Zionist and Communist Jews Were Main Torturers At Nazi Concentration Camps: From Douglas Reed’s “The Controversy of Zion” (book review and book pdfs and excerpts)

Review of The Controversy of Zion by Robert Sungenis (pdf)


Webmaster’s Introduction: The following excerpts from Robert Sungenis’ review of Douglas Reed’s (1956) classic work, “The Controversy of Zion,” indicate that Jews/communists were the primary controllers and torturers in the Nazi concentration-torture camps of World War II Germany. There, inmate/victims in the camps, mostly NOT Jews, were tortured and killed, often by horrific “medical experiments.”

My conclusion, based on the research I have assembled on this website in well over 1150 posts, is that the modus operandi and perpetrators behind the brutal “medical experiments” in predominantly Jewish/communist-controlled Nazi concentration camps are also behind global gangstalking/non-consensual human experimentation operations today! As Mark M. Rich notes in his book, “The Hidden Evil, The Financial Elite’s Covert War Against Innocent Civilians,” these so-called “gangstalking” operations are, in actuality, “a very cleverly disguised program of torture and murder.” Here, dear reader, is the real identity of the “hidden hand” in history, which has been mostly masked through media manipulation and censorship of truth.

Among Sungenis’ fundamental revelations are:

1) “Research into the events of the three decades 1917-1945 leads to the conclusion that by 1945 the revolution had for a hundred years been a Jewish-controlled revolution… a movement under the direction of the Talmudic rabbinate in the East, not a movement generally supported by Jews.” Even the Bolshevist Government of Bavaria (which counted one Adolf Hitler among its soldiers) logically prove to be headed by Jews: Kurt Eisner, Ernst Toller and Eugene Levine.”

2) “Perhaps understanding much better Cardinal Manning’s perspective that the rise of Zionism coincides with the Antichrist of St. Paul’s Thessalonian epistle, Reed concludes: “The feeling I had, in tracing the story of this ancient superstition and its re-emergence as a political force in our century, was that of contact with a living, evil thing.””

In sum, Reed’s research unmasked the “Synagogue of Satan” (“those who say they are Jews and are not Jews, but are the Synagogue of Satan”) identified by Jesus Christ over two thousand years ago (Revelation 2:9; 3:9).

The following excerpts from Sungenis’s review of Reed’s “The Controversy of Zion” support these conclusions, among others:

Communist Control of Nazi Concentration Camps

Reed believed that one of the biggest reversals of truth was set in play by the Zionists regarding the German concentration camps. Having witnessed films of “piles of emaciated corpses stacked like
firewood in these camps,” Reed says these portrayals gave him grave “misgivings.” He adds that
“Wartime propaganda is the most insidious poison known to man, and I believe these picture goers of
1945, deprived of truthful information for years, had lost all ability, perhaps all desire to judge what they saw. I think most of them thought the human remains they saw were those of Jews, for this was the suggestion hammered into their minds by the press day by day. They constantly read of ‘Nazi gas chambers for Jews… Nazi crematoria for Jews.’”

After his extensive investigation, Reed concludes that “the ‘Nazi’ concentration camps, at the time when the Anglo-American armies entered Germany, were predominately under Communist control, that Jews were among the tormentors, and that antiCommunism was a surer qualification for the death-chamber than anti-Hiterlism!” As he puts it: “The Communists, in their capture of the concentration camps, were aided by the policy of unconditional support of the revolution which the Western leaders pursued (e.g., Churchill, Wilson, Roosevelt, and their Jewish administrations) …none of the money came from Russia; it was presented to the Communists by the Allies.”

This “collaboration in the concentration camps between Hitler’s Gestapo and its prototype,
Stalin’s MVD….justified themselves simply by claiming that they had never killed or injured a
Communist: ‘I never endangered one of ours; I never did anything to a party comrade.’ They said they
invariably chose for death anyone who could be classified as a Conservative, Liberal, Catholic, Protestant, Orthodox, Jew or Gipsy, provided that the victim was not a Communist.”

Reed’s footnote adds: “In this matter the Western masses were hopelessly misled by years of propaganda, presenting ‘the Nazis’ and ‘our Soviet allies’ as opposites, whereas close affinity always existed.” In an account similar to how the US is now educated by Israelis on torture tactics against Muslim prisoners, Reed shows how the collaboration between the Gestapo and the Communists worked:

“The Communist Juranitsch, the chief accused, said, ‘Yes, I killed hundreds and thousands of people, and took part in the ‘scientific experiments’; that was my task in Dachau,’ …and Puffer explained how these Communist trusties of the Gestapo hid their collaboration from other inmates….Odo Nansen, son of the famous Norwegian explorer, wrote of his experience in the Sachsenhausen camp, eighteen months before the war ended:

“It’s extraordinary how the Communists have managed things here; they have all the power in camp next to the SS and they attract all the other Communists, from other countries, and place them in key positions. Many of the Norwegian prisoners here have turned Communist….most likely they expect Russia to be the big noise after the war and it may be handy to have one’s color right.”

