Architecture of Oppression in America: A House Divided & Gone To Hell

From: Gang Stalking Legal Research (pdf):

I. Top Gangstalking Flow Chart Graphic:

Webmaster: All these groups and the individuals that comprise them are domestic terrorists guilty of committing multiple felonies, treason, torture, and murder!!!! See: See: Laws of God and Man (US, States, UN, and International Treaties) Violated by Organized Stalking/Electronic “Information Operations” Against Civilians

The USA is clearly a nation of mean-spirited dupes and devils on the take. Anyone having anything to do with these criminal operations is a criminal- a corrupt, opportunistic, greedy criminal. Numerous accounts report that gangstalkers actually celebrate with big parties when one of their victims, the so-called targeted individual, commits suicide! By definition, then, each of the groups involved in these crimes is implicated as being a satanic cult. This highly organized, ongoing evil is almost beyond comprehension.

Top Tier: Law Enforcement Intelligence Units (LEIU)

2nd Tier: InfraGard Members- Regional Data Fusion Centers- Fire & EMS, Public Safety & Public Health, Local Law Enforcement, Military Liason(s)

3rd Tier: Privately-owned Security Companies- Critical Infrastructure Oversight and Protection- State Level Law Enforcement Responsible For Data Fusion Center Oversight and Operations

4th Tier: “Retired” Federal Personnel- FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency) SLTT (State, Local, Tribal, and Territorial Governments)

5th Tier: Civilian Street-Level COINTELPRO Hirees aka “gangstalkers” – Federal Entity Liaisons- County-Level DHS- Local Police – Neighborhood Watch

6th Tier: DHS, FBI, ATF, and DEA; May also include liaisons from: CIA, NSA, US Cyber Command, DIA, GIA (Geospatial Intelligence & Analysis

7th Tier: Criminals, sex offenders, gang members, illegal immigrants, neighbors & employees at commercial locations, ICE, TSA, & Customs & Border Protection

II. Reality Check: All those who participate in any way at any level of the gangstalking enterprise are criminals and should be imprisoned or worse!

III. The Installations That Conducted the Air Force Community Partnership Framework: