Some Neuroscientists Nonconsensually Experimenting On Our Brains (Comment by Sebastian Kricner, German TI, 2017)

Comment to: “Electronic Torture and Mind Control: A Survival Guide for Targeted Individuals” By Alex Constantine

tuxwave September 12, 2017

Thereby i report illegal human research on workless people in germany, by BND, CIA, NSA in support by the Jobcenter in various cities. I report a personal case of illegal psychotronic human experimentation by the BND in conjunction with NSA, CIA in affiliation with the jobcenter of munich. The experiments are performed by americans, like at university of regensburg by Prof. Greenlee and Prof. Bäuml in coopertion with ex-students, like Zheni Arnaudova, a female psychologist, who worked at the Berufsförderungswerk München, Ridlerstr. 55 at project “Chance für München”, she did not had any training for psychotherapy and studied in the field of research on the memory of the brain. So she was only there to select some people, like me, to perform illegal human experimentation on workless, disabled people.

I am a deaf person. They are using EEG technologies and voice to skull. The experiments started about end of november 2015 and occur up to date. Especially it got extreme since the 25th december, as the experiments are now performed without any breaks 24h the day. They are talking continuously, possibly a computer system, using artificial intelligence, but still monitoring it continuously. They didn´t stop, as soon as i told them to stop the experiments, and i even did not subscribe to those experiments or gave any waiver to do such experiments on me. They are violating the nuremberg code in extreme way. There are files at NSA and CIA due to their answers for FOIA.

I seek for help to restore my human rights and to demand for penalty on them.

Affiliated known persons:

Zheni Arnaudova, works at university regensburg, Berufsförderungswerk München, together with Prof. Greenlee and Prof. Bäuml at university of regensburg, possibly also with Bernd Ludwig at university of regensburg, see researchgate profile, they are talking like she would also work at Landesamt für Verfassungsschutz Bayern, where also Bäuml and Greenlee work according to their talks. Also she possibly works at BND, together with Dominik Kirner

Dominik Kirner, works at BND, works together with Zheni Arnaudova, also with NSA
Mario Wierick, Jobcenter München, works together with Dominik Kirner, Zheni Arnaudova, Bäuml and Greenlee
Prof. Greenlee, Prof. Bäuml working at university of regensburg various research, human brain computer interfaces, artificial intelligence, brain memory, illegal experimentation as sources of their data is unknown, they did not answer requesting letter for their sources of their data and questions about ethic issues

Sebastian Kricner

Dear Mr. Mozer,

thank you very much for your information.

As i am actively assaulted by such technologies, i just can inform you, that ongoing violations of human rights occur. These assaults are occuring since i was an participant at “Berufsförderungswerk München”,
Ridlerstr. 55, 80339 Munich, at a project called “Chance für München”, which was for longterm workless people. There was an psychologist called “Zheni Arnaudova”, an former student of Prof. Bäuml and Prof. Greenlee.

She did not receive training for psychotherapy, although in my opinion only proper trained people are feasible for handling long term workless people. The project was to get disabled people back to work, so the official clause, but it is also very possible that it is an task taken, to put discard disabled long term workless people, because very hard to integrate into new work. So to possibly put them into suicide

(Geschäftsmäßig geförderter Suizid – See StGB).

As i have read many documents on abuse cases, mainly those originate from the USA, like originating projects from DARPA/DoD/CIA. As Bäuml was at Stanford university it is highly suspicious.

There are documents regarding of usage of LORETA, which may possibly in use in an modified manner by secret services. It is feasible, that the jobcenter of munich is working together or that “Berufsförderungswerk München” did provide services to dispose disabled workless people.

Possibly also an secret project initiated by those people at university
of regensburg, to commence research on artificial intelligence, then put them into disposal, like psychiatric clinics etc.

See documents, like:

Notice that in the following document the usage for “Computer Brain Link
Interfaces” is mentioned.

