One Reply to “The Zionist Plan to Take Over the World”

  1. It’s crazy to think that the Us is somehow subjugated by Israel! The main concern should be Trump selling out America out America’s prominence to Russia to pay Putin’s back for the $ he took to lift the Marinsk act and give Putin’s $ back. Israel does in fact control much of the world’s cyber security, but it’s all in conjunction with the US. China lost much of it’s prominence since Putin was able to by the American President and pulled out of Brics (Brazil,Russia,India,China and South Africa), Brazil is now back a colony of the US with it’s owns Trump that will be selling out the country and all ist’s natural resource back to the States and is already affirming the end of business with China. South Africa is broke and too corrupt to do anything.
    The reality is that American’s Elite and corporation ran the world and Israel is just a instrument that allow it’s plausible deniability, which they are more then willing to go along with. They get to ride the Us’s tail and collect a lot of aid in the form of money, contracts, united nations votes and vetos, etc… but they are still nothing ,but a pond in the big game. Rothschild is a power house financially, but he’s not stupid. He would never risk the lost of his wealth to try in propping up Israel over the US, It’s a ridiculous proposition that could never be won. What ever You can charge Israel with know the the US is the main player behind. The US didn’t became the only super power by giving away it’s advantages to little countries as Israel, it did by swallowing them up and using them for it’s interest.
    Americans should really be worried about your present President walking away from everything this country fought for (and lot of times stole) being giving away to Russia to pay a personal debt!
    The US didn’t become so rich by giving away anything, no country ever did or ever will!

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