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  1. Hi Bobby,

    I really appreciate your efforts to connect with other Tis and seek to get this travesty stopped.
    You are very courageous and it is incredibly heartening to hear the truth spoken clearly. I am very fearful of attempting to expose the perpetrators of serial murders –in my case, as you will see, below. My computer has been hacked and my internet service has been stollen, so that I cannot navigate online. I can open sites that I had previously saved. I am kept isolated and gagged by various means.

    There is a mountain of circumstantial evidence, in my case. But, I will still tend to use the term “possibly” to describe what has taken place and who is responsible.

    It seems that my extended family may have decided to traffic my siblings and me for profit, before we were born. We could be utilized for medical research, life insurance fraud, profit from the sale of our I.D.s and likely our organs, as well.

    I hope to some day tell our story. I also cling to the hope that I may be able to have some of my life in my own control and be able to accomplish something of significance.

    It is possible that the family from whom I rent are involved in life insurance fraud, involving multiple murders or fake deaths. It seems that corrupt law enforcement and officials are involved, which makes exposing the felony crimes problematic.

    I recently saw an article about a police woman who prosecuted Toronto police for sexual harassment and won. Possibly, she would know of persons in law enforcement who could be trusted and would know how to access information and how to leak info to the right persons in the right manner. I would not be able to contact her, as I am being shut out of all of my communications. I am locked out of my email.

    1. Hey,

      I am at the point where I dont care anymore. I have rads rashes, they assault me around the clock and I am watching my sister and mother be tortured as well. I Know a single person cannot fight billionaires, but millions can, by exposing truths. My goal is for others to be brave and publish their findings with tutorials to teach others, this is how we become a truth army.

      No matter what, make the most of your time while here, this is not an easy road and one loaded with bloodshed and abuses we can only imagine.

      Never forget you are a modern day slave, the chains is the rfid in your body and the whip is the radio frequency they assault with, every single one of these beasts need to be put to death here and in the eternal.

  2. It’s beyond pathetic what some people will do for money. I too have relatives profiting off of me, which I find completely offensive. Oddly enough, they’ve dropped several hints about me supposedly being mentally “off”, which is pretty ironic given all the extremely strange things they themselves have been doing. For money. Of course. Neighbor Nazis, who apparently consider themselves sufficiently superior to the “known or suspected terrorists” to monitor-stalk us (and, incidentally, also to steal from us, ruin our things, spread all kinds of slander about us, mock us, attack us with dogs, help the offsite Nazis spy on us by geolocating specific trees (and, worryingly, also our propane tank!) for directed energy and poison attacks, etc. They continue to hold ILLEGAL meetings about me/us AT THEIR OWN RISK. To the local police, who have been informed about the propane tank being geolocated (and everything else that’s been done too), I say that your eternal judgment will be very severe if that propane really does get exploded on us and YOU DID NOTHING TO PREVENT IT. We also have possible home title theft, life insurance fraud, medical experimentation, and more happening. And yet, the main relatives who have caused this mayhem still expect us to continue a relationship with them as though they’ve done nothing wrong. THEY are the crazy ones!

  3. Forgot to mention that several former coworkers and supervisors had been bullying me since 2009, I think before this filthy, demonic program started (for me). A couple of them actually tried to get me killed, as well as accessing all my personal data, videos, phone calls, etc.–everything in the NSA database, which is *everything*–on a regular basis. Then they went and *lied to the FBI* to get me tossed onto the terror watchlist. Well, that’s THREE felonies . . . ! Then the old witch supervisor conspired with medical personnel at SBLHC to get my husband chipped during outpatient surgery. Surely that’s at least ONE MORE felony. These greedy Satan lovers will be sued to Saturn and back.

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