The Covid DNA War Targets Northern European Whites and Blacks (Dr. Lee Merritt interview, 4/19/22)

Dr. Lee Merritt Warns New Lockdowns Are Coming: Learn How To Stop It (April 19, 2022)

Dr. Lee Merritt Warns New Lockdowns Are Coming: Learn How To Stop It

Brutal lockdowns in Shanghai is a harbinger of what’s to come in the US unless Americans are prepared to resist medical tyranny, she warns.

Webmaster Comment: In this important video, Dr. Lee Merritt declares that we are in a DNA war in which particular racial groups, notably Northern European whites and blacks, are being specifically targeted. I believe the most important points are discussed between about 35:00 and 47:00 minutes. She notes that the K26R genetic group, which notably includes the Royal Houses, international bankers, Amish, and Ashkenazi Jews, have ACE-2 receptors that exhibit 0 binding to the spike protein. By contrast, white Europeans have up to 56% binding to the spike protein. Thus, she maintains that Covid-19 and the injections are “race-specific bioweapons.” The K26R genetic group prosecuting this war are thus genetically “immune” from the Covid-19 and injection bioweapons. Obviously, this has Biblical implications.

Dr. Merritt: The PCR tests give them your DNA. It looks to me that for the last 20 years, they wanted determine what is different from our DNA from everyone else’s DNA and how can they exploit that. They got people to become part of the DNA mapping with 123 and me. People were sending in their blood so they could get DNA samples. It turns out that what is different between the different races is the ACE-2 pathway. The ACE-2 pathway is what the spike protein hooks with an electromagetic bond- it’s a chemical bond. Not everybody hooks in the same. It turns out that if are a white European, excepting Finnish

The scientific paper is called “New Insights into Genetic Susceptibility of Covid 19 and ACE-2 and TMPRSS Polymorphous Analysis.” There are several papers out about this topic. They looked at the binding capabilities of the different races. Whites have the highest binding affinities (56%), then blacks (39%), and much lower for Asians, and 0% binding of the spike protein for the Ashkenazi Jewish population, Royal Houses, the big banking houses, and Amish.

Spike Protein Binding Affinities of Different Races:

1) Northern European Whites: Highest up-regulation of the ACE-2 pathway (56%)- i.e., highest level of binding to spike protein which equals the most damage.
2) Blacks/Africans: Lesser, 39% binding to spike protein.
3) Asians and Finnish: A lower number, but Alex Jones interrupts before Merritt can say the number.
4) K26R Genetic Group (Royal Houses, Big Banking Houses, Ashkenazi Jews, Amish) exhibits 0 binding to the spike protein, hence, basically this group is immune from spike protein damage. This is the group that brought us this nightmare!

This is all a mitochondrial DNA passdown from the mother. I’m probably K26R because I am the daughter of the daughter of the daughter of the daughter of the Duke of Westfalia. That’s how this works. This thing is targeted.

It may not make a huge difference in terms of people getting sick. But this may be an especially big deal for sterility because the we know the spike protein in the vaccine targets the testicles, the ovaries, and the spleen. We know that women being shed on are having menstral irregularities, miscarriages, a lot of still-births. It may be that the K26R genetic group are not spared from getting sick but they are spared of having their children be sterilized by this.

The U.S. Air Force is the number one service for genetic sequencers for military purposes.

Alex Jones: In the PNAC (Project for a New American Century, April, 2000, by the neoconservatives (Jews)) document of 1999, Dick Cheney noted that the future of the world is race-specific bioweapons. They can create bio-weapons right down to level of the individual. They want to knock out Western Europe and Africa, especially. This is the perfect depopulation weapon. Then the globalists (say it Alex; the Jews, Royal Houses, Banking Houses) and the Chicoms (Chinese communists) take over.

This (Covid and injection) is a documented first-use of a race-specific bioweapon.

Dr. Merritt: Remember the PNAC stated that now that we have specific genotypes we can target this will transform biological warfare from the realm of terror to a politically useful too. These are our own people saying that.

Alex Jones: Now we know that Covid 19 targets northern Europeans. So why are the Chinese locking their cities down? To make sure that people don’t go to work in order to collapse OUR economy. This is a very sophisticated program.

Merritt: Don’t blame just the Chinese for the outbreak. In 2016, there was a big seminar on gain of function research. The fact is that in 2002, Dr. Michael Callahan, an infectious diseases guy at Harvard. He was sent over to spear-head these Soviet bioweapons labs that fell into our hands, we staffed them, and we took them over and we experimented on their population. We had the contract agreements that gave us immunity from prosecution if the people died being guinea pigs in our study.

Callahan’s role was to reconfigure former bioweapons facilities to accelerate drug and vaccine production and he was put in charge of gain of function programs at these facilities. They were looking at 10,000 species of bats. It was a U.S. AID- Eco-Health Alliance project. And one of the things that Callahan published was on the diversity of Coronavirus in bats (with a Thai co-author in 2015). All these players are involved. Frank Plummer up in Winnepeg. Ralph Barrick in North Carolina. Dr. Shi and Dr. Shu and all these other guys from the Wuhan Lab coming over and working in our lab in Fort Detrich, Maryland. We’ve got labs all over Africa.

My conclusion from this is that we normal people have been working and thinking we were free and paying taxes our whole lives so that the psychopaths, Uber-Lords in charge of this world, could fund these guys to poison us. What can all this be for. Is there anything other than depopulation transhumanism that you can come up? I can’t

They aren’t killing everybody. They’ve got to have some robotic humans to be their transhuman serfs and slaves. I think that’s the transhumanist agenda. I believe we will win. We have something they want. We humans have a direct connection to God- and that’s why they want to alter it (our DNA). This gives new meaning to some of the Biblical points about the blood.