“Mind Control, 5G, And HAARP, :” Interview of Professor Eric Karlstrom by Janusz Zagórski on the International Day Against Mind Control (2/8/19)

Key Insights Into Global Organized Stalking-Mind Control System From Dr. Rauni Kilde (MD) book “Bright Light on Black Shadows” (2015)

ETK (Webmaster) Introduction: Ewa Pawela, the mainstay of “MindControl in Poland,” together with NTV television owner, Janusz Zagórskimain, organize the International Day Against Mind Control on 8 February of every year to commemorate the 4th anniversary of the death/murder of Dr. Rauni Kilde, Finnish medical doctor, author, “Targeted Individual” (TI), and tireless educator and advocate for the rights of Targeted Individuals. This year, Ewa asked me to participate in honoring Dr. Kilde by doing this interview. The topics they wanted to cover were mind control, HAARP, and 5 G.

TJanusz Zagórskimain conducted the interview and it was broadcast in both English and Polish on Feb. 8, 2019, with Maria Dominguez translating.

I very much appreciate the opportunity to make friends with and share perspectives with TIs and other concerned individuals in Poland and to honor the great Dr. Kilde, who in my opinion, has done more to educate others on the topics of mind control and gang stalking than any other single individual, living or dead.

Her book, Bright Light on Black Shadows, published posthumously, should be read and studied by all TIs in my opinion who are able to afford it and understand it.

Several posts on this website summarize Dr. Rauni Kilde’s immense contributions to this field of research and indeed, self-defense:

1) Key Insights Into Global Organized Stalking-Mind Control System From Dr. Rauni Kilde (MD) book “Bright Light on Black Shadows” (2015)

2) “The Organization” And Its Methods and Goals Exposed by Dr. Rauni Kilde (M.D.)

3) Mind Control Articles by the late Dr. Rauni Kilde (1939-2015)

4) Neuro-electromagnetic Telecommunication (military mind control technologies): Two Scientific/Medical Abstracts by Dr. Rauni Kilde (2000 and 2001)

5) Dr. Rauni Kilde: Mind Control and Biological Weapons In Use Today (14 youtubes)

6) Open Letter to TIs from Publisher of Dr. Rauni Kilde’s “Bright Light on Black Shadows”

My own research on the topics of mind control and HAARP are most readily accessed in the following two posts:

1) Mind Control: History and Applications
2) Man-Made Climate Change in the Skies: Or Playing God with the Atmosphere and the Earth

I would also like to thank Ewa, Janusz, and Maria for providing this opportunity for me to more carefully review the essential topic of 5G. As a result of preparing for this interview, I viewed and posted a series of educational youtubes on the subject of 5G, along with my notes from these interviews:

Dangers of 5G (Youtubes featuring Joe Imbriano, Mark Steele, Barry Trower, and Deborah Tavares)

I post some of my personal notes on this topic for this program (and referred to some of this information but not most of it):

I. 5G, the 5th Generation of wireless telecom communication technologies consists of millimeter waves, where the electromagentic wavelengths involved range from 10 mm to 1 mm (0.4 to 0.04 inches). These are longer than IR or x-rays but shorter than radio waves or microwaves.

(millimeter wave corresponds to 30 to 300 GHz frequencies and are in the EHF- Extremely High Frequency range).

These waves and propagation characteristics (they change or interact with the atmosphere as they travel)- make them useful for a variety of applications- such as transmitting large amounts of computer data, cellular communications, and radar.

Wireless communication- radio, cell phone, satellite, TV…. Use specific range of wavelengths or frequencies. – so each application provider has a unique “channel” assignment. The channels have specific “bandwidths”- a telephone conversation requires about 6 kHz of bandwidth, a TV broadcast requires about 6MHz.

Introduction from various youtube Interviews:

“There is an ongoing convergence of four key technologies that are poised to transform the Information and Communications Technology (ICT) ecosystem. Those technologies are Fifth Generation (5G) cellular, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Data Analytics (Big Data), and the Internet of Things (IoT).”

