FBI COINTELPRO GANGSTALKING Of: 1) Witness, Patrick Knowlton In Vince Foster Murder-Cover Up, 2) Bombing of Environmentalist, Judi Bari, and 3) “Disappearing” Members of Black, Muslim, Anti-War, Environmental, and Animal-Rights Groups (9 youtubes, court cases, and 2 personal accounts by webmaster)

Epigraph Quotes:

John Clarke, Patrick Knowlton’s attorney: (Gangstalking) is used by various federal intelligence investigative agencies and it has two purposes: 1) It warns the witnesses and scares and intimidates the witness, and if that doesn’t work and the witness continues to tell the truth about whatever it is that they’ve seen, 2) it will discredit him.

Hugh Turley, researcher: “It’s terrifying. It’s like something out of the Twilight Zone or Alfred Hitchcock. It’s really scary. You know a lot of the movies we see show the terrorists as the bad guys and the FBI agents are the good guys that save us. If you turn that upside down, can you think of a more horrifying movie than if the FBI agents were evil and they were terrifying the citizens and the press was going along with it? That’s scary.”

I. Webmaster (Dr. Eric T. Karlstrom) Introduction: This post includes 9 youtube presentations that provide real life examples of the FBI’s COINTELPRO (COunterINTEL PROgram) Version 2.0. The first video, entitled: “The Vince Foster Cover-up, The FBI, and the Press,” provides a compelling and frightening first-hand account of the intense, coordinated gangstalking/psychological warfare campaign that numerous FBI agents waged against Patrick Knowlton, Grand Jury Witness, in 1995 in the Vince Foster “suicide”/murder case. The operation was clearly carried out by the FBI in order to intimidate, silence, and discredit “Targeted Individual” (TI) Knowlton and to sabotage his testimony. These events show that the FBI used gangstalking tactics as part of the coverup of Vince Foster’s murder.

The second youtube video is entitled “Who Bombed Judi Bari?,” the environmental activist and musician. This video provides evidence that the FBI carried out COINTELPRO tactics against “TIs” Judi Bari, Darryl Cherney, and the environmental group, Earth First! In addition to attempting to murder the two activists through planting and exploding a pipe bomb in Bari’s Subaru and then immediately arresting Bari and Cherney for transporting the bomb, the FBI used smear tactics, false affidavits, framing, false arrest, sham investigation, planting evidence, and violations of the “targets” First Amendment rights, among other crimes.

The third, fourth, and fifth videos relate to the ongoing impacts that COINTELPRO Version 1.0 (1956-1971) and Version 2.0 (1971 to present) are having on the Black and Muslim, and also on anti-war, environmental, and animal rights groups. Individuals are disappearing and being “suicided” at unprecedented rates.

Finally, I relate two of my own personal experiences that are related to FBI COINTELPRO crimes in America.

II. “The Vince Foster Cover-up, The FBI, and the Press (youtube video)


III. Partial transcript of Knowlton’s Testimony Regarding His Gangstalking-Intimidation-Terrorization by FBI Agents:

As the above youtube makes clear, Patrick Knowlton’s testimony as a witness in the Vince Foster case threatened to expose the government’s coverup of Foster’s murder. The following excerpt includes Knowlton’s chilling testimony (about 10.00 to 18.24 minutes in the video) that provides a detailed description of the gangstalking tactics that FBI agents subjected him to for several days in late October, 1995, as well explanatory comments by Knowlton’s attorney and video-maker, Hugh Turley:

Knowlton’s attorney: “That day, the office of independent council, Ken Starr’s office, prepared a subpoena for Patrick Knowlton to testify before the White Water Grand Jury the following week, Wednesday, November 1, 1995. This was a secret subpoena, these grand jury proceedings are secret. No one knows about them except the FBI and the Office of Independent Council. Patrick received his subpoena on Thursday morning at 10:00 am. Beginning that same day, Patrick was harassed on the streets of Washington, DC.”

Knowlton: “On Oct. 26, 1995, after I received the subpoena from FBI agent, Russell Bransford, I called my girlfriend and I complained about being subpoenaed…

Katherine and I were walking down to Dupont Circle and we were crossing this intersection of New Hampshire Ave. and 20th Street. And I look up and there’s a guy about 20 feet away maybe and he’s just got his face and eyes locked right on my head. I look up and looked back down and we get closer and I look up again and he’s still staring at me. This very blank, cold looking stare, not blinking his eyes and not squinting, just staring. As he walks past us he turns his head and keeps walking and staring at me. So we just stopped in the middle of the block. And we looked back and the guy was standing on the corner and he’s still looking back at me and he raised his wrist and he talked into his shirt sleeve.

So we turned and we start walking down the sidewalk and as soon as we start walking there’s a guy walking directly toward me. Now he’s doing the same thing. Expressionless, but cold kind of look, just staring right at my head.

At about this point, the main cut to my left, he walked by me. We stopped to get in the sidewalk and we turned back to look and other guy, the first guy we ran into, was at the corner waiting for the light to change. They both had been on that corner, they had exchanged some words and then they walked on.

As we turn again to start walking, a guy who was standing behind a pole or pillar comes out of nowhere and walks on my right hand side and just glares at my face. And this guy is looking a little bit angrier than anyone else was. He walked onto my right hand side and brushed my shoulder as he walked by, and again this gentlemen had this locked-eyed stare on me. And as he walked by he just turned his face and he continued to stare at me as he walked by.

The fifth guy again followed us down to the street corner. As we approached the street corner on our street, there was a sixth guy standing there. The sixth guy was another big guy. He was sort of standing at ease as we approached the corner. And there’s hardly anybody on the street by the way. It’s not very crowded.

And now I realize these people really are staring at me. It’s not my imagination. And as we approach the corner, this guy is standing in at-ease position and sort of swings himself around in like a military stance as we reach the corner. And he’s just like staring down at me. He’s like a 6 foot 6 guy. And he’s staring down at me and I said to Katherine, let’s cross the street.”

Knowlton’s lawyer: “Most of these men (FBI agents) were approaching Patrick and following him and staring at him before his predecessor had stopped, so it’s back to back to back to back. Very, very strange. So I talked to a number of experts who are familiar with this technique of intimidation and what they said was:

Yes, they are familiar with it. It’s used by various federal intelligence investigative agencies and it has two purposes: 1) It warns the witnesses and scares and intimidates the witness, and if that doesn’t work and the witness continues to tell the truth about whatever it is that they’ve seen, 2) it will discredit him. I mean who’s going to believe somebody who says that every time he leaves his building there are strange men on every street corner following him and staring at him? And particularly from a witness who said that back on July of 1993, there was a man in a parking lot who was staring at him. I mean, it just sounds like a nut.

Knowlton: The guy was right on my tail. He was right behind me. So then we started walking a little quicker. Because now I’m nervous and I’m feeling very uptight. So we start to cross the street and this guy is walking right behind me, I mean like right on my heels. And now my heart is starting to pump a little bit. And I’m feeling a little nervous. And I turn around, and this guy is like, I’m not kidding, and this guy is like leaning over me as we’re walking. And I’m picking up our pace. Now Katherine is getting very upset, she’s holding onto me tighter and tighter.

And on our left hand side there’s another guy pacing back and forth as we’re approaching. My heart is racing, my legs are feeling rubbery, I’m actually getting pretty sick to my stomach. Katherine gets very upset. So I grab Katherine and we ran across Connecticut Avenue, which is a very busy street. It was like a scene out of a movie. I mean it was just unbelievable.

We get in the median strip and I’m thinking, OK, now we are going to get across the street. All the bad guys are behind us, whoever they are. Now Katherine is starting to get a little weepy. She’s getting very upset. Because it becomes very real.

And as we get ready to cross the street when there’s no cars coming, I see on the corner another guy standing there. And he’s just staring at me and I’m thinking this is impossible. How can they be all over the place? This is not real.

And I realize at this point this road is getting dark. It’s too dark, there are no street lights. I’m just like, this is not good, let’s not go down there. I said to Katherine, let’s not go down there.

So as I turn around and start heading back, the guy who crossed the street was right here behind us and he was right on top of us. And I started to panic. Now Katherine of course was holding back tears.

So I turn around, and as we turn around to walk back, he turns around and walks right next to Katherine and maintains the same pace walking that we are. If we slow down, he slows down. If we speed up, he speeds up. And the whole time we’re walking, this guy is just looking over…. Katherine is 5 foot, 5, and he’s looking over her head and just staring at me the whole time we’re walking.

So finally, we just started running. I didn’t care about traffic, like I don’t right now, I just went right across the street. A car comes up on the left hand side of us and sort of paces our walk. Now at that point, I mean, not only are my legs rubbery back at number 7, 8, and 9, but my stomach, I mean, I’m feeling euphoric. I really am at this time… and this may sound insane to some people, but I feel like my soul is leaving my body.

No as we get about to this point, a guy walks around to the back of his car, now there are no vehicles parked here, just his parked in the middle, I see him going to the back of his car and he opens his trunk up and he pulls something out of his trunk. And I sort of hesitate because I’m thinking again this guy has got a gun.

And the whole time he’s in his trunk he’s turning back and he’s looking at us. He’s watching us standing where we are.

….. Nothing felt safe. That’s one thing about this harassment. It really hits you deep. You end up questioning yourself. And that’s what it is. And that loses your confidence. And I realized that is the technique they use. To make you question yourself and your own sanity…. in a very short period of time.”

Hugh Turley: “It’s terrifying. It’s like something out of the Twilight Zone or Alfred Hitchcock. It’s really scary. You know a lot of the movies we see show the terrorists as the bad guys and the FBI agents are the good guys that save us. If you turn that upside down, can you think of a more horrifying movie than if the FBI agents were evil and they were terrifying the citizens and the press was going along with it. That’s scary.”

Knowlton’s attorney: “I finally realized that the press won’t cover this no matter how much evidence we give them. I feel like I could have a video of the body being dragged through the park and they wouldn’t cover that. When you start to get into the case you find that every single point the (so-called independent) Starr Report makes cannot withstand scrutiny. (All are lies).

More importantly, if you prove cover-up in this case, you prove that: 1) there’s government corruption, 2) that the office of independent council, Mr. Starr’s office, is also corrupt, 3) that we can’t count on the Congress to exercise oversight over the Executive, and most shockingly 4) we can’t rely on the press to report the facts of these cases or of the existence of these cover-ups, even when we’ve already proved them. They’re just not going to cover it.”

Webmaster’s 2nd Comment: Now, dear reader, imagine what it must be like to be subjected to this kind of treatment, these kinds of coordinated attacks, 24/7, 7 days a week, and 365 days/year, for years on end…. and you begin to comprehend what “targeted individuals” such as myself go through. As Mark M. Rich stated, this “counterterrorism” program is a very cleverly disguised program of torture and murder.”

Soul-Theft? Another element or perhaps “dimension” of this monstrous program is hinted at above when Knowlton states in his description of his stalking experience that: “it might sound insane to some people, but I feel like my soul is leaving my body.”

This brings up intriguing, challenging, but perhaps essential questions:

1) Do these FBI stalkers (and now legions of other stalkers in all walks of life) have souls?
2) Have they sold their souls?
3) Are they themselves somehow remotely controlled?
4) Are they mind-controlled robots?

At this point, based on my research and direct experience as a TI, it seems quite probable that these people do not have souls. If this is indeed the case, this raises many, many other important questions.

While it behooves TIs seeking relief, justice, and recompense for their horrendous suffering, we probably need to stick with the legal aspects of this crime. Nonetheless, at some point, it may become important to explore these ancillary questions in order to solve and successfully prosecute “the Crime of the 21st Century.”

V. Webmaster’s 4th Comment and Additional Personal Story: I’d like to relate another personal story that highlights the criminal nature of the FBI and their covert use of COINTELPRO tactics long after that program was supposedly shut down. In the early 1990’s I was teaching in the geography department at California State University, Stanislaus. One of the courses I taught was “Human Ecology.” In the context of that course, I became interested in the topic of “Deep Ecology,” a fairly new subject which was a hybrid between philosophy and ecology.

So I attended a Deep Ecology conference at the University of California, Santa Barbara. After attending the formal presentations, I went to a concert by two Earth First! musicians, Judi Bari and Daryl Cherney. There, Cherney informed us that they were involved in a lawsuit against the FBI and the Oakland Police Department for placing a homemade pipe bomb in Ms. Bari’s Suburu station wagon in 1990 which exploded, resulting in the crushing of Bari’s pelvis. Thereupon, Bari and Cherney were arrested for allegedly transporting the bomb for “eco-terrorism” purposes. Bari and Cherney were then in the process of suing the FBI and Oakland Police “investigators for false arrest, violating their civil rights and illegal search, slanderous statements, and conspiracy.” At the concert, the two activists requested that members of the audience attend their trial which was then proceeding in Oakland, California.