Wing commander Yeo-Thomas, captured and sent to Buchenwald, was told by a British officer already there, ‘The internal administration of the camp is in the hands of Communists… Buchenwald is the worst camp in Germany; your chances of survival are practically nil’” Thomas adds: ‘The three chief internal administrators of the camp, called Lageraeltester, were Communists.’ Under the supervision of these men, ‘prisoners were inoculated with typhus and other germs and their reactions, almost always ending in death, under the various vaccines studied.”56 26

Reed concludes: “Communists ran these camps, tortured and murdered the victims. If there was any difference between them and the Gestapo jailers it was only that they were more villainous…. As the Eastern Jews, in particular, play so large a part in Communism, Jews logically appear among the persons implicated in these deeds. That is not in itself surprising at all, for Jews, like all other men, are good and bad, cruel or humane; but it was kept hidden from the public masses, who received a picture of torture camps inhabited almost entirely by Jews, tormented by depraved ‘Nazi’ captors.

In fact, the Jews formed a small proportion of the entire camp-population; the tormentors in the last three years of the war were largely Communists, whose motives have been shown; and among these tormentors were Jews.”(406-410)

One obvious question that arises from this information is how the Jews were able to escape being accused and convicted of these crimes since Nuremberg was so penetrating. Reed answers by noting that his “files include a number of reports from Jewish newspapers of ‘trials’ of Jews denounced by former Jewish inmates of the Auschwitz, Vlanow, Mudldorf and other camps… These ‘trials’ with one exception, were held before rabbinical courts, in Western countries and before magistrates’ courts in Tel Aviv. They were treated as Jewish affairs, of no concern to other mankind” and the results were predictable with Reed giving many accounts of how these Jews were exonerated against the most glaring evidence and, “if they were punished, the world was not told. I know of only one case…where such Jews were included in a ‘war criminals trial.’

The Jewish Telegraph Agency (May 8, 1946) reported…3 Jews…Obler and Lewin have been sentenced to death and Shmandt to 15 years imprisonment.” The importance of Reed’s discovery is not the trial itself but what it confirms of his overall testimony that Communist Jews were involved in administering the tortures of the concentration camps. As Reed puts it, “the mass-mind,
during the Second War, was given the false picture of a solely Jewish persecution conducted by non-Jews and that events in the world in this century are consistently so misrepresented, to the general misfortune.”

To complete the picture, Reed mentions the April 11, 1953 article in The Saturday Evening Post which
stated, ‘With this shameful agreement (Yalta) as their authority Soviet MVD agents strode through the displaced-persons camps after the war and put the finger on thousands who had managed to escape the Soviet tyranny. These miserable victims were herded into boxcars and driven back to death, torture or the slow murder of the Siberian mines and forests.’”(411-3)

The upshot of all this investigation is what Reed has been trying to prove throughout the previous 400 pages:

“Research into the events of the three decades 1917-1945 leads to the conclusion that by 1945 the revolution had for a hundred years been a Jewish-controlled revolution… a movement under the direction of the Talmudic rabbinate in the East, not a movement generally supported by Jews.” Even “the Bolshevist Government of Bavaria (which counted one Adolf Hitler among its soldiers) logically prove to be headed by Jews: Kurt Eisner, Ernst Toller and Eugene Levine.

