Targeted Individual Program Exposed (2 videos): Dr. Robert Duncan, Dr. John Hall, Bryan Kofron, David Voigts (video)

Epigraph Quote From Comments to 2nd Video:

These r not human their lizards

I. Targeted Individual Program Exposed: Dr. Robert Duncan, Dr. John Hall, Bryan Kofron, David Voigts (video)







6. Scientists Have Discovered The Protein That Enables Hearing…


8. Requirements to create a persistent, open source, mirror world for military applications…

9. DNA and cell resonance: magnetic waves enable cell communication.…

10. From Psyops to Neurowar: What Are the Dangers?…


1 year ago
I’ve read individuals can do this to others. No one should be gaslighted as mentally ill!

2 years ago
A nation can survive its fools and even the ambitious. But it cannot survive treason from within. An enemy at the gates is less formidable, for he is known and he carries his banners openly against the city.

But the traitor moves among those within the gates freely, his sly whispers rustling through all alleys, heard in the very halls of government itself.

For the traitor appears no traitor; he speaks in the accents familiar to his victim, and he wears their face and their garments and he appeals to the baseness that lies deep in the hearts of all men.

He rots the soul of a nation; he works secretly and unknown in the night to undermine the pillars of a city; he infects the body politic so that it can no longer resist. A murderer is less to be feared. The traitor is the plague. — Marcus Tullius Cicero, from a speech given to the Roman Senate, recorded in approximately 42 B.C. by Sallust

2 years ago
I’m glad there trying to do something about government torture.

2 years ago (edited)
KNOW THYSELF. Everyone being targeted is extremly powerful

2 years ago (edited)
They have been in my brain since I came into this world. Making sure I would never become who I was supposed to be in this life. It’s all pure evil. They turn all of your family against you even your own children.

2 years ago (edited)
The guy that laughs and finds it so funny everything time he tells us about another horrendous technology out there to cause us misery and suffering is beyond evil. I cant stomach listening to him laugh one more time. What a sicko.

1 year ago
It is all electro wave. When you recognise them breaking into your mind, imagine lightning bolts. The brain waves will send that signal back. I did this naturally one night. I was homeless just walking and could feel someone trying to look through me eyes. My mind automatically began thinking shooting lightning bolts. This went on for about 2 weeks. Then it stopped. I did not know anything about this. I came seeking answer to prove to myself, what I went through homeless was real.

2 years ago
Great job my Friends and God BLESS YOU ALWAYS for this information thats help many people around the world… #Targetedindividualsbrazil 🤜💥🤛😎🔍🌎💜🔁

2 years ago
Interesting that my OWN SON has been working at Ft. Bragg (psychotronics). Interesting that there’s a Twitter member w/ the handle “HackYourOwnMother”. His wife, former USAF & “contractor”, has been running the Program on (against) me. Both have been causing me a lot of pain & suffering of many kinds. How sad is it when your own family causes you to be the object of a so-called game (torture program) & don’t even seem to be sorry? They also gave my other son a seizure so they could then get his brain scanned (heterodyned, most likely) at the ER. As a bonus, they seem to want to take away any hope & independence he has by making his lose his driver’s licence, job, apartment, & health. It must be said: None of this would have been done without the corrupt, evil influence of the military-intelligence-industrial complex & probably also the Illuminati!

2 years ago
I’m a target individual hopefully they find a technology to stop

1 year ago (edited)
It is being ROLLED out here in Miami Beach Florida in a different way since Covid crisis began. YOU KNOW I AM RIGHT. Very interactive…worse than when it started in 2012 in Oahu, Hawaii. When it first began in Hawaii it was as loud as my voice at first. I didn’t know back then, it was Artificial Intelligence. Over time it was so subliminal. I am a Monk that meditates. I remember it said…”what are you doing down here ?” So I know that it does react to your brainwaves

2 years ago
It’s frustrating because nothing about this is positive. All of the thoughts they implant are negative or make no sense whatsoever. I can’t do anything in peace….not even talk to someone. Then you can be in a good mood then all of a sudden you can be crying and feel emotional for no apparent reason. All the pain a target feels is really all in your mind. Ther really is no pain we are feeling, but whatever they do to our minds makes us think that we are having these pain, these emotions, these thoughts, and dreams……but it’s all them doing things to our mind. They have erased my memories so I can’t really remember too much from my life, then the things I do remember I question because they can also implant memories.