The point of my telling this story is that I did go to the Oakland trial for a day…. and there I witnessed a strange scene indeed. Indeed I felt transported back to Nazi Germany. The FBI men had blonde hair shaved in close “flat-top” style and were dressed in black suits. Their arrogance was palpable, in fact, off the chart.

Judi Bari herself was a radical environmental activist, professional organizer, and musician. She and her Earth First! comrades were viewed and labelled by law enforcement authorities as radical environmentalists, “eco-terrorists,” and “domestic terrorists.”

However, California has a long tradition of being the battleground state for environmental preservation. Indeed, it was in California that John Muir launched the first campaigns to save the redwoods. Had he not done so, it is doubtful there would be any of these forests left today.

At any rate, this story highlights on the fact that the FBI took the role of “goon squad” to protect corporate interests and, in deploying COINTELPRO tactics against Earth First!, became the real “domestic terrorists”. This case showed the FBI to be a rogue government agency. It secretly planted and exploded the pipe bomb in the car of American citizens, Judi Bari and Darryl Cherney, crippling Bari for life!!!! And then they arrested the two for transporting the bomb!!!!! Obviously, their intent was to kill both of them. As the film below points out, thirty days prior to the explosion of the pipe bomb in Bari’s car, FBI agents had conducted a training exercise on private timberland in which they rehearsed the planting and detonating of a pipe bomb in an automobile. The actual footage of the drill is shown in the movie.

The following movie, “Who Bombed Judi Bari?,” abundantly demonstrates that the Earth First! group itself was subjected to COINTELPRO black bag sabotage and neutralization tactics by the FBI in the lead-up to the bombing.

Back to my day in the Oakland courthouse, in which the FBI was trying to frame Bari and Cherney for transporting the bomb that the FBI planted in her vehicle. I really felt I had been transported back to Nazi Germany. It was an infuriating experience. Since all members of the audience were required to sign in to attend the trial, who knows, maybe the FBI put my name on “the main-core blacklist” that day.

Legal vindication, finally: The following 2002 New York Times story relates that Cherney and Bari were acquitted of all charges and awarded $4.4 million in damages. However, Judi Bari had died of cancer in 1997, perhaps as covertly induced by the FBI or CIA through the use of microwave weapons.

Six of seven law enforcement officers from the FBI and Oakland Police were convicted of violating the civil rights and framing of Judi Bari and Darryl Cherney. Speaking before the case was tried, Judi Bari stated:

“This case is about the right of all activists to work for social change without having to fear repression by the government’s secret police.”

Environmentalists Win Bombing Lawsuit

The Judi Bari and Darryl Cherney Lawsuit against the FBI and Oakland Police: A Landmark Victory


VI. Youtubes about COINTELPRO (Versions 1.0 and 2.0) Detailing FBI harassment and murder of Black and Muslim Groups as well as Anti-War and Environmental Groups

COINTELPRO 2.0: Fighting Government Surveillance of Black and Muslim Organizations

VII. Excerpt from COINTELPRO 2.0: Fighting Government Surveillance of Black and Muslim Organizations:

Panelist: “There are a whole series of what we call mysterious deaths. And alleged suicides. It’s not just men, it’s women, who are in this category of mysterious deaths. All these activists mysteriously disappear and then reappear dead.”

Panelist: “This is the first conference of this collective in which activists, not just Black activists, but also activists from the Muslim community, from the anti-war community, from the environmental community, are coming together to combat the renewed focus of the Federal Bureau of Investigation surveillance program.”

Panelist: So in the FBI’s own words, the purpose of this new counterintelligence program (COINTELPRO 2.0) is to expose, disrupt, misdirect, discredit, and otherwise neutralize the activities of black nationalist organizations, their leadership, their spokesmen, their membership, and their supporters.

Never meant to be exposed to the public at law, these millions of pages in this document reveal a coordinated national program of war against the movement.

Panelist: If you boil it down to its essence, it told these 18,000 law enforcement entities, because there was a new movement of overly black identified extremists who were likely to pose a threat to law enforcement because of their anger because of blacks who had been slain by police.