In Hungary the chief terrorist leaders were all Jews trained in Russia…the Communist International, Herr F. Borkenau, says, ‘Most of the Bolshevik and left Socialist leaders and a considerable percentage of their executive staff had been Jews…anti-semitism was therefore the natural form of reaction against Bolshevism.” Even the “Associated Press reported in 1953 that ‘90 percent of the high officials in the Hungarian Communist regime are Jews,’ and Time magazine remarked on ‘the strongly Jewish (90 percent in the top echelons) government of Communist Premier Matyas Rakosi, who is himself a Jew.’” Reed adds, “In Hungary, as in other communized countries, the specific attack on Christianity began at once with the imprisonment of high ecclesiastics” (e.g., Cardinal Mindszenty, imprisoned on charges of treason). The smoking gun is then revealed: “The source of this deed was indicated by a statement addressed to the Jews of the world in 1949 by ‘the Central Board of Jews in Hungary, the Hungarian Zionist Organization and the Hungarian Section of the World Jewish Congress’ which stated, ‘It is with great relief that the Hungarian Jews received the news of Cardinal Mindszenty’s arrest. With this action the Hungarian Government has sent the head of a pogrom-clique…to his well-deserved place.’” Prior to the 20th century, La Civiltà Cattlolica reports that the Jews had devastated Hungary with debt. The Rothschilds acquired a quarter of the land, and the Hungarian public debt, “which in 1873 was 221 million” rose to “more than 1600 million” in 1890. It also states that in “Galacia the Jews, in a little more than twenty years, have assumed ownership of 80 percent of its territory, and continue always to buy up those country seats and estates which are put up for auction because of unpaid taxes,” subsequently exhibiting an “arrogance of this race in the Hapsburg Empire with the boast ‘If the Christians are unable to tolerate this state of affairs, there is a quick remedy: let them leave the Empire, let them emigrate as they please.” The same was true in “Russia, where the land owned by the nobility is more than two-thirds mortgaged to German bankers, who are mostly Jews” or “our Italy, where for thirty years Judaism lords it and plunders, just as if Italians were its loot conquered from enemies….There is almost not a single lira spent without their approval.

Retail trade, industry, currency exchange, wholesale, rural and urban real estate depend on them.” The same was true in France in which the Jews “possess 80 billion” of “the total French capital estimated at 150 to 200 billion,” wherein “each Jew possesses a capital of 800,000 to 1,200,000 francs, whereas in proportion, each Frenchman possesses… 6,000 francs,” and “the house of Rothschild… possesses a fortune of 3 billion francs,” such that “today one cannot negotiate a loan in Europe without the good will of the Rothschilds, likewise, before long, no one will be able to do any business at all without the consent and the interest of the international Jewish league.

Hebraism, with its adoration of the golden calf, which represents its power, must necessarily degrade itself below the civilized world.” La Civilta further reports that “Among the 600 bankers that Paris numbers, no less than 300 have been proven to be Jews; another 100 are probably so,” adding “They capture and monopolize the best, with an exhibition of usury no longer knowing any restraint.”57 Reed adds the London New Statesman reporting on the disproportionate number of Jews in government and police forces in Czechoslovakia and Central and South-Eastern Europe; and the New York Herald-Tribune saying the same covering Romania and Hungary.(421) Reed’s evidence is very convincing and, if true, it is one of the most glaring indications of how the Zionist press has been able to hide from the masses one of the most important facts about the German concentration camps.

Here Reed quotes G. K. Chesterton’s remark: ‘Journalism is a false picture of the world, thrown upon a lighted screen in a darkened room so that the real world is not seen.’ Reed’s picture portrays Karl Marx and Vladimir Lenin’s Bolshevist Jews as the most ruthless terrorists and murderers the world has ever known. Catholics need not be surprised. Our Lady of Fatima pinpointed Russia in
1917 as the center of Satan’s kingdom and that which would be used against the rest of the world if the Church and the world did not obey the voice of heaven. Considering that Our Lady came to Sr. Lucia in Portugal in 1929 to ask for the consecration of Russia58 which, Pope Pius XI failing to do, prompted a vision to Sr. Lucia in 1931 and/or 1936 from Jesus warning the Church that the 1929 consecration was not accomplished and that if the pope continued to delay, he and the Church would suffer the wrath of God through the nation of Russia: “They [the pope and bishops] did not wish to heed my request. Like the King of France, they will repent and do it, but it will be late. Russia will have already spread her errors throughout the world, provoking wars and persecutions of the Church; the Holy Father will have much to suffer.”59

Almost like clockwork, Reed notes that “in Spain, the revolution made its bid in 1931. It was
directed by emissaries from Moscow, many of them Jews, and this accounted for the disillusionment of
many ardent republicans…many of the clergy and Catholic laity voted for the republic, then finding that the reforming impulse, once more, was perverted into an attack on the Christian faith. Churches, monasteries and any building carrying the Cross were destroyed, priests and nuns murdered; the specific mark of identification again appeared, seen in similar acts in Bavaria, Hungary, Russia, France and England.” After looting the Spanish gold reserve of 700 million dollars and transferring it to Moscow, “the anti-Christian tyranny was inflamed by the murder of the monarchist leader, Calva Sotelo, in 1936….Leading Zionist and anti-Zionist Jews in America alike attributed Jewish authorship to the revolution in Spain…Justice Brandeis told Rabbi Stephen Wise, ‘Let Germany share the fate of Spain’ and Bernard Brown wrote: ‘the Jews were as responsible for the establishment of a republic in Spain and the overthrow of the authority of the church in that country as in any other country where freedom reigns.’”60 (416-7)

