Gang Stalking Legal Research: Pertinent Federal Laws Violated Explained In This Report by Robert R.

I. Gang Stalking Legal Research

Gangstalking Legal Research

Gang Stalking Legal Research

Robert R.
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COINTELPRO: FBI domestic covert action programs,
Clandestine Intelligence,
Air Force,
Government contractors,
U.S. Army,
Gang Stalking,
NSA Surveillance,
Department of Homeland Security,
Community Oriented Policing,
Political asylum,
US Department of Justice,
Citizens Corps,
Domestic Terrorist,
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I am a targeted individual that has moved to 3 states in the past 3 years and have lost a total of 49 computers in the past 4 years. I hope that no American will endure the pure hell I have endured. I have contemplated in the past declaring political asylum and I am relocating overseas to escape the brutal attacks on my life. I have documented proof that police fail to investigate my claims and that my harassment is covered up and that Community Policing is being abused in the city of Austin by locals agencies and members of the public.

42 U.S.C § 3789d Prohibition of federal control over state and local criminal justice agencies, provides in a relevant part as follows.

(A) Nothing in this chapter or any other act shall be construed to authorize any department, agency,officer or employee of the United States to exercise any DIRECTION, SUPERVISION, OR CONTROL OVER ANY POLICE FORCE OR

De minimis would not apply since the direction given and the coordination of DHSs initiatives
are substantial in nature and since representation has been shown to go above current U.S
codes and standards.

DHS’s FEMA is engaged in illegal activity and its non governmental agency called Citizens
Citizens Corps could be subject to losing its non profit exemption according to the IRS if it
performs activities that are illegal or that violate fundamental public policy.

§ 11.448 Abuse of Office

(a) Subjects a person to mistreatment.
(b) Denies or impedes another in the exercise or enjoyment of any rights or privileges
or immunity.

Fema is operating as the principal agent for Citizens Corps which forces them to supervise and
give direction which is illegal. Per U.S code no federal agency can have power over a criminal
justice agency. The National Sheriffs Association is a criminal justice agency due to Title 28,
Code of the Federal Regulations CFR Part 20 subpart A. These regulations in sections 20.3
define a criminal justice agency as the following : ( C ) d The administration of a criminal
Justice means any of the following activities: detection, apprehension, detention, criminal

29 CFR § Cluster of Programs

A cluster of programs shall be considered as one program. Citizens Corps funding comes from a CFDA number assigned in the catalog of the Federal Domestic Assistance ( CFDA)
which states that the Homeland Security Grant Program is what funds Citizens Corps.
Reading the OMB A-133 Compliance Supplement may be useful for research on current laws applying to DHS along with mandatory authority of an agency’s rights to abuse their authority to cause harm to fellow Americans.

A Cluster of Program shall be considered as one program for determining major programs in §
99.520 – exemptions apply due to Federal Awards less than $300,000 AND $500,00 fiscal years
ending after Dec. 31, 2003. I still need to conduct more research concerning Mandatory
authority of disbursal of funds for this section which I expect would take approximately a few
hundreds hours of legal research unsure if I care to do it so feel free to do some legal research
. Look at this clipping from Citizens Corps and ask yourself why are not any councils mentioned
that supposedly manage them.

So it’s apparent that Department of Homeland Security runs these organizations and that Citizens Corps non-governmental is falsely operating out of contexts to U.S laws.
A nongovernmental organizations refers to an organization that operates independently from any government though it may receive funding from a government but operates without oversight or representation from that government this means that Citizens Corps 501(c)(3)
nonprofit status from the IRS should be revoked.
An NGO’s funds may be raised by the government, but only if it maintains a non-governmental position, with no need for government representation. They are also known as civil society organizations. I see a lot of abuse going on.

Locus Standi also known as Standing law.

In the United States, the current doctrine is that a person cannot bring a suit challenging the constitutionality of a law unless the plaintiff can demonstrate that he/she/it is or will “imminently” be harmed by the law. Otherwise, the court will rule that the plaintiff “lacks standing” to bring the suit, and will dismiss the case without considering the merits of the claim of unconstitutionality. To have a court declare a law unconstitutional, there must be a valid reason for the lawsuit.
The party suing must have something to lose in order to sue unless it has automatic standing by action of law.

Fema and its Citizens Corps programs run by councils are not excluded from Ignorantia Juris Non Excusant i.e. Ignorance of the laws of America is not an excuse nor a right to infringe on the rights of U.S citizens.

I am accusing Citizens Corps of the following crimes against the people of America and the United States government:

923. 18 U.S.C. § 371 Conspiracy to Defraud the United States

18 U.S. Code § 242 Deprivation of rights under color of law

Texas Penal Code § 36.06​. Obstruction or Retaliation 18 U.S. Code § 241 Conspiracy against rights Texas Penal Code Subsection 42.072(a)(b)(c) – Stalking and Subsection 42.07(a)(b)(c) – Harassment]

18 USC Subsection 2261A Interstate Stalking

Misc: Information:

Citizens Corps model requires secrecy and lies to cover up its activities that go on daily for years since their activities are based on domestic terrorism per DoD codes and U.S laws.
Non Deputized Citizens are used for harassment campaigns. These harassment campaigns do occur in U.S schools, social events and through the use of stakeholders have an impact on every area of a person’s life and it has been proven community mobbing is linked to mass shootings which we Americans must speak against. This whole community model of Citizens Corps is based on utilizing predominantly white people that in my opinion are racist and have made oaths to other fraternities and cherish their oaths to a group more than the U.S constitution and the FBI has been linked to this activity. pdf

One of its main tasks of the German Stasi was spying on the population, mainly through a vast network of citizens turned informants, and fighting any opposition by overt and covert measures, including hidden psychological destruction of dissidents (Zersetzung). It’s promoted through our intelligence agencies like the FBI and DHS and even you local city agencies.

The practice of repression in Zersetzung comprised extensive and secret methods of control and psychological manipulation,including personal relationships of the target, for which the Stasi relied on its network of informal collaborators. Pre-arranged relationships at times do happen through people you meet online and in the community for information gathering purposes and to cause you harm. ​Street theatre ​is also another experience that most hard targets will experience through agencies and groups connected to the FBI and other stakeholders.

The notion that degrading people will make them less hostile is ridiculous and idiotic but this is what is happening all across America through community engagement groups through systematic harassment campaigns which medical science has linked directly to mass shootings. The idiots using these psychological warfare tactics on Americans also forget that Americans are not the enemy. With the merger of Fusion Centers, the corporate sector and massive information sharing with the public and other countries we will continue to hear about a massive increase in gang stalking like never before in this decade due to mass funding for these program that we do pay for.

Even our public schools and police stations all across America are creating anti bullying programs because bullying is linked to mass shootings. We Americans must speak against bullying since it leads to violence and also be opposed to any person or group that would dare systematically harass fellow Americans in all areas of their life with no regard for the community or the person being harassed persistently.

Below is a clipping from an article from a police dept that displays its contacts for community policing and community engagement work​. The information below is truly nothing compared to the information I have found in many city databases. I have in the past accessed entire databases jam packed with members of secret societies and people that are mostly home owners even people with ties to racist groups.

Please note that many of the organizations listed above are respectable organizations but I do question the ethics of Free Masons and Eastern Star volunteers used in these movements since I have had a tremendous amount of encounters with them which come across as being highly degrading and I consider their contact with me to be unwanted.

I in no how state that the Freemasons are a bad organization in its totality but I have felt that these organizations are more for people of anglo descent that suffer from xenophobia since I see no black people in these lodges which I find highly unusual for any group of enlightened and spiritual people to practice during the current time we live in. The Jim Crow days are over. It’s better to love others than hate to them for no reason. Work is being done from one brother in Florida to help change these rules thankfully. lusively-of-the-white-race/114717167

Due to the merger of the federal government with the state we see a high rise in complaints concerning community mobbing. The framers of the Constitution considered the separation of power between the federal and state governments important enough to specify it in the Bill of Rights for a reason.

Separation of powers, therefore, refers to the division of government responsibilities into distinct branches to limit any one branch from exercising the core functions of another. The intent is to prevent the concentration of power and provide

The term “trias politica” or “separation of powers” was coined by Charles-Louis de Secondat, baron de La Brède et de Montesquieu,an 18th century French social and political philosopher. His publication, “Spirit of the Laws,” is considered one of the great works in the history of political theory and jurisprudence. It inspired the Declaration of the Rights of Man and the Constitution of the United States.

With The Privatization of Government-sponsored Cyber-stalking and gang stalking has led to the hiring ex-convicts and uneducated people to harass TIs to perpetrate what is referred to as “Gang Stalking” on a street level which also starts at a local level and is instigated upon by agencies like Dept. Of Justice and the FBI and local police and huge amount of city, state, federal employees, business owners and police, firefighters and EMS. The massive amount of contractors in America that are connected to the FBI and the intelligence community is huge. With this has come illegal targeting also through DHS and FBI contractors.

Gang Stalking is also outsourced through corporations at times and also through community engagement agreements. With the institution of Citizens Corps we see that corporations are strongly encouraged to join them. The FBIs Infragard is creating what appears to be the same structure. 799/

Is Dept. Of Justices’ COPS Program just another Citizens Corps program ? -the-cops-gang-stalking-program/

DOJ refuses to help targeted individuals ! I wonder why ? king

What’s even more sad is that the FBI has a history of hanging the phone up on numerous targeted individuals asking for help. The Dept. Of Justice COPS programs public hotline normally doesn’t even respond back its like no one knows what’s going on.

As you can see a lot of what happens in America is engineered covertly​. In many cities in America cities issue out cloud seeding permits. Most Americans have no idea what cloud seeding is or what a chemtrail is and assume it’s a conspiracy when spoken of. Just as we create clouds we do also have people in these gang stalking groups that abuse their authority and tools to track people to make their lives difficult. Gang Stalking is performed by some agencies 24/7 because the intense stalking and harassment is known to led to serious events and when the target seeks help and gets none some targets became filled with rage and lose it.

This is a issue we Americans must work to change so we can better monitor agencies that are public safety threats to the people of America. The very organizations that are here to protect us are now currently engaged in activities that are 100% linked to many of the serious events our country experiences. Covert investigations on people now include targeting people in U.S schools and also harassing them and placing entire schools and classrooms in danger. Not only can I prove this I would love to network and share my information and the people behind this so we Americans can do more to monitor these public health and safety threats.

I swear under threat of perjury and on the graves of my grandfathers that fought for America that Citizens Corps is engaged in illegal activity which includes the use of community mobbing and community based harassment which is hidden from the public but promoted amongst its groups and its components like Fusion Centers, Community Policing groups and the FBI are involved in these movements at times but will lie and state they do not gang stalk people but video evidence I have collected from a agent 3 times not only suggest the FBI is involved but proves without any doubt that they are engaged in the abuse of these programs and support the targeting of Americans while understanding the outcome of persistently harming a human being for years in every state they move to. DOJ is very well aware well aware of the seriousness of what is going on all across our country covertly which is disgusting.

