Summary of “The Program” by Anne Kaspar (8/17/20)

Email message from Anne Kaspar (8/17/20)

As per my former emails, this one is sent to report continued program elements and issues. And more. I would highly advise parties reviewing these modern day human rights atrocities please also review carefully these YT channels and their discoveries to date:

Clearly, technological and other research experts will need to discover, review and establish evidential methods and patterns for what appears to be yet another level of human trafficking beyond belief. I believe, however, after more than 22 years of this horror, these two women have accomplished a lot in uncovering a vast worldwide criminal enterprise of torture, sexual and other trafficking and non-consensual bio-experimentation. While conclusions are preliminary, there does appear to be a troubling indication via the networks and data uncovered that individuals like myself, worldwide, often former human, civil or other rights advocates or whistleblowers, have been illegally watchlisted and subsequently dehumanized via a ´zersetsung´type program that only severe totalitarian regimes have developed and used historically to neutralize dissent. Virgina Roberts G, are you listening? Let´s talk asap, shall we?

Once placed in such a program said person is then non-consensually bio-experimented on as well by an apparently vast array of persons, places and things – all quite covertly, of course. Nothing like a coward to ruin the day. We continue to review how this mayhem transpires under the headline of SCIENCE no less – see most recent headlines, however, on BIOMETRIC and other data theft gifted to our world by FB and others over the last decade or so, and impending lawsuits – but we´ve found indications that DNA and brain science play an important role in the selection MI process for said experimentation, access and utilization of not only bodily but any aspect of biology accessible via advanced military and intelligence applications-methods that include use of FULL SPECTRUM DOMINANCE and other such technologies.

Please see work of Lockheed Martin and others for a fuller explanation of precisely what that is. If you carefully review all players in these individual ASN networks the entire enterprise becomes rather clear and grotesque, frankly. Both Bobbi and Elizabeth can be incredibly helpful in this regard, but they too are still discovering aspects to these new world cruel disorder that perhaps your team can also dive into too.

If you´re able to survive the horrors of these surreal Kurtzian programs, for let´s say, decades, your ACTUAL SUPERIOR biologicals are not only of great value and interest, they may be accessed, traded, exploited and SOLD via these vast criminal networks. Your biological property is trafficked to the highest bidders via vast networks of many different industry, governmental, and other players to develop products, services, technologies, methodologies, and more for many different purposes and players, making a small group of entities quite rich while you suffer immeasurably. AND NEVER ARE YOU ASKED PERMISSION for such said SLAVERY and life demolition.

You´re living in a modern day wall-less concentration camp in the hands of a group of sadists of putrid proportion. And of course, as you´re driven deeper and deeper into abject destitution, cascading ill-health, social, financial, psychological and sexual abuse beyond comprehension or belief, you are also never paid. You are instead driven to suicide or slowly killed in what is meant to appear as a life misfortune of extraordinary measure. Yes, welcome to the REAL brave new world of Google, Amazon, Facebook and too many other technological giants at the helm of this social engineering pulse from Hades.

Our people (sometimes called Targeted Individuals or TIs), as you know, have been reporting these horrors, to the world for now decades, only to be ignored by NEARLY ALL entities and persons responsible for the review of such atrocities and horrors. Today the world faces biometric and biological slavery via these very same programs – on every level possible or imaginable. I venture to guess that these types of programs are now responsible for at least one third of all nightmares currently visited upon what can only be called a rapid descent into some sort of totalitarian hell worldwide. The Nazis clearly won WWII if nearly all countries of import are involved in these crimes against humanity, human trafficking, genocide and nonconsensual bio-experimentation programs, all persons illegally captured and enslaved are TORTURED on every level to death, and a small, elite group of TECHNOLOGISTS become richer and richer from stolen human data and intellectual property as BILLIONS die from denial of basic human rights provisions in their countries of origin and other. Really.

I will continue to file regularly to ensure that FINALLY my human, legal rights here in Iceland and elsewhere are respected and granted. Again, I must be ALLOCATED SAFE HOUSING BY THE ICELANDIC DIRECTORATE OF IMMIGRATION to stop continued aggressive irradiation and other perpetration of my body, mind and soul as my right breast and teeth are totalled after nearly nine months of escalated horrors here in Iceland for nothing I´ve ever done. I must be given immediate medical and dental access as I await another appeal process after yet another gross mismanagement of my claims here for international protection. I must be granted continued food and transport support through the 1st, and I must have B47 allow me to access my books asap or face a fine of more than $100 USD, which will NOT be allowed to happen as a retaliation for reporting its participation in such CRIMES. I must have my claim before the UN and elsewhere used as a bellwether for most of my community of like TORTURE and nonconsensual experimentation victims, as it truly is. Please see this recent video for more information:

While some verbal information here is inaccurate, there are many troubling aspects to the information regarding NON-CONSENSUAL HUMAN CLONING that seem too possible. If I am being used for cloning purposes, I can assure you I will REQUIRE the technology available to completely restore my now DESTROYED PHYSICAL HEALTH, financial compensation for 22 years of hell on earth, and much more. It is beyond an abomination of known measure that a woman´s rights advocate of my caliber would find herself in such a position at age 61. My God. What a demented group of lunatics we apparently have at too many helms at this sorry juncture in our world history. Biometric class actions, new laws and statutes and treaties MUST BE THE ORDER OF THE DAY, if humanity is to survive yet another bout of excessive over-reach in the name of G R E E D. Having been in the belly of such a beast – on Wall Street in Manhattan from the mid 80s until my departure in the late 90s – I can tell you how all such endeavours end.

Jeffrey Epstein is just one SYSTEM player whose trajectory we have yet to fully reveal. MIT, DNB, and too many other such major players in this EUGENICS mastabatory fantasy, are slated for worldwide exposure. And all are scheduled for financial and legal accountability. No doubt. And not soon enough. As a daughter of a family nearly destroyed by Hitler and the Holocaust, it is unbearable for me to even contemplate this madness, leave alone suffer and attempt for a decade to recover from it. Must I beg Israel, also a potential player in this sordid arena, for safe haven from Iceland? Avner, I may be forced to do so.

Time for a deep SOUL cleanse, moral and ethical STANDARDS, laws, statutes and treaties, I say. It is also time for a COMPLETE cessation of all such non-consensual TORTURE programs, I also say. But then I am biased. After losing more than $25 million in revenues and assets due to first massive gender discrimination at Merrill Lynch and then at Morgan Stanley, my pocket has little tolerance for more financial theft. After theft of my entire life on every level over the last 22 years because I required my LEGAL RIGHTS, I can assure you my brain, DNA and other biologicals are NOT and never have been for sale. And with programs as corrupted as these, it is very apparent a worldwide economy based on such horrors for too many, and perhaps for all quite soon, is about to strangle us all.

Thank you for your prompt attention to this matter,

Anne Kaspar

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  1. My family surname “Mendiola” are subjects of DNA manipulation.

    We are all genius, but with many side effects – must be flaws in the experimentation.

    I have share my experiences in my memoirs, because I knew they were attempting to WIPE OUT MY MEMORIES vis a vis bio-warfare, which Marines have riddled in my backyard.

    In my book, I detail the US Federal Code which Bully Stalker could be ARRESTED for violating my/your Civil Rights without having to go to trial – subject for accessory to the fact of 20 years and a hefty fine. While those instigating the agenda against you would get the DEATH PENALTY. This is nice that this code exists – it has NOT BE ENFORCEABLE.

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