2 years ago
It’s very strong..omg It’s true and it’s happening now and there is nothing funny about it.

2 years ago
We are Political Hostages. For things that are Unforgivelable,

2 years ago
Man wanting to be god. The original sin. Come quickly Lord Jesus!

10 months ago
Remember it’s not what they’re telling’s what they’re not telling you, it runs deeper than this the “government” wouldn’t just out and let people know they are doing this

1 year ago
This is happening to me turned on in 2014 They were here many years ago it was just different and i dident hear them 24 hours a day.Ive seen it all as a target even the sun go up and down when they say up down were in a slinlation

2 years ago
We have been tortured since birth, most of us.

1 year ago
The Autonomous Psychotronic Computer does not know morality

2 years ago
Hey Bryan Koofran, how’s it been going since you left Deseri,s apt? Anyways the guys are still meeting up here in Phoenix downtown for the attempted exposure of the PROGRAM.

Hope all is well with you and your Crew

2 years ago

2 years ago
Could you please help to stop the attack?
I have been a TI for past three years & the attack have continued as I’m writing this to you.

V2K, DEW, & EMF – sexual harassment that is beyond explanation & torture that illegal by any human right standard & constitution. We don’t know how to stop this crime & where to get help.

2 years ago
Does this have to do with big-data and RNM (remote neural monitoring)?

2 years ago
there is a way to discern. gotta really pay attention but nature will show you.

11 months ago
If this were all real, this video would have been taken down faster than anyone could read the title

2 years ago (edited)
No touch torture…..ther s nothing funny about any of it. If people wer going through what Tis go through nobody would be laughing. It doesn’t matter if they get to know everything about the Target they will still keep hitting you with energy weapons, Implanting thoughts, changing your emotions, and messing with your bodily functions. It never stops….not u til death. I know, they started on me when I was a small child. You have to catch yourself sometimes because it can be the tech giving you thoughts, or the tech making you feel love for someone. It can basically take over a Target. It helps to be sober.

Targeted since birth-
God Bless

2 years ago
20 years and 4 craniotomies and 5 attempts. Disease has nick name in medical community ~SUICIDE DISEASE. I have to commit myself into the mental hospital in order not to give up.

7 months ago
We need to get rid of technology period yes including the one im on

2 years ago
I noticed them doing this with my Mom.

2 years ago
The presenter speaking is really annoying with his giggles, when this is no laughing matter. Other than him, great presentation. Thank you

8 months ago
Brutally harassed in India this program reached here I am from city Lucknow

1 year ago
That’s not true with all TI’s. They can do it without saying anything at all.

2 years ago
I don’t see the video mentioning that there are some sick sick sickos on the other end not a space robot. It really is not a experiment it is a law enforcement effort at incarceration or mental.

2 years ago
Empowered Individuals

1 year ago
It’s true Im a victim

2 years ago
You are missing the key point it’s not all about brain only .
Please do a research on conciousness .
This is where everything happens .

Please please understand it’s advance science but just not technology but how technology interacts with human biofield.

I used to think it’s damn sophisticated now i dont think so .
Know this think outside the box .

Also do a research on radionics .

1 year ago
Im a TI and have been diagnosed with sciatic in the right leg extreme pain ever since ive ben crying out for help
even a black and bruised leg on my thigh video to prove it..

the last 4 weeks this pain has never happened until i started growing a following on twitter and communication with others who r understands the programming program .
#Saveus #Fathercanuhearme..

2 years ago
Phantom sensations.

