sweden ❣️

Paula Taylor
1 week ago
This, my Polly, was Holy Spirit inspired!
The war started in Eden, The HUMANS are the enemy,
The Elites are ‘his’ tools/fools!
Wait ‘til Science meets CONSCIENCE, it is ironic that science is the “con”!
Lucifer hates that ABBA Loves us enough to die for us!
Guess what else is in SVITCHADOITCH? 👀
Thanks for all you do ❣️

His Tory
2 weeks ago
My RED PILL moment was the year 1989 when I first put my feet on the Canadian soil (coming from communist country). In that year, I started raising alarm that all I see and hear here is communist propaganda but much stronger than in my former communist country….. EVERYONE looked at me and walked away in silence. I however, disconnected my tv after 6 months of being in Canada and never connected it again.
I research and pray since that time, and still try to prove and convince my fellow citizens of the same persisting problem; all to no avail.

Truly, it is much easier to delude a human than to convince him/her that (s)he’s been deluded….

1 week ago
My Red Pill moment was Robbie Parker’s smile.

Tess Lawson
1 week ago
And now this…

This is not a vaccine; it’s worse…

“DARPA nanoparticle hydrogels”

All they have to do is swab you…and you’re “part of their computer”..

After watching the 12 minute video below 15 minutes ago, I just searched YouTube and hundreds of reports re: “DARPA Nanoparticle Hydragel” reports came up…some going back 11 years in high level science fairs around the world…

This 12 minute video is from a gal who worked for FEMA. Yowza…she does a deep dive into describing how this will all happen…

The next link is from a DARPA (Defence Advanced Research Projects Agency) officer explaining how they work – 3 min video:

1 week ago
Glad I found your channel. Someone on Shaun Attwood’s channel recommended you.
Thanks for this research ─I am subscribed.

Connie W
1 week ago
I never had to be red pilled. I had very weird dreams as a child, I’ve always known what was coming. But also that God is with us. Be not afraid.

Samiksa Love
2 weeks ago
There are only a handful of real journalists still left on planet earth and you’re one of them. Thank you

the Sage & the Butterfly
1 week ago (edited)
When did I “wake up”? Since my late teens in the 80s, I’ve questioned the corporate world in relation to the devastation of nature and communities and nations for profit. But most recent developments, since 9/11, when I said, they can do whatever they want around the world in the name of terror, as I watched the towers fall.

Chris Nowak
3 days ago
Please look into
‘Suzanne Eaton’ ‘Anthony Hyman’ ‘CRISPR’ ‘mRNA’ ‘XenoBots’ ‘NanoRobots’

Gates of Gergovia
1 week ago
Actually, the main common element is Zionism.

Talla coin
1 week ago
The question emerging to me, who will in the future control all this, a supercomputer? Will a computer stand at the top and humans go extinct?

2 weeks ago
Every thinking adult in this country should listen to this.

Fat Albert
3 days ago
Eisenhower warned of a technical-academic-military elite that was beyond control of the normal legal and democratic channels. It’s a shame that he was ignored.

1 week ago
My RedPill moment was Sandy Hook. When my teacher husband began waking up with nightmares, I began to dig. The bottom fell out of that hole I dug and I haven’t been seen since. 😉

Steven Oostdijk
3 days ago
The “power” you are talking about is only the power to destroy or infertilize. But only life has the power to create. A gentle power, a “grace” as wise people describe it, that is both gently blowing in empty space but also fueling the brightest suns. If you don’t know what I mean it is time to awake your consciousness.

Katt Franklin
1 week ago
I believe the reason this virus targets the older generation who have solid science background learned in school prior to 1980s.
Older generations had survival skills and uses the motto “Necessity is the mother of Invention ”
If we did have it, we either figured a way or had to do without

mark janssens
2 weeks ago
Red pill at 17 years old. Now 64 going with the flow. Happy every day now as I have passed and know the physical part of this life is like one spot on a dart board. Spiritual life is eternal and anything that happens in the material is like a big joke. Remember all of life is a Master plan God always wins.

