TI comments to TI youtubes

Chela Morya
1 month ago (edited)
What’s happening is true but you are being lied to about how it’s done. They want you to think it’s technology so you feel helpless to it!! You are not helpless you can stop it. They don’t want you to know that it is ALL demonic. Even the people stalking you is demonic, it’s a combination of projected thoughts to you as well as projected thoughts to them. The energy attacks are psychic and demonic energy attacks. I wouldn’t tell you this if I didn’t go through it all myself and then was able to stop it. I am not Christian or religious but if you are, just invoke all the protection and bindings of the demons doing this in Jesus name, or however you do it. I work with Archangel Michael and ask him to do all the binding and shielding my mind, my body. It takes a while, at least six months, but it will stop. The voices are gone. All of it has been gone now for almost 8 years. Remember please the psyop is they want you to think they have this technology and they do not! If it were technology then of course you would be helpless and that is exactly what they want you to believe, that you’re helpless and not to know that you can fight back in this HUGE spiritual war. If the only thing you do is “In the name of Jesus I rebuke you”, then you are doing it wrong!! Please research real spiritual protection. You can still do it in Jesus name but that is just not enough. You have to calls to God at least for like 20 minutes a day (or more!) all about binding and covering and shielding.

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