5 months ago
What are the legal ramification of theses Acts

2 years ago (edited)
My God how long do they have to experiment on me and stalk me. At one point I was feeling like I was being taxes every day… smh. This has been neverending since I was born. This is pure madness. Complete control over my mind and body. …..they will not get my soul though.

Targeted since birth-
God Bless

2 years ago
it´s difficult to the limited : who play pokeman and get points for it : SNUFF MONSTERS for SNUFFoPERA for a Worm that is turning for the “Golden Age” a Mickey Mouse production in collaboration with Steven Spielberg!
fake is.rael & love is not pretending.

2 years ago
Project zyphr research it now !!

8 months ago

1 year ago
Help ME

1 year ago
Sweden is nr. 1

1 year ago
Why do this to a every day Joe??

1 year ago
What is funny? He is a sick man

2 years ago (edited)
I understand the point of TI and few people suffering hell ,but it’s exaggerated way beyond ,when you talk about this technology as GOD it’s not ,please know this you are helping this bad technology ,don’t give them environment.
TI are helping them by giving low emotion and be in fear etc…this ia what this stupid machine needs.
It has power but know that you have the power and you can control the way technology works.

Just think this if this is people have this power then how come US enemy like Kim etc are still living ……?
Why few people are target ,you are helping them .
Please know this ,they need a support system, environment so that the technology works.

Just know this it’s not known understanding of modern science .

2 years ago
Same info every video. They’re just an excuse for getting Add revinue,
un subbing

2 years ago (edited)
The guy that finds telling us about these evil technologies so funny is a despicable sicko. He is a freak and insufferable. I am done listening to him. Same info every video witha bunch of adds …
Un subbing.



2 years ago
(PART 1 – Dr. Robert Duncan ~ More Puzzle Pieces)
Everyone (especially T.I.s) should read Dr. Robert Duncan’s books! BTW he never claimed to create it, he is just basically THEE GUY who helped put this surveillance system apparatus together for the NSA and DARPA (and the guy who was on Jesse Ventura’s show). He became a whistle-blower when he found out the evil purposes they were using this tech. for and he’s now being targeted with the very same technology he helped create! The GangStalkers enact these role-play skits with street theater (all set-up FIRST by implanting words or thoughts into your head with V2K voice to skull) and subsequent / pre-choreographed staged events (which are artificial synchronicities or ‘coincidences’ that seem completely and mathematically improbable!). I’ve heard other T.I.s claim they experience the same as me. Part of Dr. Robert Duncan’s books confirm my suspicions! That many of these skits are tailored to the specific ‘religion’ of the T.I. This gives a cover-story or ‘mask’ to hide the whole technology behind the ‘paranormal’ or ‘supernatural.’ All for padded – plausible deniability.

Here are a couple snippets of Dr. Robert Duncan’s book “Project Soul-Catcher.” In one chapter ‘ANGELS AND DEMONS SCRIPT’ it says :

“This script is the most popular one used on targets, so it’s very important that I elaborate on it in great detail. During rapid fire interrogation techniques, the person is visited by four Fallen Angels or Demons. In summary, if the psychic assassin fails to kill its target, the target is saved by God’s angels (usually Michael or Gabriel) which is the perfect script to use on Christian Targeted Individuals. This script plays into all religions, local cultures, mythologies and superstitions. Around 90-95%+ or so of the world’s population is religious to some extent, so these techniques are very effective when combined with the V2K Voice of God weapons…”

“Religion is the favorite method of manipulation of all the mind-hacking scripts. Using the V2K and Voice of God bio-communications (such as microwave silence signals), most will believe their god of choice is speaking to them, including aliens, angels and demons.”

Another few scripts were ‘ALICE IN WONDERLAND’ and ‘WIZARD OF OZ’. Here are a few excerpts:

“In all interrogation literature, the first few steps is to confuse and disorient the detainee. Likewise, in most of the CIA scripts, their goal is confusion. The ALICE IN WONDERLAND script is aptly named, as it involves, chasing the ‘white rabbit.’ This is an information warfare tactic to lead the subject down a path of misinformation or information overload.”