5G: The Elephant in the Living Room? “The 5G Beast System” – “the New World order Lockdown Grid”

Self-driving cars, the language of a billion things, IoT, “connectivity’- everything talks to everything else, rolled out by 2022, these are military frequencies. Nonlethal program (puts the country in an ADS grid, about mass surveillance and weaponizing the air waves.) 100s of billions of microchips will be connected.

I. Tom Wheeler, ICC Chair: “If something can be connected it will be connected.” “The 5G revolution will touch all corners of our country.” “national priority.” $10s of billions in economic activity, “100s of billions of microchips will be connected.”

II. Max Igan: This IoT and smart grid is “Blanket control of everything and monitoring and controlling everyone. Microwave cannons and ADS. Weaponization of the airwaves. Microwave cannons and ADS. 5G can see through walls, it can see what you’re wearing. It can target you with a mm wave if it wants. V2K, RNM,

You pay every time you turn on an appliance… you’ll pay every time you flush your toilet. Moving it all into google system. Govt. is looking at bitcoin. Digital currency and block chain.

Does this beast system summon Lucifer? Self-learning bots. Internet itself seems to be the Lucifer system and we are all acting as neural nodes for that system. Couple the 5G with the chemtrail spraying and the nano-technology. We will be hooked up online with the 5G grid. So this becomes the hive mind.

III. Mark Steele: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K7jiLPIADKY

5G is genocide. 5G is unlawful and illegal. (It’s not safe. It’s not regulated. All products have to be regulated.) It is a crime. Don’t use social media. 5G will kill livestock. It is the greatest existential threat facing our country. Our leaders are criminal and stupid. This has been planned for many, many years. Requires that trees be cut down…. Wet trees cause interference of signal.

Wifi is carcinogenic. (WHO classified microwave radiation as a IIb carcinogen in 2011 due to the increase in child brain cancers.) These microwaves have annihilated flying insects and birds. They are lethal. LED street lights.

2.5 GHz weapons system used against Americans in Moscow. Likewise, the Cuban embassy diplomats were attacked with microwave radiation weapons. (not acoustic weapons). Used against the women Peacepink protestors at Greenham Common back in the 1980s- and killed quite a few of them. Pulsing energy waves….. The antennas can scan you 24/7. Transmitter is put outside your window…. For surveillance. Bar codes will be replaced by RF identity tag. In a smart city, local authorities will sell information of what you have used to the highest bidder.

Read what Morton Pall says about microwave radiation. People committing suicide, everyone is sick. Central nervous system cancer is caused by this type of radiation.

This is in breach of the Nuremburg code, which says you can’t be experimented on without your knowledge.

5G can 3-d map your home and can target anyone. 5G emits energy waveform which pollutes/charges the air in your room. They are pulse modulated at your cellular system. Breathing charged air will kill you.

Smart meters are the biggest scam of all time.

60 GHz part of spectrum will be given away for free. This changes the orbital properties of oxygen molecule- and can break covalent bonds- creating O3 (ozone)- which will kill any biological structure at 50 ppm.

I went into home of a lady who was getting persistent nosebleeds. There I measured 4000 millivolts radiation.

IV. Barry Trower, March 31, 2018…. Interview with Richie Allen.

MM wave – 30 to 300 GHz (GHz – billion Hz) actually 5-6 to 90 GHz. = Extremely high frequency- lies between super high frequency and far infrared radiation.

Radio frequencies (radio waves) are from 104 to 1011 or 1012 (10 KHz to 1 THz) frequencies

Microwaves – frequencies between 300 MHz and 300 GHz (includes millimeter waves)- travel by line of sight- limited to about 40 miles.

Radio waves =

Extremely Low Frequency in the 0.1 Hz range.

