Covid: This is a Slave System Orchestrated by Central Banks; Catherine Austin Fitts w/ David Knight (April 23, 2021): and 3 Fitts other interviews

1) This is a Slave System Orchestrated by Central Banks (April 23, 2021) Catherine Austin Fitts with David Knight

2) Catherine Austin Fitts, Former Assistant Secretary of HUD under George Bush I Administration: “Entrainment, Mind Control, and the Fall of America” with Shadow Citizen (October, 2017)

3) Catherine Austin Fitts: We’ve Reached “Never, Never Land” Accounting

4) Richard Dolan with Catherine Austin Fitts (5/14/18):

Webmaster Introduction:

Former Assistant Secretary of HUD under Bush I, Catherine Austin Fitts, documents the CIA-Wall Street plan to tear up the U.S. Constitution, implode and privatize (liquidate) the American economy, and genocide the American people. However, she neglects to mention that this is part of the larger Jewish/Zionist aka “Judeo-Masonic-satanic” plan of global conquest to create a “Jewish Utopia”/”Universal Jewish Empire”/Satanic Kingdom on Earth. Wakey, wakey America, you’ve been swindled by your leaders!@#$*. See: Inferred Functions and Goals of GOG’S NeW GESSTTTTTTAPO: Qui Bono?

Excerpts from #1: Catherine Austin Fitts:

“In the spring of 1997, I had a meeting with the President of California Public Employees Retirement System (CAL-PERS), the largest pension plan in the country.

After I presented my economic restructuring plan to him, he told me: “You don’t understand. It’s too late. They’ve given up on the country. They’re moving all the money out, starting in the Fall.”

In October, 1997, five months later, money started going missing from the federal government in huge amounts. So far, at 2 agencies (DOD and HUD) out of 21 government agencies in government, that Dr. Skidmore at Michigan State University have gone through, they have documented that there is “$19 trillion” missing.

If they issue $19 trillion of debt and then steal $19 trillion, do we have a debt problem or do we have a crime problem?

That’s why I keep calling it a “financial coup d’etat.” Because what they did was, since 1998 on, they have issued debt and then emptied money out the back door. Understand how much this is. I can’t tell you whether $19 trillion of “undocumentable adjustments” is $5 trillion or $30 trillion. It could be either. When your accounts have no integrity, you don’t know what they mean. What I can tell you is:

So far, they have stolen enough money to create an endowment to run a global government on a private basis. Now, I’m not saying that’s what they did.

If you steal everybody’s private savings, if you steal their homes, the money they use to feed themselves or their kids. If you steal all the money in a society, then you implode the government and shut off all the income to 50% of the people in the country, you’re going to have a power position which is so far above the law, it’s unbelievable… And if you also tear up the Constitution….. then we’re talking about going back to slavery.

Goldman Sachs and the Squid are going to have all the money. Everything is going to be imploding and basically be in a position of starvation.”

Interviewer: If everything is getting privatized, who are the people who will be buying up all the stuff?

Fitts: Since 2008, the top 100 landowners in the country have nearly doubled their positions. If they’ve doubled their positions, imagine what they could do if they could buy all the national forests out of the government for pennies on the dollar.

Interviewer, Rachael McIntosh: Who the heck is doing all this to us?

Fitts: You and I live on a planet where the governance system is invisible. (But there is a minority that is scripting the future.) In my personal experience (I was a partner to a Wall Street Firm and I was the Assistant Secretary of Housing under the first Bush administration.) You have a leadership structure that works by committee and consensus… And they engineer the control systems and the financial systems to get everyone to want to go there.

We live in a very managed, a very controlled economy, a controlled society. The key decisions on governance in America are made at Bohemian Grove….

But it’s not a conspiracy; it’s a way to get all the players who run the economy from all the different areas to come together and get educated and come to a consensus about how to handle something. It’s a complex consensus involving many different people and industries, so the enforcement is….. “if everyone is going to do the waltz, you don’t want to try to do the polka.”

The bureaucracy that is most powerful in implementing this consensus is the CIA. Because the CIA was created by Wall Street and the money guys, and the CIA had turned over to it control of the Black Budget and the hidden system of finance.

