Treasonous Coup Against Duly-Elected President by FBI, DOJ, CIA, NSA, DNI, State Department, UN, 5 Eyes, BLM (Kevin Shipp Youtube)

ETK (Webmaster) comment:

The moderator: “This (coup) involved the FBI, DOJ, CIA, NSA, Director of National Intelligence and all the agencies he is running, the State Department, the United Nations, foreign spy agencies, the Five Eyes, the Bureau of Land Management…..”

Gosh, just like the Global Gestapo: Government Gangstalking (G4) program!

Shipp: “We have a not-so covert civil war going on right now. They are trying to: 1) eliminate US sovereignty. 2) They despise and are targeting Christianity. And their third target is the founding principles of our country. They are trying to convert this government into a global Marxist government.

…. Do you know what they did with that missing $21 trillion (that the government can’t account for)? Under (DNI) James Clapper, they decided that it was sensitive and they moved it under the National Security budget and classified it secret. We will never know what they spent that $21 trillion on. That’s what I call the tyranny of secrecy. ”

Moderator: (Yes, they used) FASAD 56 Rule 50.

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