Citizens Corps is engaged in activities which medical professionals have stated is linked to violence and active shooters. The same agencies that declare to be against active shooters actually covertly engineer acts of terrorism against the United States. The FBI has not helped one notable targeted individual and Dept. of Justice should be ashamed for not helping not a single targeted individual.

I pray that our counter terrorism agencies do more to ensure that targeted individuals in America have options and a line of communication since the people behind these movements hang up the phone repeatedly when fellow Americans ask for help at times. I urge all targeted individuals to be respectful to law enforcement and to respect the laws of America.

‘​Love your neighbor as yourself​.”

I am unable to provide legal advice due to current laws. I am a targeted individual residing in Texas. I have been targeted since 1996 after being accused of the murder of an Air Force pilot. I took a polygraph knowing if I failed it I would have been charged with murder. I passed a polygraph test 18 times. To this day I will take truth serum and pass any polygraph test free of charge by any police force or government entity as many times as you would like.

Also note that ​FEMA i.e Emergency Management is also engaged in these programs along with many security agencies. I truly believe that it’s reached the point where our very government has no idea if Dept. Of Justice, DoD, Health and Human Services, contractors, private investigators, neighborhood watch groups,college students, or if a cities’ community engagement groups and other contractors are doing this to people. I truly believe that I have been a victim of ​Joint Targeting and believe more money has been spent on destroying my life than on helping me leave to another country where I can experience life, liberty and the pursuit of justice. These movements are being used to target a person by numerous groups sometimes numerous times a day and no one is aware of what is going on.

These covert movements are designed to make you look like you’re delusional when you state you’re being followed and harassed in a community unless you have proof like I do. Sometimes the very same people that make an oath to protect the law are the same people to deny you the same rights they have.


I want people to know that I am Pro – American have no ties to any groups political or religious I simply seek to live here harassment free. I swear under threat of perjury that I own no oil fields and that I am not a rich person. It is my personal opinion after reviewing my videos from Florida that in the past I have been subject to investigations by The U.S Air Force Special Investigative Units due to being falsely accused of a homicide of a Air Force pilot. I took a polygraph test and passed it 18 times. Components of DoD, DOJ, DHS and Citizens Corps have harass me to the max for this reason I request political asylum from any country that supports human rights and the rights to education without threats of bodily harm and organized harassment which I have experienced since the age of 21.

Since I do confront those that harass me and tell them to stop their harassment it has increased my harassment. I have noticed that United Nations is promoting community policing and pray that United Nations communicate with those in our cities in America and urge them to not abuse these programs which are a serious threat to public safety and are linked to mass shooting according to many well known doctors. These movements have potential but are currently the most abused programs in America.

Big Data UN Global Working Group includes the potential for monitoring and reporting on the sustainable development goals​. I believe the U.N’s mission to promote community policing is just and fair but I do hope they review the tactics being used in our cities all across America through Citizens Corps and other groups abusing these programs.

Citizen Corps is coordinated nationally by the ​Department of Homeland Security’s Federal Emergency Management Agency​. In this capacity, ​FEMA works closely with other federal entities, state and local governments, first responders and emergency managers, the volunteer community, and the Corporation for National & Community Service​.

Key Data Points

● There are more than 1,200 county, local or tribal Citizen Corps Councils and 56 state or territory Councils.
● Council’s support education and training in multiple locations with 72 percent delivering materials or training and demonstrations in ​neighborhoods​, 71 percent in ​schools​, 63 percent in ​workplaces​ and 53 percent in places of ​worship​.
● Citizen Corps ​has five partners​: ​Community Emergency Response Teams (CERT)​, Fire Corps​, ​USA on Watch​, ​Medical Reserve Corps​, and Volunteers in Police Service.

Citizens Corps and other intelligence agencies like the FBI do participate in the systematic stalking and harassment. I am not making accusations but swear under threat of perjury that I have been systematically followed and harassed in the city of Austin,Texas more than any other place I have lived in America and that I have contacted the local police, politicians the city mayor, town manager, district manager and other politicians and have not received no replies or help.
My request for political asylum is based on facts and I believe that with approval for asylum my life will improve. Once I can get away from these criminal elements seeking to cause financial hardship and misery in my life I feel I can live a more fuller and happier life.

If you do not believe the FBI targets people look at this.

Ex- FBI Agent Geral Wayne Sosbee letter of support written for me concerning persistent criminal harassment I experience.

Contact your local representatives for help.

Good FIle Hosting SIte No Registration Required Allows You To Present Evidence Quickly & For Free.

Community policing is a philosophy that promotes organizational strategies that support the systematic use of partnerships ​and problem-solving techniques to proactively address the —immediate conditions that give rise to public safety issues such as crime, social disorder, and fear of crime. ​Is gang stalking and community mobbing on the list ?

Definition of a criminal: a person who has committed a crime.

18 U.S. Code § 1905 – Disclosure of confidential information generally

Any person that publishes, divulges, ​discloses​, or makes known in any manner or to any extent not authorized by law any information coming to him in the course of his employment or official duties or by reason of any examination or investigation made by, or return, report or record made to or filed with, such department or agency or officer or employee thereof, which information concerns or relates to the trade secrets, ​processes​, operations​, ​style of work​, or apparatus​, or to the identity, ​confidential statistical data​, amount or source of any income, profits, losses, or expenditures of any person, firm, partnership,corporation, or association; or permits any income return or copy thereof or any book containing any particulars thereof to be seen or examined by any person except as provided by law; shall be fined under this title, or imprisoned not more than one year, or both; and shall be removed from office or employment.

26 U.S. Code § 6103 – Confidentiality and disclosure of returns and return information Quotes like ​Service Above Self are nice but when your service harms others is that service
really for others or yourself.

Masonic quote : Never look down on someone unless you are helping them up.

The Dept. Of Health and Human Services
is doing policing work with no badge. If that is the case I can start an organization called The Justice Coalition in Austin Texas and network with police to do police work with no badge and not be deputized and follow people around which is a crime which is called stalking which Dept. of justice states leads to rage and shootings do they care ofcourse not they promote it in our country. DOJ is nothing more than a reflection of the FBI itself after all they are the FBI.

Is Proactive Policing illegal?

Proactive policing is the practice of deterring criminal activity by showing police presence and engaging the public to learn their concerns, thereby preventing crime from taking place in the first place. ​So the public is engaged and told to follow and monitor you​. Isn’t that called Community Mobbing ? And by what authority under U.S codes does a neighborhood watch group or a person have the right to harass another American when he just moves into another place and knows not a soul.

Can non deputized citizens do the work of your national security agencies and law enforcement personnel ? Not according to U.S codes and sharing information with the public concerning an investigation is illegal. If Pro Active policing requires non stop surveillance it is unconstitutional if that activity violates the U.S constitution and state laws which forbid harassment and excessive abuse of the law which causes a person to fear for his/her life or causes mental anguish and distress this laws do apply to the FBI, DHS and all departments within the U.S.

​Proactive policing can be defined simply as police work initiated by law enforcement agencies or officers that is intended ​to deter crime, ​reduce disorder, reduce citizens’ fear of crime but check this out I never had a store manager harass me until Citizens Corps existed and told people who I was. Since the first day I moved here to Austin I have been complaining about harassment and stalking when there is no reason for my to be stalked. I left Albuquerque due to the gang stalking to move here to experience again within hours of relocating. And how does proactive policing deter crime when stalking someone causes them to be fearful and want to protect their lives and be on the edge because of community based harassment.

Are Fusion Centers, DHS and the FBI sharing our information with the ADL and other non profits?

I believe, so because why would Jewish people and Citizens Corps a non governmental agency being following me around in the same manner and attire as the FBI and Americorps?

Everything is starting to make sense we have people breaking the laws of the land and violating our rights but they want other people to respect them for doing this sick crap. These people operate at times through local groups like Rotary Clubs, Masonic halls, churches, the ADL etc and many other civic groups which get our sheriffs into office and get our politicians voted into office. The FBI and Department of Homeland Security and other agencies use these people to do their work through what I believe to be slander, defamation and with hopes the target will become sick due to the organized harassment this is the reason for the large amount of complaints concerning gang stalking all across America. We can thank our local, city, and state and federal agencies using contractors and other groups not even deputized for this harassment in our country. The harassment has even made its way into our military and is being promoted covertly. There is a possibility that millions of Americans are enrolled into these programs and have no idea they are being attacked after all ​Dept. Of Justice refuses to help people stalked by more than one person because they support community mobbing through the use of community policing like they did with the Weed and Seed program they used to run which caused a lot of racial profiling and harassment in marginalized communities only. Instead of stopping crime it broke up families and provided no support or programs for the men needing skills not only was it sham. It utilized mostly home owners and people making livable incomes to target people that are denied a livable income due to a past mistake.

Much of the problems occurring in the lives of targeted individuals and things they do in our country are due to nothing more than intelligence agencies and contractors plus local police being duped into investigations made up in my opinion by the FBI which never close no matter which town you move to and are used as an excuse to terrorize a target. With the merger of our military and federal government merging with the city and state we are sure to hear in the future about massive amounts of abuses and activities conducted by law enforcement that have never been conducted in our country since its conception due to information sharing with the public concerning matters that led to community mobbing.

Its time that the people doing this to others realize that they also need to take some accountability for the issues people are facing that are being targeted and understand that if a American is asking for help and not getting none it must be because the same agencies refusing to help that person are the same agencies behind the harassment the target faces. I am own no weapons besides a old paint ball gun which is used to keep burglars out my home when I sleep. My only goal in life is to be a good person and live a life free from any hindrance that would seek to harm me. If I am a harmless person why would someone want to harm me ? Alot of this harassment at times is due to police trusting the information coming from intelligence agencies like the FBI and components of DHS which is flawed in my opinion due to their massive funding targets are needed to keep funding and operations going and in turn rampant abuse is occurring.

Please note that Constitutional policing is not the same as community policing​, but the two are related. ​Constitutional policing focuses on ensuring fair, legal, ​constitutional treatment of citizens. Community ​policing takes ​constitutional policing one step further by adapting police work to the specific needs of the community and relies on many community members at times which are not deputized to actually do the work of law enforcement. Most of these people involved are mostly people that are not marginalized and are being told a person is a problem sometimes slander is employed and neighbors then harass a target with no regard for the impact the systematic stalking and harassment has on the target.