So Senator Chuck Schumer got on TV, after Trump became President, and he said: “Look, you can’t buck the intelligence agencies. You have to do what they say. They have 50 ways of getting you.”

What he’s saying is: “They’re in charge. The people of New York and I are not in charge. I have to what the intelligence agencies say or they are going to get me. And Trump better learn this because he’s got to do what they say too.” So what Schumer is saying is that the country is run by the CIA and these other intelligence agencies and we have to do what they say.

McIntosh: But people like Adam Kokesh when he says we need to tear up the Constitution….

Fitts: Here’s the thing. We have a covenant that is the most powerful and enlightened covenant ever created in the world called the Constitution. It is a miracle. And every person who is listening to this has spent their lives protected by that covenant and that miracle. They have no idea what the world would look like if that miracle should ever stop protecting them. You have no idea what the world will look like if you tear it up.

The top people in Wall Street believe in and practice slavery… Having worked at the top of Washington and Wall Street, (I can tell you) they believe in slavery. It is the single most profitable business they have ever participated in.

The website of Adam Kokesh (Libertarian Presidential Candidate for 2020 and Jewish-Zionist rabble-rouser) says: “The plan is simple; You implode the government…. Declare the Federal Government of No Authority. Liquidate (privatize) all assets.”” (The Jew Kokesh Zionist Mole)

There’s no doubt that what’s going on is a major “op.” There was a very attractive young lady giving a talk at a conference who was talking about the “divide and conquer” strategy being used by the people with the black hoods who are breaking all the windows…. But she was talking about them as if they were real citizens. And she didn’t understand they were pros. It was really frightening taht she didn’t know. She thought they were really young people who were really upset about what’s going on. (Laughs).

What you’re watching, and you are seeing it happening all over the world, they are “weaponizing” the population. When I talk about “the Kingsmen” or the movie, “The Cell,” where they literally weaponize the population… that’s the extreme violence…. But the “weaponization” of the population in more subtle forms has been going on for decades now.

Interviewer: When do you think that started?

Fitts: If you watch all the movies about the totalitarian states, Romania or Russia, this has been going on for centuries.

Our economic model in the West is the central banking-warfare model. So the control systems have always been very, very deep. So when they were laying out the railroad infrastructure, it was done through the Masons. A lot of the control went through the Vatican Church; the confession box was the way they created control files. When the telcoms came out, they came up with a confession booth that was much more universal, much lower cost, and didn’t require a storefront. It completely power-shifted the Vatican. The Vatican in some ways had had the supreme control file network for 2000 years. It had diplomatic immunity, exemption from taxation, and 2000 years of the magic of compound interest. That’s a very powerful model. And the telcoms, and the ability for NSA and the private guys to create that control file at very low cost much more universally, really power-shifted the Vatican.

When I was a kid, basically what you had was a very organic combination. So if you look at how the narcotics trafficking worked in the
East Coast cities, you had the Masons and they controlled the banks and the law firms and a variety of other positions, and the Vatican at that time were the Italians and the Irish, and they controlled the ports, some of the transportation stuff, and the unions. And then you had a smaller group, the Jews, who were very entrepreneurial and did a variety of different functions. And then behind all of them, you had the intelligence agencies who got this huge, and growing pot of unaccountable, basically infinite money on an unaccountable basis, and tons of technology, particularly from the “Operation Paperclip” Nazi scientists that they brought over, including mind control and all this other stuff.

So you had an infinite amount of secret money in the intelligence agencies cross-cut with these other networks, the Masons, the Jesuits, the Vatican, and the Jews, and they basically had the local communities networked and organized and could sort of deliver anything on the ground.

If you look at since 1947 to 1949. If I was to write a history of America from then until now, I would entitle it: “How The Local Boys Got Rolled.” All those networks got rolled. In fact, they were able to use the financial system and digital technology to assert more and more control. That’s why the mind control has become so important. Because you want to make sure that people can’t see the game. That’s why they did so much to suppress the place based financial data.

None of this makes sense unless you map out the financial flows. And mapping out the financial flows is complicated but now, with the technology we have, I think there is an incredible opportunity for young people to grab this. We can ask “Qui Bono”- and we can re-engineer those cash flows. You can’t re-engineer the cash flows until you can see them.