“In George Orwell’s ‘1984’ book, they torture the subject until they submit. Then they fill the ‘ruling party’s’ ideas into their heads.”

“During the script, the mind hackers increase panic, using the beta wave enhancing entrainment to instill panic in the target, to hurry up, the end of the world is near, we’re gonna kill you and your family, we are frying your brain, we placed bombs in your car, etc.. Panic is not only used to confuse the target, but to also make the target act irrationally and make bad decisions. People in panic mode can make decisions in greater haste and suggestibility is easier. In this case, the fairytale of the ‘White Rabbit’ entails its panic for no other reason than to make it to the mad-hatter’s tea party.’ (i.e. “…Hurry up! I’m late, I’m late!'”).

“Under this particular program, they often tell the subject that they’ve lost their minds and have planted chips in them. The Cheshire Cat says “Alice, you wouldn’t be here, unless you were mad (insane).” As the experimentation and script progresses, so does the madness.”

“This prepares the target to chat with A.L.I.C.E. (Artificial Linguistic Internet Computer Entity) and T.A.M.I (Thought And Memory Interface) Chatterboxes, automated A.I. programs described in Chapter 3. The programs are imperfect {and can probably be slightly modified}, but the imperfections can be understood by the subject.”

“…the Wicked Witch program tries to get the subject to perform ‘evil’ or ‘wicked’ deeds.” (end quote)
{my own thought : this is most likely to set up the target later on by making them feel guilty or ashamed, which will lead them to either out themselves, keep quiet about GangStalking technology or even commit suicide. I can think of things I did in the past (before I knew anything about this), which all seemed ‘out of character’ for me and I do indeed feel ashamed about them. But now that I know they are capable of influencing behavior and emotions, I’m starting to see that they ‘may’ have set me up for those things by influencing certain parts of my brain via subliminal suggestions. Then they’d use my poor decision later on, with a ‘guilt frequency’ as an emotional response to trigger erratic ‘thoughts’ (planted in your head by them), making you easier prey for their control techniques and V2K Programs – in my case, the Christian program).

“White Knight ‘talks backwards’ trickery : This is one of the more complex tricks technologically that the CIA uses in their Alice in Wonderland Programs. It’s meant to confuse the subject, discredit them if they tell anyone and make them believe an ‘omnipotent’ (all powerful) force exists, so they won’t hide any secrets. It’s truly an amazing trick, one of their most amazing and difficult to explain. It requires two featured Wireless Mind Hacking Tools :

1. Detection of Sudden Changes of Direction, using radar triangulation.
2. A.L.I.C.E. (chatterbox program).”

“Later in the book, A.L.I.C.E. will be described in more detail, but is essentially a conversation-bot, used to invoke endless conversation with the human subject and can be used to induce an internal conversation that tricks the person into thinking it’s their own voice or dialogue.”

“People have a hard time comprehending that they are just biological computing entities, but this demonstration can convince anyone.”

“The Wizard of Oz script, later code-named the Kubark Manual (for interrogation), borrows the movie script by character. The cowardly Lion, the Strawman with no brain, the tin-man with no heart and the wicked witch. These characters are acted out in a cybernetic hive-mind, for experimentation and interrogation. The target becomes each character in search of the ‘fraud’ wizard (of Oz) behind the ‘National Security’ curtain. Dorothy, we’re not in Kansas anymore! In each personality simulations, the target is put through enormous strain. This is a strange twist on the ‘good cop / bad cop’ interrogation tactic. The strategy is that the subject is more likely to crack and tell their secrets under different emotional states and conditions.”

“The Tin-Man is a socio-pathic personality with no heart and no care. He was angry at the world. The final stage is the scarecrow with no brain. The typical ‘brain-jamming’ and ‘confusion’ tactic during the interrogation. This drawn out script even comes with impish like midget voices on helium, like the lollipop kids.”