Respect your law enforcement agencies and realize they have been duped into these operations due to false information and exaggerated statements from people that hide behind our flag to cause harm to us targeted individuals. Most of the severe, pervasive and persistent harassment is actually happening due to the mass funding of DHS and its collaborators.

Gang Stalkers Are Criminals ! Community Mobbing Is Unethical !

Definition of a Criminal : a person who has committed a crime.

A great book all Americans should read !

Our Own Worst Enemy: Asking the Right Questions About Security to Protect You, Your Family, and America First Edition, First Printing Edition​ ​ By ​ ​Randall Larsen

Randall J. Larsen was a leading advisor to the White House​, the military and Fortune 500 companies on homeland security as well as the ​CBS News ​resident expert on matters relating to disaster, terrorism, and our national preparedness. ​He is the Director of the Institute for Homeland Security, a nonprofit/nonpartisan research group. ​He previously served as chairman of the Department of Military Strategy and Operations at the ​National War College​. For more information, you can visit He has written op-eds for the ​Wall Street Journal,​ ​Washington Post, San Francisco Chronicle and USA TODAY.

“​Colonel Randall J. Larsen, USAF (Ret) is the chief executive officer of the WMD Center, a research organization he founded with former Senators Bob Graham and Jim Talent. He also serves on the Board of Advisors at Homeland Security Management Institute of the Department of Homeland Security National Transportation Security Center of Excellence at Long Island University. He previously served as the executive director of the Congressional Commission on the Prevention of Weapons of Mass Destruction Proliferation and Terrorism. ____________________________________________________________________________ _
Just a few pictures and information concerning Citizens Corps and what they do literally around the clock. Also note that I have massive amounts of pictures that show FEMA and its groups wearing black clothing in large groups and other pictures from other states which share complaints concerning this harassment. It’s so subtle most Americans can not notice these activities. We can thank DHS and the FBI for a lot of this abuse occurring.

Note that the harassment I have underwent was daily at every store I went while shopping and even in U.S schools. This harassment is coming from the DHS, the FBI, Dept. of Safety , FEMA, neighborhood watch groups, contractors and local police involved in community policing etc and even supported by our local officials. I also feel that Americorps and other students are duped into these programs and that they may be placing their very lives in extreme danger since not even police conduct operations like Citizens Corps and local police which normally respect constitutional rights. How is it possible that my information from the past 8 years clearly shows persistent encounters with Fire, EMS, Neighborhood Watch, the FBI, DHS, U.S Army USAF etc.

Please note that I have printed 4 FOIA requests made to DHS concerning Citizens Corps
and not one request has been answered and proof has been printed out that I did make requests. ​The information I requested is concerning Citizens Corps and the tactics they use to police someone. Citizens Corps which is a component The National Community Service Corporation has many stakeholders and networks other groups involved in these programs which are not listed on Wikipedia and are hidden for a reason through Citizens Corps login and registration site because the activities they are involved in are highly dangerous and pose a direct threat to the target and the lives of the people they use since they are involved in confrontational harassment and activities that actually are related 100% linked to violence and its actually payed for by the people of America.

Citizens Corps duties include networking with churches, your employer’s, store where you shop, communicating with your police, and many other agencies. Your city and state agencies and then non profits and neighbors then participate in this organized harassment that takes places even at your home​. Part of the FBI’s job is to target people when you ask for help from the Secret Service of the FBI note that they will insinuate that you are delusional but why is it that my information clearly shows that DHS the FBI and its stakeholders are involved in this activity which most Americans do not see occurring. Why is it that their information published online shows they work together at times and share information concerning targeting people. With the merging of the military operating through FEMA, Citizens Corps and other DoD contacts misinformation and slander could accidentally cause a person to experience severe targeting. We see clearly that police keep confidential policing tactics secret since they are supposed to and since laws make the revealing of confidential informants secret so the blue wall of silence is still operational and enforced through laws which cause a person with little resources to suffer and be without any proof of the people behind his or her harassment unless they have money to hire private investigators.

Citizens Corps and local police are engaged in these programs and intelligence agencies, non profits, stakeholders, secret society members, and literally entire neighborhoods do participate in these activities which are based persistently confronting and harassing a person with intent to engineer acts of terrorism against the United States government and the people of America. Our city officials know about these programs and they understand that bullying in U.S schools and harassment is linked to events that have the potential to link our very agencies to engineering acts of terrorism against the people of America but its done anyways with no regard of the consequences.

With the rise of technology not only can my claims be proven, ​if the NSA or the CIA was to spend just 10 minutes doing research and investigating my case and my findings they would see not only am I telling the truth concerning my allegations but that I am literally being deliberately harassed and pushed around for over a decade and the people behind it do not want me to work, go to to church, have a decent education for that reason I have to leave this country.

When the people of America would deliberately seek to engineer acts against our own country it’s time to pack your bags up and not look back for nothing. If there are any respectable organizations that would like to see what I am not sharing and are willing to stop these people from harming fellow Americans I will share the information I have free of charge that is not being shared online but be warned its literally an alphabet of agencies behind this movement and note that I am not that I am not paid to stand for dignity what I share is complimentary and I do not hide behind the flag and harm people like these gang stalking groups.

Who would’ve ever thought the mass problems we have in this country are created, enforced by the very fake Americans that are here to protect America some of these people even state they are christians on their resumes and Linkedin profiles but work day and night to harm America. We have alot corruption taking place here in America.

Some of the corruption is based on attacking values that we Americans hold dear to us. Attacks on our Freedom of speech may be occurring through the ADL which is moderating Youtube. there is heated debate about ​net neutrality,​ which is the principle that Internet service providers should enable access to all content and applications regardless of the source, and without favoring or blocking particular products or websites. large internet companies such as Google and Facebook are in fact presenting you a ​censored version of the internet​, that has been specifically “tailored” to your tastes. The idea being that a more personalized internet would be more appealing, and will lead to more clicks, more page views, and ultimately more advertising revenue for themselves and also to hide agendas that the Americans people have a right to be alerted about.

Is Censorship a Pro Americans value ? Well I undergo it. Need proof?

Ask yourself why in the world would the comments of targeted individuals be hidden from the public? The answer is very evident- to hide illegal activities occurring in America that are based on domestic terrorism and against the United States government and the people of America

Censorship leads to ​what causes increased polarization in society as we become less and less exposed to dissenting views and opinions​. Ultimately, the moves by Google and Facebook to personalize search and news feed results ​is a form of censorship, and a particularly dangerous one as it discourages the public discourse that is necessary to have a functioning civic society.
Censorship by ​Google is ​Google​’s removal or omission of information from its services or those of its subsidiary companies, such as YouTube, in order to comply with its company policies, legal demands, or ​various government censorship laws.

Please note that I am not speaking bad about no organization but simply stating our Freedom of Speech is being suppressed in an effort suppress our freedom of speech. Most Americans do not see the war being waged against our rights to Freedom of Speech but its is occurring as I type on this digital document.

The gang stalkers seek inclusion for themselves and not for you. ​Below is a picture of Maslow Hierarchy of needs​. Remember these people seek to destroy every aspect of your life and violating all basic human rights and needs. Their movements are based on destruction, causing harm, violating your every need, harassing you in public schools, airplanes, at home, social events and yes even in churches and while shopping and eating out this is how sick these people are.

Gang Stalkers are domestic terrorists if their intent is to cause harm to a person and a community. The definition of a Domestic Terrorist i​s a person who commits terrorists acts in their own country against their fellow citizens. ​Hostile surveillance and invasive intrusions that cross the lines of ethics and morality and U.S codes shows that the people in Citizens Corps actually think they are above the law and are not being held accountable for their abuses in our country that are done covertly in cooperation with authorities and intelligence agencies that do not want Americans to know what is going on.

I have done my best to inform fellow Americans and members of foreign agencies that this movement is very real and that loopholes for serious abuses through these programs do exist through Citizens Corps programs and partnerships which are relying public and private partnerships and judging a person by his or her past and not what they are doing now. I see Citizens Corps and its connections to public safety and its handlers FEMA as a serious threat not only to public safety but our country. Our leaders need to do more to monitor these threats to public safety that are operating through DHS and connecting with huge community groups. When the rights of Americans are not protected then we see a lack of respect for those that are supposed to be here to protect our rights. Respect is something earned through trust and when people betray that trust cords are severed in communities.

If these operations are being conducted in places like Chicago and Philadelphia we can expect serious issues to arise in communities since these movements are based on causing persistent harm to a person. I urge our leaders to monitor these councils and regional associations operating in the dark as non governmental agencies and their associations with our intelligence communities.
Another thing I find quite amusing about these organizations that harass and gang stalk people is that their sites state they promote a harassment free environment for its volunteers. I see a double standard going on.

Now I live in Texas and I have spent more time filing reports concerning harassment and complaining about harassment than I have in my entire life. I have been followed and harassed by people that I have video recorded exiting the local FBI office , Citizens Corps and FEMA.

I had the wires of my car carefully examined. It was not a animal that did this t​here are no chew marks. Sticks and leaves were intentional placed in my car to give the assumption that an animal did this to my car within hours of the vehicle being parked. Please note that I did report being followed the day prior by a person in a unmarked vehicle that matches a field office in another state. ​The cuts to the wires are so precise that no animal could of done this.

Misc. information concerning my harassment after leaving Florida to move to New Mexico due to community mobbing and police harassment.

Note that I live in Texas I have not even shared not even 1% of my videos concerning the harassment I experienced in Albuquerque and in Florida. The tactics used against me match the same experiences I have had in 4 states and my video footage proves this so this means that the same organizations doing this to me have to be operating in every state and city I have lived. After conducting researching on the agencies behind my harassment it has been discovered that the same agencies doing to this to me currently have offices in every place I have lived.

It is the opinion of many doctors and medical professional that I have spoken to that have been used in a court of law stating facts concerning stalking and harassment that many of my problems have been created by the very people we are supposed to trust. I have tried to show respect and remove my video’s from the net to still experience the same harassment that is coming directly from people from within the city state and federal government. Since these threats operating through our city state and federal government are so devoted to domestic terrorism and I seeking to flee to countries that are more devoted to counter terrorism.

I have done my part to seek help and have received known. I see these scum bags clearly in uniform I know they are devoted to engineering acts of terrorism against the United States government and the people of America. I have shared just a extremely small portion of how domestic terrorist operate in America and I am 100% certain that many of the worst acts in our country are due to the same people that are to stupid to see that they are the problem and that their inability to respect our laws and our constitution is the very reason why DHS and other agencies violating our rights are being exposed as the traitors they are and they know it.

It is not my opinion but a fact that Fema’s Citizens Corps is targeting people in our schools, churches and in our communities with intent to engineer acts of terrorism against the United States government and the people of America. The scum in some of these groups are highly racist and violate the principles that even our military is supposed to stand for. Boy do we have piles of trash in uniforms hiding behind the U.S flag and are not worth a crap to our country. I respect our military since my grandfathers took bullets for America but not the ones that abuse the law and think people are too stupid to figure out what is going on.