Further affiliated persons:

It is known that international research is taken place at secret
services and that international contracts exists for keeping the
research secret. Possibly is taken as IARPA (Intelligence Advanced
Projects Activities)
Also see my posts at:!topic/alt.mindcontrol/-azjhFlbQ2I!topic/alt.mindcontrol/Uuy2KNnPKgs

There also is literature, like “Military neurosciences and the coming
age of neurowarfare” by Armin Krishnan. There is an hint, research is taking place on CT2WS, Cognitivie Technology Thread Warning System.


Also keep an eye on those projects “Decision in motion” from Prof.
Greenlee and also “Visuo-spatial cognition” both are possibly using
LORETA in an built in system, like GSM or Iridium-Satellites (little
more latency than GSM).

Also see documents, like:

Keep in mind, that also Prof. Greenlee is involved into imagery
technologies. And it occurred, that i also had contact to Prof. Sybille
Ziegler at TUM Klinikum Rechts der Іsar, even with entrance into
radioactivity control area without any governmental permit, for no know reasons except possibly the requirement to invite disabled applicants to jobs due to laws.

I have an documented tinnitus since 1994, which is interesting due to
LORETA development since 1994 according to the PDFs, severe abuse occurs since the mentioned participation at the project “Chance für München”, especially extreme since 25th december 2016 (24h/7d without breaks, like psychic driving).


Sebastian Kricner

Mozer, Brian (OS/OASH), Wed, Jun 14, 2017 05:40:30PM +0000

>Dear Mr. Kricner,

>ORI has received your email and concerns regarding the research of Dr. Greenlee and Professor Baumi at the University of Regensburg. Since Dr. Greenlee does not receive funding from the public health service, ORI has no authority to pursue this matter and will not consider it further. With regard to Professor Baumi, I was not able to make a determination regarding funding of his research, but it would appear that your concerns are not allegations of research misconduct but rather possible dangers of technologies being developed as a result of this research. In this case I would suggest that you raise your concerns with the appropriate officials at the University of Regensburg.
>Sincerely yours,
>Brian Mozer
>Brian Mozer, PH.D
>Division of Investigative Oversight
>Office of Research Integrity, OASH
>1101 Wootton Parkway, Suite 750
>Rockville, MD 20852
>From: Sebastian Kricner []
>Sent: Friday, June 09, 2017 5:10 PM
>Subject: Illegal research complaint / Prof. Greenlee, Prof. Bäuml, University Regensburg
>Dear Madams and Gentlemen,
>hereby i request to stop funding and cancel all research projects of Prof. Mark Greenlee and Prof. Bäuml at the university of regensburg.
>It is due to violations of human rights, i am being abused. They do abuse of psychotronic weapons for research purpose like on how decisions are made in neuronal networks.
>Also keep an eye on their ex-ѕtudent named Zheni Arnaudova, finished in 2012 “Arnaudova, Zheni (2012). Der Einfluss von Hinweisreizen auf das Wiedererkennen von Vor- und Grundschulkindern.”, probably also with abuse of hypnosis.
>Also do an background check of Prof. Bäuml, he studied at university of stanford, which is know to be an top target for CIA recruiters. Also background check Prof. Greenlee. The combinations of both names is also an sign for former MK-ULTRA persons, like an hint to “Greenbaum” or Mr.

>Thank you for helping restoring my human rights
>Sebastian Kricner
Referenced Articles:

Sebastain Kricner further comment on!topic/alt.mindcontrol/-azjhFlbQ2I

Especially the use of psychotronic weapons to torture ordinary people
harmless citizens, without ever having committed a crime, for
personal profit maximization is to be prevented. It can not be,
that under the guise of alleged secret activities, people tortured
that are not relevant to the secret service at all. The Executive too
Order 13526, especially Section 1.7, Subparagraph a, Number 1, 2, 3
obviously undermined regularly, while these services have
also keep to it, since they are contractual partners. The Department of
Defense point system must be abolished in order to kill people for the
to prevent pure profit. It is a fact that psychotronic weapons
exist. In the beginning, you are poisoned with special chemicals that
Make bodies sensitive to certain electromagnetic fields so that
evoked potentials can be misused. A specialty of the NSA was
has always been the radar reflector technology that also applies to biological neuronal
Networks is used, combined with the skills of cryptanalysts
for decoding evoked potentials. In collaboration with SPAWAR the
Navy is no problem at all. The sensitivity of the radar systems is
far-reaching, since it can even be used to operate radio astronomy
To make observations light years away. So there is at all
no problem in terms of sensitivity and
Signal processing strategies. Research on artificial
Intelligence operated on innocent citizens. CORDIS projects are also
hereby question. More information:

It is absolutely bad to be under the influence of this torture and research
Experience of this is just completely disgusting.