“They even have a special-effect computer simulator – spoofing virus that can make the person look possessed. Additionally, many will look like they’re talking to themselves or have a split personality. It is used like all scripts, to confuse the target about the real technology and purposes.”


A December 13, 1976, Federal Times article, “Microwave Weapons Study by Soviets Cited” described the alleged Russian capability of microwave hearing:

“The Defense Intelligence Agency has released a report on heavy Communist research on microwaves, including their use as weapons. Microwaves are used in radar, television and microwave ovens. They can cause disorientation and possibly heart attacks in humans. Another biological effect with possible anti-personnel uses is “microwave hearing.” “Sounds and possibly even words which appear to be originating intracranially (within the head) can be induced by signal modulation at very low average power densities,” the report said. According to the study, Communist work in this area “has great potential for development into a system for disorienting or disrupting the behavior patterns of military or diplomatic personnel.”

2 years ago
I’ve been raped in so many ways with these device’s. I just roll with the punches now. I use to be a strong, free thinking, free spirited kind of girl. I still am and it’s nice to know my power in this that they can’t take. It is God given! I’ve changed a lot. My pride has been chipped away by having this coward form of power on me. So my God is Glorious and uses the scum bags synthetic power (fake) into his Good. At time’s it feels like the evil is winning. But it’s not and never will. Jesus my Lord won that battle already. I choose good!

2 years ago
They are not really interigating anyone, they are trying to control you

2 years ago (edited)
I feel like someone else’s brain has been switched out with mine. I’ve felt this way for the past three years, I can tell the thoughts are not my own. Even when I try to have my own they they’re stop and continued by implanted thoughts. It may sound crazy to some but it’s very true.

Now I question my feelings and emotions toward other people sine they can also change your emotions. Making you have love for someone or hate etc. I would rather die then keep going through this.

Targeted since birth-
God Bless

2 months ago
This has been happening to me for a long time. These people need to be stopped and put in to prison.

1 year ago
I definitely have to come back with some questions.Thank you so much for posting this now I know what is going on with my son.

2 years ago
All gang stalking syndacant use blind side tactics to effect you very effectivly, not when you focus on a thing, but when your not focused or doing something that distract you, they sneak a type of thought (all negative) in your head

2 years ago
Please help me, I’ve been tortured by these assholes for 7-8 years, please let this come out into the public’s eyes. They have truly screwed me up and they need to be held accountable.

2 years ago
The demonic desire to take over another’s free will is another sign of the end times perpetuated by beings who would play God with no fear of judgement so soon to follow.I wish these beings the best of luck.

2 years ago
If Robert Duncan knows so much about this I assume that he also knows a way out of this, by making a new frequency. Stalkers listen to the remote viewing frequency to harass other people with. I dont know but it’s about reversing these setting that they have heard to obtain this feature of their mind.

2 years ago
I’ve never heard him talk about their use of alternate reality though. Which I know they have.

2 months ago (edited)
Even University police departments are using their remote neural monitoring technology on students.

2 years ago
I’ve gone thru all the hell!!!!!!! in this world for 16 years now everything you can imagine has gone wrong in the most horrible ways imaginable.. it’s like there’s a force against me… I carnt even kill myself cuz it would destroy my family.. I just put on a face n pretend I’m ok .. there’s a force against me God bless any1 who has felt way I have….

1 year ago
I’ve been gang stalked and they went through my trash and push a piece of my trash on my door step. They text me using my sisters name. They had a few people come to my work and stalk me…they would ring my door bell late at night….

1 year ago
“controlled breathing” stimulates neural activity that makes neuro-imaging impossible to read, as well as maintain your psychological state. When focused on “controlled breathing” well enough, you can reverse your entire mental state as a target. It will terminate the harassment eventually.

Practicing “controlled breathing” while processing a thought shows a distorted neuro-image that is IMPOSSIBLE TO READ and as long as the individual keep practicing a “controlled breathing” method. Its the ultimate solution against psychotronic influences.

