Summary Advice For Targeted Individuals (in Mexico)


Hello, my name is Cesar and this is what I have been able to document as a result of the fact that I suffered electronic harassment in the city of Zapopan Jalisco while I was living in my home on Calle Hípico 240, since the beginning of the year 2018 – 2019. I write this for anyone who also be victimized by these criminals, be aware of the details of how they act and be able to act in defense of their cowardly attack.

First of all, there are resources on the internet where you can find out more about this (electronic harrasment, v2k: voice to skull, electronic torture), where you can learn the stories of many other victims. Keep in mind that they are not the only ones to experience this, when they investigate they will be able to know stories of many other people very similar to theirs. Likewise, many of the methods used by these people are documented.

Methods that use:

They use the electrical grid to produce electromagnetic radiation to influence the body, mind and emotional state of people.
“Voice to skull” (v2k) high frequency sound (UHF, ultra high frequency sound) directed directly to the inner ear (cochlea) to produce voices only in the victim’s ear (also called “microwave auditory effect”).
Electromagnetic radiation directed to the brain to modify the state of mind of the victim: depression, mental fatigue, anger and frustration.
Electric pulsations in regions of the body to produce itching similar to a tingling or pricking.
Voice recognition software to simulate the voice of the victim and his relatives.

What you should know:


Their main method to try to dominate you is to constantly antagonize yourself: mocking and denigrating yourself for any excuse.
POSITIVE ATTITUDE from your part angers them greatly.
They will try to earn your trust but in reality they will always lie: they will never say a single truth under any circumstance.
They will always pretend to be bigger than they really are.
They trust in frightening the victim with their supposed superiority so that you do not document anything or retaliate (remember that they do not have as much power as they pretend).
They will never hurt you directly.
They cannot kill you (but they will always threaten you with it).
They can see everything you do, as well as your thoughts, emotions and sounds (using electromagnetism technology).
They can enter your dreams and manipulate them.
They can access your memories.
They can enter your media (computer, cell phone) to wreak havoc and reinforce the supossed victim’s paranoia.
They can read your thoughts and tell you what you are about to do, to make you believe that you are under their control.
They want you to feel ashamed of your actions and thoughts (to be able to blackmail yourself with revealing them to the public). Remember that under no circumstances can you do that. Avoid feeling ashamed, that disarmed them greatly.
Make fun of them and their methods in your thoughts.

What they want to get:

They want you to focus on them all the time and avoid living your personal life.
Sleep deprivation and sexual activity.
They will insist that everything is your own madness (which does not make any sense).
They want to keep you volatile, emotional and confused all the time (especially in public).
They want to magnify everything: they want you to think things are more severe and important than they really are.
They want you to self-destruct.
They want you to distrust your own abilities (and avoid realizing the true power you have over them).
They want to keep you always in a sensitive emotional state and commit a crime to blame you for something.
They want you to COMMIT SUICIDE so you do not leave any record of what happened (under no circumstances think about it, they can never hurt you directly).
Their purpose is to turn you into a robot that follows their orders.
They want you to exhaust your financial means to make you feel more unprotected.
They will create innumerable stories about what is supposedly happening, to confuse and discredit you.
They want to convince you that you are showing irregular behavior (speaking in a high tone, shaking, facial grimaces) when that is not the case.
They want you to believe that everyone watches over you and that you avoid trusting people (so you do not look for help and lose motivation).

What can be done:

Don’t react to their instigation.
Avoid thinking and close your eyes: they want to obtain “input” from the victim and use it against him/her. It frustrates them enormously to stay “white”.
Repeat the perpetrator’s dialogues: it frustrates them to listen their own words repeating themselves.
They get confused if you think of a random number secuence, babbling and words in a sequence that makes no sense.
Listen to sharp and annoying sounds to frustrate them (at the same time close your eyes and mind).
Keep a video camera close every time your harassment begins: try to document everything possible, no matter how irrelevant it may seem. They will try to convince you that you have nothing and to delete your videos. Never do that, save everything documented in various devices and the internet.
Upload any video obtained to youtube. Remember that exposure is what they fear the most. Because of this, they cannot take legal retaliation against you.
If you can personally identify any of the perpetrators, try to confront them and record the evidence (remember that they can not hurt you directly).
Avoid being alone: ​​they can not apply their tactics if there are witnesses near you.
Acquire a magnetometer to record the electromagnetic fluctuations that they will apply to you.

At the end you must remember that this is not any supernatural phenomenon, the people behind this are that, people who are also prone to fatigue and frustration. They fully rely on fear and blackmail to prevent you from doing something about it. Remember that they are not big and powerful as they claim to be, and that they will never reveal anything of your private life, much less your thoughts. They may also feel threatened by your actions but they will never accept it and will always rely on threats and blackmail to get what they want.

Good luck.

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  1. You are wrong stating ” they will never hurt you directly”. After YEARS of being stalked and having everything in my life destroyed, I was drugged, brutally raped for days and then vivi-sectioned. ( cut open with no sedation or IV, etc.) This happened in a hospital. I, through the grace of God, escaped. I spent 10 days at the UC Davis Med. Center on lV antibiotics and nutrition yet NO ONE at this Hospital would help me either. My life continues to be Hell and am stalked no matter where I go. THEY WILL HURT YOU AND KILL YOU.

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