“ASN 112 Project”- G5- NWO Military Targeting Of Innocents: Communism, Military Contractors (Halliburton, Lockheed Martin, etc.), Hacked Out Networks & First Nations using DEW (ShP Video, 12/21/20)

Communism, Military Contractors, Hacked out Networks, First Nations using DEW (ShP, 12/21/20)

Webmaster’s Comment: This video presentation by TI and Canadian researcher, Bobbi Peitsch (partially transcribed here), provides much potentially explosive and essential information about the global gangstalking-targeting-electronic torture-illegal use of non-consensual experimentees that I refer to as G5 (Global Government Gangstalking-Genocide Gestapo). However, as I have noted in previous posts that feature Ms. Peitch’s cyber (computer) forensics, I am not sufficiently knowledgeable about computers and computer forensics to be able to either verify or disprove her methods or her conclusions. Still, I post her findings because she could be correct.

That said, I have learned, unfortunately, not to trust people who claim to be TIs. My experience indicates that this “field” is flooded with spies, perps, cyber warriors, and disinformation specialists, that is, “fake TIs.” In one of her videos, Bobbi Peitsch claims to have a military background. My experience suggests that Ms. Peitsche monitors my website…. Hmmm. Is she herself a “cyber warrior?” I don’t know.

Recall that the definition of propaganda and disinformation is to mix 90% truth with 10% lies. The problem is that it is often extremely difficult for most of us to identify which 10% are lies.

Regardless, all indications are that the G5 operations are: 1) global in their extent, 2) the ruling elite provides an unlimited budget to carry out these nefarious programs that deploy these secret, electromagnetic weapons systems, and 3) these weapons are related to the “go direct” linkups between humans and the Pentagon Cloud now called for by the World Economic Forum/UN/Federal Reserve/Corporatocracy’s “Great Reset.”

Highlights From Video by Sh P (Bobbie Peitch, Canadian TI/forensic cyber researcher):

Peitsch: This is the network of the NDP (New Democratic Party), which is the labor party of Canada. I’m going to show you their computer routing. They are routing to military contractors in my network. And these military contractors directly link to Palo Alto (Stanford Research Institute) and clearly specialize in RFID, and data gathering, and body area networks. It’s a research center…. You can see Halliburton routing information here. That’s military contractors. You can look up the ASN numbers. You will find there are multiple political parties routing to military contractors. So are your hospitals. So are your clinics. Everybody is getting paid, except for the victims.

This is all of the routing pertaining to the World Economic Forum. Montreal is playing a really big role in this.

This is 20 years old. They are routing to Deutsche Telekom AG,, George Soros (Level 3 Parent, LLC), Tellia Company AB (Canada), Vodafone Group PLC (Netherlands), TELEFONICA GLOBAL SOLUTIONS (Switzerland), Zayo Bandwidth (Germany), NTT America, Inc., GTT Communications Inc. which are companies from the United States, United Kingdom, Japan, Germany, Switzerland, Netherlands. All of these are people that are actually involved in targeting. All of them.

If you are a targeted individual, you (should) know by now you are on ASN 1335 which is routed directly to the United Kingdom, probably the Tavistock Institute. I’ve found out by doing different digs that Tavistock has tons and tons of different companies listed in them. And these route to…. Google. Perfect masking system.

Connectivity of ASN numbers show MCI Communications/Verizon, Sprint, AT&T Services, Deutsche Telecom AG, TELECOM ITALIA SPARKLE S.p.A., PCCW Global Inc., Liberty Global B.V. These guys are all involved in targeting. I submitted that to the International Criminal Court 6 months ago. (Shows over 100 participating companies and universities).

… The Australian Academic and Research Network clearly specializes in cybernetics. I am routed to Australia Education Network around the clock because I have non-consenting RFID in my body. That clearly means that the NPD, the labor party of Canada, is supporting educational systems, military contractors and military contractors within the education system are targeting retirees, persons that become disabled. This is a fact. I have this evidence from me working at an educational institution and their network engineer transmitting (my) data to all over the world, including India.