1) Hz = 1 Hz (1 cycle per second)
Brain runs on about 20 to 120 Hz. Is within spectrum of electrical grid…. Cancer clusters.
Lights in North America: 60 Hz.
—- 440 Hz (tuning fork) λ = 0.78 m

2) Khz = 1 thousanth (103) Hz λ =
—–AM (Amplitude Modulated) Medium wave AM radio (535 to 1605 khz)
—- FM (frequency modulated) radio (88 to 108 Mhz)

3) MHz = 1 million (106) Hz (cycles per second) λ = 300 m; 1 MHz = wavelength: 0.1 to 1 km

HAARP directs a 3.6 MW signal in the 2.8 – 10 MHz region of HF (high frequency) band into the ionosphere.

Since the 1980s, the US Air Force’s satellites have been radiating the entire earth with frequencies 137-138 MHz, a type of brainwashing, an aggression-generating stimuli all life on earth is subjected to. (Dr. R. K., Bright Light on Black Shadows)

4) GHz = 1 billion (109) Hz. λ = 30 cm

—-4G cell phone networks use 1.8 to 1.9 GHz
— Wifi = 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz and 60 GHz (coming)
— Microwave oven – 2.45 GHz (1000 Watts)
— 5G (millimeter wave = 5 – 100 GHz) = used in body scanners and Active Denial System (nonlethal weapons that make you feel like your skin is on fire) – supposed to be everywhere.

5) THz = 1 trillion (1012) Hz. λ= 30 microns (μ)

Visible light: 430 to 770 THZ λ = 0.4 to 0.7 μ

1G = (1) first (G)eneration wireless phone 1979; 1980s to early 1990s, 800 MHz; λ= 37.5 cm (uses analog radio signals), 2.4 kbps
2G = launched in 1991 in Finland, (uses digital radio signals), max speed is 50 kbps to 64 Kbps based on GSM,
3G = (smart phone technology) introduced 2001; 144 kbps-2 mbps- uses universal mobile telecommunications system (UMTS) as core network architecture.
4G = 1-4 GHz. 100 Mbps- 1 Gbps- based on LTE technology.
5G- will use 24 to 100+ GHz (sometimes its said it’s 5-90 GHz). It is under development- faster data rates, higher connection density, device to device communication, over 35 times faster than 4G- up to 35 Gbps. Uses Massive MIMO (Millimeter Wave Mobile Connections) could be speeds up to 10Gpbs. Allow connections for at least 100 billion devices. Should be rolled out by 2020.

Eventually, robots and every other sort of device will connect to 5G.

Active Denial System (ADS)of military uses 95 GHz…. Creates almost intolerable sensation of heat on the surface of the skin. (1/64th inch into human skin).

Active Denial is the weapon used on 9/11 that caused the people in the towers strange behavior such as attempting to remove their clothes even while they were hanging on ledges OUTSIDE of the buildings by windows with no fire/smoke coming out. It’s what made the people jump. So scary; we in the USA are in so much trouble (and most are blissfully unaware and even vigorously support those who would kill us in a second if it would help them even one tiny bit)._

Would need to have relays every 2 to 10 homes.

5G will be used in combination with 2G (900 MHz; λ= 8.33 cm), 3G (800 and 1900 MHz, λ = ), 4G (1.8 to 1.9 GHz), and Wifi- 2.4-2.5 GHz.

Comments to some of the above youtubes:

Conexus X181 week ago
5g has already been deployed in Sweden. We’ve had it for a few years now. There was a tower close to my apartment building. I remember when they put it up and I asked them what it was. They told me it was a 5g tower. Immediately after they put it up I started having headaches, pain in my abdomen and joints, insomnia, skin rashes, neurological symptoms and other health issues. The doctors couldn’t find anything wrong with me despite taking numerous blood tests, MRI, neurological tests and bunch of other tests. I had these issues for a couple years until I moved to another apartment across town, where there isn’t a tower near me. My symptoms disappeared within a week and I could finally sleep at night. I am certain my symptoms were caused by the powerful microwave radiation from the 5g towers._

cell phones use 1850 – 1900 and 800 MHz.

With 5G, toxic EMF load will be greatly amplified.

Wifi – exposure effects = oxidative stress, sperm testicular damage, EEG changes, cell death, cellular DNA damage, endocrine changes, calcium overload, lowering of melatonin levels disrupting sleep, disruption of micro-RNA expression in the brain, abnormal post-natal development, disrupts development of teeth, cardiac changes, blood pressure disruption, erythrocyte damage, can stimulate the growth of adipose stem cells- i.e., can make you fat, harms stem cells and stem cell development.

