Who Leaked Covid-19? Brother Nathaniel: Jewish Banker-Controlled US Military

Who Leaked Covid-19? Brother Nathaniel, April 29, 2020


The Question:

Who then leaked Covid-19?
A wet market where there were no bats?
A Chinese research lab 10 miles away?
OR the US military whose troops trained at Fort Detrich
Where its biolabs carried lethal germs
And whose troops stayed at a Wuhan hotel
where its soldiers and hotel staff got Covid-19?

The Poem:

Which stands a chance of admission?
An educated guess could hatch a feasible suspicion
Especially when an Israeli military-intel officer- Danny Shohan
Who originally and solely claimed- without any evidence
That the Wuhan institute of Virology was part of a secret biological weapons program
And the Jew-owned media licked it off the propaganda floors
Believe a Jew and you’re locked indoors
And a military dictatorship funded and governed by Jewish bankers and their court physicians
Will affix a tattooed vaccine while you’re down on all fours.