RCMP and CSIS under Investigation file with CSIS Screen Recording (April 2, 2021): Sh P

RCMP and CSIS under Investigation file with CSIS Screen Recording (April 2, 2021): Sh P

Webmaster Comment: Amazing information on this short video. Thank you Bobbi Peitsch

File with Chief rapist authorizer

Director David Vigneault
Canadian Security Intelligence Service
PO Box 9732
Postal Station T
Ottawa ON K1G 4G4

give him 60 days to respond.

when there is no response file here they are investigating Crimes Against Humanity by CSIS and RCMP and related entities (defined as abuse of the counter terrorism they put in place):
The National Security and Intelligence Review Agency


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2 minutes ago
Thanks for this Bobbi. A lot of what Ive personally gleaned you have included. Blows my mind. Im certain Hydro One (Ontario) is also participating.

Dana Porter-Grimm
5 hours ago
Thank you this is great findings.

6 hours ago
Where is the article of investigation? I am from Toronto Canada and will be reporting CSIS for wrongdoing as well. Let me know how you know?

Nutty Block
6 hours ago
Relevant Video

Barefoot Sungazer
5 hours ago
Thank you

Anabela Vasconcelos Acoso España Acoso España
5 hours ago

Son tácticas de guerra psicológica.
En mi caso es una religión y tengo pruebas de mi que están haciendo .
Es ilegal y lo saben , así que el estado se limita a archivar las denuncias .
Si esto pasa lo siguiente es dar eco de forma masiva en las redes sociales , con las pruebas . Estas son lo que demuestra la ilegalidad , que el estado es permitiendo un delito sea por venganza o con fines de religión.
Eso es justo lo que hice y seguiré haciendo.
Ellos al atacar , tu demostrar. Y el estado encubrir el delito , queda probado la gravedad de lo que hacen.
Las personas deben saber esto y es importante , compartir pruebas en grupos de varios países y con temáticas diferentes . De ese modo tus pruebas llegan a población ajena a esta realidad . Comenta en canales de periódicos , deja pruebas .
Eso es lo único que puedes hacer , ante la irregularidad de delitos , y la violación de derechos humanos.
Están incurriendo en todos los tratados nacionales y internacionales.
En mi caso , antes de la primera denuncia ya difamaron , así tenían preparada la cuartada para que no recogieran la denuncia o está de archivará.

En mi canal y blog tienes como logré ir demostrando algunas cosas .
Se que hay gente que de algún modo me está ayudando . Esto llevan años haciendolo.
Es con fines delictivos ya sea robarte un invento , robarte información n, delitos de otra índole .
Difunde , hay gente que se enterará del delito contra civiles , también con suerte encontrarás gente noble que pueda ayudarte de algún modo .
Denuncia siempre .

4 Replies to “RCMP and CSIS under Investigation file with CSIS Screen Recording (April 2, 2021): Sh P”

  1. I am a Canadian citizen, living in Toronto. It is likely that I was trafficked to the MKULTRA program and utilized as a test subject, from my birth.

    I would like to file a complaint with you, Bobbi, if it is possible. There is evidence that my entire family–of 7 people– has been victimized, with the possible exception of my mother.

    My newest computer has been tampered with so that I cannot use my internet service to do any searches. I will be sabotaged, if I try to get service –until the oversight of CSIS and the RCMP brings some kind of remedy.

    I do not have email, but if I should attempt to reopen an account, likely it will be hacked, as my previous one was. If I provide my phone number, it is likely that any call on your part will be intercepted. Can you provide your phone number?
    Recently–Sept. 2, 2020–my newest computer was tampered with. There is a vertical black line, which looks like some kind of T.V. signal, on the left of my screen. My first cousin, Mark Winemaker is a Toronto film producer. One of the “tenants” in my building, began to park at the back and has a sticker, reading “motion picture technicians.” So, he may be directly responsible for tampering.

    I would like to file with you. I am sending a letter to CSIS, but I doubt that it will reach them. All of my mail is RAW, unprocessed by the post office. Important mail and identification documents are routinely stollen out of my mailbox and never arrive. It appears that there may be a plan to murder me, replace me with a body double, steal my assets.

    Likely victims of this very complicated, layered scam:

    My younger brother, Robert Darryl Williams, born Robert Darryl Winemaker, who had a sudden suspicious death
    My older brother, Michael Cedric Williams, born Michael Cedric Winemaker, who also had a sudden suspicion death.
    My father, Manning Bruce Williams, born Winemaker, who had a sudden suspicious death.
    My sister, Caroline Joyce Williams and myself.

    All of my communications are intercepted. I do not have email, as I have been locked out of it, likely by the mobsters.

    Linda K Williams

  2. A literature professor and journalist, Ramola D. runs a website and put up the following video.
    The Legal Coop: Attorney Solutions to Stalking, Mobbing, Harassment, Gangstalking, V2K, Rumor Campaign
    563 views•Mar 17, 202
    The male lawyer who spoke estimated that some 4 million persons are being “gang stalked” in the U.S., alone. He is working using only donations, for the moment. He made some accurate comments about how these felony rampages take place. I think that these lawyers will be extremely wealthy people, in fairly short order. Once, the modus operandi is exposed and once it becomes understood that this is gang murder and relentless, torture and attempted murder by gangs, there can be punitive damages. What is the value of a human life? That is what punitive damages should reflect.

    In Canadian justice, it seems that a human life is not worth as much, as in the U.S. I do hope that I will live to see restitution and exposure of the malicious felony crimes against my close family members and myself.

    However, I have had no response on this site, to my message, above.

    So, perhaps there are no real sites and every site is simply controlled opposition and the sadistic criminals who are torturing me are simply laughing at yet another message from me.

    As I have mentioned–all of my communications have been sabotaged. My computer has been sabotaged so that I cannot utilize the internet to do searches –although I am paying Roger’s for the service. My mail is frequently stollen. The organized criminals doing this appear to have contacts at a high level in law enforcement. My telephone is tampered with. My new computer cannot be linked up to my computer, so I cannot send letters. I am locked out of my email.

    So, possibly, this message is just a good joke to many many vicious, violent cold as ice perverted murderers.

  3. Corrections:
    The date of the video is 2021.
    My new computer (purchased after my previous computer was sabotaged by criminals) cannot be linked to my printer. I cannot print. The print feature cannot be selected.

    Perhaps I should go 100% silent. Possibly, sending messages just provides thrills for sadistic felons.

    Perhaps the best restitution is simply death of the victim.

  4. I thought that I understood from the video, above, that victims have some kind of evidence, in their computers, which shows the illegal targeting, as they are used as medical slaves. Also, I thought that Bobbi Peitsch was asking for targets of these crimes to file with her and that she could assist with evidence, which targets might not know how to obtain.

    However, there is no response at all to my messages. I may as well be writing this to myself and very likely, this is a spoofed page that nobody sees, while the perverted traffickers laugh themselves silly.

    I can find no other possible interpretation, except that this video is intended to get true victims to respond, so that they can be mocked and ignored.

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