Canadian TI Traces Global Human Trafficking/Gangstalking Networks Through AS Numbers

Canadian TI Traces Global Human Trafficking/Gangstalking Networks Through AS Numbers

By Bobbi Peitsch (Canadian TI)

Webmaster’s Introduction: It would seem that tracking and tracing of AS numbers in computer networks connected to TIs’ computers may be a means of identifying the entities that trafficking and profiting from the suffering of targeted individuals. Canadian TI, Bobbi Peitsch, and American TI, Elizabeth Lepore, have been doing that work. Let us hope it leads to successful legal action and much deserved restitution for human trafficking victims around the world.

Email message to Dr. Eric Karlstrom from Bobbi Peitsch, July 27, 2020 4:27 pm

(Eric feel free to publish this, but leave out the names for privacy sake)

“Hi blank and Eric,

I would like to introduce you to Dr. Eric Karlstrom and I would like to Introduce you to blank.

Blank is on the exact same network I am in ASN7122. She has not been to my province since she was an infant, she resides in BC and I reside in Manitoba (CANADA).

Eric has been publishing findings as he is seeking answers as well, he is a Target. I don’t want this connection to be lost, just in case I am snuffed out. I have been severely brutalized the last few days. burns all over my body.

I unwrapped a layer and it opened up loads of Foundations and loads of links to New York and Long Island, of course they have been masked in layers in the ASN.

I can confirm the Trudeau Foundation and Georgetown University have the exact same IP address, meaning they are one and the same entity.

I also have loads of Hackers from Japan and China that are active daily in my PC. 100% evidence, math does not lie.

Here is blank’s last message to me:

“Hey blank,

Check them out: these are our global pimps. My peer pimp is Stuart Umpleby, Professor of Cybernetics and Policy, George Washington University. Also CRC research here in Van(couver) houses Pille Bunnell, past president of IASC. Look at their event in 10/12 in Beijing for a full list of international pimps.”

I have not begun to search that out yet.

But, I want to draw your attention back to the ASN search, peeling back the Prefixes. (So we keep this straight in our minds, our ASN is 7122.)

See Below:

You will note the IP addresses, click on them, look at the DNS.

These are routing systems carrying our data in a masking system.

Clicking on the Hybrid one butterflies into the wrapping system.

Now back out and go to the IXX. Look at ASN577. Peeling through the layers, it all links back to China and Japan. It is masking as the Upper Law Society of Canada.

Within the ASN577 in the IRR is ASN74 (click on it)

It is the Government of Canada Defense Research Establishment.

It has loads of dummy addresses wrapped in the prefixes. But look at the date- it was set up in 1992. I believe this goes back farther, to our birth. Scroll all the way to the bottom and click on ASN2682.

This is the government of Canada that has been trafficking us. But I believe the earnings have been set up in a trust/nominee account. They are our primary pimps.

They set this up in 2017, the year I started getting assaulted so severely.

When you go back to ASN577 scroll down and you will see: Sympatico HSE with loads of numbers. These are all from China. They use sympatico and the numbers are their IDS.

Literally hundreds of them are doing this to us and tracking our bio/neural/military testing because we are implanted with loads of rfid tags.

It leads back to Chicago/New York and an investment firm (THL is a Boston-based private equity firm investing in middle-market growth companies) and dozens of other investment firms. Everything you can think of; pharma, cybernetics, robotics, everything.

There would be hundreds of millions in insurance on us as well. We were assets, but we are nearing the end of what they want to do, or have accomplished.

Telia AB is the Sweden Stock exchange> they are directly involved and trading us internationally. These below are the traders. Click on each one, that is the system and members. It leads out to some of the most powerful in the world, (involved in) slavery, human trafficking.

Now Mcgill University built a web IP backbone and there is an elaborate group across Canada. These are the gang stalkers, not including all of the groups and corporations involved:

OVH SAS is (a) France cloud based system clearly. They are involved.

They water things through PAYMENTS CANADA.

One of the heads of the Bank of Canada, entered into my computer! What a retard, he had no masking system.

Now why would he be in my PC? I am no one, less than a flea. I recorded it and posted it. Fk em.

No this company is fleet vehicles directly involved in my targeting. It is a private company.

In closing, they do make trades directly on our computers; I recorded one the other day.

Now the biggest question is: why have they identified us? I am investigating another TI in Canada and he is leading me to cloning companies. The beautiful part is he was not on the internet, so they published without fear. They can’t clone us.

Research continues.

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  1. Hi again, from Toronto. Thank you for all that you are doing. It is impressive. I hope that the perps will not flee and hide, as a result of your investigations.
    I pray that we will be able to expose this heinous trafficking and obtain full restitution and justice.
    I do not have email or a cell phone. I am very heavily ambushed day and night.

    I have looked up the names of relatives and contacts and most are linked to medical research, because my siblings and I were raised in near total isolation, for the first 12 years of our lives. However, after that, we had handlers at all times, unbeknownst to us.
    My relatives are the Devor family, the Winemaker family–including one family that changed their name to Warner. They changed my family name, before I turned 7, (possibly) so that they could prey on us.

    I am using a pen name, here.

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