Master “controlled breathing” and become “bulletproof” in modern times.

1. start processing a thought with a breath first then continue with “controlled breathing” method as long as you think. If you can master this you can avoid the harassment anytime.
2. controlled breathing + background radio = silence. (distorted neuro-image)
3. keep practicing controlled breathing. Whenever a threat is presented to you, think about a toy gun.(A.I. reboots)

How “controlled breathing” improves your health:
1. develops self – awareness
2. neutralizes emotions
3. improves your sleep
4. stress relief
6. balances hormones
7. lowers blood pressure
8. improves cognitive process
9. boosts your immune system
10. increases alertness

Check out my YouTube videos on “controlled breathing”:
Part 1:
Part 2:

A.I. fun fact: based on neural activity, A.I. does not recognize the difference between a real gun and a BB gun, therefore, holding a toy gun or even thinking about it is considered by A.I. an immediate threat and it reboots… PS A.I. is destined to fail for this exact same reason, because A.I. doesn’t understand sarcasm.
Important message: pointing a toy gun at a person is considered an offence and is extremely dangerous and not recommended by this post’s author under any circumstances.

“Change Your Breath, Change Your Life”:

Breathe to Heal by “Max Strom”:

Join our TI social groups for further information:
“Targeted individuals rise”
“Targeted individuals – Israel”
“Stop 5G Israel”

My blogs:
“Targeted individuals rise”:
“Targeted individuals Israel”:

Some of the comments i got on my YouTube videos:

“Boaby Mcclufferty”
I want to thank you for this, it is so good to have my own thoughts present for a change instead if injected fantasy that has been happening for five years now. God bless

“David Yeager”
Controlling breathing can teach you to gain control over the rest of your body too. It’s awesome when under extreme stress. I’ve seen you post this more than once. Keep up the good work trying to help others.

Great topic to speak on, when you’re calm and breathe it helps so much .

“Janey Wison”
Controlled breathing has helped me with V2K and DEW too

“Amy Coffey”
Love u Ben! U have helped me continue and go on and feel like I can beat this! So difficult to deal with 24/7 but ur application techniques have actually saved me. I can only live in the now these days but it is better than not living at all

“Jennie Mason”
Ben Mintz thank you Ben for the advice on this. I have been a victim of V2K for almost 9 years now. God Bless you, my dear friend

Thank you. I was on the brink of suicide

“Samm E”
Thank you so much for the supportive and solution oriented information. 💛💛💛

“Mary Gair”
Thank you, Ben


2 years ago
I’m targeted and being gang stalked how can you escape it I keep hearing about people escaping it

2 months ago

10 months ago
Control through fear, but apparently they have one main target and they want to have jesus come back so they can do this to him

2 years ago
He doesn’t do 1 thing to help 1 victim because he developed these v2k and voice of God programs

2 years ago
Thanks for sharing brother

2 years ago
How do we get rid of the smart dust inside us?

1 year ago
Did he mention that the Rand Corporation is doing this?

2 years ago
American Prisoners complain about v2k experiences all over the United states.

2 years ago
This is my YT Channel: — That Gang Stalking Show. My name is Doug and I’ve been a TI since 2004. I understand how this program works. I also know who’s behind my targeting. The harassment is based in classical and operant conditioning. Though I cannot make your targeting end, I can tell you how to make it less severe.

2 years ago
Check out Aug tellez and the things he says. He was placed into secret/black projects as a child.

2 years ago
It’s invasion of privacy

2 years ago
People say….well I can’t be controlled, but little do they know they’re probably already bring controlled and have been for some time.

2 years ago

2 years ago
This needs to be banned!

5 months ago
These r not human their lizards

1 year ago
Wo kann ein Opfer sich in Deutschland hinwenden, um Hilfe zu bekommen?

2 years ago

6 months ago
The video of disturbing images wasn’t really necessary.

1 month ago