Comments to above youtube:

6 months ago

If Americans do not see that the US is being occupied by Israel/Mossad they are very blind, look at the practices that are being done to minorities they are the same tactics done in Palestine against the people, also remember that most of this police forces are trained by Israelis Mossad animals. The US is occupied by Israel.

VIII. Webmaster’s 2nd Personal Story: I would like to add a personal story here which is germane to FBI involvement in the modern gangstalking program (aka COINTLPRO Version 2.0). Several years ago, in 2014(?), I was in contact with Derrick Robinson’s group for Targeted Individuals (TIs), Freedom From Covert Torture and Harassment (FFTCH). Derrick Robinson is an African American in California who claims to have worked for the NSA. Deserie Foley, a Mexican-American living in the Phoenix area of Arizona, is second in command in FFCTH. Deserie contacted me and asked if I, as a TI, would be willing to join a conference call with Derrick Robinson and other members of FFCTH.

I replied yes, but that I would prefer to listen rather than speak for at least one such call. She said fine. However, when the call started, Derrick gave a brief news report to the group and then announced I was the featured speaker. In other words, Robinson completely ignored my stated preference.

I recall the following from this extended, perhaps 4-hour, evening through night-time conference call:

1) In his introductory monologue, Robinson reported on the results of a meeting between several members of FFCTH and FBI officers in which the TIs asked the FBI for protection and relief from their ongoing targeting/torture/harassment. The FBI officers informed them that they couldn’t help because “it’s is not in our jurisdiction.”

Even though I was just beginning to negotiate the treacherous waters of being a “targeted individual” at that time, I suspected then that these FBI agents were lying. In fact, even then, I was pretty sure that the FBI was DOING IT!!!! As I and so many others have correctly deduced, modern gangstalking/counterintelligence stalking/counterterrorism operations are, in fact, FBI COINTELPRO Version 2.0. Indeed, they never stopped their COINTELPRO (Counter Intelligence Program) (Version 1) operations (see below youtube videos.)

The testimony of Patrick Knowlton in the above video proves the FBI was fiercely gangstalking him in a highly coordinated manner with intent to silence, intimidate, and discredit him. I have read that the FBI refers to this form of harassment and intimidation as “managed aggression.”

2) After Derrick Robinson finished his introductory remarks in the call he asked me to “share” my testimony; again, even though I had informed Deserie that I did not wish to participate in this way. I gleened then that this was probably a setup. Still, I went ahead, speaking mostly in generalities about gangstalking rather than about my specific experiences. Many seemingly sympathetic “callers”/other “TIs” on the call kept plying me with questions and comments. At one point in the marathon session, I heard a sharp, loud, strange noise came on other end of the line, sounding as if it was designed to scare me or make me jump. Now I speculate that even then, I was under Remote Neural Monitoring and “they” were gauging my physiological responses to this sudden, loud noise. (That is a theory I developed later when I learned more about “the program.”)

3) When I was finished speaking and answering questions from the group, a fellow named Dwight so-and-so from North Carolina, held forth until well past midnight about the technical aspects of shielding from electromagnetic radiation such as using magnets in bed, electrical grounding, etc. I quietly hung up the phone at about midnight….. and never joined this particular conference call again.

My conclusion then was that Derrick Robinson is an agent, a “perp,” that is, “controlled opposition,” and his function is monitor and manage the so-called “TI” community. I have had no subsequent reason to change this conclusion. Thus, the “program” itself involves manipulating and controlling all aspects of TI responses to the program.

As all TIs know, the early phase of being a TI is like being subjected to a “shock and awe” barrage of psychological war attacks. This causes great confusion initially. The TI is under continuous psychological attack through various “no-touch torture” techniques which are designed to turn the target’s life upside down. At this stage of his/her targeting, he “target” struggles to make sense of events and incidents that seem completely insane. Especially at this early stage, TIs must follow their intuition and gut level judgements on a day-to-day basis and even on a minute-to-minute basis. These “Shock and awe” psychological warfare tactics are designed to destroy the target. The attacks amount to military psychological warfare waged by intelligence agencies and their private subcontractors against innocent civilians. “The program” is comprised of coordinated covert operations, which, taken together, amount to torture, murder, criminal felonies, and treason.

