The Secret of“Person of Interest’: The Cerebral Internet (David Salinas, 2/16/22)

Webmaster Comment: Interesting perspective. It is possible this is one angle of covert targeting of innocent civilians.

The Secret of“Person of Interest’: The Cerebral Internet

Published Feb 16, 2022

David Salinas
Universidad Nacional Mayor de San Marcos- Faculty of Medicine-Lima -Perú


Person of Interest is an American science fiction television series that recreates the permanent surveillance of citizens’ daily life and attributes the obtaining of private information to a super artificial intelligence; however, a scientific analysis reveals that actually the television series is recreating surveillance with cerebral internet of citizens with secret implantation of invasive neurotechnology such as brain nanobots. Actually, the television series seeks manufacture the consent to the use of the cerebral internet under the argument of security. There are many evidences that suggest that its actual script is being based on illicit human experimentation with cerebral internet in the world, mainly in United States and Latin America. It is very likely that there are many real “Persons of interest”; beautiful women, millionairies, eminent scientists, prosecutors, judges among others. They are permanently monitored, not for their safety, but for the illicit enrichment of a mafia of prosecutors, policemen, and journalists. The world society shall know, be alert and report the crimes committed by this Hollywood‘s mafia that aims to become a great organized crime network in the world.