The greatest threats to America are not hiding in some desert overseas in Iraq but in my opinion are right here operating through Fusion Centers, DHS, local police, Dept. Secret Societies, defense contractors, military facilities, Infragard, Community Watch groups with intent to systematically harass people covertly and in an effort to engineer events against our very country. Its extremely sad to know that the very trash engineering these acts in our country are the very scum that salute our flag and put a uniform on but have nothing more than an intent to cause harm to our country. When a person is persistently asking for help and get none who is the problem the person asking for help of the agencies ignoring the replies for help and exposing all the agencies the are connected to with intent to exposing our country to extreme shame.

Don’t worry you foolish scum bags I am not going to expose you you have exposed yourselves. A NGO can be funded entirely or in part by government funding and it may keep its non governmental status by ​prohibiting government representatives from membership​. And why is the FBI’s Infragard categorized as a non governmental agency ?

On the Dept. Of State website we see that non non governmental agencies have a .gov ulr.

Dept. Of Homeland Security was created on ​November 25, 2002 In​ January 2002 Citizens Corps ​was created.

Now if Citizens Corps is a grassroots movement and it is a non governmental agency why does it have a .gov url ?

It’s apparent that this movement will remain a grassroots movement for a very very long time because I have reviewed information concerning its members and their connections not every person can be trusted with their activities because they are done in secret and they do pose a threat to the community according to the people that have reviewed my information concerning their activities and the statements do come from doctors that are used in courts to verify facts concerning activities that are unconstitutional and harmful to individuals.

It appears that Citizens Corps received it .gov address from the General Services Administration due to being a component of DHS. Well Citizens Corps was created just a few months after DHS was founded so how long will Citizens Corps be raised by DHS ? Citizens Corps is nothing more than DHS masked as a non governmental agency most Americans do not know they exist. Many of Citizens Corps Facebook pages are filled with people that appear to be racist in my opinion.

Citizens address proves that Citizens Corps is not only directed by DHS but is a part of DHS and funded by it and it will take orders from its parent organization since it has no choice since it is not only a component of DHS but it is DHS.

Some NGO’s are funded by the state and the corporate sector this is ethical and legal but it is apparent that Citizens Corps is teaching people tactics that come from DHS the FBI the U.S Army and that even police are adopting these tactics such as over policing and confrontational policing which is unethical and a direct violation of a person’s civil rights even if some bogus investigation is created on a person and it is done with intent to cause harm.

Another thing that is interesting is that FEMA’s offices were under investigation by a private investigator I hired and he was able to get pictures not being shared of people tied to a group called ​AmeriCorps which is made of many disenfranchised students at times that need scholarship money , grants and housing. Are some of these students being trained in the ways of FEMA’s Citizens Corps and are its regional councils working with police I believe so ? I believe that the community mobbing going on in America is a sign of America’s moral decline away not only from god but for the support of a new movement which is being funded through FEMA and some of its stakeholders which has connected itself to our local police through emergency management and its local city connections which do include members of the community and it turn this leads to an increase in community mobbing reports.

On 9/30/17 21:19 pm I suffered from a computer attack and the following url popped up on my computer which can be seen below.

I feel the ​ICITAP which nothing more that DOJ will have seek to have me under investigation and that I will experience systematic harassment and testing if I relocate since the are are connected to Dept. Of Defense and since I was wrongfully accused of a murder I never did and even took a polygraph which under Florida laws is admissible in a court of law as evidence and enough to place a charge on a person such as murder. If anyone will question the police that authorized the polygraph test they will tell you that I begged for the test and was not coerced into taking the polygraph.

Another pop up on my computer from is from USAJOBS which is seeking an employee in Indonesia at Jakarta, Java , Indonesia well my favorite thing I like to watch are videos from youtube user :

I feel that I am being attacked from every angle of my life by these unconstitutional hackers and informants violating not only civil rights but also the rights of fellow Americans.

Citizens Corps programs are also funded by DOJ so DOJ must be aware of its activities.

I am certain that information sharing with non deputized officials are utilized to covertly conduct operations on targeted individuals through titles like community policing and community engagements. People are also targeted based on a mental diagnosis which may be faulty since many doctors are unaware of gang stalking that occurs through Citizens Corps , the FBI and other stakeholders such as DHS etc. This explains why so many marginalized people are complaining about organized harassment and community mobbing through neighborhood watch groups.

This pdf file is a document I discovered concerning Citizens Corps confidentiality agreement.

Citizens Corps is gaining access to our medical records and is also connected to the Corporation For National Community Service, DHS, FEMA, literally hundreds of stakeholders and our information is shared then with the public even your local Fire Dept and other agencies and in turn targeting is occurring which does include the use of police at times that can be trusted since the activities are sometimes so illegal and so invasive that the targets normally become so enraged due to persistent stalking and community based harassment which is based on domestic terrorism since it is utilizing members of the public to target communities of disenfranchised people that are non combative and that are seeking help and i

I have also discovered information concerning the FBI which is also using its information concerning its targets to ensure targets are kept under aware that they are being watched. In turn our information sharing is not only leading to serious abuse but serious human rights violations and illegal targeting and surveillance due to covert investigations brought on a person and misinterpretation of law. People in turn with no degree in psychology or being used for these operations and no professional psychiatrist are being used during covert operations and in turn people are being targeted and when serious events occur the intelligence community can not understand why certain events occur in our communities.

The FBI which does get involved in gang stalking and community mobbing pretend at times to care for the community but abuses its authority and when targets seek help or confront and ask to please stop they will deny the stalking and in turn seek to deny , degrade and destroy a target.
The U.S Army and other components of DoD are engaged in these bullying activities that have nothing to do with restoring a person’s health or helping them to reintegrate into a society. We are infact using at time uneducated people people and even foreigners through other agencies that do not have any skills and in many cases I have reviewed do not even speak any English.

Targeted based harassment towards nations and people is in my opinion one of the greatest threats not only to our country but towards our national security since real Americans that cherish U.S laws and our constitution frown upon unethical acts occurring through our system and after careful investigation will be able to discover just how many problems this movement is causing.

Another concern that I have for Americans is Infragard which appears to be nothing more than an extension of the FBI and is under Dept. Of Justice has FBI agents running these non profits. The potential for this organization to help protect America during a financial collapse of an attack from a foreign invader can be useful to help maintain order in the corporate sector and to help maintain infrastructure but quite a few people have mentioned that the FBI is using Infragard for targeting also in certain regions in America which is alarming since the FBI has a long history of unethical clandestine activities which may be extended in the workforce by providing security clearances to its stakeholders which operate as contractors which can led to corporate targeting and abuse of an American’s constitutional rights.

Below is a letter I received after trying to join Infragard. It was my hope I could join so I could discover if targeting is being promoted through this organization which has been mentioned to occur by others. My application to join Infragard was returned from the FBI Headquarters National Strategic Partnership Unit and of course my application was Denied. ​Infragard is nothing more in my eyes as a conduit for information sharing with the public and a ​partnership between the FBI and its stakeholders.

Another thing that is interesting is that any person that is poor made a mistake may be targeted by Fusion Centers or extensions of DHS which are being created to resemble DoD. Does America really need prison like society that resembles a communist country? I do not think so. Gang Stalking also has happened to whistleblowers that work for our National Security Agencies.

Through the use of Fusion Centers our information is now being shared with people that have Fusion centers operate as state and major urban area focal points for the receipt, analysis, gathering, and ​sharing of ​information between federal; state, local, tribal, territorial (SLTT); and private and PUBLIC sector partners. Website are available for many of these groups to share information on people.

The stasi movement is real; its desire to create a very prison like environment full of nothing more than people that want to entice, harass, provoke and engineer serious events in our country covertly is disgustedly real and Dept. of Justice knows it.

I feel that our country has gone from becoming extremely organized to becoming a mess where information sharing is running rampant which is going to led to a wave of events that Americans will eventually discover link our very servicemen, intelligence agencies and even our police and politicians to disgusting acts that have been hidden.

These movements can only operate 24/7 in a city with the cooperation of local police and city and state officials and stakeholders that agree to never expose what is going on since they are aware that theses activities have the potential to lead to serious events that would of never happened if people would stopped systematically stalking and harassing people.

Investigations on Americans appear to be kept open indefinitely and with these covert operations in place this movement has a serious impact on all areas of a person’s life. The FBI and other agencies abusing these programs can only keep harassing the target without notice through lies , exaggerated statements and cooperation with local police and DHS and its stakeholders so they secretly target and harass a target to make them look like the bad person and to make them appear as they are delusional.

My information collected concerning organized harassment I have experienced is huge and out of all my requests for help I have noticed that way more money and time has been spent on harassing me than helping to stop the harassment which gives me the assumption that massive amounts of funds are deliberately used to cause serious harm to targets in America with zero regard for public safety and the sad thing about this movement is that some public safety officials abuse these programs and actually have U.S flag hanging on their front porch. These gang stalking agencies even hang up the phone of Americans seeking help.

These gang stalking operations are now operating in all states in America but not all countries approve of the abuse of these programs like we do in America which is the reason America has more active shooters than any other country in the world. With the implementation of past programs through DOJ and through these stalking programs based on covert harassment and skits played leads to unfortunate events which we Americans must expose.

Gang Stalking is 100% linked to promotion of mass shootings the agencies that hide behind the U.S flag and declare to support Homeland Security and commit these acts are fake American scum that get paid to engineer acts against the U.S and should be ashamed of themselves.
The mass funding for surveillance is needed to secure our country but when more money is spent on targeting and harming fellow Americans then these fake Americans and imposters need to be pointed out.

This movement of surveillance is disorganized since we have way too many people conducting unethical harassment campaigns with no direction and public oversight to the point where even Congress is clueless to the activities occurring in our communities covertly.

Many homeowners and Neighborhood Watch groups actually think they have the moral right and authority under our laws to police a person and law enforcement turns a blind eye since it a driving factor at time on why a person is targeted in a community persistently.

Many good people partake of community service activities with good intentions but if Citizens Corps and its tactics are being implemented into its stakeholders programs this is a reason for America to be alarmed.

Many of these organizations state they support being transparent but is this so.

Google is aware of the disparate treatment in policing and has spoken against the abuse of community policing and has given Millions away to combat abuses as such but more work is needed to ensure all races of people are treated fairly when it comes to community policing. 8283364/

The ​National League of Cities and its corporate partners also support community policing so its employees could possible be used under titles like community engagement and members of these round tables are involved .No accusation are being made and I have not gained any proof that suggest that the National League of Cities is engaged in any abuses but I simple share information that suggest just how big community policing is.