1 week ago
I’ve known about these people and their “projects” it seems like forever. I’ve always had a curious mind and always looked into things I wanted to understand. No one supported me in those endeavors and there were blockades often. So, I want you to know how much you are appreciated, and I thank you for all you’re trying to expose and teach. People aren’t easily convinced of things they find upsetting, and I don’t envy your task. I made serious efforts to convince those closest to me that their lives and futures were in the hands of monsters and not a single one asked a single question. They simply rejected the whole concept. I couldn’t believe how many cowardly narcissists were in my circle of friends and family. I lost patience and left them to find out on their own when they’re smacked in the face with reality. It’s what I live for. ;^)

2 days ago
Trump regarding Ghislaine Maxwell’s case: ‘I don’t know, I haven’t really been following it too much. I just wish her well, frankly.’

Rick Dinges
1 week ago
Re “Paperclip”–in accord with several reports and a documentary–“Elusive Justice” (narrated by Candace Bergen) the number of SS officers that were brought into the US after WW 2 was estimated as 12,000. So–the numbers need to be properly assessed. In any event–the fact is that our so-called “enemy” was assimilated into our Federal WW2. Prescott Bush is an interesting character to assess as well.

Maureen Jo Pelletier Begley
1 day ago
Polly knows the truth& she shares her great investigations! This is this sad world we live in!

Laquita Stricker
1 week ago
Before I found your video earlier today, I had a brief conversation with a neighbor, who I found is on opposing sides of the issue concerning the covid virus and mask wearing. I was so disheartened coming away, I began feeling as though I am living in a freak show reality. I can hardly bear knowing anymore, the degree of brainwashing our society has undergone. I never dreamed in my lifetime that we would be living in a society like Nazi Germany ever again! After listening to your video, it makes even more sense why I feel this way! I was born in ’49, and I recall as a child, hearing the expression ‘Iron Curtain’ for the first time, and trying to make sense out of that from a child’s perspective. I grew up in ‘Leave It to Beaverland’, having yet no concept of the depth of evil in our world! There is so much more I could say, but who cares anyway?!! I long to be around like-minded people once again, having become quite recluse because of the insanity. I pray for our dear President daily, and for us all as well. God have mercy on us all!

Jason F.
1 week ago
Honestly, as 40+ yr old, she’s awesome to watch. Been a fan for a while now. Also, We are the silent within the silent majority. Bless you again..TY

2 days ago (edited)
The Nazis did not lose the war. They kicked Admiral Byrd’s ass when he showed up, too, in Antarctica. They all struck a another deal…
When things become public knowledge, Consciousness will increase, exponentially. Thereby, enabling us to create, “The More Beautiful World Our Hearts Know Is Possible!”

Cocky Rooster
1 week ago
Ya, Bob Lazar mentions that the Russians were involved at one point doing research in Area 51.
Moving on, you should do a video on Maxwell’s connection with the Jonbenette Ramsey murder….

