“The Program” Is Domestic Terrorism Against And Torture Of “Political Targets:” 19 Videos and Summary Tweet By “Dr. X Keyscore”

Webmaster (ETK) Introduction:

“Dr. X Keyscore” claims to hold Ph.D., M.A.S., M.A.. B.A. degrees, have a background in Security Studies and as a Mil/Intel-CI/CT Analyst, and to be a Son of the American Revolution, Patriot, Whistle-blower, Global Nomad, and Deep State target.

Dr. X Keyscore: “The program” is the DHS and most likely DOD-funded extra-judicial, political targeting protocol coordinated, at least on the street level, through regional (FBI and DHS) threat-fusion centers.

According to the DOD: “Terrorism” is “The calculated use of unlawful violence or threat of unlawful violence to inculcate fear intended to coerce or to intimidate governments or societies in the pursuit of goals that are generally political, religious, or ideological.”

So people, for the several millions of us that are now on federal watch lists, despite having done nothing wrong: We are the victims of a state-funded, domestic terrorism operation.”

ETK Observation: The first 17 youtube videos are quite convincing and compelling to me and seem to comprise an excellent summary of “the program.” However, for me, video 18 does not pass the “smell test.” Listening to video 18 made me question the validity and identity of “Dr. X Keyscore.” Is he acting? It’s a shame he won’t share his real name. Disinformation? Go figure. Still, there are lots of useful insights here.

I. Dr. X Keyscore (Summary) Tweet:



Dr. X.
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POTUS (President of the United States): What the DOJ, FBI, JTTF (Joint Terrorism Task Forces), and DHS have done is to take the most “successful” tenets of various torture protocols and have deployed them here in the USA, thru Threat Fusion Centers.

DOJ, DHS, and JTTF put out CONTRACTS to have innocent Americans targeted with Orwellian terrorism.

2) What DOJ refers to as “The Program” is in reality not a CounterIntelligence Program (such as COINTELPRO) but rather a counter-terrorism program in which terrorist tactics are used against the targets; i.e. anyone who has been put on the shitlist (Terrorism Watch List, Main Core List, etc.) by rogue feds/LE. This is terrorism.

3) When an individual is mobbed by DHS and DOJ-funded Surveillance Role Players AKA Live Action Role Players, they engage in face-to-face threats, assaults, battery, overt hostility, reference to personal conversations, medical issues, family problems – in public – hoping to:

4) trigger the “target” into a violent response. These teams of domestic terrorists are coordinated by Private Intelligence Agencies who run these crews like militias.

They also hire employees at commercial locations a target will frequent, label him/her as “threat to public safety,” THEN

5) unbeknownst to the store employees, the surveillance role players begin their assaults – in unison.

DHS-funded ThreatFusionCenters funnel all private data and “target position” to the contractors, who then relay what each role player is to say to the “target” in an attempt

6) to evoke a response from the “potential public safety threat.” The goal of the FBI and DHS is to have the target lash out or inflict self harm.

As we saw with General Flynn and (Supreme Court Justice) Kavanaugh, these people thrive on destroying families.

The sick stories FBI, DHS, and JTTF relay to

7) the familiars of the targets are disgusting, absurd, dark and evil.

What astounds me is that the people involved in “The Program,” are running their Zersetzung AKA Kompromat smear-campaigns with joy.

They love terrorizing members of the public, neighbors and family members.

[8 removed by me]

9) Another Note: The information warrantlessly accessed and/or funneled to the Private Intel Contractors and their militias, Local LE and even Fire/EMS (referred to as Terrorism Liaison Officers) ….

10) comes from Threat Fusion Centers, which in turn get the data from whom???

You guessed it NSA and its Stellar Wind and Treasure Map programs and a host of other PRIVATE COMMUNICATIONS that they access and loot as they wish – with no FISA warrants, no paperwork, nada.

And ready for the big surprise POTUS?

11) DHS, DOJ, FBI, and JTTF have interfaced with violent felons, gang members & illegal immigrants.

These foot-soldiers are paid w/ naturalization assistance, medical care, gift cards and offers to assist in the immigration of other family members – who will also be employed by The Program.

12) So basically what DOJ, FBI, DHS, JTTF, NSA and Threat Fusion Centers have done is to put together a torturous SocialCredit- SocialCrediting system that China would be thrilled with.