The National League of Cities Corporate Partners Program promotes corporate civic engagement and appears to have ties to DHS and I have noted Infragard members in large numbers in these groups which suggest this organization is just another front for this sustainability movement.
Many targets may find themselves also in jails, mental hospitals since police and agents are told to hide their actions in turn many targets become cut off from all social activities. Relationships are destroyed and some targets become drunks, chain smokers and resort to petty crimes to survive and many become mentally ill. Organized harassment may also occur in these institutions as psychiatric-reprisal

Psychotherapy notes, which are the personal notes of a mental health care provider documenting or analyzing the contents of a counseling session, that either maintained or separate from the rest of the patient’s medical record. ​See 45 CFR 164.524(a)(1)(i) and 164.501

This case code could prevent people from exposing severe human rights violations that occur after a false diagnosis due to reporting community mobbing and workplace harassment which is running rampant in America.

Note federal agencies do not limit their operations to just where you work and where you live but they do happen in state and federal facilities. I have collected massive amounts of proof that covert investigations do in state and federal facilities and even experiments have been noted.
The best advice I can give to any American being labeled as crazy for exposing community policing and the abuses of neighborhood watch programs they experience in every state is to leave America if you can. Freedom can never be experienced in a place where you’re unable to enjoy living.

Secret policing is real !

As an example of just how serious community policing is I provide this information which was copied from a neighborhood watch group close to my house which displays these organizations as it stakeholders.

Community policing is a good thing but when its stakeholders utilize tactics to spook people and cause people to feel unsafe in every city they move to its no longer community policing but organized harassment which is unethical and based on unconstitutional activities.
I left New Mexico to escape FBI/DHS harassment the proof I have is unreal. I have asked for help from multiple agencies to discover that many agencies even police support these tactics based on harming people which violates U.S codes and state laws.

Using ordinary citizens to police people is promoting stalking since the person being targeted for surveillance have no idea who , why or what the person wants that is doing the stalking. Stalking is linked to violence, anger and rage according to Dept. Of Justice and America’s brightest medical professionals that expose the harmful impact stalking has on a person.

Imagine the ​intense psychological stress of being followed daily by people persistently in a community that you have no relationship with. Wouldn’t you feel highly threatened and severely pissed and on the edge. Imagine the health impacts this would have on a human being. The sad thing about this movement is that is occurs even in U.S schools and it’s done covertly.

Community Policing normally requires the use of people that are home owners and that are not marginalized and that are not suffering from low income or social isolation. In turn community policing done by people not deputized and that have not sworn an oath to protect America are being used to do these activities. I have even met people that do not speak English doing this work for money. When I have gone to many schools and am a citizens of America and seek stable employment.
Classified information is now being shared with local police through Fusion Centers and other agencies. Groups like Citizens Corps abuse these programs by harassing and stalking citizens and ​provoking ​them to anger by systematically harassing targets. Citizens Corps activities pose a severe threat to our communities and to our country.

Community Policing as you can see is based on utilizing the have’s to monitor the have nots which is a form of bullying. Community Policing is being used to target people and cause immense grief and stress on the lives of Americans. Below is a picture of the USAF bases involved in APAN. Yes our military is doing Community Policing. Even stores, hospitals and its sometimes directed at targeting poor areas and poor people.

Vigilante gang stalking is happening in America due to massive information sharing due to DHS and DOJ supporting these movements based on systematically harassing Americans. They long term health impacts the targets suffer from can become severe and sometimes the damage done due to the stalking leads to unfortunate events that should’ve never happened.

What is Dept. Of Homeland Security/DOJ doing to stop this problem in America ? Nothing of course these programs bring massive funding to communities and are used to create a surveillance apparatus no different than that of most communist countries and 3rd world nations.
The information shared through these Fusion Centers and other governments will eventually increase targeting in America and led to serious corporate targeting. These gang stalking programs supported by Dept. Of Justice and DHS are nothing more than depopulation programs which do led to bad events that should’ve never taken place.

Persistent intrusive surveillance and stalking is not only degrading but violates the fundamental rights of Americans. Most of America is unaware of what is going on and just how close we are to becoming a police state where Americans are under surveillance even while taking a walk. Is this the America our founding fathers wanted for us ?

When we have a Dept. like DHS harassing people in our communities and encouraging police to follow along with the FBI and other agencies what does this say about the beliefs these agencies have in our constitution.

Current rules amongst certain agencies require lying in a court of law to cover up these activities. Many agencies hide behind quotas and seek grant funding and abuse these programs. The most interesting fact about these movements which would be appalling for Americans to know is that the people that are supposed to protect our communities and respect our laws are the same people at times to break our laws and abuse public offices duties.

With the militarization of our police force and partnerships forming we now have troops that are being used for community policing through Citizens Corps with experience in psychological warfare that forget that Americans are not the enemy ! Those that abuse these programs through FEMA’s Citizens Corps should always remember that not a single American was involved in the World Trade event which is the reason why Citizens Corps was created.

When Americans lose focus and start targeting ordinary Americans for utilizing their rights to freedom of speech for exposing those that harm America then we Americans are not free but are held hostage by enemies that fight not for freedom but fight to suppress the truth in exchange for a lie.

After spending thousands of hours in the past ten years reviewing what I have been through in public schools and in every community I move to I have discovered that much of what I have gone through was done by clandestine agencies with a desire to covertly engineer harm to me. The motives seem to be primarily revenge and to utilize public and private stakeholders to conduct the harassment in a secret manner so its never linked back to the state. local city or a federal agency like Dept. of Justice which has severely harassed me in the past.

This movement is based on covertly targeting Americans in an effort to cause harm not only to the target but our country and communities. No regard for the lives of Americans are taken into consideration and the harassment is done deliberately and with intent to cause mass shootings, suicides and leave a target in financial ruin. The clandestine agencies doing this are unable to conduct these operations unless the police turn a blind eye and the city and local sheriffs must be on the same page with the Fusion Centers and Citizens Corps for these operations to be kept so secret.

What is the intent of stalking and harassing a person in all areas of their life ?
The answer is simple! The intent of a person or a group of people systematically stalking and harassing a person non stop daily for years is done to cause psychological trauma to an individual.
This explains why Dept. Of Justice has been caught in the past hiding the true statistics on gang stalking complaints in America. Most targeted individuals are unaware of the term gang stalking or where to turn for help when experiencing this type of harassment which is done daily and follows a person state by state due to fusion centers the FBI and other agencies promoting these programs. When your own military, local police and federal agencies plot to systematically push and harass you what do you do ? The only logical answer is to leave America. To be free requires the ability to speak freely without being persecuted. The enemies of America and freedom despise not only our constitution but look down on the same people they seek to destroy which are in many cases more smarter than them.

When domestic terrorism is more cherished than counter terrorism I urge Americans to pack your bags and flee American while you can and seek refuge in countries devoted to protecting human rights such as freedom of speech.

Your Department of Public Safety Agencies are normally filled with good hard working Americans that care for their country. Let us pray that this movement based on violating the rights of Americans does not overtake our communities.

Some of these people in these agencies have close ties to the FBI and from what I have gathered appear some of these people here in Austin must have previous experience with the FBI or training in role playing and skits. I have felt this since I have moved here.

Some of my video footage is so damaging that it would perhaps increase my targeting. My only goal is to leave America . The main thing I wanted for people to graps out of my content being shared is that Community Policing requires stalking and harassment.

Community Policing is something that I feel has tremendous potential in America to help students and to even stir up national pride , prevent radicals and extremist from operating in our cities. Unfortunately the creation of these programs will not stop terrorism and do very little to stop crime and problems because these programs are designed to cause hardships in the lives of people which cause crime, depression and even terrorism which I seek to expose and stop through my videos online.

I will not say that I have been an angel a few agencies have a reason to be pissed at me but I had no choice but to confront them and let them know I do not like being harassed and stalked. I guess that makes me different than other people since I will try to communicate with others to solve problems so I can leave in peace and harmony.

Citizens Corps programs are based on being confrontational and are based on creating problems covertly through using reservist ,military personnel and police, neighbors to get involved in a person’s life. This whole community based approach to policing is without a doubt a greater threat to our country than Isis and other radical and extremist groups.

Community Policing that is based on causing psychological harm to a person non stop daily and that is based on persistent harassment in America is a very unwise policy for Americans to accept. I agree community policing is necessary to protect the the public from dangerous individuals and groups but when this movement is based on persistent provoking and harassing people when they eat food, go to church this movement is not about community policing but causing harm to a person.
The only way community policing can work in America to its fullest would be to disarm the people of America and to create a herd like or slave like state which I do not approve of. Community policing does work but when it involves systematic harassment and using a community to mob people this has nothing to do with public safety.

After reviewing many books on community policing its very apparent that no research is no longer needed to know if it works or if it does not work. It works because of partnerships and persistent. In high crime areas where huge populations of adult men are not married or have access to livable jobs it can not work effectively unless educational programs are provided to that provide the men enough to support a family or to take care of themselves.

Programs like Dept. Of Justice Weed and Seed program must of realized this so instead of helping poor and marginalized men they targeted them and then after removing all the men from a community and enforcing housing bans they then sought to offer educational programs well at least this is what they say were their intentions.

FEMA’s operations along with other agencies conducting these type of activities should be subject to congressional approval per operation and constant oversight because the impacts these gang stalking movements have on our country pose a direct threat to our national security to public safety and especially to our homeland.

Don’t interfere with anything in the Constitution. That must be maintained, for it is the only safeguard of our liberties.

Abraham Lincoln

Does Dept. Of Justice support the U.S constitution ?

The Office of Community Oriented Policing Services (COPS Office) is the component of the U.S. Department of Justice responsible for advancing the practice of community policing by the nation’s state, local, territorial, and tribal law enforcement agencies through information and grant resources.

The statement above which comes from Dept. Of Justice Community Policing sites states that it is responsible for the advancing this practice. When we look at whats going on to other targeted individuals we see that their harassment is coming from contractors, military personnel, local police and other groups. This means that this movement is actually paid for with our tax dollars and this also means that the FBI which under DOJ is involved in this activity along with Dept. of Defense which is also a stakeholder. This movement can only be funded by our system. Are our leaders aware of the health issues and problems associated with these movements that are based on harming a person non stop ? I am unsure but one thing is for sure Dept. Of Justice not only supports gang stalking they know very well this movement harms people. Could this explain why all the past shooters have complained about gang stalking and being harassed ? Of course it does ! Covert community policing tactics require persistent stalking and harassment since it requires law enforcement and its stakeholders making their presence known 24/7 and this includes even while eating out, going to church and the harassment does happen even online since intelligence agencies have power through the search engines to review all our personal details.