Now why would a K-12 education system be transmitting privy data around the clock with network engineers and dealing with military contractors? Well, somebody’s getting paid, and it’s definitely not the workers, the injured people, or the students.

I have cybernetics systems in my body. I have full evidence of this. We have x-rays, we have tissue destruction, we’ve got RF readings from an apaco. These are abnormal. The body does not give readable RFIC signals.

So all of this combined tells a very bad story about who can we trust in the political arenas today, especially in Canada.

Germany is huge in all this. Germany takes out patents on me.

By the way, you political leaders, are you dooftards? People are going to figure this out. If you think this will stay hidden forever, it’s not. Because this is all public information. And absolutely nothing is secure online.

People are making huge money off of us (my sister, my mother, and I) and there are multiple facilities involved in this.

Every hospital that is involved in this grand scheme of things routes to ASN 112. ASN112 is a conglomerate of military contractors. It’s called the AS112 Project. This is Raytheon, Lockheed Martin, Saudi… Pretty much everybody. And they’ve come together for a single purpose. I guess to execute and experiment on people in the planet. (You should look at all these…. These include NATO Research Ltd, Toronto Internet Exchange Community).

NATO’s researching radiation by the way. So targeted individuals are tortured with electromagnetic radiation. GMBH is where they are experimenting with aerospace and such.

….Lot of Germany in here. Every country in the world is making cash killing people. There’s a lot of Germany in here (in these computer networks). You’re going to find tons of universities, tons of them. Because this is all biomedical human trafficking. All of the members in this ploy trade with each other because this is the “New Green Economy.” Don’t forget. ASN112 is called At The Heed. It’s a military conglomerate of private military contractors experimenting on people. This is why the institutions today are all moving towards health. So the military guys are getting their kicks on killing people, and experimenting and torturing them. Meanwhile, they won’t be held up on crimes against humanity as though they were on the battlefield. So it’ a win-win situation. They can take out patents. They’ll kill people with radio-frequencies. Radio frequencies are a weapon. People do hear them. This is not new science. This is old science. But they’re dumbing down the population.”

So if you are military contractor you can just come to a country and drug them, rape them, experiment on them on a MED 64 is a micro-electric Array System. It’s a SCADA system- that remotely monitor people and things with RFID in them. Just like they do with animals in the wild. RFID technology has been around for decades. Most of the newer RFIC systems work on ELF (extremely low-frequency) radiation. There is only one device in the entire world that can actually pick up these ELF signals, read them, and then tell you, if you use a private investigator, which hospitals and research facilities you are connecting to. The ones they monitor me with are D-SCADA and MED 64. You can pick up these IP addresses in your networks using Wireshark.

The “New Green Economy” is called Greenbook.org. This is where the universities can swap stuff and they are looking for marketing research companies. You’ll find these institutions in your network. They are all in the Greenbook.org All of these research facilities, laboratories, foundations… everybody who is doing this.

And don’t forget the World Economic forum stated that in order to achieve their carbon reduction goals by 2030, they’ve decided that they are going to invest in the International Brain Research Organization. So they are going to experiment on the human brain. They came up with this at the World Economic Forum. So your children are going to be victims of this whole ploy. Everybody on this planet, if they don’t wake up, is going to be brain-mapped, tortured, and executed. Most will not survive what I’ve had to go through, and my sisters and mother have had to go through. We are an old Haplo-group and we can tolerate higher levels of radiation than most people due to our genetics.”

Please research this and learn about your networks. You must publish this stuff and educate others about this. You are not crazy.

And if the hospital wants to give you a mental health assessment because you told them that you are going through this and they are trying to say your are crazy, you ask them if they are dealing in bio-medical research with military contractors. Automatically, then, their psychiatrists are in a gross conflict of interest. Full of shit then.”


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Hey! Sh P! These people are just freaking evil! Your right they are taking part in having us murdered!

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The least Trudeau could have done if he was allowing the Chinese to train here was get the two Michaels released from Chinese prison. An obvious thing to do. Another fail by him.

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