“The Mind Stealers: Psychosurgery and Mind Control” (1978) by Samuel Chavkin (Also, “Disposition Matrix” and “DARPA Brain Chip”)

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5.0 out of 5 starsModern-Day Inquisition

March 24, 2017

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This book describes the current health care model in Colorado – and perhaps across the nation. Written in 1978, it describes decisions made at a meeting of HEW (Health Education & Welfare) in 1970 in Colorado Springs. It is the roll-out of the relationship of mental health and law enforcement – to do Thought Crime Control on the population. It is here today – 2017, through ObamaCare and the Brain Project. Indeed, psychosurgery is being used on individuals who have been through the “Disposition Matrix” (see George Webb’s Disposition matrix video on youtube (below) treatment of torture, and in fact, torture to suicide with electronic brain chips. (See youtube Dr. Peter Breggin & DARPA Brain Chip (below).) The Mental Health “doctors” are using non-consentual remote ultrasonic technology to mutilate secretly – in a person’s home – and lobotomize people. They completely deny it – and if reported, destroy all evidence.

I have seen lawyers turned into judges, doctors disappear, disability rights lawyers retire, senator secretaries get replaced when this is reported, City council ask “you don’t want my help do you? Because you aren’t going to get it.” Local newspapers deliver the line: “You need mental help,” and on and on. “Take you medication.” Indefinite detention, torture to death, no habeas corpus, no redress, nothing. There are no laws that apply under “Human experimentation”, as it is impossible to prove. DARPA has made a weapon that is Dominant over Human beings. It wins every time. It will kill you through sheer exhaustion and psychological torture, the recipe of Tavistock.

If you wind up at a mental health facility, you are a potential target. Too bad if your lobotomy destroys your life and you have to keep living in a body with a cut brain. You’ll be hooked up to a Brain Computer Interface and you’ll have access to your brain on a server at the NSA. Consider this the new Brain Project – how to remove the brains of Americans, then control all access. If the people who have created these super human technology interfaces get us to have Alzheimer’s (chem trails?), then they can replace the memories of Americans and re-write history. All they have to do is clone the mind on a server and change all the memories in one fell stroke on the clones, then download into our wet brains. Voila. Mind clones for all have already been created. Full mind control is online now.

This is a direct result of Guantanamo and the torture experiments done by Mitchell and Jessen, which no one stopped. It’s purpose is to gain control, implement inquisition on Americans and people across the world, take over their lives and assets, and implement Empire. Microchip and control by a one world government SGAI. All invisible. Jesse Helms spoke about how “Americans are handicapped by coming face to face with a conspiracy so monstrous, they cannot believe it exists.”

Apparently the CIA (DynCorp) has become partners with the Medical Industry and Law Enforcement through corruption. All the Mind Control studies of the CIA over 70 years are being put into use across the governmental administrative spectrum. Another book, “The Manufacture of Madness: A Comparative Study of the Inquisition and the Mental Health Movement” by Thomas Szasz, puts this behavior by the government and corporations into perspective. Mind Stealers is the MO, Manufacture of Madness is the goal: it’s a modern day inquisition delivered through medical/mental health, to protect the WS Bankers who stole the money. And as in past inquisitions, it’s okay to torture, rape, mutilate, murder, persecute entire families for generations, take all their assets, and destroy all the evidence. Anyone looking like a dissident or deplorable is game.

People cannot believe it, so they are denying it, and “blaming the victim” as mentally ill, and discrediting them. This is exactly how the evil has designed the pogrom. They know human behavior turns those who speak out into the ones to blame, immediately. It embeds self-torture into the whistleblower through the act of speaking out, by those he/she is trying to warn. This is inquisition logic, very old, and proven.

A real eye opener as to the power that has been given by the elite to those who force and use extreme violence – and the most extreme pain human beings have ever known – beyond human thresholds, all in the name of “human experiment” and mental illness. Withhold money from the people, and you can pay even the best and most intelligent in society to commit atrocities and deny they are doing it.

Check out how the book is now green – you will want to look for the old copy in red – although they now have a printing branch of this heinous program that prints books that look old, re-written for their specifications and propaganda needs. So to get the truth – the real truth, you will have to make sure you have the original printing of the book. (This is happening to many of the books in this genre.)

The Disposition Matrix (George Webb) youtubes:


Dr. Peter Breggin And DARPA Brain Chip:

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