1 week ago
Thoughts keep rattling around in my brain, I’ve been watching current events, history, and many different free lance reporters along with some mainstream garbage. This along with knowledge that can be found in the bible, historical documents, and archeological history and ancient artifacts, human history, aliens/demons, child trafficking, and the reports that can be found about Illuminati, Satanists, the 13 blood lines and the ties to all of this to our current world wide leaders, elite, and entertainment industry and the ways they communicate in code right before our very eyes. Makes me feel sick and a little helpless. It worries me for my children and grandchildren.
One of the things I had the hardest time getting through my mind was why? Why would people with power to do otherwise choose to destroy our world and ruin things for future generations? Especially when it will affect not just my children and grandchildren but theirs as well. I could not comprehend this or make any kind of sense of it. Until I began accepting the crazy things that I was learning from sources like David Icke. I agreed with so much of his thinking but then he would go off on a tangent and start talking about reptilians/archons as though these things exist in our world! I thought to myself, I’ll just ignore the parts of what he has to say that I just think are to out there for “normal” people. Well move forward a couple years and I keep researching and learning from many sources and I have now become one of the “crazy” people that believe there may be another race hidden amongst us running and ruining things and doing things against human kinds best interests but most likely not against THEIR agenda and what is good for their own kind. Think about Antarctica and the reports of a hidden underground world there this is a place off limits to the vast majority of us why?
How about one of our first stories we are taught from the bible. The upright walking snake in the garden that tempted Eve and took human life from paradise to hell.
How about the biblical accounts of people living for hundreds of years? I know the atmosphere was different then but … hundreds of years for a life span?
How about the carvings in the Egyptian pyramids and other pyramids their gods, priests, pharaohs and leaders are carved in stone with animal heads. Look at the Hindu temples skin colors are blue or green and many arms. This is not “normal”
Look at the Aztec culture of human sacrifice. Did that go away or just underground?
Listen to the ancient stories told by the different American Indian and aboriginal tribes.
Many children continue to go missing today. And abortion is that just a way for them to get us to willingly participate in the sacrifice of children?
What about the secret societies like the masons and at the top of those societies they are worshipping Molach and Baal. The worship of these idols has been going on under different names for centuries.
Talking about worshiping idols. Most of us have heard of the 13 blood lines that rule the world. But I have been having another thought about all of their descendants. We may not recognize them because they use aliases and change their names but, have we not been taught since childhood to idolize (another word for worship) the movie, tv stars, and singers? Is this another way we unknowingly participate in their religion of evil? Are these stars and singers descended from the bloodlines?
What about cloning? How many times have we seen one of these stars seem to freeze and glitch out? Is that a clone? Are they being controlled somehow? We should know if they could clone a sheep in the 90’s they didn’t quit there. How many times have we seen movie star people seem to change so drastically? It’s not all plastic surgery is it?
These evil creatures play the long game. Do they like to lose a battle no not really but in the long game it doesn’t matter because as long as the agenda is moving forward, they are winning.
How about now days people reporting encounters with aliens. Are they aliens or demons or reptilians?
What about things like agenda 21 and 30 that seem to plan our extinction.
Why is our food being genetically modified and the American farmlands run out of existence? To starve us out and eventually depopulate the planet to make us sick and unhealthy? Why are some people not allowed to grow vegetables in their own gardens?
Why is natural cures and herbal remedies overlooked, and in some cases illegal?
Why are vaccines out there causing catastrophic consequences, but we are not to question it?
The heads of all the health organizations are being run by the same handful of people, so are the news media same few at the top that’s why all the mainstream stories match right down to the sentences they all say. This has been being planned for decades if not centuries.
We are being overseen by our masters with an illusion of freedom and they keep us pitted against one another through race, religion, age, anything they can think of to divide us. We are no more than a herd of animals to them. To be used abused and discarded when they have found our use to them at an end.
I think they do live a longer life so they can play the long game. Whereas we have a normal lifespan of under 100 years. The next generation (our children) is being lied to all over again (through our educational indoctrination system) and cannot pick up where their ancestor left off at discovering this stuff so it’s hard to wake anyone else up and almost impossible to fight the correct fight against the right people.
I have seen that these evil, satanic people like inversion, things turned upside down and backwards. I think it is in all the movies and shows on the tel lie vision in everyone’s living room. Where they show us what they plan for mankind on the screen in your living room and if you do not disagree or stand against any of it, then it is taken as a sign of your agreement to it.
I do believe when we get right down to it, it is good vs. evil.
If we get to close to the truth, I think they will just wipe us all out and start the game over. And to them it is a game.

Skeleton’s Daisy
2 weeks ago
“Today’s scientist have substituted mathematics for experiments, and they wander off through equation after equation, and eventually build a structure that has no relation to reality.” – Nikola Tesla

Don Williams
1 week ago
Starting to make since, I just retired so haven’t had time to pay attention. Thanks for making these videos..

1 week ago
Spot On Polly.
They didn’t “pit” them against each other.
They ran both from on high!
They being T P T B

2 days ago
The extant technology is beyond your imagination… anti-gravity, unlimited energy…
The table is set for, “Disclosure”.
Another BS narrative to scare the public will ensue…

1 week ago
when i woke up? oh that’s an easy question: when i studied that scoundrel malthus. thomas robert malthus.

