COVID-19 Mass “Vaccination” Genocide IS USG-DOD MILITARY OPERATION! Dr. Peter McCullough Article, Alexandra Latypova Interview, Alex Jones On Nuremberg-Level NSC Covid Racketeering

Webmaster: I have listened to many, many presentations about the Covid-19 “vaccines.” In my non-expert opinion:

1) Alexandra Latypova’s presentation to Reiner Fuellmich’s Covid Investigative Committee (B. below) is the most important and clarifying presentation I have yet heard, and
2) Dr. Peter McCullough is the most credible medical expert on the Covid issue.

I include below the figures that Ms. Latypova used in her presentation. Clearly, this was/is a ongoing genocide planned and executed by the Department of Defense, the CIA, and cooperating globalist institutions. And just as with the global gangstalking-genocide electronic harassment operations, the perpetrators are still walking free.

As with the global targeting program, which is the primary subject of this website, we have presented abundant evidence that our US government, military, and spy agencies are committing the highest possible treason at the behest of the criminal, ruling elite. This is the same sociopathic, satanic, “deep state” crowd that gave us the JFK assassination and 9/11. Nuremberg trials 2.0 are absolutely mandatory.

A. Why COVID-19 Mass Vaccination is a Military Operation

by Dr. Peter McCullough | America Out Loud
November 6th 2022, 4:54 pm

The mRNA vaccines were not a product of Operation Warp Speed and developed in just a few months — rather, DARPA has been working on them with companies such as Moderna since 2011.

In an exclusive interview with Alexandria (Sasha) Latypova, MBA, who is a former pharmaceutical executive and independent analyst (See below (B)). She has made it clear with her prior reports on TrialSite News that deaths reported in VAERS after COVID-19 vaccination are not randomly distributed according to manufacturing lots as they are with influenza vaccines; instead, they are aggregated in specific “hot lots.”

For example, from data on 33 lots of the Pfizer vaccine, 80% of the deaths have arisen from 35% of the lots.For Moderna, its only 24% of the lots account for 80% of the deaths.Lot sizes were small initially, and some were contaminated by the metallic beads used in the manufacturing process.This explains reports and videos of injection site magnetism early in the campaign and why over time, these claims dissipated.

The lot sizes became larger, and the rushed nature of vaccine manufacturing invariable loads specific lots with more viable intact mRNA, while others have considerably less genetic material and or broken fragments of mRNA.Because the US Department of Defense, under the Emergency Use Authorization countermeasures program, is the ”developer” of the vaccines, there is a complex array of biological defense contractors that make the components of the vaccines.

Specifically, private contractors do the fill-and-finish manufacturing, and the DOD or its designees has material possession of the products until delivery at a vaccine center. So what are the roles of Pfizer and Moderna?

At this stage, they are essentially marketing shields or the corporate “face” of the military program. But Ms. Latypova is clear, by the US EUA regulations, COVID-19 mass vaccination is a DOD operation, and the signal to “go” is given by the US Secretary of Health and Human Services (HHS). Under Trump, it was Alex Azar, and now with Biden, it’s Xavier Becerra.

Essentially if the HHS Secretary believes a national medical emergency exists, then DARPA, the branch of the military dealing with biological threats, is activated, and the process starts. Here is a quote from the DARPA website:

“As part of the Autonomous Diagnostics to Enable Prevention and Therapeutics (ADEPT) program in 2011, DARPA began investing in nucleic acid vaccines. The hypothesis was that rather than delivering antigens to the immune system, we could deliver genes that encode the antigen and allow the human body to produce the antigen from its own cells, triggering a protective immune response. In December 2020, former ADEPT performer Moderna’s RNA vaccine received FDA Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) approval for the prevention of COVID-19.”1

So, it is fully disclosed that the genetic vaccines were not a product of Operation Warp Speed and developed in just a few months; rather, DARPA has been working on them with companies such as Moderna since 2011. What is the role of the FDA?2 Latypova points out it is largely “theatre.” In other words, the FDA is giving sham approvals to versions of the vaccines as they move forward since they are powerless to stop it.

This interview is gripping and a must-listen for those trying to comprehend the mild-blowing reality of forced vaccination resulting in record injuries, disabilities, and death. Our music contribution is from John Gouveia Psalm 2 – Why Do the Nations Rage?3



B. Interview: Alexandra Latypova – A Very Alarming Presentation About The mRNA Injections

CoronavirusPlushie Published October 1, 2022


Alexandra (Sasha) Latypova – Former pharmaceutical industry executive 25 years of experience in pharmaceutical research and development, started a number of successful companies — primarily focused on creating and reviewing clinical trials.

Born in Ukraine, moved to the United States in the 1990’s.

All safeguards and regulations that the public has relied on for years and assume to be in place for pharmaceutical products have been effectively removed for these mRNA based vaccines.

She found the reason, how this is even possible: she obtained Department of Defense contracts for covid vaccines, therapeutics, diagnostics, and all related products. Pfizer and Moderna violated all rules because the products they are making are according to the contracts, manufactured under defense prototype agreements, with no accountability and no real requirements for safety or efficacy. The DOD contracts remove all liability as long as manufacturers and everyone involved “follow orders” under PREP Act.

Figures used in Latypova’s Presentation

Learn more about the committee:


Anonymous hints to the Corona Investigative Committee:

The Committees English Telegram channel:

C. Mandatory Covid Shots are Nuremberg Violation Level Racketeering Alex Jones Nov 7, 2022

Alex Jones breaks down the nuremberg level violation and racketeering behind the globalist plan to use Covid to lock down and control the population.

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What’s with the big COVID push on Infowars lately? I seriously don’t understand what Jones is selling? People are awake and fighting this in court and not taking the boosters. Doubtful the Infowars audience took it, or would take it.