I urge all targeted individuals to talk to your city council at least one time and to our leaders to encourage them to take a very close look at what community policing involves. Many of our leaders may have no idea that the U.S Army and CItizens Corps actually engage in serious gang stalking and harassment campaigns in our country towards fellow Americans.

Law Enforcement Coordinating Committee (LECC)

The LECC provides a networking focus for law enforcement executives committed to the ideal of cooperation and coordination at all levels of local, state, and federal law enforcement. Dept. Of Justice has committees just as Citizens Corps and many many non profits also have round tables and are involved in targeted case management which creates a huge problem for targets since not only is their privacy being invaded they are being policed and harassed in every community they move to due to Dept. of Justice and Fusion Centers that are on the rise.

My targeting has increased not because I have a big mouth but because I utlize my right to freedom of speech to my death because many brave men died for me to have my freedom of speech if the U.S Army or any agency doesn’t like it that their problem. My grandfathers that fought in wars for the U.S Army died believing in the freedoms we have in America. The problem is that the people that think they can trample over us think that they have a right to harass and silence people because they expose what is going on.

Could you imagine all the mass shootings we could prevent just be communicating w/ people ? And instead of stalking people let people know what is going on. Can you imagine the fear hundreds of thousands of Americans feel right now knowing they are being stalked and harassed by neighbors and people they do not know persistently and daily ? Can you imagine the impact this has on kids especially ? When people interfere in a person’s life to the point where the harassment is at work ,school and even while shopping something isn’t right. And this is the case for me. The harassment has toned down some but I had no idea that we had agencies that actually engineer events in our country till I moved to Texas.

Do you think our public safety departments care about your health ? I do not think so. Do you think they care about the possibilities of a serious event from occurring due to this gang stallking movement ? Ofcourse not they participate it !

What Citizens Corps is doing has nothing to do with public safety but creating and magnifying problems and pushing people to the point where life is not enjoyable and where the harassment touches every aspect of a target’s life through the use of stakeholders.
FEMAs Citizens Corps utilizes a Whole Community Approach !

Many agencies and groups are also participating in this organized harassment movement . Gang Stalking and community mobbing are truly serious issues that need to be addressed. Americans should do more to expose those that seek to cause harm to our country covertly.

This movement is also done on a city level which partakes in this movement. How would you like to be followed by people all day long that you do not know and that at times threaten you even while eating out and at church !

This movement has led to serious mass shooting and up to 39% of all mass shootings that have happened in the past I feel are due to job mobbing and community policing which causes people to drop out of the work force and even school since it is very hard to prove this movement exist.
I hope that more people devoted to protecting the U.S government do more to monitor these movements to ensure that people’s constitutional rights are not violated in an effort to reduce mass shootings.

Ex – Freemasons have complained about rampant abuse and bully like Joe Ellis and James Robert Wright. Is it a coincidence that all these regional councils are ran by Free Masons ?

Many of our public safety officials are apart of the Free Masons and Eastern Stars groups. Don’t believe me do your own research. The numbers are so high that i Canada police refuse to their numbers.

Also kids are used in these programs by Sheriffs and police and are used for harassment at times. These groups are called Explorer programs sometimes these kids are even Free Masons. Yes a Masonic order for kids does exist !

Ever looked at the public notices on your Next sites to see Fire ,EMS, and Police and Public Safety officials invited for lunch at a Masonic hall ?
Hint hint…

Now do you see where a lot of these problems are coming from in our communities? In many cities and towns our public safety offices your local police, clubs , lodges and military personnel are on the same page. No communication is made with the target to discover if slander is used but constant provoking may come from stakeholders of the FBI and local police. This may even increase as you relocate to another city to escape the harassment.

First targets must understand that if a person is making their presence known to you that is unwanted harassment especially when its happening with friends from your church while you’re eating.

The rage associated with stalking and harassing a person non stop does unfortunately lead to mass shootings at times and these are facts based on medical studies that can not be refuted in a court of law. To make matters worse some agencies are even utilizing women for gang stalking men that are being harassed in U.S schools and at work and leaving the workforce and even schools due to persistent harassment leaving the target in a situation where the target has relationships crushed and may be both suicidal and homicidal.

Gang Stalking is about making a person sick of their lives in an effort to cause harm in our communities such as mass shootings. When a person is flagged they may experience non stop cyber attacks and also weapons are used on some targets.

Check out ultrasonic inducers. Same type of technology used on the American diplomats in Cuba.

Most of us have heard about the Cuban Diplomats that all went deaf and suffered from health problems well its was done by weapons like these. Ultrasonic inducers while quite harmless if exposure is short term can be deadly if it is used on a person for a long period.

Also many targets like Myron May have stated things that resemble the use V2K devices which can be easily made. Yes sounds and messages can be directed at a human being for a low cost. This technology is no longer just in the hands of clandestine agencies but also the elite and regular joes.

Click on the link below to see just how easy it easy to make a ​V2k Device ​!

(Gang Stalking) There was this light Part I:

In the Beginning

I have never experienced V2K but have heard that many targeted individuals complain about this. My opinions for the reason for V2K are many but I am certain that much of this is done for profit and a small percentage of these attacks are done for revenge.

Citizens Corps members are so supposed to be against terrorism but that is what they support and promote . These groups utilize people in bars like American Legions and other groups to target bully and harass targets . So in other words they cause a person to live in fear and they also harass people in stores and provoke them.

Citizens Corps partners are the following”

Fusion Centers, Central Intelligence Agency, FBI, Dept of Justice, Americorps, U.S Secret Service and hoards of agencies many which are unlisted which are operating with little to no insight from the people of America as to what these people are doing. Local police even liberals, feminists and confederates groups have linked Citizens Corps in the past and I do have print outs!

America still has a chance to do more to monitor these groups that seek to covertly engineer events in our country. With organizations like this one having close ties to corporations and clandestine agencies America is going to unfortunately experience the highest rise in mass shooting due to its supporto of gang stalking . Below are some of its stakeholders. Yes NASA is also doing this crap also and for 9 months I had encounters with some of the same people while talking walks that wore NASA shirts and had NASA bumper stickers and even seen them while buying groceries along with people that had white license plates saying Radio Operator persistently following me around sometimes the same exact people in a city with a million people.

I am perhaps one of the few targeted individuals in America that can clearly show that Dept. of Justice, local police, sheriffs, citizens corps, neighborhood watch groups, U.S ARMY and many other groups have persistently harassed me. I do not think the people behind these movements have any idea that they are actually inciting terrorism and greatest promoters of of domestic terrorism and threats to the United States government.

I truly believe we can reduce mass shooting by 39% just by monitoring public safety threats that instigate problems in our country just like the FBI and Dept. of Homeland Security which is nothing more than center for liberals zionist and a extension of the FBI and the corporate sector that is sharing our information the people of America’s information with countries and people that have no business in our business. I have been conducting research on domestic terrorists groups for years in an effort to understand threats to the United States and to understand the mindset of a domestic terrorist and terrorist cells. To understand a domestic terrorists and threats to the United States you must be able to track terrorists and know their intentions . I call people that incite problems and engineer and magnifying imaginary issues and threats and I call people that instigate violence through stalking domestic terrorists since those that do this stuff place our communities under a great threat. Mark my words and mark them well when I leave America to find the freedom my grandfathers fought for. My words are this the only threat America has are the people over us harassing nations and pushing and provoking people to the max. One day our actions may expose us to extreme humiliation . I pray that god be with America and no harm every come to America from another nation. God truly has protected America but the evil I have seen here transcends that of Isis members. Out of everything I have shared I want people to know that Americans never committed 911. Americans are good people we are not the enemy.

The greatest threat to America are not Americans but fake Americans hiding behind the U.S flag to puffed up to realize before the fall comes pride. Americans may be too busy eating hot dogs and hamburgers and watching football to realize what is going on but believe me. Much of the horrible things happening in America are created and engineered but I am certain that domestic terrorists will never win in the long run due to the laws of nature and karma.

Below are screenshots of just a few groups that support gang stalking and community mobbing.​ It’s way bigger than you can imagine. I have caught these people in large numbers parking large amounts of cars that are look alike next to mines while shopping and trying to just enjoy life. So far my information links local police officers, Dept. of Homeland Security and literally an alphabet of agencies behind this movement. America has been searching for the enemies of freedom and I provide a small piece of the puzzle concerning those plotting attacks and inciting terrorism against the United States government but other terrorists groups do exist. I pass this information down to those devoted to counter terrorism and that promote Counter Terrorism Awareness. Only through the promotion of counter terrorism can America be protected from all threats both foreign and domestic!

Thank you for listening and just say no to domestic terrorism and say yes to counter terrorism and to respecting the U.S constitution and U.S laws.

Some targets are being harassed at stores; it’s intelligence agencies at times along with police and volunteers at times.

Community involvement is a huge problem in community policing because alot of people start to persistently harass and provoke a target and stalk the target and try to live a targets life and not allow a person to live a normal life. The increase in school shooting by adults is due to organizations utilizing kids to harass grown adults due to community policing work. Also non profits many which have no business at all working with or receiving information from DHS, FBI DoD and components are sharing information that is causing a increase in severe problems and I feel are country will be eventually be discovering that many of our problems are due to informations sharing, miscalculation, over funding , to much research and preoccupations with petty stuff that has nothing to do with protecting our national security.

Videos concerning gang stalking are now over 1 million online.

This movement is based on sharing highly personal and confidential information with people in the community and causing people in the community to police grown adult. The stalking and harassment is also outsourced through the intelligence community and local , state, private and public stakeholders and volunteers which magnify problems and cause a person to live in a constant state of anxiety due to the stalking. This is the reason why the Baton Rouge Shooter Gavin Eugene had lost it. Gavin was Pro American but was being targeted and harassed and videos concerning his targeting can be found online. If anyone had experience in detecting organized harassed it would be Gavin Eugene due to this military training.

We targeted individuals must support non violence and help expose this evil movement being supported through local police , citizens corps , dhs, doj and many other agency using our country as a research experiment and abusing our constitutional rights.

Through prayer and petition to god hopefully our leaders will hear our cries and work to stop the organizations behind this movement and help to deter them from engineer and plotting events not just in America but throughout the earth. This movement unfortunately is supported by politicians which urge police to conduct these activities through DHS, the FBI and other agencies and secret societies. A person that is targeted is not harassed for a few days or months but years and years some experience their entire life. This movement has nothing to do with helping America . No investigations need to be conducted to link our system to gang stalking. FOIA requests make it very clear that this movement has existed before COINTELPRO ​.