Hyacinth Bucket
1 week ago
IMO they have lied to us about 98% of science and history.

David Speck
4 days ago (edited)
Alex Jones laid all of this out 20 some years ago. David Icke even earlier . Tex Jim Marrs called it the rise of the 4th Riech

Patti d
2 days ago
I remember Mrs. Butterworth’s pancake mix in the 50’s

Lisa deVos
1 week ago (edited)
My redpill moment: the second the flu became a flagship for oppression, March 17th 2020. I have had many dawning, but this was a full sunrise. The sudden realisation that the people that I had really connected with over my life were all coming back into alignment with me and I with them. Simultaneously the emerging zombie population. People I trusted, respected and loved seemingly gone, no longer able to access their critical thinking skills. A series of coincidences: COVID, 5G, GM become Ventilator manufacturer over night, Wuhan, Fauci, Epstein, Q, patents — holy cow the patents, the web of people through time and geography. and the learning began. Thank you for all you BOOMs!

1 week ago
I’ve heard it was 1600 in “Paper clip” Files, I wander how many of their scions are roaming the in the West, just saying.

Donald Best
2 weeks ago
There are no “two sides”. America, China, and Russia are all owned by the same interests. Those in control are just trying to get us all into our “cages” willingly.

j h
2 days ago
Can someone please explain in detail how this so called ‘corona virus’ is managing to ‘infect’ so many people and have them hospitalized? Are ‘pneumonia’ deaths being swapped for ‘corona’ deaths?And the numbers of tested just being ramped up? If you argue with a corona believer they just respond with the obvious..’why are there so many people dying and the hospitals are inundated with cases? It’s very real’. ‘The virus is real and there is a test’. Another argument is when you mention ‘they’ are responsible, as in who are ‘they’. Are ‘they’ a number of dark suit elitists of the 1% coordinating the entire thing to what end…they also set to lose millions and put their loved ones at risk by releasing this man made virus? Thoughts anyone?

Looks Twice
1 week ago
Great thorough job. My red pill moment was my wonderful husband who started tuning me into you and others. Thank you so much!

Kati Medlock
2 days ago
Do you know who Mariana Bramovick is? She was actually in a Microsoft commercial that got taken down for backlash. But she’s one of these sick artists for all of the elite people. Her images are absolutely horrific and she has taught many of them how to do their spirit cooking rituals. Just check all the Band-Aids on the middle fingers of all the elite people…

6 days ago
What is really, really amusing, is that people think this tracking app is the first in a wave of tracking us. XD If you have computer, a contracted phone, a bank or credit card, or access to anything online where you have given your name, they already know who and where you are.

Flemming Bengtsen
2 weeks ago
This “New World Order” many yell about, isn’t new or in order.. It’s been here for a very long time.. Exellent work👍

