10 Reasons Prove the DHS/FBI Terrorist Watch List is a Fraud (R. Lighthouse, 2019)

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Richard Lighthouse

The FBI claims that the Watchlist is a database of “known or suspected terrorists.” Unfortunately, that is lie. The majority of name records on the Watchlist are Targeted Individuals, not terrorists.

1) In 2012, the State Department did extensive research for each country, estimating the maximum total number of terrorists worldwide at 184,000. This same year, the Terrorist Watchlist, run by the FBI had nearly 1 million name records, worldwide. Note that the State Department has thousands of employees that reside in these foreign countries that have access to the local people, local events, and local politics. The FBI has very few, if any, employees located in these countries.

2. How does the FBI have names, addresses, driver’s license information, names of family and friends, etc., while the State Department can only roughly estimate the numbers of “known or suspected” terrorists? The State Department also has access to the same Watchlist – so why are the numbers very different? Who is lying?

3) Non-Investigative Subject (NIS). The FBI uses the term “Non-Investigative Subject” for many people listed on the Watchlist as a “known or suspected terrorist.” Why would the FBI claim someone is a “known or supected terrorist” and then not investigate them? Because most of the names on the Watchlist are Targeted Individuals, not terrorists.

4) The Department of Justice lied to Federal Judge John Anderson twice, regarding the number of corporations that were given access to the Watchlist database. The DOJ’s latest answer is – about 700 corporations were given access to the Watchlist. The Watchlist database is supposedly classified information, and a security clearance is supposedly required to view it.

“To share the private information of citizens and non-citizens with corporations is illegal and outrageous,” said Attorney, Nihad Awad.

5) The DOJ also added they do not know what other agencies, such as DHS, FBI, CIA, have provided the Watchlist to other corporations. In total, they do not know how many corporations have been given access to this classified information.

6) From NBC News in June 2015: “Department of Homeland Security Inspector General report found that the Transportation Security Administration failed to identify 73 aviation employees with active clearance badges, with links to terrorism. The people, who were employed by major airlines, airport vendors and other employers, were not identified because TSA is not authorized to receive all terrorism-related information under current inter-agency policies, the report said.


Why were these people not fired? Because the FBI knows these people are Targeted Individuals, not terrorists. Note that the TSA is not allowed to receive the information, but the same information is given away to 700 major corporations.

7) In 2015, Christopher Piehota, Director of the FBI’s Terrorist Screening Center said there are about 40,000 U.S. citizens and legal residents on the Watchlist. In 2016, Democratic Senator Diane Feinstein claims there are only 5000 Americans on the Watchlist. Who’s the liar, and why? There is obviously a cover-up involved.


8) The Stratfor Corporation in Austin, Texas, was revealed by Wikileaks as a corrupt intelligence organization, using many retired and former CIA, NSA, FBI, and military intelligence people. Not only do they have access to the Watchlist, their employees openly joke about “microwaving peeps.” They literally joke about using Directed Energy Weapons on people. These Stratfor emails can be found on wikileaks.org

9) CAIR Attorneys have a muslim client, that was placed on the Watchlist as punishment and revenge for his repeated refusal to become a spy for the FBI. The FBI has repeatedly tried to recruit muslims to spy on other Muslim-Americans. He is an American citizen.


“If you cannot charge someone with a crime and are not actively investigating them, they shouldn’t be on a watch list,” a CAIR attorney said. “Either investigate and charge people or leave them alone.”

The federal government cannot simply designate someone as a terrorist, since that violates the due process rights of the Fifth and Fourteenth Amendments of the U.S. Constitution.

10) The Terrorist Screening Center, the agency responsible for determining who is on the Terrorist Watchlist, accepts 98.96 percent of all nominations to the list. Does that seem like they are scrutinizing the nominations or rubber-stamping them? The FBI is anxious to grow the list, because it helps to justify a bigger department budget for next year.

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