This movement involves having teachers, students and even people in your local area to beware of who you are. Citizens Corps and other agencies are actually illegally conducting these activities against the United States government in every state a targeted individuals moves to. Citizens Corps and its affiliates deliberately plot to stage events and deliberately seek to provoke people to anger and are actually engaged in inciting terrorism against the United States government. I swear to this under threat of perjury.

The targets to these programs are mostly women, young men, minorities, marginalized and disenfranchised people. The goals of these people appear to be evident which are to cause harm to people. The same people that are paid to protect America and our constitutional rights are the same people working through societies and other groups to engineer problems because they have nothing else better to do but stir up problems that never existed.

When people are enrolled into these programs and they do not just roll over and die or commit suicide or a mass shooting due to the organized harassment from the community and other agencies like the FBI, FEMA, police etc then a target could be subject to electronic warfare.

Many contractors and people with electronic background are in these programs and people are contracted out to terrorize populations of poor and marginalized people and whistle blowers etc. Florida and Texas are perhaps the worst states for a targeted individual to live due to the militarization of the area.

When we observe what is going on in Florida we see that over 1 million people are denied the right to become barbers due to a past offense. The people in charge of maintaining order and ensuring these minorities stay impoverished are members of groups that state they are people of good moral character but are they really.

It is these same people that are creating events and problems covertly along with other agencies secretly behind the backs of our system through the good ole boy networks. The extremely funny thing I find about some of these gang stalkers is that many think they are entitled to respect.


The links below surely will change your opinion on gang stalkers. ess-of-covert-military-experimentation/

Also do research on why President Clinton apologized to Americans that have been victims human experimentation in the past. And why did President Clinton want to compensate these victims that were experimented on without consent by our very government ?

The answer is simple he cared and he knew that what was going on was unethical by American standards.

Naval Officer David Voigts

Why would a man that loves his country expose criminal and illegal activities happening in our system ?

Please do research on David Voigts.

Targeted individuals should be happy to know that a fellow American is speaking out about this movement that is illegal and that is based on placing a person in a state of constant and persistent psychological trauma.

I am making this pdf document also to ensure that other know about me. With the information being shared it is my hope that we can link many of the agencies behind this movement. Below are a fill links along with 4 pdfs files that may be of use. usp=sharing dit?usp=sharing

I believe that a lot of this gang stalking and organized harassment is also done for something contrary to what the people of America desire.

Many players in the shadow government are secret society members and many agents with experience in the utilizing of signals and clandestine activities have close ties to elitist and other secretive groups actually plot events against our very government. Some of these people and vessels for this different system are operating on all levels of of our government. The oaths to protect Americans and America are as dung since since the fakes in these movements operate by lies, trickery and deceit

Targeted individuals are in my opinion being electronically harassed and pushed to the edge to help create disarmament laws in the future to help usher in different system. Which is promoted by the left , radical feminist, communist , liberals, and secret societies. This new system can unfortunately never have the true power it wants without creating problems.

Before the shoot out he made this video.

The police actually admit gang stalking is real !

Gang Stalking is based on using people in the community to systematically harass a human being non stop and it is based on these three things. Deny, Degrade and Destroy.

Myron May was another person that went from being a mentally sound attorney to complaining about being harassed and gang stalked systematically. Myron Mays case sounds like a classic case of V2K coupled with gang stalking.

These devices are easily made the video below shows you just how easy it is to make them.

With the rise of information sharing and corporate corruption and gang stalking we see that our nation is going down the tubes. Our intelligence agencies and the public view of our nation is in the hands of people crossing the line and placing our nation and many military agencies m contractors and police in a situation where we could be exposed to extreme humiliation and shame if the international community was to know that America which operated as a world leader engineers, incites and created problems that never existed.

Community Engagement is also promoted through information sharing with churches and agencies.​ whichisagoodthingbutthe pdf on this web site will give you an idea of just what types of people may be following you in the community. Yes covens and satanist operating through other groups are in these movements due to the creation of DHS.

Gang Stalking is a no touch torture program based on systematically causing fear and anguish it is a secret policing strategy also within Dept. of Justice. America will never know just how many mass shootings this movement has caused but according to Dept. of Justice stalking is linked to violence. According to many doctors mobbing , systematic harassment is linked to mass shootings.

Why in the world would our very government want to engineer such things.

The elite want a NWO they can and never will have this until they disarm America. The objective of theirs is simple promote as many problems as humanly possible and blame it on mental instability, financial instability, a person’s past. Psychological profiling is done on a target for sometime before intense stalking happens. Sensitization tactics are then employed to sensitize a target to colors and different gestures so the target is aware of the harassment and stalking but others are unaware.

Many targets become delusional after sometime and think that every person they see is a perp. The color harassment and harassment with white cars and community mobbing is going to give rise to issues in our country. This whole community based approach is a good idea but when people are stalking and following a person or you have a bunch of women stalking and harassing grown men it’s a serious recipe for disaster if it’s done persistently for years.

Americans that are targeted are waking up and seeing who the enemy is. Overly magnifying problems and putting pressure on organizations and people to persistently stalk and harass people is becoming a serious problem America never had. How in the world does America go from a having few complaints concerning gang stalking to have over 1 million videos and blogs about this after the creation of DHS. Is it possible that with the creation of DHS and its stakeholders and components that America has experienced more death tolls on the streets of America than what occurred during the World Trade Center ​staged​ event.

Right before the World Trade Center attack Iraq stated that it would only accept the Euro dollar. Then all of a sudden we entered into a war with Iraq. Could the World Trade Center be the
greatest gold heist after all FEMAs investigator ​Kurt Sonnenfeld ​stated the vaults were empty upon investigating the vaults.

Where did all the gold go ? And was Iraq gold in there also ?

Wake up America many events we have experienced are staged.

We have been sharing highly confidential information with the enemy for along time. We have huge holes in our system that allow rouge elements to abuse our system in a manner never seen before through the rampant use of information sharing.

We are sharing information with people of different faiths to stalk and harass a person or people that may have highly sensitive information that refutes the information be used against a person. Another tactics I urge targeted individuals to use is hidden dvr cams. Belt dvr cams are sold as watches, belts, etc. Recording the activities of potentially dangerous people is vital in helping to bring closure to this movement growing across the world.

I have studied this whole based community approach for along time. Thousand of hours have been spent conducting surveillance and monitoring people in this movement which is done through clandestine agencies that are engineering events, deliberately harassing and targeting people. The FBI and other agencies behind these movements know the serious damage they are causing to our country and communities but them and many other military dept., corporations and groups of people remain silent to this movement based on harming people.

These gang stalking programs are also done by corporations and literally hundreds of thousands of contractors are available for this work. People are chosen for these jobs because gang stalking is unethical and is based on the promotion of active shooters and mass shootings and the chance that it could link some of America’s most respected agencies and corporations to it is extremely high to counter exposure agencies within the system have to use trusted people and alot of contractors at times because gang stalking and persistent harassment is illegal. This movement is so well hidden that its virtually impossible to detect it unless you are the target which is experiencing the same harassment state by state then it becomes highly apparent that this movement can only be done through agencies from within the system on a local , state and federal the corporate sector and other public and private partnerships.

If we look at PDD- 60 we clearly that something is not right. Gang Stalking is just another problem another flaw with society. Instead of protecting Americans we are deliberately harassing nations into submission and forgetting that god is love. God protects ,god gives people chances. I feel the Americans and people suffering from this movement deserve a chance to be secure ,safe and happy.
Gang Stalkers conduct not only persistent surveillance and harassment which is not called for they are indeed involved in clandestine activities. These gang stalkers get your local police , your local Dept. of Public Safety, community policing groups and community engagement groups i.e Corps, military,especially the FBI and every public and private stakeholder even your local city officials may get their contacts involved in your persistent harassment movement. The main players behind gang stalking have direct access to your search engine providers and email. Gang Stalkers gain information from the military industrial complex and its is trickled down to security agencies , local police, the fbi and now even DHS and local fusion centers which operate even in our schools are getting information on targets which is most likely watered down slander to make a person look bad due to the your emergency management services magnifying problems that do not exist to justify the massive funding the get.

I realized the net was a major factor in this gang stalking over a decade ago after losing many computers so much even stores and computer repair man were baffled at the amount of computers lost and the proof I have is massive since I have copied the receipts and have statements from many businesses concerning my cyber attacks. These people drive new cars, dress very well. Some of these gang stalkers use paper temp tags. I have uploaded videos onto Youtube and then gone to school and the video were place on private setting to have people talk about the video I just uploaded at school. One particular movement was shocking to me after having has my life threatened and my family heirloom destroyed I sought the help of a doctor for counseling. One of my classmates from school was able to bypass all security in seconds and was waiting outside the door of my doctors office with a badge attached with a chain to it. I also had another classmate- an ex- U.S Army sergeant while attending one school in Florida, sit outside my house at night not only do I have video proof I have his tag and all his information to this day.

The main goal of these gang stalkers appears to cause mental trauma through persistent stalking and harassment. I have complained about people harassing me at doctors appts. And I have had people blocking my car upon exiting from a doctors appt. Then when I get home and go outside I have seen a white car drop of a person wearing the same shoes , shirt and a medical jacket like the doctor I just seen and then I will see this same person picked up by a white car as they pass by my residence.

I have also seen unbelievable amounts of people doing what is called street theatre. These people conducting the street theatre are operating out of huge new RVs along with a bunch of people driving new cars in a highly coordinated manner which can only be done by people with experience and training in clandestine activity and extensive surveillance and defensive driving training.

The main reason the agencies in our country are not helping targeted agencies is because many clandestine agencies are involved in this activity and those without knowledge of these programs are very well aware that the shadow government is behind this movement. This movement has also created loopholes for foreign entities to be involved in clandestine activity due to the 5 eye nations and the appropriate information sharing with nations. The old Cointelpro movement is being implemented into government policy and with it comes information sharing with people that I have discovered hold radical beliefs and are operating at times behind the backs of our own government. These people that are major players in the gang stalking have limos and other vehicles in the 100,000 to above bracket. These people operate at time through bribery. Some of these people operate through the corporate sector and have access to FBI databases due to a secret clearance , feminist and Jewish organizations that receive information from our government about people with beliefs or opinions that are based on denouncing human rights abuses and the destruction of the family unit and our country.

One of the main tools used by the FBI when it comes to gang stalking is to work with local police the city and its Dept. of Justice to get sheriffs and police to gang stalk people . Neighborhood watch groups are then brought in. Many of the players in this movement are apart of secret societies they are sworn to secrecy. The FBI and other agencies also have targets harassed at school and at home to prevent the target from being able to live a normal life. In other words our agencies are normally the only problem in the life of a target. Imaginary problems and overly magnifying problems that do not exist are causing a chain reaction of complaints all across America and many of those complaining about this movement are mostly women and marginalized men that are minorities and poor whites.