Jack Nickell
1 day ago (edited)
When we go back and look at the shooting of Trayvon Martin in Feb. 2012 he walking home from a 7-11 with skittles in his pockets & a peach tea. Skittles commericals were about the rainbow. Gen 7:11 the flood begins in Feb. The shooter George Zimmerman trail ends in July 2012. Gen. 8:4 the ark rests on mount .Ararat means mount of trembling. Since the shooting of Trayvon Martin in Feb.2012 Americans have been living in fear of political correctness racial tensions. The Denver Airport has famous paintings, pictures of cities destroyed a skeleton in what could be German military coat and a great sword. A painting of alittle girl in a coffin w/a bible . The picture implies the death of Christianity . Pictures of nature worship. All of which is predicted by the bible God tells us in Ps. 74:7-11 Eze 9:6 & Eze13 /1Pe.4:17 judgment begins at my house . Amos 8:8-11 famine for the word of God is coming . Mocking where is your God? This is to bring us into repentance. To seek God w/all our heart soul mind . People play church right now. The church will look dead but a remnant will rise up at the beginning of great tribulation greater in all the history of the bible remember Jesus said we will do greater things than he did. Many of God’s people will die w/o knowledge we are going into captivity which is affliction so we produce the fruit of the Spirit. Many will die in captivity but a remnant will become fruitful.
One world government one world religion , I believe will be nature worship Romans 1. One picture shows guns wrapped in flags from around the world w/ a little German boy. Could be indicating one world government could be communist. Dan.9:27 Many misquote the bible. The covenant is made w/many it does not say the is w/Israel . I believe the painting at w/guns wrapped in flags around the world depicted the covenant made w/many. The Georgia Guide Stones is about how to rebuild after destruction over 7 billion people & they want only a 1/2 million they say be not a cancer in the earth make room for nature. Then we had the shooting of Michael Brown August 9,2014 in Ferguson Mo. which is next to St. Louis arch . Percy Green recalled 1964 protest at St. Louis arch for fair hiring. Think arch is a rainbow the covenant made between God and man. This covenant had a condition we were not to eat the flesh of another Christ.Charles Manson . Manson is Son of man backwards Charles Manson claimed to be christ. Manson wanted racial wars wanted to save our planet one world order. Manson said man needed to except good & evil w/in himself this was becoming a god. These things are coincidences . God made a covenant with man in Genesis 9:4-6 he warns us not to eat flesh w/life & blood this is a warning of eating the flesh of another christ. The media is the flesh of another Jesus .White cop shots unarmed black man over & over by media called Hitler’s propaganda a nation at large is feminine driven by their emotions unable to have critical thinking . (Gen. 9;4-6 vs.Jn.6:53 eat the flesh of the true Christ) 2cor.11:1-4 the bible warns us not to be beguiled as Eve they will preach another Jesus gospel & spirit. This Jesus in media is god of revenge . Romans 12:19-21 God says vengeance belongs to him. Love your enemy. Det. 32:31 their rock is not our Rock . Gen.9:4-6 = Rev.6:4 great sword peace is taken from the earth men kill one another Rev 13:10 those that kill w/the sword must die by the sword. I believe this all ties into what your saying mind control thru the media getting people live by their emotions unable to use critical thinking. When they want us to kill all they will need to is say kill. Many blessing to truth seekers. Man has broken God’s covenant Gen.9:4-6= Rev 6:4/Rev13:10 a flood of violence is coming . Lu.17:26-30 Son of man revealed will be like the days of Noah & Lot. Not a rapture this is about God’s people becoming the image of the true God thru affliction

Gisele Beaupre
1 week ago
Isn’t the owl a symbol of Moloch or Satan?

Say Ray
1 day ago
Q stands for Quarantine the peasants and thus more peasants will be

Frank Miller
1 week ago
“I sometimes made huge mistakes. But what actually is a mistake in politics? And when I look back, I have only one sentiment: an enormous regret. Regret that we did not succeed, that we were not able to create this European world which would be the master of the universe for all time, which made the white race the first race, with the great mastery of the spirit.

And when we see what there is on the other side, what 30 years of the others’ victory has given, this anarchy in the world, this rout of the white world, this desertion throughout the universe; when we see in our own countries the decay of morals, the fall of the fatherland, the fall of the family, the fall of social order; when we see this appetite for material goods which has replaced the great flame of the ideal which animated us, well then, truly, between the two we chose the right side. The small, miserable Europe of today, of this impoverished Common Market, cannot give happiness to men. Consumer society poisons humanity rather than elevating it.

So, for our part, we dreamed of something great, and we have only one desire, that this spirit be reborn. And with all my might, up to the last moment of my existence, I will fight for this. So that what was our struggle and our martyrdom, will one day be the resurrection.” – Leon Degrelle

Lateman Bear
2 weeks ago
I was 13 years old when 9/11 happened and at that point I had the gut feeling that this cant be real. Since then I was questioning alot more and began to wake up.

kim boot
1 week ago (edited)
My red pill moment is When I prayed to God to show me truth, and he showed me how Nasa is deceiving the whole world about his cosmology. That is how I got into this rabbit hole of seeking truth.