This is all about trying to control those who dare speak out. It is a vicious ….

13) and torturous protocol, which according to William Binney – formerly of the NSA – has been exported to the rest of the world by rogue members of the American IC (Intelligence Community).

Donald Trump: They no longer pull warrants to track (see TTL) Americans. GPS is sooo obsolete.

14) NSA monitors positions of all Americans on the Threat Fusion Center hot-lists via their individual & unique biometric signatures, which can be read remotely from great distances.

So even if a target leaves his/her phone at home and walks out of the house, NSA funnels MASINT

15) positioning and other informational data to Threat Fusion Centers Contractors and Live Action Role Players.

It also appears that these foot soldiers (who are in many instances uneducated dirt-bags) have been given an encrypted app to locate FusionCenter targets, whether ….

16) they be on foot, in a train or in a car.

DHS, FBI, and JTTF are using both illegal and recently-arrived immigrants in TheProgram because they are easy to manipulate and have no respect for our laws.

POTUS: They need illegals for the Fusion Center standing army & The Program.

17) BTW, should a “target” go to a local police station and try to fill out a report for assault, stalking, threats, etc.; local LE is ordered to stand-down by ThreatFusionCenter personnel.

What is an “NIS” AKA “Non-Investigative Subject”?

An NIS is someone that FBI and DHS do NOT

18) want investigated!

Why? Because if America gets wind of “The Program” and learns that hundreds of thousands of innocents are targeted for profit, there will be hell to pay.

DonaldTrump: This is what I refer to as the “National Security Racketeering Network:

19) Label an innocent American a “potential domestic threat,” terrorize his family, ruin his career and then ask DOJ to fund 150 dirt-bag, welfare-type “role players” in perpetuity, to hound an innocent “target” everywhere he (or she) goes – solely to destroy them. SocialCredit

20) ThreatFusionCenters are major hubs in the IC data wheel; but FusionCenters have zero oversight and the acts in which the personnel engage, as well as those of the militarized DOJ hooligans on the streets of the US, rival both Orwell’s and Stalin’s nightmarish imagination.

21) One of the original experts on The Program is SaraCarterDC; and also John W Whitehead has spoken on a lot of the atrocities engaged in by rogue IC personnel.

A final note; I support all honest Law Enforcement, Intelligence Community, Fire/EMS.

It’s time for you all to speak up and refute The Program.

II. Youtube Videos:

I. The Program: Introduction – Video 1

II. “The Program” – Street Level Operators – Video 2

III. “The Program” – Counter-targeting Tactics – Video 3

IV. “The Program” – “Disinformation Snowballing” – Video 4

V. “The Program” – Directed Energy Weapons – Video 5

VI. “The Program” – Directed Conversation – Video 6

VII. “The Program” – Neuro-Linguistic Programming – Video 7

VIII. “The Program” – National Security Racketeering Network – Video 8

IX. “The Program” – Legal Jiu Jitsu Tactics – Video 9

X. “The Program” – Technology Deployment Curve – Video 10

XI. “The Program” – Homeland Security BUSTED in Stalking Op – Video 11

XII. “The Program” – Corruption & Respect in LE and IC – Video 12

XIII. “The Program” – Managed Aggression & Terrorism – Video 13

XIV. Fairfax County’s Department of Code Compliance

XV. “The Program” – The Fairfax Police BUSTED Again – Video 15

XVI. “The Program” – Terrorism Liaison Officer Drive-by – Video 16

XVII. “The Program” – Terrorism Liaison Officer Managed Aggression in Fairfax County – Video 17

XVIII. Dr. X – The FBI Kill List – Proxy Detention & Solitary Confinement in a 3rd World Country

XIX. “The Program” – Fairfax – Fire & Police – Managed Aggression – Video 19

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  1. Ultimately truth does not need credentials or any else to stand on its own. As weird as this “program” may sound, its even weirder its allowed to happen and zero decent people are doing anything about this. There is no way as a collective we would allow for this atrocity to exist; these suckers really are fools for they don’t consider what will happen to them for lying and deceiving people like this after their life ends here. There is a higher court that will serve them their punishment, several thousand times worse.

  2. But then again, they already have controlled opposition set up to pretend to be the “whistleblower” but really they are also agents. Impossible to distinguish who is true good and who is just another wolf in sheeps clothing….

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