Sensible words from TI, Wendy T.: What is gangstalking? And who’s behind this?

Wendy T. I was gangstalked in 2017

What is gangstalking? And who’s behind this?

Gangstalking is an unchecked, undemocratic method of social control waged by police, community watch groups, security and private intelligence contractors. It is a “program” designed to drive a person to suicide, institutionalization, or incarceration. Their tactics are straight out of counter-intelligence psychological operation manuals and are against the law, but they are extremely difficult to prove. Gangstalkers operate as organized criminals using illegal, unwarranted, and unethical tactics. They often employ actual criminals to follow and harass their victims in exchange for gift cards. Can you imagine anything more irresponsible?

In 2008, the ACLU said the following: “If the federal government announced it was creating a new domestic intelligence agency made up of over 800,000 operatives dispersed throughout every American city and town, filing reports on even the most common everyday behaviors, Americans would revolt.” However, this is exactly what the government and “community policing” organizations are doing. There is a hidden domestic war being waged on our rights to privacy, free speech, association, and assembly.

The “War on Terror” is just another avenue for the vast and unaccountable police/state infrastructure to harass innocent victims without repercussions. The Patriot Act has allowed a lot of inappropriate targeting. These perpetrators use the Patriot Act as an excuse to harass and monitor people by falsely claiming they are potential terrorists.

These group stalking campaigns have resulted in mass shootings. After a violent incident occurs and saturates the mainstream media, the perpetrators present an official (inaccurate) narrative to cover up their part in causing a victim to lose his mind and shoot up a casino (for example). The target of their harassment is often no longer around to explain what drove them to commit such an extreme act. Even if they survive, it’s unlikely their accusations would be taken seriously anyway.

There are police officers, firemen, community watch groups, and other “pillars of the community” who take part and are complicit in this program of harassment. Apparently, they don’t believe the law applies to them and that they have the right to subvert due process and become judge, jury, and executioner. I believe many actually see themselves as good people who are working to protect their community, but I’m reminded of the atrocities and unchecked torture which took place at Abu Ghraib prison. The actions of those prison guards were excusable though, right? After all, wasn’t their goal to prevent another terrorist attack?

While protecting our country was probably their original motivation, the guards went overboard and took advantage of the control they were allowed. Some even appeared to derive a perverse pleasure from abusing their captives as evidenced by them posing for photographs next to their victims wearing big smiles on their faces. Gangstalking attracts the same type of voyeuristic and sadistic bullies.

There is a good movie on Amazon Prime about the torture that took place Abu Ghraib prison and the attempted cover up that followed. It’s called “The Report” starring Adam Driver. It documents the relentless FBI agent who refused to give up in his attempt to expose what went on there. It’s also a good source of motivation for targeted individuals.

If you think you are currently a victim of this type of harassment, document it. Buy a few small cameras and place them around your property, your apartment, in your car, or wherever you expect you might capture a photo or video of a gangstalker. I’d recommend making the cameras as hidden as possible. If you succeed in recording them in the act, they may actually be held accountable for their actions in a court of law.

I would recommend avoiding calling the police, psychologists/psychiatrists, or any hotline claiming to support targeted individuals. In most cases, these people are not your allies. Also, be careful who you engage with online, and don’t become too deeply conversational with anyone who talks about directed energy weapons, aliens, UFO’s, lizard people, or any other nonsense. They are probably trying to drag you down the rabbit hole with them (or may even be the perpetrators themselves).