Weaponized Brain Science Videos (Dr. James Giordano lectures and weird compilations)

Weaponized Brain Science (Dr. James Giordano lectures, etc.)

Webmaster Comment: Regarding the first compilation video, the graphics are very impressive…. but, anyone can make a video apparently if they can cut and paste segments from other videos…. and strangely enough…

While they show my photo for a few seconds on the lower left of the screen about half way through the video, the person speaking at that time is not me. Hmmm. We hear Scottish radio show host, Kev Baker, speaking and explaining things, but he does not identify himself. I did many interviews on this topic several years ago with Baker on his Truth Frequency Radio Show in Glasgow, Scotland. After we did some 22 interviews over a period of several years, he abruptly broke off communications with me without explanation and removed our videos from youtube. Does his experience interviewing me make him an expert on this topic? I don’t believe so.

Then we hear Anthony Patch, who I also spoke with on the Kev Baker Show. He’s the guy talking about the D-Wave supercomputer. Patch seems more knowledgeable and sounds authoritative. But is he? Why doesn’t he identify himself? Both Baker and Patch are radio talk show hosts. Does that make them experts on this topic?

Then we hear the voice of a guy who calls himself Bryan Tew, although again, he is not identified in the video. B. Tew claims to be a TI and an expert on the “the program.” He has emailed me perhaps over 1500 times in the past 6-7 years or so. I now believe he is a fake TI and cyber stalker/cyber terrorist. He claims to be an ex-FEMA and ex-DOD worker. That’s may well be true; but now he still works for the government with some private government subcontractor? He actually admitted to me one time in an email that he was cutting and pasting as fast as he could.

What’s going on here? Does this video represent the kind of “cognitive infiltration” that Cass Sunstein (Jew) envisioned when he joined the Obama Administration back in 2009 and rolled out his plan to “cognitively infiltrate” those rascally “conspiracy theorists” (i.e., truth tellers)? I believe that is what Bryan Tew is all about- a cyber stalker- a “cognitive infiltrator.” Re: Kev Baker and Anthony Patch, I’m not sure. They seem quite sincere. But I’m definitely not sure about the guy, presumably the video maker, who comes on after 36:00, talking about Jeshua, the palm tree, and the sky net. Forget Jeshua, that’s just a bogus name for Jesus Christ used by Jews, the very people that crucified Jesus Christ.

All in all, this video seems very suspicious to me. Perhaps it’s a Mossad-Unit 8200 operation. This is the world we now live in….. It’s pretty much one big information war-psyop brought to us by our government, the intel services, the Pentagon, the “5 Eyes” assholes, and their private contractors. This is “War by Other Means,” War on the truth, War on logic, War on the mind, asymmetrical war, mixed reality.

Post repeal of the Smith-Wundt act, it is legal for the government to lie to us. Here is how they apparently use our tax dollars today. Apparently, they have unlimited budgets for this con.

Zombie Apocalypse, CV-19 & Targeted Individual Program Similarities. HungerGames 2.0.


Webmaster comment: Why do our taxpayers pay mad scientists like Dr. James Giordano, Dr. George Church, Dr. J. Craig Venter to destroy civilization and the crown of God’s creation, humanity?