“Gang Stalking” Is Civilian Neutralization Program Using PsyOp and Electronic Warfare in Global, Covert “Civil-Military Operations” (CMO); WBB interview with Dr. Eric Karlstrom (Feb. 14, 2017)

Published on Feb 14, 2017

During this episode of Dr. Karlstrom´s ongoing series of lectures/interviews regarding gangstalking (aka asymmetric warfare (AW) or citizen extermination) with Dr. Paul Marko of World Beyond Belief, he begins by explaining how technologies used in this ongoing program, particularly PsyOp and electronic warfare (EW), were also utilized in the Kennedy Assassination, 9-11, and the Phoenix Program. Thus, PsyOp and Electronic Warfare (EW) are two principle components, indeed fingerprints, of this global, covert “assymetric war” against humanity. Karlstrom then dives deeply into revealing the agencies involved and the especially the weaponry used, focusing in this interview mainly on PsyOp.

This is valuable information for someone who wants to understand the overall program (or on a personal level, what is happening to them). For more information go to pineconeutopia.wordpress.com and for the full series with Dr. Karlstrom (and other TI´s) go to Youtube´s pineconeutopia channel.

2 Replies to ““Gang Stalking” Is Civilian Neutralization Program Using PsyOp and Electronic Warfare in Global, Covert “Civil-Military Operations” (CMO); WBB interview with Dr. Eric Karlstrom (Feb. 14, 2017)”

  1. That video photo is exactly how I feel coming and going. I’ll never forget various military fractions coming after me in 2006 through 2008 in Maryland from Ft. Aberdeen. These young military types, Army I believe, chased me to my elderly Aunt’s home where they did psyops on me while she was at work. By this time, I’m sure I had satellites on me, in retrospect. Chased and deceptive means got me out of town, and this is where the CIA-DOD came after me joining forces with Ft. Bragg, NC. By this time, military planes are flying over my home 247, military members who lived in the subdivision we’re revving trucks in and out of my driveway throwing spy rocks into the driveway, breaking in, etc., etc and of course, the 4 cars. There is something she mentions in the video, that her husband became like a robot. That’s what I have seen, repeatedly of these military types in three different states. No emotions. Just robotic. Mind controlled.

    1. I will add, the psyops run on me then and now, are US Army Intelligence with Travistock like experiments behind it. There have been times over the years, and in recent months, whereas its gotta worse, deadly charging at me on the road.

      How I got here. My late-husband was killed on the job at a large ship/steel corporation. They left him to lie in his injuries. No one would touch him. And, It was their fault, 99% OSHA provem. This corporation hired one of the top 10 law firms in the US to go up against me. That law firm was right out of D.C. I was immediately threatened on a pier. Still I did not budge having known my husband from the time I was 4 1/2 years of age growing up across the way from him. I recall dark vehicles w/dark windows following me over the years, later males in old vehicles (Army ?). To make a long story short. My own lawyer sold me out to the other side. I know as I caught him. I’m a witness to that law firm and my lawyer talking about getting rid of me –that it was in the bag, they knew how they we’re getting rid of me, that I’d be destroyed, as we neared the court time seven + years in. And, from that point on, as I closed in on heading into court, that’s when they came at me full force both on and offline. I was set up during hacking of my computer via Google when two unknowns came over my computer Internet asking me what I thought of 911. Thanks to Wikileaks, I learned exactly what they did to me almost to a litearl ‘T.’ What a mess. This is tragic.

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