TI Statement: Ed Certilac (7/26/2019)

Hi Eric,

I just wanted to send you a note to see how you are doing. It seems to me that things are on a constantly escalating course now. I think perhaps the “program”, as the cowardly cunts refer to it, has been rolled out in full. I personally am noticing some changes in the general behaviour and strategy of the local state sponsored domestic terrorist cell here where I live in Dunn County North Dakota. I think they are losing or have completely lost control of the technology, as predicted, and are scurrying like trapped rats on a sinking ship.

I always felt that when the weapons platform was completed and online that the swine herd of masonic baboons in higher levels such as the DOD would take over and begin the chaos ultimately culminating in genocide of the populous. Including the inbred half-wit trash that has been doing this to all of us. I take some satisfaction in that, although it may seem a bit heartless. But as far as I am and have always been concerned, all who are and have ever played any role in this are guilty of Capital crimes, and condemned accordingly.

Well enough dark words, Eric. In truth, I know that all of our correspondence are monitored, and enjoy insulting the war criminal cowards as well as expressing there ultimate fate whether I am able to be a part of it or not. Maybe a little petty? Probably so. But you know something, Eric? I have been heavily under 24/7-365 full scale advanced weapons attack for 10 years now. And I am still me. I have not, and will not change. My convictions are, if anything, stronger and my dedication to true Justice is absolute and unwavering. This may ultimately murder me physically, but I have not been changed, modified, and will not be controlled. So the worms have failed. In spite of all that they are and have, they are weak and pathetic. Defeated by their own inadequacy and cowardice. This “program” is a dud,, Eric. Yes, it is terrible, inhumane and destroys lives. But our Free Will, Free Choice and our Spirits remain our own. And that is where and how their ultimate reckoning/justice due is inevitably going to be realized. So having said all of that, how are you doing, Eric? You know, I realize how isolated and alone this is meant to make us individually. But we don’t have to accept or allow that. Those who have forsaken us in these times of need because of the lies and subterfuge, or from their own cowardice, weakness and/or lack of integrity were tested by this and failed. we are better off without them.

So if things get really crazy for you, Eric, don’t feel that you are all alone. Reach out any time and we can just talk or try to put our heads together and work out whatever may be happening. I know from experience, 10 years so far, that this can be terrible. Well, I don’t want to seem like I am giving a pep talk, and I am certainly not a guru on the mountain, I just wanted to say “hang in there”. Don’t give up, and if you need someone to talk to or a place to “whole up” for a while, don’t hesitate to let me know. We don’t have to beat them, Eric. All we have to do is out last them while they destroy themselves. They are already beaten. Take care,

Ed Certalic