One whistleblower exposed SIS – Security Industry Specialist Inc.

I notice on one of the pages that I recorded which can be seen in the link above the a Fusion Center Specialist is not a police officer but can be a person that works for a corporation . Job duties require surveillance in stores and also these people work with public safety officials.
Almost sounds like many agencies like Citizens Corps exist in America. Now why in the world are corporation doing the work on our government ? And why are people being gang stalked ? The answer is simple MONEY ! We are magnifying problems and creating problems that do not exist and targets are needed so agencies that are getting funding can receive more funding for these gang stalking operations.

Please watch the video called: ​Former Gang Stalking Private Security Spills On Program​! This video can be found on Youtube. It appears many agencies just like SIS are contracted out
from DHS and emergency management which is nothing more than FEMA masked under another name.
Its appears that gang stalking groups have no central authority but that our agencies from within the system are utilizing corporations, etc for this work. Many are conducting these gang stalking operations with the intent to engineer acts against our very government . It is impossible for me to experience the same exact harassment tactics in 3 states. For me to experience the same harassment techniques in 3 states would mean that the same agencies doing this to me are partly some of the same agencies that exist in all 3 states where I have lived in the past.

It is not my opinion but a fact that local police have been persuaded to intervene in my life in 3 states due to pressure from Dept. Of Justice and its stakeholders along with other agencies from within the military industrial complex which utilize contractors to instigate these problems. I have concluded after reviewing all my video footage not being shared that this movement can only exist and only be fully operational in the United States with many agencies being aware of these operations. With cooperation between agencies it would be utterly impossible for gang stalking operations to be conducted on a person persistently which gives me the conclusion that gang stalking is coming from agencies from within our government and also agencies from other countries and corporations.

Gang Stalking is linked to active shooters , Gang Stalking is linked to violence . Gang Stalking is linked to health issues. Gang Stalking is unconstitutional ! If people are to gang stalk people and harass people and our federal agencies will not do a thing to stop it this concludes that the problem with gang stalking is a federal and local matter that would have to be supported by our law makers.

If our lawmakers are involved in supporting these movements we need to look at their affiliations to understand why domestic terrorism is becoming more cherished than counter terrorism and why our agencies would dare incite problems in our country covertly with intent to link our very government to extreme shame.

I live in Texas now but I wanted to share this pdf which shows just a few pictures which shows what I went through daily in New Mexico. I had unmarked cars follow me daily. It reached the point where I had unmarked cars parking next to me daily. I had cars parking next to me that were unmarked and had no tags when I pumped gas, when I bought groceries, when I took a walk, when I did legal research at the local law library. It reached the point where I had people following me when I did my laundry.

This harassment increased after asking the FBI for help the FBIs main office hung up the phone on me 3 times. I later went to the Dept. of Justice office to get help to have a lady follow me
persistently from Dept. of Justice and days later I had community oriented policing groups follow me in parks.

I later sought the help of the U.S Secret Service and the stated they would help me if I spent a few hundred dollars and had a mental evaluation done on myself. I then went to the FBI office in Albuquerque I was pretty much told I had mental issues. What is extremely odd is that I had injured my elbow prior to going there and also finished my paralegal training through Auburn University and was just issued my certificate for training. When I went the FBI office a women was at the front door with the same type of elbow brace I had and also talked about being a paralegal.

The FBI did not help me instead my gang stalking increased ​dramatically​. Days later I was followed by a bunch of women from Dept. of Homeland Security and women from many other depts like the U.S Air Force and U.S Army.

What is really sad is that people are actually used from different agencies that deliberately move into a area for the sole purpose of nothing more than to harass people. After being persistently followed by people from the FBI and other agencies I started to take pictures of the parking lots of these places because I decided it was time to show proof of the harassment to law enforcement. I later discovered that law enforcement are also involved in this gang stalking since Dept. of Justice is pretty much over all police and the FBI partner is in constant communication with the FBI.

Before asking the FBI for help I noticed my food was being tampered with pictures were being taken off my walls. I felt like I was being tormented at home. People followed me around town and harassed me in the same exact manner that Citizens Corps has here in Texas.
What Citizens Corps does is communicate with stores and locals and get them to make their presence known while you are in the community. Also note that Citizens Corps stakeholders are also Clandestine agencies. A seriously major loophole exist for massive abuses in a community through this agency which is connected directly to DHS and the politicians for your state which have their own Dept. Of Homeland Security councils.

People need to understand that when a person is being gang stalked on a local level that they are dealing not with the FBI most of the time you’re dealing with local that are apart of your local Emergency Management groups that consist of people like ​Police officers , Fire Dept. and EMS and your ​local sheriff’s along with religious groups and other stakeholders. ​I have noticed that many of these people are highly racist and many are not disenfranchised or marginalized . Also note these people may conduct activities that are similar to the FBI.

The FBI also is connected to these groups along with Dept. of Justice which supports these organizations along with our governors and Lt.. Governors which let these agencies pretty much do what they want. My harassment after some time reached the point where I had women persistently follow and harass me. Some of these people drive new cars and I had them persistently honk the horn at me even when it was dark outside I have the darkest legal tint allowed its impossible to see how I look so these tactics which I have experienced have been happening state by state.

I realized I was being harassed by a governmental agency when I lived in Florida all my efforts to educate myself seemed to be compromised but outside forces. Every time I went to school I had to deal with people that knew more than the teachers training me.

While living in Florida I had people appear to do everything humanly possible to prevent me from gaining access to gainful employment, harassment on the road was common also hacking was a daily affair. The people behind my harassment one time were spotted with over 20 police officers and 6 people entering a restaurant about 8 1⁄2 years ago with their hands on their guns while I was eating out. These people also appear to work in pairs like a man and a women they drive new cars and appear to have extremely close ties to police.

It is my opinion that when I was falsely accused of the murder of a Air Force pilot that I have been dealing with agencies for a very long time that are involved in cracking cold cases and that the people behind some of my harassment will not stop to they push me over the edge. I can honestly say that that the closest I have ever been to owning a guns is after having my life threatened by these people involved in gang stalking and after experiencing house break ins in every state even in areas that have never had none. What is odd is that these gang stalkers do not steal but they destroy your property.

I know I am not a perfect person but I am not a killer I have taken a polygraph that was conducted in a police station. After doing my part to show that I have nothing to hide I can not understand how this gang stalking could continue.

The harassment has reached the point where I have noticed these gang stalkers also follow people to church and when they eat and shop and they sometimes enter and exit places when a person does. I am very sure that in the future in America a increase of complaints will make major media outlets and that more Americans faithful to the U.S government and the people of America will come forward to expose this movement.

Its okay for agencies to systematically harass and stalk people but when a person says enough these people do not stop. This organized harassment does normally follow a person state to state. And yep your doctors and hospitals may actually participate since many are stakeholders to these movements along with stores use stores are also involved in community engagement even schools. ​This movement is designed to cover all areas of a person’s life.

Now isn’t it something that Dept. of Justice provides services such as funds for victims of stalking but not for people that experience gang stalking ! I know this to be true because I went to the Dept. of Justice office in the area I live and was told they do not help people stalked by more than one person. Very odd !

To understand gang stalking with need to see the connections of these corporation so interested in sustainability and also understand their motives. This movement is without a doubt massive I just provide a few pieces of the puzzle its up to the people of America and those devoted to counter terrorism to work to put the puzzle together and to understand how these people operate.
This gang stalking movement is a movement that is ran by governments and corporations which are the elite. Gang Stalking is the hidden hand and reason for the rise of stalking complaints. Note that the FBI, Dept. of Justice, the U.S Secret Service, DHS, CIA and your local police will not help to stop your harassment since this movement is a government movement. Your federal agencies will most likely hung up on you, request that you get a evaluation from a doctor and mock you. So if you have proof of this movement share your experiences with other nations and with research that are seeking to understand this movement.

I have put together a few notes on my online notepad to share with people a condensed version of what I have been through just here in Texas. I haven’t even started to show people my experiences in Florida and New Mexico which are similar to every other state I move to.
Know that if Citizens Corps and its components are stalking you that you are being targeted by Dept. of Homeland Security and its stakeholders. America did not have a serious gang stalking problem but now due to the World Trade Center false flag event massive funding is given to organizations to systematically harass people thus giving rise to problems that do not exist and in turn this agency is encouraging non deputized citizens to do the work of our government with no badge.

Community mobbing and vehicular stalking is very real. This activity can have an extremely profound impact on the human mind especially for Veterans suffering from PTSD and that are trying to recover from a traumatic event but instead being systematically harassed daily and it turn are never able to recover and are stuck living in the past and unable to move forward in life since the organized harassment take place in all areas of a person’s life. The harassment is conducted online , in the area a person lives, in U.S schools, while traveling, at social events, even on dates, church, the organized harassment may even be conducted on people even while they sleep through noise campaigns and persistently provoking and interfering in a person’s life.​

Harassment is behavior that can be verbal, non verbal, physical and that unreasonably interferes with a person’s life this may include work or school etc and creates an intimidating, hostile, or offensive environment for a human being.

Persistent harassment that is done covertly is done to cause a build up of anger to create events covertly all across America. Gang Stalking is based on pushing a person over the edge deliberately through the use constant acts of belittling and degrading activity. When the target seeks help from law enforcement he or she finds that those supposed to protect their rights will not stop the harassment because they are actually partakers of it. This movement is not based on helping a person feel safe and secure in his or her environment but is based on creating a toxic environment in every state a person moves to. This is done through the utilization of governmental and non governmental agencies and massive funding for surveillance which is causing untold harm in the lives of marginalized Americans and whistleblowers. Targeted individuals are not people causing any harm unlike the people hiding behind the U.S flag with intentions of creating issues and problems that do not exist.

If someone was trying to kill you covertly and cause harm to you persistently what would you do to those behind your harassment? I know the answer that many people would state. I have endured this organized harassment in all areas of my life for years but have not lashed out in anger but sought help to discover the same agencies that I am asking for help are the same agencies behind these movements. These people try to pretend they are the good guys but deep down some of them have to know they are the people instigating problems that do not exist. When those behind the gang stalking are confronted they continue to display power and will not let bygones be bygones and live and let live. Many of these gang stalkers are the same people that declare to stand for freedom of speech but detest it and attack those that utilize their rights to freedom of speech. These people hide behind uniforms, lodges, city and state jobs and use slander as a method to target those that are seeking to end the harassment they face.

Gang stalking programs are very real and it is being conducted by agencies within our country. It is impossible for our agencies in America to not have knowledge about these programs. It is quite interesting to know that the majority of secret societies members in our nation come from the agencies below and it is interesting that insiders have confirmed that my statements are true and that this movement is occuring all across America in a covert manner. We must pray for our country and pray this gang stalking movement is exposed.