Listen carefully to Patrick Knowlton’s detailed account of the stalking tactics the FBI deployed against him in the youtube above. There is no doubt that he is telling the truth and no doubt who was behind it. And listen to his description of the profoundly chilling and negative psychological effects these tactics had on him.

The fact that our intelligence agencies and military forces are involved in these unconventional warfare operations against civilians indicates that our Constitutional Republic has been overthrown and our government is waging covert war against the American people. FBI, CIA, DHS, and NSA, in particular, among many other agencies, are rogue, criminal operations that should be dismantled. Their members should be tried and punished accordingly.

The alternative is that the American “mafia state” will become increasingly criminal and repressive and will genocide large segments of the American population using these covert tactics, just as other repressive, authoritarian regimes such as China and the Soviet Union have mass murdered tens and hundreds of millions of their citizens in the past.

IX. Conclusion: These incidents, in combination with all the myriad crimes of COINTELPRO Versons 1.0 and 2.0 (which is modern gangstalking/domestic terrorism of civilians), indicate that the FBI is a criminal organization that, in fact, enforces the agenda of corporate America at the expense of the rights of American citizens. Clearly, the FBI agents such as those who conducted these “counterterror” stalking operations and bomb-planting activities are paid goons, criminals, killers, and domestic terrorists themselves Ex-FBI agent, lawyer, judge, and TI, Gerol Sosbee, who has been “targeted” by the FBI for decades, fully agrees with this assessment. He has copious documentation to support this conclusion. (See his website at: http://www.sosbeevfbi.com/).

Why do American taxpayer dollars go to training and paying federal agents to be goons, criminals, killers, and domestic terrorists? Many of whom operate in suits, and many of whom hide amongst us dressed in plain clothes? Why do American taxpayers tolerate these kinds of harassment against innocent civilians not only by government workers but also by vigilante civilian groups that FBI and its privatized contingent at InfraGard and other private security firms train as the government’s “irregular forces?”

It seems the answer is clear enough. US “national interests” and “national security,” in practice, refer to the security of corporations to reap profits, rather than the security of the populace. Thus, our so-called “servants” in the FBI, CIA, NSA, DHS, military special forces, etc., disregard the U.S. Constitution and to protect corporate interests, direct, coordinate, and or oversee covert torture-murder operations against American citizens in the odious program called “gangstalking”/counterintelligence stalking/counterterrorism (COINTELPRO Version 2.0), etc.

In this process of systemic treason, those who swore oaths to defend and protet the US Constitution and the American people, have become traitors. They are the true terrorists and guilty of treason. They must be punished accordingly.

Of course, the FBI is part of and under the jurisdiction of the Department of Justice (DOJ). A corrupt FBI then, indicates a corrupt DOJ and indeed, suggests the entire US government is corrupt.

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  1. detained in portales, mind control of the Department of Justice and air force cannon base.the most inhumane treatment a United States citizen could ever imagine. can’t wait to see the rescue investigators it’s been 20 years. I’m hypnotized by silent sound microwave freuquency weapons every day. Brainwashed into the police apocalypse.

  2. Voice of god aka v2k,silent sound hypnosis, cointelipro constantly it’s been over a thousand straight days without even a bathroom break from the Horrific attack of Hypnotized against your will electronic Torture and abuse of a registered voting citizen in portales nm. This is unacceptable x-ray police state of the u.s. deep state of Hypnosis and the policing inquisition with no attorney and no confidentiality of any.

  3. hi my name is Daniel Hosea Wright and currently a victim of gang stalking and all the elements that come with it. The circumstancial evidence surrounding my allegations is overwhelming .Im trying to obtain an gangstalking expert witness to move forward with getting a lawer and take legal action against this community policing ganstalking program . I am in desperate need in support and assistance if any .Thank you

    1. Daniel, I will pray for you and your effort to get a lawyer and take legal action against the community policing gangstalkers / program. I’m in the same boat, so unfortunately unable to give other assistance . . .

  4. Iam victum as well and get messages as if it ok. Law enforcement federal government employees set me up to stop all income
    Stimulus food stamp. Breach killed my husband sex affender my grand don lost his pilot Air Force job killed my brother and throwing in my face every day coming on my apt and I know who they are take my money on credit card order any thing loan on a house and every thing And stopped me from court paper the clerk are allowing every business is allowing even fbi fraud department every one law enforcement made up criminal back ground and did not even let me know came to put me in jail more then one

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