Terror Escalates

Reed began his book by posing the problem: “History records attempts to solve ‘the Jewish question’ by almost every imaginable method, from force and suppression to placation, compromise and capitulation. They all failed, leaving this question still a thorn in the side of the Gentiles.”(124) Each epoch experienced the same scenario, which is, as Reed puts it: “the oldest problem in recorded history, and had recurred in country after country whenever Jewish immigration reached flood levels.”

When in 1906 Sir William Gordon of England “sought to solve it through an Alien’s Bill,” Chaim Weizmann concluded: “Whenever the quantity of Jews in any country reaches the saturation point, that country reacts against them,” and “forty years later Dr. Weizmann spoke similarly to Jews in America: “‘Certain countries can digest a certain number of Jews; once that number has been passed, something drastic must happen; the Jews must go’ to which Reed then comments: ‘Dr. Weizmann thus soberly presented the valid argument against unrestricted Jewish immigration only because he was speaking chiefly to Jews and was drumming into them the Talmudic argument that Jews cannot be assimilated; this argument is essential to Zionism, but it is not inherently true…

He and his associates for half a century had been using all their power in America
to gain unrestricted access for Jews, so that, according to his own words, they were deliberately leading the Jews there to disaster…’”(312-3). But even Weizmann wasn’t harsh enough for the purebred Zionists. After attending the 1946 Zionist Congress, Weizmann remarked that the Congress spoke of
“the conviction of the need for fighting against British authority in Palestine, or anywhere else, for that matter,” which, “in the context of his whole book and of the entire history of Zionism” means that Weizmann understood that the Congress “decided to resume the method of terror and assassination which had proved effective in Russia in the germinating stage of the two-headed conspiracy [Communism and Zionism].” So, as Weizmann had cast Herzl aside because Herzl was willing to settle for Uganda instead of Palestine, Weizmann was not re-elected president of the World Zionist Organization.”(434-5)

This laid the groundwork in 1947 for Israeli soldiers such as Begin, Sharon, Peres and ben Gurion to lead “hundreds of thousands of Jews from Russia and Eastern Europe who were being smuggled across
Western Europe to invade Palestine” to blow up the King David hotel in Jerusalem as an effort to
eradicate the British. Faithful Zionists have no shame for such bloodshed since they believe the Jews have a “chosen people” mandate to resume Joshua’s sword. So we can understand why Neo-Cons like George Gilder in The Israel Test (2009) has the audacity to exonerate “the bombing of the British Army Headquarters at the King David Hotel [because it] was preceded by three phone calls warning the
occupants to evacuate.” Gilder then brushes over the cold-blooded murder of these 91 people by quoting, in the very next paragraph, Shaul Olmert, the oldest son of former prime minister Ehud Olmert, stating that “In Israel you keep coming up with ways that will allow you to survive and allow you to grow. That is why Israelis are so innovative. We have to be entrepreneurs to survive.”61

These “entrepreneurs,” after they got wind that Palestinian uprisings were persuading the UN that partitioning the land was a bad idea and that “the idea of ‘the Jewish state’ seemed about to collapse,” decided “it was then or never, and the Zionists struck at once.” In what even Weizmann called ‘the terror in Palestine’ the ‘old evil in a new and horrible guise,’ the entrepreneurs attacked Deir Yasin on April 9, 1948 in the same way that Joshua attacked Jericho – “thou shalt utterly destroy them, men, women and children so that nothing that breathes is left.” Time magazine described it thus: “Jewish terrorists of the Stern Gang and Irgun Zvai Leumi stormed the village of Deir Yasin and butchered everyone in sight. The corpses of 250 Arabs, mostly women and small children, were later found tossed into wells.” To show other Palestinians that “Deir Yasin hung actually over them,” the Stern gang “on October 15, 1953 murdered every living soul found in Qibya and destroyed that village, sixty-six victims, most of them women and children, being found
slaughtered.” On and on the Joshua-like slaughtering proceeded: “Gaza on Feb. 28 1955; Syria on Dec.
11, 1955; Gaza again on April 5, 1956; Jordan on June 24, 1956,” with David ben Gurion claiming that
“Israel was ‘defenseless’ and justifying his murders with a maniacal Messiah complex:

“‘The continued ingathering of exiles is the supreme goal of Israel and an essential precondition for realization of the messianic mission which has made us an eternal people.’”(520-3, 543) Many of
the attacks were initiated by claiming the Arabs were going to attack Israel and thus Israel had to attack first, Reed offering “one of many examples from the London Weekly Review, September 1956, a few weeks before the Israeli attack on Egypt: ‘We can be absolutely certain that the Arabs,
encouraged by Russia, will attack Israel. This is now beyond all doubt and should form the basis of our calculations.’”(552)

The popular Voice of America radio programs continued to barrage the world with justification
for these actions, tying them into “allusions of ‘the escape of the Jews from the Egyptian captivity,’” leading Reed to investigate its origins and discovering that VOA “is largely staffed by Eastern Jews.”(546) Reed notes: “The ‘Commander-in-Chief’ of Irgun, a Mr. Menachem Begin, some years
later made ‘a triumphal tour’ of Western cities, being received in Montreal by ‘a guard of honor of the Montreal police headed by Rabbis bearing Scrolls of the Law.’”62 Speaking at Tel Aviv during an election campaign in 1950 Mr. Begin claimed credit for the foundation of the Zionist state, through the deed at Deir Yasin, stating, ‘The other part of the Irgun’s contribution was Deir Yasin, which had caused the Arabs to leave the country and make room for the newcomers.’”(463) “One of the most extreme Zionist chauvinists in America then was Mr. Ben Hecht” who, after the massacre at Deir Yasin “inserted a full-page advertisement in many of the leading newspapers throughout America. It was addressed ‘To the Terrorists of Palestine,’ stating, “The Jews of America are for you, You are their champions…Every time you blow up a British arsenal, or wreck a British railroad train sky high, or rob a British bank, or let go with your guns and bombs at the British betrayers and invaders of your homeland, the Jews of American make a little holiday in their hearts.”“

This was the same man who said regarding Christ, “‘what I’d have done was had him shipped to Rome and fed to the lions. They never could have made a savior out of mincemeat.’” Hecht received commendations from Bernard Baruch who stated to him “‘I am on your side…the only way the Jews will ever get anything is by fighting for it” and then adds what his modus operandi had been all along: ‘I’d like you to think of me as one of your Jewish fighters in the tall grass with a long gun. I’ve always done my best work that way, out of sight.’”(472)

Reed adds: “At the Versailles Peace Conference in 1919 Dr. Weizmann had declared, ‘The Bible is our mandate,’ and the words sounded good to Western ears….The massacre at Deir Yasin was an act of ‘observance’ of the ancient ‘statues and commandments.’”(449) This ought to be a warning to those Catholic clerics today who are trying to reverse the Church’s teaching on supersessionism and who seek to give back the Old Covenant to the Jews by claiming that it has “never been revoked.” If it has not been revoked, then each Jew who lives by the Old Covenant has a mandate from God to “utterly destroy” any religion that denies the tenets of the Old Covenant (including those Catholic clerics who believe that Jesus Christ is the Messiah).

Reviewer Robert Sungenis concludes his book review with this observation:

“Perhaps understanding much better Cardinal Manning’s perspective that the rise of Zionism coincides with the Antichrist of St. Paul’s Thessalonian epistle, Reed concludes: “The feeling I had, in tracing the story of this ancient superstition and its reemergence as a political force in our century, was that of contact with a living, evil thing.”” (570)

Postscript-Webmaster’s Comment: Compare that conclusion with the confession of Harold Rosenthal, (Jewish) aide to (Jewish) Senator Jacob Javits, from an extended 1976 interview:

“Most Jews don’t like to admit it, but the god we worship is Lucifer….. He is very much alive and we are his “chosen people.”

Now combine this insight with that of Grand Chess Master, Bobby Fischer, whose parents were Jewish:

“My basic thesis is that the Jews are a criminal people, and the Jews completely control the United States, and the Jews are using the United States as a vehicle to take over the world… ”

These insights comport with Jesus Christ’s condemnation of the Pharisaic Jews of his day (John 8:44):

“Ye are of your father the devil, and the lusts of your father ye will do. He was a murderer from the beginning, and abode not in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he speaketh a lie, he speaketh of his own: for he is a liar, and the father of it.”

Now we can plainly see that ganstalking, terror, assassination, murder, mass torture, and heinous “scientific”/medical experimentation on innocent civilians are standard modus operandi for “Satan’s kids” in their relentless multi-millennial drive to establish Satan’s kingdom on earth.

The Controversy of Zion (pdf)