Freemasons Behind Global Gangstalking (As Blood Sacrifice) AND Poised To Rule Post-Covid New World Order?

Freemasonry is the largest and certainly among the oldest secret societies in the world. And it is a/THE “gentile front” for Judaism, with all its degrees emanating from the Jewish Cabala system. That said, here are:

11 “Illuminating” Questions

“Qui Bono” (who benefits)? What secret society benefits from global gangstalking operations, mind control experiments and operations, and all these Convid-1984 lockdown restrictions?

What secret society has historically funded mind control programs; and more recently, is backing the Covid-1984 lockdown cum Great Reset-“go direct” to digital slavery system?

What secret society is poised to inherit the “post-Covid” world in which the majority of world’s people will be radically depopulated, transhumanized, and/or enslaved?

What secret society(ies) are funding the violence in American cities today?

What massive, international secret society is dedicated to the worship of Lucifer?

What secret society traces its lineage to King Nimrod, a giant who established a system of idol worship that detested God and worshiped Satan? Nimord was a “mighty hunter,” and a “hunter of men”…. Hmmmm.

In what secret society are all the (33+) degrees based on the Jewish Cabala system of satanic black magic?

What secret society has infiltrated all institutions in America, including government, military, intelligence, media, mafia, banking, commerce?

What secret society takes delight in soft-kill, slow-kill, silent kill murder of innocent civilians through their “secret-dagger,” “slow-dagger, “silent-dagger” blood sacrifice (man-hunting) operations (i.e., gangstalking)?

What secret society is dedicated to the overthrow of all duly constituted governments and societies?

What secret society is dedicated to removing the Dome of.the Rock mosque and rebuilding Solomon’s Temple on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem to be the seat of one-world-occult-government?

As Kay Griggs, ex-wife of Marine Corps Col. George Griggs, Illuminati satanist, states, the US military is a mind-control operations run by sexual deviants and it is completely and inexorably “in bed” now with masons and the mafia. She characterizes these individuals as “cowards and bullies.”

My suspicion is that this group also plays a central role in global sex, child, and other forms of human trafficking, including the stealth torture, murder, and human trafficking of “targeted individuals” into illegal medical experiments.


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