EMFs are pulsed- polarized, effects are cumulative and irreversible.

SAR- Specific Absorption Rating: what they look at with cell phones.

Visible light- wavelength = 0.4 – 0.7 microns (millionths of a meter)

Human skin is a sub-THz receiver, with 5G, your sweat glands act as an antennae… Like Active Denial

TeleCommunications: Est. $17 trillion dollar industry. They can buy governments and scientists.

In US, $56 B will be spent on development up until 2025.

Barry Trower: Now 750 different frequencies have been identified that can cause neurological and physiological harm. But effectively it is 750 factoral. 5G will encompass what the other Gs, 2 G, 3G, 4G do.

Top scientists in 40 countries are cautioning against going ahead with 5G.

The people putting this out are above the law.

His data shows that in 3 generations (60 years) only 1 in 8 humans will be born healthy- will crash the species. And in 5 generations, some animals will become extinct. Bacteria and viruses thrive and become more deadly in microwaves..

Numerous scientists declare that this is genocide. Some 200,000 scientific experts have expressed major concern.

With audio hallucinations and directed energy, people can be controlled to do things against their will in 30 hours.

Truth about 5G: Dr. Graham Downing

Frequency bands available for 5G are up to 100 GHz, 90 GHz is free to anyone.

Microwave hearing- pulsed EMFs may cause tinnitus- involves this VGCC activity.

From RLighthouse Diagram: How the U.S. Air Force Tracks Eveyone:

Satellite tracking hist the top-back part of your head. Frequency = 3600 – 3750 MHz. (3.6 to 3.75 GHz)
Microwave bullets from cell tower. Frequency = 2300-2600 MHz (or 2.3 – 2.6 GHz) (5G = 28-41 GHz).

Ex-UN employee, Claire Edwards: on 5G is War on Humanity

43 scientific appeals to stop this.

Laser-like beams of EMR are being shot from banks of thousands of tiny antennas.

Will likely make people electro-hypersensitive (EHS).

Beaming 5G from space from 20,000+ commercial 5G satellites. Nowhere to run or hide.

5G is being rolled out in Austria. People are reporting symptoms of EMR poisoning…. Nose bleeds, headaches, eye pains, chest pains, nausia, fatigue, tinnitus, dizziness, flu-like symptoms, cardiac pain.

5G’s health impacts have never been tested.

But a Swedish professor, Olle Johannson, estimates that public exposure levels to EMR are one quintillion times (that’s 18 zeros) above natural background radiation.

But 10s of thousands of scientific research papers demonstrate the damaging non-thermal health effects of this microwave radiation.

5G would concentrate and focus EMR over 100 times current levels in the same way as directed energy weapons do.

Stop 5G Space Appeal…. Elon Musk is set to launch the first 4,425 5G satellites in June 2019 and “blanket the earth with 5G, in violation of countless treaties.

There is an international appeal signed by 237 EMF scientists from 41 nations urging the UN and WHO to exert strong leadership in fostering the development of more protective EMF guidelines,

Some claim that 5G is really the new skynet….. surveillance mesh network designed to track everyone’s movements. $100 B secret project-

Lowers sperm concentration. Across all demographics- pesticides,

Nouki Blue3 months ago
5G was developed as a MILITARY WEAPON to control people! 5G technology can be used to put people to sleep, or Mind Control the target by producing a desired brain state, or by pulsative manipulation of the nervous system that can render the target over sexual, confused, tired, affect their skin, interfere with DNA strands and cause cancer._

Richie from Boston: 5G will allow our elite to read our thoughts, put thoughts in your head, shut down your nervous system.

Brain can produce 1 Tbps. How to control others through frequencies.