Up-to-date books, such as the one, show that it is reality
Title “Military Neurosciences and the coming age of Neurowarfare” by Armin
Krishnan, with the current print run 2017, publication possibly already
End of 2016. This is an expensive, scientific book.

The technology exists, especially in combination with chemical
Auxiliaries and covert operations by the Office for the Protection of the Constitution, BND, NSA and
even state security. These chemical substances presumably include
Nanoparticles increase susceptibility and feel in the mouth for
a few hours rough on the teeth. Incidentally, a violation of the chemical
Weapons convention. These organizations are only hiding in the
Proximity, e.g. in opposite apartments with strange lighting, e.g.
violet light. It can also be observed that before such actions there are too
Relocations and even admissions from older people to retirement homes comes.
Other people move in later.

These actions seem to be popular for the job center, too
Statistics too beautiful. In some cases you can be an unemployed person
observe how the health status of other unemployed people is taking
questionable circumstances becomes desolate. Even the death of a police officer is in the offing
taken. Long-term unemployed are particularly affected. It becomes obvious
speculated that such have no acquaintance with each other and
such actions remain undetected.

Preparations are often made for what appears to be harmless usual measures
Application training in which you may have been too often. The preparation will
made with hypnosis. One should therefore make sure that no feeling of
changed time perception or other perception change occurs when
one participates in such measures of the job center. Especially when you do it
dealing with psychologists who are not psychotherapeutic at all
have been trained. Especially when there are strangers with them
traffic, e.g. their professors in the field of cognition and development
work. The severely disabled long-term unemployed are particularly at risk
People. Projects are titled “Chance for …”, which is probably what
indicates that you want to create improved statistics through the
business-sponsored suicide of the long-term unemployed. If this fails
comes the presumably carcinogenic effect of the chemical substances
(Nanoparticles), combined with SATAN (Silent Assassination Through
Amplification of Neurons).

Another thing that many psychiatrists absolutely neglect because not

Schizophrenia can never lead to coherent complex voices
lead in terms of sentence structure. At the most, individually disjointed
Words. The symptoms are not at all
Schizophrenia, but dissociation as a result of hypnotic effects
manipulation (Radio Hynosis Intracerebral Control). Even in official
Textbooks on hypnosis clarify that dissociation is the main component
the hypnosis is. See also: “Hypnosis in Psychotherapy, Psychosomatics and
Medicine “, manual for the practice Editor: Revenstorf, Dirk, Peter, Burkhard
(Ed.), Page 120, “Model of factors influencing trance experience and
Hypnotizability “. This can, for example, change suddenly
Odor perception is not about schizophrenia, but about dissociation.
Incidentally, schizophrenia certainly does not develop within a few hours.

In addition, there are effects of the already observed by Allen H. Frey
“Microwave Hearing”, for which with chemical substances, for certain
Frequencies help is created, namely that a special “hearing” of the
Voices are only possible through background noise. This depends on the
Neuronal activity together. From this one can deduce that manipulation
takes place. Especially when, as mentioned, completely coherent

Incidentally, bad words are used, such as “mentally disturbed”, one should
in a “mental hospital” instead of the technically correct names what
can only mean that extreme right-wing tendencies of the perpetrators are involved. In
the “mental hospital” should be safe with psychotronic manipulation
do not go, this is only a measure of the “Disposal”, the disposal.
You definitely have to escape this.

In any case, a violation of the UN Convention against Torture, anyway
the constitution, including regional constitutions e.g. the Bavarian constitution
and the International Criminal Code, as well as several paragraphs in the Criminal Code.

Sebastian Kricner