Justme Okay6 months ago (edited)
Put the electronic devices down. Stop working, paying for things with money. Grow our own food and live simple. The planet will heal itself and the rich won’t exist without money! We need to make EMP generator’s and fight back._

Veronica Bolanos7 months ago
Our weapon should be a standoff. Don’t use or buy cell phones. No wifi. When will people come together?_
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Dave R6 months ago
They put them up… people should tear them down_
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Andrea6 months ago
Move out of the cities and get back to living amongst nature._

Hilda Page5 months ago
So…THIS is WHY JESUS WILL RETURN TO RESCUE HIS OWN out of this world! PEOPLE GET IN THE ARK! HE IS the only SAFE PLACE in this world! ASK AND RECEIVE HIM…”Whosoever will may come.” – Jesus_

Dan h: I have my degree in computer robotics, and have a full understanding what 5G is, and how dangerous it is. Here is a simple explanation, and I hope people will read it all. Most people have a Microwave in their kitchen, the home microwave uses high frequency radio wave energy to heat food by exciting the water molecules. The standard cell phone also uses microwave energy to communicate with cell towers. 4G is low power microwave energy & has a greater range of contact with towers. 5G is high power Nano wave energy, and has less range of contact with towers. 5G needs more, and closer towers to work effectively. If it takes your common microwave oven kitchen five minutes to cook something, it would take a nano wave oven less than 30 seconds to cook the same food. If you stand in front of an open microwave oven for 30 seconds you WILL suffer severe tissue damage. Being close to a 5G transmitter is like standing in front of an open microwave oven for ten minutes or more. Demand the FCC and Cell companies stop this deadly technology._
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II. My Notes from one of Dr. Rauni Kilde’s videos:

385 – Dr. Rauni Kilde (9 of 13): CIA programmes, psychic suppression, silent weapons, Illuminati

Electronic warfare and experimentation with civilian population!

Excerpts from youtubes featuring Dr. Rauni Kilde

“Mass remote mind control by blanket coverage of the population is achieved via the mobile phone network.”

“Governments use any means to control and condition the ones they govern. It is about power, control, and money! (energy). Prime ministers are errand boys. There’s nothing they can do.”

Government = govern = ment = MIND CONTROL

“The governments are controlled by secret governments.”

CIA Research Director 1972: “Mind control means a world where every human though, every emotion, every observation and every need can be controlled through
Electrical stimulation of the brain.”

Purpose of Mind Control: “Change Memory, Disconnect, Discredit people through aberant behavior, alter sex patterns, illicit information, disconnexion syndrome.”

Some Important Dates:

Major Electromagnetic Mind Control Projects:

1952: Project Moonstruck
1953: MKULTRA: Creating a hybrid mentality…. The zombies that just follow.

1954: Document: “Silent Weapons For a Quiet War”

1983: US Air Force, NSA (Phoenix II Program): Electronic and Multi-Directional Targeting of Select Population Groups: Purpose: Loading Up Earthgrids Planetary Somnambulance to State of Geological Activity: Specific Point: Earthquake Creation, Population Programming for Sensitized Individuals; pseudonym “Rainbow.”

1987: Maurice Strong meets with Edmund de Rothschild, David Rockefeller at 4th World Wilderness Congress in Denver, CO. Heralding 4th world wilderness of the mind….. (no more 1st, 2nd, 3rd worlds- no more nation states) now world is “boundry-less” “lostness of the mind” on the “Buddhic plane.”

1989: Office of Naval Research (ONI), NSA. Purpose: Large Group Management Behavioral Control; Riot Control

1990 – RF Media Program (CIA): “Programming and Triggering Behavioral Desire: Subversion of Psychic Abilities of Population; Preparatory Processing for Mass Electromagnetic Control” Need to suppress psychics who can see the future and warn others need to be suppressed.

1990- Tower Program: (CIA and NSA ). Purpose (done with frequencies of microwaves):” Programming through Neuro-Resonance and Encoded Information. Effect: Neural Degeneration, DNA Resonance Modification, Psychic Suppression, pseudonym for program: “Wedding Bells.”

1995: Air Force, Navy, DARPA: HAARP goes on line- HAARP is designed for global Mind Control and manipulation of all energy.

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